The Expanse (2015) s03e09 Episode Script


1 [DRAMATIC MUSIC] His vessel should've pancaked with him, - but it's fully intact.
- We triggered something before we understood it.
Maybe this structure isn't an entrance, but an exit.
I miss you.
Your daughter misses you.
- Come home soon.
- Why'd you have to look? What in God's name have you been doing? [SCREAMS, GROANING] Guys, something's going on with the "Roci.
" I got no control of the ship.
I'm James Holden.
I'm here to declare for the OPA that Belters are the only legitimate benefactors of the Ring.
We've struck at the Inners' vessels [EXPLOSION] - And we will strike again.
- That's not me.
Well, it's coming from inside our ship.
Grab continuous singles of everyone and make sure we have all six "Roci" angles of that explosion, and Amos can you just keep this corridor clear? We have to fire on the "Rocinante" and we have to do it now, otherwise they will kill this ship along with his.
Someone is trying to play you don't fall into it! Remove her from the Command Deck.
- Kom wit milowda.
- Drummer, listen to me! Christ, the "Behemoth's" target-locked us.
[CRASHING] What are you doing? You can't outrun a missile.
Don't Fire! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Come on, Miller! Give me something! Go into a room too fast, kid, the room eats you.
Alex needs to slow the ship down or we're all dead.
You need to change course and go inside the Ring right now.
This is gonna be nasty.
[GRUNTS] [SPACESHIP WHOOSHING] Power grid still throwing faults.
- We lost it again.
- Reset it.
Yes, bossmang.
[SCOFFS] What the falote are you smiling at, Captain? First time we fire a weapon, and this is what we get.
Well, what we got is what we get.
- Hmm.
- Run the back scatter through again if the torpedo detonated, we should have seen an explosion.
Nagata? What are you doing? [SOFT, DRAMATIC MUSIC] Chief Engineer Naomi Nagata, what are you doing? Okay, I understand this is a difficult moment for you, but we have power failures throughout the ship.
- And I want you to - I don't work for you, and I don't work for Anderson Dawes.
I gave the order to fire.
You know we had to do it.
If we hadn't, the Inners would have - If you've killed them - Hate me later, work now.
I'm sorry.
If I killed them, I'm I'm sorry.
[ALL COUGHING] That torpedo engine it's burning like crazy, but it's not gaining, but that thing should've rammed itself up our tailpipe by now.
But apparently the rules ain't the rules around here.
Maybe the torpedo was going too fast.
Miller kept saying we had to slow down.
It's like that slingshot asshole.
Hold on a second, you're saying that if things go too fast around here, something gets nervous and grabs them? That ain't natural.
I don't see any stars.
Are we in some kind of a gas cloud? It's like something's around us, it's like we're in some kind of goddamn bubble.
There's so much damn interference.
[COMPUTER CHIRPING] - This reminds me of Eros.
That's a comforting thought.
[TENSE MUSIC] [DRONE BEEPS, WHIRRS] Correction, that that torpedo is moving.
It's slow, but it's definitely moving.
How long before it hits us? It's not even heading towards us anymore.
It's heading here.
I don't even know what the hell that is.
Miller didn't mention it.
Miller? I've been seeing him since the Ring turned on.
Joe Miller? The guy who died on Venus? - Maybe he isn't exactly dead.
- Maybe he isn't - exactly Miller.
- What is he Okay, this is a great conversation for us to have once we're out of here, all right? We're still locked out of comms and weapons.
I don't wanna get into anyone's firing range until we can explain that that message was fake.
The message came from here.
Okay, do we have any thoughts on how that happened? Other than something compromised our ship? - No, I got nothing.
- That is our first priority.
We have to make sure [SHATTERING] Hey! Hey! - What did you do? - Amos? That fake message was somebody trying to kill us.
It wasn't me, it wasn't you, and it wasn't Alex.
It wasn't us.
We would have died too.
I saw you snooping around the Machine Shop.
- He didn't do anything.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I didn't know it was just supposed to be a back door so we could get nav and comm logs, background information, stuff you might not tell us.
You piece of shit! You could have gotten us killed! I didn't know it was anything weird.
Hey! Hey, we got something coming through the Ring.
It's small.
Looks like a probe.
It's backing out.
That's it? How would I hold on.
[SCREEN CHIRPING] Something else is coming through.
Looks like the "Xuesen.
" [OMINOUS MUSIC] They matched our course.
- Are they hailing us? - Comms are dead.
- There's no way to tell.
- [ALARM BLARING] They target-locked us.
That could just be their way - of saying stop.
- If we stop, they'll board us.
