The Expanse (2015) s03e05 Episode Script

Triple Point

1 Someone's alive in here.
You just can't help yourself, can you? Saving everyone.
You want me to go and tell my CO to hail a UNN admiral in the middle of a war? Yes, exactly.
So what is this thing that you want me to show them? Time is short, and I'll be brief.
Are the prisoners secured? We have them in the med bay.
What really happened on that ship? This war was built on a lie.
Are you going to do something about it? I'm relieving you of command.
The "Agatha King" is now mine.
Melas has learned to live without a father.
We don't need you anymore.
Fire! You guys fought one of those things and won? All hybrid pods are ready for transfer.
Whoa! Katoa, come on! I want to talk to Katoa.
Disassembly reveals useful pathways.
The boy is talking to the rest of the Protomolecule infestations.
He's the key to everything.
When the MCRN started hauling ass back from Saturn, the UNN sent the bulk of their Outer Planet assets burning hard towards 'em.
Now, they're all headed towards Callisto, transponders going dark.
The MCRN shipyard.
It's a critical base of operations.
That it is, but it has opened up a hole for us right here.
See this course? This'll get us to Io without anyone picking up our scent.
Little bit of luck, we'll get in and out without anyone noticing.
Whoever is there won't know we're coming, but that's the only advantage we got.
We'll go in hot, land hard, and from there, it's a 100-meter run to the access hatch.
Any idea of the resistance inside? In terms of humans? No.
In terms of hybrids, there's no way to know for sure.
We haven't had any more Protomolecule shouts from the station.
It's possible the hybrids are either gone or dormant.
And if they're not? Then we run, and nuke the goddamn place on the way out.
Ready? If they take Callisto, it's game over.
They've got 19 destroyers.
Third fleet hurt 'em good.
And lost four battle groups in the process.
Your sister fought a good fight.
With those reinforcements, it'll be 51 destroyers against our 23.
We're racing into a battle before our guns arrive.
Sir, Ensign Sinopoli, as you requested.
Thank you, Chief.
Captain, on behalf of my team, I'd just like to say thank you.
Thank you, sailor, for coming back to the fight, though I don't understand how you did it.
Your command deck was sheared clean off.
We didn't exactly get the "K.
" in ship-shape ourselves.
We had help.
From who? James Holden.
The Taker who blamed us for blowing up the "Canterbury," then got the "Donnie" killed? The "Rocinante" I mean, the "Tachi" it came upon the "K.
" They just fixed up your boat and sent you on your way? We tried to take the ship by force, but we were unsuccessful.
There was a Martian marine on board, Gunnery Sergeant Roberta Draper.
The defector.
As well as a UN deputy undersecretary, Chrisjen Avasarala.
She was there, too.
Who else was there? Fucking tooth fairy? It's a little hard to believe, son.
But she was there.
Then why did they let you go? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Holden and Avasarala gave me this to give to my CO.
They say there's a a conspiracy within the UN, and this is the proof.
Time is short, and I'll be brief.
Martian Defense Minister Korshunov suffered a fatal heart attack earlier this evening.
Simultaneously, the MCRN "Karakum," dispatched by Korshunov to take delivery of your Protomolecule technology, was destroyed over Ganymede.
And I gave the order.
Avasarala wanted this to get to you and Admiral Souther.
He's commander of their Jupiter fleet, aboard the "Agatha King.
" She says he's an honorable man.
He wouldn't fight an illegitimate war.
He's been fighting one, and based on the number of our ships he's knocked out, he's pretty good at it, too.
You don't even know if that's authentic.
This smells like counterespionage, some kind of smokescreen.
Nav, where's the UNN "Agatha King"? Sir, according to our last drive sig scan, the "Agatha King" was en route to the Jovian system.
Callisto? No, sir.
Looks like they're heading for Io.
There's nothing on Io but volcanoes, bad weather, and stink.
And maybe something we don't know about.
Something important enough to divert a UNN flagship in a war zone.
I'm sorry, Captain, shouldn't we at least try to contact Souther? An enemy admiral in the middle of a war to pass along a message we don't know is real, for a purpose we don't understand? Tight-beam MCRN Command.
