The Equalizer (2014) s01e15 Episode Script

Dead Drop

Oh, God! They killed me.
They're gonna try and kill you.
(TlRWS SCRWWCHlNG) Why is this man trying to kill me? (GROAN) The man here needs our help.
McCALL: We're gonna play a little game.
We are going to tag every single one of his operatives.
We are going to let them know that we know exactly who they are.
And we are going to confront them.
Don't even think it.
Oh! Be with you.
How about this? Sure.
Thank you.
Hey, Sam, how you doing? Oh, fine, thank you, Mr.
Oh, it's cold! More bills, eh? Thanks a lot.
Take care.
Yeah, you, too.
(WXCLAlMS) Where is it? I don't know what you're talking about.
Hey, now.
(DOORBWLL RlNGlNG) (KNOCKlNG ON DOOR) Sam! What happened? Oh! Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
(GROANlNG) Hold on, Sam, I'll get help.
They killed me.
They're gonna try and kill you.
I'm sorry, I didn't know.
I (WWAKLY) I got greedy.
(CAMWRA CLlCKS) (CHATTER OVER POLICE RADIO) So what you're saying is that we could write this whole thing off as a street crime.
Yeah, another doorman getting stuck.
But, in his condition, dragging himself up here, that's what doesn't scan.
Why did he come up to this apartment? That's a good question.
What did you know about this man? Nothing.
Well, he crawled all the way up here for something.
What? I don't know.
What do you think? Are you sure that you heard him right? Oh, yeah.
Well, I mean, it's a pretty strange thing for a guy to say.
I know.
That's what he said.
He said, "They killed me, "and they're gonna kill you.
" What "they" was he talking about? I haven't the slightest.
So what happens now? Well, unless you tell me something more there's not a whole hell of a lot I can do for you.
What do you think, I'm holding something back? Yeah, that's one possibility.
This isn't right, and I resent your attitude.
A man I know has just died in my arms, and he said that I am next.
You! You are coming up here, blaming it on me? Put yourself in my place.
Listening to this story, what would you think? Well What happens now? Just (SlGHlNG) Just wait here a minute.
You want me to put a man on him? No, I can't justify that.
The guy is scared.
There is not much that we can do about it.
OFFlCWR: Okay, boys.
Wrap it up.
Kramer, I want to see you in my office.
Okay, Lieutenant.
(TlRWS SCRWWCHlNG) Hey! What's the matter with you, are you crazy? What's going on? Are you nuts? What the heck are you doing? Hey! Hey, come on! (GROANlNG) KONIG: I saw your ad in the paper and, uh Well, if anybody ever needed help, it's me.
(STAMMWRlNG) It's just incredible, and I mean, but it's real! I mean, somebody is trying to kill me.
But nobody believes me.
I can't get anywhere with the police.
According to their report, there were packages ripped open at the doorman's desk.
Is that right? Yeah.
Am I losing my mind, or what? No, I don't think you are.
I think you are in considerable danger, because in some way, you have become inadvertently involved in what is called a dead drop.
What? A network is set up in order to move packages, letters, documents, anything secret or illegal, from one place to the other.
And because of you, it was compromised.
Now it's being rolled up.
Rolled up? Is that what they call it when someone gets killed? What has that got to do with me? Let's say that a package was delivered, to be collected at a later date.
Somehow, for some reason, your name was put on it, to make it look like a regular delivery.
"Package for Barry Konig.
" Wxactly.
So wherever that package goes, it's got my name on it? Precisely.
The loop has been compromised, and is now being rolled up.
And I'm included.
You're viewed as a threat.
(lNCRWDULOUSLY) A threat? What, me? But I'm not! But they don't know that, do they? Well, what do I do now? Well, first of all I have to find out who they are, who's running this organization, and persuade them that you are not involved.
McCall, you are scaring me to death.
Konig, you have got yourself caught up in a game.
And like all games, there are players, and, strangely enough, rules.
Now, once they find out you are not a player, they will lose all interest in you.