Are you ready to give up this ship? No.
We keep going.
Their torpedoes won't work any better than the last one.
That's good.
We need our comms online.
We need to talk to that ship.
You're gonna tell me everything I need to know to unfuck this ship.
I'm telling you, I don't know what I did.
Let's see if I can get some inside information.
[BEEPING] Miller? Talk to me.
What do you want me to find? [MUTTERING] Miller! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] And in light of the changed circumstances regarding the attack on the "Seung Un" and the unexpected activity of the Ring artifact, I am immediately recalling all civilian presence from the UN mission.
The UNN "Countee Cullen" will take all non-military personnel to Corely Station on Titan for debriefing.
Return transport will be coordinated from there.
I would not take this step if I were not certain it is the best way to ensure your safety.
Thank you all for your service and your bravery.
You see they offering triple hazard pay - for contractors that stay? - Mm-hmm.
Time and a half I'll do.
Triple time? - Someone's gonna die.
- I see that too.
I'm taking my ass to Titan.
Where's Ren? Pretty sure he was on the "Seung Un.
" Shit, I didn't know that.
Mm-hmm, probably sleeping one off.
Died the way he lived.
Show some respect.
We should probably clean out his locker before we go for his family.
Yeah, okay.
I understand the evacuation, I do.
It's just, it's so frustrating.
- I wish we could stay on board.
- I feel the same.
To come so close and be turned aside if only there were a way.
Miss Fagan.
Have you come to share in our disappointment? Me? [LAUGHS] Oh, no.
Well, at least the company will be good on Titan.
I'm sure you'll have a lovely time.
You don't plan to join us? That would be telling.
[LAUGHING] [GIGGLING] [SOFT ORCHESTRAL MUSIC PLAYING] I'm starting to wonder if she's even here.
It'd be just like her to ditch her own party.
[GIGGLES] We really should be getting underway.
I know, I'll find them.
Oh, so now you think you know me? Your actions speak for themselves.
I'm not asking for your permission.
You are not going to humiliate this family.
This family is not my problem! Will you both do this later, please? I am not going to allow any daughter of mine - to go whoring around the Belt.
- Whoring? Is that what you think I am? - I don't know what you are.
- Please? You were going to announce your retirement from the racing team, tonight, in front of everyone, without telling me Do you think I wouldn't rather come to you? You think that I like having a father who cares more about what everyone else thinks than about me? Stop being ridiculous.
I always listen to you.
- He does.
- You are so ungrateful.
You're small-minded and spoiled and stupid Fuck you! Fuck you.
Everything you do is corrupt, and I can't stand to be part of it.
I gave you everything.
I don't want it.
I'm done.
Party's over.
Send them home.
I'm pulling the racing team for the rest of the season.
[LIQUID TRICKLING] [GLASS CLACKS] We'll pick up next year once your sister comes to her senses.
I could take over for her.
Don't be absurd.
[LAUGHTER] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] I didn't know it would do anything like this.
- Who was your contact? - I never met them.
- Try again.
- I don't know.
- I swear.
- [COMPUTER CHIRPS] But will this help? [COMPUTER CHIRPS] - Alex? Yeah? Will this help you fix the comms? I'll be damned if I know.
That's a Naomi thing.
Yeah, I knew you were gonna say that.
All right, I'll take it from here, - [SCREAMS] - [GASPS] [TENSE MUSIC] You did this, so you're gonna have to answer for it.
I'm gonna to ask you this once, and then I'm gonna kill her.
How do I fix my ship? We don't know Shhh.
Let him answer.
Answer me! [WHOOSHING] [BEEPING] Alex, what now? The "Xuesen" just launched a couple of probes.
One's heading back to the Ring.
They just ran that first probe faster and faster until it got stopped by whatever, and now now it's being dragged into the center like the "Behemoth" torpedo.
How fast was it going when it got stopped? Just over 18,000 KPH.
Okay, so now we have a speed limit.
Yep, and the "Xuesen" is accelerating to match, which, incidentally, is more than we're doing, so yeah, they're gonna catch us.
I'm not interested in being caught.
Match their course and speed.
Stay ahead of them.
That other probe it's not going through the Ring.
It's heading towards the bubble.
[WHOOSH, CRACKLE] Hoss, that second probe it's gone.
What do you mean it's gone? It went back out of the Ring? No, no, that looks different.
See, the probe maintained the speed limit and then touched the other side of that bubble, and then something happened to it, like, um, blinked out of existence.
Well, we should probably keep away from the edges then.
Yeah, that's a good safety tip.
[CLEARS THROAT] So, we, um, we turn, and the MCRN catches us.