Inform them that we have received intel that the UNN "Agatha King" is en route to Io for an unknown objective that may be critical to the war effort, and we are changing course to intercept.
If necessary, we will engage and take them out.
Aye-aye, sir.
- Captain - You've done your part, Ensign.
Chief! Get him on a damage control unit.
We're gonna need the help.
One way or another, we're heading for a fight.
Aye, sir.
Their battle group was en route to Callisto when this cruiser detached and set course for Io.
Drive sig indicates Sirocco-class.
We can handle one of those.
I'd still hate to have to slug it out.
They could do us some real damage.
My recommendation would be to fall back to Callisto and rendezvous with the Eighth so the numbers - are in our favor.
- We will continue to Io as planned.
Admiral, may I ask why we're going to Io? You don't need to know.
Of course, sir, but I wonder, since Callisto - is the key to victory - We are going to Io.
The rest of the fleet will meet us there.
Mars knows where we're going.
That's where the battle will be fought.
Boyer, relay my orders to the fleet.
Aye-aye, sir.
Admiral, in the future, unless you have specific business on the CIC, there's no need for you to be here.
[UNEASY MUSIC] Understood, sir.
Good coffee can save the world.
I'd settle for it saving my morning.
My father used to keep a statue of Atlas on his desk.
He told me I had even stronger shoulders than him.
I was six.
Let me guess.
It's still on your desk - to inspire you every day.
- No.
I smashed it when my son was killed.
The point is, I didn't quit.
I realized there were very few adults in the room, and that, like it or not, I was one of them.
I think I see where this is going.
Jules-Pierre Mao has been letting the children play war in the backyard while he sorts out what god or monster looms over the fence.
Then he came up with a real shitty plan.
Kids can burn down the house as easy as you or me.
I haven't been completely honest with you.
You can't nuke Io.
I need the Protomolecule.
[FOREBODING MUSIC] Naomi was right.
She's a very clever girl.
Earth doesn't have a sample, but I don't want it as a weapon.
You know what's happening on Venus.
The entire system's at risk.
Because of adults like you.
You're the reason we're in this mess.
My favorite saying used to be "Earth must come first.
" I did terrible things to protect my home, but this moment is different.
This is about the survival of our species.
I tried saving the world.
All I did was make it worse.
But at least you tried.
And you cannot stop trying now, 'cause I need to understand the Protomolecule, and for that, I need a sample.
For the good of Earth, Mars, and the Belt.
For the good of us all.
You're not a child.
I suspect you never were.
So stop acting like one.
It doesn't become you.
Hey, Holden.
What's up? I'm gonna open up the comms and have one last little looky-loo before we go dark, if that's all right with you.
- Okay, make it quick.
- [GRUNTS] All right.
Let's see what we got here, girl.
Definitely looks like the next rodeo's gonna be at Callisto.
- That's good.
I know Mom's mad, and doesn't want me talking to you, but I just wanted you to know I'm not mad.
I mean, I was at first, but I know you only left to protect us.
A real warrior has to make sacrifices.
When I'm old enough, I'm gonna join you and fight for Mars, too.
- [LAUGHS] Oh, jeez.
- Anyhow, I just wanted to tell you.
I'm proud to be your son.
Bye, Dad.
Hope you can come home soon.
[GUNSHOTS] Just breathe.
Squeeze the trigger.
Don't pull it.
Not bad, doc.
Just remember, when we're on Io, the real bullets kick a lot harder than these plastic rounds.
I'll remember.
Thank you for taking care of me and for teaching me.
You can thank me if we get your little girl back.
Or get even.
Like you said, it's the next best thing.
[GUNSHOTS] Permission to speak freely, sir.
Please do.
Ever since Nguyen came on board, he's been tight-beaming back and forth between the UN and Io, and everything's off-buffer, against regs, with no record of the conversations.
You've been monitoring his comms.
And now he's diverted a capital ship from a major engagement to go to a deserted moon, keeping you in the dark and relieving you of command for no fucking reason.
Something is off.
We've been talking, quietly, to some of the other ships.
The commanders you trained, they're loyal to you.
[UNEASY MUSIC] If you were to make a move A move? You know what we mean, sir.
And that's what worries me.
Oh, Boyer, um, I've been meaning to tell you, your boss is kind of a prick.
