The Expanse (2015) s03e02 Episode Script


1 Previously, on "The Expanse" If Mars gets ahold of whatever's on Venus, I believe Earth is over.
I want a formal declaration of war.
We're about to be in the middle of a war zone.
Avasarala's involved in a conspiracy against this government.
She's left for a covert meeting on board a ship owned by Jules-Pierre Mao.
It's not Mei.
I don't know who it is.
We're going to do everything we can to find your daughter.
This is Mei's medicine.
Strickland's keeping her alive.
When the hybrid burned up in our drive, something else happened at that same moment.
A spike on lo.
There's a decommissioned helium-3 refinery there, built by Jules-Pierre Mao.
We've plotted a safe, clean course for Tycho.
We can go to Tycho after lo.
Hell with it.
I'm in.
- Amos.
- Me too.
- [GROANING] - Stay with me now.
I need you to help me take control of the ship.
What was that? Errinwright is going with missiles from that escort ship.
17 minutes till impact.
All communications come through here, yes? Is this our priority? If I don't have any evidence, then my life isn't worth much either.
I got it.
Mao kept his kid's ship up in the hangar bay.
It's a two-seater.
You'll fly Avasarala out of here.
Powering up.
Mei Don't you want to be able to fly one day? [GRIPPING MUSIC] [screaming [AIR LOCK HISSES] Oh, did you have a bad dream? - I want my daddy.
- [OH, I KNOW] I know you do, sweetheart.
But you're a big girl.
[GRUNTS] And big girls don't cry, now, do they? No.
Now, you told me you could take care of yourself.
Were you lying? No.
[SNIFFLES] What is this place? Oh, well, only very, very special people get to come here.
I brought you here because you are special.
Now, this nurse is going to take you for a little checkup it's okay, it's okay.
She's gonna give you your medicine too.
You know how important that is.
I can't ever miss a dose.
That's right.
Then after that, it's dinnertime.
Are you hungry? I'll bet you're hungry.
Sir it's it's a pleasure.
How are you? Good to see you.
Sir, how was your trip? It's good to see you.
Sir I haven't seen you in some time.
Good to see you.
Good to see you again, sir.
There's nothing good about it.
The escort ship is slowing down.
They're scanning the debris.
I don't see the drop ship.
Neither do I.
Can't you make this goddamn display any clearer? This is the best I can do with passive scans.
If I turn on any active sensors, it'll give us away.
I'm sorry about Cotyar.
Did you kill him? Then forget your "sorry" s.
[COMPUTER BEEPING RAPIDLY] What is this? - That's the hammerlock.
- Speak politician.
If we're within that range and they fire, we won't be able to dodge the torpedoes.
Then perhaps we should move a bit faster.
The second we light up our drive, they'll see it and fire.
Best we can do is sit tight and wait.
[MUTTERING] For the love of [SIGHS] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [COMPUTER BEEPS] - [EXHALES] - So are we safe now? Depends on your definition of "safe.
" This is not a gun ship.
We have no active defenses.
But she's fast and maneuverable.
At this separation, a good pilot would be able to dodge a torpedo.
Are you a good pilot? No, I'm a marine.
Pilots carry me to kill things.
I'm just gonna take a look around.
[COMPUTER BEEPING] There's a lot of ships in the Jupiter AO, within close proximity and well outside the normal patrol routes.
Looks like Errinwright finally got his war.
- They got us.
- Not yet.
Hang on.
- [EXHALES] - [PANTING] I can't go any slower than this.
- [WHEEZING] - Is that better? [WHEEZING] I'm all right.
But maybe not if we have to keep this up.
[WHEEZING] - We need to send a message.
- We can't.
Our comms were locked out from the "Guamshiyin.
" I know, but surely there must be some kind of radio on that contraption you're wearing.
I've got an emergency wideband transmitter but is low power and only sends MCRN encrypted.
Only Martians will understand it.
To them, you're a war criminal and I'm a deserter.
The UN is trying to kill us.
If Mars throws us both in prison, that's an improvement.
You have a better idea? No.
[PANTING] I'm leaving our names out of it.
