The Expanse (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

Remember the Cant

Previously on The Expanse.
That distress call we never received, it was logged with HQ.
By some anonymous do-gooder aboard this ship.
Holden, put a shuttle team together.
Some dock-jock was slobbering all over her while she was prepping to ship out.
She planted him in the deck.
Every time we demand to be heard, they hold back our water, ration our air, until we do as we're told.
This must be the beacon that called us.
Somebody planted it.
Canterbury, burn like hell, you've got incoming! How long can he hold on? We're losin' him.
If we don't get that radio back, we all die Today.
This beacon we answered isn't pirate tech It's top-grade military stuff.
What are you doing? Buying us insurance.
My name is James Holden.
Heaven help us all if Mars and the Belt decide to share a toothbrush.
The cold war is over, this is something new.
My name is James Holden, speaking for the five survivors of the Canterbury.
Our ship was destroyed answering a bogus SOS from a ship called the Scopuli.
We recovered a false beacon and identified it as Martian Naval technology.
It was a trap.
Naomi Nagata, Alex Kamal, Shed Garvey, Amos Burton A representative from the Pur & Kleen Corporation has confirmed that the freighter Canterbury was bound for Ceres Station with a We are about to be taken aboard the MCRN Donnager.
power when it diverted course to answer a distress call from the Scopuli, a light freighter operating under a Belt contract with Tyco Engineering.
action will only confirm that the Canterbury was destroyed by Mars.
We're dead anyway.
Have fun.
Stay calm and everything will be okay.
No, no.
Like this.
Stay calm, unte kowlting gonya gut, to pochuye ke? - Stay calm Hands big, and when you talk, in and before is weak.
Okay, um Stay calm.
- Unte kowlting gut - No.
Stay calm, unte kowlting gonya gut, to pochuye ke? Okay.
Stay calm.
Unte kowlting gonya gut, to pochuye ke.
Every time better! I have a good teacher.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I have to go.
Hey, uh, why don't you stay off the streets today, okay? It could get dangerous out there.
Maybe you, too, Earther.
Everybody's been pissed about the extended water rations.
Losing the Canterbury is just going to make that worse.
Radicals are going to try to exploit the situation.
You can't blame them.
Mars practically declared war on the Belt.
Our sole concern is the safe and peaceful operation - of this station.
Star Helix - Hmm, nice breakfast? will maintain order.
OPA roundup? Fine by me.
There will be no pre-emptive arrests of any OPA members.
They're legal residents of the Belt.
We're an Earth Corp.
We will remain impartial.
These are your sector assignments, your team leaders.
You bust any heads and I'll bust yours.
That's a great speech.
Captain, Captain.
Muss is your team leader, Miller.
I don't want to hear it.
That's not what I Really? She's the only one you listen to.
Don't sit.
You're not staying.
Juliette Mao.
That's not important right now.
Oh, no.
It's important.
The Scopuli is the ship that that Holden guy got scooped up trying to save? Well, Julie Mao was on it.
I checked the logs All her shipmates were crewed up out of the same dockworkers local, right here on Ceres.
I mean, OPA Good riddance to them all.
This was a favor.
She's not on Ceres.
So I'll run that up the line and then Daddy Warbucks - can bother some other Station Chief that he thinks he owns.
- You know, the OPA has probably heard that I'm looking for one of their own by now.
If we just let it go Just file the report, close the case, enjoy your tax-free bonus.
All right, let's go.
Hey, go ahead, destroy the evidence, the word's already out.
Keep your mouths shut, now move.
If we're prisoners, we have the right to legal counsel Hey! Get off me! Hey, come on! Hey, Amos! Put him down! Amos! Amos! Just Can you just take it easy? Now what? Easy, fellas.
He's coming with us.
What? Alex! Alex! Hey! Where are you taking him? We're going to die.
Why would Mars blow up an ice freighter? It makes no sense.
They're trying to destabilize Ceres.
That idiot governor of ours is weak.
Belters get thirsty, OPA fans the flames, and Mars gets the excuse they've always wanted to sweep in and "pacify" the station.
This is a security issue.
The Secretary General has to make a strong response.
Like what? Like redeploy the fleet.
Which will only inflame the situation.
We don't even know that the Martians are behind this.
We have the word of some ice-hauler named James Holden.
He was a Naval officer.
You saw his service record.
He has no reason to lie.
Ceres is our station.
The key to the Belt.
With those resources, Mars could finally cut the cord to Earth.
You want a war with Mars? This will get you one.
But it's my soldiers that will end up dying for it.
