The Double (2024) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

♪The falling snow♪
♪Is bitter cold♪
♪My sigh♪
♪Misted the path in front of me♪
♪The moonlight knows my intention♪
♪I just want to make a place
for me in your heart♪
♪I laugh and I cry♪
♪Quietly building a pond in my heart♪
♪I accept all the gifts from sorrow♪
♪I accept all the gifts from sorrow♪
♪I won't admit defeat♪
♪I slowly chew
on the bitterness of life♪
♪The fragrance remains the same
after the bleak winter♪
♪Awaiting spring
to color the way back home♪
[The Double]
[Episode 10]
When a man is dejected,
they act like falling leaves
as if their fate drifts
away from their control.
The Duke's Residence has no place
for a falling leaf like this.
But Li,
there's still
more time for you.
My Lord,
breakfast is ready in the hall.
Second Lady Jiang,
after you.
Where's Lady Situ?
She left.
No live person is allowed
to stay overnight in my residence.
You were dead asleep.
It didn't count.
Father, the pan-fried dumplings
are done.
Be careful.
It's so hot.
Are you all right?
Sister, it's so hot.
Feel better?
Stop fooling around.
The porridge is getting cold.
- Enough.
- Come and eat quickly.
Let's eat.
Your porridge is getting cold.
Do you feel so touched
that you are crying just from a meal?
I'm not crying.
Don't speak when you eat or sleep.
Thank you.
- It's delicious.
- Are you going to eat?
I'm eating this.
Try this meat bun.
The servants of the residence
purposely went out and bought them.
- It is especially
- Duke Su,
don't speak when you eat or sleep.
[Entry Exam, First Day]
Second Lady Jiang.
You are so late.
I thought you would not come.
No way.
I remember the wager.
Mr. Li!
Mr. Li!
[Think Wisely]
This year's Entry Exam will begin soon.
I believe all of you are well-prepared.
The rules are the same.
The team in the last place
will leave Mingyi Hall
and the Imperial Academy.
Good luck.
His Majesty appointed the commissioner
of education of the Imperial Academy.
This Entry Exam
will be hosted by Mr. Xiu.
Jiang Li.
Jiang Li!
What are you thinking about?
It's beginning.
Mr. Shen,
can we begin now?
The first academic exam
Duke Su,
regarding the few days you asked,
it was Taohong who performed on stage.
[Broad Horizons]
What was arranged after that?
Mr. Xiao's "Xiao Sun Tu",
Mr. Zhang's "Tale of the Pipa",
and Taohong's "Case of Jiu'er".
I understand.
You may leave.
[Broad Horizons]
My Lord,
do you miss Taohong's play?
Investigate this lady.
Don't surprise anyone.
Money has no legs
but it goes away faster
than everything else.
When you complete the investigation,
I want you
to stop the money from going out.
[Broad Horizons]
What's the rush?
He wants to go to the gambling den.
Why are you saying everything?
[Broad Horizons]
Today is the day of the Entry Exam.
The gambling dens of the city
have a wager between Jiang and Li.
Everyone is
placing their bets like crazy!
Did you place your bet?
I've placed my bet. This is easy money.
Li Lian will surely win.
My Lord, you are so generous today.
Since I can't support Taohong today,
I'll support Second Lady Jiang.
[Broad Horizons]
The people who enter the final duel
are Ye Shijie.
Do your best.
Li Jin.
[Ye Shijie]
[Li Jin]
Please listen to the question.
The three river flow.
This is from the "Tribute of Gong".
When the three river flow,
Zhenyi will be safe.
The rivers refer to three huge rivers
that flow to the ocean from Lake Taihu.
Songjiang River, Loujiang River,
and Dongjiang River.
Ye Shijie gets a point.
[Ye Shijie]
Next question.
This sentence is
from "Book of Han, Legend of Weixian".
Educating a child is better
than leaving him a fortune.
This sentence is from
"Book of Han, Legend of Xue and Peng".
Every career is lowly apart from studying
and becoming an official.
This is from
"Master Lyu's Spring and Autumn Annal".
Defeat oneself before defeating others.
Ye Shijie gets a point.
[Ye Shijie, Li Jin]
The outcome is obvious if this goes on.
Mr. Ye's academic skills
are really amazing.
Next question.
Preparation brings carelessness.
Habit causes a lack of vigilance.
