The Dragon Prince (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

Voyage of the Ruthless

Previously on The Dragon Prince [gasps.]
General Amaya reports that elven forces are gathering on the Xadian side of the Breach.
We must be prepared to fight.
I love this.
I love learning about magic.
But I want you to teach me to do some Moon Magic.
In Xadia, all creatures are born connected to a Primal Source.
They have a piece of it inside them.
We call that piece an Arcanum.
But learning magic is not your destiny.
You can't do Primal Magic because you weren't born connected to a Primal Source.
I will learn magic.
It's who I am.
[theme music playing.]
[Callum humming.]
What are you doing? Meditating upon the meaning of sky.
Ugh! That's more boring than any answer I would have guessed.
I'm trying to connect to the Arcanum like Lujanne said, so I can use sky magic again.
Didn't she also say you have to be born with the Arcano-what's-it to do magic? No, she said you had to connect to the Primal and that magical creatures are born with a connection.
But I don't see why I can't make my own connection.
By sitting weird and humming? Right.
Seems reasonable? - [Callum hums.]
- [Rayla sighs.]
Uh, is it just me, or are we losing altitude? What? No way.
I'm extremely attuned to slight changes in the air flow [all screaming.]
- [Zym whimpers.]
- [Ezran yells.]
It's nice having both hands again.
General Amaya, we've searched everywhere and there's been no sign of the elves.
I think it's safe to conclude that the outpost on the Xadian side remains secret.
There, look! The signal! The outpost is secure.
Yes, General.
I'll ready a party.
Who are you? What is it? Where are you going? [Ezran.]
Phoe-Phoe is okay.
She's just tired.
She gets her power from the Moon Nexus.
The further away we go, the harder it is to carry everyone.
Wow, Ez, I can't believe you could understand all of that.
You did such a good job getting us so far.
Thank you.
[Phoe-Phoe coos.]
- So, what do we do now? - [Rayla.]
Well Xadia's that way.
Across miles and miles of the fluid I both need to survive and hate more than anything in the world.
You know what? We'll just walk around it somehow.
With our legs.
That's sweet, but walking around is gonna take too long.
We need to get that former egg, now adorable baby dragon home to Xadia as fast as we can.
We've got to go straight across.
Well, we need a boat.
And a captain who knows how to make it go.
Specifically, a captain who doesn't hate elves.
That won't be a problem.
I can disguise myself as a human again.
Hello, again, fellow humans, human fellows.
Oh, oh! You're going to love this, Zym.
I'm a huge fan of human Rayla.
Let's go judge and criticize things other humans do, and then do the exact same thing ourselves.
Do another.
Sure thing, old buddy, old pal.
I am excited to rapidly eat a plate of unwholesome food in an excessive portion size.
She's right.
- I'd eat a jelly tart the size of a dog.
- [Zym chitters.]
Won't it be great to encounter other humans, and talk about which roads and pathways will take us somewhere slightly faster than other roads and pathways? [laughs.]
It is so true.
We do love going slightly faster.
Hey, sometimes getting somewhere slightly faster is important.
Like, right now.
Ezran and I will find a sea captain.
You stay here and work on growing a fifth finger.
You've got it, my smooth-skulled friend.
You want me to find these items.
I can do that.
We found the perfect captain.
- [Rayla exclaims.]
- [Zym chitters.]
Uh, don't worry, that's not gonna be a problem with this guy.
What, is he some kind of enlightened human who can really see the good in elves? Hmm.
I'm not sure he can see the good in anyone, really.
But that's part of what makes him uniquely qualified.
We're back! Greetings! The name's Captain Villads.
The "D" is silent.
There's a "D"? - Arr! - Wait, there's a silent "R"? Narr.
Oh, okay, so it's just the silent "D" then.
Aye! - Ah, so there's a - [Callum clears throat.]
This is our regular human friend, Rayla.
Spelled like it sounds.
And her cute, unusual dogs, Zym and Bait.
Ahoy, Rayla.
Ahoy, doggos.
And this is me first mate, Berto! I'm a parrot.
Me ship's this way.
Welcome to me water home, The Ruthless! Named after me dear wife, Ruth.
Who sadly [sniffles.]
don't enjoy sailing.
So, you said if the wind's on our side, we could make it across the bay pretty quickly? Aye! 'Course, there's a storm coming.
A storm? That could be interesting.
So, we have to delay departing for a few days.
Uh, we're on a tight schedule.
Isn't there anything we can do? Hmm, I suppose if we leave right now, we could race across the bay and beat the storm.
Let's do that.
No problem.
Unless the storm catches us mid-bay, and kills us all.
- [dolphins trill.]
- [Ezran.]
Whoo! Ye might be wondering what happened to me eyes.
Well, I didn't want to be rude.
Me left eye was taken by a flock of mutinous seagulls.
Uh, wow.
And what about your right eye? Don't know.
Came at me from me left.
- [seagull squawks.]
- [wind gusts.]
Hey, wait.
How are we going that way when the wind is blowing us in that direction? Oh, that's how you sail, me boy.
