The Event s01e15 Episode Script

Face Off

Previously on The Event She's reached her destination.
Andrew's Cathedral.
Can we tell how many people are in it? I'm picking up 200 heat signatures.
They're meeting.
Move your men into position, General.
This is your new target.
We've all known that our planet's days were numbered.
According to the message I received, our sun has started going supernova.
In less than a year, our planet will be uninhabitable.
This planet is the only chance we have of survival, and we're going to seize it before it's too late.
You're gonna help me take down James Dempsey, or I will put a bullet in your head.
Okay! He left for France this morning.
Somewhere in the Jura Mountains.
We need to go.
Vice President, open the door, sir.
Vice President, are you all right? They're getting away! That way! Split up.
Split up.
Hey! Whoah, whoah! Get in.
Go, go, go! Go.
You can thank me later for saving your life.
Don't hold your breath.
You're the only reason I'm in this mess.
Jarvis said Dempsey was in France.
In the Jura Mountains.
Does that mean anything to you? I don't know what it means, and I don't care.
I got you to Jarvis, he told you what he knows.
I made good on my end of the deal, now I'm done.
Hey, you're done when I say you're done.
Dempsey's in France.
There's nothing more I can do.
If you walk away, I will expose your son.
And if his location makes its way into the wrong hands, it's over.
For him and you.
Let me go, Sean.
When I get Dempsey, you'll be free.
That's the only way.
And how do you expect me to find Dempsey when he's in France? You just get us there, and I'll worry about the rest.
Reposition our Titan satellite over the sector.
No, tell NOR to override it.
This is our top priority.
I want every square inch of that neighbourhood covered.
All right.
Sir, I heard you were looking for me? Welcome back, Agent Lee.
What is going on? There's an increased security alert, but nobody seems to know why.
We were able to locate Sophia.
Where is she? A church in downtown Los Angeles.
She and Thomas are holding some kind of gathering.
Wait a second, Sophia and Thomas? Along with 200 Sleepers.
Do you want me to coordinate our men on the ground? No, General Armbruster has taken the lead on this.
The President has decided to change strategy.
Take whatever measures are necessary to end this once and for all.
Simon, over the past few months, you've proved yourself invaluable to this mission.
I'm gonna be relying on your expertise.
Thank you, sir.
Evacuate all civilians, now.
Yes, sir.
We'll clear a five block radius of the church.
Under what cover? Hostage situation involving a white supremacist group.
Where are we on the church schematics? No emergency exits, no underground tunnels.
No one is going in or out of that building without our saying so.
I'm gonna hold you to that, General.
Yes, sir.
We have a tactical team on the move with cameras and parabolic mikes.
As soon as they're in place, we'll have a sense of whether they're armed.
Of course they're armed.
That's why we need to move, and move quickly.
Gentlemen, we are not going to cower in fear of retaliation.
I've made that mistake before.
Not again.
This won't stop until we put an end to it.
We've given them the advantage simply by being afraid.
Well, that ends today.
Understood, sir.
Get Sophia on the secured line.
Elias? I know that you, Thomas and hundreds of your people are inside that church.
Surrender peacefully, and I promise no one will be harmed.
All right, listen to me.
I came here to try to convince my people to do the right thing.
You've done nothing but lie since the second we met.
I'm done.
So you can lock us up forever? You know I can't do that.
You have 10 minutes.
It's impossible, Elias.
Ten minutes.
If we encounter any resistance whatsoever, I will make you regret ever leaving wherever it is you came from.
Team Echo, what's your status? We're approaching from the rear and will propel to the roof.
She has seven minutes.
Have your men ready to deploy.
I'm not giving her a second of leeway.
Thomas was well-armed at Inostranka and when he ambushed our convoy.
The chances of this turning into a firefight are high.
But I can guarantee you this, sir, the bulk of the casualties will be theirs.
If I may, Mr.
President, we're rushing into an armed engagement instead of doing our best to keep them alive.
