The Escape Artist (2013) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Taxi! Can you take me here, please? Right, Charles, sorry about that.
OK, let me fill you in on where we are.
We had the cocaine in a holdall.
We moved into the car park where we saw our friend Mr Scott walking out from behind his van holding a double-barrelled shotgun.
OK, listen, see you in about an hour.
OK, bye.
Sorry about that.
I'm a lawyer.
Jamie's dad, Mr Burton, has come in today to talk about what he does at work.
Do any of you know what a barrister does? Yes, Jamie? He stops people from going to prison.
And how does he do that? He tells a court that someone didn't do a crime.
And sometimes the evidence doesn't cut it.
And sometimes that means he can't come on holiday like he promised.
Actually, my job is mostly standing up and talking to a judge in court.
What do you talk about? If someone said they saw you take your classmate's pen, and you said you didn't, my job would be to show that whoever saw you was mistaken.
What happens if I did take the pen anyway? Well, then you'd be guilty.
Yeah, but what if I said I didn't take it, and the person who saw me has bad eyesight, and you're so good at arguing they can't be sure it was me who took it? Ah! Well, then, that's what you call a reasonable doubt.
So I get to keep the pen? Yes, but then you'd be getting away with it.
Only if your dad was on my side.
Hi, Charles.
Are we ready? Crown called.
Seems Maggie Gardner's stepping in as lead junior.
Again? Surprised she could squeeze in a case between TV appearances.
Suppose I'm flattered.
It's like a derby match with you.
They should sell tickets.
It was the only object Mr Kumarin had to hand.
A hunting knife is not a defensive weapon! The clue is in the name.
Miss Gardner.
I apologise, My Lord.
A man about to be attacked does not have to wait for permission.
The law tells us, in the right circumstances, a pre-emptive strike is justified.
In this case, a loaded shotgun aimed squarely at his head! We only have Mr Scott's appalling aim to thank that Mr Kumarin is here and not being scraped off the nightclub wall with a trowel.
Well done, Will.
Mr Will, thank you very much.
Thank you.
Take care.
"Police continue to make headway in their investigation into the brutal murder of Sandra Mullen, acting on new evidence that has come to light in the past few days.
Detectives are still calling for witnesses to come forward with any additional information they may have concerning the ritualistic slaying of Miss Mullen, whose tortured body was found on heathland by a dog walker last October.
Miss Mullen, who was 25 at the time of her death and studying to be a doctor, was last seen leaving a night club in the early hours of Thursday morning.
" No, thank you, we have insulation! We have a warrant to conduct a search of these premises! Come back after breakfast! Mr Foyle! After breakfast!! Well-played.
Thank you.
How's life? Ah, pleasure and pain.
Oh, Kate saw you on Loose Women the other day.
You're playing it very cool.
Cool? This This whole Top 40 nonsense.
What are you talking about? You haven't heard? Oh, false modesty! It's so unappealing, Will.
I don't know what you're talking about.
We've never had a number one.
You'd heard already? Er, no, but that explains the warm welcome outside the robing room.
I don't think it's limited to there.
Well done, Mr Burton.
That's silk now for you, surely? If you say so, Mr Monk.
You fill out the application, I'll buy a stamp.
How's that? (Don't do this to me!) You should consider it.
Don't stay a junior all your life, hm? Well, Harris can, but that's red brick education for you.
I like getting my hands dirty.
Ah, but you're different, Will.
So very special.
Bonus prize.
No, we're actually up to the cottage for the weekend.
Read that, will you? Knowing you it shouldn't take long.
We're out of mobile range.
Very unfortunate.
Tragic, in fact.
Simkins Brown asked for you.
Really? Although I'd keep that particular factoid to yourself if I were you.
They asked for you over any of the silks.
Can't say I blame them.
If I was in their client's shoes, I'd want your record on my side.
If you're chained up in a safe at the bottom of a shark tank, you don't call for Paul Daniels.
You call for Houdini.
Oh! Come on.
Nice one.
Good pass.
Good pass! Come on! There we go, now we're talking.
Come on.
Keep an eye on the ball! Here we Oh, come on, referee! Grow a sac, for God's sake! Potatoes, she means sack of potatoes.