Well, the Secretary General wants a plan of action, Admiral.
And it can't be, "Let's just sit and wait.
" Unless we have proof, that's exactly what we should be doing.
Fleet Command will not support redeployment unless we have proof.
I seriously doubt the Secretary General will want to override us on this.
The Admiral's right.
Until we know more, we sit tight and wait.
Unfortunately, given the current tension levels, my embassy needs me back on Mars sooner than I'd hoped.
So, please tell them some other time.
Of course.
Fifty bucks says I can beat you to the end of the concourse.
I always just let you win.
You need $50? I need a drink, is what I need.
Have two.
It's past noon.
How are you holding up? Ah, this Canterbury business.
The Martians won't release any more intel, if they even have any, which just leaves the U.
screaming in my ear for what I can't give them, because I don't have.
So, for the moment, you're completely useless and therefore have no excuse not to come to my house this afternoon.
Oh, I don't know if I'm any fun right now.
You're never fun.
But Craig is.
That's why I'm inviting you.
Arjun is making flan.
In 40 years, you've never taken a "no" from me.
So why should today be any different? If it makes you feel better, you are the best at rolling over.
See you later.
Donchu for sympany.
- The inners hate us down to our brittle bones - All right, that's enough.
- Get outta here! - Our air.
- Our water.
- Move along.
Enne loof belterloader.
All right, you're done here.
Acqua belterloader.
You can't silence us.
Belters won't stand for this forever.
Excuse me, sir.
- Do you like to laugh? - No.
I like to laugh.
Great! Now I know what you're thinking.
Mormons aren't funny.
But we have a comedy night at the Laugh Shack once a week, and I'd love to prove you wrong.
Can I put your name on the list for tonight? Back Off.
I can't do it tonight, but I'd really like to check it out.
How about next week? It would be my pleasure.
And it will be yours.
All right "Captain Shaddid.
" That's great.
I'll be in touch next week to remind you.
Now you stay on him, because the Captain tends to get kind of forgetful.
Yeah, if you don't hear back from me, just keep trying.
Will do, brother.
Hey, hey! You're not gonna do anything about that.
Nah, you take it.
He went that way.
Oh, I see.
So you're only chivalrous once I've already got the guy in cuffs? Hey, your dates are your own business, okay? That's nice, Miller.
Earthers and Dusters would unite to destroy the Belt.
Now is the time to lock arms They blew up the Canterbury! Remember the Cant-Remember the Cant- All right, that's enough free speech for today.
Break it up.
You heard the man.
Go on.
Come on.
You'll have your day at market, welwala.
Yeah? - See, I'm looking forward to it.
Come on.
Let's go.
You're in fine form today.
Just doing my job, ma'am.
So do it.
If Shaddid wouldn't shut down my cases.
What are you talking about? Well, let's see, it can't be any of the dead scumbags or missing gangsters piling up on your desk, because nobody gives a shit about them, least of all you.
The cute girl kidnap side-job? See, to me it sounded more like a time-suck for some rich Dirtsider.
Why are you pouting? You love it when they drop off the board.
I like it to be my idea.
Cover for me, will ya? Just for an hour.
Sure, no problem.
The broadcast must've gotten out.
They've got to tread carefully.
They're gonna try to frame us.
Think about it.
All they need is one false confession.
And I wonder who'll crack first.
- Nice.
- Shut up.
They're listening.
No other reason to let us talk.
Five fathers, three mothers? Me? Yeah.
Eight parents, one child.
On a 22-acre farm in Montana, North American Trade Zone, very expensive to maintain.
You were a tax break? That's not the way they saw it.
Did you know your true parents? They were all my true parents.
Full genetic mix.
In which female did you gestate? Well, Mother Elise had the widest hips.
So Why would you destroy the Canterbury? What? What are you talking about? What did you do with Alex? You were a problem in the Navy.
Eight years ago.
Aboard the UNN Zheng Fei.
You assaulted a superior officer.
Not technically, he ducked my punch.
I broke my hand on a bulkhead.
You were dishonorably discharged.
He ordered me to fire on a Belter ship.
- It was a smuggler - Who was smuggling people! You had no way of knowing that at the time.
But I was right! Earth and Mars have been stepping on the necks of the Belters out here for over 100 years and I didn't want to be the boot.
So you decided to switch sides.
I stopped playing.
Out to Saturn, get the ice, back to Ceres, out to Saturn, get the ice, back to Ceres, out to Saturn, get the ice, back to Ceres, out to Saturn, stop at Phoebe, get the tee.
Phoebe? We never stopped at Phoebe, it's a restricted station.
