The Famous Five (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

The Curse of Kirrin Island

("Hidden Treasures"
by the Beyond playing)
And after the breeze
Of another shore ♪
The only moment I found ♪
Higher peaks to climb and ♪
Deeper seas to dive in ♪
(seagulls cawing)
(gentle music playing)
(gentle music rises)
(distant howling)
(howling continues)
(distant howling)
(George) Hello?
Is anyone there?
Okay, I'm coming aboard.
(dog panting)
(soft chuckle)
- It's all right. Come here.
- (dog whimpers)
What happened to your owner?
(Timmy whimpers)
Okay, let's go. Let's go.
(ambient music playing)
Can you sit?
Roll over.
Can you chase your tail?
I'm George. Pleased to meet you.
(seagulls cawing)
(Timmy whimpers)
The only way this is going to work
is if you keep your head down.
(ambient music playing)
(birds chirping)
Good boy.
There you are.
Mum and Dad don't come in here.
Leave it to me.
We're not getting a dog, George.
I'd take care of him, you wouldn't
have to actually do anything.
I'd pay for his food
and everything.
I'm sorry, but the answer's no.
Besides, your father's
got an allergy.
If he's got an allergy, then why
isn't he allergic to chickens?
Totally different to feathers.
(Fanny) I know it gets lonely,
stuck out here with just us to keep
you company.
(Quentin) But the good news
is that's all about to change.
Do you know your cousins?
Do you remember them?
- (Fanny) Julian, Dick, and Anne?
- Mm-hm.
Well, their father,
your Uncle Jack,
he works for the Foreign Office,
and he's had to go abroad for work
and Aunt Gillian's needed
to go with him.
- (sighs)
- (Fanny) The point is,
your cousins are coming to stay
and I want you to try
and make friends with them.
Please, can I get down?
Please, can you make some kind of
effort with your cousins?
(Fanny) You haven't seen them
since you were tiny.
You haven't even met Anne.
(Quentin) Thank you. And George
Just be nice.
And if you can't be nice,
pretend to be nice!
(door slams)
Well, that could have gone worse.
Mm, maybe it'll do her good.
She hasn't spoken to anyone
her own age since Christmas.
She's not going to like it,
but she's going to have to learn.
(Julian) Thank you.
- Oh, no, please.
- Oh! Go.
- Careful of my luggage.
- Okay.
- I don't want it to get dropped.
- Sure.
- Don't put it on the floor!
- My lady.
- All right.
- Thank you.
(Dick) Thank you.
- (Dick grunts)
- It's this way.
(Anne) Whoa!
- You okay?
- (Julian) Yeah, good.
(Fanny) It's not that far.
It's just up there.
(birds chirping)
(Timmy pants)
She's probably just feeling
a bit shy.
That's your uncle's workshop
in there.
Probably best not to disturb him
right now,
his work's at a critical stage.
Why don't you put your bags
in your room,
and I'll put the kettle on?
- (Julian) Thanks, Aunt Fanny.
- (Fanny) Okay.
You shouldn't touch anything
without asking.
They're just books, Julian.
Remember what Dad said.
What did he say?
Just Uncle Quentin's
a brilliant inventor,
but he can be a little
eccentric sometimes.
If he's such a brilliant inventor,
how come
he never invented anything?
(footsteps approaching)
Ah, you must be Anne.
You must, um, settle yourself in
and go out and find George,
she's very excited
to have you here.
(Anne whimpers)
- (Julian sighs)
- (Anne scoffs)
Uncle Quentin is weird.
- And this place is really cold.
- (relieved sigh)
It'll soon warm up.
This pillow has no pillow case.
Think of it like indoor camping.
Wow, look at that view.
(Dick) It's an impressive library,
I'll give them that.
There's an entire row of paperbacks
by Danny B Farren.
Don't you realise?
It's an anagram for Fanny Bernard.
(Dick) Aunt Fanny, she's a writer.
Pretty good style, actually.
(Anne) Where do you think
Georgina is?
(Timmy barks, whines)
You want the stick?
You want to play with the sick?
Look, follow the stick. Ah
(gloomy music playing)
(Timmy whimpers)
(Timmy barks, whines)
Was he your master?
(Anne talking in the distance)
(Timmy whimpers)
(George) Timmy!
The beach is closed.
You're Georgina, aren't you?
The name's George.
Isn't that a boy's name?
She does have a point.
The last person that called me
Georgina got a slap.
We're your cousins.
I know.
(Timmy whines)
Is that your dog?
- (Timmy whimpers)
- Good boy! Hi!
(Anne) I wish we had a dog.
Yeah, well,
don't tell anyone about it.
Why not?
(George) Because I said so.
You want to see a dead body?
- Don't touch it!
- Why not?
- We have to tell your parents.
- (barks)
Fine. But if you tell them about
Timmy, I'll kill you.
(ominous music playing)
(doorbell chimes)
(music stops)
How was the trip?
(Wentworth) Extraordinary.
I meditated for three days
without interruption.
My longest session yet.
Oh, goodness,
you must be exhausted.
(Wentworth) Quite the reverse,
in fact.
I'm heading into town now to take
my mother for tea at The Ritz.
Whatever you wanted to talk
to me about
will have to wait, I'm afraid.
Well, I feel confident
you will want to engage
with what I have to tell you
straight away.
He's dead.
(ominous music playing)
Who is?