The secret is hidden in public
and not in something hidden.
Do both of you not know the answer?
This is from "Book of Southern Qi,
Biography of Wang Jingze".
One of the 36 stratagems.
It's easier to become careless
when one is well-prepared.
Something habitual
makes people lose vigilance.
[Think Wisely]
Secret is hidden in something public
and not in something
that has yet to be revealed.
Li Jin gets a point.
[Li Jin]
That's how my brother is.
He likes to make a comeback.
Next question.
This is from "Book of
the Grand Historian, Volume 65".
Next question.
A thin and transparent wall is
the biggest feature of the Tang Jade Cup.
It is usually accompanied
by relief of patterns of clouds, plants,
or people.
One point.
This is from "Doctrine of the Mean".
Li Jin gets a point.
[Li Jin, Ye Shijie]
Last question.
Indecisiveness loses a battle.
This is from "Spring and Autumn Annal,
Duke Xiang in Year 25".
If one is indecisive in playing Go,
he will not win against his opponent.
Ye Shijie and Li Jin get a point each.
[Li Jin, Ye Shijie]
The first part is over.
Li Jin is in first place.
Ye Shijie is in second place.
Oh no.
I didn't expect Li Jin to be so good.
The next question is political.
Li Jin
has been influenced
by Chancellor Li since young.
I wonder if he's more confident.
The final political question
will be judged by Mr. Shen.
Mr. Shen,
This question is set
by His Majesty and I.
If a new emperor ascends to the throne
and the treasury is empty,
there's corruption within the government
and the people
are suffering from droughts.
What is an effective method?
At the start of a new era,
many things are waiting to be done.
Something new cannot be established
if the old things aren't abolished.
Having many issues isn't troublesome
but having people
who neglect their duties is.
I think
corruption has to be dealt with
and corrupt officials must be punished.
The money seized
should be handed over to the treasury
before distributing it
to the victims of the drought.
Li Jin, what do you think?
I think
resolving the drought crisis is crucial.
The corrupt officials
shouldn't be punished first
to ensure a smooth distribution
of money and food for disaster relief.
The corrupt officials cannot be kept
but at the moment,
they are the main force
in distributing the relief aid.
If the crisis is not well-resolved
and the people's support is lost,
the emperor's position
will be in danger.
Mr. Li's idea seems reasonable
but it is unpleasant.
By using this method,
even if the victims' problems
are resolved,
it won't be long.
These corrupt officials
have succeeded once,
they won't let go of their positions.
They will take advantage
of the kingdom's crisis to make money
because that's their personality.
In the end,
the victims and the emperor will suffer.
Only the corrupt officials
in between will benefit.
Mr. Ye's vision is very good
but it is just imaginary.
In reality, I'm afraid
it won't be that easy to implement.
If you only seek integrity,
Mr. Ye,
there might be no one left.
Everyone knows about the principles
but when it comes to execution,
it is much complicated
compared to a mere discussion.
He's right.
He's the son of the chancellor indeed.
He is seeing the problem more clearly.
Ye Shijie has no real-life experience.
He is in danger.
This is bad.
Why do I feel
that Ye Shijie is going to lose?
Ye Shijie
is going to win.
Why did His Majesty
reward you so many things?
His Majesty asked me today.
Am I not afraid
that there will be no people left
if corrupt officials are punished
during a natural disaster?
What does it have to do
with rewarding you?
I said I witnessed
how my father was harmed
by corrupt officials
and caused my family to be destroyed
when I was young.
With corrupt officials around,
the imperial treasury will lose money.
An empty treasury means
a lack of funds for disaster relief.
Lacking funds for disaster relief
means the people will die.
How can I be afraid
of the lack of people with integrity?
I'm willing to be a lone official
than give up.
Mr. Li,
making money in a disaster
not only hurts the people
but also the emperor's reputation.
As an official,
if you turn a blind eye to corruption
for convenience,
thousands of people will die in vain
in this world.
If this becomes a habit,
it'll be like an ant hill
which turns into a grave mistake
in the end.
When the kingdom
is exhausted of its money,
who will be the one
to take responsibility for the world?
In terms of political strategy,
Ye Shijie wins.
Ye Shijie gets five points.
[Li Jin, Ye Shijie]
Ye Shijie and Li Jin
are both in first place.
Mr. Ye's performance today
is indeed incredible.