[TRANSMITTER BEEPING] [PENSIVE INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC] These green panels can be installed anywhere on the ship.
All they need is a feed line from the water filter.
You're gonna fix the table in the galley, right? We still have to eat.
These are just test units.
When we do it properly, all we'll need is areca palm, lady palm, spider plant, and peace lily.
Those are the best purifiers.
We're running low on air filters.
This should stretch what we've got till after IO.
Oh, and Amos rigged a safety shutter to protect the panels in case the compartment needs to be evacuated.
Well, that was Doc's idea too.
All right.
Let's hook 'em up.
It's been a while since I worked on a garden.
REPORTER: UNN and MCRN fleets engaged around Saturn, with both sides suffering heavy losses.
Martian ships now appear to be pulling back toward the Belt and Ceres Station, which remains under MC.
You need to look at the engine.
Why? What's the problem? We're burning too much fuel too fast, and at this rate, we could run out of reaction mass and wind up on the drift.
Yeah, but [SIGHS] Naomi.
We're going to lo.
We're not turning back Yeah, I'm not asking you to.
I know we have to burn dirty to look like a rockhopper, but I can tweak the burn.
Same drive signature, but more efficient gives us a bit more margin for error.
That's great.
[ALERT BEEPING ON COMPUTER] What now? - IFF just picked up a signal.
- "IFF"? It's "Identify, Friend or Foe.
" It's a target recognition system.
It lets you know if someone's on your team or not.
[TENSE MUSIC] BOBBIE: I have a high-level diplomatic target in immediate threat.
This is an MMC emergency assist request.
Whoa, whoa.
Stand back, stand back.
- Stop stop! Stop it.
- Are you all right? I'm fine.
Let me see.
[GASPING] - Are you a doctor? - Of sorts.
I'm Anna.
What's your name? - Colin.
- Colin, look at me.
- Is this your first protest? - Uh-huh.
- Uh, you? - I've had my share.
Hey, it's fractured.
But don't worry.
When it heals, you'll be stronger than before.
You! What's your name? We're not supposed to give our name Hey! Tell her your freakin' name.
- Michael.
- Michael.
This is Colin.
He needs medical attention.
I know you have a first-aid station - near here, right? - No, that's only - for UN Officials - I'm going to be checking in on Colin.
And if he does not get the care that he deserves, things will not go well for you.
Bye, Colin.
Go! [INDISTINCT CONVERSATION] The fleet what I need to know - is the amount of loss - Excuse me.
We're in a meeting.
- Sorry, sir, I thought - Anna! What happened? Your MPs were handing them out to the protestors.
Well, you haven't changed a bit.
I like to think I have.
Undersecretary Sadavir Errinwright, this is Reverend Doctor Anna Volovodov, an old friend.
- Pleasure.
- Hello.
Give us a minute.
Of course.
[TENSE MUSIC] - How long has it been? - Feels like a lifetime ago.
That it does.
[HAND TERMINAL CHIMES] I wasn't sure that you'd come.
You landed a ship filled with Marines in the courtyard of my church.
I didn't think I had a choice.
I never imagined you going to church, let alone running one.
I never imagined you to end up running the planet.
Why am I here? I was gonna send you a message and then I thought it better in person.
It's not easy for me to get away these days, because there's a war going on.
I've noticed.
- Anna, I need your help.
- Bullshit.
You know that there are not many people that talk to me like that anymore.
At least not to my face.
I'm sorry.
That was disrespectful.
You're here because you talk to me like that.
Esteban you haven't needed my help in a long time.
There have never been times like this.
Eros, Venus, and now war.
The people are terrified and I want to reassure them.
I'll be addressing the General Assembly.
- Mm.
- It'll be the single most important speech of my life.
I want you to help me write it.
You want me to help you justify this war? We didn't start it.
But for the good of the system, we need to win it and end it.
I want the people of this planet to feel that God is on our side.
Abraham Lincoln hoped that he was on God's side.
You see? You always make me better.
Will you help me? I'd prefer not to.
[SOFT ORCHESTRAL MUSIC] My church just opened a free clinic for undocumenteds.