Washed up on the Dorset coast
this morning.
You realise what this means?
The curse is real.
He died because
that's what he was supposed to do.
In a way, I'm mad at him.
Do you despise me, Mr Boswell?
Now that I'm a killer?
Well, I'm not sure this would stand
up in a court of law, my liege.
So, the curse is real.
And if the curse is real
then the treasure is real.
And if the treasure is real
then we must seek it out!
(book page flips)
Oh, stop kicking me.
- (giggles)
- (Timmy whimpers)
How do you think he died?
(Dick) Drowned.
Probably some kind of malfunction
with his breathing apparatus
on his kit.
You know, diving?
(Anne) What do you think
he was looking for?
Maybe a sunken ship.
Well, I think they were looking for
the lost treasure of Kirrin Island.
Wait a minute,
the lost treasure of what?
Kirrin Island.
You can see it
from the end of the field.
- It belongs to me.
- (Dick) Ugh. Yeah, right!
Are you calling me a liar?
Well, I don't believe you've got
your own private island,
so, I suppose I am.
(George) My grandad won it
in a card game.
Everyone thinks it's cursed.
My dad included.
He hasn't set foot on the island
since he was a kid.
He banned me from going,
but I go there all the time.
Why do people say it's cursed?
(creepy music playing)
The castle was built by
the Knights Templar 800 years ago.
(Anne) What's the Knights Templar?
They were this group
of super-secretive knights
that basically created
the world's first bank.
They looted pretty much every
major city in the Middle East.
(George) Brought treasure back
by the boatload.
And one time, they brought
something back
that they shouldn't have.
Something evil.
What was it?
No one knows
because they all went mad.
They say the Pope ordered
the treasure to be destroyed.
But some people think
it was taken away
and hidden somewhere.
(George) The Templars
were notoriously secretive.
Whatever treasure they had
has never been found.
Wait a minute, though.
That guy that drowned,
he was definitely
looking for something.
If there was any treasure,
I would have found it years ago.
It couldn't hurt to have another
look, though.
Could it?
(suspenseful music playing)
(birds chirping)
(music intensifies)
(seagulls cawing)
(music fades)
(Anne) I'm really hungry.
We should have a picnic.
(Dick sighs)
(Anne) Are we nearly there yet?
(Dick breathes heavily)
(Anne) Whoo careful! (sighs)
Where's Timmy?
- (George) Come on, you lot!
- (Anne) Timmy!
The castle's just up here!
(Dick) Wait for us, George!
(Anne) Is this the castle?
It's nothing much. It's quite old.
- Well, castles are old.
- (Anne sighs)
I wish I could be at home,
snuggled in my bed
- with a nice warm blanket on.
- (Dick grunts)
But I'm here.
Come on, guys, look!
(gloomy music)
(Dick) 12th century, I'd say.
Most likely built between
the Second and Third Crusades.
You don't think
that the curse is real?
- Do you?
- Of course not.
Bad things keep happening
on this island.
I'm sure
there's a rational explanation.
It's just a case of figuring out
what it is,
and then, you know, avoiding it.
- (crow caws)
- (Anne gasps)
(Dick gasps)
George has been here 100 times,
nothing bad's ever happened to her.
Maybe we should go
and find her, then?
Good idea.
(George) Timmy!
- Timmy, where are you?
- (distant barking)
- (Dick) George? Where are you?
- (Julian) George!
- (Dick) Where did you go?
- (Julian) George!
(George) Timmy's run off,
I think he might be stuck.
Quick, we need to help George.
(distant barking)
(Timmy barks)
I can see him!
Did you know this was here?
Don't worry, Timmy.
I'm coming to get you!
(bark echoes)
You're not thinking of climbing
down there, are you?
- Why not?
- You'll fall in.
Ho-hold on a minute,
I'll get some rope.
(Timmy whimpers)
(cynical music playing)
(Dick) Step over that loop.
(Anne) I think Julian should go.
Why? Because he's a boy? No way.
He is older.
It's my dog, it's my island,
I'm going to get him!
Be my guest.
Sit tight, Timmy. I'm on my way.
- (grunts)
- (George) Yep, lower!
(Julian strains)
(Julian grunts)
(pants) Hey!
- (whimpers)
- Good boy!
Who's a good boy?
Have you got Timmy?
Do you want me to pull him up?
(George, echoes)
Guys, I think I've found something!
What is it?
(George) Some kind of tunnel.
(Anne breathes heavily)
(Dick) Wow!
(Anne) Timmy found
a secret passage!
Come on, you two,
you've got to see this!
(water trickling)
Seems to be some kind of fungi.
(George) I found a secret cave
and you're interested in mushrooms?
Aren't you?
(Anne) Ew.
(George) It's only water.
(ominous music playing)
(George grunts)
(Timmy whimpers)
(Anne) You can do it, Timmy.
(Julian grunts)
- Ugh.
- (Anne) I don't know if I want to.
(Julian) You all right?
(George sighs)
Come on.
(Anne whimpers)
It's so cold.
(Dick pants)
(Anne) Oh!
Salt water.
Taste it!
It means, whatever's down here,
ultimately, it links up
with the sea.
(hinges creak)
(ominous music playing)
(George) Wow.
(Anne) Hmm.
(Anne) It's an underground church.
We've just made one of the
greatest archaeological discoveries
of the century.
But essentially, yes.
