The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

The Frantic Fury of the Fearsome Furculees

1 This is George Beard and Harold Hutchins.
George is on the left with the tie and flat top.
Harold is on the right with the T-shirt and bad haircut.
Remember that, now.
They are students at Melvin Sneedly Elementary, and having the worst kind of nightmare there is.
- All I see is Melvin's face.
- It's everywhere.
A nightmare that's real.
Unhand me, you chewed gumsticks.
So George and Harold make comic books - We're cool! - Me, too! But they had a mean old principal Who told them what to - Blah, blah, blah, blah - So they got a hypno-ring And first, they made him dance Then, accidentally, kinda on purpose Turned him into Captain Underpants Tra-la-la! With a snap, he's the Captain Not the brightest man And don't forget, when he gets wet - You're back where you began - Blah, blah, blah Put it all together What could possibly go wrong? Now this is the end Of the Captain Underpants song - By George Beard and Harold Hutchins - Tra-la-la! The Frantic Fury of the Fearsome Furculees.
Chapter one: Dressed for Distress.
With Krupp gone, the school was getting a Melvin makeover, and Principal Melvinborg and Melvin were introducing their latest Melvinnovation.
This will be your new uniform.
When they arrive, what you lose in comfort, you'll gain in dignity.
And then you will all look like savants instead of savages.
How does dressing like Melvin help us learn? Or do anything? You're learning me now.
So looking like me helps, you stray crouton.
- To that end, it helps everyone.
- Uh Everyone! What if I have a uniform allergy? Then you'll wear a special uniform.
The metal is hypo-allergenic.
It's called the "Iron Melvin.
" A Melvinized school is a better school.
And my being the best Melvin here will make Eliteanati Academy drool.
- This brilliant scheme can't miss.
- High five.
Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Mel-Mel-Mel-Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Melvin - Stop that song! - Melvin I can't take it, man.
They even downloaded that dumb "Melvin" song to our phones.
- Melvin! - I know.
All day long, it's just Melvin, Melvin, Melvin, Melvin! - Stop saying that.
- I'm losing it.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I miss Krupp.
Me, too.
Time to push the button.
If we push this, everything changes, and there's no going back.
Push it.
- Wait, it doesn't do anything? - Nope.
Come on, let's find Krupp.
Chapter two: Jungle Leaver.
- Hey, man.
What's shaking? Taco? - Who are you? Call me Tacos.
- Taco? - Uh, is Mr.
Krupp here? Old guy? Chubby? White shirt? Stubby tie? Brown pants? Bad rug? Yep, that's him in way too much detail.
Isn't this his house? Yeah, bruh.
But he rented it to me.
So then he just took off, man.
- Took off? Where? - I know this one.
Hold on, amigo.
Hey, man.
What's shaking? Taco? Huh? You were gonna tell us where Mr.
Krupp went.
Oh, yeah.
Hang tight, amigo.
Found it, bruhs.
He went here.
- The "Fountain of Hair" Tour? - Ecuador? Join the Hairani tribe on a quest to find the legendary Fountain of Hair.
Encounter Furculees, ferocious ancient guardian of the fountain.
And let the fountain's sacred water magically restore your hair.
A jungle in Ecuador? Why would he go all that way to look for hair? I don't know.
Maybe he thinks hair will make life better.
- I guess we're stuck with the Melvins.
- No way.
We gotta go to that jungle, find Krupp and bring him back before we're dressed like Melvins.
But how? We're just two kids.
So, we need more kids.
And there's only one way to get more kids.
- Muffin baskets? - Yes! - And a special issue comic.
- Whoa.
Special issue.
Hey, man.
What's shaking? Taco? What? What are you doing here? Captain Underpants and the Misfarts, aka the Mega-Incredible-Search-Force By George Beard and Harold Hutchins.
So this principal booked a trip to the jungle 'cause he loved pythons and, like, malaria.
Why? But when he got there, monkeys stole his map, 'cause monkeys.
Then the principal fell down a cliff into a river of piranhas.
- Flush-Ploosh-Chomp! - And over a waterfall.
Krr! And onto a parrot party.
Squawk! And through a lemur, a bunch of lemurs.
Back up the waterfall.
Rrik! Until he was lost and stuck in a volcano! Luckily, the principal had a waterproof satellite phone all, bippity-bip-bip, up to the sky, and he called Captain Underpants and was like, "I'm lost in a jungle volcano.
Please save me!" Then the phone batteries went dead 'cause that's, like, dramatic.
Like when a car doesn't start.
" "Come on, baby, start.
