The Fall (2013) s03e00 Episode Script

The Story So Far

1 - That'll be Detective Supt Gibson.
- Yes, ma'am.
And that would be me.
Welcome to Belfast.
I've been brought in from the Metropolitan Police to lead a review into the investigation of the murder of Alice Monroe.
The killer is out there somewhere, and we have nothing at all.
He had things entirely under his control.
Which leads me to think that this was not his first murder.
Alice Monroe was found posed in her bed.
Gallagher stuffed into a cupboard.
Two professional women in their early 30s killed in their own homes by strangulation.
I don't want the two murders linked.
Failure to see that crimes are linked is the thing that will allow the killer to strike again.
A female solicitor of living alone, came home to find there'd been an intruder.
- No sign of forced entry.
- Some underwear is gone.
Daddy? Where have you been? You should've called me.
I didn't want to wake you.
I've been thinking, who still might have keys? Nobody now - I got the locks changed.
The front, anyway.
The back door needs to be replaced, apparently.
OBJECTS THUD - SHE SCREAMS - The victim's name is Sarah Kay.
Strangled, posed.
Has to be the same guy.
You look tired.
Did you have a busy night? Quite busy, yeah.
Do you think her hair has been clipped? There? This is the third murder in three months, Jim.
If we don't stop him, he will kill again.
Think of it as an addiction.
He will carry on feeding that killing habit.
- Unless we stop him.
- Is this your purse? Oh, um - Thank you so much.
- He clearly has a victim type.
They are not victims of chance they are victims of choice.
It's possible that he's out there stalking his next victim now.
He breaks into their homes a day or two before he then returns to kill them.
He moves around, on his own in darkness.
We have decided that the three murders are linked, and we are seeking one individual for these crimes.
- There's been a shooting.
- GUNFIRE The detective we saw near the Falls Road on Sunday night.
James Olson was a married man, Stella.
You were a married man when you spent a night in my bed.
You looked different when you last baby-sat.
That was months ago.
God, you're strong! You're a thief.
Give it back.
[SHE GROANS] What are you doing?! That's my mother's hair.
That's all I have of her.
REPORTER: Police this evening have revealed that murdered solicitor Sarah Kay was pregnant at the time of her death.
Please understand, I would never have killed her if I had known she was pregnant.
Babies are innocent, and I've always felt very protective of children.
So, remorse that his perfect kill had been tainted.
Rose Stagg, a friend of Professor Reed Smith.
I spent years interviewing the victims of rape.
I don't think anyone ever felt worse after talking to me about their experiences.
We were in bed together.
The look in his eyes was really cold.
[WOMAN SCREAMS] I started fighting him, but I couldn't get his hands away from my throat.
And you knew of him as "Peter"? MAN SCREAMS It appears that the deceased is Ann Brawley's brother.
22 years old.
- Is it the same guy, Mam? - Yes.
But this time, he's really fucked up.
What are you doing here? Do I look like a child to you? Put on some clothes.
Get out of here.
Police are keen to talk to anyone who was in the vicinity of the park during those hours on Saturday.
I'm on television! - That could be anyone.
- It's us! - You need to call them.
- Where were you on that Saturday night? I was at home, with my wife and children.
- And she'll be able to verify that? - Yes.
Why did I need to lie to the police? I have something terrible to confess.
I've been having an affair.
Who? Katie? - What do you want to do? - Just hold you.
I don't trust myself.
That's why you must stay away.
If the person responsible contacts the incident room, then he will be able to have a one-to-one conversation with me.
We have an e-fit from Rose Stagg.
Could he really look like that? Even a multiple murderer can have his share of good qualities.
Or a pretty face.
I called you to say it's over.
It's never over for someone like you.
It won't be over until I stop you.
You have no idea who I am.
And you never will.
- Give me another chance.
- What choice do I have? Have the new baby on my own? I've seen what growing up without a father did to you.
Things are going to be so different from now on.
The boys won't leave the girls alone They pulled my hair and stole my comb But that's all right till I get home It's been ten days now, and there's been some speculation that he's gone away, that he's stopped.
I don't believe that it works that way.
Annie Brawley has regained consciousness.
I want to remember, I really do.
I really need to see you today.
I have so much work on.
What are you talking about? Three-month underage affair.
Whatever he's told you, he's lying.
According to her, there's been no affair, just some kind of sexual assault.
Just stay away, Paul.
What kind of response to the composite likeness? The Rose Stagg e-fit? Good.
The fact it's from eight or nine years ago has caused a degree of confusion.
Do you think that looks like me? A wee bit, maybe.
In his own mind, he feels he has the right to decide who lives and who dies.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
SHE GASPS Peter? - You went to the police, Rose.
- It wasn't me! The caption said it was nine years ago, but it was you.
And you've betrayed me.
[SHE CRIES] Help! Her first appointment at work was at eight this morning.
She didn't turn up.
No word from her either.
This has never happened before.