Why would they keep the treasure
in a church?
(Dick) From the Templars'
point of view,
the greatest treasure was
the body of Christ.
And they'd keep that in
a tabernacle set,
in the wall behind the
(George) Catch.
(Julian) Are you sure
we should be doing that?
You're not seriously worried
about the curse right now?
(Dick) It's it's the mark
of the Knights Templar!
"Impii mortem solam quaerunt."
Doesn't mortem mean death?
(Dick) Indeed it does.
"The ungodly seek only death."
Uh, guys,
I think I've got something.
Great. A cup.
It's not a cup, it's a goblet.
(Julian) Uh, I'm not sure
you should touch it.
- (grunts)
- (chain snaps)
(Julian) Oh.
(mechanism clinks)
- (heavy thud)
- (all gasp)
- (heavy thud)
- (all gasp)
- (George) Timmy! Timmy!
- (Anne) Timmy!
(loud thud)
(all) Timmy! Timmy!
(Julian) He's on the other side!
- (barks)
- (Anne) Timmy!
(suspenseful music)
- See if you can put it back!
- I am! Nothing's happening!
- That's just great!
- Here, you try!
- You're the one that yanked it off!
- You do it!
(metal chain clanking)
- I'm scared, Julian!
- Hang on!
- (Anne sobs)
- Come here. It'll be okay.
(Anne) We're gonna die!
(Dick) Where's it coming from?
There has to be a way out,
to the sea!
Do something, Julian!
Look for something!
- (Dick) Wait, wait, wait!
- What?
There's got to be a way
to reset it somehow.
Or an overflow of some sort.
- (Anne) I want to go home!
- (Julian) Me too.
- (George) Ugh!
- Try anything!
(Anne) Julian, it's getting higher!
(George) There's got to be a way!
Maybe we can stop the water?
- (Anne weeps)
- (George) How?
(Anne screams)
(all cough)
(Julian) It's Timmy!
He's found a way out!
(Anne grunts)
Timmy! (coughs)
There must be a way out of here!
- The grille, it's moving!
- (Anne coughs)
Come on!
- Don't give up!
- (Anne grunts)
Try again, push!
- (metal clanks)
- (barks)
(uplifting music playing)
Yes, yes!
(all cheer)
(effort grunts)
(Julian) Timmy!
- (Anne) Help me up!
- Give me your hand!
(effort grunts)
What if it's a dead end?
The Templars were master craftsmen.
- (George grunts)
- (Julian) Hurry up, George!
It's got to go somewhere!
(Julian screams)
- (Dick laughs)
- (Anne screams)
(bright music playing)
(relieved laughter)
(Anne) Timmy!
Good boy! Good boy.
That was too close.
Oh, my goodness, we did it!
Look what I've got.
(Julian) Can you read what it says?
"Clavis ingentium divitiaram
penes marescallum."
"The key
to the, ultimate wealth
is in the hands of
the great horse"?
That's just stupid.
- Horses don't have hands.
- I'm aware of that.
Maybe it means something else.
- (sighs)
- Oh.
Can't we just take it down
to an antique shop
and see how much we can get for it?
(Anne) That's weird,
what's that knobbly bit?
Do you think your father's got
a Latin dictionary?
My mother does.
Great. Harpers', if she has one,
Oxford Latin will be fine.
I'll come with you.
(Dick grunts)
I will stress that he is a man
of considerable means,
and he has made it clear that
he would be willing
to pay a premium
to complete a swift purchase.
I can't imagine why anyone
would want to buy Kirrin Island.
It's just a load of old rocks.
That said, I'm certainly willing
to consider a serious offer.
You'd want to take some time
to think it through first, though,
wouldn't you?
It's been in your family for years.
Perhaps you'd like to take a look
at the offer my client had in mind?
(pen scribbling)
Of course, that's just the amount
you receive on signature.
You'll receive a further 25%
on completion.
Oh! Oh
Such wholesome-looking children.
- Hello. Ah.
- Uh, Julian. How do you do?
Say hello, George.
Franklin Boswell, at your service.
What's that you've got there?
Hmm? George?
Why don't you show us what it is?
It's just this, okay?
Can we go now?
Where on Earth
did you get that from?
- Uh, nowhere.
- I found it.
Well, it must belong to someone
I'm so sorry for this interruption,
Mr Boswell.
Can we get you some tea?
Perhaps we can, uh, start going
over the paperwork?
How much do you want for it?
- You must let me buy this.
- It's not for sale.
I'm not joking.
- I'll pay good money.
- No!
I'm sorry about that.
Our daughter is rather spirited.
Not at all.
I'm afraid I need to leave at once.
What about the island?
(Mr Boswell)
Desole, monsieur, madame.
- You're sure it was the goblet?
- Absolutely.
And why didn't you take it?
Because stealing is wrong, Thomas.
Remember what the magistrate said?
Yes, of course, Mother.
Buy it, then.
W-why didn't you buy it off them?
(Boswell) I tried,
but the young lady
wasn't interested.
(glass clinks)
So, the key is in the hands
of William Marshal.
Not on the island.
Is she aware of the goblet's
(Boswell sniffles)
That it's the clue that will lead
us to the treasure?
She's just a child, Tommy.
Never underestimate children,
Mr Boswell.
How many of them are there?
Five, if you include the dog.
Sounds like you've got
competition, Thomas.
