The Fable (2024) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

[motorbike engine revving]
[soft grunt]
Good evening, Ms. Misaki Shimizu.
Who are you?
Miki Kawamura? Tsubasa Yamakawa?
Misaki Shimizu? Which should I call you?
[theme music playing]
The Fable
[Kojima] Well
I was wondering
what name I should call you.
-Miki? Tsubasa? Misaki?
-[tense music playing]
Okay. Now then, Misaki,
I know we've only just met,
but I'll be starting
a call-girl service soon.
Call girl?
Yeah. Call girl.
You do know what that is, right?
I heard you work lots of jobs.
If you were a call girl, you could easily
make 10 times as much as you do now.
I won't do that kind of work.
I don't know who you are,
but please leave right now.
[Kojima] I figured you'd say that.
Three years ago, Kuroshio got you
a job at a talent agency, right?
[Misaki] Mr. Kuroshio?
Yeah. Kuro got seriously injured
protecting you the other day.
What do you mean?
You were asked to do a porn video, right?
I turned that down a long time ago.
[Kojima] Yeah, I know.
But the production company
wants to put you into porn again.
I know nothing about this.
Well, of course not.
It's still in the planning stage.
When Kuro found out
How do I put this?
He told them to leave you be
and got into a fight.
He ended up with a broken right leg.
That's not my fault
[Kojima] It's not that simple.
As his brother,
I need to make sure he can make a living.
Is this blackmail?
[Kojima] A proposal.
We should help one another.
If you sign up to work
for my call-girl service for a year,
Kuro can make a living,
and you'll earn a bundle.
I'll never do it.
If you keep asking me, I'll tell the cops.
[Kojima] Go right ahead.
I'll even give you a ride to the station.
Now, come on, Misaki
I told you that I'm Kuro's brother,
so I think you understand
that I'm a yakuza.
How would you like your parents
and siblings, your co-workers,
and your friends to be put through
all kinds of harassment?
This isn't a proposal. It's a threat.
Anyway, here's my number.
Give me a call.
I'll wait until this time tomorrow.
If you don't call, I'll show up somewhere,
like one of your workplaces.
-[footsteps receding]
-[shaky breathing]
[Sunagawa] Boss.
The front man for my call-girl service
disappeared suddenly.
And right after Kojima got out.
Another resident at his condo said
they saw a guy with a scar on his face.
I want permission
to question Kojima about it.
And what would you do if it was Kojima?
[slams on table]
He'll have to be eliminated.
Nope, can't allow that.
I can't allow any killing.
[Sunagawa] Are you serious?
This is no longer
the age of "an eye for an eye" revenge.
As the boss, are you afraid
of finding out he's behind this?
Huh? What's that supposed to mean?
You listen to me!
Don't bring me some wild tale
without any proof.
[Sunagawa] You want proof,
not just evidence, huh?
We're not going to cross that line
until we've got solid proof.
[ominous music sting]
[exhales deeply]
You get a 100-yen-an-hour raise.
Isn't that great?
Now you'll make 900 yen an hour.
[Akira] Today is the same as yesterday.
And tomorrow will be the same as today.
-The peace sure is nice, huh?
[tense music playing]
[worried breathing]
[Kojima] work for my call-girl service
[Misaki] I'll never do it.
[Misaki's boss] Looks good.
Let's go with it.
-[mouse clicking]
-All right, I'll send the file.
-[mouse clicks]
-[Misaki] There it goes.
-[Misaki] Sato.
They okayed your illustrations.
[Akira] Now I'm officially working
for 900 yen an hour, huh?
That's right. A 900-yen man.
Say, want to join me for dinner later?
On me.
It was my job to do,
but your illustrations helped me out.
Helped you? That's not why I did it.
-[faucet squeaks]
-[water running]
[Misaki] But you did help me,
so let me treat you.
Let her, Sato.
-[Misaki's boss] Let her treat you.
-[angry breathing]
Mm-hmm. Being young sure is nice.
[Misaki's boss] Welcome to your youth ♪
I'll kill you! Die! Piece of shit!
-I was going to do a call-girl service.
-[tense music playing]
And how about a pistol?
Okay, I won't do call-girls.
[worried grunt]
[Misaki] Go on, Sato.
Order anything you like.
[Akira] This is the place we came before.
I don't mind if you eat edamame skins,
but they don't have lizards.
I didn't eat them because I like them.
I did it to survive.
Oh, sorry.
Why apologize? Have they got saury?
Oh, they've got it.
Say, is it pitch black
in the forest at night?
Weren't you lonely?
Like didn't you feel isolated or afraid?
Why are you asking about that?
Oh, sorry.
I bet you don't want to talk about it.
[Akira] No, I don't mind.
[soft grunt]
If I could think
about being alone or that kind of thing,
it meant I still had strength.
First, you secure some water,
look for food,
and then find a place to sleep.
Then you do it all again.
Weren't you lonely?
Well, I guess you could say I was.
-[Akira] But there was music.
-[insects chirping]
The cries of the insects and animals,
the babbling of the streams,
and the rustling of the wind in the trees.
[Akira] It's like the jazz of the forest.
-[soft jazz music playing]
-Yeah. They all play what they want.
I don't believe in gods or anything.
But I like nature.
It'll surprise you in pleasant ways,
like the sudden sight of flowers
or the star-filled sky at night.
But aren't there venomous snakes
in the wild?
They make a great meal.
I can survive three days
-off of a single pit viper.
-[soft gasp]
I was careful of ticks and mosquitoes.
They bite you without you knowing.
I never did like those.
Has going through those things
ever done you any good?
I can sense when I'm in danger.
[stifled chuckle]
[Misaki chuckling]
What's so funny?
[Misaki] Are those the words of a guy
who was made to cry by some punks?
-[chuckling continues]
[server] Are you ready to order?
I'll have three sauries.
[phone buzzing]
You can order whatever else you want.
Come see me so we can talk
[Akira] Pour some soy sauce
on the grated daikon
They're nicely cooked. The work of a pro.
[soft grunt]
Is it possible that you don't usually
eat saury starting with the head?
Oh, but you can eat it any way you like.
Okay, I will.
Did your sister Yoko
also live secluded in the forest too?
I'm not sure.
She and I lived separately.
Is that right? What an odd family.
Yeah, it is pretty odd.
You know,
something seems odd with you too.
You don't quite seem the same as usual.
[soft grunt]
[Akira] I'm not sure if I can be of use,
but since you got me this job,
I owe you one.
I can help.
[soft grunt]
[soft chuckle]
Don't be so suspicious.
I mean, everyone's got things
going on in their lives.
[Misaki] Never mind that. Tell me more
about the mountains and forest.
[car horn honking]
Keep the change.
About what I said before
-[knocks on door]
-[surprised grunt]
Room service?
I don't know. Want me to get it?
-[door slams open]
-[call girl gasps]
-Hey, cut that out!
-Easy, easy
[suspenseful music playing]
Mr. Sunagawa
How's it going, Takahashi?
Feeling refreshed?
The woman's in the way. Send her away.
-[call girl grunts]
You just sit right there.
What a nice smell.
[suspenseful music continues playing]
-[doorknob rattles]
-[door closes]
I've spent the last couple of days
looking into things.
How's the call-girl recruiting going
for your business with Kojima?
[Takahashi] What are you talking about?
You must be mistaken.
[Sunagawa] You think so?
You've sure learned to stay calm.
Have you and Kojima
overstepped the line together?
-[Sunagawa] Like murder?
-[soft grunt]
Takahashi, be careful with your attitude.
I just might take you out.
You sure talk tough
when you've got a gun in your hand.
I'm talking with Mr. Sunagawa right now.
So butt out, moron!
Now, now. Don't fight among friends.
This can't be solved
by a couple of lackeys fighting it out.
I want to talk with Kojima.
Tell him to contact me
when he's got the time.
[Takahashi] All right.
This is a small group, so let's get along.
I'm counting on you.
-[footsteps receding]
Guess we'll have to kill Kojima.
[surprised grunt]
I'll do it.
No, you could never do it.
We'll leave it to a pro.
I know a dangerous guy
who'll do anything for money.
Taihei Municipal Hospital
[footsteps approaching]
You called?
You smell of liquor.
[Akira] Yeah, a bit.
You ate meat too, right?
[Akira] Fried chicken and saury.
[Takeshi] Damn. I'm getting so hungry.
[Akira] What is it?
Remember what I told you?
My brother who served
15 years for murder got out.
I'm bothered by his actions.
His name's Kojima.
I've met him.
You have?
[Takeshi grunts, sighs]
Sato, can you find out
what Kojima's up to
and what he's got planned?
No, thanks.
Get one of your flunkies to do it.
Kuro's still got that bad leg,
and Takahashi's too close to Kojima.
Just do what you can.
At least check out the apartment
that we call the warehouse.
[exhales deeply]
If you're going to live in Taihei
for a year,
it can't hurt to have me owe you a favor.
[exhales deeply]
[Misaki] I was just on my way out.
[Misaki's colleague] I know it's sudden,
but take the day off today, Misaki.
The manager was just taken
to the hospital, so the place is closed.
[ominous music playing]
He was attacked by some random slasher.
I'll call you again later.
[ominous music rising]
-Hello? Can you hear me?
-[siren wailing]
Ah Yes.
[siren wailing]
[suspenseful music playing]
Pretty Girls
Special Guide
Sexy Club New Osaka
Taihei Municipal Hospital
[Takeshi] So, how'd it go?
[Akira] I'll keep it subtle
since we're on the phone.
I got inside. I'm on my way back now.
It's just like you thought,
they want to run a call-girl service.
They had a bunch of leaflets
they were using for reference.
That idiot.
By the way,
does your little brother have fireworks?
[Takeshi] Fireworks?
Rocket fireworks that use gunpowder.
[soft grunt]
And how about a pistol?
No, but he wanted one.
I'm pretty sure he's got a big one.
And someone got burned at that place.
[Takeshi] You're kidding.
Within the last week.
There were several burn marks.
[Akira] The sliding door was brand new.
I did what you asked.
I want to live in peace.
I don't want to get into
any more trouble than this.
-[call ends]
Hey! Tsk!
[phone ringing]
I had a feeling
you'd call tonight, Misaki.
The manager at the place I work
was attacked and injured.
I bet it was you.
[Kojima] Really? Are you serious?
I was at the office all day today.
I've even got an alibi.
There are some pretty nasty people
out there though. The poor guy.
Are you kidding me?
Then you got someone else to do it.
Hey, don't make up crazy fantasies.
[Kojima] But I can't guarantee
a fantasy like that won't come true.
Anyway, cheer up.
The worst is still yet to come.
I will never be a call girl
no matter what you do to me.
I swear it!
Fine. I get it.
I'll just be waiting
for your call, Misaki,
when you're ready to suck
Oh, she hung up on me.
Takahashi, give it to them.
[Takahashi] Here, 30,000 yen each.
Just like you told us, we beat him up.
Who was that guy?
It doesn't matter.
It's nothing for you to worry about.
If you do as I tell you,
we'll all be happy.
[shaky breathing]
[exhales deeply]
[Takeshi] Sato! Hey, Sato!
Buck naked again?
Whatever. I slipped out of the hospital.
I can't ignore what Kojima's doing.
If it continues, he and Sunagawa
will try to kill each other.
Yeah, you're probably right.
As Captain, I can't let that happen.
Then why don't you explain it
to your boss?
Considering what he's done
and what's expected,
Kojima will be disposed of.
The taxi's outside waiting,
and I don't plan on making this
a long chat.
I've got surgery tomorrow,
so I can't let this bother me.
[Takeshi] Lend me a hand, Sato.
I already helped you once.
I just need you to investigate and report.
No, thanks.
Think of another way.
[Takeshi] I'm asking you
-since you're a real pro.
I want to help Kojima.
[Takeshi] I'll give you this car.
I know you don't care at all
for cars or money.
But you do know how much I value this car.
This is what it means to me!
[exhales deeply]
[car approaching]
[Sunagawa's hire]
It's a dangerous world, isn't it?
I guess that's why
a handyman like me can make a living.
That means you're a pro, right?
At murder too.
[lighter clicking]
[Sunagawa's hire inhales sharply]
[exhales deeply]
I'm the middleman. He's the pro.
[ominous music playing]
[closing theme music playing]
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