We have to barter with drug dealers for meds that we can't afford.
Support my clinic for a year I'll help you with your speech.
I think we can find money in some appropriations bill for a worthy cause such as that.
There's a room for you in the residence.
Get settled.
We'll have dinner tonight, and I'll give you some preliminary thoughts.
Guys! We got a situation.
- Story of our lives.
- The "Roci" picked up a distress call.
There's a Martian Marine out there that's in the shit.
This is an MMC emergency assist request.
I have a high-level diplomatic target in immediate threat.
We are in a civilian racing vessel being pursued by a rogue UNN hostile.
Request all possible assist.
There are people dying all over the system, Alex.
So that's it? What, we do nothing? - Exactly.
- We just got out of the heroic intervention business.
Okay, let me see if I get this straight.
You wanna log a distress call against orders on the "Cant," and you do that.
Naomi decides to ignore what we all vote on, and she does that.
But a Martian sends up a flare and all of a sudden, we got rules? - Alex - No! I swore an oath when I signed up, and just 'cause I'm not in uniform anymore doesn't change that.
A Martian is calling for help.
I'm supposed to help.
NAOMI: Alex, listen up.
I got a fix on the signal.
You're not going to bloody believe this.
The ship's registered to Julie Mao.
- Jesus Christ.
- All right, lay in a course.
- I'm on my way.
- Belay that.
- We're not responding.
- What? - It's Julie Mao's ship.
- It doesn't change anything.
Captain's right.
It changes everything.
Not what we need to do.
We promised you we'd help try to find your daughter.
I don't really have a say in this.
Yes, you do.
You're part of this crew.
So we just go back to business? Can you look him in the eye and tell him that whatever this might be is more important than finding his kid? I did that once.
I'm not doing it again.
Once again, I find myself cleaning up your mess, Jules.
It might be beneath your notice, but I'm fighting a war here, and I've reached the end of my patience.
You promised me a weapons system and I want it now.
My accounts are still frozen and family still in custody.
When those issues have been corrected, then we can discuss delivery.
Not one minute before.
Earth and Mars witness a power that can turn an asteroid into a guided missile deconstruct a ship down to its rivets in an instant.
And all they wanna do is destroy each other over it.
The protomolecule is clearly not what we thought it was, but If Errinwright uses the Hybrids they could lay waste to all of Mars.
[SCOFFING] Oh, that's an extreme scenario.
[LOCK BEEPS, CLICKS] [EERIE MUSIC] Hybrid number A-26 has been loaded.
All hybrid pods are ready for transfer.
[ENGINES ROARING] [BREATHING RAGGEDLY] How you feeling back there? [HOARSELY] Like you were standing on my chest.
I'm fine.
Tunnel vision? Yes, I feel like I'm in a goddamn tunnel.
- Look around you.
- Sharp headache? Why? I'm trying to gauge if you're having a stroke.
What could you do if I were? Keep clenching your thighs.
[MUTTERING] Oh, for the If you're hitting on me, I'm flattered.
But I have neither the inclination, nor [GASPS] What does clenching do? It keeps your blood moving around, rather than pooling up in the back of your legs.
Do you like to whistle? [STAMMERS] Don't try to distract me - like I were a child.
- It forces you to breathe.
Do anything.
Just don't pass out.
Relaxing is what gets you.
Given our situation, it's easy to stay tense.
You seem to be taking this well.
I'm trained for this.
I could do another four Gs standing on my head.
[PANTS] If I die - We're in this together.
- If I die make sure you don't.
You have to tell someone what really happened out here.
That's your job.
I'm not letting you die.
[CHUCKLES HOARSELY] That wasn't meant to be funny.
I know.
[CHUCKLES] What is is the thought of a Martian Marine risking her life for me.
[GENTLE MUSIC] We're on the same side.
Which side is that? The right side.
Brace yourself.
[SHOUTING GASPINGLY] [ENERGY RUSHING] Shit! - [COMPUTER BEEPS FRANTICALLY] - Oh, shit! - What now? - More torpedoes.