(breathes heavily)
Oh, don't worry, Mother.
I have my methods.
Do you think this Marshal fellow
might have taken the treasure
to his grave?
Oh, no, not the treasure,
the key to the treasure.
We're in the wrong place,
Mr Boswell.
- (owl hoots)
- (George) He was really weird,
and he had this creepy tattoo
on his wrist right here.
At least you parents didn't sell
him the island.
He wanted to buy it, though.
Then he looked at the goblet
and, all of a sudden, he didn't.
For some reason, whatever
was written on it changed his mind.
I had a theory about that.
I had another
look at the inscription.
I realised it's not great horse,
it's great horsemaster.
which translates as marshal.
It's like a cryptic crossword clue.
The key to great wealth
is in the hands of the marshal.
(Anne) What are you talking about?
Think it might be William Marshal,
first Earl of Pembroke,
listen to this.
"William Marshal, known as
the greatest knight
that ever lived, was invested into
the order of the Knights Templar
on his deathbed on May 14th 1219."
(Dick) He's supposed to be buried
in the Temple Church.
And the key to great wealth
is in his hands?
- Where's the Temple Church?
- Central London.
Whoever that man is,
he's definitely
looking for the treasure.
He must have just figured
out the clue, like we just did.
We're not going to London.
No way! It's impossible.
We could use the £5 note
Mum gave you.
(Timmy groans)
(upbeat music playing)
Bet you've been on lots of
adventures before, haven't you?
(Dick) How many times
have you been to London?
Including this time.
You've never been to London?
(upbeat music playing)
- (Anne) Wait up!
- (Dick pants)
This way. Come on.
(whispers) You're sure
they're the same children?
Sure as eggs is eggs.
Where is it?
- Come here, boy. Come on.
- (Dick) Come on.
(Anne) Timmy!
- (Dick) I think this is it!
- (George mutters)
So, this is William Marshal?
(George) Well,
he isn't holding a key,
that's a sword.
(Dick) "The key to great wealth
is in the hands of the marshal."
Maybe the sword is the key.
But it's not even a proper sword,
If he's not holding it,
where is it?
(Anne) There's got to be a clue
here somewhere.
Are you pilgrims?
Actually, we're historians.
What a fascinating goblet.
Where did you find it?
What's that got to do with you?
I'm something of an expert
in the area of medieval history.
Uh, perhaps I could assist you.
What is your particular
area of interest?
William Marshal.
Well, you've come to the
right place, then.
Is this is where he's buried?
No, no, that's not his grave,
it's just an effigy.
There's nothing beneath there
but stone.
The location
of his final resting place
has long been lost to history.
There is a fresco of him.
Would you like to see?
Interesting man, William Marshal.
First signatory of the Magna Carta,
the only man
to de-horse a reigning monarch.
Not bad for a poor boy
from the West Country.
Come on.
- Ah, here he is. Look.
- (Anne gasps)
Handsome chap, really.
Well, nothing in his hands.
Ugh, it's a dead end.
Why are you so interested
in finding William Marshal's grave?
(Dick) It's for a school project.
An academic project!
Maybe I can help.
I-I'm something of a buff.
Go on, ask me a question.
Ask me anything.
Okay then, what can you tell us
about this picture?
he's dressed in Templar armour,
and that's his family crest
there on the shield.
And the springs in the background
symbolise spirituality,
and rebirth.
(Anne) Look at the ring
on his finger!
It's the same as the knobbly bit
on the cup.
(Dick) Maybe.
(Anne) Look! It's the same.
(George) Huh.
(Wentworth) Remarkable.
- (button clicks)
- (metal clanks)
- (Wentworth gasps)
- (Anne gasps) Oh, my goodness!
Turn it. Turn it!
(metallic clanking, grinding)
Some sort of mechanism.
Mechanism, yes,
that's what I was going to say.
- (hollow tap)
- (Dick) It's hollow!
(George) There's something
behind this picture.
(Julian) Oh, wait a minute, George.
- I'm not sure you should
- No, no, no! Go on.
You have my, and the church's
resounding endorsement, children.
This is history in the making.
(Wentworth) History in the making!
(panel grates)
(all gasp softly)
There's no way I'm going in there.
Well, you can stay with me.
Yes, well, I suffer from
claustrophobia, don't you know?
And we wouldn't want
anything untoward
to happen to you now, would we?
The rest of us are going in.
(effort grunt)
(Wentworth) That's right.
That's good.
Little one, you next.
(Anne whimpers) Oh.
- (grunts)
- (Wentworth) That's right.
A little squeeze and a push.
(grunts) Goes in the dark tunnel.
There we are.
(Wentworth) Excellent.
(Wentworth) Now,
don't be too long, children!
Remember, time is of the essence.
- (Anne) Come on, Timmy. Move.
- (crunching)
What's that crunching sound?
- (George) You don't want to know.
- (barks)
- (Julian) Oh.
- (Timmy whimpers)
(Anne) Ugh.
- (Julian) Oh.
- (George pants)
(Anne) Ugh. Come on, Timmy.
There's definitely gonna be
a skeleton in here,
- so we just need to be ready, okay?
- (Anne grunts)
Pear drop?
I love pear drops.
You can take as many as you want.
On three.
One, two, three.
- (Julian exhales)
- (Anne) Oh, my goodness.
- (George) Wow!
- (Anne) Urgh!
(George) William Marshal.
