The Firm (2012) s01e03 Episode Script

Chapter Three

Previously on The Firm What I gave you incriminated the firm.
You said it would motion a chain of events that could cripple the mob, Mitch.
They deal in revenge.
This is Marshal Coleman with the witness protection program.
It's been ten years.
We're done running.
The firm-- it's called Kinross & Clark.
They offered me the job.
- You joined a firm? - I'm not kissing any asses.
Fair enough.
You report to me on all our cases.
I'm your boss from this day forward.
- I'm your defense lawyer, Sarah--I'm Mitch McDeere.
I have questions, questions like why would a 27-year-old kill a 71-year-old woman in her sleep? I didn't.
Does he know why we made him an offer? No.
Of course, our real interest here--Sarah Holt.
We were just discussing your case.
I'm telling you, I'm onto something.
He should be under surveillance.
We should be listening everywhere.
Our priority here is control.
I have to see somebody.
Somebody knows the truth.
If Mitch McDeere ever finds the truth in this case, everyone in this room is going to prison.
Markson, thank you for coming.
Five minutes.
That's what you said Then I'm gone.
This is my client.
You know who this is? No.
A woman is dead.
Bottom line is the trail leads me to you and your company.
They'll kill me.
Hell, I'm already dead.
McDeere, hotel security.
Open the door, please.
I thought you said you lost them.
McDeere, open the door please! I can't help you.
And you can't help me.
Martin! What are y--! Mr.
McDeere, hotel security! McDeere! Open the door! I don't have him.
Then you might not have a job.
The boss won't be happy.
Well, at least Moxon's dead.
McDeere just lost his only witness.
That's not all he lost.
Boundaries? That's not a word you use in a law firm, buddy.
That's a word you use in couple's therapy.
I'm serious.
I'm not your employee, Andrew.
My firm is associated with your firm.
Meaning? Meaning I get a say in which cases I choose.
You can't just summon.
You went to couple's therapy? Yeah, twice.
I mean I'd tell ya, but we're settin' boundaries.
Well that's number 1.
I get to approve my cases.
I prefer to do criminal work.
Also done.
Are we good, 'cause we're here.
I don't take meeting with guys who wear suits that cost more than 5 grand.
Is that a problem? Not anymore.
Sorry we're late.
Russell Strickland, this is Mitch McDeere.
Thanks for coming.
This is my son, Brian.
Well, I know the 3 of you have a lot to talk about, so I'll leave you to it.
So, is this a criminal matter? We don't know.
My girlfriend, Amy Sackheim, she's been missing for 3 days.
The police have asked Brian to come in for questioning.
Well, that sounds routine, I'm sure they just want to know the last time you saw her.
Well, that's the problem.
I was with Amy the night she disappeared.
We had a fight.
We'd been together almost 3 years.
And we were graduating in may And I didn't want to lose her.
So, I got it into my head that we should get married.
I got this ring.
I made a reservation at Sophia, a little French place near where I live.
And I asked her.
And she said no.
She didn't just say no.
She got upset.
She told me that we were too young, that I should have discussed it with her first.
They got into an argument.
Maître d' asked us to leave.
Everybody was staring.
What happened outside? Well, we walked to the car, but Amy Amy wouldn't get in.
She wanted to be alone.
So, she took my keys and she said she was going home.
She left you there.
I was only live a few blocks away, she knew I could walk.
Brian's car has never been found and nobody has seen the girl for 3 days.
That's all we know.
And when do the police want to meet with you? You think we should go? Yes, I do.
By now, the police will already know about the fight.
If you're telling the truth, then I would prefer to get out in front of this.
I am.
I loved her, Mr.
So, you're bringing in the son voluntarily? If we don't, the police won't focus on anything but him.
Well, they're probably already doing that, honey.
Maybe, but the kid did have a plausible explanation.
So it is our job to provide a new theory.
I think he killed her.
That's just my opinion.
You don't know anything about this girl.
Maybe she left town.
Or maybe she's seeing somebody else.
Suddenly Brian proposes, she doesn't want to tell him yet, so she skips town with the new guy.