We made a decision to say that the likeness was from nine years ago.
Rose's life is at risk, and it's my fault.
Can I help you? I'm here to see a patient.
Annie, I'm Paul Spector.
We can examine for trace and contact evidence - blood, fingerprints, fibres.
PHONE: They've managed to lift a partial print from the scissors.
We've run it through the system and found a match.
Our prime suspect: Paul Spector.
Our priority is to find him, put him under surveillance in the hope that he will lead us to Rose.
He reported his car as stolen the day after the Brawley murder.
We need to find that car.
You were with Paul Spector from 9.
30 that night - till after three the following morning.
Are you pleased with me? Not particularly.
I'm protecting you.
I don't need your protection.
Yes, you do.
- Please.
- Stop.
Please! Please, Stella! [HE GROANS] What are you wearing? Nothing.
Katie! You recorded him? Were you doing the same? Maybe.
A body has been found.
- A female.
- Where? In the Belfast Hills.
It's not her.
It's not Rose.
DS Tom Anderson.
Detective Sergeant, West Belfast.
Thought he might make a useful addition to our team.
Spector had been counselling a married couple, James and Elizabeth Tyler.
Spector had a run-in with James Tyler about an unscheduled house call he made on Liz when she was home alone.
You stay away from my wife, or I'll fucking kill you.
Spector advised Liz to report him to the domestic violence unit.
If I call the police, he'll go straight back to jail.
They can arrange a shelter until he's arrested.
I'm offering you a lifeline.
- JAMES SCREAMS - Is James back in prison? - Out on bail.
- But Spector is still registered as a freelance bereavement counsellor.
The Alice Monroe Fund sent a bereavement counsellor to talk to Annie Brawley.
Which therapist? The new one.
Mr Spector.
Is he the target? The hairdresser's booked to see Annie today.
She's been cancelled too.
But you let me come all the way in here before turning me away? From Eight, that's the target crossing reception.
He knows that we're onto him.
He was there.
I remember him.
He's the man that attacked me.
From One, that's the technical unit arriving at the target's house.
MAN GROANS - We have a problem.
- What? We have a collapsed ceiling.
It's going to be all right.
We'll always be together.
My mother killed herself.
Left me alone and unwanted.
What is it you want me to do? It's been four days since Rose went missing.
Delaying the arrest in the hope that the suspect leads us to her runs a number of obvious risks.
RADIO: The target is out of the house.
Repeat, he is running loose.
RADIO: From Four, the Benedetto girl has entered the Bleecker Street Hotel on Bleecker Street, running loose.
It's my hotel! - Open the door! - TOILET FLUSHES [BANGING ON DOOR] Open the door! Katie - Get off! - Calm down.
You are under arrest.
You know Paul Spector can go to prison for the things you're saying? We love each other.
You love each other? Completely.
Where is my wife? - Don't know, Jimmy.
- GUNFIRE Paul Spector, I'm arresting you for the unlawful imprisonment of Rose Stagg.
Sally-Ann Spector, I'm arresting you on suspicion - of perverting the course of justice.
- What?! He was arrested initially for the abduction and false imprisonment of Rose Stagg.
- I'm bleeding.
- What? I'm asking for you to account for the presence in your phone of a number of video files featuring Rose Stagg.
I am loved, and nothing that you can do can take that away! SCREAMING: Do you know that?! Is it definitely Spector's? Yes, ma'am.
- You think she was in here? - I know she was.
You must have had a terrible childhood to be able to do this to me.
We know next to nothing about Paul Spector's childhood.
All we have is a list of children's homes that he himself provided.
One of those homes I got to know very well.
Run by a paedophile.
Father Fiachra Jensen.
I want to know if you remember this boy from your time at Gortnacul Orphanage.
He was a very pretty boy.
I'll talk to Stella.
No-one else.
When was your first attack? Are there other victims that we don't know about? Victims before Fiona Gallagher? No.
Fiona Gallagher was the first.
- I've seen to it, ma'am.
- Go ahead.
Spector has come up with an offer.
When are you coming home? Not for a while.
You work for her? - Sort of.
- There's nothing here.
There's no sign of Rose.
Go deeper, Stella.
There's clearly something going on between you.
Let me give you some advice.
If you haven't done yet, don't.
I've tasted both the fantasy and the deed.
The fantasy is way more piquant.
RADIO: Rose's car is here.
I repeat, Rose's car is here.
- ROSE GROANS - Jesus Christ.
She's alive.
RADIO: There's another individual on the edge of the woods.
Someone we can't account for.
Shit! HELICOPTER PROPELLERS WHIR - Can that thing land? - We've got three men down here.
We need urgent medical backup.
RADIO: I can't land.
- Jesus Christ.
- Trees are too dense.
We're losing him! Oh You're under arrest.
You're going to prison.
In what sense are you free? I live at a level of intensity unknown to you and others of your type.
You will never know the almost godlike power that I feel when that last bit of breath leaves a body, that feeling of complete possession.