(Anne) Yuck!
(George chuckles)
It's pretty impressive.
(George) Maybe it's the real key.
(suspenseful music)
- (Julian) Be careful.
- (George) Sorry, sorry.
Oh! I'm sorry.
Urgh. Yuck.
Oh, my goodness.
(George gasps, chuckles)
(George and Anne) Whoa!
We did it! We did it!
It's beautiful.
Have you found anything?
Did you find the sword?
(George) Who said we were looking
for a sword?
Pass me the sword.
No. We found it.
It doesn't belong to you!
Just like this little boy
doesn't belong to me.
- (Anne) Dick!
- Let go of my brother!
(Wentworth) Pass me the sword
and I'll give you the boy.
Let go of my brother!
Pass me the sword, now!
(suspenseful music)
Come on, George. That's it.
Come on.
- (Wentworth) Slowly does it.
- (Anne) Dick
Slowly does it, children.
(Dick grunts)
(Wentworth) That's it.
Give him the sword.
(Anne) Come on. Pass it down.
(Wentworth) Pass it down
gently there.
(Anne) Come on, Dick.
You're nearly here.
(Dick whimpers)
(Wentworth) Brilliant!
(Anne) Come on, come on, come on.
Come on, Dick. You're okay.
You're okay. You're okay.
Time for beddy-byes, children.
Sweet dreams!
(all) No!
(door slams, lock clicks)
The curse of Kirrin Island
strikes again!
Preparations need to be
made in earnest
bang the drum, shake the tree.
Everyone needs to be here
by lunchtime tomorrow.
What on earth is happening, Thomas?
(Wentworth) We're going
to have a party.
(Mrs Wentworth sighs)
Cakes must be baked.
Wine must be chilled.
Fatted calves must be slaughtered.
What are we celebrating?
Your son is one step away
from becoming the most powerful man
in the universe.
The past will be overthrown,
the present turned on its head,
and the future
will belong to me.
(dramatic music)
When are we
getting out of this place?
Save the battery, Anne.
(Dick) Can I get some light
over here, please?
It's telling us
how to find the treasure.
(Dick) I think I might
have found the next clue.
(George grunts)
Come on.
(blows air)
(dust patters)
(Dick) There it is again.
(Julian) The stone's shaking.
(Dick) There must be
a tunnel nearby.
Probably the
District and Circle Line.
(George) Come on. Come on.
- (Julian) Guys. Look at this!
- (Anne) Come on, Dick.
They must have come so close
to knocking this all down
when they built the Underground.
Question is how close?
(Julian) There's a hole!
(Julian grunts)
(fast whirring)
(brakes squeal)
(Julian) Do you hear that?
It's stopping.
We're right by the platform.
We'll wait
until the next train comes
and then we'll go for it.
- We'll be home in no time.
- Where's home?
Belsize Park. Nine stops.
It's good to be home.
- (Anne) I'm starving!
- (Dick) Me too.
(indistinct news report on tv)
(reporter) the likes unseen
since the Great War,
a parade of 30,000 British
and French troops,
including the Brigade of Guards
and the Royal Marines,
marched in a show
of democratic strength.
War is a last resort
for the parties of peace,
pledged to defend
the sovereignty of Poland.
But, as with all things,
the readiness is all.
(light music)
Is that my dad?
Who's the girl?
Aunt Annie.
She died.
(Dick) Didn't you know?
Anne's named after her.
She died when our dads were kids.
Mum thinks that's why
they don't get on.
I never knew.
Judging by
its distinctive silhouette,
I'm pretty sure the church
in the fresco
is the Cathedral
of Our Lady of Tortosa in Syria.
(George) Ugh, who cares
about Our Lady of Tortosa?
We need to get that sword back.
The sword might be the key,
but it's no use
unless we can figure out
where the lock is.
That makes no sense.
Marshal actually left
a pretty clear set of instructions.
Listen to this.
"In order to seek the truth,
the pilgrim must go
to the Holy Land."
I think the church is in Syria.
Maybe we've gone as far
as we should with this thing.
That man left us to die!
As far as he's concerned,
we are dead.
How do we find him, though?
We have no idea where he lives.
Maybe not.
I think I know a way
to track down his friend.
(tense music)
(phone rings)
Wentworth residence?
(George over phone) Good morning.
Could you please connect me
to Mr Franklin Boswell?
I'm sorry, but Mr Boswell
is not available at this time.
May I take a message?
That is most unfortunate.
Mr Boswell instructed us
to carry out an urgent valuation
of an antique sword
but hasn't given us a full address.
An antique sword, you say?
A valuation?
(Wentworth) Hurry up, Mother!
The guests will be
arriving any minute!
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Do you have a pen?
Yes, yes, yes.
Uh Yes, yes, I-I have a pen.
He is at Hescott House, Twickenham.
He should be there
for the rest of the day.
How do I look?
- Good enough to eat.
- (Wentworth chuckles)
If your father was only here
to see you now.
(Wentworth) Oh, perfect.
Make sure they're ready
when the moment comes.
Good luck!
(tense music)
(vehicle approaches)
Thank you.
(dog barks)
- (George) Stay down!
- (laughter)
(Mrs Wentworth)
wonderful eye for antiquities,
ever since he was a child.
Collects them wherever he goes.
But this one really takes
the biscuit, don't you think?
Specially imported from Syria,
and at the most enormous expense.
