The Expanse (2015) s01e06 Episode Script

Rock Bottom

Previously on The Expanse You gutter punks.
You screwed the golden goose.
Stay away from ta acqua! If your girlfriend logged that distress call she's going to be living it down for a long time.
- I did it.
- Please help me.
It's all got to do with her.
You need to take this upstairs.
Until then I'll just, uh I guess I'll do my pathetic best.
Before she shipped out, she asked me to hook her up with a data broker.
She was hanging around some hardcore OPA.
Anderson Dawes.
Julie Mao was one of ours.
Let me worry about her, and you'll get Filat Kothari.
Go get your justice.
Make it pretty.
We can't resolve the drive signatures or make any visual IDs.
Somebody has a new fleet of warships.
I'm not a pilot, someone else needs to fly.
I don't think I'm in any condition to - Get us out of here! - You got it.
You will be granted safe harbor on Tycho.
You have my solemn promise that you will not be harmed.
I've known guys with causes.
Causes that get people killed.
You don't show up anywhere without a reason.
I don't work for you fine people anymore.
So, why am I being ambushed? I need to borrow your spy on Tycho Station.
What for? To keep an eye on Fred Johnson.
He's over-charging the Mormons for their toilet seats.
Well, you can't have him.
Why not? It took me five years to sheep-dip him in Johnson's outfit, to steal tech for his competitors.
He's worth a lot of money to me.
What's Sheep-dip? I wonder if they have ice cream in the snack shop? The answer's no.
I do my patriotic duty by screwing over Fred Johnson, isn't that enough? How's your son, Esteban? He's up for parole soon.
You're really gonna play that card? No games, no subterfuge, just straight for the jugular? I'd be happy to play some other time, Carlos, but the matter is pressing.
He made one mistake Then help him move on.
Let me help him.
You know why I quit the intel desk? I couldn't tell anymore if I was still working for the good guys.
I'll go get the ice cream, you make the phone call.
Rocinante, you are cleared for station dock at Berth Z4.
Please cut your engines and release your guidance systems to Tycho TC.
Acknowledged, Tycho Station.
You now have control.
Prepare for docking clamp capture.
James Holden.
- You son of a bitch - Stay where you are.
You either some kind of genius, Mr.
Holden, or you the luckiest dipshit in the solar system.
Why did you invite us here? You two are the only witnesses to a series of catastrophic events.
You could be the key to stopping all-out war.
We're not the only witnesses.
You were watching.
I've been out of the war business a long time, son.
I broker peace treaties these days Not exactly what you're known for You can put those guns away.
Tell the others to come out.
I'll give you safe harbor.
And I'll get rid of that ship for you.
No one's getting rid of our ship.
Martian vessels come through Tycho on a daily basis.
If they see that frigate parked there, it's a bad day for me too.
I'm just the messenger, I have half a platoon of pissed-off Martian marines who are just itching for some payback.
That's a corvette-class Martian frigate that typically crews thirty.
I only see two of you.
That tells me that you're trying hard to hide your numbers.
Tactically, if there were more, as a show of force you would've brought them out.
I'm guessing there are two to four people left on your ship.
And I'm confident that there's no Martian Navy on board.
If they were, they'd be out here speaking with me now.
You walked off that ship, because you're in charge.
At least you think you are If I wanted to hurt you, I would have broadcast your transponder and your position to the entire system Coming here was your only option.
But it was also your best option.
Now, you want to continue to play games, or shall we talk about how to help each other? I'm Lida.
My brother, Kaipo.
Your parents must be proud.
Hey, hey! You can't do that to him.
He's Star Helix.
I take it then that you don't want to be famous, huh? The old EVA helmets used to burn like that The contacts would cook your skin.
Thanks for sharing.
I had to let that stinking animal Kothari go, since you weren't interested in him.
We're going to have a nice long talk, you and I.
How long, depends on you.
Diogo! Hey! What's taking so long? Setting the last charge now, Uncle Mateo Well hurry up, or you'll be back stealing water on Ceres.
