The Event s01e04 Episode Script

A Matter of Life and Death

Duck! I don't see anyone, but that doesn't mean anything.
- Just drive.
- Where? Just anywhere away from here.
The boyfriend got away.
I spent time with Walker.
He shouldn't have been a problem for you and Smith.
Yeah? Well, he was.
Based on what we think he told the FBI, it's clear he's starting to put all this together.
You better move the girl.
What are you doing? This is their car.
The shooters.
Maybe there's something that will tell us who they are.
Damn it! Nothing.
Well, at least now you believe me.
I haven't gotten that far.
What's this guy doing? What? You see this guy? You see how fast he's going? Yeah, yeah.
I see him.
It's him.
Go faster.
Just go faster.
What? Okay, he's gaining.
Just floor it.
I am.
What are you waiting for? Shoot him! I can't.
I can't.
Not at this distance.
Well, so what do we do? Okay, just hit the brake hard.
Did you say "brake"? Yes.
Then cut the wheel to the left.
Just trust me.
Now! Go! Are you sure? Go.
All right.
Got it! All right.
I disconnected the car's GPS, so they can't track us.
Well, not using that anyway.
I worked with those men for four years.
Day and night.
I want the people who did this.
I want them to pay.
You're going to tell me everything you know, you understand? That's what I've been trying to do.
So, tell me.
How do I find these bastards? Well Yeah.
Through her.
The woman who's holding Leila.
Vicky Roberts.
Or whatever her real name is.
These are all the aliases that I pulled up.
We just have to hope that she's still using at least one of them.
All right.
I'll make some phone calls.
No, you can't.
You can't.
You saw what happened when you called someone about me.
No, there's people I can trust.
My ex-husband works at Justice.
You know his Social and date of birth? Yeah.
Then I can get you into that database.
Look, you've been lucky, okay, but you have no training.
You're just not capable I was capable enough to save your life.
Listen, Leila is out there somewhere, and she's waiting for me, and I'm not going to let her down.
Are you ready? Yeah! Sean? Yes.
Come with me.
Come with you? I can't afford a plane ticket.
And I'm not gonna let you get me one either.
We'll drive.
Do you know how long that will take? Okay.
We'll get there just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.
Um Wow! What? Is it me? No, no, no.
God, no! You're perfect.
Then what? Okay.
Really? Yeah.
Let's do it.
All right.
Thanksgiving dinner.
Would you do the honors? Thank you very much.
Lovely radio.
Step! Step! Three more.
Beer's for me.
Can we just get this done already? Unfortunately, the toilet's broken.
So you're gonna need to use this.
Damn it! Don't worry, Leila.
You're gonna be fine.
If you behave yourself, nothing's gonna happen to you.
We'll let you go, you'll go on with your life, raise a bunch of babies, whatever, and you'll forget all about this.
Do you believe me? Nod your head so I know you believe me.
I'm glad we had this little chat.
Oh, come on.
Are you really drinking again? I broke my last one.
Yeah? So? Then don't leave it on the floor.
Besides, you shouldn't be drinking anyway.
Look, you need to be alert.
Why? We're just waiting for the word.
She'll be dead in two hours.
I noticed something wasn't right.
The seatbelt light was on, but a passenger got up anyway.
Where am I? I'm hungry.
I haven't had anything to eat.
I was going to Brazil and The last thing I remember is taking off from Miami International.
I don't know what happened.
I've been trying to figure out what happened.
Why don't you tell me what happened? I remember shutting my eyes, willing myself to get there, and then I opened them, and I'm here.
I want my mommy.
I work for the damn government.
I expect you to tell me what the hell is going on in here.
Nobody will even tell me where I am, okay? Does that seem normal to you? Nothing has been made clear.
Why can't I remember anything about it? I don't understand this.
I saw these people.
They were dead.
We ran high frequency PET scans on the passengers, for the autopsies.
And now, having gotten the results, we can see there was some evidence of mitochondrial activity.
Are you saying they were still alive and you didn't know? I'm saying their vital signs were sub-viable.
There was no heartbeat, no pulse, no brain activity.
But something, some process was still going on in their bodies.
Meaning? At this point, sir, I would just be guessing.
We simply don't know what was done to them.
And they can't tell us.
All the passengers remember is their takeoff from Miami.
Thank you, Doctor.
Thank you, Doctor.
Thank you, sir.
Why? Why do this? Seemingly kill these people, only to bring them back to us? Maybe it's a display of power.
Them showing us what they can do.
To what end? Excuse me a moment, sir.
What is it? Mr.
Vice President, the pilot, Michael Buchanan, he's awake.
Good, I want to talk to him.
There's a problem.
