The Event s01e08 Episode Script

For the Good of Our Country

You wanna blame somebody? Why don't you blame your father? Way I heard it, he brought this on himself.
The target's been expanded.
They want us to take out the entire family.
No one told me there'd be a baby.
You had your orders.
And that's what you did, right? You're safe here.
I promise.
We need to go! There's someone here.
Hold on to your hats.
This is your life now.
The President and I have our differences, but the idea of me having anything to do with trying to kill him is absurd.
Today, a new development in the story of Avias Flight 514.
As we reported earlier, Brazilian separatists aboard the plane released a biological agent, prompting an emergency landing.
The 183 passengers were then moved to a stateside quarantine facility for examination.
And now, after much fear and uncertainty, those passengers are going home.
But one of them won't be so fortunate.
Michael Buchanan, the pilot who navigated the plane to safety, died in quarantine from injuries he suffered in the crash.
Today he is remembered as a hero.
The domestic intelligence apparatus of this country has one priority.
That is to find Sophia and the man we know as Thomas.
But no less important are the rest of them who have been living secretly among us.
The sleepers, as you call them.
What I want to know is, why has that not been accomplished? We don't even know how many sleepers are out there, or how deeply they've infiltrated our country, or what kind of threat they represent.
President, please bear in mind the search operation has really just begun.
We weren't aware Thomas and the sleepers existed until several days ago.
To me, that just means we dropped the ball.
It's very difficult, Mr.
Vice President, to find something you don't know you're looking for.
Until then, there's still the assassination attempt against you at Coral Gables, where we do have a promising lead.
What's your lead? The pilot.
Michael Buchanan.
But you interviewed the pilot.
He didn't tell you anything.
Other than the fact that he was forced into what he did by the murder of his wife and the abduction of his daughters.
That doesn't mean that's all he knows.
Buchanan and the passengers became ill before I could interrogate him further.
I intend to remedy that now.
All right, Blake.
Let's pursue it.
But I want to talk to him first.
He intended to murder me and my family and 200 innocent people on that plane, and he's going to tell me who put him up to it.
All right? You don't know how sorry I am, sir.
But you have to believe me.
I didn't have a choice.
Everyone has a choice.
They were going to kill my girls.
So instead, do you think it's okay to kill 200 people on that plane and me and my family? You made a choice.
You decided that was okay.
After what they did to me, please understand, I wasn't in my right mind.
I don't know what else to tell you.
What you can tell me, is how I catch the people who did this to you.
I've told your people everything I know.
They took you from your house.
You had to have seen something.
They put something over my head.
Heard something then.
Hey, listen to me.
I'm a father.
I get it.
I know how concerned you are about your daughters.
And I give you my word, I will do everything in my power to find them.
But you have to give me something.
I, um What? They almost didn't go through with it.
What do you mean? Why not? I don't know.
But before they put me on the plane, they were thinking of calling the whole thing off.
But then a call came in giving them the go-ahead, so So you say this happened before the plane took off? Yeah? Okay.
I need you to remember this.
Do you remember what time that call came in, the go-ahead call? I remember because I looked at my watch to see how much time I had before departure.
But I didn't hear the conversation.
I don't know how that could be of any help to you.
I'm afraid I do know.
Hi, Eva.
The President interviewed the pilot from Avias 514 this morning, Michael Buchanan.
Can you pull up the transcript for me, please? I'm sorry, sir.
I can't gain access to it.
What do you mean? Shouldn't be a clearance problem.
It's been restricted to the Executive Office of the President.
Well, very well, then.
I'll be in my office.
Who wants cake? Hi, Christina.
I'm gonna have to pass on the cake.
Okay, no cake for the Vice President, but everyone else wants some, right? - Yeah! Me! Me! What it comes down to is, we don't have enough information to feel safe enough to let them out.
Guys, it's too late.
The information is already out there.
All right, then, fine! Let the public find out.
Just please, Eli, don't let them out.
I'm sorry if this makes you all feel uncomfortable, but these people have suffered enough.
We're closing the facility.
In two hours, I'm going out there and I'm going to tell the American people the truth.
This ends today.
I need a moment in private, Martin.
Where do we stand? I just left the President.
