The Equalizer (2014) s01e08 Episode Script

The Distant Fire

Let me tell you something.
I made one error in judgment today, Michael.
Believe me, I will not make another.
There's a woman who's gonna die unless we help her.
McCALL: A lot of people don't like his politics.
He is marked down for assassination, and so are you.
That's old news.
Hit him.
(WXPLOSlON) You loved me once.
Why don't you go back to your playpen? This is a game for adults only.
(TlRWS SCRWWCHlNG) (BABY CRYlNG) (TlRWS SCRWWCHlNG) I thought you'd be gone by now.
Uh, forgot my coat.
Look, I didn't mean to come back, all right? I know I shouldn't have seen you, but No problem.
Why the urgency? Something came.
What do you mean, something came? I'm no longer in the business! Then someone's not up to date.
"Save Carla.
" Who the hell left this? It's hard to tell.
The place was jammed earlier.
Who's Carla? Where's Kostmayer? Texas, I hear.
I need somebody dependable for an hour.
I'm available.
When? Friday, 4:00 p.
On the Intrepid.
Who's the opposition? Michael Rosa.
(WHlSTLWS) Are you on? Yeah.
Who's Carla? A woman.
(SHlP HORN BLOWlNG) McCALL: You cover my back.
Just leave Michael to me.
You're taking a hell of a chance.
Now, here's where you drop off.
Keep on your toes.
You want me to go with you? It's your meeting.
Go on.
Let's take a walk.
MlCHAWL: Is saving Carla's life worth a 24-hour truce between us? So that's Michael Rosa.
In fact, until I got your message, for all I knew, she might be dead.
Carla's married to Vezay Holden.
Vezay Holden.
McCALL: Well, yes, yes.
Yes, he'd be perfect for her.
The right amount of morality, the correct level of integrity.
He's already written his Nobel acceptance speech, but he'll never deliver it.
There's a contract out to kill him, and her as well.
Somebody finds his dreams for constitutional independence a little too constitutional for comfort, and too much a product of her influence.
So the inspired must be killed along with the inspirer.
Who's the trigger? Me.
Now, I wonder why that doesn't surprise me.
Don't you love the irony of it? All right, why this meeting? I accepted this job because if I hadn't, they would have just hired somebody else.
This way, with your help, we can save her.
Go on, I'm listening.
There's a backup.
You know and I know there's always a backup.
If I miss, if I'm aborted or neutralized, the backup is there to step in and finish the job.
Who is the backup? I don't know.
That's why I need your help.
(SCOFFS) You still love her.
It all happened such a long time ago.
Wverything's changed.
I've changed, presume she has.
You've changed most of all.
What happened? You know what happened.
She vanished.
You blamed me.
I blamed you.
You turned into some sort of freelance killer, and I stayed, far too long.
She always said she couldn't choose between us.
Flip sides of the same coin.
We can't let her die, Robert, (SlGHS) no matter what she did.
I want to hear the ring of truth.
And the second I fail to hear it, you are a dead man.
Hit him.
Is this your setup? I thought it was yours.
It's Control.
No shooting.
(GUN SPlTS) (PWOPLW SCRWAMlNG) Come on, this way! McCALL: Go that way.
We're taking Rosa! Stay out of this, McCall! (SPlTS) That wasn't bloody well necessary! You want to talk about it? (GRUNTS lN FRUSTRATlON) McCall's gone over.
We're taking him out, too.
You can't be serious.
They won't let us do that.
(SCOFFS) Wxcuse me.
"They"? There is no "They.
" I am the "They.
" If McCall's teamed up with Rosa, the man is swimming in the wrong soup.
Well, what about Control? (SlGHS DRAMATlCALLY) To hell with Control.
McCALL: That's great.
Great! Five minutes, and four people shot! There's a flag on one of us.
It's got to be you.
Who else knows your target? The Dutchman who paid me, and the backup, whoever he is.
Let me tell you something.
I made one error in judgment today, Michael.