I have to say, I'm surprised that's your priority.
Not for humanitarian reasons.
But we need to interrogate the people in that church.
Sir, I agree.
We'll need them alive if we want them to lead us to the rest of the Sleepers.
Your point's well taken, but we have a strategic advantage on Sophia for the first time in months.
I'm not giving that up.
Six minutes, we're going in.
This is the position your President put us in.
The man you kept telling us to trust.
Martinez is doing this because of you.
Because you pushed him to it.
But none of that matters.
Listen to me.
You have control of the portal.
We need whoever you've got running it to get us out of here.
If I give you access to the portal, how do I know you won't use it against us? She'll cost us this world, Thomas.
Our people won't Trust me, Thomas.
It's the only way.
It's Gerard.
But there's a security protocol.
I go through a cut out, it takes time for him to call me back.
How long? I don't know.
But if he doesn't contact us, I'd rather die fighting than surrender.
No, we would never survive I'm not alone on this, Mother.
They've got troops everywhere.
Out of uniform, but they're US military.
My guess, Special Forces.
How can you tell? Tactical formations, the way they move.
I was in Korea in another life.
Dad? What are you doing here? I told you to stay there.
I was trying to keep you safe.
Dad, you told me you'd give me answers, and I just got tired of waiting.
I'm sorry.
It's my fault you're here.
I'm the one who should be sorry.
What's going to happen? I don't know.
There must be some way to negotiate with him.
Look, there's not.
Martinez is taking a hard line.
If you don't come out before the deadline, he'll send in Special Forces.
The most lethal men he has.
I have a responsibility to my people.
We can't surrender.
Not now.
I'm telling you, now is all you've got.
You're not going to get a second chance.
Simon, our planet is dying.
What? I'm sorry, I wish you didn't have to hear it this way, but that's why Thomas called this meeting.
No, you can't believe anything he tells you.
It's true.
The message is true.
We cannot surrender.
Not now.
The fate of our entire civilization is at stake.
Sophia, if you don't surrender, they're going to kill you.
Don't you get it? We will find another way.
Move! Move! Hello? It's Gerard.
Put it on speaker.
Gerard, I'm with Sophia.
Sophia? Martinez has us surrounded, we need you to use the portal to get us out of here.
How many people are we talking about? One hundred and eighty-eight.
That's impossible.
Find a way.
Do you have any idea how much fuel that requires? We've only just started loading in the new uranium rods.
All right, how long will it take you to load enough to transport us all out? Hours.
We have five minutes before Martinez launches an attack.
I don't have the fuel to portal even one person out of there, let alone 188.
All right.
If you can't use it to portal people, tell me what you can use it for.
No! Shots fired! DaSilva's down! Mr.
President, Sophia's people have opened fire on one of our recon teams.
Commence the operation.
Wait, there's still two minutes left on the deadline.
You're going against your word.
Move your men in and take the church.
It will be a bloodbath.
Sir, it's Sophia on line one.
The shooting wasn't supposed to happen.
I don't care.
I'm warning you, Elias You're warning me? Do not engage your men.
You will regret it.
You and Thomas have left me no choice.
Elias, you have to listen You have my orders.
It's a go.
All teams, it's a go.
Sophia, Gerard's waiting for your word.
The troops are closing in.
What do you want us to do? Tell him to take it down.
Sir, once we've breached the doors, it should only be a matter of time before It's them.
It's them.
Sir! Sir.
We're getting reports that the Washington Monument, it's gone.
Destroyed by Sophia's people.
Tell your men to stand down.
Stand down now! We don't know how far she'll go.
I want a status report, now.
Pulling up live traffic cams! Ancillary White House staff has been evacuated! Through the smoke and debris over the National Mall, we can confirm reports that the Washington Monument has been completely destroyed.
Rescue teams are arriving on the scene to deal with, what appears to be, extensive casualties.
I need to make a statement.
I need to address the American people.
Sir, we have to evacuate you.