He won't budge.
He's going through with the announcement.
I'm very sorry to hear that.
I didn't want it to come to this.
Neither did I.
But the President has left us no choice.
We have to stop him from releasing the detainees.
I keep thinking about those people on the plane, some of them were children.
Raymond, we're doing this to prevent something worse.
Martinez releasing a dangerous, unknown enemy into our midst.
I know.
You've been a great public servant for our country, Ray.
But sometimes we don't choose the moment.
It chooses us.
The plane will be in the air soon.
You need to leave the compound.
Are you okay? Come on! Come on! Where are we going? Hurry, hurry.
Where are we going? Listen.
We're on to something or they wouldn't be chasing us.
Okay? So we're getting closer.
We're gonna figure this out.
So what, we're just gonna be like them and keep looking over our shoulders everywhere we go? No, no, no, no.
Listen, listen.
I'm gonna make sure that I do everything I possibly can to untangle this mess so that we can get back to living our lives.
We're gonna get older Wait.
Look, look.
Stop, stop, stop.
Look at me.
Look at me.
It's okay.
Hey, hey! Look at me.
We're gonna be all right.
We're gonna be okay.
Okay? I love you so much that I'm gonna do everything.
Okay? I love you.
I love you.
Hey, these companies are in Los Angeles, and they are our only lead to finding your family.
So that's where we need to get.
We need to get to California.
How are we gonna get there? We have no money.
We have no ID.
And these people, they have more power than we can even understand.
It's okay, it's okay.
We'll figure it out.
Okay? God! We're gonna figure it out.
We're gonna figure it out, Leila.
It'll be fine.
You've got to Oh, my God! Sean.
Sean, come.
Sean, come.
Over here.
Over here.
Okay, get that rock.
Throw when I say "okay.
" Now.
Sean, are you okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Just get his gun.
Get his gun.
Got it.
We got to go.
We have to get out of here.
Sean? Ow! Break it, break it.
Break the window.
We've got to get out of here before they block up the road.
Okay, tell me what to do.
Here, take this, and put it in the ignition.
You gotta get it all the way in there, and then twist like a key.
Come on, come on, hurry.
They're coming.
I'm trying, I'm trying Put this on it.
Put pressure on it.
All right? You're gonna be okay.
We're gonna get you to a hospital.
No, no, no, no.
We can't go to a hospital.
They have to report all gunshot wounds to police.
And when they do that, they'll realize that there's a warrant out for me.
I'm wanted for murder.
Sean, no! We don't have a choice.
Okay? You're hurt, and you need a doctor.
We can't take that chance.
Just get us out of town, and then we can stop.
Sean, I'm taking you to a hospital.
All right? I'm not losing you.
I'm not losing you.
Okay, you're gonna stay here, and I'm gonna be back.
Please, it's not safe for us to be here.
Sean, you're still bleeding, and you need a doctor.
They'll arrest us.
No, they won't.
Trust me.
Hey! Hey, are you a doctor? Yeah, but my shift's over, so you wanna check with Please, it's important.
My boyfriend, he's been shot.
He's in the car over here.
Where, where, where? Okay, okay.
Hey, I'm gonna take a look here, okay? All right, I need help getting him inside.
We can't go inside.
What the hell are you doing? Just You're gonna come with us, and you're going to help him.
Just listen to me Look, I don't wanna shoot you, but I will.
So, right now I need you to get in the front seat, and you're gonna drive the car.
Come on, go, go.
All right.
All right.
Come in.
President, I was told you were at the hospital checking on Agent Lee.
I was.
And how is he doing? Much better.
He's out of the ICU.
He should be discharged in a day or two.
You're a good friend, Blake.
I'm not his friend, I'm his boss.
He was hurt in the line of duty, so Not to Agent Lee.
To me.
Remember that meeting we had just before I was about to give the press conference at Coral Gables? Of course, I was the one who requested it.
I now know that someone in that room, or someone closely connected to them, gave the go-ahead and the green light to send the pilot.
What? Michael Buchanan told me he got the go-ahead to fly into the compound four minutes after the meeting dispersed.
But I know it wasn't you, Blake.
How can you be so sure? Well, I know the personal toll disloyalty has taken on you.
