The Essex Serpent (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Matters of the Heart

1 It's all right.
Michael can't hurt you anymore.
I'm sorry for your family's loss.
If you need anything, please let us know.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Time to go home? Aldwinter.
Stella's told me there's a cottage for rent.
What? Cora, you saw a girl washed up in her sister's arms.
- Why would you want to go back? - I have to know what's out there.
And you want to stay in Essex, don't you? No, I hate fresh air.
It might be fun to live in a cottage for a while.
I could go home and pick up your things.
Buy more Sherlock too.
I'll need the train fare.
Of course.
And if you incur other expenses, - I'm happy to - I can look after myself.
Just come back to London.
I'm really sorry, Luke.
I-I-I can't.
You're in shock.
Once we are back in London, you will start to feel yourself again.
- I'm myself now.
- No, no.
Trust me, I've seen this before.
- This? Wh - Yes.
Anxiety in a female.
This compulsion to return - to the scene of the trauma.
- I'm returning to help.
- What do you mean? - I can talk to people.
Offer them a rational explanation.
You want to tell them your plesiosaur theory? Now? Cora, a young girl has died.
- I really think that - What? I should give up on my ideas? I don't see you doing that.
- I'm a qualified doctor.
- And I'm not your patient.
Will you write? Of course I will.
- To the train station.
- Yes, sir.
It's small.
It's bigger than the pub.
You can have your own room here.
I had my own room in London.
Any good? Would you recommend it? I would.
Listen to this.
"All that is solid melts into air.
All that is sacred is profaned.
" Shakespeare? Karl Marx.
The Communist Manifesto, I believe.
How did you become so, uh, radical? I was born in Bethnal Green.
When everything around you is broken, you look for new ideas.
So how does Cora cope with a raging socialist in her home? We're not so different, she and I.
In her grand town house.
That came with her husband.
- Along with her jewels? - She's given them all away.
So you're close? Yes, you could say that.
She confides in you? - Sometimes.
- About matters of the heart? Well I mean - Do you think she'll - Do you think she'll stay in Essex long? I don't know.
Cora does what Cora wants from now on.
- Does she now? - As you do, I'm sure, Dr.
Where did you find her? Just outside.
Can I keep her? Until we find out who she belongs to.
What else did you see? Lots of people who were wearing black.
- Henry.
- Have you heard what they're saying? No.
Gracie was taken for her sins.
No, Henry, no.
No, she drowned.
All right? It was an accident.
A tragic accident.
God will look after her now.
As we must look after Naomi.
What can I do? Shall I sing for you? - Let me sing for you.
- Okay.
Down in yon forest there stands a hall ♪ The bells of Paradise ♪ I heard them ring ♪ It's covered all over with purple and pall ♪ It's covered all over with purple and pall ♪ In the hall there stands a bed ♪ The bells of Paradise ♪ I heard them ring ♪ It's covered all over with scarlet so red ♪ It's covered all over with scarlet so red ♪ Under the bed there runs ♪ Sorry.
The one half runs water ♪ Why on earth is she still here? The other runs blood ♪ One half runs water ♪ The other runs blood ♪ Mrs.
- Cora.
- I I only came to pay my respects.
I'm sorry if I upset people.
Uh Stella and I, we, uh we didn't think you'd come back.
Well, I thought I could help.
Be a voice of reason.
- How? - Well, I could explain things.
No, you came for your serpent.
I should go.
Frankie's unpacking.
I'll walk you back.
I'm not here to make trouble, Will.
But you want to look into things, ask questions.
I'd like to.
People are scared, you need to be careful.
Yes, of course.
But Stella will be keen to see you.
Come over once you're settled? Mmm, I'd like that.
I hope you don't disapprove of my coming.
Well, you're trying to understand, trying to find the truth.
I approve of that.
Will your servant still be up to look after you? I am the servant.
Of course.
- Silly me.
I'm - I'm I'm teasing, Spencer.
Maureen, what is it? An explosion at the arsenal.
I think one of the casualties has a pericardial tear.
- Is he young? - Yes.
