The Equalizer (2021) s02e10 Episode Script


There are things in this world that no one should have to experience.
And it is my job to make them right.
It's okay.
We're the good guys.
Previously on The Equalizer This is Melody, one of my oldest friends.
How's it going, Harry? I need those freaky-ass superpowers of yours.
I serve as an equalizer.
It's what I was put on this earth to do.
Whoo! Let's get them! Get over here! Burn it to the ground! Ella? Upstairs! Ella! Stay back! We don't want no trouble.
No! - Daddy! - Ella, we have to go.
Come on.
- It's okay.
- Go.
Go on, grab it! Y'all really gonna make me choose? Come on, now.
Stop stalling.
Yeah, Mom.
Which is better? - Damn! - Boom! Told you.
Almond flour was the move.
Girl, congratulations.
That means you can start making breakfast - for everybody from now on.
- Wait, what? Good luck with that.
Okay, no.
That is not her recipe.
She set me up.
Ooh, Aunt Vi with the long game.
- What you got up for today? - Vera's coming over.
She's applying for the U.
's youth internship program, and she asked me for help on her essay.
Smart, asking you.
- Okay, I'm out.
- She's in the kitchen.
- Bye.
Love you.
- Love you.
- Have fun.
- Thanks.
Hey, Vera.
Thank you so much for doing this with me.
Of course.
I mean, United Nations? - That's so exciting.
- I know, right? Okay.
- Let me know what you think.
- Okay.
Um Wait, is this a mistake? It says "Vera Lopez.
" I thought your last name was Franks.
Lopez is my middle name.
My mom thinks I stand a better chance if they know I'm a minority candidate.
But you're not.
I kinda am.
Lopez is my middle name from my grandfather's side, and I have the right to use it.
Okay, but should you? I'm just saying I've known you since junior high, and you've never said you were anything but white.
But now that being a minority can help you Does that not ring false to you? Why not use Franks and then put Lopez as your middle name if that's true.
It is true.
I wouldn't lie about that.
And this program could really help me get into some good colleges.
I thought you of all people would understand.
No, I mean, I want to help you.
It's just I'm not sure if I'm okay with this.
Seriously, Dee? Wow.
This painting you want me to find.
Do you have a photo? No.
Just my grandmother's descriptions.
- When was it stolen? - On May 31, 1921, from her house in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Tulsa? You don't mean? The first night, there were shootings.
Fires came on the second.
On the third, planes dropped bombs.
35 blocks of Black Wall Street burned to the ground by race terrorists.
My grandmother Ella was left homeless that night.
Her mother, Ruthie, lost her life.
The whole event was just pure evil.
And we're still living with the scars.
Ever heard of Henry Ossawa Tanner? The artist.
- Powerful work.
- At the turn of the century, my great-grandfather commissioned him to do a portrait of Ruthie.
This is a rough sketch from my grandmother's memory.
That painting, along with trucks and supplies from our family's shipping business, were stolen that night.
- Did your grandmother say by who? - She was just a child.
But she never forgot.
Not their faces or their laughter.
It was the Nardoni Brothers.
- Wilford and Neil.
- As in? Nardoni International Shipping.
Their family built their empire on what was stolen from ours.
Last year, Fortune did a profile on Roger Nardoni, great-grandson of Wilford.
Now owner of the company.
You see that there? That's the corner of the painting.
It's in his home office.
Or was when they took the photo.
Have you contacted him? We have.
Our lawyers have.
But, of course, he denied it.
We even got the police to search his place, but they claimed they couldn't find it.
It'd be worth millions today.
But it's not about the money.
Grandmother Ella is now 107, and she hasn't seen her mother's face in over 100 years.
Her dying wish is to see her one last time before she passes.
We know he has it.
But we're at a dead end here, and Grandmother Ella doesn't have much time.
Can you help us? Your client is right.
Police did conduct a search of Roger Nardoni's place five months ago.
Found nothing, but - But what? - I doubt they looked very hard.
Nardoni's a major donor to the benevolent fund.
Billionaires certainly know how to hide their assets.
Listen, you find something, give me a call.
Until then, I can't help you.
All right, Roger Nardoni.
CEO, Nardoni Shipping.
In the last hundred years, they've expanded from trucks to tank barges.
Now they run 25 container ships to Asia and South America.