I don't think you're capable of that.
It's not who you are.
But I also had the NSA monitor every phone call and every communication coming into and out of the Coral Gables compound on the day of the assassination attempt.
You're clear.
So the key to finding who we're looking for is somewhere in these records.
All right, Eli.
We'll find him.
It's me.
Raymond, what can I do for you? The President.
He's just had a meeting with the pilot.
And? And since he's returned, President Martinez and Director Sterling have been behind closed doors.
What exactly is the problem? I can't find out what the President heard from the pilot.
The transcripts, I've tried to access them, but they've been redacted.
I've been cut out of the loop.
Well, I understand you're concerned.
Well, you tell me I shouldn't be.
Your people handle that side of things.
Does the pilot know anything that could lead back to me? Not that I'm aware of.
Not that you're aware of? James, if I'm exposed, I'm not gonna go down alone.
Nobody is being exposed.
My misguided sense of patriotism led me astray to participating in this with you, and almost making the biggest mistake of my life.
But you know what? The President and the passengers, they survived.
I've been absolved.
And I'm not about to go down now.
Raymond, I know this has been hard.
But I assure you, nothing bad is going to happen now.
How? How can you assure me of that? This is not a secure means of communication.
Let's continue this conversation in person.
As soon as possible.
Very well.
I can meet in a half an hour.
Let's use our usual cover, schedule an appointment with Dr.
I can't do it that soon.
But you're the one who feels this is urgent.
The Appropriations Committee is coming in for a meeting, I have to meet with them.
If I'm not there it'll look suspicious.
Whatever works for you, Raymond.
The choice is yours.
Our country is in desperate need of strong leadership that can look past party lines and respects what the American flag stands for.
We will restore America's pride, here at home and around the world.
We will make you believe again.
And that's a promise.
Thank you! And God bless America! Senator Jarvis, great speech, sir.
Thank you.
One of our major contributors is here.
I was wondering if you can speak to him for a few minutes.
All right.
This way.
Well done, Senator.
Thank you.
Right this way.
Thank you.
Dempsey! Senator.
Senator, thank you Please, please, don't get up.
Thank you.
Thank you so much for making the time to see me.
Well, not at all.
I never thought I'd get a chance to thank you in person for supporting my campaigns.
I prefer to stay out of the spotlight.
That was a very energizing speech.
Very, very inspiring.
Thank you.
It's such a shame that you couldn't clinch the nomination.
There'll be other opportunities.
Right now, it's all about mobilizing our base.
It's all about the big picture.
I couldn't agree more.
Unfortunately your party is going to lose the White House to Senator Martinez.
Well, we don't know that.
But I do.
It's a done deal.
What's not a done deal, however, is his running mate.
Martinez is looking to create the first bipartisan ticket in modern history.
Yes, I've heard the rumors.
If there is someone who can reach across the aisle, bridge the gap between Martinez's party and ours, it's you, Raymond.
You're the perfect candidate.
Well, speaking hypothetically, why would you do this for me, Mr.
Dempsey? It's not for you.
It's for this country.
I know you feel the same way about this country as I do.
Martinez Is idealistic to a fault.
All I would ask of you is to provide balance.
Well, I have confirmation on General Whitman.
The only call he made after the meeting was to his wife.
They spoke for 20 minutes, well past 1:08 p.
He's clean.
Blake? It's Jarvis.
We've cleared all the people who knew what happened in that meeting except him.
My associates, Jarvis' aide, Whitman's aide, and now Whitman.
Jarvis' records show that he used his personal cell phone to make a call at 1:05 p.
And the call was scrambled.
Can we decode it? No.
Looks like he was using a proprietary algorithm, several grades above military-grade encryption.
This is not government-issued technology.
His call lasted two minutes, it ends at 1:07 p.
A minute later, the pilot gets the green light.
After all we went through together during the campaign.
The man is like family to me.
Believe me, I know this is difficult.
Sir, the Vice President made that call, but I find it hard to believe he formulated the plan.
Jarvis is an insider, but he's not a leader.
And not someone with the resources to do something like this on his own.
Someone else has to be pulling the strings.
I'll have Jarvis arrested.
We have no grounds, Mr.
We'll figure out how to unscramble the call Maybe.
But even if we did, we covered up the assassination attempt.
You can't prosecute someone for something that never happened.
No, right now the best thing is to be patient.
I can put together a small investigative unit, set up wire taps and round-the-clock surveillance.
Hell no! Sir, wait.
Sir, think this through, you can't just go and confront him.
I'm not just gonna sit on my damn hands, and wait until he slips up one day.
That man ordered my death and the death of my family.
He's gonna answer for that.
He's gonna answer to me.
Get him out here.
Now! I'm sorry? Mr.
President Eva, where is he? I'm not sure.
He left just a few minutes ago.
He had me cancel his Appropriations Committee meeting, he said he needed to go see his doctor.
Which doctor? What's the address? I'm sorry, I don't He made the appointment himself.
I don't have that information.
Find him.
Look, he needs a hospital.
Let me turn around.
I already told you, that's not an option.
Without an OR, he's gonna bleed out.
Then you're gonna help him, all right? You took an oath.
Look, I need supplies, medications, IV fluids.
We're gonna go somewhere where you can get whatever you need to fix him and then we're gonna go back to your house, and you're gonna work on him there.
What? You heard me.
I don't even know if a pharmacy is going to have what we need.
Just let's go, okay? Get out.
You're just gonna leave him in here? I can't let you go in there by yourself.
No, no.
You stay here, okay? You talk to him, elevate his arm.
You can trust me, I promise.
I can't trust anyone.
Excuse me.
There's the pharmacy.
Look, whatever your boyfriend did, it's not worth risking his life over, okay? He didn't do anything.
So it's a misunderstanding? You have nothing to worry about.
We should go back to the hospital.
We should just explain everything to the police.
What do you think, we didn't try that? Nobody believes us.
You wouldn't understand.
It's going to look suspicious if you're just standing there.
Yeah, you know, just go.
Can I help you? Yeah.
I'm Doctor Matt Kemp.
I need a gram of ceftriaxone, two liters of saline and some tubing.
Let me make sure we have the ceftriaxone.
We do.
Also, do you maybe have an intraosseous line? We should.
We usually keep a small supply in our home-health inventory.
Great, great.
I'm also gonna need a 10-blade, some sterile 7 gloves, Betadine, 5-0 Vicryl suture, an 18-gauge syringe and five packs of sterile four-by-fours.
Is that it? Sounds like you're setting up a whole OR.
It does, doesn't it? Hey.
What's your license number? License number, right.
Uh, B-6-3-4-7-7.
Okay, looks like we have everything.
Give me a minute to put it all together.
Thank you.
Don't do anything stupid.
Tell him to hurry.
Hey, Bernard, can you hurry it up? I really need to get back to my patient.
I'm going as fast as I can.
We really have to go.
Keep the change.
Hey, hey! Hey! Watch it! Sean? Sean? Thank you, Audra.
I picked her up outside of Houston.
I had to take care of a few things.
My mother needed help with something.
I was gonna report in in the morning.
Family is important.
Miss Roberts, come sit.
I like you.
I always have.
Coffee? No, thank you.
I'm good.
Herbal sweetener.
I'm trying to cut sugar out of my diet.
I'm interested in what happened in Texas with the pilot's daughter and her boyfriend.
That was unfortunate.
I barely made it out of there alive.
Your associate, Carter, said as much.
However, he Wasn't sure how they pulled off their escape.
Seemed to feel they may have had inside help.
We were just caught off-guard.
Walker and the Bureau woman arrived ahead of schedule, and they came in firing But you managed to get away.
As did Carter.
I see.
Well, I assume you're ready to resume your work.
Help me solve a problem.
Who's the target? Raymond Jarvis.
The Vice President? Yeah.
Will that be a problem, Miss Roberts? Only for him.
Sir, the building's been swept.
Your doctor's office is clear for you arrival.
Thank you.
This is as far as you go, gentlemen.
Of course, sir.
Thank you.
Mister President.
Director Sterling.
We need your highest discretion in a matter pertaining to the Vice President.
I want him brought back here immediately.
Patch in.
Talk to his detail.
He's needed, with the utmost urgency.
Need a 20 on the VP.