When he has to be.
He doesn't like people questioning his judgment.
There's a reason he's Fleet Commander.
Yeah, 'cause Souther stepped down.
Are you sure it wasn't more like stepped on? Well, Nguyen certainly has the right qualifications: the ability to kiss Errinwright's ass.
Did you know that Admiral Nguyen was in the Vesta Blockade? So were half the Joint Chiefs.
He was on the "Yasijuro.
" [SOMBER MUSIC] No kidding.
The "Yasi," with four other destroyers, were facing off against one Martian cruiser.
Somebody twitched.
Everybody started shooting.
Ceasefire was issued within minutes, but by then, that one Duster had crippled all five of our ships.
Nguyen saw 29 fellow sailors get blown out into space.
You don't think he thinks about that every time he sees a Martian flag? Hm? He knows the enemy.
I'm glad he's in charge at a time like this.
Well, Gunny [GROANS] Looks like your Goliath's gonna be all charged up in no time.
Thrusters are low.
This won't refill them.
Yeah, sorry about that.
We don't carry hydrazine.
"Roci" has no need for rocket fuel, ironically.
Look, don't worry about it.
Like, Io's gonna be what, uh, 1/6 G? You and you crew killed a hybrid, yeah? Oh.
Well, how'd you do it? Tactically? We were lucky.
They're not that smart.
More like an animal, following instinct.
We lured the thing out with, um, a nuclear warhead, and I flipped the "Roci" around and I torched that thing in my drive plume.
I need incendiaries, or high explosives.
But there's nothing here that'll work with my RPGs, damn it! [EERIE MUSIC] But these'll work with my gun.
If I can get close enough and maintain fire long enough, - these might do the trick.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on there, soldier.
The plan is, if you guys see any of those things down there, you run.
I know the plan.
[MELANCHOLY MUSIC] Katoa, can you hear me? [OMINOUS MUSIC] [REVERBERATING VOICE] What happened to me? It hurts.
I'm sorry.
I truly am.
I want to talk to you about disassembly.
What you said before, when you were studying that man, were you also talking about the "Arboghast," on Venus? I think so.
You also said "repurposing.
" What did you mean by that? You You You You make it and it works, or it doesn't.
[DISQUIETING MUSIC] And then the parts all the parts put together, they they We need to To know what you're trying to do.
What do you want? If this can use, then use, not use, then it turns.
Can use? Not use? Use for what? Find the pieces for Up.
Building across the Up for the Work.
The Work? What is the Work? [GROANS] [LABORED BREATHING] You can't stop the Work! [GROANS] What are you building? [GROANS] He's changing too fast.
We're losing him.
Can you slow it down? Yeah, I can try.
The control module used to program the Hybrids is attached directly to the brain stem.
I might be able to use it to slow his metabolism.
See? It's all under control now.
The "Hammurabi's" closing in fast.
By the time we get to Io, they'll nearly have us within missile lock.
They won't engage until the rest of the fleet gets to missile range, too.
XO, cut our braking burn to Io 10% and inform me when we're ready to make orbit.
- I'll be in my quarters.
- Aye, sir.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] It's obviously a malfunction, Ensign.
- But sir, it's - It's an old ship.
Take a break.
I'll handle it.
What's up? Nothing.
Comm panel's acting up again.
[QUIETLY] We just got a message on the inter-fleet channel.
We're at war.
Who the hell would be using that? It's from the "Hammurabi.
" And it's addressed specifically to Admiral Souther.
Forward it to my personal comm and erase the log.
Thank you, Mr.
You have the con.
So Jules, you will clean up the mess you've made for me, you will return to Earth alone will await my instructions and you will get the fuck back to work.
What are you gonna do, sir? I need to confirm this is real.
Nguyen is Errinwright's creature.
- They're in this together.
- I need to confirm it first.
What do you want me to do, sir? Be ready for anything.
Sorry, sir.
No one's allowed.
Get the fuck out of my way, sailor.
I was wondering when visiting hours were.
Tell me exactly what Errinwright said in that message you claim he sent to Avasarala? [GROANS] He said that, uh, he was working with Jules-Pierre Mao on a secret weapons program, that he was furious Mao was in bed with the Martians.