You're here! Oh, mwah! Oh, God Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Oh, wee man.
I found an apple in my jacket this morning.
I was sending you a message - through the medium of fruit.
The message being? Eat fruit.
You don't think I'm getting my five a day? No.
I don't think you're eating anything that isn't made from cheese.
I think you'll find you have to press the button first.
I did press it.
I used a pressing motion.
There now.
I just did that.
Thanks for your support.
Really appreciate it.
Come on, we're going.
Hang on.
Get your bags off the back seat.
OK? Hey, Ben.
All right.
You're the Pied Piper of bubble baths.
You know, there might be room in here for a large Scotsman.
I've got to catch up on something.
Oh, well, suit yourself.
It's all candles and twilight in here though.
Your loss.
Stop snoring.
Sorry, am I keeping you up? Funny guy.
Hmm You were quite the hit at school yesterday.
So Jamie said.
They seemed to enjoy it.
All his wee pals want you to be their lawyer now.
They're all going to go out and commit GBH safe in the knowledge you'll get them off.
Well, that's very reassuring.
Little do they know that that large brain of yours is full of holes.
Your hard drive's full.
That's your problem.
I see.
You just need to back it up now and again.
How do I do that? Well Mmm.
You're so nice and warm.
Mr Simkins, why did you choose me to lead this? I mean, why me, over a silk? Because I've seen too many silks who try and waltz in and blunderbuss their way through a case they've only glanced at on the way to the court.
Because in a case like this I want someone who spends days elbows deep in the evidence.
Because my client stands between a rock and a bucket of shit and he needs all the help he can get.
And? Honestly? Yeah.
Because you win.
Are you sleeping here now, Mr Burton? What time is it? Tuesday.
I think I fancy Carlos Tevez.
For captain.
Did you look at these pictures? You ever seen anything like it? Before? I've never.
She was alive for most of it, you know? She was alive.
"We were walking through the park, listening to music on our iPod.
We did not notice the blood on our shoes until we got home.
Because we'd not been paying much attention to where we'd been walking, and our walk had taken us through areas of deeper undergrowth and high grasses.
When we first saw the blood we presumed we had stepped in the remains of an animal.
" A squirrel, for example? Yes.
Did you know the grey squirrels are killing all the red squirrels? I did, yes.
But now they've discovered a black squirrel.
Mr Foyle.
And that's killing all the greys.
Goes to show, you can't be too careful.
Mr Foyle.
Can we please get on? What day do you take your laundry to be service washed, Mr Foyle? Tuesday's wash day.
Can you explain why, after months of Tuesdays, you took your washing in on a Monday? We'd run out of pants, hadn't we? We took our laundry to be washed a day early because we'd run out of clothing.
The fact we found blood on our shoes after our walk increased our desire to do our washing early.
That's the truth.
Do you normally wash your shoes in the washing machine? I do if they have blood on them.
Erm We're going to have to talk about the websites.
The other side are going to try to claim you habitually view images and video that are commonly referred to as "extreme pornography", an umbrella term for filmed acts which threaten, or appear to threaten, a person's life, result in serious injury to participants or appear to involve torture, biting, sexual interference with a human corpse.
And that this has a link to the nature of the injuries sustained by the victim.
I don't do that kind of thing.
Unfortunately, your credit card statements tell a different story.
They show payments to a number of websites, which have been revealed to distribute this this kind of material.
The credit cards are lying.
Erm Right.
I have to tell you, Mr Foyle, already this is a huge challenge.
We're going to have to work on your presentation style.
What you see is what you get.
Yes, well, that's part of the problem, isn't it? Does he have to be here? Yes, he does.
Here's the thing, Mr Burton, and I don't know whether you've picked it up or perhaps your sixth sense might have spotted it.
I don't like people very much.
I'm just not a very nice person.
I'm not here to judge you.
No, the man in red does that.
I'm here to defend you and present your case as best as I can.
In order to do that You think I did it, don't you? That's the problem.
It's not what I was saying.
You think I did all those awful things to that poor woman.
Listen to me.
I don't think I will.
Mr Foyle.
I want him gone.
He's your solicitor.
He was making me nervous.