Oh, really?
One could have bought
London Zoo for the price.
But what's a mother to do?
(shushing and whispering)
I'm about to reveal the location
of the greatest treasure
in the history of mankind.
A treasure imbued
with such immense power
that Pope Honorius III
instructed it to be destroyed.
William Marshal,
the head of the Knights Templar,
decided to set out
a series of clues
so that, one day, a chosen pilgrim
may rediscover that
which was hidden.
That day is now upon us.
(loud clang)
(guests gasp)
The light has been erected
so that it stands
at the exact position
of the Syrian sun
at summer solstice.
The stained glass
has been transported
from the Cathedral
of Our Lady of Tortosa.
The sword stands
in position on the altar
at the precise elevation,
the gemstone reaching up
towards the heavens.
When I give the word,
we will simulate
the power of the sun
and the location of the font
of all knowledge will be revealed.
I mean,
this is total madness, right?
Great secrets are about
to be revealed that will enable me
to lead the world to a new dawn.
- Behold!
- (loud clang)
(guest gasps)
(ethereal music)
(Mrs Wentworth)
What is it, darling?
It looks a bit like a blancmange
(Mrs Wentworth) or a pear drop.
- (George) Kirrin Island.
- (Anne gasps)
(Wentworth) Children?
- (guest chatter)
- What an unexpected treat.
Why don't you come down
and join us, hmm?
(suspenseful music)
Oh, shall I get them
something to eat?
They look half-starved.
(Wentworth) Not now, Mother.
You are remarkably persistent.
This shape doesn't mean anything
to you, by any chance, does it?
It does, doesn't it?
I've never seen it before.
You really shouldn't underestimate
what I'm willing to do
to get the information I need.
(Mrs Wentworth)
Thomas, you promised.
Silence, Mother!
I'll tell you
where the treasure is.
But you have to promise
no one gets hurt.
Cross my heart and hope to die.
(George) It's Kirrin Island.
Kirrin Island
Kirrin Island
It was there all along!
Kirrin Island!
(guests applaud)
Now, children
Mr Boswell will take you up
to the library.
I'm sure you'll be
very happy there.
Then, Mother, I think
we should serve lunch, hmm?
I'm famished.
It was the right call, George.
Was it?
We don't know that.
We don't know what the treasure is.
You heard what he was saying.
Something with immense power
that he's going to use
to bend the world to his will.
Yeah, but that guy's
completely insane, right?
(door creaks open)
You must all be starving.
I wasn't sure what you might like.
So, I've done plenty of options.
(Mrs Wentworth)
Now, there's sandwiches,
um, there's a strawberry gateau,
plenty of Victoria sponge
and a pistachio cake.
(Anne) Yum!
(Mrs Wentworth) And maybe
some of this one.
(Anne) Oh, yeah.
(Mrs Wentworth) Don't forget
to eat the sandwiches!
Just a little bit
on your plate, there you are.
- Thank you.
- Boys, tuck in. Help yourselves.
Now, what about you, dear?
Cake, please.
There we are.
Thank you.
(Dick) Hurry up.
- Can I help you?
- Sorry.
That's the way.
Here you are, dear.
- Oh!
- Careful, George.
Never mind, dear.
But I'd better get it out
before it leaves a stain.
This rug is Abyssinian, you see?
- It's one of a kind.
- (mouthing)
(Mrs Wentworth) Look at that.
Good as new, thank heavens.
But you really
must be more careful.
Tea in the library
is a very special treat.
(door thuds)
(lock turns)
- (children gasp)
- (dog whimpers)
(metal grates)
I got the dynamite!
You're supposed to be having tea.
- (George) Run!
- (Anne) Take Timmy!
(George) Come, boy!
(suspenseful music)
(Boswell grunts)
Oh, balls!
(suspenseful music continues)
- (German shepherds bark)
- (Anne screams)
(barking continues)
(Timmy barks)
(German shepherds whimper)
Oi! Go on!
(suspenseful music)
(dramatic music)
What are you doing here?
You're supposed to be camping.
Professor Bernard. Mrs Bernard.
Thank you for agreeing to come.
I trust you had a pleasant journey?
I see you've encountered
our little welcoming committee.
- (Wentworth chuckles)
- (Quentin) What's going on, George?
Now, don't be too hard
on them, Professor.
They should be commended for their
single-mindedness and valour.
They clearly intuited
my desire to purchase the island
and made it their mission
to try and dissuade me.
(Wentworth) Naturally, I called
as soon as I realised
what was going on,
but it's proven to be rather
entertaining having them to stay.
Mum, Dad, it's not true.
This guy's an insane maniac
that locked us in a crypt.
Ah, this one's quite a character.
Such a vivid imagination
for a little girl.
I'm not a little girl.
The sword is part
of my collection of antiquities.
It's actually rather valuable.
(Fanny) Give the man
his sword back.
(dramatic music)
(chuckles quietly)
I thought we could have tea
on the lawn.
- Come, love.
- Come. Let's go
(Fanny) Come on.
(indistinct chatter)
Mum, can I have a word
with you in private?
Are you sure it can't wait, George?
It definitely can't wait.
Excuse me.
Please, of course.
That man thinks there's some kind
of magical artefact hidden
on Kirrin Island that he intends
to use to bend the world
- to his will.
- I've had enough of this, George.
It's time to grow up.
I trusted you and you lied to me.
