The Expanse (2015) s05e06 Episode Script


Marco Inaros has asked us to meet.
- What are we gonya do? - We will accept.
Half of Gao's cabinet was on that plane with her.
The rest were scattered around the globe.
No one seems to know who's next in line of succession.
Her mods are blocked.
Her hand is busted.
She is not a threat.
We gotta get out of here.
Monica's eye captured the Zmeya's flight plan.
It's time to take the Roci out for a hunt.
Did Marco slip the Augustin Gamarra code into the Roci? Jim, do not start the Roci's drive! The reactor code's been sabotaged.
It will blow if you do.
I'm shutting down the reactor.
I'm being held captive by Marco! Tell me what happened! Tell me! This is Marco Inaros' Free Navy.
His Belters on our Martian ships.
Let's get some profiles.
Crap, they pinged us.
We're not gonna make it, are we? I got one more thing to try.
Madam Avasarala, please forgive the intrusion.
I'm David Paster.
We have met.
You're Minister of the Interior? Transportation, actually.
Uh I'm the new acting secretary-general.
- Sir.
- No, please, don't get up.
Oh oh.
Still getting used to this gravity.
It's my first time off planet, I'm embarrassed to say.
You'll get the hang of it soon enough.
I understand you were in contact with the secretary-general when her plane went down.
I was at the seawall near the UN with a sixth grade field trip when the second rock hit.
As I was being led to safety, I saw the Hyongsu Tower collapse.
From the air, I saw half of midtown underwater.
I've seen the images.
Oh, my God.
Yes, of course, your family.
My daughter and her children are fine.
They're on a shuttle now.
They'll be here soon.
Thank God.
Your husband teaches at Columbia, doesn't he? Have you heard from him? I will pull whatever strings I can to help locate him.
I appreciate that.
They're ready for you in the sit room, sir.
Thank you.
My degree is in drone avionics.
I spent my career designing package delivery systems.
The only reason I got into Parliament is because I thought the person running the local transit authority was an idiot and I thought I could do a much better job, and I won his seat.
We were only able to beat back the attack because of you.
I'd like you to join my provisional cabinet.
Of course.
Thank you, madam.
I'll be with you in a moment, Secretary-General.
Damn it.
Please present your identification upon arrival.
If you do not have any ID, proceed to the DNA tent at the north entrance.
If you are injured or in need of medical attention, please proceed directly to the triage area.
You feeling better? No.
There might be something at the aid station.
There's police there.
I don't want to go back to prison.
Well, there's no prison to go back to.
They'll probably just shoot you.
I don't want that either.
In that case, I'm thinking our best bet is Baltimore.
I know some people there, the kind you want to be around in times like this.
We could cut through the Conservancy Zone.
We'll be a lot less likely to bump into people we don't want to bump into.
It's a long way.
You up for that? I'll make it.
All right.
How's the reactor? Holding steady at 10%.
All diagnostic in normal range.
Okay fo reboot da system on lower deck, ke? - Yeah, do it.
- Aye, aye, Captain.
So where should I stow this? Oh, no fucking way.
Monica, this is a military operation.
The only reason you have a shot at catching the Zmeya is because of me, and I have a story to write.
- Too bad.
- So if you want me off this ship, you're gonna have to drag me.
You got it.
No, look, I've already been kidnapped once.
For all we know, there could be more Inaros goons running around on Tycho.
I'd rather take my chances here.
You know, when we find these pricks, the ride's gonna get a little rough.
You ever been in high-G maneuvers before? Mm-hmm.
On this ship when we were the first people to go through the Ring and survive.
Make sure your vac suit's ready.
You'll be needing it soon.
Will do.
Monica Stuart is authorized for ship systems, guest access privileges only.
Alex, now! Alex, he's trying to push off.
Alex, I can't hold on for much longer.
Grenade is set.
Alex, I couldn't hold them! Are you back? Alex? You gotta get back.
Now! I'm coming! Get your ass inside now.
