The Dragon Prince (2018) s01e09 Episode Script


We'll find Callum and Ezran wherever we find that vile, bloodthirsty elven assassin.
All right, so what else do we need for this spell? All we have to do now is climb to the top of the tallest mountain in Katolis.
Nothing can cut this stupid binding! It will just get tighter and tighter until I lose my hand.
- It's a Primal Stone.
- Wow! What's inside? It's a storm.
A real storm.
Captured from the top of Mount Kalik.
- I can't believe you're a mage.
- The truth is, it's not me.
All the magic, all the power, all the confidence it's just because of this amazing thing.
A Primal Stone.
That's a dragon egg, isn't it? - I'm afraid it's dying.
- No.
There has to be something you can do.
There was a miracle that happened a few years ago, but it happened on the Cursed Caldera.
We have to find this miracle healer.
I have really bad news.
I don't know how to tell you.
Even if we make it to the rim, it doesn't matter.
There is no miracle healer.
There is no miracle healer.
I'm sorry.
Stop being mysterious.
If you're gonna make a claim like that, you owe everyone an explanation.
Ava told me Ugh, here we go! No, it's true! I can understand animals.
Well, did you ask Bait? He might disagree.
Or maybe we can find an opinionated squirrel around here somewhere.
I knew you wouldn't listen to me.
Ezran, I'm listening to you.
But it is pretty hard to believe.
I've always been different.
It's hard for me to make friends with other kids.
I just feel like I don't fit in.
That's okay.
Fitting in is boring anyway.
But with animals? Somehow, I have this connection.
And a few years ago, I realized I could understand what they were saying.
Can you believe this? Why would he lie? Because he's a kid? Because it's fun? Because he's afraid to go up the mountain? - I'm not afraid! - Come on, Ez, tell the truth.
The first time he did this, I asked him to prove it, so Ezran said that a group of raccoons had told him there was a treasure hidden behind a waterfall.
But when I went through the waterfall, did I find a treasure? - No.
- But did my underwear get soaked? - Yes.
- Case closed.
The raccoons were being mischievous.
I have since learned you cannot trust raccoons.
This is ridiculous! See, this is why you can't make friends.
Callum! Back off.
Do you believe me, Rayla? Does it matter? I believe you, Ez.
But I also know the miracle healer is real.
Because I have my Ava! We're moving on.
We need to get to the rim.
Mount Kalik.
The tallest mountain in Katolis.
You might say it's the Ka-tallest.
That is the funniest joke I've heard in my entire life.
You are a genius.
- Really? - Why not? Hey what's this? I don't know, what? The Ka-shortest mountain! So, now I'm not even sure you got the original joke.
Look, just to double check you do have everything you need for your weird spell, right? - Yeah, of course.
- Great.
I I just don't want to get all the way to the top of the mountain and have you suddenly remember you still need a a wasp butt or something.
Wasp butts are useless.
But actually, there are a lot of interesting things you can do with a wasp thorax You know what? Could not be less interested.
Huh! The higher we walk up this caldera, the brighter the Moon Rune glows.
Here's a theory.
The higher we walk, the closer we are to the moon.
I don't know.
Something seems different this time.
Did anyone else hear that? Yup! Ignoring it! Keep moving.
Maybe we should find out what it is? I'm going to share an old elven proverb with you.
When traveling up a mountain trying to save a dying dragon egg and you hear a spooky sound just keep walking.
Wow, that's really specific.
What if someone needs help? Ez, you have a good heart.
It's super annoying.
Fine, but we shouldn't all go up there.
I'll check it out.
The rest of you stay here and keep the egg safe.
Turn back! Hello? Someone in there? Before it gets you, too.
I'm not leaving you.
Don't worry.
Just hang on, I'm going to help.
- Did you find someone? - No.
There was no one there.
We have to get moving.
Are you okay? You saw something.
It was barely alive.
Crumbled to dust right before my eyes.
It was horrible, Callum.
- Ez, what's wrong? - I I saw something.
A face in the dark.
Something's watching us.
If you guys want to turn back No! There's no turning back.
We have to keep going, no matter what.
The egg doesn't have much time.
- Hmm.
- Can't you just cut through it? Probably better if we can go around.
I don't think there is an "around.
