The Enemy Within (2019) s01e04 Episode Script


[BRAKES SQUEAKING] Good evening.
Am I saying that right? Yeah.
You're a long way from home.
Reason for visiting the United States? I'm here on vacation.
May I ask why you're traveling so late? I wanted to avoid traffic.
It's very quiet.
It's good.
Sirakov, I need you to step out of the vehicle.
Please turn off the ignition and leave the keys in the car.
I didn't do anything wrong.
Come with me.
[BEEPING] Follow me.
Arms up.
[BOTH GRUNTING] [BLOWS LANDING] [GRUNTING] [GROANS] [CLATTERING] [ALARM BLARING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] In a world on fire Smoke is high, sun is low Where did it go Nobody knows Oh In a world on fire [CLACKING] Erica J.
Shepherd, to betray one's country is a particularly heinous act.
To do so at the cost of human life is unthinkable.
Brian Lanich, Steven Haibach, Desiree Villareal, Laine Heffron.
I fear no punishment, no matter how severe, can ever assuage the pain and sorrow endured by the families and the loved ones of the dead.
A country mourns their loss.
It is the judgment of this court that the defendant, Erica J.
Shepherd, shall be and is hereby remanded to the ADX Florence Federal Penitentiary where you will serve 15 consecutive sentences of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.
May God have mercy on your soul.
[CLANGS] If you close your eyes And you pick a side Will you follow Blindly Into the darkness If you close your eyes And you pick a side Do you follow blindly into the darkness If you close your eyes - [BUZZING] - And you pick a side Do you find yourself brokenhearted In a world on fire [KEYS RATTLING] Her name is Aylin Demir.
She's responsible for the bombing at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey four years ago.
I remember reading about her.
She died in prison, didn't she? Yes.
29 American airmen died in that attack.
Turned out to be an inside job.
Demir was an American working as a civilian contractor.
She stole a classified vulnerability report that was used by rebels to plan the attack.
She took full responsibility for the act.
Never named her co-conspirator.
No, but over the course of that first year, I was able to cultivate her as an asset.
You got her to trust you? Well, we had something in common.
- What? - We both betrayed our country.
Over time she gave up the name of a co-conspirator in the base bombing Serhan Aksoy.
He's a Turkish resistance fighter affiliated with the anti-American HKP.
Shepherd told me about him when she was released from ADMAX.
So as a precaution I placed Aksoy on our watch list.
Hours ago, we got a hit.
Aksoy entered the United States using a fake Bulgarian passport, but not before attacking three customs officers during a routine search.
Aksoy is a merciless, deliberate assassin.
He is not only experienced in exotic poisons and bomb building, but his hands are soaked in the blood of innocent Americans.
He's here, he's on our soil, and he's planning an attack.
We need to find him and stop him.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] [CAR HORNS HONKING] Deputy Director Molinero.
What can I do for you? I understand your team is hunting a foreign operative, Serhan Aksoy.
Word travels fast.
- I'm concerned, Agent Keaton.
- About what? Erica Shepherd's been cooperating with you on the Tal investigation for two weeks.
In that time, you've authorized the use of a civilian in a dangerous FBI operation.
And one of Tal's top lieutenants hung himself after being questioned by your team.
Sorry, is there a point here somewhere? Is Erica Shepherd influencing your decisions? Erica Shepherd is a convicted felon and a traitor.
Is she influencing your decisions? No.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] I don't think you should be running the Tal investigation.
What? No one at the Bureau has been living with this as long as I have.
Which is exactly why you are the wrong person for it.
You're not objective.
You're not unbiased.
You are a victim.
My fiancée is a victim murdered by Mikhail Tal.
Well, good luck catching Aksoy.
I'll be watching.
- Hey, Bragg.
What's up? What are you doing here? - Keaton didn't tell you? - Tell me what? I'm on the team now.
[LAUGHS] That's very funny.
It's no joke, honey.
We're teammates now.
Keaton pushed the paperwork through, and the Deputy Director signed off.
Looks like all your wildest dreams finally came true.
Is that my chair? Bragg, Pettigrew, conference room, now.
Been ten hours since Aksoy crossed the U.
Where are we on the search? I checked with local and New York State Police.
They turned up nothing.
I think he fled the area.
