The Enemy Within (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Black Bear

1 14 people were assassinated this morning, including three CIA agents.
The victims killed this morning were part of a task force targeting Mikhail Tal's finances.
Mikhail Vassily Tal, one of the greatest threats to America today.
In 2015, using Erica Shepherd, Tal assassinated four operatives and he's planning an attack on American lives as we speak.
I wanna bring in Erica Shepherd.
She killed my fiancé.
Did you forget that? I didn't work with Tal.
I didn't spy for him.
I made ahoice to save my daughter.
That's the woman Nemec was putting in his car.
She's alive.
Anna Cruz is out there alone and in danger.
We find her and we bring her home.
You're safe now.
You're safe.
Does the FBI suspect anything? No, nothing.
Your plan worked perfectly, Mikhail.
I'm in.
Uh, we can do that Let me help you with that.
Oh, thank you.
- My pleasure.
Yeah, sure.
- Thank you.
Should be at my desk in an hour or so.
Call you then? Great.
Okay, love you.
Attention travelers, Metro Car's self-serving kiosks are available at - Did we miss it? - It's coming right now.
Your attention, please.
The Eastern Seaboard regional train and service to Richmond is now approaching the station.
Ashland station.
Next stop, Richmond.
Stand clear of the doors, please.
I need the laptop in your bag and the password to your IVS account.
Don't make this difficult.
Hey, I'm getting robbed here! Stop, police! What's going on? Hey! Oh! He tried to rob me! I locked him out! No! Don't let him in! Your laptop and password now.
All right, stone91.
- Daniel, Kate, we're up.
- What's going on? Two people were killed on a commuter train this morning outside Richmond.
The target was former CIA, a man by the name of Dean Merriman.
And you think Tal's behind this? Can't be sure, but it's another dead CIA operative, killed within 48 hours of Tal's last attacks.
I'm having Bragg reach out to our counterparts at Langley.
See if he can get some information on the victims.
Kate, where are you with Nemec's recovered cell? Almost done analyzing it.
Let me know the second you are.
Daniel, when you question Nemec today, see what he can tell you about today's shootings.
You're going to the holding cell? - Yes, I am.
- To get Shepherd? Shepherd's worked for the CIA for 16 years.
And she's been in prison for the last three.
Conspiracy against the United States, homicide Yeah, I know exactly what she's done.
Then why are you still working with her? Because Anna Cruz is still alive.
Viktor Nemec, one of Tal's top lieutenants, is in custody because of her.
That's why.
Just got off the phone with Langley.
Listen to this, Dean Merriman wasn't just former CIA.
He was one of Erica Shepherd's operatives.
You look like hell.
I didn't get much sleep.
I'm guessing it's not the new cell.
Why are you here? There was an attack early this morning.
The target was your former operative, Dean Merriman.
That mean anything to you? Only that it's Tal.
What did Anna Cruz tell you? Nothing yet.
She spent the night in a hospital.
She could be the key to finding Tal.
What are you waiting for? She's a 26-year-old junior analyst who was kidnapped and held at gunpoint for the last two days.
You really think it's smart to question her right now? Besides, she's CIA.
Her people need to be present in order for us to question her.
Who's coming? Deputy director by the name of Cabrera.
Why? You know him? You're asking the wrong questions, Agent Keaton.
There's something you're overlooking - in the Tal investigation.
- And what's that? Mikhail Tal's is potentially one of the deadliest enemies we've ever faced.
Thousands of his operatives have infested this country.
They are living and working and sleeping beside us.
He not only wants to take out as many American lives as possible, but he also wants to destroy the US intelligence apparatus.
All because when he was Russian intelligence, a U.
Air strike killed his brothers.
Revenge is a powerful motivator, wouldn't you say? Yeah, but you don't know how.
You have no clue what he's planning to carry out next.
What about his lieutenant, Viktor Nemec? Have you questioned him? Daniel's upstairs prepping now, which is why I'm here.
You're going to sit in on the interrogation.
You want me to help you? On the Tal investigation, yes.
Everything else, no.
Understood? Not at all.
I won't help you, I won't cooperate with you.
Not until I know that my daughter is safe.
You of all people know how ruthless Tal can be.
I want to catch him.
I want to make him pay for destroying my life, but I won't do it if it means putting my daughter's life in danger.
I want her to have FBI protection, otherwise you can send me back to prison.
I'll get her protection.
But I need you to help me catch Tal.
Keep my daughter safe I'll help you kill him.
So how are you feeling? Okay.
A little sore from the car crash.
- Sorry about that.
- Don't be.
You did it to save my life.
Listen, we appreciate you coming to speak with us.
I just wanna make sure that you're up for it.
- I am.
- Not just physically.
