The Field of Blood (2011) s02e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 This car's falling apart.
I know.
Did we get the "machete on the night bus" story in? No, I couldn't see it.
It's bloody freezing in here.
Gonnae get that heater fixed? I don't think I can stay in the call car for much longer.
Of course, you'll be the editor this time next month, I completely forgot(!) What's wrong with working in the call car, anyhow? Where else would the paper get its surreal vignettes of Glasgow life? 'Come in, Alpha Four.
We have reports of a disturbance at 45, Ashwell Terrace, Bearsden.
' A disturbance.
'Man and woman fighting.
' Oh, it's posh.
It might be worth a look.
'Need a car over there immediately.
Repeat - reports of a disturbance at 45' Looking like a born again Living like a heretic Listening to Arthur Lee records Making all your friends feel so guilty about their cynicism And the rest of their generation Not even the Government Are going to stop you now But are you ready to be heartbroken? Are you ready to be heartbroken? Well, you'd better get ready now, baby Ready to bleed Ready to bleed Ready to bleed.
Can I help you? Do you live here? Daily News.
What's the story? Well, a gang of unruly surgeons have been reeking havoc in a fracas over a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau.
Very funny, Burns.
Nothing for yous here.
Noise complaint.
Shouting, slamming doors.
Bearsden? Heaven forbid(!) I know.
The carpets round here are so thick you feel that your feet have been cut off.
Hey, what's the difference between a porcupine and a house in Bearsden? On a porcupine, the pricks are on the outside.
Oh, I thought that was a cop shop.
Ignore him.
He thinks he's a comedian.
That woman has blood on her face.
She wants us to leave it.
She's a lawyer.
Vhari Burnett.
There's not much I can do.
If she calls us out again 'Alpha Four, do you receive?' .
I'll take action.
Come on, let's go.
And you two, away and rake some muck someplace else.
Right, let's get out of here.
This is not going in the paper.
Vhari Burnett? Have you seriously never heard of her? No.
Top lawyer for Amnesty? She gets beaten up - that's news.
She gets beaten up by Arthur Scargill, that's news.
She gets slapped across the kisser by her boyfriend, that's not.
Then what's CID doing here? Hello.
Paddy Meehan.
Daily News.
George McVie.
If we could have a word.
It won't take two seconds.
We just wanted to know if you'd been beating up your wife.
Can I apologise for my colleague? Or are her injuries in relation to a case that she's been working on? Shut up, you.
Or are her injuries related to a case that she's been working on? Look, I'm a colleague of Miss Burnett and I'm sorry to say she's had a wee bit too much to drink.
But thank you for your concern.
Now, I needn't stress how important it is that none of this reaches the paper.
Vhari's a very successful lawyer and if word got round that she couldn't handle the sauce.
Well, it would, erm, it would damage her reputation.
But, erm, thank you very much.
Good night.
50 quid.
You dancer.
What are you doing? Keys.
We can't take his money.
Listen, take the 50 quid.
You need it.
Your family need it.
What difference does it make? Devlin's not going to publish this - "Lawyer gets pished".
She looked scared.
Phone it in.
Be my guest.
It's past the dead hour.
Some bastard must be killing somebody somewhere.
I think you've been overcharged I cannae see how it's that much.
Been a mistake.
It couldn't be that much.
You been out already? Thought there might be some lead down by the old factory at Eastfield, but somebody beat me to it.
Just so you know, the phone's not working.
Cut off? Did I say that? It's just temporarily out of use.
Eviction notice? Give us that.
I thought we paid the back rent.
How much do we owe? Don't worry about it, I'll get work soon.
How much, Dad? About 145.
Put your money away.
You're paying enough already.
I can look after my own family.
Where exactly are you going to get that type of cash? So, how was last night? Did you hear about that woman being killed? It was just on the radio.
No, I missed that.
Oh, better luck next time.
I just report the news, Mum.
I don't make it happen.
What else? See any sights? Give us your chat.
First, we went to a car crash - nobody was hurt.
Oh, you must have been disappointed.
And then we went to the police station in Anderston.
Then a disturbance at Bearsden, and just drove about Easterhouse for a few hours.
That's where that woman was killed, wasn't it? 'In the First Division, Meadowbank Thistle' Will you turn that off? This isn't just your room.
Shut up, I need to hear this.
