The Dragon Prince (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

Half Moon Lies

[croaks] [panting] [Claudia] Previously on The Dragon Prince Well, maybe it's just a mirror.
[Viren sighs] Of all the treasures, artifacts and relics in the lair of the Dragon King and Queen they kept this close to where they slept.
It must be important.
You're writing a letter to the king? [Callum] He'll be worried about us.
It'll mean a lot to him to know why we left and that we're doing okay.
They don't know, do they? [Viren] You are to return with the terrible news that the princes have perished.
What am I supposed to do if we find them alive? Oh you'll know the right thing to do.
[Claudia] We'll find Callum and Ezran wherever we find that vile, bloodthirsty elven assassin.
[chanting indistinctly] There! That's where we'll find them.
[ocarina playing faintly] [sighs] [ocarina continues] Do it.
[theme music playing] [roaring] Go on.
Do it.
What are you waiting for? She's a Moonshadow elf.
And she kidnapped the princes.
- You just have to - I know! I've just never attacked someone who's sleeping before.
It doesn't seem sporting.
You want me to wake her? And how long do you need her to be awake for it to be sporting? Ten seconds? Five? - One second.
- Okay.
On three.
One two - [Rayla grunts] - [Soren gasps] But how did you resist the sleep spell? Oh, I used this lovely rose to help me stay awake.
[sniffs] Hard to sleep with a thorn poking at you.
[Soren grunting] Are we gonna fight, or is this a talent show? Oh.
[grunts and scoffs] [Rayla grunts] [exclaims] [both grunting] [panting] I keep telling people, "'Sweep the leg' is not a thing in swordfighting!" [yelps] Oh, any more swordfighting lessons? I'm eager to learn.
- [Claudia] Soren! - [Rayla gasps] [chanting indistinctly] Ahhh! Any last words, elf? - Does "hot mud" count as a word? - What do you mean? [yelps] - [grunts] - [Callum] Stop! - Callum? - [Callum] Don't fight each other! You're not enemies.
- Your friends tried to kill me! - She kidnapped you! Threw mud in my face, and some got in my mouth! Okay! Okay! Knock it off a second.
Just let me explain.
First of all, Claudia and Soren, I don't know what you're doing here, but I'm really glad to see you.
Are you kidding? They attacked me.
How can you be glad Buh-buh-buh-buhp-buhp-buhp.
Yeah, they're two of my oldest friends, and I am glad to see them.
But not glad to see you trying to murder my new friend, Rayla, - who happens to be - She's an elf! - But a good elf.
- What do you mean, "But a good elf"? She kidnapped you and Prince Ezran.
How can she be good? There was no kidnapping.
We went with her by choice.
It's late.
Let's all just get some rest and cool off.
If, in the morning, I can't convince you that we're all on the same side here, you can fight each other then.
Agreed? Fine.
- Fine.
- Whatever.
Guess we'll kill you in the morning.
That's more like it! Come on.
I'll show you where you can stay tonight.
[sighs] - That was very confident, Callum.
- Oh, yeah? Uh I guess.
[chuckles] Even though your hair's a little messy.
[both] Ugh! [Gren] Good morning.
I I assume.
Come to think of it, I have no idea what time of day it is.
Good whatever-time-it-is.
Today is a special day, mystery mirror.
It is the day you reveal your secrets to me.
Ah! I can't believe they found us.
I hope Claudia's not mad.
Last time we saw her, you chained her to a wall.
Plus, you stole her Primal Stone.
Then you broke her Primal Stone.
- Yeah, yeah.
But how does my hair look? - Hmm Well, it could be more up.
Who are you trying to impress, anyway? Claudia? [laughs] Wha! What? Wha Trying to impress [stammering] Does this look more up? [Soren] I figured out what's going on, why the princes have gotten so chummy with the elf.
[sighs] Don't talk to me until I've had my hot brown morning potion.
[slurps and sighs] Okay.
Go on.
She must have bitten them, and now they both have Moonshadow Madness! - What? - It's a thing.
Where did you hear about that? Camp.
[laughs] Well, we need to do something.
Dad gave us a mission.
- To bring the princes home.
- Right.
Unless a terrible accident occurs.
- [Claudia] What? - Nothing.
My point is we should stuff them in sacks! Soren! They're our friends.
We should try persuasion first.
Use our words, not our muscles.