You street rat.
Did you pattern the charges? Yeah, yeah, just like you said Time to make some money, bachemang.
Once all the shooting got started, it was over pretty quick.
The Martians barely knew what hit 'em.
The Donnager and the Cant were attacked by the same class of stealth warships.
You will have to testify.
Testify? To the UN Security Council.
You mean the one that you and the OPA aren't allowed into? You'll open that door for me.
You want to use me to get yourself a seat at the table? It's okay to be a pawn, Holden, so long as you're on the right side.
Maybe you know exactly where those ships came from.
- Maybe I have no idea.
- Mmm.
It's a pretty big boat you're building out there.
A small fleet of stealth ships wouldn't be impossible.
I'm not going to debate with you.
We're going back to our ship now.
I'm afraid you can't go back to the ship.
Sounds like he doesn't like goodbyes.
I'm taking control of the Tachi right now.
The hell you are! - Freeze! - Right there! Those guns can't help you anymore.
Are you sure you want to find out if that's true? Put the gun down.
You might want to don a poncho, Holden.
You don't want to test this particular guy.
I've raised and buried your kind by the hundreds.
Not my kind.
Broken boys, quick to the trigger, slow on the uptake.
Go ahead, son.
Pull it, bullet will cut right through me, but there'll be countless OPA brothers and sisters standing behind me.
They will hunt you to the ends of the Belt.
Holden, tell The Butcher to call off his men, or I'll have Alex vent his bloody station.
How's it going out there? Um, sir, we have a problem.
What did you find at the data broker's place? Some third-rate porn.
I guess your men I think they got all the good stuff.
Why did you go back to Julie Mao's apartment? I'm gonna come clean.
Embarrassing But I really like her shower.
It's great water pressure.
Nah, hey hey! Why do you care so much what happened to this girl? I take my job Very seriously.
You are the station joke, I did my homework.
Maybe, but Star Helix knows I'm onto you, so You wanna be careful how far you wanna take this.
Should be in the Black Freighter right now, buying each other rounds, talking future plans.
Try it on.
Your head's big enough.
We are fighting for something precious here, Miller.
Sure, a fatter percentage of the docks.
You even think like an Earther.
You are something, man.
You create a bunch of chaos, you stir shit up so you can ride in and save the day, right? You have no idea how close we are, huh? I am talking about independence! Yeah.
With you as governor.
It's a great idea.
You know, that Scopuli disaster is a dead fish on your doorstep.
You keep missing the point! That's why you gotta make the Mao case disappear.
The only question is, why you gotta sacrifice her? Son of a bitch.
I can't believe I didn't see it before.
Detective Miller.
You're in love with Julie Mao.
Detonate already! I'm ready, I'm ready.
You locked down the net? Yeah, yeah.
Then why is my money floating away? Sabang! Stupid, good-for-nothing rat.
The net is old.
By the time we secure the haul, half will be lost.
I'll barely make enough to cover the trip.
Attention Xinglong, this is MCRN Scipio Africanus power down and prepare to be boarded.
Who they want? Cards are on the table.
I provided a ship for an OPA recon mission out of Ceres, which disappeared.
The name of that ship is the Scopuli.
That's right.
I need this frigate to retrieve the lone survivor.
- Lionel Polanski.
- Who? It's a code name.
We received a set of coordinates from him a short time after the disaster.
He would know more than anyone else about what started this and who's behind it.
There's got to be another ship you can send I need a gunship.
It's getting hot out there.
And the OPA's got nothing like this.
I'll pick up your operator.
You're too valuable as a witness, if you get killed The other three saw just as much as I did.
They'll stay and be your witnesses.
We'll all give sworn statements.
I'm sorry.
I can't do that.
We're going to be spending a lot of time staring at each other across the dock out there.
You and I both want the same thing.
To do right by our people.
Let me do this.
Hands where I can see them! Transporting any weapons? No, what's the problem, bosmang? Show us your transponder.
Says here it's expired.