Believe me, I will not make another.
You always muddy your goals, McCall.
I'm not the point, unless you want to make it that.
There's a woman who's gonna die unless we help her.
(CAR DOOR SHUTS) McCALL: Because of what happened yesterday on the Intrepid, I'm going to have to go under.
Way under.
Got to find some way of getting hold of the Secret Service playbooks, so that I can get us in through the various cracks.
That's just the kind of stuff I need from you.
(SlRWNS APPROACHlNG) It's not time yet.
Where are you going? Inside, as agreed.
I'll tell you something, I'm going to try and talk to her.
I'm going to abort your mission.
You can't do that.
Think about what you're doing! Robert! All right.
Thank you.
Thank you.
He's going up now.
My God.
Is it you? (PWOPLW LAUGHlNG) Does it surprise you? No, no, no.
He's a wonderful man, Robert.
Oh, I'm sure he is.
And what he's trying to do will help us all.
A lot of people don't like his politics, or his goals.
He is marked down for assassination.
And so are you.
That's old news.
Leave the city.
We can't.
I wish we could.
This is the most dangerous city for him to be in right now.
There are at least four separate factions that want him dead, but would be satisfied if he just became less visible.
So he hides, they win.
Well, have a heart-to-heart with him.
You always had a problem meeting men like him, 'cause he lacks ulterior motives.
I can read him.
I must admit I don't completely understand him.
(SCOFFS) Wspecially nowadays, when martyrs have such a short shelf life.
I'll tell you what he would say.
"No man can touch a river the same way twice.
" Carla The assassin this time is Michael.
(WHlSPWRlNG) Michael? Not now.
What Vezay is doing on this trip is just too important.
If you value your life, you'll leave him now.
I can't! I love him.
You loved me once.
You walked away from me.
Walk away from him.
Help us, Robert.
Keep him alive.
Wven if he makes it through this weekend, if he gets out of New York City, it's only a matter of time.
And if you are with him, they'll get you, too.
Robert, keep him safe.
For me, for us, for whatever reason you want.
HOSTWSS: Madam Holden, there you are! I'm sorry.
I know she's charming, and I don't blame you at all, but you're monopolizing our guest of honor! Oh, I'm sorry.
We need you for photographs in a minute.
(FORMALLY) It was a pleasure meeting you.
I would like to continue this conversation, but tomorrow my day is filled with appointments.
And I did want to get some shopping done in the morning while I'm in the city.
I quite understand.
HOSTWSS: The photographers insist.
They want you and Mr.
Holden together.
I'm Sarah Claxton.
I edit Financial Monthly.
And you are? Oh, I'm leaving.
What's going on? If this is how you're going to help me I didn't say I'd help you, Michael.
Damn it, McCall.
So what is it? Can I depend on you or what? I don't know.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Wait a minute.
McCALL: What stunt are you pulling now? Just wait.
Just one more.
Close together.
That's great.
Watch! (ALARM RlNGlNG) (TlRWS SCRWWCHlNG) I had to see the palace guards go through their moves.
(SlRWNS BLARlNG) (SOFT MUSIC PLAYING) Do you think I'm just a little underdressed for this place? (DOOR CRWAKlNG OPWN) (CLOSWS) (CHUCKLWS) Hey, hey, hey! Mike! Boy, did they scatter! (MOCKS SCRWAMlNG) What a fire drill, huh? They were mine.
I could've picked them off.
Cheer up, kid.
You're too tight.
These kids coming up, they take things so seriously, don't you think? You did a hell of a job.
Count it.
What are your plans? (CLWARS THROAT) Well, l I heard about this gig in Rome in a couple of weeks, shooting flies away from this village.
I know a guy you should talk to when you get there.
I'll write down his name.
You tell him to contact me, I'll give you the best reference, 'cause you did a hell of a job, kid.
(GAS HlSSlNG) It's how I stay alive, McCall.
Let's not confuse things here.
Two weeks from now, somebody'd be paying him to take me out.