Director Sterling is already in with him.
Buchanan may hold the key to who was behind the plot to kill the President.
Sterling's the last person we want him talking to about it.
Buchanan, we already know you got on that plane intending to kill the President.
They killed my wife, they took my daughters.
They were going to murder Leila in front of me.
Okay, you do whatever you want to me.
But please, just tell me my daughters are okay.
Your daughters haven't been located yet, Mr.
But I'll see what I can do to help.
In return, I need you to tell me about the people behind this.
Who was forcing you to fly that plane into the presidential compound? I don't know who they are.
I don't even know what happened.
Focus on the people who did this.
On what you know about them.
A name, a conversation you overheard.
Please, Mr.
We need to find them.
Leila knew the girl who was going to kill her.
Her name was Vicky.
That's all I know.
We'll talk again, Mr.
How long have you been standing there? Long enough to know you've been keeping information from me.
Why wasn't I told you were interviewing the pilot? As we discussed, you're not running the investigation into the assassination attempt.
I am.
And you know how I feel about that.
Oh, yes.
I remember your insinuation quite clearly.
And I chose not to be offended by it.
That's all you have to say? The President and I have our differences, but the idea of me having anything to do with trying to kill him is absurd.
If only because that would put you in charge.
There was this little girl.
She couldn't have been much older than David.
I saw her at the crash site, lying there, her skin grey.
She was dead.
And then today, there she was.
She was standing there right in front of me.
It's like a miracle.
It's not a miracle.
It's not a miracle.
It's something else that Sophia's people can do that we just don't understand.
Honey, it's natural for you to question this.
You feel betrayed.
But as scary as the past few days have been, everyone has come out of it alive.
Things could be a lot worse.
Is that yours? No.
I don't think so.
Hello? David? David! David.
Dad, it's for you.
Who is this? I'm the man who pulled the plane out of the sky to save your life.
Secret Service.
Then I guess I should thank you.
But you know you caused quite a scare with what you did with those passengers.
That was by design.
I see.
Maybe you and I should sit down and talk face-to-face.
Just you and me.
There's been enough talk.
What do you want? Release Sophia and the rest of the detainees like you promised to.
That promise was based on the premise that we were both being honest with each other.
President, I don't need to hear your excuses.
Release Sophia and the detainees, or this time people will die.
Hold on, hold on.
Pull over.
Pull over.
I found an unsecured node.
It's amazing how many people still don't password-protect their Wi-Fi.
Clearly they have no idea what lurks out there.
We're in.
I used your ex's info to backdoor the password recovery system.
So, what now? Okay.
Look for bank accounts or credit cards for any of the identities she's been using.
Then see if there's been any recent activity.
Search protocol is pretty self-explanatory.
So, this is how you make a living? Well, I freelance.
You know, writing code and making video games.
Well, here we go.
One of Vicky's aliases, Laura Roderick, just paid rent on a house last week in Lubbock, Texas.
And she used a credit card in that name to buy groceries in the same area.
So, she's there now.
But do you think Leila could be there? Last time anyone saw her, she was in Miami.
There's someone out there that you're making very nervous, so, it makes sense that maybe they would have moved her.
Either way, it's a lead.
Val, they're here! Just in time for dinner.
Hey, pumpkin! Hey, Dad.
Good to see you, sweetheart.
Nice to see you.
How are you, baby? Great.
Thank you.
Dad, this is Sean.
Hi! Sean.
Nice to meet you.
Sean, nice to meet you.
Come on in.
Michael flew international forever until Leila was like 10.
And then he made the switch, and he flew domestic, and that's when he took the job at Avias.
Should I check on Sam? No, no, no.
She's fine.
It's good that she finally fell asleep.
If she doesn't get her afternoon nap, she is so crabby.
I'm exactly the same way.
He's not joking.
Everything tastes fantastic.
And this sweet potato thing is delicious.
Thank you so much.
Well, Sean, it must be hard on your folks not having you around for the holiday.
Uh, it is, but, you know, they're kind of used to it.
Where do they live? Here and there.
You know.
They move around a lot.
For work, or do they just like to travel? They just move around a lot.
Where are they spending Thanksgiving? You know To tell the truth, I haven't really spoken to them in a while.
My parents split when I was a kid.
My mom, she wasn't well, so my dad got full custody, but then after the separation, he just kind of fell apart, and started drinking and Anyway, I just was glad to be out of there after high school.
And I haven't really spoken to him since.
And, yeah.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to lie earlier.
I just felt weird telling you guys that stuff.
That's my story in a nutshell.
Room service.
You get the okay on the girl yet? Any minute.
I just talked to Lonner.
