The Equalizer (2021) s02e17 Episode Script

What Dreams May Come

1 I serve as an equalizer.
I'm the one you call when you can't call 911.
Previously on The Equalizer Does the name Mason Quinn mean anything to you? ROBYN: People that tangle with Quinn end up dead.
Bishop! QUINN: Don't come for me again, because then I'll have to come after you.
Everyone needs help with the kind of secrets we carry.
And we can't just talk to anyone.
They need to be someone in my community.
Robyn, I need to know that you're not putting my daughter at risk.
How much does Delilah really know about you? Dad called.
He wants to know if she feels safe in this house.
ROBYN: Lies can be necessary to protect your family, but they can backfire on you.
They can hurt you and those around you in ways you'd never anticipate.
That was taken by Mossad two days ago in Sevastopol.
Sevastopol? What is Mason Quinn doing in Sevastopol? And who's this guy he's talking to? That's Omar Delgado.
Former Cuban intelligence.
Right after meeting with Quinn, our sources say he infiltrated the U.
McCall, we've been friends a long time.
This path you're walking down ends in darkness.
It always ends in darkness, Arieh.
That's where the monsters live.
- Hey, Mom.
- Hey.
I just wanted to let you know I was back home.
How'd things go at your dad's? Uh, it was fine.
He ask you any questions about me? What I'm up to? Yeah, but I handled it.
It's no biggie.
You sure you're okay? You know you can talk to me.
Yeah, I know.
I just, uh I just wanted to tell you I was back and say good night.
So good night.
JULIEN: My sister Calista.
She moved up here from Baton Rouge a few years back to break into journalism.
Your message said she was in danger.
Well, I've been trying to find her for the past few days.
When I couldn't, I came up here to look for her.
Not in her apartment, not at work.
So you think someone's trying to kill her? Yes.
Man with a scar on his face.
- You know him? - No.
- Well, why do you think he's after her? - I don't know.
Well, what does your sister say? Why does it matter what she says? She's out there.
She could She could be dead already.
I'm just looking for something to go on.
When is the last time you spoke to your sister? That doesn't matter.
It matters if you want my help.
A year ago.
A year ago? So how could you possibly know she's in trouble? Because I see things.
Visions of images that become real.
And I know how that sounds, but I am not crazy.
It started when I was six years old.
My parents were going to the movies.
Before they leave, I just, I knew.
I saw my mother crying.
I saw my father laying on the ground, bleeding.
And I beg 'em to stay at home, but nobody listens to me.
They were shot and killed in a robbery that night.
That's a terrible trauma at any age.
But at six Are you sure It wasn't my imagination? Or a false memory, right? No.
No! I know what I saw.
And I couldn't do anything to stop it.
When we go into foster care, me and Calista, the visions continued; car accidents, deaths.
And I couldn't do anything to stop it then.
See, no one wanted to hear me.
So I learned keep my mouth shut.
Stave off the visions with various medications.
But when it comes to my family The visions of Calista were so real, I couldn't keep those out.
Please, please help me find her before it's too late.
With your sister, what, exactly, did you see? I saw an orange glow, a silver Mercedes, a man with a scar, Calista.
She's so scared.
She's got a gun in her face.
- She screams.
I see.
You don't believe me.
- I didn't say that.
- You didn't have to.
Do you have anything else suggesting she's in danger? An email, a text I hoped you would be different but you're just like everybody else.
Hang on, where you going? I already lost my parents; I'm not gonna lose my sister, too.
HARRY: Calista Thibideaux, 29.
Currently employed as a lifestyle journalist for an online news outlet called I'm sorry, are we really doing this? Pretending that it's not, like, I don't know, insane that we're taking on a case based on a premonition? I didn't say I was taking on the case.
I can't say I'm not curious.
And what if his sister really is in danger? It couldn't hurt to figure it out.
Don't tell me you believe in this nonsense, too.
Babe, it is not a crime to have an open mind.
And I've had several experiences that I cannot explain.
Here comes Skinny Rick.
- Who's Skinny Rick? - Skinny Rick is a finance bro who hung himself upstairs in the bathroom during the crash of 1987.
She thinks the upstairs bar is haunted.