Emergency start-up, go! We did it! Suck on that, motherfuckers! And so instead of a grand symbol of Inner-Belter unity destroyed along with half of Tycho, the Rocinante is underway in pursuit of the Zmeya.
I'm sorry.
It's my fault.
I should have never let Naomi near a comm.
She never should have been here in the first place.
I'm sorry I brought her.
Space her.
What? You heard me.
Stop apologizing, and correct your error and put her outside.
Marco We treated her with respect, and she betrayed us, gave aid to our enemies, tried to take my life! - I know, but - What? It's Naomi.
- You will show her mercy? - I'll keep her in her cell.
After what she nearly did to me You'll never have to see her again, I swear.
You will do what I tell you to.
Do it yourself! If it has to be done, you can do it.
I'm not gonna let Filip be part of this, unless you think you can make me, hmm? Maybe I finally got old enough, huh? Filip, if the choice was yours to make what would it be? Oh, don't look at him.
- I asked you.
- Spare her life.
My son has a kind heart.
I have more important things to do.
Would you really have spaced her? What do you think? I think that if you do want it done next time, ask me.
I'm sorry.
I know.
You've said.
So am I.
I've never seen the two of you like that before.
I thought you were going to come to blows.
Wouldn't be the first time.
You deserve to die for what you did.
You think that's funny? No but I can tell my people are all right.
Your people.
You don't even think of our family as your own anymore.
I guess I don't.
And I'm more sorry about that than you'll ever know.
You would never have been able to hurt him.
You would have been killed.
I knew that.
It would've been the last thing I ever did.
But it would've been worth it.
It's the only thing left I can do to help you He's a visionary doing what no other Belter has ever dreamed.
He took the Belt back from the Inners He's made you a murderer.
You ended millions of ordinary lives.
You haven't felt the price of it yet, but someday, you will.
And you will realize what he's done to you.
He made me a fighter.
- He loves me.
- He loves himself.
Oh, you don't know anything about him.
I know he wouldn't die for you but he would let you die for him.
It's so pretty.
I didn't know there were so many trees in the world.
This is one of the first reforestation trials in North America.
It's been around almost 150 years.
Yeah? You never came up on a field trip? No.
I thought everyone had to come plant a tree for a week and appreciate the carbon cycle.
Not me.
This was one of my grandfather's charities.
My family helped fund it.
Dad kept it up after he died.
Something in it for him? No.
I think Dad just liked trees.
You okay? I'm just burning through the last of the implant-blocking agents, and it's making my muscles cramp.
That's all it is.
You sure? No.
Is he alive? No.
Sit down.
I'll take care of this.
So he's dead? You said he was.
No, your dad.
You said that he liked trees, not that he likes trees.
I hadn't heard that he died.
But I don't watch the news feeds much.
I don't think he's dead but after I went into prison, I didn't hear from him at all.
Schrodinger's parent.
Who? A parent you never hear from exists in a quantum state, both dead and alive, until you check up on them and the act of observing makes one of the two states true.
I might have a dad somewhere I never met.
Do you want to? Nope.
Then does he actually exist at all? - You want some? - Nah.
You go ahead.
What about your mother? She died young.
What about genetic markers? I didn't check.
I did have someone who tried to take care of me.
She died not too long ago.
She showed up so she's a parent that actually existed.
I don't mean to make light.
I'm sure she's a really good person.
She lived like she was.
What does that mean? There are ways that you can live a good life without being a good person.
I like that.
Do you need a little bit longer? I can keep going.
It's funny if you think about it.
What? The moon.
For almost all of human history, it was impossible to go there, a symbol of something you could only do in your dreams.
And then for a while, it was hard but possible.
And then it was trivial.
And now here we are, and it's impossible again.
Pretty sure that's the sun, but I get your point.
I need to rest.
I don't have anything worth taking.
Come take a look if you want.
Just leave me be.
We're not robbers.
Then what are you? Just people on the road.
Where you headed? North.
UN's setting up a relief camp.
Take a seat if you want.