So you're saying we need to butter them up? [gasps and laughs] Pancakes! [all cheering] Yeah! [all laughing] [sniffs] - Mmm.
I have to admit, these are good.
- Impossibly fluffy, right? Mmm.
How do you get them so light? [Claudia] The secret is separating the eggs, and beating the whites into a stiff meringue.
And just a hint of Dark Magic.
So now that we know you're not kidnapped, you guys should come back home.
With the egg, of course.
Egg? Eggs would go great with these pancakes.
Actually, there is no egg.
What? What happened to the egg? - You'll understand in a second - [Zym whimpering] [Claudia gasps] [Zym whimpers] [gasps and exclaims] It's so cute! Oh! It's a baby dwagon! Hey, you Whoa! What happened to, "It's not an egg.
It's a powerful weapon"? Still true.
Someday, it could bring death and destruction raining down on all of us.
But right now, he's so widdle! Well, get a good look, because we're headed back to Xadia to return him to his mother.
Rayla's right.
We can't go home yet.
The mission is too important.
[Soren] We need to butter them up butter them up butter them up butter them up butter them up butter them up.
You all do need to come home because the king, your dad, really misses you.
[yawns] Whoa.
Did you catch that intense look I got from the elf? I think she's into me.
Ugh! She's not into you.
She's onto you! Soren, their dad is dead, and you lied about it.
And they're our friends.
It's wrong.
[scoffs] You squash innocent creatures to make magic pancakes.
Look, I tried it your way, "using words.
" Maybe it's time for my way, punching and stuff.
No! Give me one more day to convince Callum to leave with us.
I'm going to rely on something that's even stronger than muscles.
Some kind of magic muscles? Trust.
We can't trust them! [sighs] Look, I get it.
You don't like Claudia.
She tried to kill you multiple times.
But remember, until today, she thought you were trying to hurt me and Ezran.
Ugh! That's not it, Callum.
I know they're lying.
I know, because - Well, because - Knock-knock.
So are you two, like Did I interrupt something? - Between you and - What? Me and Rayla? No! I don't think of her that way.
I think of her more as an assassin.
An, uh An assassin friend.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, I have friends like that.
- So, uh, you wanted to talk? - Yes.
I need to tell you about some things that happened back at home.
- You know, good things, bad things - Mmm-hmm.
I broke your Primal Stone.
- What? - Sorry.
I just had to get it off my chest.
- But how did you - I smashed it.
- Hmm.
Well, accidents happen.
- On purpose.
- I'm sure you had a good reason.
- I did! I really did.
Oh! You're the best, Claudia.
I know this doesn't exactly make up for it, but I thought maybe you would let me show you around all the magic Moon places and stuff? I would let you.
- [Zym whines] - [Ellis and Ezran giggle] [Ava barks] Ah! You can't hurt a kid, Soren.
He's just a kid.
On the other hand, if there's an accident because he's doing something dangerous and stupid, well that's on him.
[Ellis and Ezran giggle] [Soren] Hey, friends! Ez.
- And my main glow guy right here, Bait! - [panting] What's happening, little toad man? [Bait groans] I have an idea for something super fun, but also incredibly dangerous in which some potential accidents may occur.
But so fun! Who's in? - [Ezran] What is it? - I'm in! I mean [clears throat] What is it? Oh.
Uh, Claudia, this is Lujanne.
She's a Moon mage, an illusionist.
- Wow! Are you an illusion yourself? - Well, no, I'm But you feel so real! I am real.
Huh, that's exactly what an illusion would say.
And just like that, she disappears.
This place is amazing! [Callum] Yeah.
I wonder what all these runes do.
[Claudia] They're probably incredible spells.
It's just too bad humans can't do magic without a Primal Stone.
What? [scoffs] Yeah, we can.
No, I meant Primal Magic.
Not, you know, your kind of magic.
Oh? My kind of magic? Dark Magic.
Do you always whisper when you're being judgmental? Sorry, I didn't mean it that way.
I just I loved learning magic, and I feel sad now that I can't.
But you can.
If you want to.
I want to learn Primal Magic.
But you have to be born with that magic inside you.
[chuckles] That's the great thing about Dark Magic.
You just take creatures that are born with magic inside and squeeze it out of them.
What You're doing it again, Prince Judgy-face! Look.
Here's how I think about it.
Humans weren't born with magic.
We were born with nothing.
But we still found a way to do amazing things.