Mr. Li's performance
is also novel and unique.
I'll be looking forward
to the performance
of your team later.
I'll treat everyone to a meal today.
Let's have a feast
to celebrate Ye Shijie's first victory.
I've never seen Li Jin cornered.
It seems like he was going all out.
I wanted to give everyone
a confidence boost by winning
but I only got a tie unexpectedly.
I was even behaving
arrogantly previously.
I should be apologizing to everyone.
Mr. Ye,
it was difficult to get first place.
You're up next, Jiang Jingrui.
Do you think you can do it?
Don't doubt me.
My Go skills might not be the best
but I'm not afraid of anyone.
You can boast after you win.
Just wait.
Give me your hand.
What do you want?
I want to borrow some luck.
Liu Xu, give me your hand too.
Why are you grabbing my hand?
Can't I borrow some of your luck?
Everyone should do it.
Mr. Ye,
What are you doing?
I just want to borrow some luck.
I know you don't believe in this
but there's no need to spoil the mood.
All right.
I'll give all my luck to you.
Stand up.
Let's do this together.
Let's hope I don't face Li Lian
in the first round
and hope I can get a high score.
All right.
One, two, three.
Who does Shen Yurong think he is?
He was just acting mighty
due to His Majesty's appreciation.
How dare he reprimanded you in public.
I think in the capital
I think he doesn't want
to stay in the capital anymore.
You mustn't touch Shen Yurong.
Think about it.
He is from a poor family
and he doesn't swear loyalty
to the Li and Jiang families.
No one in his situation
can still become an official.
He is alone yet his career is stable.
He even gets
His Majesty's attention easily.
Don't you find it weird?
who is the one
supporting him from behind?
Even if someone does anything to him,
it won't be us.
The most important thing now
is to get first place in the Entry Exam.
In the Go exam,
you must get first place.
Don't worry.
I've told everyone.
No one dares to win
against me at this time.
Jiang Li
will be returning to Zhennyu Hall soon.
[Academic Exam, Second, Jiang Li, Jiang
Jingrui, Ye Shijie, Liu Xu, 11 points]
[Jiang Li]
Brother, I have a Go puzzle
that I can't solve.
Help me take a look.
Go and look for your sister-in-law.
Brother, are you all right?
I'm busy.
Talk later.
Why did I think about her?
How could I
think about her?
The night in Qingcheng Mountain
is freezing.
It's so cold
that it makes people see things clearly.
Why would the person
whom I love most be so cruel
and send me to Qingcheng Mountain
for ten years?
You lose.
I told you you'd be fine.
Your Go skills
aren't bad.
You lose to me on purpose.
You are playing a guiding game.
It seemed as if I won
but you were the one
who controlled the whole game.
You were deciding
who would win the game.
Since you realized my intention,
it means your skill
is up to a certain standard.
Of course.
Even if I don't read my father's Go notes
more than 100 times,
I've still read everything.
Your playing style is similar to mine.
However, your idea of being cautious
has given me a new understanding.
Speaking of which,
who did you learn your skills from?
I studied Go notes in secret
in Zhennyu Hall.
In that case,
we are both prodigies!
I heard there are many good players
in the Imperial Academy.
Have you played against them before?
I don't need to play
against them to know
that the Imperial Academy
is playing by relying on connections.
Even Li Lian can get first place.
That means no one dares
to win against him.
If you meet them next time,
you must teach them a lesson.
Of course.
Little Backbone.
Jiang Li,
don't just talk about me.
You should think about
your Guqin Exam.
Ji Shuran spent a lot of money
to make Jiang Ruoyao win.
Madam Ji,
Ruoyao's skills have been improving
by leaps and bounds recently.
She will surely get the top three
in the Entry Exam.
Thank you, Fairy.
However, I want the first place.
I hope you can help me.
Fairy Jinghong?
She's extraordinary.
She's the best Guqin player
at Wangxian Pavilion.
She is even one of the main invigilators
of this exam.
Yesterday's exam was really exciting.
I wonder what will happen
in today's Go exam.
[Entry Exam, Second Day]
Students, please draw lots.
The losing student
will be eliminated directly.
The winner will go through.
Why don't I see Mr. Shen today?
Isn't Shen Ruyun his sister?
I think he didn't participate
to avoid any suspicions.
Tao Cheng will play against Liu Lingzi.
