The Equalizer (2021) s02e15 Episode Script

Hard Money

1 Previously on The Equalizer I'm the one you call when you can't call 911.
Oh, man, we're screwed.
This guy's a cop.
I'm here for you.
Whenever you need me.
Give that to the chief for me? Now that you know my secrets, you're gonna have to grow up just a little faster.
But maybe we can just start by giving each other the benefit of the doubt.
That's Dad.
Mayday, Mayday, Mayday.
No, no, no, no! Bishop.
I can't do it, Shareen.
Thank God.
I thought I was the only one.
This isn't us.
We're cashiers, not criminals.
But we really need the money.
We'll find another way.
We planned the heist, didn't we? And look how far we got.
We'll figure it out and do it honestly.
Come on.
We leave now, it'll be like we were never here.
Are you kidding me? After everything I have done for you, you stuff your pockets in the middle of a job? No! I swear.
That's why we've been short.
He's been skimming us this whole time.
Oh, you're a little Judas bitch, you know that? - Yo.
- Someone here? - Go! - Get them! Come on! Well, sure, if you're up for it.
I'll meet you there.
Going out? Aunt Vi, what you doing up so late? The muse strikes at odd hours.
When it does, I listen.
I could ask the same of you.
The muse and trouble both.
You be careful out there.
I always am.
Mom just go out? Yeah.
She, uh She just got one of those calls.
Did we wake you up? No, I, um, heard her on the phone.
It's like 2:00 a.
Does she really have to get up and run out in the middle of the night? I mean, Dad's a doctor, he has to.
But at least when he does it, I know he'll come back.
You're worried.
Aren't you? Bishop was her mentor.
She said that he was one of the best agents she'd ever met, and he's gone.
Mom's been pretty devastated.
Don't you worry? Yeah, I do.
Because no matter how capable your mom is, she's she's not invincible.
I say we talk to her.
Soon as she gets home.
We heard something weird coming out of the safe, so we hid and then these guys came out.
There were three of them.
They were arguing, and then one of them just, like, pulled out a gun and, like, murdered the other one.
Just slow down, Jenna.
Which Dollar One was robbed? The big one, off the 3.
I'm a cashier there with my friend Shareen.
Why were you at the store so late? Okay, you got to understand, we were desperate.
The court just gave full custody of my five-year-old son to my ex because I got evicted.
I can't pay rent with what they pay me there.
Shareen, she's got all these medical bills from a miscarriage that she had which probably wouldn't have happened if our college boy boss would've let her, I don't know, sit down for five minutes or keep a water bottle by the register.
We didn't see any other way out.
I'm not gonna get my Cody back working minimum wage.
Not even with overtime.
But we decided not to go through with it, I swear.
Go through with what, Jenna? We were gonna try and rob the place, too.
Give ourselves a leg up.
I figured insurance would cover the losses.
So Shar stole the key to the safe, I cut the power to the cameras.
And that's why you didn't call the police.
Yeah, but we didn't do it.
As messed up as our lives are, we-we knew it was wrong.
We were about to walk away, and that's when those guys came out.
We ran and they shot at us.
They shot Shareen.
- Wait, they shot Shareen? - Yeah, they shot her.
Where is she? Hey, Shar? These people are here to help us.
How's it look? Jenna had a semester at nursing school and she did her best to stop the bleeding.
You got a serious gunshot wound.
We got to get you to a hospital.
No hospitals.
We heard them say they'd check every ER in the city until they found us.
- Did they see your faces? - No.
We were wearing ski masks.
But we saw theirs.
Did you recognize them? The shooter looked familiar, like I'd seen him before.
At the store.
A customer, maybe.
She's got a bullet lodged in her abdomen.
If we don't it treated, she's gonna die.
You get Jenna to the safe house.
I'll take Shareen to help.
Any hospital you take her to will have to report it to police.
I'm not going to a hospital.
Rob, what are you doing here? Delilah okay? Delilah's fine.
Miles, I need your help.
Look, I know it's a hell of a thing to ask your ex, but you're one of the best surgeons in the city and I got no other choice.
I need to know whose life I'm saving here, Rob.
The less you know, the better.
Well, let's see.
You couldn't take this woman to a hospital, and so you brought her to me, at home.
Who's she running from? Police? Some international bad guy collective? Shouldn't you be concentrating? I just know how you operate.
Thought you left the CIA.
I did.
Then who are you working for now? No one.
I'm just helping a friend.
Well, your friend is very lucky.
The bullet entered right here.