'The name of the victim in the Bearsden killing has been 'announced as Vhari Burnett - a well-known lawyer in the city.
'She was found dead at her home by police officers at 6.
30 this morning.
' Can I speak to you? Aye, sure.
In private.
This is bad.
That guy killed her, McVie, and we took money from him.
Ah, when you put it like that, it does sound sort of bad.
You don't know he killed her.
He could have been long gone by then.
We need to tell Devlin.
You keep your gas at a peep.
Tell him, by all means, but miss out the bit about the 50 quid.
Do you want your jotters? Cos he'll have us out of here so fast your face will look as if it's been in a wind tunnel.
Now if this Government spent as much money on modernising 'the pits as they do trying to destroy the trade union movement, 'we would have a sustainable industry and a future.
' So, when did you get the call? Well, is it Is it definite? Is it signed, sealed, delivered? Yeah, sure.
'We'll make another statement later on' Hey, I got a call from Partick Marine Police Station.
Apparently, you were at this house in Bearsden last night? They want to talk to you.
No problem.
Yeah, well, is there anything for us in it? Anything you can write up? Any hook? We weren't there very long.
Just got a glimpse of her.
Well, that makes you the last person to see her alive, doesn't it? There's your hook.
Jesus, Paddy, do I have to do your job for you? Yeah, I'm still here.
I want a hundred-word description, all right? Scene at the house, atmosphere.
Book end it with facts.
And I want it in before you go out on the call car, all right? Anything else I should know? No.
All right, then, piss off.
It's Meehan, right? Your reputation goes before you.
I heard what you did on the Baby Brian case.
So what can you tell me about the Bearsden call? I spoke to the man at the door.
Did you see the Burnett woman? Yeah, she, erm, she had blood on her face.
I think she'd cut her lip.
Cut her lip? She had her teeth pulled out and her skull caved in with a hammer.
She was found curled up behind the door by somebody that came to pick her up for work.
Tell us anything else? Yeah, erm, the man He spoke with an Irish accent.
He wore red braces, expensive shirt.
He said that he was a colleague.
And there was a red car parked round the back.
You never mentioned that.
Just assumed it was hers.
Do you think there's some kind of Irish connection? Provos, maybe? What I think is my business.
Is that it? On you go.
Is there something else? One para for four nights in a call car, Meehan? You driving round with your eyes shut? If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen.
But it did happen, didn't it? A good old-fashioned murder and you missed it! There's a, erm, a miners' strike on, as well, just in case you haven't noticed? Is there? Is there really(?) If you want to make yourself useful, at least bend over and give the sideliners somewhere to stick their pens.
Just so you know, Mary Margaret from the press bar is telling everybody that you've got a dick like a cocktail stick.
Jesus wept.
What's the score? Something happen? What's up? They've sold the paper.
I knew this would happen.
They'll use this to crack the unions wide open.
The negotiations have been going on for some time.
They just, erm Forgot to tell us.
Who's the new owner? McCallum International.
They took over The Examiner in Manchester - started editing on computers, printing up off-site at a fraction of the cost.
Holy shit.
Printing in colour.
Colour? Mmm-hmm.
Typing through three sheets and two carbons - it's a dying skill, boys.
Just as well you could never do that.
That's cos his finger was always up his arse.
Aye, keep laughing - all the way to the dole queue! Maybe it's not all doom and gloom.
Yeah, well, you're about to find out.
Hey, the new editor-in-chief is on his way up the stairs! Name's Maloney.
So I want everyone in here, including secretarial.
Well, come on.
You're about to meet your new boss, so at least look professional.
Pronto Tonto! Hold up, comrades.
Erm, hi.
Devlin, editor.
Welcome to the Daily News.
Is this the entire newsroom staff? Erm, yeah, more or less.
I have a few words to say.
Well, the floor is yours.
I'm told that a successful newspaper treats its workforce with respect, values experience while nurturing new talent and taking risks.
I'm told this.
Unfortunately, I don't believe it.
This is a provincial paper in a provincial town.
And please don't start banging on about Glasgow being the second city of the Empire.
This place does not have room for two broadsheets.
But if there's only going to be one, I want it to be the Daily News.
You need to start attracting some new readers.
Well, that's the good news.
The bad news is that not all of you will be embarking on this exciting new journey with me.