There you go.
And they go to Vegas.
Sleeping in motels along the way, but never long enough for anyone to notice.
Eating in truck stops and existing solely on their secret love.
That's a disturbing amount of detail, babe.
Well, for now, I want this case to be your top priority.
What about your murder case? The woman? Sarah Holt? I'm seeing her later this afternoon.
You two, find me Amy Sackheim.
McDeere Brian? What I told you wasn't all true.
Have a seat.
It was an accident.
We left the restaurant together.
Amy forced me to stop the car, I didn't want to, but she insisted.
I left her there.
I couldn't do it.
I loved her.
So, I turned the car around.
I wanted to apologize, I wanted to cry, I wanted to see her, I didn't even know why we were fighting.
I put her in the car to take her to the hospital.
She was gone.
What happened then? There's a lake About 2 hours north.
My family used to go there when I was a kid.
I drove there.
I left Amy in one of the boat houses.
I sank the car in the lake.
You have to go to the police.
Listen to me.
If this was an accident, we have to tell them that now.
They will find the body and they will find the car.
And when they do, they will never believe you.
I can't go to prison.
You can't tell my father.
Brian, you have to tell your father.
You have to tell Amy's family.
They deserve to know what happened.
Brian? Brian! Brian! Brian! I've been over the case a hundred times.
By law, everything Brian said is protected by privilege.
He has a right to confide in his lawyer.
Okay, so we can't tell the cops.
At least we can tell Amy's parents where they can find her body.
No, we can't.
Why not? 'Cause he's our client.
We cannot incriminate him.
He's not our client, bro.
You're the one who took the case.
You work for my office.
The privilege applies to all of us.
Okay The body is in a location that can be connected to Brian.
The body itself could have trace evidence proving he killed her, which would lead to his car.
So we just sit here? Forget that.
I'll go get the body myself and I'll take it to a hospital.
And in the process get arrested for tampering with evidence and obstructing justice.
We're obstructing justice if we sit and do nothing.
Okay, Ray, see if you can find the boathouse.
Don't touch anything, but see if you can verify Brian's story.
And what are you going to get him to do? I'm going to get him to tell the truth.
We have to be at the precinct tomorrow at 11.
We will make the right thing happen here.
Remember to explain your answers.
Don't just give me names and dates.
Relax, Martin, everything is under control.
No, Alex, things are not under control.
There are loose ends.
McDeere works with us now.
He knows nothing about why we hired him.
He thinks it's because of some tort case he found.
How did he get our case in the first place? A mistake.
It was assigned by the court before we knew about it.
The better question is how did the girl get arrested? We don't know yet.
Her name is Sarah Holt.
McDeere is meeting with her now.
Well, I'm his boss.
Whatever he learns, I learn.
Now, is that all? No.
We have another problem.
Do you need to be somewhere? No, no, not until um Until 11.
Tell me about the woman they say you killed, Margaret Whittaker.
I hardly knew her.
I have a new doctor here, in D.
I went for an appointment about a week ago.
We met in the waiting room.
And you spoke to her first? Yes.
She was very sick, I could see that.
I didn't know she was terminal at that point.
It was just the two of you? Yes.
And we started talking.
She said she was all alone, that her only son is a deputy sheriff who lived 2 hours away.
She was very unhappy.
She wasn't allowed to be alone at night.
And she said the woman from the hospice who stayed with her was abusive.
That's the word she used? Yes.
It sounds crazy, but she Asked me if I would maybe stay with her at night.
She said it wasn't much work.
She'd pay well.
I said, "yes, I'm a Christian woman.
" I got there at 8.
We watched tv for an hour, I did some work on my laptop and then I took her to the bedroom.
I waited until she fell asleep.
And that's when I saw it.
It was so beautiful.
And I know it was wrong but I put it on.
I heard the door opening.
Who are you? Where's my mother? You must be Eugene, Margaret's son.
I got a call from the hospice, she fired her nurse.
You wait right there.
And he told you to stay while he checked on her? I got scared.
I-I just didn't want to be there to explain, so I left.
And when I got outside, I remembered the pendant.