" "Whirr-whirr-whirr, not starting.
" Anyway, Captain Underpants heard enough and flew to the jungle.
But monkeys stole his map and his wallet 'cause, yeah.
And Peww-Ploosh-Chomp-Krrr Squawks-Vroom-Rrrk-Waaah! Captain Underpants got crazy lost and stuck in the volcano, too.
With lava-gators.
Those are alligators made of lava! Luckily, he activated his, blink-blink-blink, emergency beacon, and the signal reached the Misfarts aka the Mega-Clank-Incredible-Clunk Search-Konk-Force-Kernk Adventure-Doink-Rescue-Klunk- Clank-Squad-Kank! Is that all the letters in? Okay.
There was Thinks, the smart one.
And Thumps, the strong one.
And Winks, the grizzled vet.
And Codes, the gizmo one.
Luckily, he activated his emergency beacon, and the signal reached the Misfarts.
So Thinks made a plan.
The Misfarts flew to the jungle in a hover-jet-tank-bus-scooter-rocket.
And Codes located the lost guys with a laser lost guy finder that he built.
And Thumps jumped into the volcano and punched the lava-gators.
Bam! Hot! Wham-ow! Whack! "My fists are burning!" And Codes cooled the lava with a laser lava cooler thingy he built.
And the Misfarts rescued the principal and Captain Underpants from the volcano.
'Cause they were a team of cool kids who did this impossible thing, 'cause they were a team and cool.
Don't you wish you could be one? - Yeah.
The end.
- Okay.
Chapter three: The Messfarts.
Special issue and muffin baskets in hand, George and Harold set out to recruit some real Misfarts.
You'd be Thinks 'cause you're smart.
A Krupp jungle extraction? I'm in.
Anything's better than the Melvins.
- Melvin! - I don't wear uniforms.
Oh, and next time, gluten-free.
Oh, the Melvins are so corporate.
- Melvin! - And I love Ecuador.
My family goes there because the rainforest is our planet's greatest treasure.
Call me Winks.
Winks Thumps? Cool! I'm in.
I actually kinda miss Mr.
Ironically, we do, too.
Melvin's the tech whiz.
We would ask him to be Codes if we could, but I have zero tech skills and didn't know Mr.
Krupp was gone, but sure.
Like, we're going, too.
We've got enough Misfarts.
We're going! I will never wear hideous Melvin clothes.
- Melvin! - Besides, we're already packed.
Sophie One, let's go.
Other Sophie, carry our bags.
What about us? What are our special skills? - What? We're George and Harold.
- 'Nuff said.
Everybody get their fake overnight field trip permission slip signed? But how are we gonna get to Ecuador? Maybe we should just do a travel montage and not explain it.
That does solve a lot of problems.
Misfarts! The Misfarts! They're on a bus The Misfarts! Now they're in a truck - The Misfarts! - On the seven seas The Misfarts! That raft's a real tight squeeze - The Misfarts! - Flyin' through the sky - The Misfarts! - Sure hopin' they don't die - What? - Why did you sing that? The Misfarts! Chapter four: Welcome to the Bungle.
Next time, let's skip the travel montage and just get plane tickets.
Okay, clock's ticking on our field trip alibi.
So I'll find the Hairani Village on my phone.
- Wait, I don't have a signal.
- Me neither.
Nope, no signal.
I have no idea how to tell if I have a signal or not which is bad 'cause I'm Codes, the tech guy.
- The stars are my signal.
- OMG! Without my phone, I'm nothing! We're lost! People need water.
If we follow this stream, we'll find the Hairani Village.
Thinks, thinking one for the team.
We're doomed, Sophie One.
But your har is har-velous in this humidity.
Other Sophie, you look like a tree sloth.
Because that was a tree sloth.
Other Sophie landed miles away Ä°n the hidden valley territory of the Crocobats.
Fearsome but skittish animals.
Crocobats! My family's guide, Vorgondito, taught us about our jungle plant friends.
That's poisonous.
So is that.
And that melts your flesh.
Flesh Look, smoke! That means fire.
And fire means barbecue.
Fire means - S'mores! - Fire dancing.
And ghost stories, even though ghosts keep me up every night.
Sophie One, let's get fireside seats.
Other Sophie, stop being slow and eating leaves.
- Come on, let's go.
- No, no! Don't run off into the jungle.
We gotta be getting close.
- Agh! - Huh? Yah-hh! Who put a giant hammock here? It's not a hammock.
It's a spider web.
I'll cut you free if you promise to stay by the stream.
Okay, okay.
