The Fairly OddParents: A New Wish (2024) s01e15 Episode Script

A New Development

OK, class, your civics
assignment due this Monday
is a treasure hunt
around Dimmadelphia.
I know.
Homework on the
weekend, Mr. Guzman?
Trust me, this will be fun.
Plus, there's a prize.
Oh, I love treasure hunts.
Reminds me of the time we
spent as pirates during
our 10,000-year vacation
sailing the seven seas,
taking no prisoners.
Walking on a wooden leg.
Eh, am I a pencil
or a leg right now?
Shiver me timber!
You have your first clue.
When you locate the next
clue, take a photo with it
before moving on.
Teams who complete
the treasure hunt
will win tickets to
Dimmadelphia's crown jewel
Waterpark, the Wave and Rage.
Wave and Rage!
Now for the fun part.
I'm going to pair
you up randomly.
But, Mr. Guzman, Winn,
and I are the Dream Team.
This is an opportunity
to create a new Dream Team.
Jasmine will be with Bev.
Winn will be with
Whispers Fred.
But we have to work together.
We're the Dream Team.
Dev is so mean.
I wish I knew why
he acted like that.
And, Hazel,
you'll be working with Dev.
Ah, I don't remember
writing that.
How did this happen?
Now you'll have a
chance to find out
why Dev acts the way he does.
that's not what I meant.
Deep breath, Hazel.
You can do this.
Just think of all the
rides at Wave and Rage.
Yeah, like the Dimma-dunk.
And the Dimma-drencher.
Oh, it's going to be so fun.
I just gotta deal
with Dev for one day.
Then those tickets are mine.
Devin, turn down that game.
I can hear the
incessant beeping
and booping and tapping
all the way in my office.
I can't play
"Tarantula Tap Dancing Time
Travelers" with low volume.
The sound is the best part.
I have an
important project I'm
working on for
Founder's Day, and I
can't have any distractions.
You understand, right?
What's with the
backpack, Hopscotch?
It's full of my
treasure hunt supplies.
Are you ready to go?
Mm, pass.
I have a lot of
not that to do today.
Dev, come on.
We have to take photos
together at each location.
I can't complete the
assignment without you.
Hey, I know that game.
If I can solve that puzzle,
will you come with me?
I'm a master at puzzles.
If I can't solve this level,
you definitely can't solve it.
So then bet me,
unless you're scared.
"Clue one.
"If you make a call
from this height,
"your connection
will be glitchy.
If you roll down this,
you'll stand up itchy."
Any ideas?
Yeah, that's easy.
Signal Hill.
My dad's calls
always drop up there.
And when you roll
down the hill,
the grass makes you all itchy.
The top of the hill must
be where the next clue is.
Let's go.
It's so far.
So steep.
Legs cramping.
Feet sore.
Dev, you were right.
There's the next clue.
Yeah, of course I was right.
I'm Dev.
"You found the bell.
"You know that sound.
Try not to get lost
as you try to find found."
Find found.
Find found?
Find found.
Feend fund.
Feernd faarnd?
Oh, no.
Words have lost all meaning.
both: Founder's Park!
Yeah, yeah.
We did it.
We did it.
Close enough.
Let's roll.
This last clue is
the toughest one yet.
"Whether new or old, when you
have this, you have gold."
I'm stumped.
What the Dale?
Oh, we'll get it, Hazel.
Brain food will help
us figure it out.
The O-Pairs can
make us some sushi.
You don't like sushi?
You called me Hazel.
No, I didn't.
I said Horse.
Fine, I said Hazel.
But don't get used to it.
Oh, hey, Dad.
This is Hazel.
Hello, Maisel, Devin.
What are you two up to
this fine afternoon?
We're working on
a treasure hunt.
It was hard at first, but
Dev's really good at puzzles.
We make a great team.
A treasure hunt?
For what purpose?
To get tickets
to Wave and Rage.
We're Dimmadomes.
We can literally
buy Wave and Rage.
You don't have to do a
treasure hunt to get tickets.
Yep, lovely to
meet you, Habitat.
Get his name wrong
right back, Hazel.
Insult his boots.
So what do you think
about that final clue?
I think I'm over
the treasure hunt.
Jumping through hoops for
tickets to a water park
is silly.
But I thought we were having
fun and becoming friends.
What makes you
think I would want
to be your friend, Hatchling?
He did the name.
I didn't even get any lunch.
He said we were
going to have sushi.
I'll finish this
project myself.
"Whether new or old, when you
have this, you have gold."
Come on, Hazel, think.
What are you doing here?
I worked up quite an appetite
carrying this team all day.
You were dead weight.
I was not dead weight.
I was-- weight!
That's the answer to the clue.
Krentz's new paperweight.
It's made of gold.
Why are you following me?
You said the treasure
hunt was silly.
I didn't mean that.
Then why'd you say it?
I don't know.
I guess-- I guess I was
just embarrassed to be
excited about something
my dad thought was silly.
Well, it hurt my feelings.
I'm-- I'm sorry.
Is it OK if we finish the
treasure hunt together?
Happy to have you
back on the team.
Understanding reached.
Wish achieved.
Oh, I love it
when we complete
an emotional growth wish.
Ooh, the disembodied voice
that comes with it
is so comforting.
Since it's the
weekend, we're gonna
have to sneak in
to get a picture
of Krentz's paperweight.
This is gonna be so cool.
Hazel and Dev,
the heist homies.
First, we'll sneak
through the air vents.
Then, when we get
past the cafeteria,
we'll rappel down
from the ceiling right
into Krentz's office.
The door's open.
The door's open.
so maybe we don't have
so maybe we don't have
to go through the air vents.
But we are definitely going
to have to rappel down--
The door's open.
This heist is way too easy.
We'll need to look
out for the lasers.
What lasers?
Trust me.
There's always lasers.
Then, when we're in
the perfect position,
we'll carefully take a selfie
with the paperweight and--
The paperweight is gone.
The paperweight is in the safe.
Heist back on.
What did you do?
I assumed it would be
righty-tighty, lefty-loosey.
Hazel, Dev,
how was your weekend?
How'd the treasure hunt go?
It was good.
We almost finished, but
couldn't get the last photo.
You two!
These students tried to
steal my beloved paperweight.
we weren't gonna steal it.
We just wanted to
take a photo with it.
Oh, you've got
photos, all right.
Photo evidence!
Congratulations on
completing the treasure hunt.
The answer to the final
clue wasn't Principal
Krentz's paperweight.
It was the friendship.
That's the real gold.
And in these photos,
it's clear to me
that you each
made a new friend.
So these students snuck into my
office to complete a project?
Well, I don't
approve of shenanigans,
but I do approve of
homework on the weekends.
This balances out for me.
Now, unfortunately,
I did receive word that Wave
and Rage was shut down.
Something about
the Dimma-dunker
being too Dimma-dangerous.
But you still got
friendship as a prize,
for what that's worth.
It's worth a lot.
Friendship unlocked.
Billion ♪
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