The End Of The F***ing World (2017) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

1 I promised myself I wouldn't be the first to say goodbye.
I can't say goodbye again.
In the end, it didn't matter.
It's good having spent that time with James.
It's good to know that it doesn't work.
I thought it wouldn't.
People say moments like this are like ripping off a plaster.
The problem is that underneath the plaster, there's still quite a lot of shit.
I made a mistake.
It's not me you should be apologizing to.
I'm not.
I could tell her about James.
I could ask her about the letter.
But sometimes it's easier if you just leave the plaster on.
Go easy on her.
She was embarrassed.
And it was a lot of money.
- I'm going to pay her back.
- Good.
Are there any shifts? - You can do tonight if you want.
- Thanks.
I should go and see Todd.
Do you want to change first? Yeah, probably.
Here? Are you sure? Thank you.
Go away.
My dad always told me that musicals lift the spirits.
You'll love this.
They're cats, but it's good.
Something to Maybe Alyssa was right.
Maybe I had been carrying him around like a mascot.
Yeah? You can't park here, James.
What are you doing? Which way is the, um the.
Where are you headed? I have no idea.
Todd lives with his sister.
Hey, Iggy.
Fuck off and die.
She's quite protective of him.
Still carrying that around? Yeah.
- Who is it? - My dad.
- How did he die? - Heart attack.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
That's good.
Nice and quick.
It wasn't that nice.
Well, at least he didn't top himself or something.
My mum did that.
Where are you gonna scatter him? I don't know.
What did he like? Eating shit food.
My mum.
Where did they meet? I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of that.
That's a good idea.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
Now fuck off.
It's quite hard to put things right when everyone hates you, and you can't find your husband.
Do you take sugar? Three.
Silent Lisa is Iggy's girlfriend.
I've literally never heard her speak.
She can.
She just doesn't.
Why'd you leave? I got scared.
You should have told him.
I know.
I'd tell her.
And she'd tell me.
How? With a fucking mime? Where is he? I have to talk to him.
He's doing something.
What? Come on.
I need to see him, please.
As I drove away, I started to feel calm for the first time in ages.
Sad but calm.
I had a new plan, a new purpose.
I had to move on.
It was fine.
There was probably a perfectly good reason why Bonnie was now driving a car.
And heading towards Alyssa.
How angry are you? Pretty angry.
All right.
I've only got one chair.
That's okay.
So, you're back then? Yeah.
What are you doing here? Can I show you something? What? It's a surprise.
He's probably gonna push me down a well or something.
In a way, fair enough.
This was all wrong.
Alyssa had never said where she lived.
Okay, you can open them.
I don't get it.
Front door.
Walking up the stairs.
Um Landing.
En suite.
Baby's room.
Not for a while.
And we can put a panic room in the basement.
I've looked into it.
It actually doesn't cost that much.
I've saved up, and I'm going to build this for us.
For you.
Do you like it? - Yeah.
- Do you want to come in? I can't.
Why not? Sometimes, doing the right thing feels like committing a crime.
Because I want a divorce.
Todd, wait! I wanna talk to you.
Please, stop.
I'm sorry, Todd.
I'm really sorry.
Why did you ask me to marry you? Why? I don't know.
You don't deserve to be with anyone because you don't treat people well enough.
I know.
Hello? - Is Alyssa around? - No.
Who are you? I'm a friend.
I was at the wedding.
I was at the back.
Um Why are you here? It was at this point I realised that Bonnie probably didn't have a sister.
She's on her way to work.
Who was that? I don't know.
Sometimes I get so tired that I can't feel my edges anymore.
It's like melting.
But not in a good way.
It wasn't ideal.
Only two hours after deciding to move on, I was, to all intents and purposes, stalking Alyssa again.
But I wasn't the only one.
And that was the problem.
- Are you okay? - What? Do you mind if I go early? It's pretty dead.
What are you doing here? You forgot something.
Oh, shit!