Not exactly a "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" kind of guy.
His fortune, his business: all inherited from his family.
And all stolen from someone else's.
And this kind of injustice leaves a legacy.
Just like wealth.
Gets passed down through the generations.
The first thing we need to do is find that painting.
Harry, dig into his life.
See what you can learn.
Where you going? Nardoni's.
Cops may have tipped him before the search so he could hide the painting.
It's been long enough, maybe he put it back.
So you're gonna, what, break into his house? Why break in when I can be invited? Ms.
Thank you for seeing me on such short notice.
Oh, anyone who moves half a billion semiconductors a year is someone I can make time for.
Those are impressive numbers.
Not as impressive as your art collection.
You have quite the eclectic taste.
At least, to my untrained eye.
It's true.
My taste spans the globe, just like my business.
You're shipping out of Taiwan? Port of Gaoxiong.
I thought your company had a contract with Maersk.
We do.
And we're not happy.
But we want to avoid a potential frenzy, so we're not advertising.
It's why you didn't want to come to the office.
Toshigi doesn't like rumors.
What about this one? Ah.
It's a Burchfield.
1916? Really? The colors are vibrant.
No cracking at all.
It almost looks new.
Well, like you said, your eye is untrained.
A-About your order.
What kind of time frame are you thinking about? As soon as possible once we see numbers we like.
Toshigi would like bids by Friday.
And if word leaks, you're out.
But don't worry.
From what I've seen, I have a feeling we'll be talking again soon.
It's the same frame, but the painting is new.
Designed to match what's in the magazine.
And when I asked Nardoni about it, his face lit up with micro-tells.
He must've gotten spooked by the Watkins family inquiry.
Swapped it out to maintain deniability.
He has it.
Or he had it.
Question is where is it now? I think I might know.
Ever heard of The Vault? The warehouse in Brooklyn? That's a free port, right? - A free port? - It's a free trade zone.
Mostly used to store goods in transit to avoid customs, but billionaires like to keep their art there because, technically, it's considered outside the country, so, you know, they don't have to pay duties and taxes on it.
- And that's legal? - It's one of a thousand loopholes these guys like to exploit.
The day before the cops raided Nardoni's place, right, he moved a bunch of items from his place to the free port.
And I think the Watkins family portrait might be one of them.
- So, how do I get in? - You don't.
The place's security rivals Fort Knox, and that's the known layer.
There's an unknown layer? The inside is cloaked in secrecy.
Check it out.
The security design team not only consisted of former Secret Service but of legendary art thief turned security expert Omer Eldad.
I mean, he's the best in the biz.
However good you are at getting into places, this guy is better at keeping people out.
Maybe I can't get in, but I know someone who can.
Jessie Cook.
They call her The Worm.
She's a savant-level thief.
Rumored to have photographic memory.
Legendary for breaking into high-security places.
She's gifted.
The best at what she does.
But she's also out of her damn mind.
She's devious, unpredictable, totally amoral and only cares about herself.
You've worked with her before.
Bishop recruited her to help me infiltrate a Chinese naval base.
Halfway in, she decides she needs a bigger payday.
She wouldn't move until he wired the funds.
We barely made it out of there alive.
So, maybe you don't call her.
Doing this ourselves would take weeks, maybe months to plan.
Grandma Ella doesn't have that kind of time.
We gonna pull this off, we need The Worm.
But if she only cares about herself, what makes you think she'll help? Because I know what makes her tick.
We just have to find her.
Oh, you are quite the charmer.
Why don't you finish up your drink.
I'm gonna get freshened up, and I'll be right back.
Come here.
Little baby.
Aren't you a pretty girl.
Oh! Thanks, girl.
You shouldn't have.
- What's that, about 20 carats? - 22.
Diamonds don't seem like your thing, Robbie.
You're more of, like, a gunmetal leather kind of girl.
Like this jewel, I am - multifaceted.
- Why are you here? And I know you're not here for that rock.
- I got a job for you.
- Oh, no.
I don't work for other people.
Especially people who talk about me behind my back.
Talk behind I was debriefed by the CIA.
You didn't have to tell them everything.
You detonated a bomb.
As a distraction.
I was improvising.
You almost improvised me into the afterlife.
Oh, stop whining.
You lived.
Speaking of bombs, we should go.
Thank you.