At least 20% of you will go.
We are going to be leaner, meaner and keener.
That's enough show-boating.
The NUJ will have something You tell the NUJ there's a new sheriff in town.
This paper has a tradition.
Well, if you don't like it, piss off.
They're looking for a new features editor at The Guardian.
Although not one with a second-rate CV like yours.
I don't have anything to lose here.
However, if you do stay, at least you'll be able to save the hacks that deserve a job.
If you go - blood bath.
Why me? If I'm so second-rate.
Your CV is.
You're not.
No, you've done a good job here.
It's just times are changing and you need to adapt.
I'm not saying you've got to go down-market, you know? Swing from the soft left to the soft right, you'll pick up circulation in no time.
And I can choose who stays and who goes, yeah? Right.
I picked up today's edition at the airport.
It's dull.
We'll kick off the new look with a big story, but from an angle that your readers don't expect.
We need to make it clear that this paper has a new voice.
Which is? We'll go with the miners' strike.
But let's go after the union leaders.
We'll do a piece highlighting their rank hypocrisy - their big cars, holiday homes.
I ain't saying we're going to get a shot of Red Willie McDade in his Jacuzzi, lighting a cigar with some poor sod's giro.
There's a lot of support for the strike up here.
You know, at Polmaise they don't even need pickets.
Devlin, the miners don't buy your paper.
They buy the Sun.
I'll be taking that desk over there until I get upstairs refurbished.
Don't think she's a Partick Thistle supporter, do you? We need to hand that money in.
That might be tricky.
I slapped mine on Widow's Fortune in the 1.
30 at Doncaster this morning.
It's still running.
But it could be evidence.
The cops saw him.
He'll be in the clink before you know it.
No, what we need is a juicy story.
Keep our jobs.
You still eating them things? You should lay off the fish suppers.
I've never had any complaints.
Really? Because for someone with a reputation as a letch, I've never actually seen you with a woman.
Appearances can be deceiving.
There's been plenty, don't you worry.
They're not exactly kicking your door in for a mad shag, are they? Was it someone special? Is that it? Did she break your heart? That's right.
I'm like Humphrey McBogart.
I'll always have Rothesay.
'Alpha Four, members of the public have found a body 'floating in the river by the old boathouse near the Clyde bridge.
'Do you receive me, over?' Let's go.
Oh, come on.
Come on! Listen, erm, you go.
That, erm, fish supper isn't sitting too well.
There's an ambulance on its way.
Just where do you think you're going? It's all right, Tam.
What's going on here? Nothing exciting, I'm afraid.
Some guy dead in the water.
Something in the river must have ripped open his face.
Suicide, I'm guessing.
Maybe call it in as possible foul play, just to be safe.
They drag a DS out here for a jumper? Aye, DCI Sullivan wanted me to check it out.
New boy, I get all the best jobs.
So, what are you doing tomorrow? What, you can't work that call car 24-7.
That'd be slave labour.
You choose your moments! Not the most romantic setting, I know, but needs must.
I don't know when I might get another chance.
And you don't see peepers like yours very often.
20 quid.
Credit card.
Business card.
"Mark Thillingly.
Law Society".
Amnesty International? Anything else you'd like to know? Like Vhari Burnett.
What, you think this is the guy that was at the Burnett house? No, it's not the guy I saw.
But he could have been there.
Maybe he killed her and topped himself.
"Support The Miners"? See you later.
So, what about that drink? I'll be in the press bar tomorrow night.
We need to call this in.
Another lawyer.
Fits in with the Vhari Burnett murder.
That could be the amateur dentist.
Could be.
Name's Mark Thillingly.
Good girl.
Hail Mary full of grace.
Our Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.
Going to do that somewhere else? I need to sleep.
I've decided.
I'm going to take holy orders.
I know what you're going to say, but I've been thinking about it ever since I saw the Holy Father at Bellahouston.
Father Michael has got a place for me at Taize.
It's an ecumenical camp for young Christians.
Just to try it out, see if it suits me.
I know what I'm doing, Paddy.
I just want you to have a life - wild adventures, passionate love affairs - not spend it praying in some cold, grey room.
There's more to it than that.
And what about Dad? He's up to his eyes in debt.
They need another wage coming in.
He said it was OK.
I let you be who you want to be.
Hear the good news, then? She doesn't know what she's doing.