What happened, pebble jockey? Did you get drunk and forget to renew your license? I didn't have the scrip, kopeng, I had to replace the Yeah, you Belters always got an excuse.
We're gonna have to AO-66 you.
When you arrive on Eros, your cargo will be held under lien until your fines are paid in full.
Oh, come on, there must be something - Hey! - Leave him alone.
Dzeet! Dzeet! Dzeet! Dzeet! Why are you doing this? Impound our haul and there's nothing left for your taxman.
Oh, are we being too hard on you? Should we cut you a break? We are just tryin' to feed our families, okay? I'll tell you what I'm gonna do for you Absolutely nothing.
What god gives you the right to life's riches, huh? You set up your zones and tell us where we can and cannot go.
You living belly-full, with your glass palaces, while half my people are starving to death.
How is this justice? You Skinnies wanna take credit for blowin' up the Donnager, we'll give you justice.
With both hands.
What are we gonna blow up the big Martian warship with, huh? Little pebbles? Have a nice day.
Oh? Hey! Leave him alone! He didn't mean Hey.
I went easy on you before.
But now You're not gonna pass through the restricted zone on your way home, "bosmain.
" We can't go around.
Not enough fuel! We die for sure.
That's your problem, not mine.
How do you know what's waiting at those coordinates? - I don't.
- Neither does Fred Johnson.
And when the felotas hit the fan, he will wipe his hands clean of you.
That's assuming it's not a set-up in the first place.
Why would he lie about the Scopuli? Get himself tangled up in this mess? You're out of your ever-lovin' mind, you think you can trust that guy.
Look, I only committed myself.
Fred Johnson offered to crew me up.
You guys'll be safe here on Tycho till all this blows over, then you can go back to your lives.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're using his crew? How do you know he's not going to space you the second you get out there? Because you're going to rig the Roci so it only responds to my command.
For God's sake.
Look, I don't need to trust Fred Johnson.
We both have a gun to each other's head.
So, what is this? Goodbye? Nah.
All that's waiting out there for you is more trouble.
More death.
Why are you so hell-bent, Holden? Because this is my fault.
What is? I logged the distress call on the Cant.
Amos I'm glad we cleared this up.
I knew.
Holden did the right thing.
Why didn't you tell me? I don't know.
You were afraid of me.
You shoulda said somethin'.
So Let's talk about Julie Mao.
Is she alive? She chose to be OPA because she believed that what we are fighting for is just.
You took an innocent kid and you forced her to do your dirty work.
No! She came to me.
Asked me to help her.
She knew what she was doing.
She was willing to make a sacrifice for us.
It's more than you.
She trusted you, she put herself in your hands 'cause she couldn't see the blood on 'em.
Just like your sister Isn't that right? Wasn't she like 15 when you let her die out on the Belt? Sure.
It's part of the legend you like to leave out.
- Everybody knows that story - I doubt that.
You were just stupid kids, right? Rock-hopping out on the Belt.
And what, you forgot to check her magboots or something? She was your sister.
She relied on you to keep her safe.
Would you like me to tell you the real story? I'm sure you've told so many lies about it you don't even remember what happened.
My sister Athena was touched by the hand of God.
The most beautiful child in all the Belt, the smartest.
But she was fragile.
Her bones were like chalk from spending a lifetime in zero-g.
She was never going to recover.
An impossible burden for a dirt-poor family of rock-hoppers.
And when she became too ill even to travel I had three other sisters to think about.
Our family was starving So, you killed her And that makes me a monster.
There was no scrip to bury her, so I laid her to rest in a beautiful bauxite tunnel that we discovered together.
Do you know it is possible to cry so hard that your tears turn to blood? And living with this pain, I came to realize that I have millions of brothers and sisters in the Belt.
I even count you among them.
As I did Julie, an Earther.
So, everybody dies for the cause, except for you.
Now I'll tell you the truth about Julie.
Just tell me if she's alive.
If she was here right now, she'd spit in your face.
You're everything she despised.
A Belter who preys on his own kind.