Do you want to take a minute? Staring at me.
Mr Foyle.
Look me in the eye.
Shall we get on? How about a nice cup of tea? Mr Foyle, I'm your defence barrister.
If you privately confessed your guilt to me in any way but publicly maintained your innocence, I'd be following Mr Simkins there, and I would have encouraged you as I left to enter a guilty plea.
I'm not guilty.
Then this is where we are.
Well, good job you're here then.
Let's hope so.
Your manners.
Full? Just a splash.
You know, it's funny.
The more time we spend together, the more you remind me of me.
Mr Burton? Give me a minute.
Are you all right? I just need some air.
Can I have 20 Marlboro Lights, please? Yep.
And a lighter if you have got one.
Ah, here she is, the rising star at 57 Harlow Street.
Now then, Maggie, I know I should really be rooting for you without exception, but you should know there is no ignominy in coming second.
Just ask Buzz Aldrin.
Well, I demand a recount.
Takes me back to Middle Temple Moot Finals.
Really? Yeah, you and me.
Almost an exact replay.
It was a long time ago.
I heard you're up against our boy Julian on this Liam Foyle malarkey.
Is that so? Our boy? Yes.
Surprised it's not you on the other side.
Seem to be making a habit out of it.
Thought I'd give you a go against someone else for a change.
Had enough, eh? Never.
I am just thinking of transitioning into more defence work.
Excuse me.
Anyway, this Foyle case is a little too St Jude for my liking.
He's the patron saint of lost causes.
Oh, I didn't know that.
Right, well, I'll go and get us some more rubbing alcohol.
Great, thank you.
I'm serious.
I've seen the brief.
Why are you doing? I'm practising law.
Oh, come on.
It's almost a no-questions jobbie.
It might be exposure but for all the wrong reasons.
I don't do things for exposure, Maggie.
Why do you do it? Because everyone deserves a defence.
There you go.
Yeah! Make a wish.
I wish my mum would stop annoying me.
Who wants a piece of cake? - Me! Are you sure? - Yes! OK, so you're saying there's more to find? Yeah.
And would you go on record with that? Great.
Great, OK.
Someone from my office will call you tomorrow and set up an appointment.
Thank you.
Speak soon.
Who was that? That's a clever man who knows about computers.
Is he going to back up your brain? No, it was for my work.
Will he help you win the case? I hope so.
Mmm Oh, here they come.
How's Kate and the family? Very well, thank you.
I think Maggie's in the gallery today.
Why's she doing that? Checking out the competition I expect.
That's the trouble with being number one.
Everyone wants to knock you off your perch.
Now I heard you asked for an adjournment last week.
I did indeed.
Trouble at t'mill? Not really.
Just needed more time.
Well, here we are, I'm afraid.
Here we are indeed.
I must say, I do like your game face, old boy.
You haven't seen it yet, old boy.
Some crimes defy description.
They debase our so-called civilisation and defy every boundary of humanity left to us.
Now the person who took the life of Sandra Mullins can only be described as a malignant sadist, who did so with the intent to traumatise, to terrorise, and to inflict the maximum amount of pain and suffering.
And we intend to prove, without doubt, that that person was Liam Foyle.
Severe bruising around her neck, her thyroid cartilage and hyoid bone were badly fractured.
Cause of death was strangulation.
Other injuries were sexual in nature, internal and external, both eyes were missing, removed with force close to the time of death, possibly before.
The park gets overgrown towards the north eastern corner.
Long grass, hawthorn, lavender, nettle beds.
And did you see anything unusual on your morning route? I saw a man.
Getting up from a lying position.
Mr Hughes, in your professional capacity, can you please confirm the credit card statements before you are an accurate reflection of payments made by your bank on behalf of the account holder, Mr Liam Foyle? Yes.
And these payments were made by the card over the first three months of this year, is that correct? Yes.
And they were all made online to companies across Asia and Europe, all of which distribute and produce the same product, namely pornography, is that correct? Yes, that is our understanding.
Mr Hughes, many of these sites, and I'm afraid we have had to visit them in the course of this investigation, have shown acts of extreme depravity which, we understand from the forensic reports, show disturbingly accurate similarities to the injuries that befell Sandra Mullins before she was murdered.