I only lied because you
wouldn't have let us go.
It's bad enough
you doing this on your own,
but making your cousins
go along with you?
They didn't have to.
We're supposed to be
looking after them.
Not putting their lives in danger.
- (George) Mum
- (Fanny) No, I'm sorry, George.
I'm not interested in
what you have to say for yourself.
You need to grow up,
and that's all there is to it.
(indistinct murmuring)
(Fanny) Oh So sorry.
(Wentworth) There's nothing
to apologise for.
Congratulations, Mr Wentworth.
You are now the proud owner
of Kirrin Island.
Thank you, Professor.
(Mrs Wentworth) This calls
for a celebration.
Can't wait to start exploring it.
Please, Mother, serve her
some cake, for God's sake.
(Fanny) Lots of cake,
there's so much.
Well, she needs a little bit more!
(Timmy whimpers)
Maybe you should come inside.
Your mum's making hot chocolate.
It's over now, George.
We did our best,
and it was amazing.
But it's over now.
Maybe it's time I told you
why I've never set foot
on that island
since I was your age.
(clicks tongue)
is my older brother, Jack.
Julian, Dick, and Anne's father.
(Quentin) And this
That's my sister.
Annie. Anne.
She was like you in many ways.
Fearless, independent,
and, like you, she heard
the stories of Kirrin Island
and became obsessed with it.
Granny and Gramps
told her not to go
but she wouldn't listen.
She tried to get me
and your Uncle Jack to go with her.
Said she'd found a cave entrance
in the south cliff
that could only be accessed
at low tide.
She was convinced it led
to where the treasure was buried.
And, um
Jack and I, we
we were too scared to go with her.
One morning,
she got up and
set off early on her own, and
She, um
She never came back.
What do you think happened to her?
(sombre music)
Well, no one knows.
There was a search party.
A couple of policemen
went looking for her,
but their bodies were found
washed up on the beach
three days later.
So, they
called the search off after that.
Said they'd done
everything they could.
But the truth is
they were scared.
Granny and Gramps
never spoke about Annie again.
But it broke their hearts.
And I think the truth is
Jack and I never
got over it either.
Is that why you don't talk
to each other?
That island's been like a weight
around our necks for too long.
(Timmy barks)
Can I go now?
There's one more thing.
Your mother and I
were talking about that dog.
Can I keep him?
- For a trial period.
- (Timmy barks)
What about your allergy?
Hmm? Oh
There never was an allergy.
No more secrets.
Thanks, Papa.
(Quentin) And, George
you won't sneak back
to the island, will you?
(George) Of course not.
(Julian) That was another one.
It's definitely coming
from the island.
I reckon he's using dynamite
to try and find the tunnels.
At least it means
he hasn't found them yet.
What do you think he's looking for?
(distant explosion)
The most valuable treasure
in the history of mankind, right?
He said it had some kind
of magical power.
The font of all knowledge,
whatever that means.
Knowledge is power.
And we've got none of it.
There's a secret tunnel
in the south cliff
that's only accessible at low tide.
The island doesn't belong
to you any more.
It's our island,
we have to protect it.
Look, it's low tide
tomorrow morning.
If we find the treasure
before he does,
we can beat him.
Don't you think we've got
in enough trouble already?
That guy's a crook
who tricked my dad.
Whatever's hidden
on that island is rightfully ours.
And it's our responsibility
to make sure that it doesn't fall
into the hands of that maniac.
- Who's in?
- I'm in.
Me too.
And me.
- (Timmy barks)
- So's Timmy.
That makes five of us.
(Anne chuckles)
(epic music)
(classical music playing
on gramophone)
I think we may have found
some sort of entrance.
Follow me.
(thrilling music)
I suggest we spread out.
(Anne) Okay.
Come on, Timmy.
(Timmy barks)
(Wentworth breathes heavily)
(Wentworth) Where is it?
(breathes heavily)
(Boswell) Where
where are you going?
(Wentworth) Onwards, Boswell.
(Wentworth grunts)
(Boswell) Take the bag.
Come on, take my bag.
(Wentworth breathes heavily)
(Boswell) Wait for me. Wait!
(Timmy barks)
(Timmy barks)
Timmy's found it!
Good boy, Timmy.
(Timmy barks)
(Wentworth panting)
(exhales heavily)
The Temple of the Order of Christ.
(thrilling music continues)
We need more light, Mr Boswell.
(George) We must be close.
(Anne) I feel like
we've been here before.
(Julian panting)
And so, to open
that which has been closed.
And discover
that which has been lost.
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music intensifies)
(metal clangs loudly)
(stones scrape)
(loud thud)
(stone scrapes)
(Wentworth gasps)
(Wentworth breathes shakily)
The ungodly seek only death.
Where is the godly?
We'll discover the treasure
of the ages.
They're like dandelion seeds.
Do you think they're dangerous?
Find out soon enough.
(sighs happily)
(mechanism cranks)
(loud clang)
- (Anne exclaims)
- (Timmy whimpers)
- (George) What was that?
- (Anne) What was that?
(Dick) Where did that come from?
- (George) Quickly.
- (Timmy barks)
Oh, th-thank
Thank goodness, children.
(Wentworth pants)
(Wentworth) Quickly!
There seems to be
some sort of mechanism
on the ground that triggered it.
There's a weight
over there on the wall.
Maybe you can try and lift it?
