The Dragon Prince (2018) s03e03 Episode Script


1 Ba-bum.
Previously on The Dragon Prince My parents aren't really dead.
But I wish they were.
When the humans came and killed the Dragon King, the Dragon Guard, my parents, failed in their duty.
They ran away.
I'm so ashamed.
You are to return with the terrible news that the princes have perished.
What am I supposed to do if we find them alive? Oh you'll know the right thing to do.
King Ezran, a visitor has arrived.
Prince Kasef of Neolandia, eldest son of King Ahling.
My army stands outside your city gates, at the ready.
What? No.
Katolis will not go to war.
We don't have to strike back.
We can choose peace.
If you can't take action against Xadia, you have failed as a king.
I can't believe I'm almost home.
Somehow I'm happy and excited, but also terrified.
You're just nervous.
Once they see you and widdle baby Zym, I'm sure they'll help us.
There! Five in a row.
These fellas are so stackable.
When the other elves see me and Zym is one thing.
But my new human friend might not be so popular.
But you know who is going to be popular? Your charming new elf friend.
Oh, no.
Please, no.
Get ready to meet Elf Callum! You know, I'm one of those forest elves, with the with the antlers.
Oh, you're supposed to be an Earthblood elf? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
The illusion's not complete.
Oy, mate.
I'm an Earthblood elf.
All me best mates are trees.
"Mate" is Earthblood for "friend.
" High four? - Down low? - No, we're done.
Prince Kasef, thank you for coming.
Why have you summoned me? Have you had a change of heart? No, but there's something I want to tell you that might change your heart.
Try me.
Some bad things have happened, I know that.
My dad is gone.
Your dad is badly hurt.
But there is something you don't know about.
There is a hope.
This war started because Xadia thought we destroyed the egg of the Dragon Prince.
But we didn't.
The Dragon Prince is alive! And he's really cute, by the way.
And my brother is bringing him back to the Dragon Queen, with the help of an elf named Rayla.
When the Dragon Queen sees her baby, her heart will change.
There could be peace again.
We just have to believe in it.
So, what do you think? I think you're a little boy putting his hopes in fairy tales.
You don't need to throw me out.
We're finished here.
Prince Kasef.
May I have a word? The human prisoner communicates in some kind of hand language.
Sign language, actually.
And she probably uses Katolis sign language specifically.
You see, many of the regions use different Can you translate, or not? Oh, um, yes, of course.
I was top of my class in linguistics.
Although I don't suppose a hand language would technically be linguistics.
What would you call it? Finguistics? Welcome to Lux Aurea, human.
- We're here.
My home.
- Here? Uh, no, I mean, I like it.
It's modest.
It's hidden by an illusion.
To get in, I perform a special ritual that lets me see through the spell.
It's like having a magic key.
So how do I get in, then? You'll use my key.
Come on, it's easy.
Just do what I do.
This is it.
The Silvergrove.
- Wow.
- Isn't it amazing? I want to show you everything.
Oh, are you hungry? I can take you where they make the best Moonberry Surprise.
Ooh! Moonberry Surprise? What's in it? I can't just tell you what's in a Moonberry Surprise, Callum.
Oh, right.
I can show you where I grew up, where I went to school, and - Rayla, something's wrong.
- What is it? They have no faces.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
What's happening? What's wrong with them? It's not them, it's me.
I'm a ghost! Get up.
Get up.
You have visitors coming.
You're going to need to look presentable.
My children.
I'm so glad to see you safe.
What happened, Dad? Why are you down here? While I tried to unite the five kingdoms against Xadia, the Council was more concerned that I broke a few rules along the way.
But none of that matters.
The egg, did you get it? It's not an egg anymore.
It's hatched.
It hatched? That dragon will become the most powerful creature in the world, and you've let it fall back into Xadia's hands? But, Dad, Soren could've died.
That doesn't matter! Dad? I do not mean to be cruel.
But we must be ready to sacrifice.
Even the things we love.
I would have asked you to choose the egg over my life, if it came to it.
Do you understand? Everything I do, and everything I ask of you, is for the future of humanity.
Is that why you told Soren to kill the princes? Um, hello? Anyone? It's no use.
They can't see me, and they can't see you or Zym because you came in with me.
I don't get it.
They made me a ghost.
It's like being magically banished.
It's what happened to my parents when they abandoned the Dragon Guard.
And now it's happened to me.
But you didn't run away from anything.
They just don't know what happened.
Yeah, it has to be a mistake.
Come on.
There's one person who will understand.
I'm going to uncuff you now so you can speak.
Don't do anything stupid.