And we go straight, and we're gonna reach the other side of that bubble.
We have until then to figure out another option.
Martian skiff just come out of da Ring.
Ah, good to know that's possible.
They putting out broadcast.
To me.
[ALERT SOUND] - All ships in the vicinity, this is an MCRN priority alert.
We have determined that electromagnetic distortion through the Ring is too severe for comms to penetrate.
The MCRN "Xuesen" is on the other side in pursuit of the "Rocinante" and will apprehend.
We strongly advise against anyone going through the Ring until we have fully assessed the situation.
MCRN out.
[ALERT CHIMES] Where is our Chief Engineer? [METALLIC THUNK] [DRILL WHIRRING] Checking up on me? Yeah, that too, yeah.
When will the grid be stabilized? I'll have it patched by end of shift, but the system's designed as a Generation Ship, - not for battle.
- Ah, well, it's not the best tool for the job, but it's the tool we have.
I have news.
Your friends survived.
What? Yeah, well, it seems they did, anyway.
The MCRN poked their head back out to tell us all that they get to arrest Holden, and that we should just sit on our hands while they do it.
Not the sort of thing they'd say if the "Rocinante" had been destroyed.
- Is the ship damaged? - I don't know.
What about Holden's transmission? - And the "Seung Un" - I don't know about any of that, but we will soon.
We're going through? We didn't come all the way out here to be told to stay in our place.
[SOFT, DRAMATIC MUSIC] I'm glad, you know, that your old crew survived.
I'm happy for you, and I'm happy for them.
I never wanted them dead.
You fired on them.
Technically, the Captain did that, but I would have done the same.
We needed to make a show of it for the Inners so they wouldn't lump us in with Holden.
If they'd blamed us for the "Seung Un" [CHUCKLES] We would have been in a real fight Holden didn't do any of that.
- He's being framed.
- I believe you.
So, you're okay with killing innocent people? That just makes it worse.
Not if they protect mine.
Now, I know what you're feeling.
Guilty, keyá? Because we put your old crew in danger.
Well, guilt is like salt.
You put a little on, and it hides all the bitterness.
I don't know what you're on about.
I miss my old crew too.
"Tynan" was a good ship, good people.
Mosh gut pirata in the Belt.
Why did you leave them? I outgrew, the way you outgrew your old ship.
But then something happens, doesn't it? Hm? Makes us forget.
Remember only the good times, and we start thinking, oh, maybe we can get them back, be who we used to be, or the prettied-up version we remember.
It's not so wrong to try.
Nah, it never works.
You let nostalgia trick you, and you'll regret it badly.
You left your old crew for a reason.
I left the OPA long before I left the "Roci.
" And now you're back here with us and we need you here.
[SIGHS] I'll fix the ship.
Fair enough.
[DOOR CLINKS CLOSED] [SIGHS SOFTLY] Hoss? Everything okay in there? Hey.
I would've I would've called down, I just didn't wanna interrupt, you know, just in case you were Uh, so, um, there's no, uh, no Miller? [BEEPING] Miller! Jeez.
[DISTANT CLATTERING] Get your hands off of me, you son of a b - [DOOR WHOOSHING] - You can't do this to us! - Amos, stop! Stop! - We didn't do anything bad.
- You can't space them! - Yes, I can.
This ain't gonna help anything.
Help us, he's crazy! You better button up.
I thought you said they were helping you fix the comms.
They don't know how to fix it.
- I checked.
- How's this gonna help? Well, I was thinking, since the comms are down, the only way to communicate is in person.
And Mars isn't looking to arrest them for stealing a ship, so You too.
Put your lid on.
I was just gonna send the camera guy, but with the vac suit gloves on, you know how when he I mean, the man's blind.
- [BEEPING] - It's time to go.
Hey, wait! Make sure you tell them we didn't blow up the "Seung Un.
" Tell them what really happened, please.
[WHOOSHING] [DARK MUSIC] All non essential personnel are required to report to a debarkation officer for assignment to an evac transport.
Anyone who does not comply with this directive will be forcibly removed and placed upon the first available ship.
[INTERCOM ANNOUNCEMENTS] It's fascinating, isn't it? It certainly is.
It's not going to be the same seeing it from Titan.
It'll be exactly the same.
A screen is a screen.
Yes, that's true, it's just I was just trying to make you feel good.
It won't be the same at all [LAUGHS SOFTLY] There is no substitute for actually being here.
When are you shipping out? - When am I shipping out? - Mm-hmm.
Really, Pastor? Aren't you married? Yes, I'm married.
You're not leaving, are you? No.