Dakota Krupp never gives up! Ugh! Mr.
Krupp! We found you! George, Harold, other kids.
What are you doing here? Looking for you.
"Dakota" Krupp? Is that your maiden name? That's my jungle name.
The jungle's my jam.
I finally feel alive! But didn't you feel more alive when you were a principal? Yeah, your office had windows.
No way.
The jungle's my office now.
But we should get out of this web.
The spiders here are as big as dogs.
Other Sophie, you're free because you're slow.
Go find help.
No! What are you doing? Stop! You have plenty of time.
Stop! No! So-oo typical, Other Sophie.
So, why are you here again? I was lost.
I needed purpose.
So I emptied my bank account to come here with the other baldies and get my hair back.
We found the Fountain of Hair and defeated its guardian, Furculees.
I bathed my scalp in the fountain.
But no hair! The others gave up.
But I knew that was a test.
The real Fountain of Hair is out there.
So I started exploring and made my own map.
And when I find the real fountain, I'll get hair.
My life will have purpose again and all my problems will be instantly solved! Yeah, it's foolproof.
Now follow me.
Welcome to my new home, the Hairani Village.
That's Chief Hairacocha.
I learned their language when they adopted me.
So I will translate.
Uh, no, we did not adopt him.
And we speak your language.
Refreshments? Chapter five: The Ama-con.
You see, the Fountain of Hair is actually a resort and day spa.
Cereal bar.
With more cereals than you can shake a stick at.
You gotta try shakin' these sticks.
Oh, my har, there's a spa! And MMA.
Meditation Martial Arts.
And a surf pool.
This place rocks.
The Fountain of Hair is a tribal legend we used to boost tourism.
And it's made us rich.
"Hairani memories.
Buy your favorites here!" Hey, Phil.
Hot one today, eh? Furculees, the fountain, the hair, none of it is real.
All our visitors know that, except one.
I'm this close to finding the real fountain, Chief.
And PS, the guacamole's almost out.
That's your fourth bowl today.
- You came here to find this man? - Yeah.
We want him to come home and be our principal again.
Our new principal is worse.
- Melvin! - Impossible.
But our plane will take you wherever you want to go as long as he goes with you.
"Buy rare hyena farts here"? How's that guac refill coming? Oh Whew.
Just made some room.
Chapter six: The Misplits.
George and Harold knew there was only one way - to make Mr.
Krupp leave.
- Over here! - Trick him.
- What? I can't believe you guys found the real Fountain of Hair so fast! - The fountain, it is in this cave.
- Whoo! Wha? That's not a cave.
That's a plane! You want the Fountain of Hair for yourselves! Well, you can't have it! Dakota Krupp never gives up! Great.
Krupp's on the run with the only map.
We gotta chase him, Misfarts.
Thinks, Winks, Codes, Thumps, the rest, let's paddle.
Hey, where's the rest? Back at the village where we all should be because it's awesome.
Yeah, we should.
She's right.
We're gonna have the best nails in the jungle, Sophie One.
Other Sophie, stop gnawing on furniture.
Meanwhile, Other Sophie was getting a grand welcoming.
There he is! Aw! Man, all these hippos are dead ringers for Mr.
Just so you know, Vorgondito said this river is full of piranhas.
Piranhas Krupp ho! Oh, hey, guys.
Decided to join me, huh? Yeah, hair is hard to resist.
Krupp, get out of the river! Why? It's like a bathtub.
It even has bubbles.
Bubbles that hurt.
Wait, those bubbles are piranhas! Vorgondito said, "Always have meat.
" Meat - Nice save, Winks.
- Wait.
Where is Winks? Village.
Did her job.
So jealous.
The Misfarts! We gotta get Krupp on that plane before our parents get suspicious.
Field trips don't last forever.
Except museum field trips.
- First, we gotta find him.
- Candy bar wrapper.
Maybe Krupp's.
Oh! - Mr.
Krupp, we need to - Shh! We're surrounded.
Oh, baboons.
Why'd it have to be baboons? - It's worse than that.
Those are - Staboons.
Highly-aggressive baboons that use sharp sticks as weapons.
- Yep, that's worse.
- Dakota Krupp never gives up! I give up forever.
I've never regretted my complete lack of tech skills more than now.
Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Melvin! Jungle mosh! Whoo-hoo, yeah! Oops, sorry.
Dakota Krupp never gives up! He did it again.
Thumps, you box him in.
- Codes, we need a tranq dart and - Wait, where are Thumps and Codes? Seriously? Job done.
We've covered this.
The Misfarts! Chapter seven: Hairidise Lost.