And strong, fit.
- Come on then.
- Here we go again.
Oh, may I ask you a favor? He'll be all right, Doctor.
You see, hardly any blood.
I think there is a tear in the sack around your brother's heart.
He is bleeding internally.
Very fast.
We must operate straightaway.
O-On his heart? Is Is that safe? I have to be honest with you.
Last time I tried this, I failed.
But in medicine there is always a first time, and your brother will be dead by the morning without it.
This is his only hope.
Prepare the mask.
You should wait outside.
My friend will sit with you.
Please, do your best.
Come on.
Is there anyone I can get word to? Family? Nev and I came from India last year.
We know no one here.
What brought you to London? We came with a British family.
I was their ayah and Nev their tutor.
But, um, they changed their mind when we arrived.
Let us go.
I'm sorry.
You ready? Needle.
Uh, the swab.
The wound's intact for now.
Let's close his chest up.
We need to wait for him to come round.
It must have reopened.
Give him time.
He's coming round.
It's gone really well.
Everything's fine.
Just relax.
Hi, Nev.
I was just by St.
Paul's, wondering how the dome stays up.
If you'll excuse me, I must find Mr.
Luke? Luke.
What are you doing? I thought I could I never knew.
I never doubted it for a second.
Uh, come in.
I brought these.
Thank you.
I'm sorry if I intruded yesterday.
I just wanted to offer my condolences.
I've taken the cottage next door, so if there's anything I could do to help.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
My own husband died recently, but - to lose a daughter - You're right.
It's not natural.
Do you think there's something out there? I think you should go.
That chicken that your son's got um, it belongs to old Cracknell.
Out in the marshes.
Thank you.
Afternoon, Mrs.
- What do you want with Cracknell? - We have his chicken.
Be careful.
What do you mean? He doesn't go to church.
We don't go to church.
Cracknell? Ah.
The serpent-loving newcomers.
And that's my chicken.
I'm sorry.
I hope you didn't think it had been stolen.
By some beast? Do you believe there's something out there? It's not a question of belief for me.
- In the coop.
- You've got evidence? What I mean is, if you don't believe in God, you can't believe in the devil either.
So what do you think happened to Gracie Banks? Someone dies on the marshes every year.
Gets caught out by the tide.
Have you ever seen anything out of the ordinary? A sea creature? Not yet.
Eels, seals.
But no monster.
Excuse me, Mr.
What are their names? Gog and Magog.
Just my joke.
You wanna feed 'em young'un? There you go.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Can I tell you something, Father? 'Course you can.
I saw the serpent.
Are you sure? Now I see it at night too.
In the shadows like it's waiting for me.
- No, Naomi.
- I do.
- I can feel it.
- It's just at night that we let our fears take hold.
- Hello, Stella.
- Hello.
How nice to see you.
How are you all? How are the children? Still a little on edge.
Come on in.
What are you doing? - Science.
It's so dull.
- At least you get to do it.
Girls don't do science? We all need science to help us understand the world.
Could you give us a lesson? Tell everyone why you're here? I'd be very happy to.
I could bring my fossils.
- Uh, if you think it's a good idea? - I don't see why not.
- I'll ask Will to arrange it.
- Where is Will, anyway? In his study.
I'll go and say hello.
Uh Cora.
I, uh I never thought a country vicar would be so well-read.
What a shocking lack of imagination.
What are you doing here, Will? What do you mean? Well, a man like you out here on the marshes.
I might ask the same of you.
Look what I found on my morning walk.
I didn't have you down as a collector.
Well, you inspired me to look down as well as up.
What is it? Any ideas? It's some sort of lobster.
- Mmm.
- Hoploparia or Uh Where did you find it? Up by the cliffs at St.
I could show you one day.
Thank you.
Keep it.
I'll join in a moment.
I'll just And what's that one? That's a strange color, isn't it? We're sharing our treasure.
If that's all right? Of course it is.
I found this one by the River Thames.
Really? Hmm.
Well, I think it's my favorite.
When's Martha coming back? Soon, I hope.