Because it is.
Sometimes at night, the light turns off by itself.
Because of the faulty electricity.
- And I hear footsteps.
- Of rats.
I'm telling you, I saw the shadow of, like, two skinny legs just, like dangling and, like, hitting the wall of the men's room.
Ooh, I Even during the day I don't like being in there.
It's just the men's bathroom.
It's revolting.
Nobody likes being in there.
- Come on, Rob, a little help.
- [SIGHS.]
I don't know, Harry.
I gotta say there are times when I've had a feeling that I should duck or take a different door, or go left instead of right.
And more than once, those decisions have saved my life.
I think that's just called training.
I mean, you guys, I've done background on this guy.
Okay? He's been in and out of rehab, he's been arrested a multitude of times for public disturbances, and he's taken more than one involuntary trip to the psych ward.
He mentioned he had some problems.
But still, he was rattled.
Come on.
What's the harm in spending a little time looking into his concerns? Even you cannot argue with that.
I'll reach out to Calista's job and see if they heard from her.
And I'll look into her phone records and financials and see what they tell us.
ROBYN: And I will swing by her apartment and do a wellness check.
: Do a wellness check on you guys.
Building maintenance.
Hello? Calista? [QUIET CLANK.]
The place looks neat but the drawers are open.
He was looking for something.
Okay, but can we talk about something? The guy had a scar on his face.
You saying that's a coincidence? I'm saying I'm sure there's a logical explanation - for how Julien knew about the guy.
- Which is? I don't know yet.
Well, Julien was definitely right about his siter being in trouble.
You talk to the editor? He hasn't heard from her in a week.
He mention what she was working on? MEL: A lifestyle piece on a local activist named Rosa Martinez.
Supposed to be the next A.
It was a puff piece, but she never turned it in.
He tried contacting her a bunch of times after some missed deadlines, but he wasn't able to reach her.
I think I know why, though.
Calista turned her phone off a couple of days ago, but the last call she got was from an unregistered number.
Then, an hour later, she withdrew a thousand dollars from her bank account.
Why would she need that kind of cash? She was with some guy when she was taking the money out.
Face rec ID'd him as Carlos Vela.
He's a street-level drug dealer.
He did time for possession and assault.
A drug dealer? But how is that connected to her disappearance? Or our scar-faced shooter? Harry, send me the ATM photo.
Maybe Dante has some intel on where this Carlos operates.
I'll track down Rosa Martinez.
If Calista was doing a piece on her, they must have spent time together.
Maybe she knows something.
Harry, can you pull anything else off that phone? Texts, notes? Since she turned her phone off, I'm gonna have to hack her cloud through corporate servers.
I got a program running, but it's gonna take a minute.
Okay, meantime, I want to talk to Julien again, see what else he knows.
You know what? I think I'm gonna join you.
What? You wanted me to be open-minded.
Just, you know, want to meet the guy.
So it's true? We can't speak to the premonitions.
But your sister is in danger.
You recognize him? No.
I don't think so.
Should I? He's a drug dealer.
Your sister was with him a couple days ago.
That's not possible.
Calista's always been clean.
She's the one trying to get me to go into rehab.
All right, what about the guy with the scar? What can you tell us about him? Uh, I don't know.
Um, it's all a jumble in my head.
Julien, you sure you haven't seen him somewhere? I'm sorry.
I have to go.
Where? I have to be on the corner of 51st and Center in, uh, in-in 15 minutes.
- Why? - I don't know.
I just know that something's gonna happen there.
Very specific.
- Uh, hey, - do you mind if I come? - Actually, I think you're supposed to.
But we have to go.
- Wow.
Mystery field trip.
You want to come? Love to, but Dante just sent me a location for Carlos Vela.
We have to go right now.
All right.
Because going to bat for the people of this district, making dreams like this rec center a reality That's not just my job.
It's my honor.
And finally, I'd like to give a special thanks to Rosa Martinez for everything she's done to make this project happen.
Excuse me, Ms.
Martinez? Hi.
I'm Lynn.
I work with Calista Thibideaux.
Can I have a word? Excuse me a second.
How's Calista doing? Well, that's what I wanted to ask you about.