That's what he accused her of.
He said he ordered the destruction of a Martian ship that was supposed to pick up a weapon on Ganymede.
What ship? The, uh "Karakum.
" That was it.
Avasarala sent you the comms buffer.
[SIGHS] Yeah, she made it.
[DOOR OPENS] - How is she - Admiral Souther.
Please come with us.
Admiral Nguyen would like to see you, now.
[GROANS] Alex says it looks like there might be a ship or two heading towards Io.
We still have a clear path? He thinks he can keep Io between us and them for the descent.
He's earning his pay.
Of course, we all basically work for food.
I know you feel like I betrayed you.
It doesn't matter what I feel.
It does.
It's almost funny to say this after everything we've been through, but you don't really know me, and that's not your fault.
You did what you did, and if you hadn't, Mars would be the only one with the Protomolecule.
You were right about Avasarala.
Earth doesn't have a sample.
What's done is done.
But I want you to understand why I did it.
You know, I used to run with the OPA.
I was with someone.
He was a romantic, an idealist.
A fighter.
He always believed what he was doing was right.
You know I'm not that guy.
I had a child with him.
A baby boy.
The man I loved took him away because I refused to do what he wanted.
I was desperate.
And then finally, I shut it all off.
And I signed up to the "Canterbury" to disappear.
Naomi, I'm sorry.
Why didn't you tell me? I don't know.
I just couldn't.
But then Eros happened, and Ganymede.
Seeing all those Belters suffering.
And you cared so much.
It made it hard to stay numb.
I imagined Filip amongst them.
It woke me up.
I'm not sorry I gave the Protomolecule to the Belt.
But I'm sorry for the way that I did it.
I should've talked to you first, all of you, but most of all, you.
I'm never going to like what you did.
But I can't hate you for doing what you thought was right.
The control module will deliver a minimal level of stimulation, just enough for awareness.
You were telling us about the Work.
- The Work - What is the Work? What are you building? Soon Work finish - Soon - [MONITORS BEEPING] Soon - No.
- Soon - We're losing him again.
- Work Finish! Soon! Soon! Soon! Soon, soon, soon! Sir, come with me, please.
- [ALARM BLARES] - Soon! Soon! [VOICE LOWERING] Soon! Soon! Soon! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Sedation protocol.
[DISQUIETING CRESCENDO] [GENTLE MUSIC] Did you hear what he said? The Protomolecule has an objective.
The Work.
Whatever it's building on Venus is almost done.
We need to know more.
You have to keep him talking.
Well, I was able to slow the transformation, but I can't stop it.
His internal organs are changing.
The vocal cords, the structure of his brain.
I'm sorry, sir.
He won't be talking to us again.
Then we need another conduit.
[SIGHS] Well, the subject hybridized with the Protomolecule better than anyone I've ever seen.
Of the remaining subjects, the one with the most similar genetic profile would be [DEVICE BEEPS] Mei Ming.
[SOMBER MUSIC] Make it happen.
[DEVICE BEEPS] Your family accounts are now unfrozen.
You will transfer launch control of the hybrid pods to my ship immediately.
The tech team will be down shortly to collect all of the materials related to the project.
Transferring launch control now.
We've known each other a long time.
Just couldn't leave it alone, could you? There's still time to make this right.
You're relieved of duty and confined to quarters.
Try anything else, and I will have you in irons.
[ALARM BLARES] Sir, it's the "Hammurabi.
" We're almost within range of their torpedoes.
Battle stations.
[KLAXON BLARES] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] We should have a firing solution on the "Agatha King" in five minutes.
How long before the rest of the fleet will be able to engage? 11 ship should have firing solutions three minutes after we do.
Full fleet engagement five minutes after that.
I want a slower approach.
Increase braking burn 1/4.
Aye-aye, sir.
- Captain, what - Chief.
Get Sinopoli up here on the double.
Right away, sir.
You sent that video to Souther.
- Sir, that could be considered - I know what it could be considered.
We have two fleets bearing down on each other.
74 ships, thousands and thousands of lives, and the only thing we're likely to accomplish is annihilating each other.
That video doesn't change that.
War is an inherently unstable interaction of three things: intense emotion, politics, and luck.