What you went through, I I know it wasn't easy for you.
And you're good to look out for me.
But I wanna help.
I'm ready.
Deputy Cabrera.
Will Keaton.
If you just follow me to my office, we can get started.
I need a word first, Agent Keaton.
- About what? - Erica Shepherd.
Some questions about her escape.
Yes, yes, that was a security breach during transport, but she was recovered almost immediately.
What was she doing in D.
in the first place? You know, I think this is a conversation that you might have to have with someone else at the Bureau.
You're working with her, aren't you? I am, yes.
Four of my colleagues are dead because of her including your fiancé.
I know who Shepherd is, I know exactly what she did and I am working with her because of it.
I'm going to catch Tal, Deputy Cabrera, but I'm going to do it the way I see fit.
Where is she? - Let's go, Anna.
- What are you talking about? The CIA is not cooperating with a traitor.
Cruz is a witness in an ongoing counterintelligence investigation.
So subpoena her.
Let's go, Anna.
My friends were murdered.
They were good people with families and children, and now they're dead because of Mikhail Tal.
I want to help them.
I want justice.
Please let me stay.
You have no idea what she's capable of.
I can't stop you from working with her, Agent Keaton, but I trusted that woman.
I put my life in her hands and I'm telling you this you can't believe a word Eric Shepherd says.
Viktor Nemec's cell.
I ran multiple scans of the phone.
Call log searches, internet use, location tracking.
I knew Nemec was using this cell to communicate with Tal, but I couldn't figure out how.
Then it clicked.
He was using a mesh network.
Traditional data networks rely on a small number of centralized access points.
Cell phone towers, for example.
Right, which is why they are easy to monitor, but mesh networks are made up of dozens, if not hundreds, of tiny wireless nodes.
Think of it as some sort of underground AT&T.
Only completely decentralized.
Which means we can't search it.
Not exactly.
I know that Nemec was communicating with Tal on this network, but there's no way to find out what was being said.
There's more information you can get from mesh networks.
- Like what? - How many users are on the network, their location, how often they're communicating.
The CIA doesn't just monitor democratic uprising.
Sometimes we facilitate them.
How many users are on this network? - Seven.
- When did they stop communicating? They haven't.
Three of Tal's operatives are using the network right now.
And just this morning, chatter on the network has spiked more than 200%.
Tal's not done.
He's just getting started.
Viktor Nemec? I'm FBI Special Agent Daniel Zain.
We know you're operating on behalf of Mikhail Tal.
We know that you kidnapped Anna Cruz.
It's not what I'm here to talk to you about.
You see, just over an hour ago, two people were killed by Tal's operatives.
Innocent lives have been taken, Viktor.
Even more are at risk.
Basically, some pretty serious charges.
- This won't work.
- I want to help you, Viktor.
Daniel's our best interrogator at the Bureau.
Tal's operatives never talk.
Not to you, they don't.
He's planning something else, isn't he? Okay.
Viktor? Viktor.
I have a rule when it comes to interrogations.
I never lie to my subjects.
It's true.
See, if I lie to you and you find out, you'll never believe another word I say.
So, the truth.
There's no way out of this for you; there's no reprieve.
You're going to spend the rest of your life in a maximum security federal detention center unless you help us stop Tal and the assassins on that train.
It's early, but, uh, I think I can get him to turn.
What do you need to make it happen? Time.
Well, give him what you can.
Right now, he's our best chance at catching Tal.
In the meantime, why don't you head over to Richmond.
Question the witnesses regarding the Merriman attack.
Early reports said there are two shooters, a conductor and a passenger on board.
See if you can see if anybody else was with them.
Yeah, you got it.
Hold, please.
I checked for cameras on the train.
- And? - There weren't any, but there are cameras in the station where the trip originated.
So I have field agents pulling the footage now and then, hopefully, I can crosscheck that and we can ID the gunmen.
You are wasting time.
Finding Merriman's killer won't get you closer to Tal.
So you're saying that we should just not go after them? Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying.
And what about the people who were murdered this morning? It's not your job to care about the victims, it's your job to catch Tal.
So if you wanna do that, you need to focus on what's important.
And what would that be? The reason why Merriman was killed.
You need to stop thinking of Tal as a terrorist and start thinking of him as an operative.
His actions aren't random and neither was Merriman's death.
So if you can find out what he had that got him killed, then you might have a chance at stopping Tal.
Kate, see if you can track down the gunmen.
Thank you.
So Merriman had been retired from the CIA for three years.
Why did Tal kill him? I don't know, but I know where to start looking.
Where? Most covert operatives have a place where they hide - passports and cash, intel - A stash house, yes.
I know what that is.
Where's Merriman's? In a storage unit in Baltimore.