Seriously? We don't have much time, but if you'd like to stay, be my guest.
Stay out of my way.
I'm hitting The Vault.
The Vault? The Holy Grail.
Imagine the bragging rights.
What's the score? A painting.
It was stolen from a family during the Tulsa massacre.
I'm returning it to its proper owners.
What's in it for me? It's in billionaire Roger Nardoni's vault.
Help me get in, anything else that's in there is yours.
No way.
That's insane.
Nobody has ever breached The Vault.
Be the first.
I do love being the first.
So? What do you say? Ooh.
I say we got to go.
Why do you always have to blow everything up? 'Cause it works.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
It's after 11:00.
- What are you still doing up? - Can't sleep.
I don't know.
I can't stop thinking.
Want to talk about it? No.
- I had a fight with Vera.
- About what? Her essay.
Her last name is Franks, but she's using her grandfather's last name, Lopez, because her mom thinks she'll have a better chance at getting into the U.
I mean, don't you think that's unethical? - Do you think it's unethical? - Yes.
She's lying about her name to get a minority slot.
But she's not lying about her heritage.
No, but you'd never know that by the way that she acts.
It's not who she is.
- And you told her how you felt? - Course I did.
Dee, I just love how you stand up for what you believe in, but, you know, everything isn't always so black-and-white.
I know.
I want to talk it out, but I have a feeling she never wants to speak to me again.
Do you think I should've just let it go? No.
I don't think that, either.
When I was your age, I wasn't always sure who I was because that is a process, honey.
It takes time.
Instead of calling her out, maybe you want to consider calling her in.
- Go to bed.
- Night.
Where are we? That's need to know, and you don't need to know.
Harry, Mel, meet Jessie Cook.
The Worm.
Oh, okay.
Is this your little crew? Cute.
I hope she told you I'm a solo act? We heard all about your act.
The Met, the Getty and the Louvre.
That's quite the hat trick.
Well, I do love a challenge.
Is it true you escaped the Louvre in a stolen speedboat? It is.
That was pretty epic.
But what's the point in doing anything if you're not gonna have a little fun along the way? Fun over function.
Story of your life.
Stick, meet ass.
Story of yours.
- So, The Vault.
- Right, yeah.
I managed to hack the client portal and pull some blueprints.
Nardoni's unit is right here, but unfortunately, the only system I was able access were surveillance cams.
For the rest of his security, we're completely in the dark.
All right, well, let me turn some lights on for you.
They use a mix of high-tech and practical systems.
Now, you can access any floor with a key card, but the hallways are gonna be blanketed with state-of-the-art motion sensors.
Now, here's another little, fun tidbit.
Each main hallway is protected by these random pressure plates under the tile.
Step on one and the world comes running.
Hold on a second.
How can you possibly know all this? I mean, their security is top secret.
Let's just say I went to the source.
You didn't.
Oh, yeah, I did.
I bumped into him in Santorini, and we bumped all night.
After about ten ouzos, he could not stop bragging about his impenetrable system.
You dudes really love chatting it up about your equipment.
- Okay, well - Yeah, they do.
- What are you laughing at? - It was funny.
Once he passed out, I got the schematics off his laptop.
- Did you download them? - Hell no.
It's all up here.
But it's useless.
It's the outer layer that makes The Vault the Holy Grail.
Reinforced steel, biometric security, military-grade defense system.
Every package that's delivered has to be authorized by the client's voiceprint.
If the computer does not recognize that voiceprint exactly, the facility is not accepting that delivery.
Who's authorized on Nardoni's account? James Decker.
- His right-hand man.
- Wow.
- Looks like he'd be fun at parties.
- Well, you can find out, actually.
He and Nardoni are scheduled to be at an art auction later today.
You thinking what I'm thinking? Wait a minute.
What you thinking? Mel, you have anything in your closet that just screams, "I like to spend money"? Wow.
That is a great outfit.
You do look money, honey.
Let's hope Decker thinks so, too.
All righty, voice capture software is online.
Okay, six o'clock.
He's headed your way.
Did a little research.
He's a history buff.
He collects watches.
Got it.
Oh! I'm so sorry.
- Are you okay, miss? - Yeah.
It's totally my fault.
My mother always said I was clumsy.
You make clumsy look good.
That is a nice watch.
Ah, thank you.
- It's a classic.
- Oh.