That's what Dark Magic is really all about.
I'm sorry.
It's just not for me.
[Claudia] Hmm.
So you just zip across this line? Exactly.
I call it the Slidey-Sling Go-Fast Rope! - That is a good name.
- [whimpers] [peg creaking] Are you sure it's going to hold? - Zym is nervous.
- [Zym groans] I'll show you.
It's fine.
[laughs and exclaims] [Bait exclaims] That was the best! [echoes] Okay, Zym, this is your chance to see what flying feels like.
Yeah! Whoo! - Yeah! - [Zym exclaims] Whoa! Zym, you didn't open your wings.
That was the whole point.
- [whimpers] - You could go again.
But what if, this time, you go first? There's not much to see here, but I thought I'd show you - Ruins! I love ancient ruins.
- Really? Me, too.
If you close your eyes, you can imagine what it was like.
Everything so magical back then.
- It's beautiful.
- [wind blowing] Yeah, beautiful.
Your eyes aren't closed.
[exclaims and grunts] [both laughing] You think this is great? Wait until you see the Moon Nexus.
Actually, hold on.
We should come back tonight, after the moon rises.
It's a date.
It's a date! - Whenever you're ready.
- [Zym grunts] [Ezran exclaims] - What you thinkin' about? - Nothing! What you thinkin' about? I'm thinkin' you should go next.
Go ahead.
Unless you think it's not safe for some reason? [scoffs] No.
It's perfectly safe.
Let me just double-check this peg.
Ah, yeah, it's safe.
So safe.
- [Soren exclaims] - [peg creaks] - We can't trust Soren and Claudia.
- I thought we talked about this.
But I have proof now.
Soren built a zippy line thingy for Ezran, but it was a trap.
He wanted there to be an accident.
- Wait.
How do you know that? - The peg was kind of loose.
- Kind of? - It was definitely loose.
Which is why Soren tightened it before he went down.
So, it was loose, but then he tightened it? Callum, I know I'm not explaining it well, but you just have to look me in the eyes and trust me.
I can see you believe it.
But I've known Soren and Claudia for years.
You and I don't have that yet.
Hey, are you doing something different with your hair? Some kind of a braid-bag flower-dealy? Yeah, it's cute.
So what? We need to stay focused on getting the princes to leave with us.
I just want to make sure you're still on mission, not just having fun.
Uh, you built a zip line today.
I took no joy in that.
Lujanne, I need your help.
If wisdom is what you seek, I shall do my best to fake it.
[laughs] That's an old illusionist joke.
Um I need my friend to trust me, but he doesn't.
And I think it's my fault.
I've been keeping a secret from him, hiding the truth.
Rayla, look at the moon.
Light only falls on half its face right now, but that doesn't mean the other half isn't there.
And it is the same with you.
There are parts you keep hidden.
If I want him to trust me, don't I have to stop hiding the truth? Real trust is about accepting even the dark parts we will never know.
No, I don't think that's right.
Lying and hiding the truth aren't that different.
Strong relationships need honesty, the full truth.
[laughs] Oh! Now you sound like my first three husbands.
I'm afraid of hurting him, but I owe him the truth.
I can't leave Callum in the dark any longer.
I have to tell him what happened to his dad.
- Hmm.
I'm glad my wisdom helped.
- It didn't.
It was wrong.
Was it? Or was it just differently true? This true-sight serum will strip away all illusions, and allow me to see you for what you really are.
[chanting indistinctly] [screams] Nothing? Nothing.
Nothing! Oh, you're powerless, useless.
I thought you were going to be something special, something important! [screams] [gasps] What is this place? Hi.
The moon's so bright tonight.
You can see our shadows.
Did you just have your hand-shadow hold my hand-shadow? - Did I? - [laughs] Come on! Take me to see the Nexus.
Wow! It's like the moon, but more here.
- So, Claudia - Yeah? - Uh.
I've known you for so long.
- Yeah.
Me, too.
Well, sure.
You've known yourself your whole life.
[Claudia chuckles] - Callum, you always make me laugh.
- You make me laugh, too.
And you make me think.
You make me see the world a whole different way.
I, uh I suddenly don't have any more words.
[chuckles] That's okay.
We can just be here without words.
Callum, I need to tell you something.
Callum? Oh, I'm so glad you're here.
We need to talk.
I know what happened.
He's gone.
Oh, no.