I talk specifically in relation to the bite marks and the mutilation of genitalia.
Liar! Mr Foyle! You have one chance with me, and that was it.
Any more from you and I shall hold you in contempt.
Murderer! Silence, please! Mr Hughes, please answer the question.
Yes, it is the same card.
Thank you.
No further questions, My Lord.
Mr Burton? My Lord, before this trial began I made a written application for an adjournment.
I'm asking you now to reconsider that application in the light of the gravity of the expert testimony.
(Oh, come on.
) This is most inappropriate.
An adjournment will bring vital evidence to light.
Let both sides have their expert, and let the jury decide.
Mr Burton, there is huge public interest in having this case heard as soon as possible.
The fact your expert has not mustered himself to the task at hand is neither here nor there.
He's not slow, he's gathering potentially new evidence.
It's the same computer.
Both of your experts are computer forensic specialists.
I can hardly see how two trained men looking at the same equipment could produce so radically different conclusions that it would make a difference.
I'm afraid it simply isn't on.
I think if My Lord could look a little closer Your application was refused and it shall stay refused.
I will decline from pursuing you on contempt but let this be your last and final warning.
We'll break for lunch now - but the train is on the tracks, Mr Burton.
And for the sake of your client I suggest you deal with it.
My Lord.
All rise.
) Will? You should try and sleep.
I'm fine.
I mean it.
You think you're invincible, and you're not.
We should get new locks on these windows.
Were you even listening to me? Frame locks, with keys.
Oh, God.
You're going to drive me crazy for the next two months now, aren't you? A colleague of mine just defended a 12-year-old boy who poured drain cleaner down the throat of his best mate because he wouldn't let him play a game on his phone.
The world is broken.
You shouldn't watch scary movies so close to bedtime.
Not inspiring much confidence up there, Will.
I know what I'm doing, Mr Foyle.
Not from where I'm sitting.
So sack me.
Why would I want to do that? You tell me.
I work for you as long as you'll have me.
I apologise, Will.
I know you've got my back.
I appreciate your honesty very much.
Shall we get on? You only have one computer, is that correct? Yes.
But I don't see what that's got to do with what happened to that woman.
You will.
Someone must pay for what happened to Sandra Mullins.
Our very humanity is at stake, as my learned friend has indicated.
It would be convenient for everyone here today if Liam Foyle was guilty.
The cuffs go on and he's gone forever.
The evidence seems overwhelming.
But it is not.
We may dislike Mr Foyle.
We might cross the street if we saw him coming.
But we do not have to like him to defend him.
Because this is not a popularity contest, this is not a witch-hunt, this is a court of law, and in this country, when you're accused of a crime you are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty.
And make no mistake, not a shred of what you've heard from my learned friend acting for the Prosecution has given any proof at all.
I will show you unreliable witnesses, lazy forensic science, emotional appeals instead of factual accuracies.
Oh, yes, and the casual assertion that my client is a consumer of extreme pornography.
First, I think, we will talk about that.
I am an expert in forensic computer data analysis.
Dr Crowe, have you had a chance to examine the hard drive of the computer belonging to Mr Foyle? Yes, I have.
And you did this instructed by the Prosecution in this case, is that correct? Yes.
Unfortunately Dr Weeks, the gentleman who has helped examine the computer for the Defence has not yet finished his work.
However, he has passed me his notes to date and I'd like to ask you questions about them.
Wherever you go on the internet, using a computer, you leave footprints.
Is that correct? Yes, it is.
Even if you've deleted a file, someone like you is able to see it.
Most of the time.
Where is this going? In the absence of my own expert, my learned friend has kindly tendered the Prosecution expert on this matter.
I beg some time to explore this point with him.
Very well.
My learned friend alleges that my client paid for and viewed, on a regular basis, numerous depraved and abusive images, including "acts of torture, mutilation, strangulation, and necrophilia.
" Um, in your analysis of his computer, did you establish that Mr Foyle had actually visited ANY of those websites that pertained to those images? No, but his credit card bills Thank you.
And my learned friend asserted that my client paid for access to many of those websites with his credit card.
