The Dragon Prince (2018) s02e06 Episode Script

Heart of a Titan

[croaks] [panting] [Viren] Previously on The Dragon Prince So, the most important things, I've written down.
A letter? Queen Aanya, would you allow me to share a story with you? Nine years ago, my oldest friend, Prince Harrow, became the king of Katolis.
But one day, two visitors came from a faraway place, another kingdom.
[Aanya] They were my parents.
This winter, we will run out of food, and a hundred thousand people will die.
I can use the heart of the titan in a powerful spell that will warm the land, and allow us to magically grow an incredible bounty.
[roaring] [theme music playing] [roaring] [sighs] [Harrow] Dear Callum Over the years, there have been moments when I let there be a distance between us.
Because I'm your stepfather, I was trying to give you the space I thought you needed to love your real father, even though he passed away.
Now, I wonder if I should have held you closer.
I wonder if showing you how much I loved you would have been okay, and would not have disrespected your relationship with him.
Callum, I know I'm not your birth father.
But in my eyes and in my heart, you are my son.
I see myself in you.
I'm proud of you.
And I love you unconditionally.
[exhales deeply] Oh, this isn't easy.
[croaks and whimpers] Wait.
You can't read, can you? [snorts] [Harrow] As I write this, the sun is setting while Moonshadow assassins prepare to end my life.
A few months ago, I took my revenge on Xadia.
Tonight, it is their turn.
I may not have long.
So I'm forced to ask myself what can I pass on to my sons in the short time I have left? In this letter, I will share with you a lie, a wish, and a secret.
[Viren] Where is he? [stammering] Sorry, sorry.
[chuckles] I'm not used to hearing so much story all at once.
I just needed a quick trip to the little king's room.
[chuckles] May I continue? I am ready to hear more, Lord Viren.
Though I know how this story ends, it warms my heart to hear about my parents from someone who was there.
You must know as well as anyone that while this appears to be a story of epic battles and legendary creatures, it is ultimately a story of sacrifice and love.
[horse whinnies] [shouting] [roaring] [soldiers groaning] [roaring] [soldiers screaming] [gasps] [roars] [soldier] Fire! [roars] Aim for the cracks between the rocky plates! We can chain it down! [roaring] [sizzling] [roaring] [gasps] [Harrow] Take aim at the center.
Fire right where we cracked into it.
[roaring] [screaming] Now what? Push! Over the edge! [roaring] [roars] [Sarai screaming] [grunts] [roars] [horse neighing] [sighs] The legend was true.
The heart of the titan radiates with life and magic.
So, do you think you can Yes.
We can save them all.
[all cheering] Our people, they'll be fed.
Amaya, you did it! Sister? Amaya! Time is short.
There's barely an hour until sunrise.
We can't risk the wrath of the Dragon King.
We must take the heart and hurry back.
Yes, of course.
We'll move as fast we can.
[Viren sighs] The wounded must be left behind.
We can't afford to slow down.
"You don't need to whisper, Viren.
I'm deaf.
It'll be okay.
Once I rest a bit, I can make it back by myself.
" We won't leave you here alone.
I'll stay with Amaya.
We'll make it home together.
Everyone else should take the heart back.
They agree.
Time is of the essence.
- No.
- But Harrow, they just said We leave no one behind.
We do not leave our wounded.
You wouldn't do this if it if it wasn't your wife's sister.
I've made my decision and it is final.
[Harrow] When I am gone, your brother Ezran will become king, and you will be his partner, his defender, and his closest adviser.
Soon you will both face a lie.
The great lie of history.
Advisers and scholars will tell you that history is a narrative of strength.
They will recount stories of the rise and fall of nations and empires.
They will be stories of armies, battles, and decisive victories.
But this isn't true strength.
It's merely power.
I now believe true strength is found in vulnerability in forgiveness, in love.
[boys laughing] [Harrow] There is a beautiful upside-down truth, which is that these moments of purest strength appear as weakness to those who don't know better.
For a long time, I didn't know better.
I ask you and your brother to reject history as a narrative of strength, and instead have faith that it can be a narrative of love.
[Villads] So, Rayla [chuckles] That's an unusual name, isn't it? Oh! [laughs nervously] Yeah, uh, my human parents had an unusual taste in names Villads with a silent D.
Hmm, 'tis fair.
[chuckles] So, what do you do for a living? I'm an assassin.
[laughing] Oh! You're not joking.
Well, I'm supposed to be an assassin, but I've never actually, you know, killed anyone.
Well, maybe someday.
Never give up on your dreams.
Thanks for the encouragement.
But the truth is, I'm not sure being an assassin is my dream after all.
Oh! So, then what is your dream? Ugh, I wish I knew.
[Viren] With the heavy heart of the titan, and the additional burden of carrying the wounded, our pace back to the Breach was slower than I'd wished.
Dawn came.
As the sun rose on the horizon, I could feel its heat on my neck, like a hot doom I knew was coming for us.
But we pushed forward, hoping to escape the inevitable consequence of our trespass.
There's the entrance.
We've almost made it! - Faster! All our strength now! - [horses neighing] [Viren] Suddenly, the heat disappeared.
There was a chill as a shadow covered the sun.
But instead of relief, I felt a cold dread.
[thunder rumbling] [Harrow] Thunder.
[horse whinnies] [Viren] The storm had come.
[screeching] [laughing] [gags] I'm a crazy old man, but let me share some wisdom, will ya? [sighs] Why not? I love wisdom.