When was the last time you saw her? Maybe two weeks ago.
Why? She's missing.
Missing? Damn.
I was worried something like that would happen.
What do you mean by that? Calista and I had several interviews.
At first, she was focused, engaged.
We actually bonded over growing up in foster care.
But then? She started showing up late, missing appointments.
She was distracted, on edge.
Something was going on.
Did she ever say what? No.
Look, I'm not saying it was drugs, but I've seen that behavior before at the free clinic.
I really hope she's okay.
Thank you for your time.
Yo, Carlos.
I know you? No.
But you know her.
What drugs did you sell her? [SCOFFS.]
Come on.
I can make your life, and walking, extremely difficult if you don't tell me what I want to know.
Who the hell are you? Long-term friend with a short fuse.
Okay, all right! She was a customer, but she wasn't looking to get high.
She wanted a gun.
Sold her a .
- She say why? - No.
Said it had to be a piece that couldn't be traced.
You don't ask for that unless you're planning to use it.
So what are we looking for, anyway? All I know is that I'm supposed to be here right now.
And I'm supposed to be here with you? You guys are good.
Got to hand it to you.
I mean, you make things sound important, you know, but just keep it vague enough so you're never actually - really wrong about anything.
- People have been hating on me my entire life.
It's not my job to convince you.
Because you can't.
I mean, come on.
Give me something.
Uh, what's the score of tonight's Knicks game gonna be? I'm thinking of a number between one and ten.
That's a "gimme.
" It's always either three or seven.
It doesn't work like that.
I have no control over what I see or when.
That's convenient.
You think I really like seeing burning bodies? You think I like knowing that the towers are gonna fall? That the levee is going to fail? Seeing all of those faces, and I'm not able to help a single one of them, and you really think I give a damn about whether or not you believe me? [PHONE RINGING.]
Hey, Rob.
How'd it go with our drug dealer? You were right.
Calista did buy something from him a gun.
No, that's not possible.
What makes you say that? Because ever since our parents got shot, Calista hates guns.
She hates 'em more than anything.
Well, he made it seem like she intended to use it.
You guys see anything yet? Oh, yeah.
A woman pushing a shopping cart full of groceries.
And, uh, a group of girls, high school girls, giggling.
Very suspicious.
Not helping, Harry.
Wait, wait.
Hold up, hold up, hold up.
There's a guy with a ponytail who's definitely too old to be wearing a ponytail.
That's an open and shut case right there, right? - I got to go.
- Go? Well, where? - And he's gone.
- What happened? I don't know.
Must have had another vision to get out of explaining this one.
Do you want me to go after him? No.
We need to know more about what Calista was up to.
How's your hacking bot coming with that cloud account? Should be done about now.
HARRY: This looks like a general work folder.
Random story ideas.
Oh, look.
Here's the unfinished profile on Rosa Martinez.
This might be something.
A notes folder.
Multitudes of entries in the days before she disappeared.
"2:35 a.
MN arrived 18237.
" "4:12 a.
CJS, 217 North Street.
" "MN.
" What are those? Initials? These were all uploaded in the early morning hours between, like, 3:00 and 4:00 a.
Street names, numbers.
Looks like she was doing some sort of surveillance.
For what? If it was a story, wouldn't her editor know about it? Harry, what's the last thing she wrote down before her phone went dark? Last things to sync was two days ago, 2:15 a.
, a couple of photos.
It's a silver Mercedes, just like in Julien's premonition.
Now, that's a little weird.
I mean, you know, there are silver Mercedes all over town, right? Yeah, Calista was definitely interested in this one.
Harry, run that plate.
Well, uh, it's registered to a shell corp.
It'll take a while to track it to its owner, but it does have GPS.
- Can you ping it? - Yeah.
It's in Downtown Brooklyn.
Let's see how real these premonitions are.
DELILAH: They're scary.
Like, my heart begins to pound, my neck and my face get hot.
I want to run somewhere, hide.
And then it passes.
I mean, does this mean my PTS is coming back? I wouldn't phrase it quite like that, but it sounds like something is triggering you.
Is there anything specific that you have noticed that happens just before these latest attacks? I mean, there is one thing, I guess.