Now, why would he pay for them if he didn't actually visit them? It may sound reprehensible but he's not getting his money's worth, is he? How did he pay for access to those sites without actually visiting them? Many porn sites were on his internet history to which he submitted his credit card details.
That's how he received a password to unlock other content elsewhere.
Is it possible that his card details were falsified at that point? How do you mean? That when he submitted his details to the adult site, they were taken and used by unknown third parties to pay for and unlock this "other content" as you call it.
Is that possible? I suppose so, yes.
So given this possibility, if we were to prove, in this court, that such falsification occurred, would Mr Foyle be shown to be, in fact, a victim of identity fraud? This is not a trial about extreme pornography, this is about the horrific murder Our expert was in the process of proving this link.
Hence our application for an adjournment, which was refused.
My learned friend brought these hideous allegations to bear on this case and I reiterate my request.
The expert testimony cuts both ways.
Usher, please excuse the jury.
A matter of procedure has just arisen, I need to talk to both sides about it.
We will call you back presently.
My room, I think.
My client has been falsely branded an extreme porn enthusiast by the Crown, this has now leaked online to social media, where it's been duly picked up by the print media, which has now tainted my client with the label torturer, pervert, necrophiliac, so much so this jury must be discharged and a new jury called.
Even with the reporting restrictions, given the press this case has already generated, Mr Foyle cannot be given a fair trial.
The application is to stay the indictment.
This is absurd.
I made the request in good time.
Yes, I know.
The prejudice to the accused in the eyes of this jury is, in my view, permanent.
Reluctantly, I feel that I have little option in these circumstances but to accede to your application.
Judge, please.
I ballsed up, Julian.
I'm sorry.
Let's get this over with.
And so, as a result, I have no alternative but to discharge the jury and release the defendant.
All rise.
He's got away with murder.
He's got blood on his hands.
You should be ashamed of yourself! Congratulations, well done.
It was a mistake.
I just made sure they paid for it.
Will, good man.
Just doing my job.
Thank you, my friend.
Take care.
So show me again.
You do it.
But don't watch me, I can't do it if you watch.
I'm like a kettle.
What do you mean you're like a kettle? If I get this right I'll tell you.
Go on.
"When buying clothing to say what you want, use Gostaria.
" Gostaria.
"I'd like a shirt.
Gostaria uma camisa.
" Gostaria uma camisa.
"I'd like a pair of trousers.
Gostaria umas calcas.
" What? "To get the right size, use the following phrases.
I am a size 40.
" "O meu numero e quarenta.
" O meu numero e qua quarenta.
"If they don't have the right colour, here is how to ask for the same thing in blue.
Do you have this in blue?" Who are you waving at? I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know? That man.
He just started waving.
What man? He's gone now.
Just go in.
"Are you peeing?" Possibly.
Listen, just take a deep breath and open the door, you big Jessie.
I can't.
I'm scared.
"It's just a reunion.
" Jenny said she'd be here.
Who was she again? Funny.
"At least you'll have something in common.
" We had a deal.
I can't see her anywhere.
"You'll be fine.
" No, not these people.
These people are all so Hi.
Hi, great to see you.
"I'll tell you what.
If you're still hyperventilating by the cheese course, you can always come and see us.
You know where we are.
And we're always pleased to see you.
I'd better go.
Yes? What you smiling at? It's a surprise.
A nice surprise.
Come here.
What's with the questions? You, you're always Get off.
So how's Edinburgh? Still mad.
You should come back though.
You get a nicer house, better schools.
Are you considering a career change? I'm doing OK, thanks.
I know.
I read the papers.
Don't let them start without me, OK? "And still, when winter came, he" AAARRGH!! AAAARRRGH!! Amen.
"Where were you? I've been trying for ages.
" What's happened? "God, there was a man outside.
" I don't know, but there was somebody outside.
We are at the cottage.
"Man?! What man?" I don't know what man it is! "There was a man, somebody!" Kate.
Tell me again.
"He was He was at the window, and I was in the bath He was looking in at me when I was in the bath.
" How could he be at the window?! I don't know but he was at the window! Call the police, lock the doors, stay in the bedroom.