I'm in for the whole ride.
How did you manage that? Blackmail well, technically extortion, but blackmail just sounds good.
The executive officer is about to retire, and, well, he's applied for a job at one of my mother's companies.
It's the way of the world.
Do you think you can pull strings for me too? Why would you want that? Why do you? Oh, I'm an aging debutante papering my emptiness and regrets with thrill-seeking.
Your turn.
It's the first miracle that's happened in my lifetime.
It's the only miracle that's happened in my lifetime.
And it's not a miracle-miracle, but It changes everything, and to be so close and then just turn away? It seems wrong.
[SOFT, DRAMATIC MUSIC] If I said I felt called - That would be pushing it.
- It would.
Uh If I said I really needed to see what's out there? [LAUGHS SOFTLY] Closer.
You want to indulge in a selfish desire to be a part of something amazing.
- Yeah.
- [LAUGHS SOFTLY] We've struck at the Inner's vessels I knew there was something off about this guy.
Hero to the solar system my ass.
Makes you wonder what else he was lying about.
Everything he said he did, probably.
Well, when the Dusters catch him - [BEEPING, DOOR WHIRRING] - We'll know for sure.
I put in for full benefits on the aborted run.
Ah, you're never gonna get that.
Can't hurt to try.
He's not gonna need it I wanna see his admin files.
Performance reviews.
"Soledad has decent technical knowledge, but she keeps starting social drama"? - True.
- Asshole.
What's he say about me? Stannislaw Kulp.
Good mark for competence, somehow [LAUGHS] Put you in for a promotion.
Aw, Ren, you shouldn't have.
Melba Koh.
"Melba is new, and has some gaps in her knowledge base" - Yeah, that's also true.
- Put it back.
No, there's some good.
"She has some real potential.
With a little mentoring, "she could be an outstanding technician.
Worth investing in.
" [CRICKETS CHIRPING] Not tonight.
I arranged this party for you.
Now everyone's gone, and all they're gonna talk about is what a train wreck it was.
Let them.
Let them? They're not just gonna talk about you.
It's gonna be about me and Father.
You humiliated us.
Father has moved heaven and Earth for you.
You treat him like less than shit.
- I'm tired of it.
- You're tired of what? Tired of you and your holier-than-thou crap.
Where are you going? Slumming with your precious Belters? Saving humanity from itself? Do you even know how condescending you are? You're such a narcissist.
Do not walk away from me.
Don't you dare turn your back on me.
I am through being humiliated by you.
[SOFT, DRAMATIC MUSIC] Our father is a damaged man.
You're never gonna be good enough for him.
Couldn't shut Miller up before.
Now he's just gone.
Maybe going through the Ring broke him, I don't know.
How about you guys? Weapons and comms are fucked.
Whatever Cohen did to the "Roci," it got in deep.
It's gonna take a shipyard to fix her.
All right.
We can't turn or the Martians get us.
We can't keep going or we hit the side of this bubble and die.
We can't talk to anyone, and we can't shoot our way out.
Our only hope is that Monica and Cohen - put in a good word for us.
- Yeah, um, I wouldn't really count on that.
Alex thinks I was too hard on them.
I was being gentle.
I mean, I kind of wish you'd run it by me first.
- Sorry, Cap.
- It's all right.
Okay, so, so what're we gonna do? Surrender.
We slow down, let them board us, they'll see we were sabotaged, and it'll clear our names.
Maybe for the the terrorism thing, but they're gonna take the "Roci.
" Yeah, probably.
It's either that or we die.
I didn't think it'd end like this.
Listen up.
This is your Captain, and this is your ship.
This is your moment.
You might think that you're scared, but you're not.
That isn't fear.
That's your sharpness.
That's your power.
[LOUD TAP] We are Belters.
- Nothing in the void - [LOUD THUDDING] Is foreign to us.
- The place we go - [RHYTHMIC THUDDING CONTINUES] Is the place we belong.
- [CREW CHEERS] - This is no different.
No one has more right to this, none more prepared.
Inyalowda go through the Ring, call it their own, but a Belter opened it.
We are the Belt.
- [CREW CHEERING] - We are strong, we are sharp, and we don't feel fear.
This moment belong to us.
- [LOUD CHEERING] - For Beltalowda! Beltalowda! [CHEERING] Beltalowda! ALL: Yeah! Beltalowda! [CHEERING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Evac transport for Titan Corley Station is now boarding.
- Please leave all baggage - [DOOR BEEPS] and be sure it is properly tagged.
The UN cannot be responsible [WHISPERS] Hector.