Why did you nuke the Canterbury? How long have you known that Naomi Nagata is an OPA operative? What? Two advanced degrees in fusion drive design.
You never wondered why someone of such obvious intelligence was wasting her life sealing cracks and fixing gauges on an ancient, crumbling ice hauler? I never asked.
Based on the desperate condition of your shuttle, it clearly required extraordinary improvisational expertise for you and your crew members simply to survive, let alone restore your antenna array.
These are the hallmark skill sets of terrorists.
Did Naomi Nagata effectuate those repairs? It's not impossible, is it? Naomi's not OPA.
I don't believe you.
You do now.
All right, I want every box on this pier opened up and I want full manifests on everything that's in 'em, all right? We got reports there's some dangerous contraband-type shit in here, okay.
Hey, nobody leaves until we're done, okay.
Bring those ones down and open 'em.
Star Helix! Open it up! That bird, him die to give you feather for your chapeau? I'm pretty sure the bird was already dead, pal.
Now him live trapped in Earther hat? I'm not looking for a fashion debate, copeng.
You got no copeng here, cop.
I'm looking for Anderson Dawes.
Think he might be my friend? He kinda runs things around here, right? You might know about that.
I don't sasa nating.
No? Wouldn't sasa that OPA tat on your forearm there, either, or is that just part of your plumage? Why don't you look around, see what you can find.
Hmm, for me.
We're going to give the vineyard next door half our gray water for eight cases of wine.
Gray water into wine, wine into gray water.
We're gonna retire to Mars and the Mariner Valley circle of life.
Wait, this wine came from that vineyard? Mmm-hmm.
Please don't tell me I'm drinking your pee.
Because it's delicious.
No, no.
They're working on the foundation, so they haven't spliced our plumbing into the vineyard's hydroponics yet.
He wasn't serious.
Of course.
I warned Chrisjen that I was a little preoccupied.
You seem pretty relaxed, Bub.
Craig, I've put new points on the darts.
Game of cricket? I have a steady hand.
Excuse us.
Our operatives caught an OPA agent with Martian stealth composites.
Mars is working with the OPA.
No, no, no, no, no.
It can't be.
We have proof.
We think they're making a move to take Ceres.
The Secretary General is going to present the evidence tomorrow.
Stealth Ships are first strike weapons.
That's just not possible.
We'll have to redeploy our fleet to show strength, and that will make a bad situation worse.
The Martians wouldn't do that.
I think you love them too much.
Hey, uh You know, I, uh I dated a Martian once.
Yeah, she was beautiful, smart And, uh I love how industrious Martians are.
I remember, her mother, she etched a trellis She etched a trellis on their air dome I bet those pretty tin suits bind up something awful in the crotch.
Amos, are you okay? Just dandy.
I mean, all that fancy gear, and the one thing they don't allow for is scratching your junk.
Yeah, I get jock itch, too, sometimes.
Pretty bad, actually.
What I recommend to my patients is Uvazole, it's an antifungal cream.
And the best thing about it is if you put it under your tongue, it, uh, helps to relax you He doesn't need ball cream, Shed, because he's got no balls.
The Martian Navy took that away from him when he joined up.
Those tin suits are anatomically correct.
You want me to put you down again? Come on in.
Yes, sir.
With pleasure.
It's good to see you.
I think.
You look very well-treated.
Yeah, well I flew with the Mars Navy for 20 years before I shipped off on the Cant.
Oh, so So you're helping them? Whoa, whoa, whoa, there, chief.
Settle down.
They let me clean up out of respect.
Respect? Yeah.
You see, I served and I was honorably discharged, which is a hell of a lot more than I can say about you, cowboy.
Yeah, they told me.
They told me a lot of stuff.
Made me realize, I don't know a good goddamn about you.
You honestly think that Mars destroyed the Canterbury? Why would they do that? How the hell should I know? Then, think about it.
That beacon we found That you found so easy? What if it was planted? What if it was meant to be found? Planted by whom? Who stands to gain? Who stands to gain if Earth and Mars get into a throw down? How well do any of us really know Naomi? Hey, hey! Guys! These men refused to top off our water tanks.
We'll die out there without it.
So die.
Mars killed the Cant.
Hey, hey, hey! Back these guys up.
- You.
- You! You takin' their side, ke? You stay there.
Right there.
All right, now.
Kowmang Kowmang gotta die sometime.
How about now? Give the Martians their water! Milowda na animals.
You have every right to be angry.
You should be angry.
But if we act like animals, we only justify their belief that we are.
Gif im fo imalowda xitim.
