The Event s01e10 Episode Script

Everything Will Change

Outwardly they look very much like us.
But they age at a much slower rate than we do.
He's my son, I'll deal with him as I see fit.
I'm so sorry.
But you can prove your loyalty.
This whole time I've had a traitor in my own house.
I'm coming to turn myself in.
So it's true.
The attack in Coral Gables on me.
It was you.
I was manipulated by a very powerful man.
Who is it? It was Someone came to the house.
They said no matter where we go and what we do, they'd find us.
It wasn't supposed to happen like this.
You think about our children.
Abby, tell me about the place where they kept you.
It was like a hospital.
But not for regular people.
Now, I need you to leave Wait, wait.
Hey You leave now or I'm calling the police.
Watch out.
We got to go.
We got to go now.
Through here.
Abby! I don't think he was here for Abby.
He was here for you.
Sean, why would he be after me? How did they even find us? Agent Collier's line might have been tapped.
There's no wallet, no ID.
Just this and this.
Abby said that she and the girls were being injected with medicine.
You saw what they did to her.
What's going on? I don't know, but I've had enough.
I don't know who the hell you are, or who sent you.
But you're going to tell us what's going on, or so help me, I will shoot you in the head, do you hear me? Answer me! Answer me! You're not gonna shoot me.
Not like this, in cold blood.
You won't do it.
You're right.
You're right.
Leila, hand me the syringe.
What? Give me the syringe! Hey! No.
You don't know.
Is this what you inject the little girls with? Hey! Why do you have her picture? No! And where's her sister? Answer me! No! No! What have you done! Come on! Come on! Get up! Get up! Get up! According to his doctors, the Vice President is alert and oriented.
He should have no trouble answering questions.
As soon as Jarvis identifies the man behind the assassination attempt, I want every resource focused on finding him and making him pay.
Hello, Ray.
Well, you can imagine our relief when we heard you were okay.
Erika, could we have a moment with the Vice President? Sure.
I love you.
I love you, too.
I'll be right outside.
All right, let's get on with this.
First, I want the name.
I'm sorry.
Who are you talking about? I'm talking about the man you were about to identify before the attempt on your life.
Who wanted me dead.
I don't know who you're talking about.
What the hell are you doing, Ray? The doctor said I might have suffered some memory loss from the trauma.
I don't know how this man got to you, Ray, I really don't.
But let me tell you how it is.
You're going to give me the name, or I will make it my own personal mission to make sure you pay for it for the rest of your God-given life.
Let me ask you a question, Mr.
What do you think will happen when the public finds out that you knew about the Inostranka detainees and went along with the cover-up? That you are part of one of the greatest conspiracies of our history? You'll be eviscerated by the press and members of your own Congress.
You are threatening me? You know, I'm not as smooth as you.
I don't have an Ivy League diploma or the charm that got you where you are.
But I will give you a piece of advice anyway, as your elder.
You think you're at the top of this game? The truth is you're just as much a bit player as I am.
Vulnerable to any number of people who have the power, the money and the will to take you down.
Well, I'm not going down.
I'm the Vice President of the United States, and that's the way it's going to stay.
This isn't over.
I'm sure it isn't.
We expose his dirty secrets and he'll expose ours.
I should have known when I started playing this game that it would come to something like this.
You can't possibly equate yourself with that traitor, Mr.
The secrets you've kept have been for the good of this country.
And I assure you, we will find the man who tried to have you assassinated, no matter what we have to do.
What is it? We have a National Security Emergency, Mr.
Code red.
We have to get back to the White House right away.
Sir, NSA has discovered a previously unknown missile installation in the southern tip of Amalah.
We believe that we are looking at a Soviet-era two-stage Sotka missile, and we have no idea whether it's armed with a warhead, and if so, what kind of weapons it's carrying.
I don't understand.
How in the hell did this happen under our noses? The NSA believes some kind of countermeasures were used to defeat satellite surveillance.
Interference pattern approach we've never seen before.
If that can reach us, I want it shut down now, until the Amalahn government tells us what's on that missile and where it's going.
The government of Amalah claims no knowledge of this installation, sir, which is built on a relatively ungoverned tribal area.