Luke Garrett has performed - the first pericardial surgery " - We know.
" at Borough Hospital, London.
Garrett's lifesaving, or some of us might say miraculous " - Miraculous? - Oh, shut up, Garrett.
" feat of surgery should not be underestimated.
It may expand, not just the boundaries of medical science " What are you doing here? Not that it's not a pleasure to see you.
Oh, well, Dr.
Garrett may have performed a miracle.
He might actually be Jesus Christ himself, but show me the patient who can recover without good food.
I'll come with you.
Garrett takes all the glory.
I'm left to follow up.
"This is a first-class contribution to" "For she was one who worked easily at her " You look much better.
Thank you, Doctor.
It's Mr.
Garrett you should thank, if you ever see him.
If I can have a quick look at the wound? Oh.
- Thank you.
- I was baking anyway.
That's very kind.
My own brother fell sick when I was your age.
It's a struggle.
Your parents weren't around either? It's all right.
It's a long time ago now.
Ten years.
- Your brother's all right now? - No.
He never, um I'm so sorry.
I'm lucky in many ways.
I have a good job now and a home.
You'd think he'd be a bit more cheerful at the thought of going home.
When you give him a long list of medicine and insist he take a month off work? Minimum.
So how will they pay their rent? - You think they'll be evicted? - Of course not.
He'll be packing gunpowder again first thing Monday morning.
No, Martha.
That'll endanger his recovery.
He needs to be told.
What? That he can't win? Shall I tell him or will you? I-I suppose if I played my cards right, I could be sitting in a backbench, debating some minor point of law.
But really, I I'd rather spend my time guiding Cracknell back to the God who never left him.
Or What I really wanted was purpose, not achievement.
You see the difference? And besides, I have an equal in Stella.
Now, it was around here.
It looks like there was a landslide during the earthquake.
Oh, yes.
The whole area was very badly hit.
I'll come back with some tools.
What are you hoping to find? A tangible link to our past.
To the creatures that came before us.
To what you think is out there.
But how can a dead fossil prove the existence of a living one? It can't.
But it might give us hints.
You really believe that? I think I believe.
I'm never sure of the difference between thinking and believing.
Perhaps one day you can teach me.
I thought you favored hard evidence over supposition.
Science requires dreams just like your theology.
To make a leap in the dark, from ignorance to understanding.
Do you believe in the serpent? I don't know, Frankie.
I'm not sure we have all the answers yet.
But don't tell my husband.
I can keep secrets.
So can I.
They've been harvesting oysters.
I used to do it myself as a child.
I thought you were a city girl.
No, I lived on the coast until I was 16.
My father brought me to London to meet my husband.
I'm sorry.
You must miss him.
The first thing you'd see if you came to my house is a a Japanese kintsugi vase.
It's pottery that's been broken and put back together with gold.
It's beautiful.
Michael gave it to me when we met.
He told me he wanted to break me and mend me with gold.
Did he hurt you? Look.
Bit different to Knightsbridge, eh? - Hello.
Thank you for coming.
- Not at all.
It's good to see you.
- How's the patient? - Better.
I'm cleaning the wound every day, as you said.
Any pain? Only when I breathe.
Very good.
Thank you.
I won't charge.
Thank you.
If you promise not to go back to work.
I've already lost my job.
How are you managing? We're getting by.
I'm going to pay your rent while you convalesce.
You've made a first-class contribution to medicine.
- It's the least we can do.
- You saved my brother's life.
I insist.
We don't want charity.
Nev and I are educated people used to solving our own problems.
I know.
- Think of it as a loan until you - Until what? We're trapped here in this slum, making matchboxes and gunpowder.
- Can't you see that? - I can.
- That's why I became a socialist.
- Troublemakers.
Sometimes you have to make trouble to get change.
There we go.
All well.
The laudanum should help with the pain.
Once again, thank you, Doctor.
Come along to a meeting.
You'd be very welcome.
All the best.
I need your help, Spencer.
Help me to change things.
What could I do? You could talk to Charles Ambrose.
He never takes me seriously.