A couple centimeters down, this could've pierced her spleen.
You guys were lucky I was here.
I knew you'd be here.
Kelly's out of town and you a homebody now.
Not like back in the day.
Well, that's 'cause I am older and wiser and we're not in Somalia anymore.
Oh, don't act like you didn't love it.
The danger, the adrenaline.
Bullets flying over our heads, both of us believing we could save the world.
Yeah, I remember.
But I left Doctors Without Borders a long time ago, and this is clearly not a peacekeeping mission you're on.
You know, Rob, if anybody finds out about this, I'm gonna lose my medical license.
You can trust me, Miles.
Yeah, I know better than to trust you.
I promise, no one will find out about this.
Just I just need you to help me save this woman's life.
I just did.
You're taking the bullet? I got to find out who shot her.
She has no one else.
I really appreciate this, Miles.
Hey, wait, what should I do with the patient? Keep her alive.
You do know I'm not a cop anymore? You still have friends.
Look, I know what you're going through, and I know it's not easy.
Questioning the institution and yourself.
But I know you still believe in justice.
Does this have anything to do with what happened to your friend? That's gonna take a little more time.
But I'm dealing with it the best way I know how, which is focusing on others.
Maybe that'd help you.
You're really selling this.
Look, I'm just trying to see if you'll call in a favor, that's all.
Run ballistics, see if that slug connects to anything.
Call in a favor, huh? Okay.
On one condition.
I'm gonna need something from you.
Your name.
My name? And here I am thinking you like a little mystery.
Satisfying mysteries are the ones that get solved.
Let's just see where this leads to first.
Showing up to your ex-husband's with a gunshot victim? That's not awkward.
Yeah, tell me about it.
How'd he react? Not well.
But I did manage to keep my new vocation out of it.
And despite our history, he saved Shareen's life.
How'd it go with the robberies? So, you'd think all hell would've broken loose this morning after the store opened, but there hasn't been a single call to the NYPD.
Well, the safe should be open.
Cash drawers should be distributed.
Someone should've noticed.
Right, I don't know.
Maybe they gave the money back.
After killing their partner? There would've been no time.
They would've had to grab that body and get the hell out of there.
Jenna said they were maskless.
Were you able to pull up any surveillance? Mm-hmm.
Check this out.
This is right about the time of the robbery last night.
Now, Jenna and Shareen said that they unplugged the camera, right? So, technically, there shouldn't be any image at all.
Unless someone tampered with the system.
And so, I checked, and this is looped footage from the previous night.
The robbers didn't wear masks because they didn't have to.
Rob, for someone to pull this off, they would have to physically access the system inside the store before the break-in to make sure that nothing was captured on camera.
Well, can you tell when the loop started? Yeah, it was just last night before closing.
And given that the system is in an employees-only area Then a Dollar One employee was helping.
If the accomplice works in the store, then he's gonna know about the two masked female witnesses.
And when Jenna and Shareen don't show up to work Yeah, the killers are gonna know, and they're gonna come after them.
Yeah, and it's gonna become even more dangerous for their families.
Jenna is gonna have to go into work.
And smile like nothing ever happened.
In the meantime, run a background check on everyone in that store.
See if anything stands out.
You really think someone from the store let those men in last night? Well, we don't know for sure, but it looks like it.
Jenna, if you're not comfortable going in, you don't have to.
No, I'll do it.
I want to keep any suspicion off me and Shareen.
Besides, I-I can't afford to lose this job.
Not if I'm gonna get Cody back.
Where is he now? Uh, he's with his dad and his grandmother.
They have a house in Michigan.
With a yard.
I couldn't afford to pay rent on the studio apartment we had with what I make here.
It's why I got evicted, why I had to give up on nursing school.
Why the judge gave custody to my ex.
You know, sometimes I think Cody's better off.
I know you don't believe that.
Well, I better get in there, hmm? Hey.
If you change your mind or if you feel in any danger, you call.
- Okay? - Okay.
- All right.
- Thank you.
Hey, Jenna.
Tell Shar thanks a lot.
God forbid I should get a day off.
Where are you going, Jenna? Uh, to punch in.
Shareen called in sick, but I suppose you already know that.
Yeah, she said she wasn't feeling well.
Seemed okay yesterday.
Anything happen last night? What? You two left together, didn't you? Yeah, we walk to the subway together.
- You didn't see her after that? - No.
Then how'd you know she called in sick? Lyle.
Didn't you want to get another register open? Let the lady punch in and get her drawer.
Register three.
Thanks, Bernie.
Keep your head down.
He's in a mood today.
Go get your drawer.
You stuff your pockets in the middle of a job? He's been skimming us this whole time.
How'd it go? I owe a guy Knicks tickets, but we got a bite.
The bullet was traced back to a gun used in another burglary.
Four months ago at the Herndon Manufacturing plant.
Manufacturing plant? That doesn't sound like a cash robbery.
What did they take? I don't have much more because the Feds took over the case.
Feds? What does Herndon make? According to the Internet, dyes, resins, waxes.
So why would the Feds be involved? Not sure.
I called a detective friend who was on the case before the Feds took it over.
He said it was all very hush-hush, but he did remember interviewing a witness.
A former employee named Gordon Racine.
Quit Herndon just after the burglary and opened a shop of his own.
Can you tell me where the shop is? Only if I can meet you there.
I thought you weren't a cop anymore.
Maybe I want to see where this leads.
Nah, you just want my name.
- Gordon Racine? - How can I help you folks? We were hoping to talk to you about the burglary at Herndon.
Hang on.
Did you, did you catch them? You're cops, right? No.
But a friend of ours may have had a run-in with the same guys.
I feel for them.
That was the worst night of my life.
You mind telling us about it? Um, I, uh, I worked I.
for the plant, sometimes late.
That night I heard noises.
And when I came out of my office, this guy grabs me, shoves a gun in my mouth and says if I make a sound, he's-he's gonna blow my brains out.
How many guys were there? Three total.
They nearly killed the security guard who tried to stop them Not that anybody cared.
I tried to take a few days off after it happened, just to get my head together, and management threatened to fire me.
Some American dream, huh? $20 an hour and a gun in your face.
Makes you think.
I'm sure it does.
I quit right there, opened up this shop.
Can you describe the men? Mm, they wore masks.
The only thing I saw with clarity was the gun.
Well, what'd they steal? Management didn't say.
Probably didn't want it getting back to the big companies they sell to.
VIP accounts.
Government contracts.
I know Herndon makes resins and dyes.
Is there a chance they make ink? Yeah, there's a whole division.
Did you ever come across the initials B.
on the VIP account list? Yeah, um, as a matter of fact, I did.
Why? Not important.
Appreciate your help, Gordon.
What's that? A hunch.
I'll let you know if it pays off, but I got to check on something first.
You find everything okay? Yes, thank you.
And Shareen? She okay? She will be.
How about you? How you doing? My manager Lyle, he's been asking a lot of questions.
But he's a real stickler for the rules.
Not the type to you know.
You sure? Because we can pull you out of here.
No, if I left now, Lyle would ask even more questions.
Just tell me you found something.
We're working on it.
I'll be back before the end of your shift.
Thank you.
Hey, can you break this for me? Thanks.
Thank you.
For the boys.
You knew I followed you? I mean, well, y-you're good, but I'm better.
So, what's this hunch? Federal involvement.
Factory makes ink.
I think I know what those guys stole from the plant that night.
Bureau of Engraving and Printing.
Herndon Manufacturing supplies ink for U.
So, this is about counterfeiting? Yeah, that's why there was no money was missing.
They weren't stealing it, they were exchanging it.
Taking real bills and replacing them with fake ones.
Well, that's how they clean their cash.
And the big chain store isn't any wiser.
I mean, they come across a phony, they assume a customer just slipped it to them.
And to avoid suspicion, they funnel the fakes through different stores, not hitting the same ones too frequently.
Well, they must have a system for picking their targets.
Well, Dante's gonna give some bills to a friend of his at the Secret Service, so we'll see if they can shed some light.
Dante's helping you out with this, is he? He's got some time to kill.
Oh, I bet he does, yeah.
Look, what we do know is that that they have a man on the inside.
Now, if we can figure out who that is, then we can use them to get to the crew.
I'm sure they're not that different from Jenna and Shareen.
In debt.
Looking for a way out.
Oh, you just described the entire staff of this place.
Everybody there is either strapped or working an angle.
You got a cashier here who's on the verge of bankruptcy.
A stock boy who started a GoFundMe account 'cause his brother got jumped.
And their manager over there is being crushed by student loans.
I mean, if these counterfeiters are looking for somebody to leverage or bribe, the possibilities are endless.
So which one of them is it? Yeah, and how deeply involved are they? - Here you go.
Have a good day.
- Thank you.
Jenna, you okay? I saw him.
The shooter was here.