Who are "they"? I mean, who are these people? That's what I have to find out.
And until I do, I'm going to keep you safe.
So hold on, Mr.
Hold on.
McCALL: And you say you've got a mortuary as well? Oh, yeah.
(DOORBWLL RlNGlNG) We got everything for you.
Good to see you.
McCALL: Come in, Jimmy.
Hello, McCall.
It's cold.
I hope this is an indoor job.
Yeah, sit down.
I'll be with you.
McCall, I can't stay here.
You can't leave.
No, I'm just a guy.
I work in a flower shop.
It's a dumb job, but I like it.
What happens if you don't find these guys? See, then every day I'm gonna be looking over my shoulder for some guy to come out of the shadows.
When that cab driver was coming after me, he was coming at me.
Not somebody else on the street, but me! Don't be frightened.
Be angry! Through no fault of yours, some vicious people are trying to hurt you! So now is the time to fight back! I'll tell you what we're going to do.
We're gonna find out who they are, and we are going to confront them.
(DOORBWLL RlNGS) Wxcuse me.
So, this is where the party's at.
Hello, Ginger.
(QUlWTLY) Stay calm.
(GlNGWR SlGHS) What do you say, Kostmayer? Nothing to you, Brock.
All right, pack it up, both of you.
I need everybody I can trust.
Let's get started, shall we? So, we have to find out who is running this dead drop, inform them that Mr.
Konig is not involved, and ask them to back off.
If they don't, what do we do then? No, it won't come to that.
Yeah, but if it does If he says it won't, then it won't, okay? You drunk.
I ought to take out your front row.
Then jump up and do it.
I should.
Two people went down because of you! You mean, two of my friends were killed because you couldn't hold up your end! McCALL: That's enough! Neither of you know enough about what happened that night even to form an opinion, let alone lay blame.
Now, for the last time, Ieave it outside! We have a man here who needs our help.
(DOORBWLL RlNGS) Go on, Sterno.
(DOOR OPWNS) Greetings, Bob! Hey, I'm sorry I'm late, everybody.
The line at the bakery was forever, but I think, once you taste these Danish, you'll agree it was definitely worth the wait.
Oh, go on.
Go on.
Like I'm not even here.
Be rather difficult, but I will try.
So we have the location.
Konig's apartment house.
Now, working on the assumption that a number of packages will still arrive, obviously, someone will go there to retrieve them.
We start with him, or her.
Mickey, I want you and Sterno to take alternative shifts at the building, all right? With Jimmy and Ginger.
Clear so far? Um, what do you want from me, Bob? Your ears.
One has to assume that these people, this team, are from out of town.
Leave it to you to know that, Bob.
And, like people from out of town, they'll be tourists.
And what do tourists want to see? The sights.
And there's no better time of year to do it.
All right, then! I'm off.
Oh! Oh! Listen, everybody.
I'm headed for an open house up at Joy's Bunny Hutch, if anybody wants to tag along.
It's gonna be a great party.
Just an idea.
(DOOR CLOSlNG) It's news to me.
It's obviously a professional setup, and if there's a professional behind it, he's got to be in your files.
Yeah, could be.
So, can you help me with it? McCall, I'm not handling that area.
I mean, I still have the position, but What are you saying? It's absolutely your area.
Not at the moment.
Well, whose area is it? I think that if you love somebody, and I'm not talking about if you feel fond of them or if you're warm to a person or if you just like them, I mean, if you really love them, then you have to be prepared, absolutely, to let that person go forever.
You know? MARGO: How do you deal with that kind of pain? Jason? Pain is a message that, if you don't send, I think you don't feel.
You know, anyway, Margo, I don't think you really want a relationship without pain.
McCall, here, would like a little information Listen, please do me a favor.
Could you just cut the preamble? If you've got a point, find it! Otherwise, this young lady and I are rather occupied.
Control, what the hell's going on here? You know, that's a very good question.
That's something that I'd like to know myself.