Sir, it's protocol.
No! Evacuate my wife and my son.
I wanna know they're safe.
I am not leaving the White House.
How many casualties? Seventy and climbing.
Hundreds seriously injured.
My God.
Put the military on high alert, declare a national state of emergency, and I'm releasing a statement now.
Saying what, exactly? The truth.
Write this down.
Washington DC has been attacked by a terrorist group.
Sir Not now.
President, it's Sophia on line three.
You forced my hand, Elias.
I want three buses delivered to the church, the windows must be blacked out, and a fully fuelled C-5 cargo jet waiting for us at LAX.
Failure to comply will result in the complete devastation of your capital.
Listen to me No.
You listen.
You have no idea what we are capable of.
Washington will be destroyed.
Countless people will be hurt.
And the attacks will continue until you let us free.
You have one hour.
I had to call in a lot of favors for this.
I was wondering, maybe you could help me out? What? I'd like to talk to my son.
I was worried, Vicky.
We hadn't heard from you.
I know, I'm sorry.
Where are you? It's safer if you don't know.
Hey, listen, can I talk to Adam? He's asleep.
Do you want me to go wake him up? No, that's okay.
Let him sleep.
How is he? He's scared.
You heard what happened? No.
Vicky, terrorists blew up the Washington Monument.
What? No, I had no idea.
I don't know how much longer I can do this, Vicky.
We need you home.
I know.
If I could be there, you know I would.
I miss you guys so much.
Hey, listen, Mom, I gotta go, all right? No, wait Give Adam a big kiss for me, okay? Okay, honey.
My God.
Did you get anything? Well, Dempsey has a corporation called the Phoenix Foundation.
They fund archaeological digs.
Right now, they have a permit for a dig in the Jura Mountains, just south of Alsace.
Archaeology? Uh-huh.
Why would a guy involved in big pharma go all the way to France just to play in the dirt? Well, think.
What could he be looking for? Well, whatever it is, he's spending a fortune to find it.
Nice to meet you.
Right this way.
I'm so pleased you're here so that you can see this.
I take it you've made some remarkable discoveries? That's quite an understatement.
We've unearthed nearly a dozen limestone amphoras.
Eerily similar to those that housed the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Preliminary results from the Carbon-14 data suggests that they were made between 2000 and 1900 BC.
They're quite older than that.
Sir? Just an uneducated guess from an excited collector.
Well, there is a lot to be excited about.
One amphora, in particular, is painstakingly inscribed.
But in a language that is entirely unknown, at least by me.
They're beautiful.
Wait until you see the pictographs on the northern face of the chamber.
You entered the chamber? I gave very clear instructions.
No one was to breach that entrance.
Who else saw inside? It was just me.
I'm very sorry, Mr.
Dempsey, but you must understand, to a man such as myself, a discovery of this magnitude, I simply couldn't resist.
This is unfortunate.
If you'd been able to exercise a little more self-control, you might've been able to live long enough to tell your children about this.
I know how hard this must have been for you.
Don't say that.
Don't pretend you understand me.
Everything I've worked for is gone.
Don't you see? We didn't have any other choice.
Diplomacy wasn't an option.
No, you took that option away.
Me? Look at them.
This is who they are.
Violence is the language that they understand.
No, you are the one who refused to engage in peaceful negotiations.
Well, it's too late for that! You are the one who pushed us into a violent confrontation! All through history, humans have proven to be selfish, short-sighted and hostile.
But for some reason, you're determined to blame me for this.
I'm not perfect.
And I've made some mistakes, but I've worked hard for 66 years to unite our people while you were locked away in a cell.
All you have done is unite our people into rhetoric of fear.
You expect me to be grateful for that? I'm sorry, but I did expect more from you.
Change is never easy, Sophia.
There is always a cost.
Leadership requires discipline.
The ability to make people believe in the impossible.
No one said anything about easy.
We don't know what their power source is or where it is coming from.