Are you sure? I knew I'd seen him before.
He's the delivery guy for Bolt Blast Energy Drinks.
And I just saw him talking to my jerk-ass manager.
Here, I took a photo.
I'll send it to you now.
Is he still there? No, he left.
Okay, I'm gonna send my friend Mel to come pick you up.
No, no.
I don't think they know it was me and Shareen here last night.
If I leave now, it'll just look suspicious.
I can't lose this job.
I think I'm good.
- Jenna.
- Just come get me after my shift? Don't do anything to draw attention to yourself.
Keep your phone close.
And if anything goes wrong, call me.
I will.
I got to go.
- Lyle.
- No phones allowed on the floor.
- That's the rule.
- I'm sorry, it was an emergency.
- My kid.
- Hand it over.
What? You can have it back at the end of your shift.
She's not a child.
She doesn't have to give you her phone.
She does if she wants to keep her job.
But you're right.
It's her choice.
- Got him.
- The shooter? Yeah, I hacked Bolt Blast Energy.
The guy's name is Nick Gleeson.
He's been working for the company for a little over a year.
Company's known for offering second chances to ex-cons.
Well, he sure learned his lesson.
What was he in for? Burglary, larceny, check fraud.
He started in, uh, juvie.
He's done a couple of stints in state.
And graduated to counterfeiting.
It's hard to believe a street thug like Nick could've created those bills.
Well, they were damn good fakes.
Yeah, as good as the ones coming out of Peru, which has specialized artisans making the best fakes on the planet.
If Nick was the shooter, he was the muscle, not the brains.
If we're gonna protect Jenna and Shareen, we're gonna have to break up this whole ring.
And find out who his connection is on the inside of Dollar One.
Harry, do me a favor.
Track down Nick Gleeson.
And check NYPD files for known associates.
Hey, Miles.
How's our patient? Might want to get over here.
She's awake.
What's your interest in this? Last I heard, you quit the force.
Just helping out a buddy.
What, out of the goodness of your heart? I had some spare time.
Look, I know P.
work when I see it.
Your pal's on to something.
These bills are definitely counterfeit.
Part of a batch that started hitting the streets about three months ago.
Some of the best I ever seen.
Do you know who's behind this? Not yet, but we will.
I got one of their ring members on ice.
Caught him with $200 of these same bills in sequential order about two months ago.
Problem is is he's loyal.
Won't give up his crew.
You think you can get me on the visitor's list to talk to him? Whatever leads I get, I'll share.
It's a win-win.
Since you have so much spare time.
She asked if her girlfriend was all right and if you had caught the men that shot her.
So you gonna tell me what this is about? Like I said, I'm just helping out a friend.
This woman doesn't even know your name.
Robyn, I need to know what I'm dealing with so I can protect myself.
And more importantly, I need to know that you're not putting my daughter at risk.
Our daughter.
And Delilah is safer with me than she is with anyone.
You of all people should know that.
Or did you forget how my unit protected your medical team from incursions? 20 years ago, thousands of miles away from home and long before Delilah was even born.
And you were lying to me then, too.
It was my job.
You're still angry.
And you're still selfish.
How much does Delilah really know about you? I told her what she was ready to hear.
And if I'm guessing, that was right around the time her friend was killed? That week she came here, wouldn't even leave her room? Robyn, she used to talk to us about everything, what's going on at school, what's going on at home.
Now it's like she's scared she's gonna say something she shouldn't.
You are so quick to blame.
But I'm not the only one who was keeping secrets from Dee.
But Miles, isn't losing a friend in a drive-by shooting enough to change a child? She's been struggling for months with PTSD.
You know how real that is.
Robyn, I'm gonna ask you one more time.
What are you involved with so close to home? Nothing that would harm our daughter.
I'm-a come back tonight and get Shareen and move her to a safe place.
Thank you.
What you got? Hey.
I found Nick Gleeson.
Who the hell are you? Karma.
I'm here to talk to you about that guy you murdered last night.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Sure, you do, Nick.
And you're also gonna tell me all about your little counterfeiting operation, too.
I'm telling you like I told the Feds, I've got nothing to do with this.
Then how'd you end up with that much counterfeit cash? Hell if I know.
One minute I'm picking up milk for my kid's cereal, I walk out and next thing I know I'm in a squad car.
And because I couldn't make bail, I lost my job.
My car got repossessed.
My wife had to ask her parents for money to keep from getting evicted.
Look, I'm not a cop.
You can be straight with me.
Do you have any idea how you may have gotten the counterfeit money? For the last time, no.