Treat them the way they should treat us.
I'm Anderson Dawes.
You wanted to talk? I know all the Star Helix who walk the docks.
Or used to.
We don't seem to be a priority right now.
I could get some more of them down here if you want.
This isn't your beat.
What do you want? Oh, uh, Juliette Andromeda Mao.
She's OPA.
And? Her parents want her found.
What you say her name was? Julie.
Julie Mao.
She any relation to Jules-Pierre Mao? Well, you crewed her up on a ship called the Scopuli.
You know, the one that Mars used to kill the Canterbury.
That would explain your interest in her.
How much are they paying you to find her? I'm not judging, I'm just curious to know what your rate is, in case I need you to suit up for a different side.
What side would that be? An Earth Corp may pay your salary, but you were born here.
Lived your whole life on Ceres.
I think that under that ridiculous hat there's a Belter yearning to find his way home.
Patron saint of lost causes.
I'm all choked up.
Have I answered all your questions, Detective? You haven't answered any of my questions.
You took a young, naive, rich girl with daddy issues.
- And got inside her head - Stop.
Now I'm getting choked up.
Other than the money, what do you care? Huh? You didn't know her.
But you did.
I'll ask around for you.
See if anybody know anything.
And thank you for preventing bloodshed earlier.
Ceres will need men like you in the days to come.
Your educational history is quite impressive.
I took free tutorials and tested through.
To work on an ice hauler? I deliver ice.
You use us Belters as slaves.
How is the ice on Phoebe? How would I know? Phoebe is a research station.
Off-limits to Belters.
Belt, Belt, Belt, Belt, Belt.
Do you think I'm OPA? What, we all know each other and we're all terrorists, right? I have no resentments.
I don't believe in causes, and I will not be your scapegoat Mmm.
James Holden.
What about him? He has no love for Earth.
He's from Earth! He hasn't been back in over 12 years.
Well, maybe, it's his family.
People don't work long range freight because they love it at home.
Who'd you leave behind? Hands where I can see them, please.
Why did you leave the Canterbury? We were answering a distress call.
Belters scrub distress calls all the time.
Nine times out of 10 it's pirates.
A freighter captain would not have answered it.
So who did? Hmm? Who registered the call? Someone who survived? The brute? Unlikely.
The pilot? No? No.
He's one of us.
The so-called medic? No.
Was it you? Was it you? Hands where I can see them.
Not you.
It was Holden.
He registered the call.
You and Holden are working together.
Where's Naomi? What the hell is this? You join up? Wait, what? That's an option? What did you guys tell them? - To suck it.
- Everything.
I told them everything.
Anything they wanted to know, I told them.
I think I even made some stuff up at the end, I can't remember.
I just kept talking.
They told me Naomi's OPA.
Is that true? Who cares? They'll say anything to get in our heads.
They told me that you faked your medical records and signed onto the Cant to get away from a drug dealer who wanted you dead.
Well, that's true.
So - You okay? - You? Are you OPA? Unbelievable.
And coming from you? Just answer the question, darling.
I'm not your darling, and you're obviously one of them.
All right, all right, let's just settle down You didn't answer my question.
We putting all our cards on the table here? Look, kids, these Navy boys, they are not gonna play with us all day, so unless you all want to spend the rest of your lives breaking big rocks into little ones on Olympus Mons, somebody better come clean.
You stopped me from chasing down the ship - that killed the Cant.
Why? - Because you were being a reckless idiot.
Yeah? Or was it 'cause they were friends of yours? Watch your mouth.
And you.
No one knows anything about you, except you do whatever she says.
So what was my big plan, huh? To sit on a shit bucket like the Cant for five years while all of this got set up? Sleeper agents.
You ever heard of them? Well, screw you - Guys, guys! - Human shields, you ever heard of those? Here we go again.
Call the guards.
He'll take the first few bullets.
Hey! Enough! Hey! I'm ready to talk, but only to your captain.
I'm ready to talk.
Let him go.
Do it.
The Captain will speak to you now.
Late last night, our routine surveillance of diplomatic core logged an urgent communique between Ambassador DeGraaf and his counterpart on Mars.
Shortly thereafter, we picked up a spike in chatter between Mars High Command and nine MCRN facilities believed to manufacture stealth composites and gunships.
Nine? I thought there were only six.
There were more than we thought.
They were taking inventory.
I leaked to DeGraaf that Mars was giving stealth tech to the OPA.
He did what I thought he would.
The spike in chatter was panic.
They were calling to see if anything was missing.
And since they had to ask, it means that they didn't give it to anyone.