What were your human soldiers doing on the Xadian side of the border? What are the humans planning? I'm losing my patience.
Say something! Um oh, my.
Well? What did she say? If my interpretation is correct, and it is she suggested an unusual way in which your body might accommodate your sword.
I suppose you think that's funny.
That's a common sign for "yes.
" We'll see if you have the same attitude with our Queen.
Remember Runaan, the leader of the assassins? Uh, I think so.
Tall, pointy, aimed a bow at me? Mmm-hmm.
He seemed nice.
When my parents joined the Dragon Guard, I went to live with Runaan and his husband, Ethari.
They were my parents' best friends, and they took care of me for years.
- We're going to meet Ethari.
- Will he be able to see you? He wouldn't have done the spell.
He always had faith in me.
Ethari! It's me.
I'm so glad you're here.
There's been a mistake.
They made me a ghost.
But you have to tell them, I didn't run away.
Ethari? Your Radiance.
We captured this human general at our border.
But she refuses to cooperate with my interrogation.
Dispose of her.
No! Ethari, not you, too.
This isn't fair.
There has to be a way to get his attention.
Hey! Ethari, was it? You didn't even give Rayla a chance to explain herself.
Callum, it's no use.
Listen to me! Rayla doesn't deserve this.
I think it worked.
The reflection! He can see me.
I'm here.
Surprised to see my face? - Can he hear you? - No.
But he can see how I feel.
Before you left, I told Runaan that you were too goodhearted for the work of an assassin.
So I know you did not betray them out of malice.
But that doesn't matter.
They're gone.
He's gone.
Because you abandoned them.
Answer me, Dad.
Why did you tell Soren to kill the princes? Careful.
If you tell the truth, you will lose her.
You will need her soon.
Oh, is that what you thought, Soren? Claudia, did you really think I would ask him to do such a thing? Surely you know your brother is um, easily confused.
Wait, I know I'm not the smartest, but I know what you said.
Oh, really? What do you remember? You told me to return with the news that the princes died.
You said, "Accidents happen all the time.
" Soren, I was preparing you for the worst.
I knew tragedy might have already befallen them No! You said that I'd know to do the right thing.
I said "do the right thing," and somehow you heard "kill the princes.
" Oh this is disappointing, son.
Even for you.
Claudia, you believe me, right? Oh, Sor-bear.
I believe you thought you heard it, but you obviously made a mistake.
We're just really lucky you messed up the mission you thought you had, huh? Wow.
High Mage, I've brought someone who wishes to speak with you.
I understand now.
They didn't make it.
None of them.
Only me.
How do you know that? This.
When assassins are sent on a dangerous mission, Ethari enchants one of these flowers for each of them.
As long as the assassin lives and breathes, their flower floats.
My heart goes out with this one.
Don't worry.
I promise I will return your heart to you.
So when all the others sank, and yours didn't They thought I ran away.
Just like my parents.
But you didn't run.
They have it all wrong.
Does it matter? If she's not useful, get rid of her.
She's worthless.
She's not worthless.
This may be a human, but she fought bravely, and she treated me, her enemy, with warrior's honor.
Should we not do the same? Oh, my sweet little sister.
If you truly believe this one is so special, we'll let the Light decide her fate.
No, you have to look.
You have to look.
If you want to live, you have to look into the light! Hmm.
A human with a pure heart.
How original.
Just take her.
Thank you, sister.
Enjoy your pet.
Take my hand.
There you are.
You know, I was never as strong as the others.
This will only break the spell for a moment, but I couldn't bear to let you leave without seeing you one last time.
But I don't understand, Rayla.
How could you abandon them? I failed them.
It was my fault we were discovered, but I didn't run away.
Ethari, we found something.
Callum, show him.
Oh, uh I'm Rayla's Earthblood elf friend.
Trees to meet you.
- Trees to meet you, too.
- Don't humor him.
We found the Dragon Prince.
The egg wasn't destroyed.
And I knew that if we could get him home to his mother, there could be peace.
It's a miracle.
I can't believe it.
But, Rayla, you need to know.
The Dragon Queen is dying.
Since the death of her mate, she's fallen very ill.
We have to get to her.
It's the only way.
You can ride faster than you can walk.
I'll send a message to the Dragon Queen.
If she knows her little one still lives, perhaps she'll hold on.
Ethari, can I ever come home again? I don't know.
It's a real moon opal.
When I gave its match to Runaan, I told him, "My love will be with you even when the moon is not.
" Goodbye, Rayla.
Runaan, the last time I made you one of these, it carried a message of death.
But this arrow will carry a message of life.
Regina Draconis!