You want to help me drag him out of here? You clean up your own mess.
McCALL: Jimmy! We've got a problem, McCall.
Why? Didn't you get the itinerary? Yeah, I got the itinerary, and the overlay for security.
But the price we agreed on didn't include some grease I had to spread on the file clerk.
Usually, I'd swallow it, but the lawyer I hired to keep me from getting eaten up by the divorce Of course.
is eating me up.
Wating you up, yeah.
There's no way that anybody would know that these copies were stolen? No, they aren't coded.
Well, this should cover your extra expenses.
Her lawyer's the guy I should have got.
For a while, he had me convinced that I should take a third job to pay for her aerobics class.
McCALL: What time is the assassination due? MlCHAWL: 2:15.
No! No, no, no, no.
You want to enter from here? That's optimum.
No, that's not good enough.
(STAMMWRlNG) I mean In a game like this, the house always wins.
I'm always the house.
This time you are supposed to lose, not win.
We have to make the odds at least even.
And how do you propose to do that? I'll have to go and see Holden.
Why? To switch out the light, so that we can play the game in the dark.
We need to change the place by changing his schedule.
You're confident he'll see you? Oh, yes, yes, he'll, uh He'll see me.
Among all the things I hate is your arrogance.
This assumption that you can simply walk in and people will bow and scrape.
That's not why you hate me, Michael.
Yes? MAN: Mr.
McCall is on his way.
Very well.
Sit down.
No, thank you.
I really don't have time.
I do have one question.
Do you want to live? (CHUCKLWS) I can try to save your life, but I would need a little help from you.
Carla says you think I have martyr's eyes.
That may be true.
But I don't have a martyr's courage.
You're right when you think they're going to get me, because, as you know, a highly motivated assassin is impossible to stop.
Made a good job of it so far.
We've been lucky.
I have to ask you to do certain things.
Tell me what you want.
I can't promise that I can do any of them.
Your itinerary has been known for some time.
It's been distributed.
I want you to change it.
Oh, you, uh, keep all your appointments, of course, meet the people you have to meet.
But change the order.
For instance, five becomes six, four becomes two, one becomes three, and so on.
That would cause enormous confusion.
You must have mixed emotions about keeping me alive.
It would seem my death could benefit you.
I have no emotions at all when it comes to work.
And if you're talking about Carla, they're going to kill her, too.
I have lived with confusion for a long time.
I'll make the changes.
Thank you.
You look terrific.
Now, do you mind telling me what the hell is going on? We had this guy covered like a plank, and now he's totally revised his schedule.
I don't know how to plan for what he's going to do tomorrow.
This is going to be loads of fun.
He's turned everything inside out.
There is no schedule.
How did this happen? (SlGHS) Rosa thinks with his kneecaps.
Do we know that for a fact? (GRUNTS) It smells like McCall.
Redirection, turn everything back on itself Somebody had to come up with a very elaborate plan to 86 this guy Holden.
And now what McCall has done is he's taken that plan, torn it up and thrown it into the wind.
There's no time for any sophistication.
(SlGHS) Nobody's got a whole card.
He's neutralized anyone's advantage.
All right, run down Holden's revised schedule for me.
Well, he's got morning meetings at the UN, followed by a tour of Wall Street and a visit to Battery Park.
Then he's up at Sutton Place for a reception.
He gives a speech at St.
John's, then meets with the Archbishop So this is where it happens.
And this is how.
The crowds will come all over here.
There will be barricades along here.
The security car will pull up first, followed by the limousine.
Carla and Holden will climb out of the limousine, the guards will be wary as they go through the crowd, because that's where they'll be most vulnerable.
Then they'll climb to the second level, where they'll turn and wave.
And that's where I'll shoot, but I'll miss, so the backup will take over.
Holden goes down, and Carla with him.
(SlGHS) Always comes back to the question of the backup.
It could be anyone.
Bodyguard, policeman, reporter Any one of the people who's come here to meet Vezay, anyone in the crowd.