There is a larger question here, of the auspices involved.
Amalah barely has an air force, let alone a missile program.
They don't have the infrastructure to pull this off.
Which leads me to believe a non-state actor must be involved.
You're talking about a terrorist organization being behind this.
That's what's so puzzling.
None of the terrorist groups we track is even remotely capable of something like this.
Well, then who the hell is? Exactly, sir.
Thank you for doing me this honor.
The honor is ours.
I'd like to take a moment to clear the air.
Recently, we've all been through some difficult moments.
And I want you to know I understand that change is difficult.
But we can and will make it through these challenging times together.
So, on to business, then.
Now that we have the key module, let's address the other things we'll need to get home.
How far along are we on constructing the interface? Opening the portal to save you from the plane was basically an improvisation.
That interface is nowhere near powerful enough to get us home.
Then we'll need to build a new one? At the same site so we can take advantage of the infrastructure that we have set up there.
Save us some time, and hopefully some money too.
Makes sense.
I've been starting to read the financial records you gave me, although this isn't my strong suit, but I want to make sure I have everything.
Information on all the accounts we've got.
I believe so.
You gave her everything, right? Yes.
Very good.
Then thank you, again, for all of this.
Well, I'm going to be taking Isabel back to her hotel.
Of course.
It was our pleasure.
Thank you.
They're lying.
I did a little digging of my own into our assets.
And yes, Thomas has done quite well in the stock market for us, accounts that are overseen by members of our community.
But he also has a separate set of funds that he's kept completely hidden from everyone.
With Isabel's help, I assume.
Do you want me to confront him? No.
He'd just deny everything.
We need to approach this through the money.
Thomas' secret accounts are being managed by a banker in Winchester.
His name is Stephen Grant.
I'll look into him right away.
We need to know where the money came from.
And how Thomas intends to use it.
If I had to smile with that sanctimonious look on your mother's face any longer, I would have She knows.
What? About the hidden accounts.
That's why she was asking about the financial records.
Well, maybe she was just asking.
My mother never just does anything.
She has a reason for every breath she takes.
Everything's calculated.
We have to go.
Leave? Now? If we stay she'll figure out our end game.
She'll do everything in her power to stop us.
It's too soon.
We don't have everything we need yet.
We'll figure it out.
We'll have to.
It's already started.
It's time to escalate it.
Isabel, I need to know that you're ready for this.
You realize how many people will die when we're done.
No! No, it can't be.
Help me.
Tell us where her sister is, and then we'll help you, okay? Just tell us.
Willow Brook.
You got to get me there.
It's the only way.
What's Willow Brook? Willow Brook Hospital.
Is that where this is from? Please, just get me there.
Whatever he's telling you to do, don't do it.
What are you talking about? Where's Abby? They're in the car.
We're getting out of here before the police come.
I need to talk to her.
If you want any chance of a normal life, then leave now and don't turn back.
Some things are better left unknown.
No! No, wait! No! Please tell me what you know.
Tell us what you know.
Leila, we're on our own.
He's gone.
Dempsey, I'm sorry to bother you.
Berg hasn't shown up with the new subject.
If he hasn't made contact within the hour, we must assume he's been compromised.
You'll have to follow protocol.
I would need some assistance.
You'll have it.
How is our newest subject responding to treatment? She's responding better than expected.
Willow Brook Behavioral.
It's a psych hospital.
Abby said she was held in a hospital, but not for regular people.
I don't know.
This is a working facility.
So? So how are they gonna keep a bunch of kidnapped girls in there with no one noticing? I don't know, but this is the place.
I know it.
Let's check it out and see if we can find anything.
How are we going to get in? Places like these are designed to keep people in, not out.
We're going to walk right in.
I'll be with you in a minute.
No problem.
How can I help you? Hi.
We are here to see my aunt.
She's a patient here.
Okay, what's the name? Carolyn.
Carolyn Jones.
Listen, I should warn you.
Your aunt took her meds half an hour ago.
She might be a bit groggy, but that should keep her from biting.
I'm sorry, did you say biting? Here she is.
Carolyn, you have visitors.
Auntie Carolyn.
You shouldn't do that.
It's so nice to see you.
Do I know you? It's me, your niece.