Please give me a weak opponent.
It hurts!
Can you not speak your mind?
If I don't speak up,
how will God hear me?
Li Lian will play against
Not me.
Zeng Qi.
Jiang Jingrui will play against
A weak player.
Shen Ruyun.
Why do you always win?
I'm not playing anymore!
Mother, I'm not learning Go anymore!
Why did you make her angry again?
Yun is your sister-in-law.
Can't you let her win?
Jiang Jingrui,
go all out.
You want me to play viciously?
Crush her.
[Mingyi Hall]
Jiang Jingrui, you can surrender
if you don't want to compete.
You can't win against me anyway.
In my opinion,
you should think about
where you should go to cry.
What a joke.
What's the situation now?
It doesn't look good.
The corners are being controlled.
The white pieces are dominating.
The situation is dire
so why does Jiang Jingrui
look so relaxed?
He is doing it on purpose.
He is setting up a trap.
Is that so?
The more you attack,
the more flaws you have.
From now on,
it's my turn to attack.
Yun, you shouldn't be impatient
when you play.
The more you attack,
the more flaws you have.
From now on, it's my turn to attack.
I thought Jiang Jingrui
was just a bumpkin.
I didn't expect him
to be preparing
for this move from the beginning.
He has been showing his weakness
in front of his opponent
and making progress by retreating.
While keeping his opponent calm,
he has turned
this cornered situation
into a killing piece.
[Do Things Calmly]
Play it here.
You can move here.
I'm sure
you remember the set-up just now.
I'm sure you only got distracted
because your piece got captured.
Are you spacing out
because I captured your piece?
If you place it here,
this game will be over.
That'll be boring.
Play here.
Ms. Xiao, he is disturbing me!
Jiang Jingrui's playing style
is not to win
against his opponent directly
but letting his opponent see hope
before guiding them.
In private games,
this is a way
of guiding the opponent on how to play
but in a match,
this is the most arrogant
and cruel playing style.
Ruyun, don't give up.
If you played in another spot,
you could block my attack.
Why do you always win?
Do you want to flip the table?
Do it.
Do it.
What's wrong? Why did she pass out?
What's happening?
Is she all right?
Congratulate me.
Order anything you want. I'll pay.
Ye Shijie wasn't proud
when he got first place.
Why are you bragging
when you got eliminated in fifth place?
What do you mean?
I won many games
and even placed in a high rank.
I deserve to be praised.
Right, Little Backbone?
Don't be nervous.
I'll give all my good luck to you.
I wish for
your victory tomorrow.
What's wrong?
Liu Xu,
how's your old injury?
Don't worry, I'm fine.
I'll stand up from where I fell.
Thanks to all of you
for always patronizing my business.
This is free.
Thank you.
- Nourishing Soup.
- Leave it here.
Take a look and see what it is.
Turtle Soup.
[Delayed Farewell]
I was terrified.
I thought Jiang Li was Xue Fangfei.
Don't speak nonsense.
Why would someone resemble her so much
in this world?
I've heard enough of this.
Don't mention it again in the future.
When I was playing today,
I felt
as if I was playing against Xue Fangfei.
It felt scary.
I'm sure Xue Fangfei isn't dead.
Do you think Jiang Li
was killed by Xue Fangfei?
I asked you to stop!
I buried her
with my own hands.
Jiang Li is Jiang Li.
No matter how much she resembles her,
she is not Xue Fangfei.
Do you feel afraid now?
When you and Mother took Wanning's gift
to harm her,
weren't you happy?
After you killed her,
you are afraid of seeing ghosts now.
Mother forced me to do it.
I didn't want to do that.
If I didn't obey Mother,
she would force me
by committing suicide.
Stop showing me your face of guilt!
I'm telling you.
Xue Fangfei is dead.
She's dead!
She died on Qingcheng Mountain.
Do you remember it now?
I remember.
I remember!
Get lost!
[Delayed Farewell]
After the Guqin exam
on the day after tomorrow,
I'll get back the money
from my previous bet.
Don't show a long face.
I'll treat you.
When I collect the money,
I'll buy you many drinks.
I don't think so.
My Lord,
what do you think?
Are you waiting for me
to reward you with money for drinking?
No. My Lord.
Forgive me for saying this.
Why did you place your bet on Jiang Li?
She will never win.