Bring it.
Life is like a river.
Ugh! Oh, great.
That's exactly what I was afraid of.
[laughing] You can't see too far ahead.
I can't see at all, as I might have mentioned before.
You mentioned! You don't know where the river of life will bend and turn.
You don't know where it will go at all.
How is that supposed to be helpful? Don't try to control where the river goes.
There's one thing you can know and control, yourself.
Look at yourself.
Who are you, Rayla? What do you stand for? Once you know that, then wherever the river takes you, you'll be right where you were always meant to be.
Villads, that's amazing.
When you started talking, I was sure you were going to spout some complete nonsense, but what you said, it's beautiful.
[Villads snoring] [Berto squawks] I'll tell him later.
[roaring] We'll never make it.
We have to hold off the dragon as long as possible so those carrying the heart can make it back.
Stop! This is our day to sacrifice.
You get the titan's heart to safety.
Save all our people.
Come on.
[roaring] [yelling] I can help! [roaring] [roars] Aspiro frigis! [roaring] For Aanya! [both screaming] They've bought us enough time.
We've made it! [horse neighing] - What is it? - Viren Without him to perform the spell, the heart is worthless, and this was all for nothing.
Sarai, what are you saying? I'll see you on the other side.
[Harrow] The last time I saw your mother, she said, "I will see you on the other side.
" I don't know what lies on the other side.
But I do know I will be watching over you and your brother always.
[Thunder roaring] [roaring] [grunts] - Thank you.
- [grunts] Don't thank me yet.
[roaring] Yah! Yah! [coughing] [gasps] Come on.
We have to run.
[gasping weakly] [Viren] I was there when Queen Sarai took her last breath.
[Sarai exhales heavily] [Sarai groans] [Viren] We returned home.
Xadia had stolen precious loved ones from us.
Their loss changed our lives forever but their sacrifice changed the world.
The heart of the titan yielded its incredible life force.
The spell worked.
It created fertility and abundance.
A hundred thousand lives were saved.
Families celebrated their life and health.
They were safe, alive, together.
The people of both of our kingdoms knew who they owed their lives to.
These incredible heroes.
Three queens, three mothers became legends.
It should have been me.
I'm so sorry.
[female guard] Your Highness.
He's waiting for you now.
[sighs] Okay.
[male guard] Are you ready? No, but you may open the doors.
[door opens] [sighs] Callum, I want to talk to you about life.
And growing up.
And how sometimes there are changes you don't expect.
[door closes] [Harrow] I've tried to be selfless as a king, but as a father, I have a selfish wish.
And that is for you and Ezran to be free.
Reject the chains of history.
Do not let the past define your future, as I did.
Free yourself from the past.
Learn from it, understand it, then let it go.
Create a brighter future from your own hearts and imagination.
[Viren] I'm sorry you were never able to know them.
Your mothers.
Thank you for sharing this story, Lord Viren.
I feel lucky to have heard so many beautiful stories.
This is how I've gotten to know them.
They were very brave, and very strong, and wise.
I know it is not my place to say, but I am sure they would have been very proud of you.
It may seem strange to miss someone I've never known, but I miss them so much.
Queen Aanya, knowing what you know now, can you see why I believe that if your mothers were here today, they would choose to join us and fight by our side? I think you are right.
Perhaps they would.
But I will not.
What? We owe Katolis a great debt, there is no doubt.
We received so much kindness and courage and sacrifice.
But I cannot repay a debt of a hundred thousand whose lives were saved by sending a million men and women to die in violence.
Did you not listen? Did you not King Ahling! Help me talk some sense into her.
Viren, we sympathize with the plight of Katolis, but I'm afraid we can no longer Coward! Traitors.
Each of you standing here today, you betray humanity! Lord Viren, I'm sorry.
Save your empty apology.
There is danger coming.
They'll be on your side of the border soon.
You'll all pay the price for ignoring my warnings.
[Harrow] And, finally, you must be wondering about the secret I promised to share.
Well, good news.
The secret is hidden in the Banther Lodge, right where you are right now.
How's that for planning? Huh.
Good thing we're at the Banther Lodge, huh, Bait? [croaks] [Harrow] Right now, go upstairs to the game room.
There, I have hidden an unusual cube with rune symbols on each side.
[exclaims] [Harrow] This cube is an ancient relic that has been passed down through the ages.
It belonged to an elven wizard in Xadia, the Archmage Aaravos, a master of all six primal sources.
It is hidden in a box of keys because it is known as the "Key of Aaravos," and legends say it unlocks something of great power in Xadia.
Perhaps it will be you, Callum, who discovers the key's secrets.
[croaks] [Harrow] And one last extra-super-secret bonus secret.
Did you know that Bait, our most sour friend, secretly loves belly rubs? [snorting] - Aww! Who's a tubby lumpa grump? - [purring] You probably thought I was just a crazy old sea captain, but I've got some good wisdom.
I'll admit it.
You do have some good wisdom.
You want to know the other secret to life? Waterproof socks! It's a metaphor.
Think about it.
You just showed me the socks.
That's not what a metaphor is.
[both yawning] [yelps] What's that for? You're my brother, and you mean everything to me.
Is this a trick? [chuckles] No.
I just love you.
- Well, I love you, too.
- [yips] So are we there yet? Are we close? [sniffs] We are close.
- I smell land! - [caws] Hey, what was that? A shadow? Eh, you're asking the wrong pirate.
[Rayla] There's something up there.