Getting slipped a fake 20 is one thing, but hundreds in fakes suggests you're involved.
- Do you shop at Dollar One? - No.
Trey, the Feds aren't messing around.
This is your life.
- And with your priors - From ten years ago.
They don't care.
They will let you rot in here.
Haven't you lost enough? What about your son? Think about your family.
I am thinking about my family.
Who are you protecting? Hey, Dante.
What's up? I think I just got a lead.
Well, good, 'cause I just lost one.
The guy in possession of the fake bills? Turns out his wife cashed a check at this grocery.
He was taking the fall in order to protect her.
Who said chivalry is dead? If the cash came from this store, there may be a common link to Dollar One.
Maybe the same delivery guy.
It's a great way to case a place, get a sense of routine, groom an inside man.
I don't think it was Nick.
The beverages he delivers aren't sold here.
My team checked.
But maybe one of the other ring members does.
Uh, sorry, no.
Never seen him.
I just received some photos of known associates.
Would you mind taking a look at them? No.
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, that one.
It's, uh, it's Brody Mavers.
Yeah, he was here about a week as a, eh, fill-in stock clerk before he quit.
Thanks for your help.
Looks like you've got another lead.
I'd run background for you, but No, I got it.
But first, I want to check with my client to see if Brody was there that night.
Lyle, they need you down in inventory.
Said there's a problem with a shipment.
You owe me for this one.
Bernie, you're gonna get us both fired.
You shouldn't be on break without it.
And I think someone's been trying to reach you.
Everything all right? I need to respond to this right away.
Well, Lyle's on the floor.
I know.
Come with me.
- I'll stand watch.
- Thanks, Bernie.
And Jenna? I'm really sorry.
What? Hey! You said you wouldn't hurt her! Stay out of this, old man! Jenna still hasn't responded to my text.
Well, maybe she's at the register and can't answer.
Maybe, but Rob, I can't get a location off her phone.
It's not connected to the network.
Maybe it's off.
I told her to keep it on.
Something's wrong.
I'm looking for Jenna.
Have you seen her? No.
Jenna? - You're looking for Jenna? - Yes.
I'm a friend of hers.
Do you know where she is? No, but when you find her, tell her don't bother coming back, - because she's fired.
- Fired? Yeah.
She went on break and never came back.
I need to see your security footage.
And I need reliable employees.
Listen to me, whoever you are No, you listen to me.
She's in danger.
And it happened on your watch.
So I need to see that footage now.
I don't know how to operate the system.
My assistant manager is the one who controls it.
What are you doing? He's deleting evidence of Jenna's disappearance.
You're the inside man.
It was supposed to be simple.
Take care of the cameras and give them the access codes.
Who paid you? Was it the delivery guy Nick? My mother is 92.
Having to maintain her prescriptions, I was struggling.
He said I could make some cash and no one would get hurt.
Because of what you did, Jenna could be a lot worse than hurt.
When I overheard her on the phone saying that she recognized Nick, I thought my life was over.
So you called them.
I don't know what to do.
Where did they take her? I don't know.
I thought they were just gonna talk to her.
But a guy I didn't know grabbed her.
He-he put her in a car.
Was that him? Look, you got to know.
I adore those girls.
I-I never thought Last ping on Jenna's cell was two blocks from the store.
Yeah, the abductors must have turned off her phone.
- What about Nick's? - It's a burner.
It's off-network, too.
Meaning we have no way to track her.
Okay, I'm gonna need you to think.
Is there anything you remember that could help me track her down? A license plate number, something distinctive about the car? - No.
- Anything about the phone call? Uh, something Nick might have said? Bernie! Do you know what they are going to do to her? They are going to torture her and kill her if they haven't done it already.
Now I need you to think.
The phone call was quick.
Nick didn't say - B-But - But what? I heard music in the background when Nick was on the phone.
It sounded like opera? Rob, you were right.
Nick, Brody and Gordon are connected.
- How? - They all grew up in the same public housing.
Gordon almost made it out.
He was a high school standout.
He got into MI for engineering, but he couldn't afford to go.
Instead, he, uh, he just got a job as an I.
tech, working - far below his potential.
- So Gordon's the brains.
We're guessing when his old pals found out he was working at Herndon, they convinced him to put his engineering skills to use, counterfeiting the perfect bill.
So the story about the robbery at the plant was a cover.
Gordon was in on it.
Harry, what were you able to find out about that computer shop? Yeah, the store front's just a small part of the space.