That's a hell of a jumble.
No, not really.
The actions of the backup, now they have to be purely instinctive.
They can't be choreographed, because he hasn't had time to prepare this location.
That's why you were always so damn good, Robert.
You always let logic get in the way.
(CHUCKLWS SOFTLY) I have to go now.
We have work to do! Oh, indeed we do.
Thank you.
No, no.
No games, Carla.
Not much time.
We have a lot to talk about.
Don't trust Michael.
I don't.
Why did you say that to me? He hates you.
He's not here because he hates me, he's here because he loves you.
I've never been able to drive you from my mind.
Wven though I had no choice when I left.
And I know you're wrong for me.
But when I saw you, it all came rushing back.
Will you leave your questions? Leave it all outside tonight? And after tonight? Then I'll leave, and go back to a man that I don't love.
And you'll help me keep him alive, because he's better than we are.
He can accomplish what we only dream of doing.
And I'll stay with him.
But I'll always love you.
You're getting turned around on this.
Nobody's getting turned around.
I saw McCall.
You don't just need me as backup.
You're gonna need two more now.
What the hell is the matter with you? Are you on something? What do you think of me? Do you love me? Do you even like me? This is weird! You'll get your money.
We'll finish the job.
Wverything's fine.
It was so simple, and now you've made it so complicated.
Listen, do you mind explaining what the hell you think you're doing, exactly? We've been working on this for about six months now.
Hmm? Where's Control? Uh, well, (SCOFFS) Control's a memory.
Since when? Yeah, you lost your hook there, I'm afraid.
In fact, I don't think you have one friend left in the Agency.
It's a shame, really.
Michael Rosa.
Where is he? Well, you know all the answers, Jason.
You're a very bright boy.
You know something? You're way over the top, McCall.
We don't run the store like some old Mustache Pete anymore.
It's under new management.
Do you understand what I'm saying to you? (SlGHlNG) You know, we had a long discussion, all about you.
And you know what we came up with? (CLlCKS TONGUW) "So what?" Really.
I mean, nobody cares.
Well, there are a few people who think you're very dangerous, you know, and you should be dealt with, but personally, I don't think you're worth a new shuffle.
It's time, McCall! Your time was then, this is now, and as they say, "Then ain't now.
" You know what you should do? You should go away.
Someplace warm, maybe.
Lie down! And fade.
I'm leaving now, because I have some business to attend to.
But if I see you, or any of your people, I shall come back and I shall tear out your vicious little tongue.
So, why don't you go back to your playpen and sit there? This is a game for adults only.
Now, do you understand? (WXCLAlMS) Get out of here.
I'm all right.
Get out of here.
(SNORTS) (SOFTLY) Michael, come on.
Come on, where the hell are you? Where are you? Oh, come on, McCall.
Think! Think! Michael, where are you? Where are you? Come on, McCall, who would be your choice as the backup? Michael's not here.
Did he change the plan? No, it couldn't be.
Where are you, damn you? Where are you? I'm with you.
There are some questions I would ask if I did not fear the answers.
You have nothing to fear.
You are my strength.
One more day, and we're home.
(SlRWNS WAlLlNG) (PWOPLW CHATTWRlNG SOFTLY) (SlRWNS APPROACHlNG) (PWOPLW WHlSTLlNG) (GUN FlRlNG) (PWOPLW SCRWAMlNG) BODYGUARD: Get back! Get back! Now! BODYGUARD: Get back! Get back! Get back! McCALL: Don't, Michael! (GUN SPlTS) (PWOPLW SCRWAMlNG) COP: Keep them up! Keep them up! It's all right.
He's with us! He's with us! Back off! Back off! Back off! (GASPlNG) The backup.
There was no backup.
It was you! Why? (RASPlNG) I wanted her to die, and for you to see it.
McCall, get out of here.
Go on, go.
You got what you wanted.
You had Holden's wife, you got Michael.
Now, be happy and get the hell out of here! Sorry, what did you say?