Auntie Carolyn, this is my husband.
I'm Tom.
We just got married, so we thought we would come by and say hello.
Married? What? You're David's daughter? Sara? Yes.
She remembers.
Sara! You have 30 minutes till dinner.
Thank you.
Well, I'm gonna go see what doors this unlocks.
And I'll leave you guys to catch up, okay? Hurry.
I don't know how much longer I can keep this up.
Nice to meet you.
How is your father holding up? He's good, he's really good.
Oh? His letter said the cancer had worsened.
He said that the cancer was terminal.
I just meant that his spirits are high considering.
Cancer in the balls.
Is it painful? Sounds like it would be painful.
Come on.
Hey! Hi.
What do you think you're doing? I think I'm lost.
Carolyn, I have to ask you something.
It's really important.
You're scaring me now.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Just tell me.
Have you seen any children around here? Oh, yeah! You have? Sally Ann Rasmussen has three granddaughters and they come every other weekend.
Sometimes they even bring a Shih Tzu.
I mean, living here in the hospital.
They may even be patients.
Ma'am, could you please come with me.
I don't know why you two want to be fooling around in this hospital.
Truth is, I don't want to know.
But you two come back here again, I'll have you arrested.
Are we clear? Yes, we're clear.
The girls.
The little girls.
You can hear them, too? They're right here.
They're in the floor.
Just listen.
All right, that's enough, Moses.
Get back to your room.
You go back to your room.
The girls are here.
Moses! No! The girls are down there.
Way down there.
You got to listen.
This is where they've been keeping Samantha and the other girls.
Did you hear what he just said? That man was clearly insane, okay? I'm sure he hears a lot of different people.
He was telling the truth.
The water tower.
That's what Abby said she saw when she was escaping.
We should go.
Sophia, I'm at the banker's house.
He's dead.
There's no signs of forced entry, so he knew his attacker.
I'm sorry, Sophia.
There's no proof Thomas did this, but it's hard to believe it was a coincidence.
It's not.
What do you mean? He never returned from taking Isabel back to the hotel.
Neither one of them are answering their cell phones.
They've disappeared.
Simon, Thomas took the key module.
Damn it! And why would he do that? Maybe to stop us from going home.
But there are other possibilities.
Well, they covered their tracks here.
They destroyed Grant's computer.
I'll see what the techs at Langley can salvage from the hard drive.
Sophia, I've been called in.
I'm on my way back to D.
All right.
Do what you can.
I've put the word out to everyone in the community to let me know if Thomas contacts them.
We must find out what he's up to.
Where are we? Fuelled and running final checks.
Expedite everything we can.
We need to get in the air as soon as possible.
We did it, and now everything is going to change.
Real-time satellite imagery makes it clear that the missile is much closer to launching than we realized, sir.
This plume of white reveals they're in their final stage, they're uploading propellant to the rocket, sir.
How long do we have? I estimate less than two hours from launch.
Which means that our jets will not make it there in time unless we have fly-over permission from the Chinese.
We're trying every diplomatic and military channel, but no word yet.
President, the Ambassador from Amalah has arrived.
Talaky? Yes, sir.
Keep trying with the Chinese.
Make sure State's doing everything they can.
Yes, sir, Mr.
Blake, with me.
President, I would have arrived here sooner, but I've been attempting to gather as much information as possible for you about this installation.
I have some information for you, Ambassador.
That installation is less than two hours away from launching a missile.
I was not aware of this.
This is unacceptable, Ambassador.
Your country needs to stop that launch, now.
President, as I'm sure you're aware, this missile installation lies in a tribal area not under the direct control of our government.
Then get the tribal leaders involved.
We've tried, to no avail.
We are mobilizing our forces toward the silo, but I cannot guarantee that they will get there in time.
You must understand, these tribal regions, we are not responsible for what happens there.
Then who the hell is responsible? We've determined that the installation was built by a private company that made arrangements with the locals.
This company appears to exist in name only.
Here's the information we have on them.
I need you to understand something, Mr.
Ambassador, and I want you to communicate this very clearly to your president.
By our analysis, that missile has the capability of reaching this country with a nuclear warhead as its payload.