What if Dakota Krupp's right and the Fountain of Hair is real? Does that mean Furculees is real, too? Nah.
They're made up.
Like the Candy Bandit.
Wait, what about the Candy Bandit? Uh Thanks for not bailing like the other Misfarts, Thinks.
Oh, I will.
I'm not missing that surf pool.
But I'm Thinks, and I haven't done anything Thinks-y yet.
What? You've been Thinks-ing all day.
About the stream, the fire The spider web, the staboons, where the other Misfarts went.
You've definitely put the think in Thinks, and oh.
- She's gone.
- Good job, us.
The Misfarts! You know, it took the unique skill of each Misfart to get here.
That's what makes the Misfarts such a great team.
Too bad we're here instead of them.
They could find Krupp while we eat cereal and pool surf.
Of course.
We make comics, so we know how to figure out adventures.
- Hey, is that Krupp's jungle hat? - See? He's close.
Let's go.
A giant rolling ball! Why? Welcome to the jungle.
Oh, yeah.
And my comic book instinct says to dive into these bushes! Wha? Ha! We're killing it.
You think Krupp's in that hair temple? Oh, yes! - Oh! Oh, yes! - Yep.
Oh, I found it.
The Fountain of Hair.
El Hairado.
I'm gonna have hair again! My life will have purpose! Too bad it's a scam.
Let's get this over with so we can go home.
You're probably right.
A real magic fountain would be guarded.
I am Furculees.
Guardian of the Fountain of Hair.
And this bad hair day will be your worst.
Hold on.
So you're real? Do I look real? Yes, I'm real! Do you have any ID? Hmm? Uh, here.
It's expired, but all the info's correct.
That works.
Time for - Captain Underpants! - Tra-la-la! Whoa! That bear needs a haircut.
What? You dare hair-angue me? Now you will be oblit-hair-ated! Chapter Eight: The Incredibly Graphic Violence Chapter Presented in Hair-O-Rama.
Because nothing is more soothing than a shampoo commercial.
Luxuriate in a Hairborne Attack.
Relaxify with a Hair Strandwich.
Serenitize in a 50-Hair Pileup.
- You deserve it.
Because hair.
- Hair-O-Rama! That hair is mad strong, yo.
I wonder what shampoo it uses.
Legendary Locks, making ancient, fur-based, supernatural creatures look great since the dawn of time.
Ooh! You buy it at a store or order it? Order it.
Now stay still while I lift this boulder to crush you.
We gotta find his weakness.
It's gotta be.
That's all he is.
- So? - Pull it.
Pull his hair! But I'll get a penalty! Do you wanna win or not? Yes! Winning is the only thing! Oh, no.
Now it's too heavy! Ha! We were right.
Hair is the source of his power.
Then it's time for a buzz cut.
And who needs clippers when there's piranhas? Argh! Stop it! Not fair! Nope, because you're a hair monster, and I'm bald as an egg.
- Head to the river, Cap! - Roger that! On my way to the deli.
Who wants corned beef? - River! - Ow! - Fly higher! - I'm trying! Your hair is heavy! Oh-hh! - Lot of bubbles.
- Too many bubbles.
Ugh! What's going on? Why am I in my underwear? Hair Need hair to live.
I hear you, brother.
So right after I find my clothes, I'm gonna go use that fountain and get my hair back.
Dakota Krupp never gives up! We can't just leave Furculees like that, even if he is a bad guy.
Comic books aren't heartless.
Hey! Does Dakota Krupp give up on someone who's messed up? Yes, my curls are natural.
- I sure hope this fountain works.
- Of course it works.
Why wouldn't it work? It has to work.
Because I need it to work.
So it'll work.
Work, work, work, please! Chapter nine: So Did It Work? It's back, baby! Thicker than ever! It sure did, but You used all the water! Oh, yeah.
Sorry about that.
Now my life will never have purpose! I'll never be happy! Heartfelt sentiment in three, two, one.
You don't need hair for that, Mr.
Your life had purpose when you were our principal.
And there's a bunch more reasons why you should come back and do it again.
- Number one - No, I'm sold.
I'm bald, broke, and badly in need of a job.
- Let's go.
- Uh, great.
And if we hurry, we'll get home right when we are supposed to from our fake field trip.
It's nice when things work out.
Hey, uh, you sure you guys don't wanna hang out? I could make tacos.
Tacos? And that was the end of the Great Jungle Hair Adventure for everyone.
- Say "hair.
" - Hair! Everyone except Other Sophie.
Because she was the newly-crowned queen of the Crocobats.