Ye Shijie and the Li family tied.
Li Lian got first place in the Go Exam.
Jiang Jingrui only got fifth place.
Only Liu Xu and Jiang Li are left.
Forget about Meng Hongjin
who has always been the top three
in the academy horseback archery exams.
Even if Liu Xu
wins against Meng Hongjin,
he only closes the gap
left by Jiang Jingrui's loss.
In the last Guqin exam,
Jiang Li must get first place.
The Li family's team sent Wang Qingqing.
She has been a disciple
of the palace musician for many years.
Jiang Li will never win against her.
Even if Jiang Li
wins against Wang Qingqing,
don't forget
that she's betting on
getting first place in the Entry Exam.
That means
she must win against Jiang Ruoyao
who has been getting first place
in the Guqin exam
for many years consecutively.
I'm afraid
the Second Lady of the Jiang family
will soon return to Zhennyu Hall.
Go and check
on her hands' condition.
I'll go.
Why did this man fall into the jar?
Have I
rushed this?
She's so disobedient.
[Entry Exam, Third Day]
[Be Brave and Persevere
for a Thousand Miles]
In this archery competition,
candidates will be assessed
with the Heaven's Bow Technique
founded by the late emperor.
What is the Heaven's Bow Technique?
Candidates will shoot at balls
launched at them with a ball launcher
by using their bow.
The more balls they shoot,
the more points they get.
The exam has always been doing
horseback archery.
Why did they change the format suddenly?
The archery competition format
always changes.
They shoot jars, targets and balls.
You are required
to shoot while riding a horse sometimes
and you are required
to shoot while running sometimes.
Since we are competing as a team,
we will be shooting
while suspended in the air.
The core is still the same.
The first group.
Zhou Yanbang and Zhuge Pei.
Candidates, go to your positions!
Victory for Zhou Yanbang!
Begin the competition.
[Be Brave and Persevere
for a Thousand Miles]
How is your hand?
I'm fine.
Are you anxious? Are you scared?
Are you nervous?
Shut up.
Calm. Collected. Confidence.
I asked you to shut up!
Liu Xu, you are the greatest!
Jiang Jingrui, will you die
if you keep your mouth shut?
The examination
for the first group begins.
Get ready!
[Be Brave and Persevere
for a Thousand Miles]
Victory for Zhou Yanbang!
Pull harder and higher
for the next round.
All right.
Victory for Zhou Yanbang!
Mr. Zhou, you are amazing.
Zhou Yanbang!
Next group. Meng Hongjin and Liu Xu.
Meng Hongjin!
Liu Xu,
I didn't expect you
to participate in this competition.
If you fall again,
your hand might be crippled.
Just because of
this bumpkin girl's bluff.
Do you think it's worth it?
You should care more about yourself,
you shrew!
Candidates, go to your positions!
Get ready!
[Be Brave and Persevere
for a Thousand Miles]
Meng Hongjin!
Liu Xu, are you all right?
I'm fine!
Liu Xu is a fierce lady.
What's wrong with her today?
Perhaps she has a fear of heights.
Fear of heights?
She will feel dizzy
if her feet leave the ground.
We'll make her hang lower.
It's no use.
As long as she's suspended in the air,
she will feel dizzy.
How do you know that?
When I was young, my family wanted me
to excel in academics and martial arts
but they found out
someone with a fear of heights
couldn't practice Qinggong.
Pull higher.
Meng Hongjin!
Liu Xu, surrender if you can't do it.
Don't embarrass yourself.
Meng Hongjin!
Jiang Li, I
You haven't lost yet.
It's not time to say sorry yet.
Who said I was saying sorry?
I want all of you to work hard
and bring me higher!
Aren't you afraid?
I'm afraid
but I want to win!
We trust you.
We trust you!
Come on!
Meng Hongjin!
Liu Xu!
- Liu Xu!
- Meng Hongjin!
Meng Hongjin!
Meng Hongjin!
Liu Xu!
Meng Hongjin!
Liu Xu!
Meng Hongjin!
- Liu Xu!
- Meng Hongjin!
Get ready!
How did you find the courage
to fight for first place?
Because I'm reluctant.
I'm reluctant
to be trapped in Zhennyu Hall.
I'm also reluctant
to be suppressed by Mingyi Hall.
I want to fight
and escape from this foul atmosphere.
Liu Xu!