Anna, are you on this skiff too? I'm not, and neither are you.
- Wha I'm gonna lose my place.
- Your place isn't there.
I found a way for us to stay.
Just don't ask too many questions because it's Excuse me, ma'am.
That's him.
Ensign, you're out of uniform.
Come with me, please.
No, I can't.
Come now, and it won't be desertion.
I signed up to fight Dusters and Skinnies, not whatever the hell that thing is.
You're a Marine, for God's sake You saw what happened to the "Arboghast.
" Do you feel safe? Lock me up on Titan I'm not going through that thing.
[TASER WHIRRS] Get him out of here.
- Sorry for the disturbance.
- Hey.
- Safe travels.
- What's wrong? No, no, no.
I can't go through.
I there are rules.
I can't I thought you wanted to see it for yourself.
To come so close to be turned away - I can't.
- You're frightened.
Me too.
But so frightened that you're willing to pass up your chance to be part of this? It's first contact.
It's not going to happen twice.
I would go if it were just me, I would.
But I I have a family.
My son is 11.
I can't risk him growing up without a father.
The only thing that I see within that Ring is more darkness and blood at the foot of a false idol.
I was wrong before.
God is not with us out here.
- Closing doors.
I, uh, I don't know how to say this, but I'm I'm going through the Ring.
With the transmission delay, you won't get this message until I've already done it, and I won't hear your voice, uh, until I'm back.
And, uh [STAMMERS] I will - [DEVICE SHUTS OFF] - I'll be back hmm.
Wow [SIGHS] Parallel frequency ships are go.
Security protocols are engaged.
We're still waiting on skiff departures.
I've seen you around the ship, but we haven't actually met.
I'm Anna.
- My name is Melba.
- Hi.
Are are you staying aboard for the transit? - Yes.
- Yeah.
Me too, but now that I've committed, I'm I'm kinda feeling overwhelmed [LAUGHS SOFTLY] I know what that's like.
Am I bothering you? No, I'm just no, it's fine.
What made you decide to stay? [DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDING] Where's Julie? - [SIGHS] - [GLASS CLINKS] Bitch finally left.
Don't talk about your sister that way.
You called her worse tonight.
She knows how to make me angry, that's true.
She reminds me what it was like to be young.
She has passion.
She spat in your face.
You admire her for it? She has the will to take our name into the future.
She refuses to be stopped, even by me.
What do you do? Plan parties.
[TENSE MUSIC] Melba? Are you all right? The hazard pay.
I stayed for the hazard pay.
If you'll excuse me.
[DEVICE CHIRPS] You don't know me, but I worked with your father.
Ren was a friend to me, and I'm sorry he's gone.
I need to get a message to my father.
His name is Jules-Pierre Mao.
Yeah, that one.
Daddy, everything you feared about the protomolecule has come to pass.
And instead of being hailed as a visionary, you're rotting away in jail.
I can't fix that.
But I can destroy the man who brought you low.
And that's something Julie never could, and never would do for you.
I just wanted you to know that.
[DEVICE CHIRPS] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [BEEPING] I thought Ashford was being paranoid.
"Lock down the skiff," he say.
I say, "Why?" He say, "To keep anyone from deserting.
" I say, "Why would anyone desert now?" So? Why? I came back for the wrong reasons.
I'm a wrong reason now? The Belt is in your blood.
We are your people.
And I love you.
I always will.
But you're going back to them your Inners.
I didn't understand what I was leaving.
I was being nostalgic.
And without even a word to me? I was afraid you wouldn't let me go.
Don't go too fast out there.
What are you slowing down for? You were doing fine.
Where the hell have you been! Come on, we gotta get to the crime scene.
- We gotta check out the clues.
- No, no more crime stories.
I wanna know exactly what you know.
Oh, so you wanna talk about the non-local quantum hologram, the phase-conjugate adaptive waves resonating in micro-tubules in the brain, which of course requires some closed-timeline curves and Lorentzian manifold, and you catch up, I'll wait.
- So, a crime scene? - Crime scene.
We gotta go, come on, to the station, to the nucleus.
That that thing in the middle of the place that grabbed the ship and the torpedoes? [FINGERS SNAP] I got a case to solve and you want the truth.
[SOFT, DRAMATIC MUSIC] You seem different.
Oh, the signal's pretty good inside the Ring.
It's, uh, it's really good.
So you coming or not? Hmm? [COMPUTER CHIRPS] "Rocinante," it's Naomi.
I'm coming home.
[MUSIC BUILDING] "Roci," do you copy? Guys? It's me.
[COMPUTER CHIRPS] Hang in there.
I'm coming.