And how do you know that? I was his boss.
It was my job to know.
Give me the address.
I need to be there when you search it.
No, not a chance.
I'll find it myself.
You just tell me what to look for.
Well, I don't know what to look for.
Not until I see it.
That's why I need to be there.
I'm one woman in a pair of handcuffs.
What are you scared of? You sure about this? Last time we let her out of the building, she escaped.
I have an agent monitoring the GPS transponder implanted into her chest.
But if she tries to escape again, shoot her.
You, uh, you say you saw the conductor talking with a man before departure? - That's right.
- Did that man board the train? No, I'm sure of it.
Where did you see them together? Near the last car on the train.
I thought it was odd because there were people who needed help boarding and the conductor just stood there talking.
Okay, thank you.
This is it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Merriman's unit is this way.
Excuse me, you work here? I'm the building manager.
I'm FBI Special Agent Will Keaton.
I need to get inside the storage unit.
Can you help me with that? Yeah.
Damn, what is all this? A lifetime of intelligence work.
How many lives did this guy live? Bragg, why don't you start on that side of the room? I'll dig in over here.
All right.
I need to ask you something.
The cuffs stay on.
It's not that.
I need to see her.
- I'll think about it.
- It's been three years.
I'll think about it.
Hi Daniel, what's up? A witness saw a conductor talking to a man before departure at Richmond station.
I think he might've been one of Tal's operatives.
I'll check surveillance footage now.
Hey Keaton, check this out.
Merriman was retired from the CIA but not intelligence.
He was working for some private intel company called IVS Analytics.
Merriman was investigating Tal, Tal found out about it and had him killed.
That must mean Merriman was close.
Keep looking.
Hey Daniel, it's Kate.
Wh where are you? I'm driving back to the office now, why? You were right.
The conductor was talking to a third person just before the train departed.
I'm gonna pull a screenshot now and send it to you and Keaton.
Kate ID'd the third Tal operative in the Merriman hit.
She's sending the pic over now.
Shots fired on the second floor.
I need backup now.
- Keaton, you hit? - No, I'm good.
All right, I'm going after him.
Hey, hey.
Stay here.
This way! On the escape! I see him! Freeze! Drop your weapon! FBI, don't move! Subject down.
Thanks for coming anyway.
It's for your job.
I'm happy to do it.
Besides, I know you'll make it up to me.
- Oh yeah? With what? - I'll think of something.
- What time is your flight? - 9:00.
Oh, God, I better get going.
This is a big day for you.
Yeah, one of my assets might have a source inside the Rouhani regime, and I need to be there to see what's real.
Plus it took me a month to talk Shepherd into approving this op.
Shepherd's overseeing this one? Yeah, she oversees everything.
And where you going again? You know I can't tell you.
By the way, those shoes aren't gonna put themselves up today.
You know what? I'm going to put them away Tomorrow.
Yes, you say that every single day.
And every day I mean it.
Besides, it'll give you something to remember me by.
Oh? All right, well, it's not exactly what I had in mind, but I'll take it.
I'll see you in three days.
I love you.
I love you too.
Reduced sentences, visitation benefits, immunity from certain charges.
We want to help you, Viktor, but you've got to give us something in return.
Yeah, why? Is there someone you want to see? Who do you wanna see, Viktor? Just tell me.
I can help you get back to them.
Two people were shot in cold blood yesterday morning.
We believe that these men are responsible for it, Anna.
I need to find them and I need to find them before they do this again.
This man look familiar to you? No.
What about him? You recognize him? I don't think - No.
- No? What about him? No.
I'm sorry.
I wish I could help.
No, no.
You you are helping, it's, uh Hey, Daniel.
Where are you with Nemec? - Closer.
- He give you anything? Not yet but he will, trust me.
This is Keaton.
I'll be right down.
Miss, step in the metal detector.
Walk through this way.
- Hannah? - Hi.
I'm Will Keaton.
Pleasure to meet you.
So you're going to have 15 minutes with her.
That's it and no physical contact of any kind is allowed.
- Understand? - Yeah.
If at any time you feel unsafe, all you have to do is just ask to leave.
I'll be right in there immediately and get you out.
Does that mean you'll be listening? I have to.
- Okay? - Yeah.
All right, this way, please.
Hi, Mom.
Do you want to sit? - Am I allowed to? - Yes, of course.
You're so big.
You're so beautiful.
That that's what I meant.
You're so beautiful.
You're so different.
Well I miss you.
I miss you every day.
Well, what's it like in prison? Do you remember that time we went camping at the Virginia Lakes? Yeah.
It was so hot during the day, and then at night we would freeze our tails off.
We had to sleep in the car to stay warm.
Yeah, that's right.
I forgot about that.
That's what it was like.