Apparently, Walker disabled the GPS on the car, and he figured out a way to jam his cell phone, so we won't be able to track him with that either.
I told you Walker wouldn't make it easy to find him.
He's smart.
There, 255, yellow house.
Drive past it and pull over here.
The curtains were closed.
I can't see what's going on inside.
Well, there's only one way to find out.
Come on.
Hello? Got it.
We're good to go on the girl.
No, no, no.
I'll do it.
Oh! That's what I figured.
Meaning? Meaning you've got something personal with her, don't you? No.
It's never personal.
I just like to finish what I start.
What? This is against everything I've been taught.
Going in alone.
Well, we have no choice.
We know that they're monitoring the FBI and probably the local police.
Okay, you understand that we don't know how many people might be in there, right? I know.
Which is why I think you should give me a gun.
Without training, you're more dangerous with a gun than not.
So, just stay behind me and keep those eyes open, all right? We're going to need another car.
See what you can dig up.
Are you alone in the house? Yes.
LARSON: Can I help you? We have a $67 billion intelligence budget and we still can't trace a damn phone call? These people got close enough to my son to put a phone in his bag.
We're looking into the possibility it was done while David was in school, when the bag may have been left unattended.
Which it shouldn't have been.
I want everyone on my son's Secret Service detail replaced.
I want security around him and Christina increased immediately.
Understood? I don't care how you do it.
But you are gonna find the man who made that call.
Yes, sir.
I want you to know, every single agency under my purview is doing everything they can to protect your family.
All right.
We need to focus on the larger threat.
He said people will die.
We've upped the threat level to orange, doubled air surveillance and security at international checkpoints.
We are as ready for his next move as possible.
They can transport an airliner We have no idea what else they can do.
But we know they have some limits.
For instance, they can't transport Sophia and the detainees out of our custody or they would have done so by now.
Any idea as to why they can't? Until we get real intelligence, it's all just guesswork.
Unless we get Sophia to talk.
I don't know what to talk about with this person.
Is that what we call her? A person? You're nervous.
I know.
Why? I love it.
I mean, I'm good at this, right? I can talk to anyone.
Babe, it's a meet and greet.
Bread and wine and some kind of tofu thing.
It'll be over before we know it.
Oh, no.
She's a vegetarian? Vegan, apparently.
Forget it.
We have absolutely nothing in common.
Come here.
Where are you going? This way.
Come on.
Thank you.
It's all so delicious.
That's because I had nothing to do with it.
I managed to marry a Cuban girl who doesn't cook.
So, how did you two meet? Our mothers set us up.
Yeah! They came over together from Cuba as teenagers on the same fishing boat.
My mom was pregnant and very alone.
And Christina's mom took care of her during the trip.
Then they lost touch when they got to Miami, but then 30 years later, they are standing in line for bocaditos at La Rosa Bakery and And here we are.
That's amazing.
A refugee comes to this country, pregnant, poor, alone.
A generation later, her son is the president.
This is why your country is truly great.
I couldn't agree more.
So, you understand why I'm hopeful that you will welcome my people the way that this country welcomed yours.
My dream is that one day my people will sit around a table like this and tell their immigration stories.
And it will seem no more strange than a tale of a fishing boat from Cuba.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that it's come to this.
If you were so sorry you would start talking.
Who made that call, Sophia? And how do I stop him? You know that I can't No, no, no.
It's not that you can't.
You won't.
You do exactly what you want, no matter the consequences.
Isn't that right? Isn't that right? No.
The plane, the passengers.
It's all you.
You're pulling the strings.
You're wrong.
I didn't condone any of this.
You had one of your own killed because he was going to talk.
What? Did you think I'd never figure that out? Sophia You call yourself my friend.
If there's anything true to that, if there's anything that's real, that's left, please.
Tell me what you know.
His name is Thomas.
He is intelligent.
A natural leader.
But we've always had different ideas about how to adapt to our presence here.
He is less patient.
Where is he now? I don't know.
But whatever he's asking you for, give it to him.
Well, what he wants is you and the detainees.
That's not going to happen.
Listen to me, Elias.
I know him better than anyone.
You need to give him what he wants.
Or what? I don't know.
But please, for the safety of your people, do what he says.
Suki, I want you to go to Ward One.
SUKl: Right away.
Jake, go to Ward Three, please.
Yes, Doctor Pulray.
I'm positive.
I've never seen her before in my life.
Then why is she paying for you to live here? I don't know what you're talking about.
Well I have seen your credentials, Agent Collier, but I don't believe I've ever seen yours.
Who are you? Agent Walker.
Agent Walker must have left his badge in the car again.
Can we talk for a second? What are you doing? Lower the hammer on her.