1917 caged trench watch from World War I? - It's exquisite.
- Ah.
Fellow horophile? Sure.
Then you'll appreciate that I'm the second person to own this piece.
Okay, great.
You're doing great, honey.
I just need an "ow" and a "zzz.
" Is that right? Yes.
The original owner was a quirky Brit.
A military man.
- Hmm.
- Mention the Anglo-Zanzibar War.
He must have fought in the Anglo-Manzibar War.
- You mean the Anglo-Zanzibar War.
- Yes.
Did you know that was actually the shortest recorded war in history? - Really? - Good, good, good.
I still just need an "ow.
" Um, "cow," "thou," "plow.
Ow! - I am so sorry.
- That'll do.
I told you, I'm clumsy.
You know what, I'm gonna give you some space.
Did you get that? Loud and clear.
Just gonna put it together.
Meanwhile I know.
I better get changed.
Delivery for Roger Nardoni.
Nothing's scheduled for today.
Seriously? They said that they were gonna call you.
Can you please check? Hold on a sec.
Yep? This is James Decker calling in a delivery for Roger Nardoni.
Single crate.
A sculpture.
Thank you, Mr.
- You're clear.
- Thanks.
Hey, hold on a sec.
You're riding low on your left rear.
You might want to get some air.
Will do.
Appreciate it.
I can't believe you brought snacks.
You don't want to know me when I'm hungry.
I'm not sure I want to know you now.
Don't forget, I'm doing you a favor.
Bishop should have never recruited you from that prison in Marseille.
I would have escaped anyway.
Just so you know, this ain't Nardoni's vault.
Harry, where the hell are we? Remember that path we meticulously planned from Nardoni's vault to the exit? You're nowhere near it.
Looks like you're in some sort of secure holding room on the opposite side of the facility with God knows what in between.
In other words, we're screwed.
That's about right.
Harry? Harry, can you hear me? Concrete's blocking the signal.
- Let's go.
- No.
We don't know if he has control of the cameras yet.
There's only one way to find out.
What are you doing? You hear any sirens? No.
- We're fine.
- No, we're not fine.
He has the map.
We don't know where we're going.
I learned early in this world you can only depend on yourself.
I memorized those blueprints.
It's this way.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Actually, it's this way.
I'm thinking about the-the blueprints upside down.
- Wait, wait, wait! - What? You see those sconces? They are next-gen motion detectors.
Had 'em in the Louvre.
You so much as bat an eyelash and you set them off.
How do we get past them? Well, it just depends if they updated the software.
If it's new firmware, we won't.
But if the firmware is old What are you doing? Too many data points overwhelmed the old software.
It's logged in as an error.
And then the system just reboots itself.
Wait for it.
Five, four, three, two Yes! The system just rebooted itself.
We got 15 seconds.
Race you.
Damn, Robbie, you getting slow.
- Keep it up, you gonna get us caught.
- What the hell, Jess? Next time, tell me before you take off.
Oh, here you go.
You know, it's just like China.
It's not you, it's me.
You know what? It's not my fault if you can't keep up.
Girl, I'm gonna hurt you.
Did I not just get us to the door of the stairwell? Is Nardoni's unit not upstairs and down the hall? I would think you would stop criticizing me and just be a little bit more impressed.
Just open the door.
What? I need a key card.
You cannot need a key card.
Because you said you would get a key card.
You said it'd be easy to get.
Okay, so my source didn't come through.
So I'm gonna improv.
- I'm gonna improv! - Improv? No, no, no, no.
I hate your improv.
Easy peasy sleazy.
Yeah, except now we have an unconscious guard.
It's cool.
Just tie his ass up and throw him in there.
If you would have gotten a card beforehand, we could have been in and out of here without anyone ever knowing.
Every good plan needs a little improv.
You know, like jazz.
Jazz my ass.
Now we're on the clock.
What if he wakes up? What if he manages to get help? Well, we can always kill him.
We don't have to worry about him waking up then.
Would that make you happy? No.
But shooting you would.
I said I would get a card, and I got a card.
Show a little gratitude.
Just a teeny, teeny bit.
All right.
This is the floor I was talking about.
Random pressure plates.
Now, all the tiles look the same, but if you step on the wrong one, party over.
- And you memorized it? - Yes.
- From a guy you were drinking with.
- Yes.
- How many years ago? - Three.