It was a mistake.
I started to go back and he came running outside with his gun drawn.
He said he found his mother dead.
I don't know how.
They can't honestly believe that I killed her for a necklace.
Hey, Claire.
You going to ally's party on Saturday? Yeah.
So am I.
And if you want anyone to talk to you there or ever again You didn't see anything.
It's not just any necklace, Mitch, it's worth over 50 grand.
Come on, Diane, she's an auto insurance adjuster with no record.
She's a good samaritan, she's not a murderer.
She was stealing that necklace and she would have taken more if the son hadn't come home.
You're wrong.
And you know this how? Because I just talked to her.
I'm pretty good at reading people.
I don't see a case here.
Sorry, Mitch, you're not the only one who can read.
The me's report just came in.
Cause of death was asphyxiation.
Margaret Whittaker was smothered to death.
Guess word's out.
Why? What's going on? I just heard, you know the girl who is missing, the college student? Amy Sackheim? Apparently, she's dead.
The guy who killed her just walked into a precinct and confessed.
You okay? Yeah, yeah.
I gotta go.
That's my client.
Detective Detective! Uh, my name is Mitch McDeere, I'm an attorney.
I understand you're uh, you're questioning my client in connection to the Amy Sackheim disappearance.
He's represented.
You cannot interrogate him without-- hey, we didn't interrogate anyone.
Guy just walked in here spilling his guts.
Well, then I am invoking his rights to council.
You cannot question him 'till I can see him.
You're too late anyway.
He told us everything.
I was supposed to meet him here this morning.
You got 10 minutes.
Who are you? I'm Mitch McDeere, I'm a defence attorney.
Looks like I'm going to be needing one.
- What is you name and age? - Calvin Parker, 43.
And you live in Washington? Your elbows are on the table and your posture is terrible.
I'm sorry.
You know what else is terrible, Calvin? Lying.
Saying you murdered Amy Sackheim when we both know you didn't.
I did.
No, you didn't.
Wh-- why would you say that? I think I know what I did.
Certainly better than some person I just met.
A person with the table manners of a chimpanzee.
Did you know Amy Sackheim? Of course not.
I mean, only for a few minutes.
I picked he up in my car near some French restaurant.
She was hitchhiking in the rain.
Very dangerous.
Go on.
She wanted to go back to her dorm.
She had a fight with her boyfriend, something.
To be honest, I tuned her out.
I found it very impolite to talking about another man in my car.
And so, you killed her.
Her voice was upsetting.
I pulled the car onto a side street.
Which one? I really don't remember.
And I strangled her.
And her body? It was thin, athletic.
What did you do with her body? No shouting.
We don't need to shout to be heard.
Now you're upsetting me.
I need to know, Calvin.
If you truly did this.
Then where can I find Amy's body? I don't know! The red room.
I put her in the red room the red room? What does that mean? I don't like this.
I don't like talking to you.
So you just decided to confess? Killers go to prison.
Is that what you want? You want to go to prison? I think it's time.
I think I need to be stopped, otherwise I might do it again.
Does that mean that you've done this before? Yes.
Many times.
You're not s-- it's not acceptable to sit like that.
You'll get a hump when you get older.
Is that what you want, a terrible hump? Hey mom, I'm going to Gillian's house after school.
Really? Thanks for letting me know.
I am.
I mean Can I go? I graded your test.
Don't you want to know how you did? Already? Second highest in the class.
Who beat me? Heather gamble.
Ugh! What does that mean? Nothing.
Look, I know she hasn't done as well as you in the past, but she is a smart girl.
Yeah, great.
Thanks mom, see you later.
Why do you do that? Another student improves, you should be happy for that.
Happy for me as their teacher.
No! Not whatever! Why whatever? It's one test.
If you're jealous, maybe you should-- I'm not! Okay, I'm not jealous! Well obviously-- I think it's great! She cheated! She cheated, okay? She had the answers written all over her arm.
How do you know that? I saw her.
Okay, but mom, mom, you cannot say anything.
Claire Mom, please! She cannot know that I told you.
Well, I have to do something.