We could scan infrared data from satellite footage, see if we get a lock on a location.
There's no time for that.
Troops have secured the area around the Monument, sir.
Secured? We don't know anything about their capabilities.
There's no such thing as secured.
If I could have a moment? Where the hell have you been, Blake? I need to speak to you.
All right.
What do we do? Give them the buses.
It's our only option.
Perhaps you're wrong about that, sir.
There may be an opportunity to exploit.
Go on.
I had a strange feeling when I met Thomas at Inostranka.
He seemed familiar, but I couldn't place it.
Then this morning, it hit me.
What hit you? I realized where I had seen Thomas before.
It was at Bethesda General when Simon was recovering there.
I scanned archived video surveillance at the hospital and it was him, wearing a lab coat.
We did a DNA test on Simon to prove he was human.
Thomas posed as a tech in the blood bank.
He switched out Simon's sample for human blood.
Agent Murphy was right all along.
Simon Lee is one of them.
You bring him to me.
I wanna talk to him.
He must know how to stop Sophia.
No, he won't talk.
Not in time.
So we pretend like we don't know? For now.
We've been monitoring his phone ever since the siege began.
He's been making encrypted calls.
If we can break the code in time, we'll finally be one step ahead of them.
What the hell is going on? How could you do this? Do you know how many people died? Simon, I know how you must be feeling.
No, you don't.
All these years of working undercover, Sophia, I did it for you because I believed in the mission.
The peaceful mission.
Martinez had his military moving in on us.
Believe me when I tell you we had no choice.
Now that we've captured the call, it shouldn't be long till we break the encryption.
Well, make it happen.
We're running out of time.
I don't understand.
Why not just use the portal array to transport yourselves out of the church? No, the portal didn't have enough power.
We used what little fuel we had on the Monument.
What do you mean? My ultimatum to the President, it's a bluff.
We are refuelling the portal as quickly as we can, but for right now, we are completely defenseless.
What was that? I need to enter the code to make sure your son's whereabouts don't go viral.
You really need to keep that hanging over me? If I didn't, would I still be alive? How much longer till we get to the safe house? We're almost there.
You never told me your contact's name.
I know him as Henri.
You used to work together? Here and there.
That's all you're going to tell me? You already know too much about me.
Does that make you uncomfortable? No, it makes me vulnerable and that makes me uncomfortable.
He lives here? As far as I know.
What do you mean? You didn't call him? I don't have his number.
I'm gonna go around back.
I'm here with Vicky Roberts.
Vicky Roberts.
I don't know any Vicky Roberts.
Henri! Henri! It's me.
It's me.
I'm sorry.
Now let me tell you So we get information that the target, Egyptian terrorist, very bad man, had reservations at Le Meurice.
It was Taillevent.
You have no memory.
Taillevent, Meurice, same difference.
Anyway, we get a table and wait for him.
And wait.
And wait.
And wait.
Three bottles of wine later We're wasted.
And we're supposed to, very precisely, take out our target.
Who has not even shown up at this point.
So what happened? I called it off.
It was too risky.
We get in the car, okay, and she pulls out of the restaurant.
But I'm a little I don't see the car straight in front of me.
And boom! Head-on collision.
The guy goes straight through the windshield.
She gets out of the car to help him.
I turn him over.
He dead! Dead as dead could be.
Oh, my God.
But it's very good.
How? It was our target.
Oh, good.
It's our target! So, what'd you do? We got back in the car.
Job well done.
Yeah! Wow.
You know, the CIA never reimbursed me for that.
They're the worst.
Wait, wait, wait.
You were CIA? Yes, one of the best and brightest.
I need some more wine.
What happened? She got burned by her superior to cover up one of his mistakes.
Ended her career, nearly ended her life.
Tell me something, Monsieur Walker, why is Vicky helping you? You're not a professional.
You're not even her type.
I'm blackmailing her.
Ah, leverage.
Very useful stuff, huh? It helps.