I mean, we're having an interesting if not important conversation, and you two yutzes just stumbled in here.
You know what I'd like to know? I'd like to know why you're bringing him in here.
In fact, I'd like to know why you're talking to him at all.
Because this particular yutz wants information.
JASON: What were we talking about? Pain.
Oh, yeah.
You know, the Marines have an expression, "No strain, no pain, no gain.
" Hey, just a minute.
Control! Would you like to explain that to me? The man is an empty chair.
He'll be gone before you turn around.
That's not what I'm talking about.
Oh, Jason's all right, he's just running with a bit in his mouth.
I'm not worried about Jason.
I'm worried about you.
(QUlWTLY) I'm just doing what I have to do.
Let's leave it at that, all right? Fine! I'll leave it.
This other thing, do you think you can shake the trees for me on that? Yeah, I'll do what I can.
STWRNO: Hey, Kostmayer! You want one of these? They're great.
Guy marinates them for days.
What do you think we're looking for? What? I said, what do you think we're looking for? Let's go.
That's him.
Hey! That guy's carrying hardware! Forget it, Sterno, we're moving! (GROANS lN DlSAPPOlNTMWNT) Yes? McCall, we got him.
Good, stay with him.
Who's our backup? Jimmy and Ginger.
I'll have them join you.
Step one.
(UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING) Bunny Bunny, when is she gonna get here? You said a half-hour! Do we have a problem? Oh, no, no, this is another thing.
No, you guys are all set.
I did have a little trouble getting what you wanted.
They had them in lace, but not in spandex.
What the heck.
When is she gonna get here? She'll be there soon, okay? Yeah! Million-dollar airplane with a fifteen-cent control tower.
Oh, excuse me for just one minute.
Oh, Tom.
Tom? I'm gonna have the senator up in room 21 in about one hour.
Now, can you give me a little better sound this time? Last time, everything sounded muffled.
It was muffled.
He had a pillow over his head.
Well, do the best you can! Sindee! Sindee, I've been waiting for you for an hour.
I got lost, Dana.
How could you get lost? Never mind, never mind.
I don't even want to hear it.
Listen, Sindee, are you still carrying for those guys? Oh, man, I'm seeing tracers.
Sindee, sit down.
(GlGGLWS DRUNKWNLY) Now Okay, now, (SPWAKlNG CLWARLY) what was his name? Who cares? A friend of mine cares.
Now, please, Sindee, try to help me out on this.
What? Lawton! Law Lawseth? Grant Lawseth? Yeah.
That's it! Right! Oh, thank you, Sindee! Phone Vincenzo's and get a reservation for Friday night.
I want to take the man out to dinner.
Ask them for a table in back.
When he gets in from Wurope, we'll finish that Washington, D.
And I don't want every agent in the office to know what time he's getting in, all right? Please? This time? Get out.
All right, we'll finish this later, Brian.
(SNAPPlNG FlNGWRS) Come on, come on, come on.
Are you aware that some of our contract people, people that we have on retainer, on our payroll, are working for a man classified as Code Two? Hmm? Are you aware of that? Yes, I'm aware of that.
And why did you bring that in to me? Because I'm trying to determine who in this organization would even sanction something like that.
It's not a matter of sanctions.
All these guys moonlight, you know that.
Wxcuse me.
No, I do not know that.
And had I known it, I'd have put a stop to it.
And now that I do know it, it is over! What I want you to do is to tell your friend to stop.
If you want to tell him something, you tell him yourself.
I'm not an errand boy.
Wxcuse me, I'm sorry.
That brings me to something I do want to talk about, though.
Your attitude.
No, forget it.
I don't want to talk about your attitude.
It doesn't interest me.
Uh, what I want to talk about is the fact that this organization requires procedures to run through this office, and me! Which means if you want to buy somebody's services, you want to take somebody out to dinner, it has to run and be cleared through me.
Do you have any problem with that? Good! So, that means if you want to take that man to dinner, well, it's okay by me.
But not Vincenzo's.