A lot more.
Another ship just fired on us.
Don't be.
[ALARM BEEPING] [HEAVY BLAST] [GASPS] [PANTING] What happened? I'm not sure.
What the hell? That's not how those things usually work.
Detonation confirmed, two of ours for two of theirs, Copy that.
Our other six are protecting the Razorback.
That was the easy part.
Alex, I'm coming up.
Helluva plan, Captain.
You must've aced Tactical Warfare at the Navy OCS.
I didn't like it then any more than I like it now.
Amos, Prax, get your lids on and strap in.
Depressurizing in five minutes.
It's a little late for cold feet, doc.
The only reason we're in this scrap is 'cause you broke the tie.
Those people cried out for help I couldn't ignore that.
You can't save everyone.
It's a waste of time to try.
And why would you risk not finding your little girl for some Martian jarhead you don't even know? You've all risked so much to help me.
I can't do any less.
A full year's support? That's amazing.
Everyone at the clinic will be thrilled.
It means being away from you for a few weeks.
Surrounded by armed guards.
And and being a mouthpiece for a wartime government.
Wait, I'm going to put you down.
What are we talking around? - I don't know.
- You always do this when you don't want to look at something head on What aren't you looking at? Esteban.
He he doesn't bring out the best in me.
I haven't seen him for years, and I'm still so angry.
I talk about forgiveness all the time.
I I can't bring myself to forgive him.
You're not there to forgive him.
You're there to help people with your words.
And maybe those words will change the Secretary General's heart, too.
And maybe your own.
Maybe you should do it.
[LAUGHS] Words are not my gift.
That's obviously untrue.
But you're right, like always.
I'm going to miss you.
We'll miss you, too.
Are we going to talk about that cut on your forehead? No.
Then say goodnight to our daughter.
Yeah! Nami! - Wave to mommy.
- Nami, it's mommy! - [LAUGHS] - This is you.
This is both of you.
And I l-l-l-love, mwah! See Mommy? I love you, baby.
Goodnight, sweet dreams.
[GIGGLES] Bye, Mommy.
[FOREBODING MUSIC] The UNN ship just fired on us.
We got their attention.
Amos, Prax, buckle up.
We're good.
[EXCITING MUSIC] [GRUNTS] Naomi, are all those torpedoes prepped? They're prepped.
Damn it, if we start trading punches with this beast, we're gonna run out of missiles long before they do.
You know that, right? That's why we're gonna have to do this.
Damn, are you sure? We picked this fight, and we're punching above our weight.
If you've got a better plan, now would be the time.
All right.
Let's do it.
How bad is it? Worst case scenario.
Fifth fleet is still in a hard burn towards Jupiter.
Ten ships have been destroyed, two have been scuttled, and seven are still engaged with the Martian fleet, sir.
How are we handling the press on this? We're currently drafting a document to be released to all major news organition We'll be ready first thing in the morning.
Then we'll need to see a copy of that.
Yes, sir.
- Well, you keep - [LAUGHS] apprised of any changes.
Sorry for interrupting your dinner.
I am not the most important thing in this room.
I hear you're joining the S-G's speechwriting team.
Word gets around fast in this building.
And every assault we face, every injustice we incur, every man and woman that we lose on our path, we will carry in our hearts to a place where we will stand proud and say we were not stopped.
[CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Is that you standing behind him? [SCOFFS] It was.
- It's quite a speech.
- Mm-hmm.
Practically made the S-G's career.
They teach it in the Diplomatic Corps.
You write it? I share the blame.
We lost so many ships around Saturn.
At this rate They're already pulling their forces back towards Jupiter.
It's just a matter of time.
Our apologies, Doctor Volovodov.
Anna is just fine.
Pastor Anna, if you attend my church.
Well, there's no chance of that with this bunch of heathens.
[LAUGHTER] So, Anna.
What do you think of the Arborghast? Is that a sign from God? That's a question people who aren't religious use to make fun of people who are.
[CHUCKLES] No mockery intended.
I think it's a sign that there are things in the universe much bigger than we are.
Which is good to be reminded of now and then, Jules-Pierre Mao knows what it is.