Kate? I issued a nationwide bulletin of Aksoy, and I'm scanning police reports within a 500 mile radius of the border, so with any luck, he gets flagged trying to steal a car or break into a residence.
All right, so what you're telling me is we have nothing.
I know it's not what you wanted to hear, boss, but finding some guy with no friends, no family, it's like finding a needle in a stack of needles.
Aksoy might not have had any connections to the U.
But Demir was an American.
Who was she close to? In prison she mentioned a sister, Sila.
She might be a vulnerability.
You think this sister might have shared the same - anti-American sentiment? - It's possible.
Maybe Aksoy was planning to meet with her.
Get some cash, a place to stay.
She could be a shelter in the storm.
So let's bring her in, see what she knows.
I say we put her under surveillance.
If she's helping Aksoy, he might come to her or she could lead us right to him.
Let's get a team on Demir's sister right away.
And I wanna know everything there is to know about this Sila Demir.
Her social media profile, vehicle registration, financial records, travel history, everything.
All right, clock's ticking, people.
Let's move.
I need to speak with you.
What's up? Laine's father reached out to me.
- What does he want? - He left a message.
I haven't called him back yet.
Do you think he knows I've been working with Shepherd? What makes you say that? Because he's calling Will, too.
I saw his phone in the briefing room.
I can't not talk to him, Daniel.
Lane was like a sister to me.
Call him.
And what if he asks about Shepherd? Tell him the truth.
Will chose to work with Shepherd, not you.
It's not your secret to keep.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Agent Keaton.
Anna, how are you? - Settling in okay? - Yes, thank you.
I know I pressured you a little into bringing me on to the investigation, but I really appreciate it.
Well, I needed the best people I can find hunting Tal, and you're one of them.
So, how are things going? Any leads? Uh, I went through the financial records you asked me to take a look at.
It's gonna take some time, but there's some promising - material there.
- All right, good.
Well, keep me posted.
We're going to find Tal.
- I know it.
- Me too.
Oh, Will.
Your tie.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
What's Anna Cruz doing here? She's on loan from the CIA.
Keaton brought her over to help with the investigation into Tal's finances.
She's been through a lot.
This is Keaton's way of helping her out.
I wonder if she's helping him, too.
Could you please escort her back to holding? Hey, where you headed? Over to State to get Sila Demir's travel records.
You talk to anyone at the DMV yet? Called twice already.
I'm still waiting to hear back from my contact.
All right, let me know when you do.
- Uh, hey, Bragg.
- Yeah.
Working with Shepherd, is this gonna be a regular thing? Starting to look that way.
I mean, I know Daniel and Kate aren't happy about it.
- And you are? - No.
But I'll put up with almost anything if it means catching Aksoy.
I mean, I agreed to work with you and everything, right? [CELL PHONE RINGS] This is Agent Pettigrew.
It's about time.
What's up, Pettigrew? Sila Demir owns a gold 1990 Toyota Corolla - License plate A5N4QPE.
- So So ten minutes ago, the surveillance team saw Demir board the LocalLink bus line.
- No car.
- No car.
I checked with the agents covering her apartment, too.
It's not there, either.
I'm thinking she gave it to Aksoy.
Get everybody on this.
I want that car found now.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Hey, you can't park there, dude.
Uh, I didn't know, man.
They normally give you a placard when you drive into the facility.
Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's in here somewhere.
Gotta call this into dispatch.
Not a problem.
- Hi, Agent Keaton.
- You wanted to see me? I was hoping I could see my mom.
Hannah, you can't just show up here like that and expect to see her.
Why not? Because there are rules.
What are they? For starters, I need advance notice.
It's just, my mom left a message for me and I figured you were the one who let her use a phone.
Were you? Yes.
You're working with her, aren't you? - Hannah, listen, I don't think - I won't tell anyone.
I promise.
I just want to see her.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] It's so good to see you again.
I didn't know if I would.
Did you get my voicemail? - Mm-hmm.
- You did? Sort of listened to it a lot.
- You did? - Like, ten times.
Did you mean all those things you said? Every single word.
Thank you for coming, Hannah.
Oh, God, Hannah - I have so many questions.
- What do you wanna know? Everything.
I wanna know everything that happened while I was gone.
I don't think we have that much time.
Well, maybe we'll find it.
I might be here for a while.
- Yeah? - Yeah, I hope so.