And say what exactly? People need clean, affordable homes.
We need to persuade Ambrose to bring a social housing bill before Parliament.
I suppose I could write to him.
Tell him what I've seen.
Let me do the drafts so you can include all the right facts.
Or we could meet for lunch.
Compose it together.
Dear Mr.
Ambrose, I hope you'll forgive my writing to you.
I've recently had the opportunity to learn about the housing conditions in your constituency, and I think now, as we approach the twentieth century, it is time for change.
Colchester station! Martha.
What are you doing here? Well, nice to see you too.
I was in town, in the library.
- Where's Frankie? - With Stella.
Let me take this.
- I've got so much to tell you.
- Oh, me too.
And I can't wait to show you the cottage.
It's there.
It's lovely.
Ah, it's Will.
Whoa there.
Hello, Cora.
I've just been in the library.
It wasn't a mirage.
It's called a - A fata morgana.
- How do you know? Uh, it's in one of my books.
Um, Angelucci saw one in Italy in the Messina Strait.
L Look.
So, when the right type of cold and warm air mix, they create a refracting lens.
So things in the water appear moved and distorted.
- I'll show myself around then.
- I I'll just be a minute.
The wonders of science.
And yet it bothers me.
Why? I don't know.
You and I, we think we see a boat sailing in the sky.
And Naomi thinks she sees a serpent in the water.
I d I don't know.
What does Stella think about it? I haven't told her.
I should go in.
Make up with Martha.
Do you think there's something strange going on here? Of course not.
- Matthew.
- The barricades are finished! - I'm going to start a night watch.
- What? Matthew.
Fires on the beach.
I'll do tonight, then set up a rota.
And if I see it What? You'll tackle it with an oak branch? Wrestle it to the ground? I'll run back to the village and raise the alarm.
Don't you understand? The children, all of us, we need reassurance.
- Perhaps they just, uh, need some clarity.
- What do you mean? My friend, Mrs.
Seaborne, she's a naturalist, and she's offered to come to the school and talk to the children.
I see.
I trust you'll welcome her.
What would you like me to do? Convene the parish council.
Absolutely not.
A meeting will only entrench people's fears.
Then do it your way.
And let the devil in.
Ten minutes.
"I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears.
" What are you afraid of? Nothing.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to wake you.
Cora's brought her fossils.
What's happened? A seagull flew into the house last night.
I promise you, it's a sign.
- It's all right.
- The serpent is coming for me.
Don't worry.
Cora's going to explain everything.
Buried in the mud, all around us, are the remnants of ancient creatures.
Creatures that God put on this earth thousands of years ago.
Well, creatures, I believe, evolved over time.
Does that mean in thousands of years, people will find the remnants of the serpent? Stupid question.
Be quiet.
No, it's a good question.
You mean it might be real? Yes.
If it's a living fossil.
A living fossil? Then why have I never heard of them? Well, I don't know.
It's a well-known theory that some animals could have escaped evolution.
So there is a serpent? Settle down, children.
- Mrs.
Seaborne is not saying that.
- No, no.
I'm I'm simply say Is there a serpent or not? Just tell me the truth.
Well, that's what I'm here to find out.
The truth is I I honestly don't know.
The serpent's coming for us.
- The serpent's coming for us.
- No, that's not what I mean.
- The serpent's coming Serpent! - That's not what I mean.
- Jacob, Mark, stop that! - Serpent! - Wait.
You're scared? - Calm down.
You've had your fun.
Children, enough.
Stop it.
Just shut up.
- Naomi.
- Naomi, pull yourself toge She did it.
She did it.
She did it.
- She did it.
- Ruth, sit down! She did it.
She did it.
She did it.
She did it.
She did it.
She did it.
She did it.
She did it.
She did it.
She did it.
She did it.
What are you doing? Sit down! - She did it.
- Mark.
What are you doing? - She's hurting me! - She's hurting me.
Sit down! Jo.
Please, please.
Don't join in.
John, go after your sister.
Naomi? Naomi.
Naomi, please! Frankie? Jo?
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