How much ouzo? Now, why would I do anything to jeopardize me? Just take every step that I take.
Whoa! Is it here, or is it there? Relax.
Have some fun.
Remember that night in Macao with the tiger and the motorcycle? That was fun.
And we got the access codes, right? So just chill, I got you.
Nardoni's unit is right down there.
You hear that? What? Wait.
I didn't see where you stepped.
- I know.
- What are you doing? You know I didn't just come here for that painting.
This'll only take a minute.
Get back here.
This is not our mission.
Back soon.
Don't move.
Like I have a choice.
Okay it's gotta be that one.
Okay, one down, another dozen to go.
Hallway seven is clear.
I told you, I got you.
Let's go to Nardoni's vault.
Come on.
Just like that, we in, baby.
Yes! You did that.
Don't touch me.
Start with those.
- Yo, Robbie.
- Don't call me that.
You remember when you told me that if I helped you out, I could have anything I want in the vault? That was before your little side hustle back there.
Well, it doesn't matter, 'cause all of this is worthless.
- What do you mean? - I'm an art thief.
This is what I do.
This is all junk.
But the invoices So Nardoni sells this piece to an idiot for $12 million.
Sells this other piece over here for, like, seven.
These pieces are barely worth the cost of the frames they're sitting in.
This is money laundering.
Who are the buyers? - Wyatt Gardner.
- I know that name.
He's the CEO of Carthage Chemicals.
I'm starting to detect a theme because this piece over here he sold to a Banotide Chemical Company for, like, $11 million.
And I mean, this is something my two-year-old nephew could do.
What about these? This is what he's been buying.
Meh, same thing.
What is he doing? Whatever it is, it's gonna have to wait.
We've got a painting to find.
Come on.
Yo, McCall.
She is beautiful.
Hey, help me with this.
Guards! We gotta go.
Robbie, now! Come on! Lock it down! Lock it down! Hell yeah! Stolen van, people shooting at us! Now, that's living! Come on, now.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa! You see that gate? Yo! We got away Scot-free.
We got away Scot-free! Come on, now! That was awesome.
Next time I drive.
Next time? Do you understand what you did? That little detour of yours cost me my one shot at retrieving that painting.
And for what? Some earrings? Those aren't just any earrings.
Those are the matching set to Marie Antoinette's strand necklace, okay.
Which I stole from the Louvre.
That's what this was about: a matching set.
I knew you were gonna try something.
Still, I wanted to believe that you were better than that.
What about what this meant for me? Okay, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Do you hear yourself? You just sacrificed this family's rightful legacy.
A dying woman's wish to remember her mother's face.
For your selfishness and greed.
We can still get the painting.
How? We can't get back in.
I don't know how yet, but something will work out.
It always does.
It must be really lonely only caring about yourself.
I hope they were worth it.
Come on, Robbie, you can't Get out.
We're done.
Hey, Dee.
I just came by to tell you that you can stop calling and texting and DMing me obsessively.
- Fine.
I will leave you alone.
- No.
Can I come in? Listen, I was already feeling weird about the name thing, and then you called me on it.
I was honestly just trying to protect you.
You could be canceled if anyone found out.
But I should probably keep my opinions to myself.
But, Dee, what you said, it made me think about who I am and where I came from.
I never paid any attention to it or asked any questions about it.
Like why no one in my family ever spoke a word of Spanish to me, or why we don't celebrate the holidays that my grandparents did.
- Did you ask them? - Yeah.
They weren't too happy about it at first, either.
But once we all got over ourselves, I learned a lot about why my grandfather wanted us to assimilate, and how they passed that on to my mother.
There was a whole part of who I am that was missing, and I didn't even know it.
That's what I want to write my essay about.
So, will you help me? Yes.
I would love to help you write about that.
Okay, come on.
I had it.
It was right there.
All right, there's gotta be a way to get the painting.
Well, we can't break back in.
They'll be prepared for that.
But those junk paintings of Nardoni's If we can figure out what he's doing, maybe we can leverage him.
I think I might be able to help.
Check this out.
Ten years ago, both the Banotide and Carthage Chemical companies were fined by the EPA for illegally dumping toxic waste in rural areas in the Midwest.
They had to pay huge settlements to some communities where there were spikes in cancer levels.