She's 18.
She's throwing her life away.
Becoming a Bride of Christ is throwing your life away? You've brainwashed her.
I don't have time to brainwash anyone.
And if I did, I would start with you.
I prayed every night that one of you would find Jesus.
I set me heart on it, so don't you spoil this! Mary Ann has got her whole life ahead of her.
I'm not listening to you, Patricia.
You're surrounded by sin.
You peddle in it.
No, I don't! I want to do good, just like Mary Ann, only in a different way.
How? By making up lies about people? By hounding them? By writing about your own family, if you think it'll get you ahead? You're happy enough to take my money.
Dad can't get work.
We've already had to move once.
Now we've got another eviction notice on the table.
Don't you think Mary Ann should be bringing in a wage? She doesn't need a job.
She has a vocation.
I mean, Devlin didn't even call him in.
Just gave him the bump over the phone.
Who? McFadden.
He did that column for ten years.
He was practically an institution.
Now he's going to be living in one.
Who's next? I think we should all go and get steamboats.
Good call.
Listen, I've made a decision.
I'm going to tell the cops about the 50 quid, and so should you.
This about the Burnett case? Cos I've got nothing to give you.
We both know the guy dragged out of the Clyde wasn't the same guy we saw at the house.
Well, maybe there was two guys at the house.
What about the guy with the braces? We haven't traced him yet.
Wait, this might help.
Braces gave it to me.
It should have his fingerprints on it.
Why haven't you given this to us sooner? Didn't know it was important.
Aye, you did.
Look, he forced it into my hand.
He made out that he was doing her a favour - try keep her boozing sessions out of the paper.
Look, no need to explain.
Nobody's squeaky-clean, eh? Get that analysed.
Meehan! What do you make of our new editor-in-chief, then? Be nice to have a woman in charge.
Probably best not to get too chummy.
How come? She's not cut from the same cloth as you.
And I mean that as a compliment.
How's it going? You're in the clear.
My arse was flappin' like a flag in a hurricane.
Wait till Maloney gets her hands on you, then you'll know all about it.
I know.
Did you clock the trouser suit? Armani.
What kind of wages is she on? Down that, I've got an idea.
How do you know about Armani trouser suits anyway? You wear sheepskin coats and dodgy ties.
Hardly Don Johnson.
I can't wear Armani because I can't afford it.
Doesn't mean I can't appreciate it.
Why do you want to talk to them anyhow? Oh, count me out, I'm allergic to patchouli oil.
Support the miners! Stop Thatcher destroying the coal industry.
Did, erm, any of you guys know Mark Thillingly? Worked for Amnesty.
Supported the cause.
Who wants to know? Daily News.
Support the miners! Thatcher out! If you knew him, talk to me.
I'm on your side.
He was in the student union a few days ago.
He seemed fine.
Where did he usually work? Easterhouse Law Centre.
His suicide couldn't have anything to do with the Vhari Burnett murder, could it? I don't know.
They used to be an item, so I heard.
When was that? Years ago.
At university.
Before he married.
He finished it, I think.
Didn't stop his wife being jealous, though.
Him and Vhari had been working for the NUM - trying to find ways to stop the Government confiscating their cash.
Don't think she liked it.
Erm, what was his wife's name? Diana.
She was always going on at him to give up his work for Amnesty.
Get on in the world.
Bit of a true-blue Tory by the sounds of things.
The police think he killed Vhari, don't they? I don't think they know what happened.
He didn't.
He got out of breath climbing up a flight of stairs.
Honestly, he was emotionally and physically incapable of doing that to anyone.
Thank you.
Get your old man balls off that chair.
This is my desk.
This has always been my desk.
We need it for training.
We do "A Week In The Life Of A Miner's Wife" The strike through her eyes.
Food parcels.
No Christmas pressies.
Families torn apart.
Then we do a breakdown of what's in an average food parcel.
Who gives and who doesn't? No.
We're going with a different angle.
Is the food poisoned? Are they stealing it from one another? I don't want solidarity, I want dirt.
The NUM's money's being sequestered.
They can't put it in banks.
Red Willie's moving his money around in suitcases so the Government can't get their hands on it.
You find out exactly where that money's going.
And if you can't, just make up some less-than-flattering theories about what they're doing with it.
Go on.