He's in with his physician, sir.
I don't care.
Get him out of there.
Copy that.
We need to come in, sir.
Vice President Jarvis, is everything all right? Sir? He's gone.
Sir, the Vice President, he's not in the doctor's exam room.
What are you saying? He's gone.
How in the hell is that possible? There was another door leading out of the room.
Mister President Establish a perimeter.
Activate every available field agent and expand that perimeter.
Comb every inch.
Do not come back without him.
What are you doing here? We were sent here to kill you.
Please Please What do you want? I want out.
I don't understand.
How am I supposed to help you Your life for Dempsey's.
You need to come clean now.
Tell him how he was behind trying to kill the President.
Listen, I don't know how he wronged you Dempsey played us both.
He sold you on patriotism.
But that's not what this is really about.
Or what he's really after.
What are you saying? Bury him.
That's the only way either one of us is getting out of here alive.
Oh, God.
We have to find him.
He's not here.
Maybe the police took him.
Maybe he's inside or something.
Just keep looking, okay? If he's here, we're gonna find him.
Sean! Sean.
Pulse is thready.
Baby, wake up.
Hematoma's expanding.
We need to do this now.
He is bleeding out.
Wake up.
I need you to cut through his pants up to his knee, okay? Let's go.
Let me know when you're done.
Now we need to screw this into his tibial bone.
Need to apply steady pressure right here.
Okay? Look at me.
Until you feel a pop.
Come on.
What? We run the saline right into his marrow, it's the quickest way to restore his blood volume.
Let's go! Hurry up.
Come on.
Okay, I felt it.
Hook this up.
Then hang the bag really high, okay? I'm gonna open up the wound.
I'll try to find the bleeder, tie it off.
I got it.
There's too much blood.
I can't find the artery.
Open these up.
Help me pack off the area with the gauze, okay? We need to dry it up.
Come on.
Tear it open.
Focus, tear it open.
Dab it in there, all right? Don't do this to me.
Come on, get in there.
Just dab up the blood.
Come on.
All right.
Good, good, good.
Come on.
Come on, baby.
Okay, okay, I got it.
Okay, listen, I need you to put your finger right there, okay? Come on, let's go.
You got it.
Good, don't move.
Sean, I'm here.
I love you, baby.
All right, listen to me.
Whatever you do, do not move.
Okay? All right.
- I'm right here.
I'm here Looks like a branch of the brachial.
I'm here.
He's gonna have collateral flow to the rest of his arm.
You'll be okay.
All right, you can move your finger now.
He's gonna make it.
What happened? You must've blown a clot.
Arterial bleeding.
Run another bag while I sew him up.
You're okay.
You're okay.
Any fever, any dizziness, do not mess around, okay? Get him to an ER, all right? Or abduct another doctor.
I don't care.
You saved my life.
All right, just keep breathing, man, stay with us, all right? Okay.
Thank you.
All right.
Agent Romo, I need to get back to the White House.
Vice President, we've been trying to locate you for almost 20 minutes.
I'm under a stairwell in the back of the building.
Come and meet me.
Let's go! Sir, I have the Vice President on the line.
Trace the call, and patch it through.
Yes, sir.
President? Ray, where the hell have you been? I'm on my way back to the White House.
'Cause you and I need to have a conversation.
I know.
I'm coming to turn myself in.
I don't know how much you've uncovered, but I've been involved in some very terrible things, things that I could never take back.
Sterling, I have a visual on the Vice President.
They got him.
So it's true.
The attack in Coral Gables on me.
It was you.
I want you to know that everything I did, I was led to believe was for the good of the country.
You almost killed hundreds of innocents.
You almost killed my family, Ray.
My family! Eli.
I was manipulated by a very powerful man who won't stop until he gets what he wants.
Who, Ray? Want the status on this van! Sir! Are you all right? Are you all right? Let's go.
Who is it, Ray? Please, sir.
It was Ray.
Ray, what happened? Ray.
What happened? We lost him.
What do you mean, "We lost him"? Sir, it's done.
But I had to go ahead with our back-up plan.
So, Ms.
Roberts didn't come through.
No, sir.
Looks like she killed Lonner and bolted.
What a shame.
Thank you.