There's a much larger storage area in the back.
Yeah, it's closed off, it's discrete.
It's the perfect place to run their operation from.
And the perfect place to hold Jenna.
Where's your partner, huh? And who's that woman that attacked me? I told you.
I don't know.
No, no, Nick, Nick, stop, stop.
We agreed, no violence.
Oh, my God.
Are you kidding me, man? Look, these bitches, they saw us.
All right? They saw me smoke Rudy, so if we don't get rid of her and the other girl, we all go to prison.
- Is that what you want? - No, no, but what if she really doesn't know where her friend is? We shot the woman.
I mean What, you think she just left her on the sidewalk to bleed? No.
No, no, no.
She knows, okay? She knows.
Well, what if we find the other one, get them to agree not to talk? Yeah, we should, like, draw up a contract, have them sign it, right? Like, how Come on, how can someone so smart be so stupid? Come on, look, look.
We got a good thing going on here, right? And I, for one, I'm not gonna let a couple Dollar One cashiers ruin that for us.
They know about the counterfeiting, Gordy.
The woman who attacked Nick asked you about the B.
So this threat, this needs to be handled.
- Like you handled Rudy? - I did what I had to do.
Because you don't cross your partners.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe she doesn't know anything.
So maybe I should just put a bullet in her skull and end this right now.
- Do it and you're next.
- Yo.
Put the gun down.
You put yours down or I'll blow her head off.
Come on, Nick.
Don't be stupid.
Put the gun down.
All right, yeah, you're not a cop, so who are you? I'm just someone who doesn't want to see an innocent person die.
Jenna, you will be all right.
You take another step and she won't be.
Nick, Nick, it's over.
Just let her go.
No, I'm not going back to prison.
And I am done breaking my back for minimum wage.
Brody, get the cash.
Don't do it.
It doesn't matter.
I am walking out of here with the cash.
All right, you - Nick.
- You're gonna put the money in this bag.
Now! Did you know the CEO of Bolt Blast Energy Drinks made $7 million last year? And guys like us, we're barely making it.
How is that right? I'm not going back to that life.
I worked too hard to let all this go.
So I will drop you all a postcard from México.
You okay, Jenna? Yeah, I'm okay.
Ah! Come on.
Looks like I owe you one.
Just a private citizen doing my part.
Oh, don't give me that.
No, you got cop in your bones.
You should give up this P.
nonsense, do something worthwhile.
Join us big boys in the Service.
I can put in a good word.
I'm not looking for another badge right now, but there is something you can do for me.
What's that? Hey.
It's over.
We're safe now.
What about your job? Lyle fired me, so Actually, it's Lyle who's gonna be out of a job.
The store was being used to distribute counterfeit money.
And it happened on Lyle's watch.
Can't imagine the owners will be too happy about that.
Let's get you home so you can recover.
You ready? Okay.
One, two, there you go.
Thank you for stepping up.
I took an oath.
I'd appreciate you not taking advantage of that again.
I got a family to think about.
You do, too.
Hey, thanks for the assist back there.
I guess the shoulder and the knee are getting better, huh? I'm gonna pay for it tomorrow, trust me.
But the Secret Service was quite appreciative.
And you were able to keep my clients out of it? Unfortunately, no.
Turns out the Feds were offering a $10,000 reward.
I might've mentioned that Jenna was the one who tipped me off.
Enough to get Jenna and Shareen back on their feet.
As long as the Secret Service is paying, I believe it's your turn? Hmm.
Would you look at the time? So you backing out on me? Come on.
A deal's a deal.
What's your name? Robyn.
My name is Robyn.
Nice to finally meet you, Robyn.
What are y'all still doing up? We were worried about you.
Neither of us can sleep until we know you're home, safe and in one piece.
I'm here.
It's all good.
Right this minute.
I mean, Mom, you tell us not to worry, but you also said that Mr.
Bishop was the best.
Look at what happened to him.
We know you can take care of yourself, but you're not invulnerable.
I promise you, if I'm ever in real danger, I will let you know.
Now, where is all this coming from? Dad called.
And what did he want? He wants to know if she feels safe in this house.
And he asked if there was anything he should know, about what you may be involved in.
And what did you say? What do you think I said? I lied.
Just be safe, okay? I love you.
Love you, too, babe.
Get some sleep.
She lied to protect me? She shouldn't have to do that.
And it won't be the last time she has to do that, either.
Come on, you know Miles.
That man is like a dog with a bone.
He's not gonna let this go.

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