Nice coat.
We're headed to Baltimore.
Have you heard anything? Only that you'd be better off coming with me.
It's flooding on the coast, all the shit hitting the fan.
The cities are a sneeze and a slap away from everyone killing each other over a can of ham.
You feeling all right, miss? You look a little pale.
I, um, broke my hand.
I do have a little something we could drink.
It's not much, but take the edge off the cold.
No, thank you.
We should get going.
I'd recommend you head due south a ways before you cut east.
There's a guy that's fenced off a couple acres, and he's offering to shoot anyone who comes too close.
Why? One of these "end of times" fellas.
Probably can't believe how lucky he is all this happened.
Thank you.
We'll keep an eye out.
Could've stood that drink maybe a few more hours by that fire.
I feel like I haven't been warm in years.
What's going on? Making sure he's not following us.
- He was harmless.
- Maybe.
The thing about civilization is, it keeps you civil.
Get rid of one, you can't count on the other.
It's like you've done this before.
I grew up like this.
Everyone else is just playing catch-up.
People are tribal.
The more settled things are, the bigger the tribes can be.
The churn comes, and the tribes get small again.
Right now, you and I are a tribe of two.
That's better than one.
I don't think he's coming.
We'll go this way.
Towards the crazy asshole who's shooting people? Yep.
Are you worried about Camina? Are you? I asked you first.
I'm worried about us all of us, especially Camina.
So your answer is yes.
Her loss her losses are still fresh.
I worry about that.
Me too.
We cannot let her do anything rash.
I know.
She won't.
If she does We will make sure she does not.
Contact, incoming.
Multiple contacts, separate headings.
They're jamming our comms.
One MCRN light cruiser.
Two heavy frigate.
- We've been ambushed.
- More incoming.
Two no, three Belter ships trailing also.
Captain, connection request on tight-beam.
To me.
The Free Navy welcomes us.
We are being asked to dock.
MCRN warships how could Marco have these? That's a good question.
But so much for shooting our way out.
Welcome to the Pella.
Give me your weapon.
Your temper precedes you.
If I refuse? Then turn around and go back to your little ships as our enemy.
That one is with Black Sky.
I think she is Golden Bough.
They come here in exchange for Inaros on their ships.
Marco is consolidating support amongst the factions.
If Marco has Black Sky and Golden Bough with him, half the OPA will rally to his banner.
Drummer and associates.
Thank you for coming.
No throne? - This is a war room.
- For a war you started.
- For a war I won.
- Is it over? I must have missed the Inners' offer of surrender.
I knew there was a reason I liked you.
Do you know who I liked? That's easy to guess.
You came here in his ship.
You know the song he sang when you spaced him, it wasn't fear.
He used to sing it to his daughter and to keep his mind steady in trying times.
A sentimental man.
You killed him, and you killed Fred.
They fought and lost and died because they betrayed all Belters to do the Inners' bidding which you would not.
I'm beginning to regret my decision.
Marco, we came to talk about the future, not the past.
What about food? Earth is the only source for live soil and complex biologicals.
Beltalowda still need to eat.
Those are good questions which deserve serious answers.
Earth has always used agriculture to control us.
Here are some facts and figures from Nico Sanjrani.
You might have heard of him from a little project he was involved in, the Ganymede AgDomes.
There will be thin years at first, but within a decade, the Belt will have the agricultural production levels of Earth and surpass it.
Free of colonial control, we will have no limit.
I invite you to join the Free Navy.
Add your strength, your reputation to ours.
- Or else? - Or leave.
And go in peace.
But do not expect me to protect you.
The only reason we need protection is because of you.
You have committed the entire Belt to war with the Inners and made peace impossible.
I committed us to a future of our own on our own terms.
We were already at war.
You just couldn't see it because they were killing us slow.
Talk amongst yourselves.
Make a decision and do it quickly.
We won't be staying here long.
Fresh blood.
So they tried to go over the fence.
You sure this is a good idea? We won't go over the fence.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It'll pass.