The wind doesn't push us where we want to go? The sail is more like a wing, flying through the wind, pulling the boat against the water currents below us.
It's like shooting a willow melon seed from between your fingers.
You squeeze in on both sides, but the seed shoots straight out.
I think I get it.
[Villads exclaims.]
After you're in the elements long enough, you get a feel for where the wind is and how it's about to change.
It's like a connection, deep in me bones.
Hold on, you feel a connection to the wind? How did you get that? What, just because I'm blind and have narcolepsy you thought I wouldn't have sailing sense? No! No, no, no.
That's not what I meant, I Wait, narcolepsy? [Villads snoring.]
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up [exclaims.]
What happened? The last thing I remember, I was talking about narcolepsy and then falling asleep.
That's about right.
[Zym whimpers.]
[thunder crashes.]
Storm's a comin'.
Seems as if we won't beat it after all.
- Huh.
Maybe it's my chance.
- A chance to die.
I was gonna to say my chance to learn.
To learn how to drown.
I've never seen this rune before.
You expect me to drink this? [liquid sloshes.]
It's surprisingly not terrible.
Why should I trust you? I don't even know who I don't even know what you are.
I need time to think.
[thunder rumbling.]
[Zym whimpers.]
You're turning different colors.
Is that your Moonshadow form? No.
This is my rare glow toad impersonation.
[gags and grunts softly.]
[Bait croaks.]
Storm's too strong! Best we moor on the lee side of the island, - and wait till it calms.
- [Berto squawks.]
Berto, to the bow! Aye, aye! Port, port! Current fast! Drop the sail! Starboard! Starboard! [Callum exclaims.]
Port! Port! [Rayla exclaims.]
Nailed it.
Squawk! Did he just say the word "squawk"? I don't understand.
Why would the outpost be abandoned? They just sent the signal a few Soldier, your signal was late.
What happened? Where is everyone? Yes.
My apologies, sir.
The others went on patrol, and I missed my cue.
The next signal will happen exactly on the hour.
[Fen scoffs.]
[soldiers gasp.]
[thunder rumbling.]
Well, we didn't beat the storm.
- We'll have to wait it out below deck.
- [Zym whimpers.]
We're wet and miserable and we've saved no time at all.
Hey, are you coming or what? Yeah.
I agree.
[Rayla scoffs.]
I know that face.
It's the "dumb idea" face.
Every time the lightning strikes, I can feel something.
Yeah, me, too.
It feels good to not be struck by lightning.
No, I mean, it feels like it did when I used the Fulminis spell.
Maybe, if I'm brave enough to go into it, and face the storm, that's how I'll make the connection.
Or it'll blow you up until you're dead.
[Zym panting and chittering.]
See? Zym gets it.
He can feel it, too.
- You really wanna go out there, don't you? - [Zym whimpers.]
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
It's one thing to stupidly risk your own stupid human life, but I am not gonna let you risk the life of the future King of the Dragons.
He is a storm dragon.
He'll be safe.
If you die out there, I swear I'll kill you.
[Callum humming.]
It's wet.
Mmm The wind is blowing.
[wind howling.]
It's blowing a lot.
I'm cold, I'm soaked.
Is your skin supposed to wrinkle up like this - when you understand the Sky Arcanum? - [Zym chitters.]
I don't think I feel any different.
Maybe I need to get higher up.
[yells and grunts.]
[Zym chitters.]
I don't know how I'm supposed to get this, Zym.
You're a magical creature.
Somehow, it's inside you.
But I'm just a human.
There's nothing inside me.
I want this so much.
When I could do magic, I finally felt like myself, and now I've lost that.
I'm just trying to find my way back.
It looks like the Primal Stone.
That's where we need to go.
[bird cawing.]
Did a message come for me? Ah, yes.
Four messages, in fact.
Four messages came for me and I was not informed? Actually, we searched the entire castle.
We couldn't find you anywhere.
What, are you hiding in some secret chamber somewhere? [chuckles.]
I was in the bathroom.
Oh, right.
The other four kingdoms have agreed to a summit of the Pentarchy.
Wow, that sounds important.
I will rally the kings and queens behind Katolis and finally destroy the Xadian threat! You are witnessing history.
That is great.
Um, would you rate the service you received today as excellent? [thunder crashing.]
It's a lightning rod.
- Maybe if I - [Zym whimpers.]
No, I can't.
I have to do this.
I have to understand the Sky Primal.
- [Zym whimpering.]
- Come on, come on! [grunts.]
Ah, Callum, you're being an idiot.
Why would you do that? You can't risk your life to learn magic.
This is crazy.
[all grunting.]
Callum, what happened? We went into the heart of the storm, and Zym - he got struck by lightning.
- [Ezran and Rayla gasp.]
- But I think he's okay.
- [Zym hiccups.]
- [Ezran laughs.]
- [Zym chitters happily.]
What's wrong? - I feel stupid.
You were right.
- Callum I could have gotten Zym killed.
I put us both in danger.
And worst of all, when we were right there, in the center of the storm, I thought I wanted this badly enough, but in the end I didn't have the guts.