But that can't be the only reason, huh? If you haven't noticed, Ms.
Roberts doesn't do anything she doesn't want to do.
This looked old and expensive.
Ah! We party tonight, huh? Let's go.
More vodka, more wine.
We're getting out of here.
Everything's going to be okay.
Is it true? About the Monument? How could you? We didn't want it this way, believe me.
We had no choice.
You're terrorists.
They would have locked us up for the rest of our lives.
They would have locked you up.
I'm not a part of this.
You are now.
Everybody out there, trying to kill us, they'll never see you as one of them.
They'll only see you as one of us.
You need to accept your place among our people.
Your people are monsters.
No, Leila.
They are the monsters.
No matter what we do, they will forever be against our very survival.
Every generation of humans has proven this to be true.
We will always be unwelcome.
We will always be hunted.
The unknown is always a threat.
There's nothing to be scared of, I assure you.
No living thing has entered these caves in thousands of years.
Yes, sir.
Let's go.
Aren't they beautiful? What are they? They're guardian angels.
For what? Every civilization, every religion, has its own concept of the guardian angel.
What it represents and what its function is here on Earth.
And in every civilization, every religion, they are reduced to metaphor.
When, in fact, they are very, very real.
I know that you're all afraid.
But right now, more than ever, we must stay calm.
We must show Martinez and his soldiers that we are true to our word.
Ignore their guns.
Ignore their ignorance.
We are in this together.
A new day is upon us, and we will emerge from this crisis stronger than ever.
There are three buses.
David is in charge of the first, Michael the second, Thomas the third.
It is time.
That should have been you up there.
You should be taking charge.
Giving the orders.
My mother is more than capable.
That's not what it's about.
It's about who our people listen to, and it should be you.
All I care about right now is what's right for my people.
And so should you.
You're taking her side? There are no sides any more.
Get on the bus.
I'm almost there.
Got it.
It's Agent Lee's voice.
What the hell is going on? Simon, I know how Feeling All these years working undercover Martinez had his military moving in on us.
Believe me when I tell you we had no choice.
Confirming troop presence on the south side of the street, but they're standing down.
Letting us pass without incident.
Thank you, David.
Please keep us informed of what you see.
Radio Sophia.
Tell her there's no sign of pursuit from the rear.
Do it.
We were so close.
I don't understand.
Why not just use the portal array to transport yourselves out of the church? No, the portal didn't have enough power.
We used what little fuel we had on the Monument.
What do you mean? My ultimatum to the President, it's a bluff.
We are refuelling the portal as quickly as we can, but for right now, we're completely defenseless.
It's a bluff.
She was bluffing.
Dear God.
She was bluffing.
Take them out.
You heard her.
If they refuel that portal, they'll disappear forever.
This is our opportunity to end this.
Whoever is helping them with that portal is still out there, and once we engage, there will be no turning back.
This will escalate into an all-out war.
I've tried diplomacy, and failed.
I've tried restraint, and lives were lost.
Now, we have to fight back.
Take them out.
Any means necessary.
David, up ahead.
Thomas, Sophia, we've spotted an Apache helicopter.
Damn it.
Are you sure? Thomas, get a hold of Gerard.
See where he is with the portal.
Anything he can do.
How can Martinez put Washington at risk? He knows.
Somehow he knows.
This ends now.
Gerard, what can you do? I have enough fuel for one bus, that's it.
I can lock onto your location now.
There's no way out of this.
It's over, Thomas.
We will have to surrender.
No, there is nothing more important than the survival of our people.
And you're the best chance we got.
We have to finish what we started.
What are you talking about? Gerard has enough power to open the portal for one bus.
I've told him to lock coordinates on you.
I'll run interference, give him time to set the portal array.
Thomas, there has to be another way.
Leadership is discipline.
Thomas! We have confirmation that Sophia is on the second bus.
The Apache is waiting for the go ahead.
Do it.
Overtake Sophia's bus.
Pull ahead of her now! No.
No! No!