Liu Xu!
Liu Xu!
You're amazing, Liu Xu!
Liu Xu, well done!
Liu Xu!
Liu Xu!
Liu Xu!
Liu Xu!
Let's go!
I'm going too.
Liu Xu!
Liu Xu!
Liu Xu!
Mr. Shen! Mr. Xiao!
I am injured!
Which part of you is injured?
My butt is injured!
Someone shot my butt with a weapon!
Why did they only shoot
your butt?
I don't want this!
It's all my fault for causing jealousy
due to my appearance and talent!
Where's the weapon?
It's here.
My butt
[Cultivating Talents]
[Entry Exam Ranking]
Jiang Li's team is still one place lower
than Li Lian's team now.
Wang Qingqing, Prefect Wang's daughter,
on Mr. Li's team,
got second place
in last year's Guqin exam.
The first place was Jiang Ruoyao.
Doesn't this mean Jiang Li
must win against Ruoyao
to get first place?
It seems like
an exciting fight
between the same family will occur.
[Entry Exam Ranking]
[Taiji Hall]
The wager between
the Jiang and Li families
have become the city's hot topic.
[Concubine Li]
I wonder if my niece, Ruoyao,
can still get a good result this time.
Concubine Li, don't worry.
Ruoyao is a proud disciple of mine.
Her Guqin skills
have always been excellent.
I don't think getting first place again
will be a problem.
I only wonder if your class
has any budding talents.
In terms of techniques,
I don't think there's anyone
who can compare
to Ruoyao.
Ms. Xiao, have some tea.
Be careful.
Are you prepared
for the competition tomorrow, Li?
If Jiang Li
wins the competition tomorrow,
our team will win the wager.
Ruoyao, we are from the same family.
Help your family out
and give her a handicap.
If I don't do my best,
isn't it a sign of disrespect for Li?
Jiang Li,
are you confident tomorrow?
It all comes down to my effort.
It all comes down to your effort.
Jiang Jingrui,
go back first.
I want to go out and take a stroll.
Remember to bring me some rice cakes
if you pass by the rice cake shop.
I'll go back first.
Duke Su, why are you looking for me?
Your hand.
You are the first person
whom Situ Jiuyue failed to treat.
I've been practicing Guqin a lot
in recent days.
You were too impatient
and failed at the last step.
You still haven't grown up yet.
It seems like
you don't want to win tomorrow.
I will rest well today.
Duke Su, please let go
and let me go back.
It's not embarrassing
to owe me a favour.
Duke Su, please guide me.
Send a message to Situ Jiuyue.
Tell her that her reputation
has been ruined by this girl.
- Let's go.
- Duke Su.
Yes, My Lord.
[Duke Su's Residence ]
[Return of the Clouds]
Xiao Heng! How is my reputation ruined?
It's you again?
Did you owe her in your past life?
Take a look at her injury.
You couldn't even endure for two days?
What did you do again?
It didn't hurt anymore
after you treated me.
I thought I was fine
and played for a while
because I couldn't help it.
Do you want to win so badly?
Please help me.
The meridians of your hand are damaged.
If you want to recover,
it'll take at least three days.
She only has one day.
Please find someone else.
Turns out there's an illness that
the best physician of the martial world
can't treat.
You scared her.
I'm the best poison user!
Xiao Heng,
if you insist on treating her,
there's still a way.
But if she can't take it,
she will die.
Do you dare to take a gamble?
I ended up this way
because I didn't obey your order.
However, I'm willing to take a gamble
if it's useful.
♪If there are no happy memories♪
♪How can we traverse
the forbidden land of sorrow?♪
♪Two cold and unfeeling bodies♪
♪Holding hands,
can we get through the snow season?♪
♪In the cold wind, in the long night♪
♪Embracing the remaining warmth♪
♪The depth of the sea, unfathomable♪
♪Can it bury yesterday's sighs?♪
♪Continue to love,
cherishing it with my life♪
♪Continue to live,
even with only a glimmer of hope♪
♪Whether in sorrow or joy,
I believe in you♪
♪I'd rather be trapped
in the world's extremes♪
♪Continue to live,
exhausting all courage♪
♪Continue to love,
until the breath runs out♪
♪Traversing half a lifetime of
loneliness, just to meet you♪
♪After the hardships,
never to part again♪
♪After the hardships,
never to part again♪
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