Sullivan wants to see you.
We got a set of prints off your 50 quid.
I'd better go.
You ever heard of him? I know the name.
You should.
He's one of the ranking gangsters in the city.
Was he at the Burnett house? Do you know a woman called Vhari Burnett? I was in the Lucky Black till seven.
It's a snooker club in the Calton.
That isn't what I asked you.
Do you know it, Sullivan? I could swear I saw you skulking about.
Either that or there's a wino in there that's your double.
I'm always in the Lucky Black.
It's a wee home from home.
We found an object at Vhari Burnett's house the night she died.
Got your prints all over it.
Can we wrap this up? I'm missing my aerobics class and my core needs to flow.
Know what I'm saying? If his alibi checks out, we'll just have to release him.
I mean, technically, he could have touched that 50 quid any time.
It links him to Mr Braces, though, doesn't it? You follow Lafferty and he'll lead you straight to him.
You can't let him go.
I'm the only one that ties him to the crime.
What if he comes after me? He won't.
You can't identify him.
I've told no-one about the note.
Neither has Gallagher.
By the way, you can't use any of this, Meehan.
Right? Do we understand each other? Eh? 'Hello?' Hi, there.
Could I speak to Karen Burnett, please? 'Who wants her?' It's just a friend.
I'm calling about her sister Vhari.
'I haven't seen her since last week.
' Do you have a work number for her? 'I've tried but she's not there.
' 'Erm063298746.
' 'If you manage to speak to her, tell her the rent's due next week, will you?' 'Hello, GCHQ.
' So she says, "I've got a sore finger.
" And the doctor says, "Is it your whole finger?" And she says, "No, it's the one next to it".
McVie! By the way, did I tell you what Devlin said about my miners' wives idea? What's up? Burnett's sister worked for GCHQ in Cheltenham.
The intelligence gathering place.
I know what it is.
Well, she was a data analyst.
So? So, they say she's on leave.
Her flatmate hasn't seen her since last week.
Where is she? Lying on a beach somewhere? With her sister dead? Hmm.
There's a link between the death of Vhari Burnett and Thillingly's suicide.
Her sister's missing and we think that might tie in as well.
We're not sure how exactly yet.
But we think we might be able to find the killer before the cops do.
And then what? Cos we can't print it.
And why not? Cos we could prejudice the trial.
If you're sure you know who the killer is, I say print it.
We'll just call their bluff.
We'll tell them sue or be damned.
What if we're culpable for getting a killer off on a technicality? It's not our problem.
Listen, the Daily News catches the killer of some goody-two-shoes lawyer, that's fantastic! And if they can throw in some kinky sex that's even better.
Well, we'll see what we can do.
It's a bit of a crush in the back of that call car Well, I think it is our problem.
We're not above the law.
There's such a thing as ethics.
That's right, yep, it's one of the home counties.
Follow it up.
We'll decide when to print when we see what you've got.
And you're still on the call car, so do it between shifts.
You two look happy.
Take it you never got your P45, then? Mm-hm.
You like the little brunette, don't you? Is she your pet project? Paddy Meehan, girl reporter? You got a problem with that? I thought she'd remind you of youall those years ago.
When you were her age.
You screwed her yet? Why not? Is she not your type? What is? Not you.
Yeah, don't flatter yourself.
Fancy a drink? Yeah, OK.
So I checked the clippings library.
You've written some interesting stuff.
The Baby Brian case.
That shows a ruthless streak, which is what you need, cos, trust me, Paddy, if we didn't have tits, they'd hunt us.
I do want to give you one little bit of advice, though.
Don't get involved with Devlin.
I wasn't planning to.
You might not be, but he is.
It's not like that.
It's always like that.
You see him as a father figure, right? Well, I'm telling you, that's not how he sees himself.
And the cards are all in his favour.
Trust me, been there.
You have? Mm-hm.
I was just like you.
I was hungry, I was ambitious.
I was going to change the world.
And I had an affair with the deputy editor, and when it all went wrong, the newsroom turned on me.
I was out that door.
They'd been looking for an excuse to drag me down to their level and I gave it to them.
It didn't do you any harm in the long run, though, did it? Look at you now.
I had to sell my soul to get here.
Devlin's not the type.
Paddy, they are ALL the type.
Come on, what do you know about him, really? His private life? He's divorced.