So, he just walked in and confessed.
Yeah, to multiple murders.
He can't even keep track of how many.
I've seen this before, bro.
I did time with a guy at Brushy Mountain, he killed his entire family and then, some innocent dude took the credit.
You think he's a crazy? Well, he wants the attention.
He knew details.
He knew Amy was out walking in the rain, that she'd gone to college, that she had a fight with her boyfriend.
So, he reads the papers, I mean, all that stuff was reported.
Yeah, that's true.
He didn't seem to know where the body was.
We already know where the body is.
That's assuming Brian is telling the truth.
Maybe he's lying.
Mitch, Brian wasn't lying.
You found the boathouse? Echo lake, 2 hours north.
And don't worry, I didn't touch anything.
Amy's here.
If she's there, that means Calvin Parker is innocent.
And crazy.
But the police don't know that.
We need to find Brian.
If he tells the truth, then we can get Calvin out.
Mitch, you already have one client in this case, you can't have 2.
But we have to do something.
I'm not just sitting by while they charge the wrong guy with murder.
Look, you want it, you take it.
I don't give a damn about the rules.
But what's Russell Strickland going to say? Absolutely not.
He is disturbed, Russ.
I don't know why he confessed, but I am satisfied that Calvin did not kill Amy.
You don't know that.
Yes I do.
But Brian told you that he did it? I can't answer that, but we did have a conversation.
I am so sorry, Russ.
I uh I can't find him.
I haven't seen Brian since our meeting.
- He's not at home? - No.
And he won't call me back.
- If you're hiding him-- - I'm not! But even if I were, you'd have to protect him.
You're his lawyer.
Listen to me.
I promise you, nothing I do will incriminate your son.
But I feel obligated to help the police realize that Calvin is not responsible.
No! To represent him, you are pointing the finger at Brian.
I won't.
You have my word.
Now, if it comes down to that, I will withdraw and let another lawyer step in.
I said no.
End of discussion.
I'm doing it, Russell.
I am not letting some jaded public defender screw this up and plead him guilty.
You want to fight me on that, you put in a complaint at the bar and we will air this out in a hearing.
I understand, Martin and I told you we'd take care of it.
Why do you think he sniffs like that? Does he have a cold or is he snorting half the coke on the eastern seaboard? Well, if it's a cold, he's had it for the last 3 years.
Could be a nervous tick.
I suppose.
He does have reason to be nervous.
McDeere met with Sarah Holt this morning.
You get an update? Not yet, I called, but he's knee-deep in the Strickland situation.
He asked if it could wait.
The update can, but this can't.
When Sarah Holt was arrested, she had a laptop with her.
Her own? No, it was provided by her employer and let's just say it had sensitive information.
Do you know what it is? Material we care about is hidden.
Routine examination by the police won't reveal it, but our client wants it secured.
Then how am I supposed to get access to it? It's in evidence lock-up.
Then you steal it or you pay someone to hand it to you or you burn down the building.
I don't give a damn if you have to join the police academy.
Whatever you need, boss.
Andrew You may not know what's on that computer, but what you do know is more than enough to take you down with the rest of us.
It's not just what I need.
It's what you need, what your wife and son need.
Are we clear? Yeah.
Calvin Parker, 43, in a flaming ball of excitement.
Works as a tax evaluator for the IRS.
Ah, no wonder he wants the attention, it's a nameless, thankless job.
There's a thousand of him out there.
Where'd he grow up? Right here in DC.
Father was killed in Vietnam, raised by his mother.
She taught music over at a private school, very posh.
So, she spends her day with kids who are rich and well-mannered.
That explains the whole "elbows on the table" thing.
She wants her kid to act like them Probably made him crazy about it.
Anything else? Everything else is routine.
On the day Amy was killed, he went to the bank, got his car serviced at the dealership.
No red flags on his credit card.
He's clean.
It's kind of creepy, huh? Girls, really.
So this is how he knew about the cases.
He memorizes the details from the papers.
Ah, the truth is it doesn't make perfect sense.
Some of these girls went missing for a while, but returned later, unharmed.