(Julian) Whereabouts?
(George) Let's not make
any hasty decisions.
(Dick) Hmm. She's right.
We could get past them.
Children, now, you
You can't just leave us here.
(Wentworth) Children.
Look at me. Children.
I don't think you're actually ready
for what's at the end
of that tunnel.
(Timmy barks)
(Wentworth) No. No.
(Wentworth screams)
You're making a big
mistake, little girl.
- Thomas!
- (Wentworth) What?
(Boswell) If you can reach
my satchel,
I have a knife.
(Wentworth) Well done, Boswell.
(sighs happily)
(Julian) This is incredible.
(Anne sighs and laughs)
(Anne) Amazing.
It's gold, isn't it?
(whimsical music)
(Anne) Wow!
(breathes heavily)
The greatest treasure
in the history of mankind.
(dramatic music)
The font of all knowledge.
Brought back from the East
by the Knights Templar
a thousand years ago.
It was said that those who drank
from the font could see the future.
If a man can see the future
he can bend it to his will.
Pass me the goblet.
(tense music)
They all went mad though.
Maybe there's a reason
they buried it.
They had no idea
what they were dealing with.
(inhales heavily)
Whereas I
I have been preparing
for this moment my entire life.
(ominous music)
(gulps greedily)
(exhales heavily)
(Wentworth) I can feel
something happening.
It tingles.
Are you okay there, Tommy boy?
You must drink it, Boswell.
Uh I think I
may take a rain check.
What about you, my young pilgrims?
I'm offering you the chance
to see the future.
To stand by me
and reshape the destiny
of the world.
The world doesn't need reshaping.
Believe me, little boy
it does.
(Wentworth gulps)
(sinister laugh)
(eerie whisper)
(air raid sirens blaring)
(Wentworth screams)
- (bomb whistles)
- (gunfire)
(erratic breathing)
- (explosion)
- (Wentworth screams)
(exhales heavily)
(Wentworth grunts)
(Wentworth) Stay!
All of you stay!
You wouldn't shoot the man
in the back, now, would you?
(Boswell) Old chum.
(Boswell in French)
- (Boswell whistles)
- (Wentworth breathes heavily)
(dramatic music)
I've seen the future.
A war like no other.
Weapons you wouldn't believe.
(panicked breathing)
(Wentworth) Nature destroyed.
Mankind brought to its knees.
I know what's in store.
(Wentworth) And I know the part
you five have to play.
I think he's sick.
Really sick.
Come on, we're leaving.
You're not going anywhere!
(Wentworth grunts)
(suspenseful music)
(Wentworth) You mean to betray me.
Unless I stop you.
- (George) No! No!
- (Dick) No, no, no, no!
- (Julian) Please!
- (George) Don't do it! No!
- (explosion)
- (all scream, whimper)
(rubble patters)
(Anne) What do we do now?
(George) There's got to be
another way out of here.
I wouldn't drink
that water, Julian.
It's fresh as opposed to salty.
(George) It's got to be coming
from somewhere.
(Julian grunts)
It's a way out!
Come on, give me your hand.
(Julian grunts)
(Julian panting)
(uplifting music)
(Timmy barks)
(Timmy barks)
(Timmy barks)
(Anne) I don't get it.
So, basically, that creepy man
drank from the font
of all knowledge
and then went mad?
It wasn't the font.
It was the water.
It was contaminated
by fungal spores.
(George) Maybe that's why
the knights went mad.
That's why they
abandoned the island.
That's why it's full of deathtraps.
That's why there's a curse.
I told you. Every curse
has a rational explanation.
- Spores?
- (Timmy whimpers)
At least we know
where the treasure is.
We're rich, aren't we?
(Timmy barks)
We have to keep this a secret.
It's too dangerous.
You saw what happened.
From now on, we're guardians,
keepers of the Templar's secret.
Well, we didn't leave
completely empty-handed.
How much do you think
they're worth?
(George) They're not for selling.
We keep them.
One each, so we remember.
Timmy can wear his on his collar.
(Timmy barks)
- (Julian) George!
- (laughter)
Turns out, that man who tried
to buy the island
was an utter lunatic.
They found him wandering
around the beach stark naked.
Got carted off by the men
in white coats,
and his cheque bounced
all the way back from the bank.
The curse of Kirrin Island
strikes again.
So, I'm afraid we're as broke
as we've ever been.
And we have four mouths to feed
until the end of summer.
Five, if you include the dog,
which I do.
(Fanny) But look at them, though.
- (Timmy barks)
- (indistinct chatter)
(Fanny) Have you ever seen
your daughter so happy?
I must admit.
They do appear
to be getting on famously.
(gentle music)
- (Timmy barks)
- (indistinct chatter)
(Timmy barks)
(Mrs Wentworth) You're looking
much better, Thomas, dear.
I brought a couple
of bottles of ginger beer.
Nice and fiery.
Just how you like it.
(dramatic music)
I had a word
with Dr Graves on my way in.
And, supposedly, these bothersome
visions you've been having
will simply tail off.
That'll be a relief, won't it?
Things will go back to normal.
How are you feeling, darling?
(Wentworth breathes heavily)
I'll admit I was feeling
a little down in the dumps
for a bit back there.
But now
when I look to the future
I see nothing
but glittering opportunities.
(exhilarating music)
(rocket roars)
(exhilarating music intensifies)
(upbeat dance music)
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