The Equalizer (2021) s02e07 Episode Script

When Worlds Collide

1 Previously on The Equalizer - I was trained by the best.
- Damn right you were.
ROBYN: I serve as an equalizer.
It's what I was put on this earth to do.
I want you to resurrect me.
- You serious, babe? - I just want to live preferably without being arrested by the Feds for leaking military secrets.
ROBYN: That's a tall order, Harry.
Have you ever had an asset - who had to disappear? - A few.
Ever try to bring one back? Just how deep in the cold are they? - The Arctic.
- From what I've learned, sometimes there just isn't a way back home.
Voodoo in my blood is livid Blood take, I'm chillin' Chill me got the soul of a mimic It's not quite right, you must be a cynic Sign of the wars is my grinning Come in to my time and see me [ELECTRICAL TRILLING.]
Mm Hmm It's about time.
This guy is smart.
Sophisticated obfuscation protocol, which Did you get it or not? Yes.
- Barely, barely grieving - [BODY THUDS.]
Keep the front door open Uh-huh Uh-huh, uh-huh.
Okay, you got me up early on a Saturday morning.
Sorry to cut into your family time.
Speaking of family, how's Delilah? Making progress.
Therapy's helping, and she wants to invite you over for dinner so you could spill all my secrets.
Hey, you didn't rush me down here so you could ask about Dee.
Why are you redlining? I don't redline.
Tell that to your eyebrows.
Someone's hit my personal server with a cyberattack.
Some hacktivist group.
They want millions, or they're gonna release all my files to the dark web.
Well, if your people can't help, - what makes you think I can? - Come on, McCall.
I know he's alive.
Who? Don't "who" me.
You once asked me to clear someone's name with the Feds.
And now you're palling around with his widow, Mel Bayani.
You're making a big leap here.
If those files get leaked, it's not just the end of my business.
There's intel in there that could jeopardize national security.
Blow up alliances.
Unless you're willing to risk World War III, I need Harry's help.
MEL: Babe, it's McCall.
Hey, Rob, you're up early.
Good morning, Harry.
I need a favor.
For Bishop.
His server's been encrypted and is being held hostage.
Mm, cyber hooligans, giving the rest of us a bad name.
Yeah, I'll be happy to look into it.
Wait, hold on, hold on a second.
If Bishop's top guys couldn't crack it, who did you tell him you were bringing this to? About that.
You're cleaning up for Bishop? We don't get a lot of visitors down here.
Besides, he may be my ticket out.
ROBYN: Harry Keshegian.
- Hi.
- BISHOP: Harry.
You look pretty good for a dead guy.
Oh, hey, Mel.
- So, I'm impressed.
This is quite a joint you guys got here.
You know, as they say, nice place to visit, but, uh, eh Well, principles have consequences.
MEL: See, that kind of thinking is exactly why I don't trust you.
I know how to keep a secret.
Is that right? Because I thought you were here because your secrets got hacked.
Not if we get in front of it.
All right, look.
The information you sent is being processed.
I'm through, uh, most of the ransomware firewalls.
Robyn tells me you're working on clearing Harry's name.
How's that going? Yeah, I've got some feelers out.
You've "got some feelers out"? What does that even mean? - Uh-oh.
- You got something? Yeah, but you're not gonna like it.
Encrypting that drive was just a smoke screen to hide what they were actually doing, which was introducing malware onto the server.
What kind of malware? It's called a bloodhound virus, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.
It's designed to seek out specific targets.
In this case, this file.
No, no, no, you got to stop that.
- Right now.
- Yeah, sorry, maybe I wasn't clear.
It's already been breached.
Bish? What's on that file? It's an identity that I've been safeguarding for 25 years.
It's the name of my son.
Yeah, yeah, got it.
Thanks, Harry.
All right, he tracked your son's phone.
He's at Claremont and 123rd, and he's still not answering.
And you have a son? Zade.
His name is Zade.
And he's getting a PhD in poli-sci at Columbia.
And you kept that from me for 20 years? Nobody knows.
Not even him.
We thought it'd be safer that way.
Who's we? His mother, Adhara.
We met in Syria in the '90s.
She got pulled into a terror cell against her will, so, uh, I recruited her.
Her people got onto her.
We spent days in hiding together before I could get us out to safety.
Just happened.
You loved her.
We got back to the States, we found out that she was pregnant.
I was happy.
But let's face it, who I am and what I do that was everything she was running away from.
She didn't want that for her kid.
I don't blame her.
So we both decided that I, uh, I should stay away.
But you kept tabs.
Every school play, every baseball game, I was there.
But never as his dad.
But if no one knows about him, then why are they going after this file? - You think his mother knows? - She's dead.
Six months ago, cancer.
I'm so sorry, Bish.
Well, if she's gone, then Why don't I call him? What the hell am I gonna say? "Hey, it's your long-lost dad.
I'm this random guy you don't even know.
" Well, staying away doesn't seem like an option anymore.
ROBYN: Clear.
BISHOP: Clear.
His phone.
- They took him.
- Yeah, but who? They attacked my files.
This is about me.
They're just using him for leverage.
This is why I stayed away.
Whoever it is, We'll get him back.
I checked all available footers.
There's no coverage of the front of the building.
Anything suspicious in the area? There was a green van that was idling across the street about an hour ago.
Driver never got out.
- Could've been standing watch.
- Plates? Unlisted.
I tried to track it through street cams, but I-I lost it in a dead area.
All right, thanks, Harry.
Well, let me know if you find anything.
- You sure you don't want me to call a CSU team - for that print? - Oh, no, no.
No cops.
I'll put my people on it.
That's Zade's phone.
Hello? Yeah.
Well, that's not gonna They got him.
What do they want? A meet in an hour.
Ransom demands? Not yet, just a meet.
Well, if this is about you, and all they want is a meet it's probably a trap.
You think I don't know that? What am I gonna do? They said if I don't show, they'll kill him.
Well, I'm going with you.
No, you can't.
I go alone or he dies.
Well, then I do overwatch.
Look, you've been going through this by yourself too long.
That ends now.
Aunt Vi, is Mom back yet? No, she's out.
Another one of her missions.
Think she'd let me borrow her rose gold hoops? My darling, you should never lose that cheerful optimism, however untethered to reality it may be.
You expecting someone? No.
Hello, may I help you? - I'm looking for Violet Marsette.
- Found her.
Marsette, hi.
Um, I hope I'm not bothering you.
I have a sketch I want to ask you about.
I think it might be one of yours.
I'm Kathy, by the way.
I'm so sorry, I don't recognize it.
Are you sure? Aren't those your initials at the bottom? VI: I'm afraid you're looking for a different VM.
I hope you haven't wasted too much time coming here.
Sorry to bother you, Ms.
Enjoy your day.
You, too.
In case you change your mind What was that about? Nothing.
Just a mix-up.
Anything? - Not yet.
- Nothing on my end.
Bishop, black Mercedes, your six.
ROBYN: Oh, my God.
What? Who is that? What is he doing in New York? TALIB [OVER COMM.]
: Do you know who I am? Hassan Talib.
They call you the Architect, responsible for the bombing of the USS McKinleyand the American Embassy in Turkey.
I know who you are.
And you are William Bishop, former CIA station chief, head of Bishop Security.
And the man who stole my wife.
You didn't just steal her, but you also sired her child.
And now I have that child.
MEL: So, Bishop had a kid with a terrorist's wife.
No wonder they kept it secret.
I don't know the kid.
What makes you think I care about him? You're here, aren't you? I read the whole file.
Updates from her, his pictures.
You care.
Kid's got nothing to do with this.
You want revenge, right? Here I am.
Take me.
Your death would be a pleasure.
But Allah has different plans.
Your intelligence agencies just interfered with a major attack I was preparing, and I find myself a hunted man.
My people cannot get me out.
But you can.
How am I supposed to do that? If they know you're here, then every bridge, every tunnel, every airport is gonna be locked down as tight as a drum.
There's no way.
I have faith, William Bishop.
After all, you're good at spiriting people off in the dead of the night, are you not? It's different this time.
You'll find a way.
Get me out of the country tonight, or your son dies.
Are you guys out of your minds? Hassan Talib, he's got the blood of more than 200 U.
citizens on his hands.
Y-You just want to help him get away? I'll understand if you want to sit this one out, but I can't.
His son's life is at stake.
BISHOP: I can't use my usual team.
They have too many intelligence ties.
And something this big is sure to leak.
Alphabets get involved, they won't care that it's Bishop son.
He's just collateral damage.
You're in enough trouble as it is.
You really want to add aiding and abetting a terrorist to the list? And by the way, who's stupid enough to steal a terrorist's wife? He was just a low-level guy back then.
You want to know why he's called the Architect? - 'Cause he plans the attacks.
- No.
Because he studied architecture in Madrid.
That's where he met Adhara.
And then his parents were killed in a bombing.
So then, he goes back to Syria.
That's when he got radicalized.
Adhara wanted nothing to do with that life.
Look, the point is this: I agree with you.
We cannot let Talib go.
But I'm asking you to help me save my son.
So, what's the plan? Once Zade's free, we take Talib into custody.
Meanwhile, we act like we're getting him out.
Buy time.
Except the entire city's on fire looking for this guy.
So we use that against them.
Everyone is looking for Talib, so we turn him into someone people aren't looking for.
Once that's done, I'll take him to a private airport.
Where I'm gonna have a jet waiting to fly him to Cuba where his people are waiting for him.
Hopefully, we never get that far.
But it all depends upon you two helping Bishop find Zade.
Do you have any leads? ROBYN: Just one.
A fingerprint found at Zade's apartment.
If we can find out who took him, maybe it'll lead to where they're holding him.
Let's say we do get Zade out in time.
How is Robyn gonna know? BISHOP: These two watches are linked.
When I free Zade, I press this button.
Her watch will flash green.
At which point I know Talib is fair game.
All right, let's do this.
BISHOP: Robyn.
Anyone catches you with Talib, even I can't help you.
Well, then, I better not get caught.
But, Bishop, what if you can't get Zade out in time? Well, then we both know what you have to do.
Where's Bishop? He's arranging the plane.
I'm his specialist.
Tell him I want someone else.
Don't like women drivers? Well, I don't like terrorists in my car.
So I guess we're all gonna have to be unhappy today.
He sent me because I'm the best.
And since you're being hunted by every Fed in the country, I suggest you make peace with that.
But it's your choice.
Just you.
Getting you out is gonna be hard enough.
You'll have to trust me.
Go on.
Trust only goes so far.
And in case you are under any illusions: biometric scanner.
If I don't reset it every 15 minutes, my men will know that something has happened, and Bishop's son will die.
It detects pulse, and fingerprint, so you can't kill me and cut my finger off.
Well, I guess I'll just have to stick with plan A.
And what is your plan A? To make Hassan Talib disappear.
She's off and running.
Any progress? I've been scrubbing cameras for that green van.
Nothing yet.
And no hits on that print, either.
I've checked AFIS, DoD, Interpol.
Basically every database I have access to.
You know, it might be the time to try the one you don't have access to.
Now I see why you're friends with Rob.
Are you saying you want him to hack into the CIA? Listen, just setting aside how insanely dangerous that is, I mean, do you realize how long that would take? Even for somebody with my skills.
Not as long as you think.
What if I told you that I left a backdoor in the system, in case of emergencies? I'd say you were insane.
They have a sentry system, okay? Which can identify incursions within minutes.
Even with a backdoor, I would have to be in and out of there in under two minutes.
And that's all the time you need.
If Harry does this, do you promise you'll clear his name? I'm trying, but it's complicated.
That's not a promise.
If I could get him out of there I would.
So you're saying you can't? I'm saying that Harry pissed off a lot of important people.
And right now, those people aren't in the forgiving mood.
Sorry, Harry, that's just the truth.
Where'd you hide the backdoor? Babe, no.
He's like family to Rob.
Which means he's basically our family.
And in spite of what the Feds say, I released that classified intel for one reason: I actually love my country.
So if finding Bishop's son means stopping a terrorist, it's really not a It's not a choice.
You know? It's an obligation.
You're a good man.
Yeah, sometimes I hate how good you are.
Yeah, sometimes I do, too.
For instance, now.
As-salaam alaikum.
Wa alaikum as-salaam, sister.
RAHIMA: Yusuf has all the documents ready inside.
Come in.
Come in.
Thank you for your help, especially on such short notice.
Of course.
I just need a name for the passport.
And the picture.
Stand down.
How can you bring this monster to my house? I mean no disrespect [DOOR CLOSES.]
but it's complicated.
It is not complicated.
The man is a murderer.
ROBYN: You're not wrong.
But I need you to finish that passport.
You are no longer my friend.
After this, do not ever come back here.
I understand.
Rahima, I'm sorry, but I'm gonna need your help, too.
RAHIMA: To change your face, we must take off the hair.
- Not the beard.
- You heard her.
She said you must become unrecognizable.
It is sunnah.
You are not Salafi.
Shaving is not haram.
It pleases Muhammad.
It's my faith, my strength.
It'll be your death if someone recognizes you.
They're looking for a man with a beard.
So what pleases Muhammad most? Your beard or your life? DELILAH: Hey.
Need any help? I'm good.
You sure? Okay, spill it.
I know that was your portrait.
- It was your style, your signature.
So why'd you say it wasn't? This is a story I only want to tell once.
The woman in that portrait was a friend from college.
Actually she was more than a friend.
So what happened? Eventually, school ended and we went our separa ways.
We just thought that it wasn't something that could survive the real world, as the world was then.
Tricia went on to marry.
A man.
I haven't seen her since.
Story over.
No, no, because who was that woman who showed up this morning? Based on the resemblance? I'd say it was Tricia's daughter.
You think her mom sent her to find you? Maybe there's a reason.
Dee, don't try to make this into something that it isn't.
For better or for worse, I put all of this behind me a long time ago.
Still, aren't you even a little curious to find out what she's like now? What's the harm? Okay, I think we're set.
You want us to wait? I'm 30 minutes out.
We're running out of time.
You sure you want to do this? No.
But I'm gonna do it anyway.
Starting the timer now.
I'm in.
Locating the database.
Running the print.
We got a hit.
BISHOP: Who? Hadid Bashir.
Do you know him? Ex-foreign intelligence.
Worked closely with the CIA until he had a beef about money.
Went independent about five years ago.
Always works for the highest bidder.
So Talib hed him to grab Zade? Where is he keeping him? One minute, 30.
Harry, you got to get out of there.
All right, now, wait, Harry, generate a list of decommissioned CIA safe houses in the area.
Anything over five years old.
Bashir would know about those properties.
One minute, 54.
Harry? Okay, I got three.
Now can I? Go, go.
Get out of there.
Harry, is there any way we can get a live feed of those addresses? No problem.
I got street cams on all three.
That green van is parked down the street from one of them.
That's where they're holding him.
If it's a safe house, it's a fortress.
How are you gonna get in? Every safe house has a back way out, in case it gets breached.
That's how I'm going in.
Send me the address.
You know what, Bishop? A "please" would be nice.
Please? Sure.
You should have killed them.
For helping you? They're planning to alert the authorities.
By the time they get out of those restraints, you'll be long gone.
Enough innocent people have died because of you.
I'm not adding to that number.
Despite what your government and media would have you believe, I do not kill innocent people.
They were casualties of a war we did not start.
But because I look different, because my skin is different, because my faith is different, I am the terrorist.
Put that gun under the seat.
There's a checkpoint ahead.
They're going car by car.
Do you want to get caught? Don't do anything stupid.
If I was gonna do that, you'd be dead already.
OFFICER: Stop right there, please.
License and registration.
Of course, Officer.
Unlock your tailgate, please.
Have a good evening.
Thank you, Officer.
Don't get cocky.
There'll be FBI at the airport.
And they'll be looking much closer.
ROBYN: We're here.
Bishop's reputation is well-deserved.
It's a private flight, so no metal detectors.
But let me do the talking with passport control, okay? The last thing we need is your accent raising flags.
My passport? What's the second one for? I was hired to deliver you to Cuba.
That's exactly what I'm going to do.
You want to go by yourself? Fine.
But I don't know this pilot, nor his intentions.
Okay, you'll come.
But I'll take your gun.
You'll just have to trust me.
Lot of security tonight.
Something up? I need to see your passports, please.
What was the purpose of your visit to the United States? Business.
Machado here was part of a special envoy to the U.
from Cuba.
I'm Maxine Holt from the State Department, his escort.
Machado, what kind of work do you do? Mr.
Machado is a specialist - in global warming.
- I'm asking him.
Well, he doesn't speak English.
I'm sorry.
In Cuba? Everyone speaks English.
In Havana, maybe.
But Mr.
Machado here is from Viñales.
You ever been? Checks out.
Says Manhattan will be underwater in ten years.
You're all set.
Have a safe flight.
Thank you.
How did you know I was fluent? Four years in Madrid, I figured you could get by.
ZADE: Hey.
You're not dead.
Zade? You know my name? Who are you? I'm an intelligence operative.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
How's that working out for you? Actually, I got caught on purpose.
Easier to find you that way.
Who sent you? Why did those guys grab me? I know you got a lot of questions, but we're on a clock, and we're running out of time.
First thing I got to do, is find out how many guys we're dealing with.
There's seven.
The three who grabbed me, four other voices.
Three of them speak Arabic, one speaks Pashto.
Oh, every hour, one of them opens up the door to check up on me.
Pretty impressive.
Where'd you learn to do that? My mother.
She always said we had to be on guard.
She never said why.
I guess today I found out.
What's your name? Bishop.
You can call me Bishop.
Your mom teach you how to fight, too? I can handle myself.
Yeah? Good, 'cause next time these guys come to check on us, we're gonna take them out.
With what, exactly? We don't have weapons.
Sure we do.
They're just keeping them warm for us.
Uh, I don't know if you've noticed, but we're duct-taped.
I've already checked.
There's nothing sharp enough to cut through the tape.
Yes, there is.
Tell me, when were you intending to kill me? No more need to lie.
We have Bishop.
On the contrary, most agreements are made with a gun to someone's head.
You just haven't noticed, because for a hundred years, the West have held the gun.
I studied to be an architect because I wanted to build a future.
I was naive.
When bombs fall on our buildings American bombs Killing my parents, my family what kind of future can we have? I am no longer naive.
What happened to your family was wrong.
But it doesn't make what you do right.
But it makes it necessary.
That's funny.
That's just what Americans say.
Don't worry.
I'll free the son as promised.
He wasn't part of the deal.
How's it look? Still a ways to go.
What? Nothing.
You look a lot like your mother.
You knew her? I helped her out a long time ago.
You helped her out of Syria? Did you know my father, too? She didn't tell you about him? Just that he was the love of her life.
I asked, but she said it would be too dangerous for me to know anything about him.
I never understood what that meant, but I think I know now.
How's that? I was going through a box of her old photos, and I found some pictures of her with a man I recognized from the news.
It was the terrorist Hassan Talib.
That's why she had to leave Syria.
I think Talib is my father.
But you got that from looking at a bunch of old photos? Why else would she have a picture with him? It explains a lot.
Why she trained me for trouble.
Why those men kidnapped me.
And why she didn't want to tell me.
That my 'Cause my father is a monster? That part may be true.
Talib's not your father.
Your mother hated him.
If you know it's not Talib, do you know who my father is? [MEN SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE NEARBY.]
Tell you what.
When we get out of here, I'm gonna help you find some of those answers.
I'm gonna hold you to that.
I bet you will.
My men will be here soon.
I got you here, now make the call to free Zade.
I'll make the call when I'm safe.
- Not before.
- What about the timer? I'll reset it when it reaches zero.
I want to see you do it.
You're in no position to make demands.
How do I know you won't let it run out once you're outside? You don't.
Now, you're gonna reset that timer.
You're going to let me go.
You know I can't do that, Talib.
My orders are to take you into custody.
Then you're going to have to shoot me first.
And if you shoot me, they will die in less than a minute.
Now, unless you let me go, I will not reset it.
Lower the gun! You care too much.
It's your weakness.
Yeah, I know.
You hold on.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Don't you die yet.
Come on.
Get us out of here, now! [PHONE RINGING.]
Rob, what's going on? ROBYN: Talib's dead.
So Bishop and Zade are safe? No.
They're still being held.
Wait, I-I don't understand.
Doesn't that mean? Bishop and I had an arrangement.
We couldn't let Talib walk, no matter what.
So when I did it, I signaled Bishop with my watch.
He and Zade have 15 minutes to get out of there, otherwise I just signed their death warrant.
Come on.
- You got this.
- Come on.
How long has this been flashing? I don't know.
What's it mean? It means we've got to move fast if we're gonna get out of here alive.
That signal was a warning.
Those guys out there are about to receive a kill order.
Can't we just grab them when they come in, like you said? We've lost the element of surprise.
We got to get out of here right now.
- Door's bolted shut.
- Not for long.
What are those? It's an old spy trick.
Put these together, chemical reaction boom.
- Get back.
- All right.
Know how to use this? Let's go.
This way.
Go, go, go, go, go, go.
I'm still pissed at you.
You're always pissed at me.
Come on, get in.
Nice shot.
Looks like I've got some cleaning up to do.
Well, that can wait.
All right, here's what I want you to do.
Go grab some of your stuff, but just enough for a few days.
I thought you said Talib was dead.
Yeah, Talib is d Talib is dead.
And his men are in custody.
But we want to get you somewhere safe until we know the threat's eliminated.
Who is "we"? If Talib is just some guy my mom knew a long time ago, what does this have to do with me? I can't tell you that.
It's classified.
Come on, get your stuff.
We haven't got all night.
Hey, Bishop.
Who are you, really? ROBYN: You didn't tell him? BISHOP: After everything that kid's been through? He's not ready.
He wasn't ready, or you're not ready? [CHUCKLES.]
So how did you answer his question? I did what I'm really good at.
I lied.
I spent 25 years wondering what I'd feel like when I met him.
And? Well, you should've seen him in there.
Definitely my son.
Then tell him.
I will.
When the time's right.
If he's anything like you, you sure he doesn't already know? Put your arms around me And steady my wings [DOOR CLOSES.]
I've been running from the best things And look what the cat dragged in.
Aunt Vi.
I heard you had a pretty interesting visitor today.
And which little birdie told you that? Ooh, that girl loves some drama.
You want me to see what's up with your old friend? No.
You have much better things to do with your time.
Besides, I haven't given it a second thought.
Okay, I might have looked her up on Facebook.
She lives in Connecticut, an hour from here, and split from her husband a few years ago.
That's probably less than an hour on the train.
I don't know, Robyn.
From what Dee said, it sounds like this woman was pretty important to you.
I have always wondered what would've happened if Well why wonder when you can pick up the phone and call? Night night.
We are making all things new again We are making all things new We are making all things new again We are making all things new We are searching for the difference We are making all things new Brick by brick [TAKES DEEP BREATH.]
MEL: Hey.
Good news.
I found a place that sells your oolong, but they don't have much left, so I'm gonna run over there and buy them all out.
Aww, you're a sweetie pie.
Thank you.
Okay, what's the matter? I'm never getting out of here, am I? I don't believe that.
We just haven't figured out a way yet, but we will.
Sometimes I think it would just be easier just to accept it, because it's the hoping that makes it so damn exhausting.
Well, if you like, I can be in charge of the hoping for a while.
You're better at it.
And you know what? Whatever happens, we will deal.
I don't know what I did to deserve you, but I must have hella good karma.
You must have.
- What was that? I-I don't know.
Get out of here.
- No, I'm not leaving you.
- Mel Federal agents! - Don't move! - MEL: Okay.
- Show us your hands! - Don't shoot.
AGENT: Harry "Keys" Keshegian, you are under arrest for espionage, - theft of government documents - No.
and disclosure of classified information.
How did you find me? AGENT: You should've never breached the servers of the CIA.
Just let me talk to him.
Harry! - Harry! - Mel.
Mel, I love you.
- Harry! - It's gonna be all right.
- Harry.
- Mel, I love you.

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