It's my parents.
Things got much better after the divorce, but I lie to my mom about what my dad says about her, and then, I lie to my dad about what my mom does all day.
It's like I'm carrying around all these secrets, having to pretend like nothing is wrong, and [INHALES.]
How do you do it? You have to carry around classified secrets all the time.
They're my patients, not my parents.
But I wonder, is it keeping the secrets, or is it the secrets themselves? When her mentor was killed, how did that make you feel? Like it could happen to her.
Delilah, you have been through so much.
Losing your friend, learning about your mother's past and what she's doing now.
Your world turned upside down.
Yeah, it did.
I don't really know why I'm crying.
Uh I just I thought I was over it.
Like PTS, this isn't something that you get over, like a cold.
You have to keep working at it.
Have you told your mom how you feel? I don't know.
She spends all day helping people with real problems.
All she wants to hear is I'm okay.
Is that what she wants, or is that what you want? It's okay not to be okay.
Good to see you back in the suit.
Could've done without the welcome-back present.
Guy's name is Frank Castor.
Local hitter, been tied to a half a dozen bodies.
Rounds that killed him were close range.
Looks to be small caliber.
Possibly a .
How'd you find this guy? Client's sister went missing.
A reporter named Calista Thibideaux.
Pretty sure this guy was after her.
Your client file a police report? You wouldn't have believed him if he did.
He had a vision that his sister was in trouble.
And you took him on based on that? I just wanted to see if he was right.
And from the looks of it, he was.
He was able to describe the car and the dead body inside.
Here you go, Detective.
Did your client happen to be Julien Thibideaux? Yeah.
Why? I don't think his descriptions are coming from his vision.
His prints were found all over the inside of this car.
HARRY: I knew there was an explanation.
Julien is involved.
- Okay, but involved with what? - Whatever.
The point is, it's not supernatural.
Well, if he's involved, why come to me? Because he's looking for his sister.
Maybe she's hiding from him.
Maybe that's why she got a gun.
Dante, what'd you find? I just spoke to the PD in Youngsville, where Julien and his sister grew up.
Turns out she went to the cops more than once to file a restraining order against her brother.
She'd change her mind at the last minute, but clearly, there were issues.
ROBYN: Clearly, there still are.
We need to find Julien.
I'll put out an APB.
Call you with an update.
HARRY: I knew there was something off about that dude.
Yeah, but Julien hiring a hitter? That seems off, too.
Harry, is there a way you can track where that silver Mercedes came from? Uh, before it winded up parked with a dead guy in the trunk? There was no GPS history.
I can try and find it on street cams in the area, and then reverse track it, I guess.
It'll take some time.
But it could tell us when Julien met up with scar-face.
And if anyone else is involved.
well, someone's working late hours.
It's this case.
How's Dee? How's she doing after her therapy session? Distant, distracted.
She said she's good, but went straight up to her room to study.
She keeps saying she's fine, but my instincts tell me something is up with her.
Then again, my instincts could use some fine-tuning.
I think my client may be lying to me.
Must be a criminal mastermind.
He claims he had a vision his sister was in danger.
Was he right? About everything.
Which is why I should have been suspicious.
I don't know about that.
I've had my share of premonitions that have come true.
About what? Well [SIGHS.]
It upsets you to talk about your dad's death.
Aunt Vi, it's okay.
I want to hear.
The night it happened, I went to bed early.
Just remember feeling like something was off.
Later on, I bolted up in the bed from a deep sleep, my heart just pounding.
Before the police could call, anybody could tell me, I I knew.
Call it spiritual or supernatural, I don't know, but it was real.
Got to take this.
Hey, Dante.
What's up? Unis just picked up Julien.
I'm going to talk to him now.
I'll let you know what I find out.
DANTE: I'm gonna ask you again.
How do you know Frank Castor? JULIEN: And I'm gonna tell you again.
- I don't.
- So, what? Your fingerprints just magically appeared in his car? Don't matter what I say to you.
You're not gonna believe me.
Nobody ever believes my kind.
Let's say you saw him in your dream.
That doesn't explain why you were in his car.
Because I was drawn to it.
Something pulled me into the direction where the car was parked.
I recognized it.
- From your dream? - I thought it might offer a clue about my sister, so I looked inside, but when I popped that trunk, and I saw that body, man, I took off.
You're right.
I don't believe you.
If you're so concerned with your sister's safety, you want to explain why she almost filed a restraining order - against you? - That? Man, I'm trying to protect her.
That so? Sheriff I talked to said you were violent.
My sister she has not had the best luck in men, okay? And I could see it coming.
I could see it coming, every single thing that they were gonna do.
So, one night, I got into it with a guy who was about to cheat on her.
- But he hadn't cheated on her? - He hadn't cheated on her yet.
Coming up, my sister was always looking out for me.
I was trying to do the same thing, man, but I I was a lot.
So when she moved to New York, when she asked me not to follow, hey, I respected that.
And yet, here you are.
Because she's in trouble, man! I'm just trying to find her before it's too late.
- It might be too late already! - What did you and Calista talk about the night she disappeared? I didn't talk to Calista the night she disappeared.
I pulled records from that phone you have.
You and your sister talked for 20 minutes three days ago.
What about? I don't remember having a phone call with Calista three days ago.
So you can see into the future, but you can't remember a 20-minute call from a few nights ago? I take pills sometimes to help me sleep.
And sometimes, when I'm on 'em, I do things that I don't remember.
So either Julien's lying, and he's involved, or he's not involved, and his sister told him what she was into, and his drug-addled mind decided that that was a vision.
Either way, it's totally explainable, except for the part where you guys believed him.
Either way, Dante's holding him for 24 hours.
And we still have to find Calista.
Were you able to backtrack that car? Yeah, it took a while to piece the traffic cam footage together, but I managed to trace the car back to a bar.
Now that's our scar-face with this guy.
I ran him through the database.
This is Milosz Nemanjic.
He's the head of a branch of the Serbian syndicate.
ROBYN: Milosz Nemanjic.
" Like the initials in Calista's notes.
She was following him? Yeah, this is not a guy you want on your bad side.
He was an orphan refugee from Belgrade.
He used to run errands for the local Serbian gangs here as a kid in New York, and now, he runs the crew.
Okay, but what is a lifestyle journalist doing tailing him? And why do the Serbs want her dead? If they are after her, it could be why she bought that gun.
Well, if she felt she was in such danger, why not to go to the cops? It's time to make a new acquaintance.
I don't know who you are, or how you got in here, but if you wanted to kill me, I'd be dead by now.
Why are you going after Calista Thibideaux? I don't know who that is.
You sent someone to kill her.
Ring any bells? If I want someone dead, I do it myself, up close and, uh, personal.
What you gonna light it with? This? Kneel.
Face the wall.
I said kneel.
Oh, I thought you weren't gonna kill me.
You said that, not me.
You'll never get past my men.
I got in here, didn't I? If you're gonna do it, do it.
HARRY: Did you get close enough? Yup.
HARRY: Oh, look at that.
He's making a call right now.
MAN: Yeah.
MILOSZ: Someone's asking questions about the reporter.
Move everything out of there now.
Can you get a location on that phone he just called? I want to know what they're moving.
Rob, I'm closer.
I'm going.
Okay, let me know when you got something.
They're definitely closing up shop.
ROBYN: Can you see what they're transporting? I'm gonna take a closer look.
Just be careful, Mel.
Rob, it's guns.
They're moving them in volume.
I also saw this metallic dust Calista? Calista, wait! - Calista? - Stay back! [GUNSHOT.]
ROBYN: Mel, are you there? What's happening? Well, at least we know Calista's still alive.
Yeah, and terrified enough to shoot at me.
She's probably in survival mode.
She doesn't know who to trust.
But what was she doing there? Well, based on those crates that Mel saw, I think the Serbians are dealing guns.
Illegal guns.
I mean, the metallic dust I found? - They were filing off serial numbers.
- That's why Calista wanted a street piece that couldn't be traced.
She was buying evidence for her article.
Except when that hitter found her, she wound up using it.
Okay, but how did she stumble across this whole operation to begin with? I mean, she's a lifestyle reporter, right? I mean, she's not Woodward and Bernstein.