She's obviously lying.
So are we.
If she figures out we're not here on official FBI business, she's gonna stop talking.
So what do we do? All right.
Just wait outside.
Let me handle this.
Sorry about that.
LARSON: I told you.
I don't know this person.
Okay, I understand.
So, how is she paying your rent? She's not paying my rent.
I don't know her.
We're subletting this.
Here is the document that Agent Walker was referring to.
If you look, it clearly states that a Laura Roderick paid last month's rent.
There must be some kind of a mistake.
Is this yours? What's your name? Adam.
Hi, Adam.
My name is Sean.
Are you a friend of my mommy's? Yeah.
Yeah, I am.
I have a picture of us actually.
That's your mommy, right? You're lucky.
Grandma says we can't keep real pictures of her.
Are you going to see her soon? I don't know.
I hope so.
Can you take a picture of me? Show her how big I got? Sure.
Ready? Smile.
It's a good one.
Can I see? Sure.
All right.
I'll show that to her.
I just wanted to make sure you got your music box back.
Nice to meet you, Adam.
Nice meeting you.
I'm sorry I couldn't help you.
Okay, what you're doing is aiding and abetting a felon.
That could land you in jail.
Please go.
I know why you won't talk.
You're Vicky's mother.
And you're trying to protect her, along with your grandson, Adam.
He's fine.
He's playing in his bedroom.
Where is your daughter, Mrs.
Larson? Please, no one's supposed to know.
Then stop playing games, or Child Protective Services can determine whose custody he should be in.
I don't know where my daughter is.
She just contacts me every few months to check up on Adam.
Well, you must have some way to reach her.
I'm only supposed to call this in an emergency.
Don't do this.
Look, I know that this isn't your choice.
I know that somebody else is telling you to do this.
You don't have to listen to them.
Actually, I do.
I don't even know who you are.
You can let me go.
Stop talking.
Now turn around.
Turn around.
Hey! Hey! Stop! Stay right there.
Please help me.
Please help me.
All right.
He's after me right now.
Who is after you? He's after me.
He's coming Who's coming? I was kidnapped and I just shot somebody.
You shot somebody.
You were kidnapped, and you shot somebody? I shot somebody just now.
You know what? All right.
Just calm down.
Calm down? Calm down? Are you listening to what I'm saying? He's after me right now.
I'm trying to listen to you, but you're not making sense.
I need to go.
I need to go with you.
Please just take me with you.
All right.
Dispatch, this is Unit Seven coming home with a possible 10-96.
Copy that, Unit Seven.
She said she's kidnapped, and she shot one of her captors in self-defense.
Any reports of shots being fired? Nope.
What do you think? I'm not sure.
But that's what she believes.
I can get a psych consult in here, but not until tomorrow morning.
She got anywhere to go? There is one person she wants to call.
Let her.
Then see if she can give you a description of these captors.
Here you go.
that's Colorado.
My ex-husband did a stint in Denver.
None of Vicky's previous aliases had addresses in Colorado, right? This could be a new one.
She could be there.
Hi, this is Sean.
Leave a message.
Sean? Sean, it's me.
I'm okay.
I'm safe.
I'm in this police station.
In this town, Snyder.
In Texas.
And I got away.
I got away and I don't think that the police believe me or what happened, any of it.
Sean, please come and get me! Please come and get me, okay? I love you.
Mom, weren't you going to show me that thing? Right.
The thing.
So? What's the verdict? You think Dad likes him? I don't know, but he has got my seal of approval.
I think you picked a really good one, honey.
I'm so happy for you.
I've got something I think you're gonna like.
Listen, I didn't mean to put you on the spot earlier.
I just like to know who my daughter's dating.
Oh, it's fine.
Leila really likes you, and you seem like a decent guy.
You are a decent guy, right? I'd like to think so.
Well, make my daughter happy, treat her with respect, and that is all I ask.
Scotch! Now, that is a serious drink.
Sean, try this.
Very rare stuff.
Gift from a friend.
Ready? Yes, I am.
Welcome to the family.
Well, thanks.
Hey, miss.
Can I get you some water or tea? We might have some tea back there.
I'll just have some water.
Just be a minute.
She made the call.
But Walker didn't pick up.
But she left a message? You're gonna be fine.
You'll go on with your life, raise a bunch of babies, whatever.
Let's just hope Walker gets the message.
Otherwise I'm not sure how we're gonna find him.
He'll get it.
And when he does, trust me, he'll come.
I hope you're calling with good news.
It worked.
She called Sean, left him a message.
As soon as he gets it, he'll be on his way.
When he gets there, take care of him.
This time for good.
Yes, sir.