Stay hidden.
And if anything goes bad, run.
Hello? Anyone there? I'm not disrespecting your property, sir.
Just want to talk trade.
Don't shoot me.
You stepped on my land.
I did, but I announced myself.
I heard you had rifles.
I do, and my son does too.
What's it to you? I got a water recycler.
I just need something to hunt food on my way up north.
Where is the recycler? Just off the trail, half a click south.
Stop where you are, or you won't need to worry about hunting.
Throw down your weapons.
I don't have any weapons.
That's why I'm here.
Strip, then.
What? You say you don't have any weapons.
Stand where you are and strip down.
Once I know you're clean, we'll talk.
Now, unless you think I got a pistol up my ass, we both can agree I'm unarmed.
Recycler's worth more than an extra rifle.
Yeah, but I can go get that cycler myself.
Don't need you.
Monsters not afraid.
Monsters not afraid.
If he said we can go, I say we go.
Go where? You think the Earthers are going to care whose side we say we're on? They will kill every Belter they find.
- They always have.
- If we join Marco, at least we'll have protection.
- He's a mass murderer.
- And we cannot trust him.
When someone is coming to kill me, the biggest mass murderer in history watching my back sounds pretty good.
If we join him, we are no better than he is.
We have to join.
There's no choice.
Marco says it's a choice and we are all acting like that's true.
But it's not.
Earth will go to war with the Belt, and our only chance we have to survive is if we stand together.
This is Marco's war, not mine, not ours.
It doesn't matter.
He's gonna accomplish what a century of leaders have promised and failed to do what Anderson Dawes and and Fred Johnson could not.
He's gonna unite a hundred separate factions into one nation.
And the only choice left for us is to join him or die.
- Serge Kylo.
- Welcome aboard.
I don't like the word "tribute.
" Exchanging crew promotes unity throughout the Free Navy.
All factions are one.
He's not crew.
He's family.
Let me introduce you to mine.
My son.
This is Camina Drummer a patriot and, uh, a good friend of your mother.
They were together on the Behemoth before Naomi left her to join her Inners.
And by doing so, saved every soul in the system.
I'd like to hear that story.
Another time, perhaps.
Make sure you tell Naomi what a fine young man her son has become.
I will.
Is there anything you'd like me to tell your mother? There's no need.
I can tell No.
Thank you.
Good to see you, as always, Drummer.
Tell me about the Behemoth.
It's hard to know where to start and even harder to explain how it ended.
Tell me.
How did you open all the gates? It wasn't me alone.
It took every one of us working together.
We all played a part Did we win? This round.
We got weapons, food, transportation.
Thank you.
My clothes? They had blood and puke on them.
I found you some new ones here.
They're a little big, but they'll do.
You okay? You keep asking me that.
I keep wondering it.
Yeah, I am, actually.
You moved fast.
That's what the mods do.
Is it always like this? Yeah, pretty much.
Useful in the moment.
It's the moments after that suck.
That's a shitty design.
I wasn't thinking about the consequences when I got them.
Just revenge.
Let me see.
All right.
Try not to worry.
I'm not gonna let anything hurt you.
I heard you talking in your sleep.
You said something about monsters and being afraid.
It was a thing from prison.
It Creative writing class.
It was stupid.
I wrote this little I don't know poem.
Kind of took it on as a prayer.
How'd it go? I have killed but I'm not a killer, because a killer is a monster and monsters aren't afraid.
I'm afraid all the time of the things that I did, how right it felt when I was doing them, how certain I was.
Why did we come here? He could've killed you.
But you would've died on the road.
We needed better supplies and rest, and this is where all those things were.
Does it bother you? No.
It was worth the risk.
That's not what I mean.
Yeah, the guy was a creep, but if he hadn't been would we have done something different? We needed supplies.
We went out of our way to murder someone and take his stuff just 'cause we needed it.
That's not the kind of thing good people do.
Not even bad people trying to live like good ones.
Holden never would've approved a move like that.
I need to get back to my crew.

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