" We need to punch through.
All right.
Let's find out what made this.
Be careful.
Do not touch those webs! Ugh, they're everywhere.
It's too dark! Fulminis! Ahh! Uh, did I get it? Where'd it go? I feel like it's in my hair! Really? It's a two-ton magical spider.
You'd know if it was in your hair.
Shh we need to listen.
How are we gonna get past that thing? Even if we manage to get past, one misstep and we're caught in one of those crazy webs.
And trust me, you don't want to know what happens if you get caught in a web.
There has to be a way.
We have to get through.
Wait a second.
Something's not right in a good way, this time! I know it's late but there's something so invigorating about climbing a mountain at midnight! The moonlight.
Ah, the clouds.
Oh, that fresh night air Ahh! Claudia, I think your horse just Wasn't the horse.
I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm disgusted and a little impressed.
What should we do? We could turn back and try to find another way up the caldera.
No, it's gonna be okay.
We can just walk right past it.
What are you talking about? It's not real! I'm sure of it.
That doesn't make any sense.
Exactly! All those crazy chitters and screams that's not how spiders talk.
Ezran, you've lost your mind.
- I'm going out there to prove it.
- Don't! Ezran, no! It's fun.
Try screaming at him.
See? It won't do anything.
You're right.
Ez is right! Let's see if we can get it to turn around and show us its creepy glow face.
Ezran, I owe you an apology.
Well, at least one.
I'm sorry I didn't believe you.
I promise, I won't ever doubt you again.
- If you really mean it - I do.
then you have to do the thing.
Here? Now? Callum's famous jerkface dance! So, if it's fake what's it doing here? Cheering for the jerkface dance, I think.
It wants more.
Knees higher! Knees higher! This is it! We hid in that tree when the miracle healer found us! Remember this place, girl? So, now what? Do we just Uh, Miracle Healer? Hello! We're here! I don't know.
I just showed up, then she showed up.
Yeah, I don't see why that shouldn't work.
Actually, I think it is working.
Oh, no! Ez was right about everything.
That's no miracle healer.
She's a fake.
What? How do you know? She's a moon mage, an illusionist.
She can't heal anything.
It's true.
I am no healer.
I am Lujanne.
Guardian of the Moon Nexus.
Ugh, I'm such an idiot, I should have figured it out.
None of those monsters were real, they were all illusions.
They were just to scare you.
That's how I protect the Nexus.
But I don't understand.
If you're not a healer, how did you save Ava's leg? I remember you and that little cub both so frightened and sad.
I saw she had lost her leg, and I understood that humans would have trouble accepting her.
But I knew her spirit was strong and that was all that really mattered.
Oh, what a beautiful creature.
No she's hurt.
She's perfect.
To help you, I created an illusion.
A leg that others would see and feel, even though it wasn't real.
I enchanted the moonstone collar to hold the spell.
She never needed that fourth leg to be happy.
Everyone else did.
But the help we need is real.
An illusion won't help us.
It's the egg of the Dragon Prince.
It was stolen, but we saved it.
I mean, we were trying to save it and return it to its mother.
But there was a terrible accident.
You see, I Its life is fading quickly.
The only chance of saving it now would be to hatch it.
But that won't be possible.
Sky dragons can only be born in the eye of a storm.
The weather is clear for miles.
No that can't be.
There has to be a way to save it! I'm sorry.
I dropped it.
This is all my fault.
No, I should have trusted you.
Things only went wrong because we kept fighting.
I let you both down.
I let the world down.
You tried, Rayla.
You're so good and brave.
Wait a minute.
It can only hatch in a storm.
What if I I know what I have to do.
No! Hold on, Rayla! Ahh! Come on Bait, help him! His eyes are stuck.
You need to lick them open! You know your own name! Azymondias.
We'll call you "Zym.
" That's Rayla.
You almost blew off the mountain, but Rayla saved you! Aww! It's okay, little one.
The important thing is you.
One miracle is enough for me today.
- Couldn't you do this someplace warmer? - No.
But if you like, I can use these rare components to conjure a magical blanket for you instead of using them to locate the lost princes? You would be insanely comfortable.
Fine, I'll suffer.
There! That's where we'll find them.
It's beautiful.
They're gentle.
They even tickle a little.