Well, she was doing a profile on Rosa Martinez, the activist.
Can we pull up her bio? Rosa Martinez.
Grew up in the projects.
Graduated from Columbia, started a bunch of community outreach projects.
Can we see a list of the programs? "Literacy Drive.
" - "Big Brother Mentorship.
" - There.
She started a gun amnesty program.
You turn in your weapons, and in exchange, you're not prosecuted.
But somehow, the Serbs get ahold of them, strip off the serial numbers and then put them back on the streets.
So that's why she didn't want to go to the cops.
Since the cops collect the guns, she thought they might be involved.
Mel, this gun you took Does it still have its serial number? Yeah.
DANTE: You were right.
It was turned into the amnesty program a week ago.
Which means someone in that program is funneling these guns to the Serbian mob.
You don't think any cops are involved, do you? No, but I can't swear to it.
What's the chain of custody for the weapons after they're turned in? Looks like volunteer NYPD officers collect the firearms.
Then they're picked up by an armored car and taken to a foundry, where they're melted down into scrap.
And who arranges that? Rosa Martinez? No.
They just put her name on the program because it means something in that community.
All the details, the contract, this whole program is the brainchild of Councilman Joe Silva.
Councilman Joe Silva? CJS.
HARRY: Councilman Joe Silva.
Former gang member.
Got into politics later in life.
Said he wanted to serve the community that he once harmed.
Now he's running for borough president under a platform of "ridding the streets of senseless gun violence.
" If he's taking a cut from the Serbs, he's definitely taking money to run his campaign.
While stoking the gun problem he's promising to fix.
In order for Silva to do this, he would need someone helping him from inside the chain of custody.
Well, I compiled everybody from armored car company and the smelting plant.
See if any of them have a connection to the councilman.
A deep dive into all of them? I mean, it would take weeks.
The Serbs are still after Calista.
She doesn't have weeks.
What? Oh, you got to be kidding me.
- MEL: What? - Third row.
Second from the right.
That's the guy I saw on Julien's stakeout.
Ponytail guy.
ROBYN: He works for the smelting company.
Want to start with him? [CHUCKLES.]
Just want us to review the press release for tomorrow, - make sure I - Hey! [GASPS.]
Thank God.
Are you okay? Can we talk? Alone? It's about your gun amnesty program.
I think Councilman Silva is selling the guns to traffickers, who are putting them right back onto the streets.
- Are you sure? - I will be if you can help me get access to some records.
- I got it.
Two months ago, Ponytail, aka Deke Hartley, was in a lot of debt till suddenly, he just wasn't.
It was all just paid off at once.
- Looks like we got our guy.
- MEL: So you're saying that your stakeout with Julien wasn't a waste of time? You can torture me later.
Right now, we have bigger issues.
Like connecting those payments to the councilman.
Well, doesn't look like there's a money trail.
Must've been cash deposits.
We need a link, Harry.
I think I got one.
But it's not to the councilman.
You guys, it's to Rosa Martinez.
- What? - Two years ago, Hartley worked directly for Rosa.
And then, six months ago, after he got a job at the smelting factory, suddenly, his daughter got a full scholarship to private school funded by one of Rosa's programs.
That was a payoff.
He's her inside man.
Councilman Silva isn't the one giving guns to the Serbs.
Rosa is.
Don't worry.
I got you.
Excuse me.
Is Rosa Martinez here? We need to speak to her.
I'm sorry.
She's gone for the day.
MEL: It's an emergency.
- Where can we find her? - Not sure.
We were heading to an event, but she had to cancel to meet with a reporter.
They left together.
Is this the reporter? Yeah.
ROBYN: Harry, we got a problem.
Rosa has Calista.
We need to find out where she's taking her.
I think I got a pretty good guess.
You know, I've been trying to figure out what the connection is between Rosa and the Serbians.
And then it hit me.
Rosa spent time in foster care, and Milosz Nemanjic was an orphan.
Don't tell me.
I did some research, and they were both placed with the same family.
Rob, I mean, they're essentially siblings.
Okay, I'm Rosa, and I want to get rid of someone, I don't do it myself.
No, I take her to my sociopath foster brother.
Harry, you still have his phone cloned.
- Can you get a location? - Yup.
- Dante's calling.
Hold on.
Hey, Dante.
What's up? Is there something going on with Julien's sister that I should know about? Detective! Let me go, man! I have to save her! Why? Because out of nowhere, the guy just freaked.
Started yelling how his sister was about to die.
He may be right.
I'll call you later.
This is my sister, man! [HIGH-PITCHED TONE, YELLING.]
Are you sure the evidence points to Councilman Silva? I am.
I just need a paper trail to confirm it.
Have you shared any of it with your editor yet? No.
I haven't told anyone.
What are we doing here? [YELLING.]
Why are you doing this, Rosa? Putting all those guns back on the streets? Because if it wasn't me, it'd just be someone else.
So the programs, the neighborhood outreach - It's all a lie? - No.
We still build rec centers, support communities, but we're just also taking care of ourselves.
We always have.
I'm sorry, Calista.
The way we grew up, we both know it's survival of the fittest.
Oh! Mel, get Rosa! [GRUNTING.]
How's that for getting guns off the street? [SIRENS WAILING, GARBLED RADIO TRANSMISSION.]
You okay? A little shaken up, but yeah.
I can't believe I looked up to her.
It was brave of you, taking this on, risking your life.
After what happened to my parents, I couldn't sit back and do nothing.
The truth needs to get out.
Well, thanks to you, it will.
Only 'cause you showed up.
How'd you find me? We wouldn't have been looking if it weren't for your brother.
JULIEN: Hey, Calista.
I know you told me not to follow you - up here, but - Oh, God.
I'm glad you came.
I'm so happy you're okay.
What made you bring Julien? I had a hunch it was the right thing to do.
You had a hunch, huh? Call it a cop intuition.
Did you see this? Calista's article came out already.
Oh, great.
Uh, what about Julien, though? I mean, clairvoyant or not, that guy is kind of a mess.
Yeah, well, Calista asked him to move to New York.
She wants to keep an eye on him.
And he promised not to interfere in her life.
Does that include, uh, swearing off the creepy premonitions? Okay, Mr.
Cynical, you have to admit those creepy premonitions helped us solve the case.
I will admit nothing of the kind.
Calista confirmed that she told him that she was in danger on that telephone call, all right? That accounts for his "visions.
" Well, what about the stakeout? You saw the ponytailed man.
How do you explain that? With a single word: coincidence.
So you do not believe that, sometimes, someone can get, like, a little glimpse of the future? - Like, even just a little bit? - I do not.
You know, when Rob set us up, I almost canceled our first date.
No, I did.
I had the phone out, ready to call you.
But at the last minute, I got a sense that something really important was gonna happen, that, like, my life maybe was about to change.
Can we just agree that that was the luckiest, most magical night of my life, and just move on? Okay.
I'll allow it.
I thought you could use a cup of love.
So, where did you land with the premonitions? His sister's safe, family's reunited.
I don't know what I believe, but when brother and sister finally met up, their connection you could feel it.
Kind of like you and Daddy.
Do you have any idea how much your father adored you? I know you think what happened that night was your fault but it wasn't.
In this temporary world ♪ I tired out my tongue ♪ DELILAH: Am I interrupting something? ROBYN: No, baby girl.
What's going on? Uh, Mom, can we I mean, do you have a minute? Of course.
So like a storm, I'm moving forward ♪ I, um I need to tell you that I haven't been completely honest.
Everything isn't okay.
I had a sense.
It's like all the questions that Dad keeps asking me, it's like, he doesn't believe me anymore.
And he shouldn't, because I am lying.
I know.
And I'm sorry.
The worst part of my life is knowing that I have to be dishonest with the people I love.
Lord knows I wish that didn't have to be a part of yours.
Frustrated with confusion ♪ Well, there's-there's something else.
Because of what you do, I keep getting these random feelings of dread like something horrible is going to happen and Dee, Dee.
Listen to me, I would never let anything happen to you.
Mom, it's not me that I'm worried about.
It's you.
Why don't You save me ♪ From myself? ♪ Why don't You save me? ♪
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