OK? Do not go outside.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
I love you, OK? Did you hear me? Are you calling them? I'm c-calling.
Guv! Is it possible that one of your ex-clients has a point to prove? Someone you failed to defend, perhaps did some time? Well, no.
You sound very sure.
Detective Chalmers, Mr Burton has never lost a case.
Have you ever refused to represent someone? We're not really allowed to do that.
Allowed? Cherry-picking is frowned upon.
Everybody's hungry.
Everybody's hungry.
Everybody's hungry.
Any sign of a reply from the QC Selection Panel? Yeah.
Look, about that.
You might want to delay a little.
What kind of complaint? Unprofessional conduct.
He didn't come to us first? Looks like he wanted to cause you maximum discomfort.
Went straight to the Legal Ombudsman and the BSB.
Both barrels.
Mr Foyle asserts that you "engaged in conduct which is dishonest or otherwise discreditable to a barrister contrary to paragraph 301 A1, in particular that you expressed doubts about the validity and honesty of his plea.
" What? Is this true? Of course not.
This is insane.
We won the bloody case.
We won! Looks like it's not enough.
What the hell's he doing? Your silk application is going to have to wait till this is all sorted out.
I'm sorry, it's very bad luck.
We need to weigh in on this right away, stop it in its tracks.
Enough firepower, it may well work.
Danny! See who you can rope back into the office, will you? It's six o'clock.
Hey! We'll thrash out a strategy here and now, all right? Yeah, there's been a bit of a thing at work.
It's a bit weird.
I'm going to have to stay later but maybe we can all go up together? Can you hang on? "We're ready for the off.
Why don't we just see you up there, eh? But hurry up, OK? I want to show you something.
" That's cryptic.
"No, not really.
Oh, and listen" Oh, I am losing you.
"Hello?" I'll see you later, OK? "Hello? Hello?" OK.
We are here.
Yeah, we're here.
I am really hungry.
I don't care.
Listen, we are going to wait for your dad to get back so we can all eat together, OK? "Hi, it's Kate, I'm not here right but leave a message.
" Jamie? Oof! Jamie? "Try to find out if it is day or night.
What are two ways to greet someone?" "Muito prazer" "Bom dia.
Boa tarde.
" "Where is the nearest chemist?" "Onde esta a farmacia?" Kate? Hi.
Kate?! Kate?! "There is.
Ha, sim.
" Kate? Kate?! Jamie?! Kate?! Kate?! Jamie?! Jamie?! Jamie!! Jamie! Oh, Jesus! Ahh, ahh! Kate! Arrrgh!! DAD! Jamie?! DAD! Jamie?! Jamie! Jamie! (Shit!) Come on! Come on! Yes! Police! Ambulance! Words are not enough, Will.
Take all the time you need.
Chambers is a family.
Like all families we take care of one another.
We will run with this right through to the end.
Whatever it takes.
Thank you.
You have my word on it.
We'll make sure we get him.
How are things? Sorry.
Shit question.
I'm getting through it.
Sorry to call out of the blue, I was in the area.
It's really great that you called, Danny.
I really appreciate it.
How's everything with you? Fine, fine.
Well, we're just .
pulling out all the big guns.
Going to blitz the bastard, yeah? What is it? I don't know if I should tell you.
Tell me what? Liam Foyle confirmed defence counsel today.
Who is it? I thought you were still on leave? I am.
I, erm, I sent you a card.
I hope You're defending him.
If you mean Liam Foyle, then yes.
Yes, you're correct.
Look, after everything that's happened, I mean I know this must be very hard for you.
I really do.
You know as well as I do, for good or bad What can I say? Everyone deserves a defence.
That's right, Maggie.
That's right.
Foyle murdered Sandra Mullins.
You need to know that.
You said otherwise in court.
Let that man in, you're risking everything.
I mean it.
Don't be alone.
It was today, the plea? They should have called you.
He got bail.
When was this? This morning.
Ohh! Lawyers don't have an ounce of mercy in them.
They can be manipulative.
Never said thank you.
Oh, you're welcome.
See you soon.
When were you planning on telling me? I want a meeting with everyone tonight.
Dad! Look out! Is he here? They said he'd already left.
Why didn't you call me? Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad!