The Fall of the House of Usher (2023) s01e06 Episode Script


Welcome all and thanks for coming.
I am not Bill T. Wilson,
Bill T. Wilson is hoping
a prostitute named Candy
will let him fuck her
if he brushes her hair.
Tamerlane Usher
came up with the Goldbug lifestyle
to change the fucking
Guy? What the fuck is his name? Costner?
If anyone is in here,
there is a fucking bodyguard outside
who is authorized to use lethal force.
Oh, Jesus.
Oh, God.
Tamerlane, you've got to sleep.
Just go to sleep. Just go to sleep.
Just go, please, just go to sleep.
I have a question. If I may.
You've told me about
Perry's conversations with his friends,
Camille with her assistants,
Leo chasing a cat alone in his loft,
Victorine's weird experiences at work,
and now this.
Tamerlane Usher alone in her bedroom.
- I'm sorry, am I boring you?
- No, just, uh
I mean
I have to take it
with a grain of salt, right?
There's no way you witnessed these events,
so what is this? Your best guess?
- This is what happened.
- How could you know?
Because they told me.
- Before they died.
- No, not before.
Oh, isn't it beautiful?
It's fit for a queen.
Queen Twosret, actually.
Pharaoh of Egypt, 19th dynasty.
Two giant sapphires were placed
in Twosret's head when she was mummified.
In place of her eyes.
To give her power
and sight in the afterlife.
Now, that's how you send off a goddess.
Priceless, they said.
But you have to ask the right questions.
Not, "What do the sapphires cost?" but,
"What does the Supreme
Council of Antiquities cost?"
"What does the Coalition to Protect
Egyptian Antiquities cost?"
"What does
the Minister of Antiquities cost?"
"What does the Secretary General cost?"
"What do the Egyptian
National Police cost?"
Answer those questions. One at a time.
And in just a few years,
those priceless sapphires
are a birthday gift for my sister.
I reached through time
and ripped the eyes out of a goddess
with my pocketbook and some patience.
Does that make me a god?
Don't all answer at once.
Come in.
Jesus Christ. Are you okay?
Have you been home yet?
Pym told me to come straight here
before the press gets it.
Haven't slept in my office
since the first Ligodone launch.
Well, take a shower at least.
That's not what I think it is.
It's Fortunato property,
it's not for the police.
Did you remove it yourself?
I was going to have an intern do it,
but this was faster.
I can't believe it.
I can't believe she got to them.
I'm going to annihilate
that security company.
- The guard was 30 feet away.
- There was no one in there.
I saw it with my own eyes.
She did it herself.
I saw Victorine push the knife
into her own heart.
And no
No one helped her with her girlfriend.
That much was clear.
Four deaths in a row is not a coincidence.
We don't need to know how it's happening
to know it's happening.
We are under attack
and if that doesn't snap you out of this,
remember, Vic had a board seat.
Now you're listening.
Yes, brother dear,
has it not occurred to you
that if these coincidences keep happening,
that family firewall
you've always talked about
is being dismantled one brick at a time?
We could lose control of the board.
That woman from the bar,
if we don't find her,
if we don't stop her right fucking now,
you won't have a family left.
You won't have a company either.
That's something
we can work with, at least.
Yes, finally, something I can actually do.
- What time is it?
- Sunrise, is what time it is.
My hand will be around the throat
of every board member by lunch.
Have Pym summon the troops
and spin up the circus,
it's war with the shareholders.
- The woman, Roderick.
- The board, Madeline, the board.
I've never seen
anything like this
Hey, old man, it's me.
You didn't come home last night. I'm just
I don't love that. Call me.
Text me. Something.
What do I tell their families
that they're counting on, this job
Christ, breakfast of fucking champions,
isn't it?
We can't sustain this.
We'll keep you updated
as the story unfolds.
Tragedy has once again
struck the prominent Usher family
as the bodies
of Roderick Usher's daughter,
Victorine Lafourcade,
and her partner Alessandra Ruiz
were found deceased in their home
early this morning,
following an apparent murder-suicide.
Sources report Ruiz was dead hours before
Lafourcade took her own life
in a gruesome scene.
- Oh, my God. Dad!
- What is it?
by the couple's friends and colleagues
Oh, my God.
and confusion
- We'll have to go to another funeral.
- Dad, are we safe?
Well, yes honey, you're you're safe.
You have a bodyguard at school.
You're completely safe, honey.
Camille L'Espanaye, Napoleon Usher and
Your aunt, she was a very ambitious woman.
I mean, very, very ambitious.
Something like this was bound to happen.
I didn't think she would hurt Ali, but it
Listen to me, this is important.
Your Aunt Victorine, your Uncle Leo,
your Aunt Camille, your Uncle Perry
none of them were right.
None of them.
And they were also Well,
they're not completely Ushers either.
The only thing that matters now is Mommy.
Honey, did you hear that?
Tragedy. Victorine is gone.
And she didn't just do herself in,
she took Ali with her.
But it just shows to go you,
you can never really know anyone.
Do you?
Do you, honey?
- Say goodbye, it's time for school.
- I want to stay with her.
No, Mommy needs to settle in today.
Are the doctors coming?
The specialists you talked about?
Tam, I tried calling.
I know.
I wanted to make sure that I mean, Vic.
It's all over the news.
You weren't answering.
Of course I've heard about Vic.
- Are you okay?
- No, I'm not okay.
That doesn't mean
that I need anything from you.
I don't. We'll send you service details.
In lieu of flowers, please leave your key.
- Wow, you're sticking to this.
- I think I've been pretty clear.
Tammy, this this isn't the time
Let's set our shit aside for just a minute
and take stock of what has happened.
You are not okay.
You think you're tougher than this,
you're not.
And you have not been okay
for a while now.
But you're not alone in this.
I am here with you. And I love you.
I don't.
Can we put this out of its misery, please?
What did I do that was so egregious?
Can you even tell me that?
Because I feel like all I've ever done is
try to work on our marriage.
And all you've ever cared about
is our brand.
"Our brand"?
Read your prenup, Bill.
You leave with the clothes
on your back, if that.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm just having a really hard time here.
And this thing, this Goldbug,
it's different than anything else
that my family has ever done,
and it is more important now than ever
that the world sees that we
That we're more than just Fortunato.
We're not just pill-pushers.
We can be about health and about beauty.
And the Usher name
is more than just Roderick and Madeline.
And I'm scared, Bill.
As you know,
you've got to be with me
when the smoke clears, Davis,
'cause it always clears,
and I'm always standing.
You remember the other side of it.
Remember '96?
- Mr. Usher
- They try to kill me, but I don't die.
Heads fucking roll on the other side.
And Davis, hear me, I'm goddamn immortal.
Come in!
- Oh, my favorite girl.
- I'm so sorry, Grandpa.
Thank you, Sarah, you can go.
- Yes, sir.
- You too, bodyguard.
Anybody tries anything, I'll
- Why aren't you in school?
- Are you kidding?
They excused me.
I wanted to make sure you were okay.
Why is this happening?
Life is insane.
It is madness.
The sooner you understand that,
the better off you'll be.
I'm worried, Grandpa.
The world might not be safe
but listen to me, and listen carefully.
- I won't let anything happen to you.
- I'm not worried about me.
I'm worried about my dad.
Something's off with him.
Well, sometimes things are just
Reality's not what it used to be.
All that we see
Or seem
Is but a dream within a dream
For example
Do you see them too?
'Cause I'm not sleeping at night,
but that's
that's an edge.
As those who dream by day
Are cognizant of many things
Which escape those
Who dream only by night
- Grandpa, are you okay?
- I am. I'm fine.
I'm just
It's been quite a week.
That's Fortunato property.
That too.
Sergeant, do we have to listen
to this asshole?
We're ready for you in here,
Mr. Pym.
Hard drives, laptops,
anything digital is ours.
The D.A. has assured me
that if you find anything relevant
to our case on those devices,
you'll turn it in.
You're not serious.
You telling me those have fuck-all
to do with proprietary Fortunato shit?
See something of interest, Mr. Pym?
You'll conclude your business here
by 7:00.
Mr. Usher welcomes you
into his daughter's home,
but his patience isn't endless.
Stay out of the other rooms.
Cancel my afternoon,
I've got to check something out.
Oh, and I'm having Richard Parker
for dinner, so
tell him I might be late.
Yes, sir.
Dad, are you here?
- Hey there.
- Oh. Fuck it. Fuck.
- I'm so sorry.
- No.
- Um, no, thank you.
- Sorry.
Have you seen my father?
He hasn't answered his phone all morning.
I know. He sure won't, right?
I've been calling all day.
Closest I got was Crystal,
you know his secretary?
Crystal. Course you do.
She said he was okay. Not to worry.
Crisis mode. All that.
Victorine. Horrible.
It's always the same though.
He doesn't really talk to me
most of the time. It's, uh
You ever been alone in this house?
It's fucking huge.
A lot of stairs. Quite cold.
Makes me feel small, I guess.
No one ever sees me here.
No one is here in general.
I'm rambling. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry is what I meant to say.
I'm sorry about Victorine.
And Camille. And Leo.
And Perry. All of it. All this madness.
It's just weird to me.
I guess all these terrible things and
I thought,
that's when people come together.
But we've never been further apart.
I'm sorry
that he doesn't answer his phone.
It's not you. It's all of us.
It always has been.
I know.
I've never had much in the way of family.
I thought when we
got together, "Well,
his family's fucking huge, isn't it?"
Just to
be part of a group.
Be really part of something, you know?
Silly, aren't I?
Just tell him I came by
if you talk to him before I do.
No, that's not good enough.
I need something
that will impress the board.
And I need it now.
One thing about the board,
they love the pills,
but they love an algorithm even more.
We have predictive market modeling
up and running at 74% accuracy on the SET.
Thailand. Mmm. Congratulations.
That's like getting a "B"
in an easy class.
What about the DOW, Japan?
Hell, fucking Germany.
Those markets are much more volatile
and our algorithm is still learning.
Okay, how about weather patterning?
The Doppler algorithm
was performing well last month.
Put a little icing on that.
It's doing better than expected,
but not ready for the board, Ms. Usher.
What am I paying you people for?
Look, this science, yes, it's about
predicting political landscapes,
preventing environmental catastrophe,
saving entire economies,
but if we can crack consciousness mapping,
it's about living for fucking ever.
Leave now. Thank you.
- Things are escalating.
- How so?
I found a patient file at Vic's.
There was a photograph attached.
- It was her.
- Her?
There was an address on the file.
Now you're talking. You need to get there.
I'm here now.
You were absolutely correct.
This is intentional.
You have been targeted.
And this woman knows
we are trying to find her.
What makes you say that?
- She used this address on her file?
- That's right.
- Did he go inside?
- Oh, yes, he did.
And did he find her?
How much do you know about Arthur Pym?
I expect he's the kind of man
you call if you
I don't know,
accidentally kill a prostitute
and need to dismember the corpse.
No, he's not nearly that boring.
You remember the Transglobe Expedition?
'79 to '82. Circumnavigated the globe.
U.K. to the South Pole to the North Pole
and home again. Round the world.
I remember.
- One hundred thousand miles.
- Across the Sahara.
Swamps and jungles of Mali
and the Ivory Coast,
unexplored crevasse fields in Antarctica.
The Northwest Passage
The graveyard
of so many famous adventurers.
And then, into the hazards
of the Arctic Ocean
- I remember it, Roderick.
- Arthur was there.
He was barely 25.
He put law school on hold
to elbow his way onto the expedition
and he saw the fucking world.
While you and I were dicking around
with our petty little dramas,
and we were digging in the basement
at Fortunato,
Arthur Gordon Pym
was bending the planet over
and taking his piece.
The things he saw
And he'll talk about them too.
To a point.
Always stops telling it
as he gets to the North Pole.
Used to be a fun game
when the kids grew up,
trying to finish Arthur's story.
I like to think he killed someone.
I like to think he's eaten human flesh.
I like to think he took a piss
on the tip-top of the world.
A guy can dream.
He told my kids
that the Earth was hollow.
And I don't even know if he was lying.
He was lying.
He told Tammy the Earth was hollow
and that he found an island
at the top of the world, that he called
Ultima Thule.
And that it was the realm of beings
who lived
beneath us, out of time.
And out of space.
We didn't send a private investigator
to find that woman.
We didn't send the police.
We didn't send a hitman.
We didn't send a mercenary.
We sent Arthur Gordon Pym.
Of course he found her.
But not that day.
Funny you mention
going through the basement of Fortunato.
That's why I remember
seeing the expedition, in a way.
They landed back in England in '82.
I watched most of it on TV.
I remember it well, because
I was unemployed at the time.
Thanks to you.
Oh, don't be bitter, Auggie.
At this point,
isn't it all just water under the
Oh, please. Please, sweetie, stop.
It's all right.
- Thanks for doing this.
- It's risky.
Yes, it is. I won't deny that.
What happens if he gets caught?
I hate to say, it kind of depends
on what he gives us.
Whatever I give you, whatever it is,
you have to take him down.
Because no matter how badly we hurt him,
if we don't kill him,
he'll kill us both, you know that.
You get me what I need
and he will go down.
Tell me again.
What do you need specifically?
I wrote it all down for you.
Patient records, sure,
but I'm more interested
in the consent for care forms,
internal memos,
anything that has the name Brevit on it.
And anything that has your signature on it
that you know you didn't sign.
Those are bulletproof.
You testify that they are forged
and each piece of paper is a felony.
There's lots down there.
It could take hours to copy everything.
To be clear,
I'm putting my neck out there.
- Into a fucking guillotine.
- My neck's right next to yours.
We can't do this.
You'll be breaking the law.
They are breaking the law.
We're just making copies of their crimes.
- And then what? You testify?
- Yes.
- But it's complicated.
- No, I
Roderick, this is risking
everything we have.
Tell me
it's not just a vendetta
against your awful boss.
Or about your dad.
Tell me it's worth it.
Tell me you know the risk
and I'll be there with you.
I'll back you up. Just tell me.
This is worth the risk.
Then I'm proud of you.
Look at the address.
Doesn't make any sense.
We're past that now.
Look. You can't deny your own eyes.
I watched Vic commit suicide
with my own eyes.
Was there anything in her system?
Any drugs whatsoever?
There was no one else in the apartment.
Look at the fucking file.
She was there at every turn.
What do you expect me to do?
Huh? I mean, Arthur?
What do we have on this woman?
Some pictures, a bogus address,
but what did she do to them?
I don't know. Yet.
But you need to bear with me.
I tracked down that bar
you mentioned, Madeline.
Only the location you gave me isn't a bar.
It was never a bar.
And it's been vacant since 1975.
I must have the address wrong.
It's been 40 years.
Now, you two said you walked to this bar
from Fortunato that night?
We did.
Seems unlikely
you'd walk more than five miles.
Five minutes, more like.
I looked at every bar
in a five-mile radius
of Fortunato going back to 1975.
I accounted for every female bartender
at every bar that fit that criteria,
and nothing.
I've been running her images
through a facial recognition sweep.
- No hits on law enforcement.
- See? This is going nowhere.
But I tapped into
Madeline's technology department,
brought in their research algorithm,
combed the Internet, massive image search
and, in conjunction
with our facial recognition
- Oh, wait, that's
- David Koch.
Seven years ago.
Wait, she
she works for the Toxic Twins?
I always got along with those fuck-nuts.
And Zuckie too?
- That's Gina.
- Gina Rinehart. Mining magnate.
Climate Denial Dundee.
You remember when she tried to make a case
for $2-a-day pay, no?
She's a trip. She's a great singer too.
These were taken in 2011.
So she's a stalker.
She stalks important people.
Oh, wait.
This is from the '80s.
That's Prescott Bush, 1944.
Randolph Hearst.
Doherty. Vanderbilts.
And this one.
That's John Francis Queeny.
He founded Monsanto.
- In 1901.
- Bullshit. This is bullshit.
It's Photoshop. She sprinkled
bogus images of herself online.
- She knows we're looking. It's a prank.
- Roderick, stop it.
Oh, she's
Stop. It's a goose chase.
She's spinning your wheels.
I could make a hundred photos
just like that.
Give me three minutes,
I'll make a photo
of Pym blowing Elon Musk.
Don't be such a fucking child.
This is the same woman, Roderick.
Remember what happened that night.
Remember what she said.
You're the COO
of a Fortune 100 corporation
and you're talking like a crazy person.
You remember that conversation,
I know you do.
- We were out of our minds, Madeline.
- Maybe.
Men have called me mad
But the question is not yet settled
As to whether madness is or is not
The loftiest intelligence
If I may.
The metadata confirms these images
have been online for years.
So for someone to fake these photographs,
we're looking at deep state,
black-ops level cyber manipulation.
I've never seen anything like this.
CIA, NSA. No, it seems impossible,
so obviously they want us to think it is.
They want us to have
this exact conversation.
The question is, why?
Or it is exactly what it looks like.
I need the room, please.
You may have it.
Look out!
- Daddy!
- It's all right now.
It's all right.
You all right?
- Don't worry.
- It's all my fault.
It's not your fault, dear.
- I'm so sorry.
- We're all safe now.
Okay. What now? Another movie, or a show?
- Go ahead.
- Mo-vie.
Okay. Now we're talking.
Just let me know when we hit something
you want to see.
Love you.
She's talking.
- What?
- This afternoon she wasn't even blinking.
I thought something was wrong,
she wouldn't even twitch,
now she's moving again.
- More than ever, she's talking even.
- Really?
- We've got to tell the doctor.
- We should do.
- Hey, did the doctor come today?
- Not today.
I mean, you said about the specialists.
Full-time care?
But, well, I haven't seen anybody.
Well, like you said,
she's doing much better now,
so they come when they're needed.
- Are they coming tomorrow?
- I'm sure they are.
Listen, I don't want you to worry about
doctors and specialists and whatever.
Your mom's going to get what she needs,
and who better
to take care of her than us, right?
I mean
we always have been
so good to her, haven't we?
It's just because you'd said
about the specialists
Don't you worry about it.
I'm sorry.
About everything.
I know you must be
- I can't imagine how you're feeling.
- I'm good, sweetie.
I mean, Aunt Vic, she's
You understand
that you're perfectly safe, right?
I know the family's They're going crazy.
They're doing
Self-destructing all over the place.
But you're going to be okay.
I'll make sure of it.
I heard you're talking.
I think it's neat that you can talk again.
Don't get me wrong.
It's just, what's the point?
Because if you're talking
you're lying.
We can do without the lies, Morrie.
How long were you fucking him?
No. No.
- Enough. Okay? Enough.
- No.
Freddie. Freddie. Freddie, no.
15cc lasted, what,
about six hours last time?
Ah, this stuff is the real deal.
And you're aware the whole time, right?
It's important that you are aware.
You can still see me, hear me.
This stuff.
It's the only stuff I know
that can do that this well.
You still see me, right?
Let's see how long this dose lasts, huh?
I nearly spat out my tea
when your secretary
told me where you were.
She says you've been
coming down here a lot.
What are you doing down here, anyway?
Goldbug is starting.
You should be there.
If not for her, for the company.
We are drowning.
- The trial. The deaths.
- It's a waste of time.
Why the hell is she doing it today anyway?
Well, because she has to.
Because right now,
she seems more interested
in pulling this family out of its nosedive
than you do.
- And you should back her up.
- I'll be up in a minute.
Do you hear that?
Hear what?
Shut your mouth, get your shit together.
The fuck is wrong with you?
You know as well as I do
what's happening here.
Stop playing stupid.
I don't know anything about anything.
My heart is dying,
my brain is dying, I don't
I don't know for a fact
if you're even here right now.
Okay, you can hide behind
this diagnosis all you want.
But right now, I need you
to pull your head out of your ass
for Tamerlane and Frederick,
for Fortunato, and for me.
- Your daughter needs you.
- She's fine.
She's surrounded. How many people
are up there anyway? A hundred?
Oh, fucking hell.
Oh, that's enough caffeine,
you are shaking already.
- It's not the caffeine, it's the nerves.
- Please.
You've been ready for this
your whole life, look at you.
This is important for our company.
The world is closing in
and we need something like Goldbug,
something that could be positive.
This is a good start.
I thank you for that.
If it's so important, where is Dad?
Where is Bill?
Men are as stupid as they are simple.
You're better off.
They need to get used to seeing
your beautiful face out there.
Your face in front of the Goldbug logo.
Your face in front of the Fortunato logo.
Not BILLT, the fitness dork.
I miss him.
You won't darling, I promise you that,
because whatever it is you think you miss,
you can get it anywhere.
You're right.
I know. You're right.
Oh, my God, my first husband.
I thought I missed him,
but that was just this temporary insanity.
This burp your heart goes through.
He was fun to ride. Boy.
He wouldn't shut up about kids.
Why do they always want you to have kids?
Men, when they think they're immortal,
all they want to do is fuck.
When they figure out they're going to die,
all they want to do is fuck.
- You ready?
- Of course she is.