Why does he put their pictures up here? 'Cause he's innocent and a fruit loop? No way.
Half a dozen of these girls was murdered and I'll bet my badge your boy did it.
Unless you know something I don't.
Cops still think it's Calvin, they're not giving up.
They will.
Look, we know Calvin didn't do this, we just have to find Brian.
Yeah, I'm trying, my sources are all over it.
Meanwhile, Amy's body is still sittin' in a boathouse and her parents think she still might be alive.
Which horrifies me as much as it does you, but my hands are bound.
There's nothing we can do; We're out of options.
No, we're not out of options! Look, Ray, you're a convicted felon.
Do I need to explain to you why criminals need to trust their attorneys? Hey-hey, I took responsibility for what I did.
I didn't hide behind any technicality.
It's not a technicality, Ray, it's the law! Oh, you and your precious rules, Mitch.
How do you live with yourself? What am I supposed to do, let my emotions run me? Yeah, because we both know how well that philosophy worked out for you.
Meaning? Meaning your way got you 15 years in a federal prison.
And yours got your entire family of Witness Protection! At least when I went down I got to keep my own last name.
I mean, in a way, I feel responsible.
I've been pushing this student to do better and I You didn't drive her to cheat if that's what you're saying.
Well, even if I did, I-I can't just look the other way.
I mean, I have to confront her, right? Mitch? I agree.
Or maybe you can let this one go.
Are you serious? I'm just thinking about Claire.
I mean, she's spent her whole life moving around and she's been home schooled.
So? So, she's just trying to fit in.
The last thing she needs is to rat out the popular girl to her mom.
That's interesting.
What? You're all about the rules when it comes to your job, by mine Stakes are a little different, Abby.
Hey, are you okay? When I was a kid, my dad, he drove this old truck.
Red pick-up.
Thing had to be 30 years old.
Breaks were shot, no air bags, no suspension.
Half the time he drove it, it broke down.
And my mom, my mom, she had this rule.
Ray and I were not allowed to ride in that truck.
That sounds like her.
The thing was a death-trap.
One day, Ray and I were playing in the driveway, my dad, he comes out, says he doesn't have to go to work for a couple hours and to get in the truck.
We'd go for breakfast.
But the rule.
It didn't stop Ray.
He yelled "shotgun" and he jumped in.
Me, I wouldn't go.
What happened? Nothing.
Nothing, two hours later, they came back, dropped Ray off and he went to work.
My dad He was killed that day.
Killed in an explosion in the mine.
It was his last day.
And Ray got to spend it with him.
That's the thing about rules, Abby.
It's more than what you do, it's who you are.
Some people are wired to follow them, others aren't baby, that could have been Ray who died that day.
Or you.
In an old truck with a half a million miles on it.
What did you say? I just don't think your dad should have-- no, no About the mileage? Abby, that's it.
That's it.
Where are you going? I gotta call Ray.
I think you just got Calvin Parker off the hook.
Your honor, the defendant is charged with a single homicide, the murder of Amy Sackheim.
But we ask you to note that he has confessed to several other killings as well.
Which you cannot prove.
And I object to you trying to sway the court with speculation.
Speculation, is that a joke? Your client told us about the crimes.
We just haven't had time to investigate.
Your honor, my client confessed to killing a dozen young girls, half of which the da knows full well are very much alive.
Is that your defense, council? He thinks he killed 12, but he only killed 6? He didn't kill anyone, your honor.
These are false confessions.
And why, pray tell would an everyday tax evaluator want us to think he's a serial killer? Because he is unstable.
Because he wants the attention.
Your honor Amy's parents are in the court, today.
It's hard enough to face this tragedy, but now to be told it was all a sham? I'm sorry.
But Calvin did not do this.
He can't even tell the police where to find their daughter.
A sidebar, your honor? Quickly! Your honor, the day before Amy Sackheim disappeared, my client had his car serviced.
What's the relevance? Just listen.
Calvin says he picked up Amy in his car near a restaurant called Sophia.
That road is 29 miles one way from the dealership that serviced his car.