And supposedly they cleaned up their act, but You think the companies paid Nardoni to get rid of their waste for them.
Well, why else would they be spending millions on junk art? I mean, clearly they're payoffs.
Jessie said this was money laundering.
So this waste, where are they shipping it? To poor countries.
Nardoni is bribing local officials in the same way by overpaying for worthless art.
Look, I tracked the names.
Check it out.
These villages are suffering the same sorts of cancer clusters as the towns in the Midwest.
So he's building a fortune by destroying communities.
Just like his family did in Tulsa.
But without those paintings, we have to figure out a way to prove it.
Watkins? I'm sorry to bother you.
Don't apologize.
How's your grandmother? The doctors say she doesn't have much time left.
All right, Miss Ella.
Just relax.
I was hoping you might have some good news to share.
I'm sorry, not yet.
- But we're still trying.
- Rob? I'll call you back as soon as I have something, I promise.
- What do we got? - We may be too late.
Nardoni's emptying his space.
He's making the evidence and the Watkins family painting disappear.
If he ends up shipping this overseas to another free port, we've lost our proof.
We can't let that happen.
- Don't move.
- Hands on the handle.
Come on! - I'll check the cargo area.
- Okay.
I got Dante on speed dial.
You find anything? I'll take your weapon.
Now! So, I guess I shouldn't worry about getting that bid in to Mr.
Who do you work for? I mean, it must not be Customs or the EPA or FBI; you'd have IDs, badges.
A hundred years ago, your grandparents stole a legacy.
I'm here to get it back.
Wait this is about that painting? You think it's funny, what you put that family through? No.
I'm just happy that's who you're working for.
It means no one will be looking when you both go missing.
Find a hole.
Bury them.
Make sure it can't be traced back to us.
You really are clumsy.
Both of you.
- Got any ideas? - No.
You? No.
Y'all miss me? You know, the funny thing is, you could have avoided all of this if you would have just given back their painting when they asked.
But that's not how your family does things, is it? You'll never get away with this.
Yes, I'd like to report a fire at the Nardoni residence.
Wait, what are you doing? Your ancestors burned another family's life to the ground.
You need to know how that feels.
You're gonna kill me over a painting? Well, we're not gonna burn you alive.
I'm pretty good with knots.
Should take you about five minutes to wiggle out of those.
But by that time, the fire will have spread, and you won't be able to stop it.
And if you decide to wake your men, you should have, like, ten minutes to get this art off the wall.
That should be enough time.
And you can watch as the rest of your house burns, right along with all your prized possessions.
But that's okay.
Because they never really belonged to you anyway.
No, wait, please.
I-I'll pay you! I'll pay you.
No! - Please.
- Don't take it.
Can't leave the Basquiat.
Good point.
"Thanks for saving us, Jessie.
" Oh, you're so very welcome, Robbie.
Oh, no, really, we would have all been dead if you hadn't shown up.
I get it now.
Trust me, that's not even the half of it.
How'd you find us, anyway? You got your ways, I got mine.
But here's what matters most.
Everything turned out fine, just like I said it would.
For you, maybe.
But the Watkins family still doesn't have their painting.
And Nardoni still has his billions.
Without that proof, he'll get away with dumping toxic waste into third-world nations.
Yeah about that.
In a joint investigation with the NYPD, the FBI arrested shipping magnate Roger Nardoni today on multiple charges of money laundering and bribery in a scheme involving the illegal shipment of toxic waste.
This arrest comes just after Mr.
Nardoni's home was struck by a mysterious fire.
See? Happy ending.
I told you.
You worry too much.
Only one thing I don't get.
You've never risked your neck for anyone unless you were getting paid.
Why'd you come back for me? Please.
I didn't come back for you.
I came back for that Basquiat.
The Basquiat.
Well, I gotta admit, you got the job done.
Aha! So you admit that you were wrong.
Go ahead, say it! Different doesn't make deficient.
We just got two different styles, that's all.
Yeah, I see it now.
You make chaos work for you.
It shows the cracks, so you can take advantage of them.
And if I'm gonna be honest there is something to having a well-thought-out plan, too.
I guess.
Well, all that matters is we got that painting back.
Which means this little joint venture of ours is officially over, and we never have to work with each other again.
Never say never.
You know this mission ain't over, right? Shall we? Grandmother Ella, we have something to show you.
Grandmother, look.

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