Sometimes, Hannah, it was so cold that they would slip you an extra pair of socks.
You know, for your feet or your hands, but all I wanted in the world was a hat.
It's amazing how much you miss the little things.
Why were you at my school two days ago? - To see you.
- The news said you escaped.
Did you get in trouble? Yes.
I got my wrists slapped a little bit, yes.
Are you back home? Uh, no.
Not exactly.
I meant in Washington.
- For good? - For now.
Dad said he thinks you're cooperating with the FBI.
What's high school like? I can't believe I have a sophomore.
It's okay, better than being a freshman.
I bet.
And I get my license soon.
Your driver's license? - Mm-hmm.
- Hannah I don't know how I feel about that.
Uh, Dad lets me drive all the time.
What? Well, I have my permit, Mom.
I'm 15.
I know how old you are.
So are you cooperating or or whatever it's called.
I don't want to talk about that.
But why not? Because I want to listen to you.
I want to hear everything about you.
I was told that you and your dad moved, so You like your new house? Hannah, please talk to me.
We don't have a lot of time.
Why did you do it? I need to know, Mom.
Mom, tell me.
I can't.
We didn't want to move.
We had to.
Well, that must've been very hard.
I'm very sorry for you.
But you won't tell me why.
I want to leave.
- I want to leave now.
- No, Hannah.
Hannah! Hannah, wait! Hey, Will.
You were looking for me? Yeah, yeah.
I think we got something.
So we've been going over the Merriman files and I think we identified the codename he's been using for his Tal investigation.
- Black Bear.
- That mean anything to you? Merriman had a habit of assigning codenames but he didn't give these names to investigations; he gave them to sources, targets, and assets.
Black Bear isn't a case file, it's a person with the initials B.
Well, whoever it is could have Merriman's intelligence.
Which means we have to find them before Tal does.
Kate, give me the employee directory to IVS Analytics.
I think it's someone that Merriman worked with.
I ran a search.
There's only one employee at IVS with the initials B.
Her name is Beverly Brooks.
- Beverly Brooks? - Yes.
I'm Agent Daniel Zain with the FBI's Counterintelligence Division.
Agents and I on our way to speak with you regarding Dean Merriman.
I need you to stay where you are.
Can I help you? Yeah.
Any idea where? Copy.
Hey, I just got a report of shots fired.
Everybody down! FBI, go! - Hey, where did they go? - They're in the basement! Let's go! Move, move! Go.
FBI, freeze! - Beverly Brooks? - Uh-huh.
I'm Agent Will Keaton with the FBI.
I need to get you out of here.
- I'm not leaving.
- What? I can't.
Dean told me to do this.
- We got to go.
- You don't understand! I'm trying to download Dean's files.
Files? What files? This is what you want.
It's his case file on Tal.
Go, we got to go.
Go! Come on, come on! I can't tell you anything about Tal.
I have Dean didn't share his work with me.
He didn't share it with anyone.
So did he have any backups of his work? Any hard copies? Anything? No.
Dean was so protective that he stored it all on the secure server at IVS.
Every piece of evidence, every document, every lead.
It was all there.
There was one thing.
Dean asked me to research something for him a few weeks ago.
He didn't say it was connected to Tal but I know it was.
It was a name, Sierra Maestra.
- What is that? - A mountain range in Cuba.
Dean had me find everything I could about it.
Topography, surrounding towns, local infrastructure.
I think whatever Dean was killed over had something to do with Cuba.
You sure? No, I don't know of a connection between Tal and Sierra Maestra or Cuba at all, for that matter.
Well, if that's true then we've got nothing from Merriman.
What about Nemec? Daniel's close.
I think we're gonna get him to turn.
Well, I didn't say it before, but thank you for Hannah.
Sorry it didn't turn out the way you hoped.
I got to be in the same room with her.
Three years ago, that was a dream.
You were wrong.
When you said it's not our job to care about the victims, their families it actually is our job to care, to find justice for them.
You and the CIA, I mean you guys may have different priorities, but this isn't the CIA.
And I'm definitely not you.
Two nights ago, you looked me in the eye and you said you didn't spy for Tal.
You said you gave up the names of those four CIA operatives because you made a choice to protect your daughter.
Why should I ever trust anything you have to say? You shouldn't.
You shouldn't trust me, Agent Keaton.
You shouldn't trust anyone.
Not when it comes to Mikhail Tal.
What are you doing here? No one's watching.
I made sure.
Have you been in contact with Tal? Yes.
So what's his plan? To do nothing for now.
Nothing? Am I just supposed to rot in here?! Quiet.
Did you say anything to the interrogator? No.
Are you sure? I didn't say a word.
Have faith, Viktor.
Everything will work out as it should.