If that happens, I don't care what region the missile was launched from.
I'm holding your country responsible, and the United States will retaliate.
Retaliate? There's already a squadron of F-16s en route to your country.
If that missile makes a landfall here, I'll direct them to attack your capital.
President, please - Sir.
If I could have a moment with you in private.
We're done, Ambassador.
Tell your president what I just told you.
Yes, Mr.
What have you got? I found who's behind the missile.
These are the original incorporation documents for the company behind the installation.
Take a look at the board of directors.
Do any of the names seem familiar? The board's unusually large.
There are 97 directors named who have the same names as the 97 detainees who were originally held at Inostranka.
The missiles are controlled by the Sleepers.
And they're taunting us.
This is basically a raised middle finger from Sophia and her people.
It's him! Thomas.
If he really heard something through the floor, then there's got to be some kind of basement, so we need to find a way down.
Come on.
Come on.
It doesn't go down.
It starts at one.
No basement.
Tell me that guy wasn't just crazy.
Hey, everything that has led us here has checked out.
All right.
We can't just sit here.
Wait, wait, wait.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Okay, stay close to me.
Do you smell that? Like something is burning.
Yeah! Everything's been cleared out.
Yeah, recently.
Sean, down here.
There's more rooms.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Sam? Sam! Sam! Sean, we have to find her.
Sean! Sean! Sean! She was here.
Were you able to get anything off the banker's hard drive? I'm still working on it.
But I know what Thomas has been doing with the money.
What is it? What has he done? He built a missile installation in Amalah.
What? As we speak, he's got a missile getting ready to launch.
And Thomas went out of his way to make sure the President knew who was behind it.
Surely President Martinez can stop the launch.
We're trying.
But it's unclear if we're going to be able to.
Sophia, he's your son.
Do you think he would launch a nuclear attack on this country or any other? Honestly, Simon, I don't know what he's capable of any more.
Put the timeline on one.
Yes, sir.
Enhance this picture.
We've got movement.
They're pulling the supports away.
How far out are the F-16s? Twenty minutes out of firing range, sir.
Any word from Ambassador Talaky's forces on the ground? Nothing.
But given their terrain, I mean Damn it! Thomas and his people played us perfectly.
President, if the missile has nuclear capabilities, our entire western seaboard is vulnerable.
Are you telling me we're powerless to stop them? We are go for launch.
Do it.
What's its trajectory? Calculating.
Where will it hit? It's leaning.
But even with the variables inherent in our sensor system and the possible effects of ongoing atmospheric conditions, it seems to be following a gravity turn trajectory.
What does that mean? We're not its target.
We're not its target.
If it's not headed for us, where is it going? Our sensors aren't detecting any radiation.
The missile isn't carrying a nuclear payload.
Sir, we're picking up an unusual signal.
Our sensors are detecting a transmission from it.
A data burst of some sort.
Sir, it's a communications satellite.
Communications satellite? Who the hell are they communicating with? From the shift in the signal spectrum it looks like the satellite's antennae are oriented the opposite of the way they should be.
Meaning? The signals are being broadcast away from Earth, not towards it.
They're sending a message home.
The satellite is operational, sir.
Send it.
They clearly didn't want anyone to discover these.
Let's see if we can find anything.
What if she's gone? What if this is it? We were so close.
We still are, okay? We'll find her.
Just got to Leila, look.
Come look at this.
It's Paul Stern.
Abby's father.
Yeah! How is that possible? He looks the same.
He looks the same.
People age.
People age.
What are you saying? I'm just thinking about what Madeline told us.
About aliens? Madeline's out of her mind.
I know she's out of her mind.
But everything she's told us so far has been true.
It doesn't make any sense.
What does that have to do with Abby and the rest of the missing girls? I don't know.
But we've been asking ourselves what Paul's hiding, maybe this is it.
Maybe he's not one of us.
Not one of us? Come on, Sean.
Just think about it.
I'm just saying I don't wanna think about it.
I wanna find my sister.
She was just here.
We're not leaving until I know where they took her.
Just tell me it's going to be okay, all right? Tell me we're going to find her and it's Tell me.
Leila, Leila.
What? It's your father.
What does this mean? What does this mean?