Which means that Mars isn't working with the OPA or trying to take control of Ceres.
They didn't destroy the Canterbury.
Then who did? Someone who's trying to start a war.
As we speak, your face is on every screen and terminal in the system.
Saying, in effect, that Mars destroyed the Canterbury.
This is a lie.
The kind of lie that can lead to war.
You will publicly recant your statement.
You guarantee the safety of my people, and I'll say whatever you want.
You will put out the fire you started by telling everyone, everywhere, that Mars is innocent.
That the Canterbury was destroyed through the actions of Naomi Nagata, an operative of an OPA sleeper cell.
Are you willing to make that statement? That can't be true.
Even if Naomi is OPA.
Without her, I'd be dead.
She saved her own life, too.
- Bring up the bogie.
- Yes, sir.
That's the drive plume of a ship decelerating hard toward us.
We've been tracking it inbound ever since we picked up your distress call.
It's not one of ours, or Earth's, and it won't answer our hails.
We suspect it was sent for Naomi Nagata.
What do you think now? What were the Scopuli's movements after leaving Ceres? After the transponder shut off, did the ship show up on any flight control satellites or Extrapolate the possible destinations.
Show me incident reports for the docks for Juliette Andromeda Mao.
Whoa, now.
Hold it right there.
Yeah? Hey, Miller.
You need to get your ass back down to the Medina now.
We got problems.
It's our air, it's our water Moon stole our water! used to be on Ceres.
Now the water on Mars.
We should have brought riot gear.
Shaddid nixed it.
She didn't want to inflame the situation.
Yeah, we wouldn't want to upset them.
Damn it.
We got skirmishes in the Rosse Buurt.
Rosse Buurt? Come on, Gia's down there.
What? She kind of needs us here, pal.
You want to take it? Go.
- Yeah, all right.
- Mars stole our air.
Mars stole our water.
Attention, please.
This is a Star Helix security directive.
For your own safety, by order of the Governor, there is now a curfew in the Medina.
Please return to your homes.
Return to your homes! You heard her! Get the hell outta here, go home! There's kids in there.
Hold the line! Get those kids outta there! OPA! OPA! OPA! - Remember the Cant! O-P-A! At least you had the respect to stab me in the chest.
They sell it at the shop on 25th and 8th.
You know what I love most about Mars? They still dream.
We gave up.
They're an entire culture dedicated to a common goal, working together as one to turn a lifeless rock into a garden.
We had a garden and we paved it.
They couldn't do any of that without the knowledge of centuries from Earth.
Earth must come first.
I have no choice about that now.
My diplomatic credentials have been revoked.
I've been banned from Mars for life.
Apparently I'm an alarmist who caused the MCRN to expose classified stealth technology hubs.
Craig called the realtor about selling our house this morning.
We may have stopped a war.
For a while, anyway.
If you like, we can drink it now.
I was looking forward to drinking our wine, watching the sunset over the Mariner Valley.
Do you remember You were very young, a couple of us played cards at your house? I remember I didn't like to be excluded.
Well, you always lurked on the side, quiet, obedient but watching.
Finally one night, you demanded to play, and, well, we'd had a few and You were I don't know However old that is.
We let you in.
You didn't take any hands, but you clearly understood the fundamentals.
When the deal came to you, you called your game.
Tennessee Three Finger Hold 'Em.
Your father took it very seriously.
He asked you how to play.
You said, "We each get five cards.
" You dealt them out, then you pointed to the far end of the yard and you said, - now - "Whoever gets to the tree first, wins.
" You dropped your cards and were halfway there before anyone else realized what was happening.
I've never seen your father more proud.
See, here's the thing.
I was terrified for you, I didn't know why.
And now I do.
You will do anything to win.
Just like your father.
That's what got him killed.
I won't play with you, ever again.
This is a Star Helix Security Directive.
Anyone in the Medina without authorization will be arrested on sight.
This is a Star Helix Security Directive.
Curfew is now in effect on Medina Level.
Unauthorized personnel will be detained or arrested on sight.
This is a Star Helix Security Directive.
Anyone in the Medina without authorization Things are calming down around here.
I'm just going to stick around for a while, make sure it stays that way.
Understood, Havelock.
I'll pass that along.
Stay calm, okay? Unte kowlting gonya gut, to pochuye ke? Come on, guys, it's over.
Just Just go home.
It's not over, Earther.
It's just beginning.
No, no, no! Remember the Cant? This is a Star Helix Security Directive.
Curfew is now in effect on Medina Level.
Unauthorized personnel will be detained or arrested on sight.

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