How long? A few years.
And now has he got a girlfriend? Doubt it.
He sleeps in the office.
He hardly goes home.
And is that it? I bet he knows a lot more about you.
I'm not interested in him that way.
He's the same age as my dad.
If you need some help with this story, I'm here.
Use me.
Forget about McVie, he's a dead weight.
And Devlin? Well, as much as we both admire him, he could jump ship at any minute, so there's no point hitching your cart to him.
I say we watch each other's back.
Deal? Deal.
Butyou won't get very far in this game taking bribes not to write a story.
See you tomorrow.
Did you tell Maloney about the 50 quid? Me? I'm shit scared to even look at her.
Come on, we should speak to Thillingly's wife.
What if him and Vhari started up again? She sounds like the possessive type.
Oh, crime of passion? Tasty, tasty, very, very tasty! Red Merc? Mm-hm.
I saw one the other day.
Same one? I don't know.
We're from the Daily News.
Sorry to visit you at this difficult time, but we'd like to speak to you about Mark.
And we wanted to talk about his relationship with Vhari Burnett.
Well done(!) What? (She's still there!) (Well, speak to her, then.
) I'm really sorry about Mark.
Everyone I've spoken to says that he would never hurt Vhari.
That's what I think, too.
The cops can ruin his reputation.
If you let us, we can put his side of the story out there.
Were Mark and Vhari involved in a case together? I'm not sure.
On the night that Vhari was killed, Mark came home abouteight.
His nose was swollen and bleeding.
He saidthat someone had tried to mug him in the car park outside the office.
He didn't want to call the police because it was a client.
I didn't believe him.
Did he go out again? No.
But later, I heard him on the phone.
He waspleading.
After that, he just sat drinking.
When I woke uphe was gone.
Do you think he killed himself? Of course.
In the note that he left, he said that he'd let Vhari and me down.
It's depressed nonsense.
He'd been really low after he put all that weight on.
He left a note and mentioned Vhari? He put her name before mine! Funny that.
Her family own this place.
Used to be atheatre or something.
Worth a look.
Then look.
No, please! Please! No! Get off of me! I've got a reference to Karen from an article on Vhari Burnett from a few years ago.
Parents are dead, but they've got a half-brother.
And I've got an address.
An address? Mm-hm.
Come on, then.
Check the doors.
See if it says "Burnett" on them.
I'll bet that's him there.
Let's find out.
Danny, right? Danny Burnett? Look, we're journalists.
We just want to help your sister.
So what happened to you? Two guys turned up here a couple of nights ago.
Said they wanted to buy some paintings for cash.
I let them in and next thing I know, I'm getting a severe kicking.
Why? What did they want? Karen.
But I've no idea where she is.
You're not close to Karen and Vhari, then? We share the same dad, but we didn't grow up together.
And you haven't spoken to Karen since Vhari was killed? Why do you think these guys were trying to find her? I just want to stay out of whatever she's got herself involved in.
What do they look like, these guys? Did one of them wear braces? I don't remember.
Well, what about Mark Thillingly? Do you think he killed Vhari? If Mark Thillingly didn't kill Vhari, the killer is still at large.
Karen could be his next victim.
Danny, we just want to talk to her.
If she's in trouble, we can help.
Hey, I've been in this business a long time, son.
I know when I'm getting stone-walled.
Tell us where to find her.
You could be saving her life.
She called the day after Vhari was killed.
She said it was all her fault, that she'd put Vhari in danger.
Well, did she say why? Only that she'd got her involved in something she shouldn't have.
Something to do with the miners' leader, Willie McDade.
I didn't know what to believe.
I thought she was having some kind of a breakdown.
So what did you tell these guys that kicked your face in? Nothing.
You're a crap liar, Danny.
I mentioned that Vhari owns an old building.
But Karen wouldn't be there.
It's falling to pieces.
It's been used as a storehouse for years.
Don't feel bad.
Most people would have said something under the circumstances.
I didn't think I was most people.
'How many cops does it take to change a light bulb?' None.
They just beat up the room because it's black.
That was funny.
That wasgenuinely funny.
Get off! Have you ever thought about doing a bit of comedy? Me? You're just as funny as the acts they get in here.
Especially in that Val Doonican outfit.
They hand these jumpers out when you join the force, all right? Along with the moustaches.