Welwala Die as you lived.
That every drop of water on Ceres has been blood, and piss and tears and spit, a hundred times and will be a thousand times more.
The innocent can never comprehend this.
Perhaps, they will comprehend the hail of stones that will one day come crashing down through their precious blue skies.
You want us to call you Sir and Madam, and grovel, like we are some second-class citizens.
Well, enjoy your final days in the stars belong to Belters, the heavens belong to Belters Uncle, what are you doing? What are you doing? Uncle Mateo, no! No! No, no, no! Go on! Go! - No! - Get out! Please! I'll try harder! I'm sorry.
I'll work harder! Please! I'm sorry! No! What are you doing? Please.
Uncle, please! Please! Uncle! Please! Carlos Davila just reamed me out for half an hour.
He's a private citizen, Chrisjen, you can't go squeezing his berries.
I politely asked to borrow his spy on Tycho.
Why are you interested in Fred Johnson? He has blood on his hands and wants redemption.
While Earth and Mars throw sand in each other's faces, the OPA rises in the Belt.
Tycho spins up asteroids.
The Donnager was destroyed by advanced stealth warships.
And Fred Johnson is building the largest spacecraft in human history.
He'd have to be siphoning off resources on a massive scale.
The OPA smuggler we captured was carrying stealth composites.
That's not a coincidence.
Are you going to shut me down? Fred Johnson turned his back on Earth.
The OPA killed your son.
You sure this isn't personal? You're damn right it's personal.
All right.
You keep me in the loop.
Of course.
I'm Daniel.
I'm not interested, Daniel.
Tell me.
How do they treat you here? The others say it's better than most.
That bucker, ogling you? He's packing a knife on his left hip.
What are you, their union rep? I grew up in places like this.
You grew up? I wouldn't have figured that.
Must've been rough.
Ah, it's fine.
I guess you must have been as happy as a puppy with two peckers, right? I didn't I didn't mean it like that.
Like what? I'm going to stop talking.
Two more, please! It's an honest living.
It's more honest than most.
And you can tell a lot about a place by how they treat their people.
Fair enough.
Why don't you spend some scrip? Go on, it'd be good for you.
- Ah, I can't.
- Oh, come on! You're not married.
What makes you say that? Like I said, I grew up in places like this.
I was married.
Out on a run, all I could think about was getting back home.
And lying in my bed, all I could dream about was getting back out here.
Big brass said I didn't have what it takes to fly their badass gun-ships But I'll tell you one thing, flying the Rocinante back there, that was just about the best feeling I have ever had.
I'll do it.
The ship will look like a run-of-the-mill gas freighter.
Don't fly too close, but don't try to avoid it.
The Martian patrols won't give you a second look.
- The drive signature? - We're altering that too.
A lot of Martians gave their lives getting us onto this ship.
In the heat of the battle They fought to get you off the Donnager? Wow Are there any bodies we need to take care of? Lieutenant Lopez.
He's in the rear hold.
He died for us.
I'll make sure his body is returned to Mars.
- He's a fellow soldier.
- Thank you.
You all right? Relax.
You rigged the fail-safe, right? They try to access any areas that they shouldn't, and the Roci's core will self-destruct.
I'm confident you got us covered.
You feeling confident? Come on, let's let them do their thing and we'll go get a drink in the crew lounge.
You sure? I could use a drink.
We'll charge it to Fred's tab.
Uncle Mateo! Please! You don't need to do this! A man's gotta stand up.
Uncle Mateo! A man has got to stand up! Come back! We'll be okay.
We can only live so long with a boot to our necks, sasa ke! Uncle Mateo! You don't need to do this! We'll be okay! Xinglong, you are on unauthorized intercept course.
- Adjust trajectory immediately - It's okay, Diogo.
- Someone will find you out there.
- We'll be okay! Someday, things gonna change.
We'll be okay, Uncle.
We'll be okay! A man's gotta stand up.
To Shed.
Always generous.
Thoughtful Sometimes, a whiny little prick.