You bugged my office.
Besides, that man is more of a lunch than a dinner.
You bugged my office! He's the guy in the blue coat with the fur collar.
Two eggs over easy.
Hold the hash browns.
Take a seat, Miss.
(PWOPLW CHATTWRlNG) Miss, may I have a menu, please? Yeah? All right.
Hi, there.
Thank you.
Cherry Coke, easy on the ice.
What's it been? Round and round.
How about you? Same.
I've been sitting here too long.
This guy's gonna make me.
Lawseth? Up jumped the devil.
Hello? Yeah, McCall, it's Mickey.
You'll never believe who I just saw.
Let me guess.
Grant Lawseth.
On the number.
How do we play it? Bring him in.
Is this the man who's trying to kill me? Well, if it isn't, he'll lead us to the one who is.
He's quite a dangerous man, Lawseth.
That's our mark.
Let's do it.
GlNGWR: Right behind you.
(STARTS WNGlNW) GlNGWR: Okay, go! (COUGHlNG) I hope they warned you about me.
There are people waiting.
It's important.
I need a better reason than that.
All right.
Move! Out of my way, damn it! (GRUNTS) (MWTAL CLATTWRlNG) Hold it! Are you sure that's how you want to play this out? The man just wants to talk to you! You're with the NSA.
And you specialize in setting up dead drops.
I'm private now, McCall.
I've been that way since '84.
So now you sell your expertise to the highest bidder.
Better payday.
Why is this man trying to kill me? It's not me.
It's nothing personal.
Ask McCall.
These people all knew what they were getting into.
They knew the risks but they liked the money.
It's not personal.
Personal? What about me? Barry.
Yeah, well, you kind of stepped into it.
Who is in the seat? No idea.
Your organization has a front and a back.
Who are they? You know what giving up that kind of information could cost me.
I know what not giving up will cost you.
Look, I don't want to get you into trouble.
I just want to correct a mistake.
Konig here is not involved.
(DOORBWLL RlNGlNG) Jimmy? Uh-oh.
(DOORBWLL RlNGlNG) McCall, it's for you.
Well, of course it's for me, Jimmy! Open the door! I don't think so.
What the hell? (DOORBWLL RlNGlNG) McCALL: This is all we need.
What's the matter? Are you lost? Hi.
I see in this room, and a nice room it is, too, one, two, and hiding over there, Jimmy, three.
How's your wife? Oh, that's right, I'm sorry, I forgot.
And Mickey! Four employees on my payroll.
I want to know why.
I don't really care what, and I know who.
What I want to know is why.
Why what? "Why what"! Why what? Why should I continue paying any one of you? In fact, it's ridiculous.
I'm not going to.
Let's put it this way.
You've got a choice, all right? You can work for him, or you can work for me, but come on, seriously, you cannot work for both of us.
Who is this guy? Jason? Get out.
All right, here's the thing.
Now, if you keep working for him, I'm gonna tear up your contract.
Tear it up! That means any time that you've got in, gone.
That means, of course, that your pensions are no good.
You can forget about them.
You can forget about anything, really.
Uh Lawseth.
So, what is it you guys are doing? You're setting up a loop? You're closing one down? These people are helping me help that man.
(SlGHS DRAMATlCALLY) Well, they can do that, that's fine, I don't care.
They've got a choice, and they know what the consequences are now.
Right? Ginger.
I want to apologize for a couple of months ago, okay? I see your hair has grown out now, and it looks really nice, so Tell me something, why is this so important to you? McCall, it's an arbitrary decision on my part, okay? It happens to be the way things are.
Nice place.
Bye! (DOOR SLAMS) Well, you've done everything that was needed.
Any of you want to go, go.
I'll quite understand.
McCall, if it was up to me, I would use Jason like a Johnny mop, but you're ten percent of my income and he's the rest.
Hey, what's the over and under on this guy pulling our tickets? Who needs who? We can do it, and he can only talk about it.
Mickey, you don't have to stay.
No reason to leave.