That message was luck.
Maybe out there, away from all the politics and bullshit, luck opens a door and lets a couple of grunts figure out how not to fight.
For once.
That's great and noble, sir, but we're in a shooting war, and I prefer to win it.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Doc, no matter what happens down there, I got your back.
Thank you.
I mean, if we don't find her, - or if we do and she's - I'll be ready for that, too.
[SHIP RUMBLING] [SHIP RUMBLING] What the hell was that? Override's no good! Hydraulics are behind that plate.
[THUD] Feels pretty thick.
We can cut it.
[ALARM BEEPING] Their weapons are better than ours.
They have a firing solution.
Why the hell aren't they firing? They're testing us.
Captain, we'll be within range of their missiles in two minutes and their full fleet in six.
Maintain speed and trajectory.
Ready target lock.
Undersecretary Avasarala.
Are she and Souther close? I don't know, sir.
She didn't really say.
What was she like? Uh, kind of mean, at first.
I think I liked her.
Captain, we have a firing solution on an enemy vessel.
What are your orders, sir? Maintain course and speed.
They don't want to shoot.
If they did, they'd have done it already.
They're testing us to see who we really are, if we're honorable or not.
There's no honor in defeat.
Weapons, prepare all tubes.
We're going to give them everything we've got.
- Belay that order! - Move it! - Don't move! - Hey, freeze! Don't fucking move! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] In accordance with the Military Code of Justice, I am relieving you of command.
This is mutiny! For conspiring to wage an illegal war.
I have proof.
Take him into custody.
Are you insane? Comms, give me wide-band, unencrypted.
All ships in the AO.
Sir? All ships.
Earth and Mars.
[ELECTRONIC CHIME] Channel open, sir.
This is Admiral Souther of the UNN "Agatha King.
" We are standing down.
I repeat, we are standing down.
I have relieved Fleet Admiral Nguyen of duties under charges of conspiracy.
We're fighting an illegal war.
I'll be transmitting proof to both fleets.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] I'm ordering all UNN ships to take any actions necessary if the "Agatha" [DESOLATE MUSIC] [FOREBODING MUSIC] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] You're under arrest for attempted mutiny.
They're breaking off.
Comms, give me the fleet.
Our fleet.
Yes, sir.
Channel open.
This is Admiral Nguyen.
We have put down an attempted mutiny by Admiral Souther.
All ships are ordered to return to the AO immediately and prepare to engage.
Who hasn't acknowledged? The "Heisserer" and the "Jimenez.
" Fricking PT boat.
Comms, give me a tight beam to the "Jimenez.
" Tight beam open.
"Jimenez," this is Admiral Nguyen.
I am ordering you to return to the fleet or be considered a deserter.
They're not changing course, sir.
There's five ships still moving off.
Weapons, give me a missile lock on the "Jimenez.
" If there's anyone else here who is unwilling to follow my lawful order, declare yourself now.
Take them all to the brig.
Yes, sir.
Move! "Jimenez," this is your final warning.
Return to the fleet or you will be fired upon.
"Jimenez," acknowledge.
The "Jimenez" it's been destroyed Sir.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] [NECK SNAPPING] [GROANS] [FOREBODING MUSIC] Jesus, they're firing on each other.
Captain, they're in disarray.
We should take them out.
Open a channel to our fleet.
You're on, sir.
All MCRN ships, this is the captain of the "Hammurabi.
" Hold your fire.
I repeat, hold your fire.
There's been a mutiny aboard the "Agatha King" and UNN ships are firing on each other.
If we engage, it will only unite them to turn their weapons on us.
If they want to destroy each other, we will let them.
"Hammurabi" out.
[MELANCHOLY MUSIC] Now I want to talk to the UNN.
Seal off the CIC.
We're in lockdown.
Yes, sir.
This is Captain Sandrine Kirino of the MCRN "Hammurabi" to all UNN ships in this AO.
Any vessel that declares its peaceful intentions will not be fired upon by Mars and will be considered to be flying under a flag of truce.
If any vessel requires assistance, we are ready and able to help.
Admiral, how do you wish to respond? Sir? Sir? Got it.
What the hell is that? [RUMBLING] They've launched the hybrids.