I suppose somebody's got to do it.
Aye, well, it's better than being in your game.
People who can't write, interviewing people who can't talk, for people who can't read.
To be honest, I wanted to ask you about Mark Thillingly.
The note he left? Ah.
Well, I wasn't privy to that, I'm afraid.
You'll have to ask Gallagher.
What about the man at the house, Mr Braces? We haven't been able to trace him again.
Business associate, maybe.
He's not a suspect.
And Lafferty? Did Vhari ever prosecute him? Not that I know of.
Look, the word is, Vhari and her sister inherited money from their mother.
Lafferty probably heard about it on the grapevine and got stuck into her to find out where she keeps her cash.
Could you get me his address? Bobby Lafferty killed his own dog by chucking it out a window because it chewed on his Rangers scarf.
That's all you need to know about him.
Right, OK.
Just promise me you won't doorstep him.
I'm not joking.
I'll just use it to get some info on him.
That's all, honest.
Let me make a call.
Right, cheers.
There you go.
He has various addresses.
This is one of his warehouses.
Word is he uses a flat there sometimes.
Best I can do.
Now don't say I'm not nice.
Sohow long have you been married? You don't mess about, do you? I'm just asking.
Why so interested in my wife? Wedding ring at work, but not in the pub.
It's tacky, Burns.
You don't know what it's like being in the police.
You have to fit in.
You can't tell everyone in the canteen that your wife's mentally ill and you're scared to go home.
Your wife's a loony? That's your chat-up line? Maybe you're right.
Maybe this isn't a good idea.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to offend you.
No? You just called me a liar.
What would make a womando this? Came at me with a bottle opener.
Feel it.
You've got me all wrong, Paddy.
No, not here.
All right, Shugs? Did you get a kip? Better than that, I got an address.
Lafferty's got a scrap yard beside the Clyde.
How did you manage that? Burns give me it.
What? Have you learned nothing? Shag a cop by all means, but do not bring them into the press bar for everybody to see.
Mind your own business.
Ah, but it is my business.
We don't do that.
We use them, they use us.
We do not get into bed with them.
Or into the back seat of a car, for that matter.
Skies above can't be stormy Are you sure he gave you the right address? You've got a cheek.
Hmm? You've chatted up every woman in the secretarial pool.
Unsuccessfully, I might add.
That's because I wasn't really trying.
Aye, right(!) You're not as street-smart as you think you are, Paddy.
Away you go and check his bins.
You never know, there might be something in there out of her house.
I've got seniority.
My bin-raking days are over.
Is no-one at this paper going to buy me a welcome drink? Well, I'd avoid the wine if I were you, you could dissolve bodies in it.
Vodka tonic.
Support the miners! Support the miners.
Yeah, I know you think I came in too hard, but you try being the only woman in the room, let's see who listens to you.
Well, they're listening now.
Yeah, exactly.
It's not me, though.
It's just an act.
I love this business just as much as you do.
It's in my blood.
Support the miners.
You don't believe me? Well, I know why I became a journalist, but I'm not sure about you.
The same reason.
Hmm? What's that? You wanted to get as close as possible to the heart of the world.
We all do.
Henry Luce couldn't have said it better himself.
Oh, no, hang on, he did say it.
People need to make informed choices or democracy doesn't work.
I know how important we are and that's why I don't want to see another paper like the Daily News go down.
And McCallum International will do it, Devlin.
They'll just asset strip.
They'll sell the building.
They'll sell the print works, the lot.
Now, you and I, we can make sure that that doesn't happen, but we have to compromise.
Typewriters'll be in a museum soon.
I don't want to be in there with them, do you? Come on, then, is the jury in or out? What, on you? Mm-hm.
Yeah, on me.
I'm still considering.
Ohh! McVie! McVie! You told Gallagher about us! And how did Lafferty know we were going to check him out? Hey, hey.
I don't think you understand this.
This is war! When you're in my house, my rules.
Maybe I shouldn't be in your house.
We need to talk to William McDade and get a quote.
I know some of his team.
I'll make a few calls.
You can't let this story spiral, Mr McDade.
It doesn't look good.
Why would Willie McDade be getting mixed up with someone like Lafferty? It all comes back to the guy with the braces.
What I did to your sister would pale into insignificance compared to what I will do to you.
Ow! Argh!