I'll give a five minute warning,
introduce you, and you'll cue the video?
Break both legs.
pleasure to introduce
the founder of Goldbug, Tamerlane Usher.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
I am so grateful
that we're all here together today
to celebrate Goldbug.
As you will see tonight,
Goldbug is the height of opulence.
What the fuck are you doing here?
I mean
What the fuck
And excuse my French, I'm just
I'm that excited.
are we doing here, right?
Well, let me tell you.
We are here to
We are here to change lives.
And that is what the fuck
we are doing here.
Meet Goldbug.
The first true, high-end beauty, fitness
and health lifestyle brand on the market.
Goldbug isn't just another
subscription service,
or an exercise class,
it's not just Goop, or Peloton.
It is a lifestyle.
And it will actually change your life.
Opulence in self-actualization.
That is what we are all about,
but more than that.
Let's start with our Goldbug boxes.
Just the first tier in our tower of you.
Each box is built by a panel
of chemists and high-end industry leaders.
A Goldbug subscription is different
from anything else on the market
because of our focus on individuality.
No two boxes are the same
because no two peop
are the same.
I agree.
We've contracted with luxury companies
from all over the world,
and items found in our Goldbug boxes
are not generally available
to the American public.
In fact, this Goldbug is just for me.
It is tailored to my lifestyle
and, as you'll see
French energy oil.
Made with black diamond truffle extra
French energy oil.
Made with black diamond truffle extract.
Some people say
that this is the key to eternal youth.
Well, I've been using it for six weeks,
and I swear
I don't know how I look,
but I feel ten years younger.
Crème de Lune.
Made with green caviar algae
and South Sea pearls.
This moisturizer is
The fuck are you doing here?
Just supporting you.
You know what?
That's enough about me.
Let's talk about you, before we get to our
fitness integration portion
of our presentation.
I'm sure you all remember
submitting your exhaustive profiles
to our Goldbug team.
Well, there is a reason
that we dug so deeply into your business.
If you would just look under
your assigned seats
and find what we have built for you.
Watch. Mine's full of poo.
All the products contained
in our Goldbug boxes are 100% organic.
Okay, tonight is about
positive reinforcement.
I've been stressed out
working too much, so Bill,
I want you to lick her armpits
and then eat her out.
- Yes, dear.
- Oh, Christ.
Just once try and act like
I'm not asking you
- Turn it off.
- to do the dishes.
- Turn it off.
- Wait. Armpits for a minute
Please, turn it off.
I want you to lick her asshole
while she reads a book.
- Or answers emails.
- Turn it off!
- Turn it off!
- And tell her how smart she
The bum is an up-charge.
- One thing I have is money.
- Whatever you want, boss.
You're so fucking smart, after all.
Fuck you!
I'm sorry. I didn't
Tamerlane Usher is over.
I'm here!
I am right here!
Uh, honey.
I It It was awful.
I don't know what happened.
I'm so sorry I didn't listen to you.
I am so sorry, Bill.
You can call him back.
You still got time.
Bill, I'm sorry I treated you that way.
Bill, I'm sorry I used you.
Could give him that at least.
Man ate a lot of ass on your behalf.
Maybe you just tell him you're sorry.
You fucking psycho stalker!
That would be so much easier, wouldn't it?
You really fucked this one up,
didn't you, Tammy?
Who are you?
I mean, you absorbed your twin
in the womb.
That's fucking hardcore. Hats off.
Wait. Maybe I'm her.
Maybe I've been living all this time
shoved to a dark corner of your skull.
And I've spent 40 years
growing tiny little tendrils
into your brain.
I'm finally taking over.
No. I'm kidding.
I'm actually you.
- What do you want?
- What do you want?
What I want is for you to relax.
I mean it.
Keep swinging like that,
you're only hurting yourself.
Fuck you!
Not sure you've got time for that.
Besides, I thought you preferred to watch.
If you're so tough
then why are you so fucking scared of me?
What the fuck do you want from me?
No one can take being shot down, scorned,
and attacked 24/7 like you do to yourself.
And if you could hear that, you'd know.
It's your last chance
to be perfectly still.
And breathe before the inevitable.
you might not believe me,
but this part has nothing to do with you.
I fucked it all up.
I've I fucked it all up.
I fucked it all up.
I fucked it all up. I just
I just want
Some sleep?
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