You said that school's going well.
- Mm-hmm.
- You getting good grades? Yeah, four A's and two B's last semester.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] - No, I'm taking French now.
- What about volleyball? You playing club now? No.
Why not? You love it.
- What happened? - I just got [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Tired of it.
I quit.
No, you didn't.
Something happened.
What? Tell me, Hannah.
Some of the kids on the other teams found out about you.
Dad thought it would be a good idea to stop for a while.
- How is your dad? - Okay.
He was sad after you left, but he's been better lately.
- Does he know that you're here? - No.
Maybe that's for the best, right? He's a good father.
He always has been.
I know.
I know you have a lot of questions.
I know you want answers.
I'm really sorry, Hannah.
It's okay.
I want my mom more.
I got it.
[PHONES RINGING] Sila Demir's vehicle was caught by a license plate reader entering Fort McHenry tunnel.
Is there a image of the driver? Uh, I don't have one yet, but I'm scanning CCTV cameras and toll booth footage now.
Where's he headed? That tunnel is the main entry to the Port of Maryland.
That has to be Aksoy.
[CELL PHONE VIBRATING] Do you need to get that? No.
I'm headed to that port now.
Tell Bragg and Pettigrew to meet me in the lobby.
I'll grab Daniel.
Aksoy's vehicle was located inside this port facility.
Keep your eyes open and stay alert.
He's here.
[BEEPING] [BEEPING] I got him! [HEAVY BREATHING] - [GUNFIRE] - [GRUNTS] [GUNFIRE] - You all right? - I'm good.
He's headed north.
He's coming to you guys.
[GRUNTS] [TRUCK ENGINE RUMBLING] Don't let him exit! Don't let him exit! [TRUCK HORN HONKING] - [TRUCK HORN HONKING] - [GRUNTS] [TRUCK HORN HONKING] Yeah, absolutely.
- Bragg.
That evidence response team find anything yet? No, not yet, but we're still combing through all these boxes in the cargo container.
- Any sign he targeted others? - No.
The port's tracking system shows that Aksoy's device was only used to track this one carton container.
And what about point of origin? You track anything down yet? Yeah, some company based out of Shanghai.
They manufacture patient monitoring equipment like CT, Ultrasound, MRIs, and some X-Ray gear.
That equipment is way too large to move on its own.
Maybe it's what's inside that he's after.
Yeah, it could be.
Looks like Aksoy tampered with one of the MRI machines.
We're not sure to what extent.
Also, checking inventory, there's another component piece missing, which is an MRI knee coil.
That significant to anyone? All right, Bragg, we'll look into things on our end.
Let us know if you find anything else.
All right, copy.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Kate, pull the technical specs on the devices inside that container.
See if any contain radioactive material.
The amount of radioactive material we could be talking about, is that enough to be a substantial threat? Dispersed correctly in a crowded metro station or an office building, absolutely.
You could have dozens if not hundreds of victims.
- Kate? - You got it.
I see you're still here.
My counterparts at Interpol are still on their first cup of coffee.
I would tell you to go home, but I know you won't listen anyway.
You work harder than anyone I know.
Just trying to keep up.
Maybe we both need some balance.
Maybe it's just how people like us are wired.
I've been thinking of a way of exposing Tal's network of operatives.
Excuse me.
- The FBI's PCI files on Tal.
- What about them? Give me access to them.
Those files contain the names and personal information on thousands of paid confidential informants.
You're not gonna get access to that.
Well, I could vet the names.
I could look for links between the FBI informants and CIA-suspected Tal operatives.
- It could move us forward.
- No.
- Why not? - Because I said so.
Those files are off limits.
You're not getting access.
No stone left unturned.
That's how we find Tal.
- That's how we find who works - Shepherd.
The answer is no.
Glad I caught you.
Listen, I'm sorry I've been so tough to reach.
Hey, hey, you're busy.
Don't apologize.
So, what brings you down here? Guess I thought you might be able to give me some answers.
I can try.
I was out the country on business for a few weeks.
I came back to find people talking about Erica Shepherd.
About how she was arrested here in D.
Do you know anything about it? I can tell you that that's true.
What was she doing in D.
? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] I brought her here to work on the investigation.
You're working with her? Will, how could you do this? I did it for Laine.
To catch the man that killed Laine.
- That's why I did it.