We're going to miss you, pal.
Wherever you are, I hope no one there needs medical attention.
Yam seng! Mmm.
To those brave, crazy bastards who got us off the Donnager.
A little respect.
I have nothing but respect.
Then what's your problem? Gung-ho military hypnotized by a uniform, fanatics, religious freaks.
Those Marines could've saved themselves, gone home to their families, instead of coming back for us.
Well, it did take some convincing I know it was because of you.
Why did you come back for us? Well, you were only there because of me.
Why? Would you have come back for me? At the time? With all those bullets flying? Probably not.
So, what's next for Naomi Nagata? When all this blows over? Nawe Nada.
I'm using my last remaining brain cells, to try and kill my last remaining brain cells.
So let's get to work on that, shall we? I got it.
I never killed anyone before.
Right You'll be all right.
I'm gonna be sick.
Oh Hey, you're all right.
It's just a reaction.
You know, my third year on the job, I caught this Skinny, he was from the Lower Levels.
He was coming out of a drug-den, he grabbed his old lady by the hair, he was waving his piece around.
And, um You know how they tell you in basic, you're either somebody who can pull the trigger or you ain't.
Well, you and me are the same.
First shot, I killed him, all right.
But it wasn't the blood or the iron smell of it that got me.
It was that little girl in the window, watching me.
You know The only guy I ever killed You know, every time you remember something, your mind changes it, just a little, until your best and your worst memories, they're your biggest illusions.
My advice is just forget it.
Make yourself forget it.
I appreciate that, but it's terrible advice.
Yeah, probably.
Um What are you doing? Found this at Julie's.
Let's see what's on it.
You're late.
- What is this? - Oh, spare us the speech.
The ship's ready.
Are you? I guess we lost Amos.
Oh, he'll be here in a sec.
I guess I'll put on some coffee.
You people drive a hard bargain.
You got our recorded statements.
We'll bring your Lionel Polanski home, if he's out there.
In return, I want you to help me find someone.
Someday, I'll come to you with a name.
No questions asked.
I'll do what I can.
Jesus, Miller.
Should I even ask? I figured it out Most of it, anyway.
Here It's not dormant, it's giving off heat.
I'm seeing molecular reactions Vibrational resonances all across the spectrum Can you hear me? Look at this thing.
What the hell am I looking at? You're looking at, I don't know, some kind of bio-weapon? Where'd this recording come from? Phoebe, that's what I think.
- Phoebe Station.
- I meant where'd you get it? Julie Mao.
She bought that from a data-broker.
She gave it to Dawes.
Dawes crewed up this black-bag ship which vanishes with all souls aboard.
And then, the data-broker ends up dead, and ships start blowing up.
We know who's pulling the strings? Well, let's play it through.
Scientists on Phoebe discover something, something big that would tip the balance of power.
The OPA gets wind of it, they send a crew out to steal it.
The mission goes south.
Which leaves someone with a lot of power, a lot of resources, who'll do anything to keep it quiet.
Including starting a war.
And that man He holds the key.
Radiation levels are off the charts We're ready for the next phase.
We need to get a sample off Phoebe, now! You tell anyone about this? No.
Just you.
What about this? Copies? No.
It's encrypted.
You can't copy it.
Erase Detective Miller's case files and cancel all his clearances.
What are you doing? You're fired.
Dawes He bought you.
Get out.
You're in his pocket.
What, did he buy himself a whole police force? Have it your way.
What does it go for these days, huh? Undying loyalty? I'm tired of speaking to a child.
Yeah, well, I'm tired of smelling this shit.
You know that? Help Mr.
Miller find the door.
If he gives you any problems, feel free to shoot him.
I'm sorry.
Tycho Control, this is gas-freighter Rocinante requesting clearance for departure.
Understood, Rocinante, your flight plan has been filed and logged.
Be advised you'll be crossing three Martian trade zones.
Likelihood of encountering MCRN patrols is high.
Sorry, that's the best we could do.
You are clear to disengage.
Thank you kindly, partner.

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