Thank you all very much.
It's nice to have friends.
Right! This is what we're going to do.
We're gonna bring them out into the open.
And in order to do that, we are going to need names.
McCall, you are going to get me into a world of trouble.
Oh, come on, hang about, hang about.
You are already in a world of trouble! When do we strap on the iron? We don't.
We're going to play a little game.
It's called Pin the Fish.
What do you mean? We are going to tag every single one of his operatives.
We are going to let them know that we know exactly who they are.
And then what? Then the big fish will come to us.
Right? McCALL: Ginger, this one's yours.
I'll take one.
No, no, come on.
Come on, Jimmy.
It's a long time since you've done this sort of thing.
It could be a little dangerous.
I know.
But if not this, then what? I've been beat down, McCall, and it's not just the divorce.
It's been going on for a long time.
Get out of here! Mmm.
Jimmy, doing this is not gonna help, is it? It's a start.
And if I don't start now, it'll never change.
All right.
Take it.
Be careful.
Keep your eye on him, will you? GlNGWR: Wxtra sauerkraut, please.
MAN: Yeah, you got it, you got it.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Oh! I'm Look what I've done.
I'm sorry.
Oh, sorry, sorry.
I'm sorry.
(CAMWRA CLlCKS) Thanks very much.
Come on, Jimmy.
Come on, do it.
Do it! Help him, Sterno.
Help him! (CAMWRA CLlCKS) Welcome! Hey, ho! Now, didn't you do well? Hi, Barry.
I want you to meet my friend back here.
This is Jimmy the Dip.
I've met him.
(SARDONlCALLY) Ho, ho, ho.
Well done, everybody.
What do we do now? Tell him, Mickey! What we do best.
Sit on our duffs and wait.
MAN: I believe you've been dropping your calling card around town.
Yes, I did do that.
I'm interested in your feat of fiction.
Can we meet? A meeting? That's right.
Yes, I would very much like a meeting.
Are you familiar with the new convention center on the west side? Yes.
In an hour.
KOSTMAYWR: Where? Site of the new convention center.
Jimmy, Sterno.
Find out as much as you can about the layout.
Call me on the car phone.
You got it.
How do we play it? Head on, I would think.
Wouldn't you? It's about time.
(WlNGS FLAPPlNG) They're meeting on the next level down.
I'll take east, you take west.
Don't drop the ball.
Don't you ever back up? Wver? No.
Hi, sailor.
Hey! Come on! What's it gonna be? (GUN FlRWS) (GROANlNG) (SCRWAMlNG) GlNGWR: Mickey! (MACHlNW GUN FlRlNG) Don't even think it.
A mistake has been made.
(PANTlNG) There's been a lot of mistakes.
I thought I had professionals.
Oh, you have.
But they're not very good ones.
I've been on my feet for 72 hours.
I can't negotiate sarcasm.
You want to plug me into this? I have a friend here who inadvertently has become involved in one of your dead drops.
He has nothing to do with it.
He is not involved.
I want him let alone.
Is that clear? Is that all you want? Well, of course that's all I want! You got it, chum.
Now, what about us? "Us"? There is no "us.
" Our business is now complete.
(CHUCKLlNG) See how things are done? Guy comes in, he says what he says, I say what I say, he says the rest, we're done! Is it over? Good Lord, no.
Now I have to give all this information to Detective Mason Warren, 75th Precinct.
And he will, uh, roll it up.
Come on, you're all right now, Mr.
You're all right now.
Now, the really big question of the day is, where are we going to dinner? I know this place, Vincenzo's.
It'll be great.
We'll get a little table in the back, it'll be very I wanted to talk to you about Mickey Kostmayer and the others.
I can understand your feelings towards me, but why bother hurting them? Well, McCall, since you request it, I'll back off, okay? Now, about dinner.
What we'll do is, we'll get a little angel hair pasta with a little Madeira.
I know you like that.
One other thing.
Stop pushing Control.
That sounds personal.
As personal as you want to make it.