- Stop.
Stop rationalizing.
I treated you like family.
I trusted you.
I just think Shepherd can help.
She's responsible for my daughter's murder.
What am I supposed to tell Laine's mother? Tell her I know what I'm doing.
- I can't help but wonder.
- What's that? This.
Something happened.
I'm hurting people I care deeply about.
I know what that feels like.
You think you know me? No, but I may understand you.
I'm not impervious to anguish or grief, Agent Keaton.
- I feel them, too.
- You took everything.
It wasn't just from me.
I know what I did.
I think you may need to ask yourself what you're willing to endure to catch Tal.
We've got a private area for you to use - until your plane departs.
- Good, thank you.
[ENGINE REVVING] You have your badge? Yeah.
Here you go.
Where you headed? I'm just, uh, grabbing tools from the hangar.
I've got an A380 with a baggage door issue.
Ah, you know, if the plane's not on time, who do you think they're gonna blame? You know what they say rolls downhill, don't you? Be safe.
[CAR ENGINES REVVING] [BEEPING] [WHIRRING] Attention all passengers.
Flight 881 to Las Vegas 1740 to Phoenix has been cancelled and 4236 to Atlanta has also been canceled.
They've lost all air traffic control capabilities.
Have they established a cause? It's unknown at this point.
There's been no report of an explosion or a fire.
Cyber attack? I considered that, but the engineers aren't showing a breach of their network.
The MRI knee coil that Aksoy took from the cargo container, inside the component are gradient coils that produce a, uh, uniform magnetic field.
It's a critical part of the imaging process.
Airplane radar can be affected by magnetic fields.
I think Aksoy took out the entire air traffic control system at the airport.
- It's canceled, oh! Ridiculous.
Don't you see I'm trying to talk to her? When will the flights be rescheduled? - Like, what are the options? - No, see [DRAMATIC MUSIC] An airport employee was found shot to death.
The victim's name is Greg Johnson.
They were unable to find his airport ID.
Security is checking to see if it's been used to access the airport.
All right, have security teams scan the CCTV footage for Aksoy.
Also find out if air traffic control figured out the cause - of the shutdown yet.
- All right, will do.
Kate, need you to pull the blueprints of the airport.
Terminals as well as the maps to restricted areas.
I'm on it.
Need you to be my eyes and ears here, Kate.
Navigating this airport and hunting down Aksoy - is gonna be a challenge.
- Okay.
I got an idea.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] This place moves 60,000 passengers a day.
- The longer it's shut down - The worse it gets.
It's chaos.
Find out which VIP passengers travel through the airport today.
Focus on the ones with security detail.
Have Kate contact DHS if necessary.
You got it.
Four congressmen, three senators, a brigadier general, and the CEO of Gryfyn Systems.
I'm sending you photos now.
What's their status? The congressman and the general are aboard grounded planes on the tarmac.
Shepherd? She brought in the case, Daniel.
She worked the asset.
It is my call to bring her up.
Send me everything you have on the VIPs, Kate.
I'm pulling everything now.
At this hour, BWI remains shut down.
All inbound flights have been diverted, - Sir? - Yes.
Your staff is arranging for you to depart from a different airport.
They're having the car brought back around now.
Okay, thanks.
When asked for comment, the FAA and other airport officials say that Dad, this is so strange.
No one seems to know what happened.
- Maybe we shouldn't go.
- Oh.
Sweetheart, there's nothing to worry about.
We're protected.
Keaton said Aksoy took out the airport's radar system.
Police haven't swept it yet.
[BEEPING] [WHIRRING] Hey, Jacquie, come check this out.
I got something.
- Pettigrew, what do you got? Aksoy built a portable EMP.
He planted it near the airport radar.
The electromagnetic pulse will put everything offline.
Will, think I got something.
Kate just sent this.
Senator Martin Covington.
He has deep ties to defense contractors in his state.
He was helping secure millions in government contracts.
He's also an outspoken proponent of increased drone flights from Incirlik Air Base - in Turkey.
- He's our target.
Think so.
Kate, help us locate Martin Covington, senator.
- Sir? - Yes? Your car's just arrived.
When you're ready, we can head down.
Okay, honey.
Keaton, where are you? Headed to the lounge.
- The senator's being moved.
- Where? They're using an exit below the terminal.