When we get our hands on that prick, we'll be sure to ask him.
The bounty's up to 20 million.
- Someone will spot him.
- My money's on a Belter.
They love money.
That would make you a Belter.
[LAUGHTER] If Jules-Pierre Mao is as smart as his media claim he is, he'd turn himself in.
We've already frozen his assets.
He can't hide forever.
And if that's not enough, we know where his children live.
[LAUGHTER] Visiting the sins of the father on his children? You know we've had a whole other Testament since then, right? Sometimes you need to exert pressure where it's most effective, especially in times of war.
Collective punishment is still a war crime.
Look it up.
It's important to be reminded of that.
Every now and then.
She's always like this.
Don't worry, you'll get used to it.
[ENGINES ROARING] [HEAVY BLAST] They're still shooting at us.
Nice to know they still care.
How're you doing? I'm fine.
I think I'm getting used to high-g.
I dropped our burn to 1-g when our escort showed up.
[EXCITING MUSIC] It's getting thick out there.
Hey! Doc! Look at me.
Control your breathing.
In through your nose, out through your mouth.
[RATTLING] Goddamnit, Doc, I told you to secure that locker! I'm sorry, I'll I'll get it.
- Stay in your damn seat! - Okay! - Firing PDCs! - Copy that.
[TOOLS CLANKING] [AIR HISSING] [GRUNTING] I I can't breathe! Hey, your oxygen's knocked out.
Reach behind your head and see if you can plug it back it.
[GROANING] I can't! The first generation hybrids had their limitations, but we've learned so much since then.
We should dismantle them.
Sir, let's take a breath.
There's no need to dismantle Protomolecule can't be controlled.
Actually, sir, that's not true.
It can be controlled.
How? By using them.
These children are the key.
Now, this might pinch a little.
I've done this before.
Not quite like this.
Katoa? Mei! I'm so glad you're here! What's going on? Hey, now.
We are not done with you.
They won't let me see my daddy.
The reason we had to put a failsafe in the Hybrids was because sooner or later, the Protomolecule always broke down our command and control tech.
But these children all these children share a rare genetic immune deficiency that only occurs on Ganymede, which I discovered could be used to inhibit the Protomolecule.
They told me that because of all the fighting, they'd have to get kids like us out.
Strickland's here.
He's taking care of us.
I know, but where's my daddy? They'll take us back when it's safe.
Here's the good part.
Strickland said that by the time we're ready to leave, - we'll be cured.
- Really? Mm-hmm.
He's been giving us new treatment.
Do you feel better? - Want to see something cool? - Yeah.
I believe that if we can fully understand this process at a molecular level, it could hold the key to creating countermeasures to the Protomolecule maybe even find a way to stop whatever's happening on Venus.
Pretty cool, huh? Do what you have to do.
[RASPING] Hang in there, I'm coming to get you.
Guys, the UNN ship is getting too close! Now? - Now! - Missiles away! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Stand by.
Looks like we're in for another rough ride.
[ALARM BEEPING] [HEAVY BLAST] [BEEPING] It sheared the engines clean off! Rest of the ship's intact.
Holy shit, it worked.
All right, setting a course for the Razorback.
We did it.
Yeah, we sure did.
We only have two torpedoes left.
PDC rounds are under 10%.
We're in a war with no bullets.
- We're not the ones at war.
- We are now.
You think the UN's gonna give us a free pass for sparing lives? We crippled one of their ships.
We just declared war on Earth.
Are you trying to get yourself killed, Doc? No.
Because that stuff you said before about having to save that ship, that was bullshit.
I keep having this dream about the child we found in the incinerator.
That when I find Mei, it'll be too late.
Then why stop to do this? Because I can't bear the thought of finding Mei like that.
I don't know shit about parenting.
But what I do know is that a kid needs at least one person who never gives up on them, no matter what.
You had someone like that? It's not about me.
It's about you.
If you give up on Mei, what has she got left? What do you got left? [SOMBER MUSIC] Chrisjen? Chrisjen! [EERIE MUSIC] Help her, please.