Aksoy shut down the airport in order to target Covington so it stands to reason he knows how they'll move the senator.
Tell me where to go.
I'm using AI to stitch together CCTV images of the terminal.
[BEEPING] [RUMBLING] [BEEPING] Keaton, where are you now? We're in the main corridor just south of the lounge.
Have everybody on standby ready to evacuate.
There's a restricted usage door straight ahead.
Take that.
[BEEPING] Now what? Keep going.
There's a door at the bottom of the stairs that leads to a corridor.
Beyond that is a tunnel.
[RUMBLING] Aksoy! [GRUNTING] [BLOWS LANDING] [GRUNTS] Daniel, check the senator! I'll get him out of here! Go! [COUGHING] [CLANGING] [BOTH GRUNTING] [BLOWS LANDING] [BLOWS LANDING] [BOTH GRUNTING] - [GRUNTS] - [THUDS] [BREATHING HEAVILY] "This is sponsored by Microsoft" [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Took Aksoy into custody about an hour ago.
We're hoping that he gives us some intel on overseas plots against the U.
and its allies.
Nice work flagging him for us.
It's good to be working again.
Your daughter.
She's been visiting you without her father's knowledge.
- Is that a problem? - You tell me.
Chris left me the day that I was arrested.
I used to blame him for it.
I don't now.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] He made a lot of sacrifices for my career, and I betrayed him.
He's not the kind of person who'd get over something like that.
Why not just tell him the truth? Well You have to understand that the agents that I lost were like family to us.
Not a single one of them had ever missed one of Hannah's birthdays.
So if I told Chris, then I fear that he would go public to try to save me.
And that would mean that Hannah would have to live the rest of her life knowing that she was alive because they weren't.
If Chris finds out I'm meeting her, he'll put an end to it.
I spent the last three years barely surviving without her.
So I'm not sure I could go through that again.
And you're willing to lie to ensure that? I'd do anything.
If he asks me I will tell him the truth.
I know you will.
[BEEPING] Excuse me.
- Can I help you? - I hope so.
I'm sort of desperate.
Our network isn't working.
- I think.
- I can send a tech.
But you're gonna have to file an official request for support.
I work with the Colntel Division.
But I won't be for long if I can't access the information I need before the briefing this afternoon.
[SIGHS] I got some maintenance to perform here.
I'm sure it won't take long.
Please? I will head up there now.
Thank you so much.
I'm meeting a DOJ contact in the lobby, but I'll be right up.
No problem.
[BEEPING] [BEEPING] [BEEPING] [BEEPING] You left a note on my desk.
What is this about? Your secret is showing.
You have feelings for Agent Keaton.
I admire him.
I'm grateful he saved my life.
But what would you know about putting someone else's well-being before your own? I mean, you left your daughter without a mother.
Hannah, right? Keaton's vulnerable since he lost Laine.
He thinks you're gonna help him find Tal? You're not.
You left a stain on the agency.
You damaged the institution.
You damaged Keaton.
You didn't just take away Laine.
You took his ability to trust.
And you're gonna give that back to him? I just want to help.
I have no doubt that you do.
Yeah, they've asked me to participate in a panel discussion at the conference.
It's on the NGI biometrics database.
I gotta go.
The senator's been given Naloxone, and an antidote to the Fentanyl that Aksoy used to poison him.
He's expected to make a full recovery.
We saved a life today.
And we took a deadly operative off the board.
Who alerted you to Aksoy in the first place? Shepherd.
Keaton, can I have a word? In private? What's going on? We had an attempted breach of one of the Bureau's encrypted networks.
And whoever it was, they were careful.
We barely noticed that they were on the system.
What were they after? Paid Confidential Informant files.
All 15,000 of them.
And the search criteria used indicates that the focus was on Mikhail Tal.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [BUZZING] How did you do it? Do what? Did you access that terminal on your own? Or did you manipulate someone into doing it for you? If you have an accusation to make, Agent Keaton, then make it.
You tried to access classified intelligence on Mikhail Tal after I explicitly told you not to.
When I asked you for access to the FBI files on Paid Confidential Informants, did you actually think that I thought that you would say yes? I asked you so Anna Cruz would hear me ask you.
I didn't try to access those files, Agent Keaton.
Anna Cruz did.
Why would she do that? Because she's a mole working for Tal.