So? So, the dealer registered his mileage on the odometer when they serviced it and the police also registered his mileage when they seized it.
The car had only gone It's not possible.
He could not have been there, not in that car.
Okay, look, I admit, that's a discrepancy.
This is a lie.
His entire confession is a lie.
Hobermann, aside from the confession of the defendant, do you have any real evidence connecting him to the crime? I feel confident-- answer the question, council.
Not directly, no.
Are there any other suspects? We intended to question the victim's boyfriend, but that wasn't necessary.
Well, it is now.
You don't have enough to hold this defendant.
And so until you can find more, this charge is dismissed.
Bailiff, take charge.
Parker, you will be released from inside.
What did she say? I strongly suggest you seek counseling, sir.
No, wait, listen to me, you're making a mistake! I'm the killer! No! Don't do this! Now, you will be sorry.
I need to be in prison.
I'm a killer! Don't do this! Why won't you stop me? I need to be stopped! Why won't you stop me? So what are you gonna do, honey? I don't know yet.
I mean, we've enough for the last 10 years to guarantee Claire a lifetime of therapy.
I don't want to do anything to make things worse.
I get that.
But you also don't want to give her the impression that she's running things, you know? Claire! I need your help setting the table! And this girl, Heather, she just gets away with it? Maybe not.
When I was 19, I was in love with Jimmy Martucci.
Gorgeous! And he used to hang out at this place where I was working and waiting tables.
And he was older, you know, like 21 and wouldn't give me the time of day.
I find that hard to believe.
Well, he was a tough guy, you know, not a real one.
But he thought he was.
And anyway, so one day, I show up at work with my new Firebird.
I had saved my money for Jimmy wants to know me.
He asks where did I get it? What's up, ladies? Take those bowls to the table.
And I don't know why, but I told him that I stole it.
The words just came out! You did not.
From that moment on, Jimmy loved me.
I was the bad girl of his dreams and we started hanging out almost every night.
Was it amazing? Actually, it was the worst.
He turned out to be a total moron and his friends were petty criminals.
And I was just stuck, like driving around with these jerks, trying to figure out how I'm going to break it off.
And that's the problem with pretending to be someone you aren't, you have to then be that someone even when you don't want to anymore.
So, that was Strickland.
Detective Doyle just called.
The police want to talk to Brian again.
Join the club.
If he went underground, my people'll find him before the cops do.
Maybe he's at the boathouse.
Why would he go back? You don't think he'd move the body, do you? Maybe it's psychological.
They took Amy's body there for a reason, right? He feels safe at the boathouse.
Sometimes when people do horrible things, they regress, they go back to the place where they felt secure as a child.
Okay, I keep thinking this, so I'm just going to say it.
But what if Strickland found Calvin Parker.
What if he hired this crazy guy to confess.
Do you think that's even possible? I don't know, but something's wrong and I keep thinking that thing has to do with Calvin.
Where'd he grow up? Dc, single mom.
Uh, went to a fancy private school, uh, Wardell Something.
The Wardell Fieldhouse? Got it.
His mom used to teach there.
You know it? I've heard of it It shut down a couple of years ago.
I worked with some people who used to teach there.
A lot of really good schools lost their funding when the economy went bad.
Wait, wait.
Calvin said he put his victims in a red room.
Joanna Parker in the middle school music room.
" That was his mother.
Could be a coincidence.
Or Maybe not everything Calvin told us is a lie.
We appreciate the help.
I appreciate the hundred bucks.
I don't know what you boys are looking for.
No one's been around this place for years, now.
This is research for a case.
Well, this is it.
This here, is the music room.
Look, you'll need this.
I'll be outside if you need me.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I don't know.
I don't see anything here.
Maybe up here.
Bring-bring that trunk over.
I need something to stand on.
Slide it over.
Ray? Yeah, put your back into it.
I count 6 bodies.
All women.
Well, he isn't lying.
Calvin Parker's a serial killer and I just set him free.
I don't understand.
How is that possible? Calvin Parker kills women.
He uh, he warned me.
He's so far gone, he can't even keep track.
That's why he confessed.
He read about Amy Sackheim disappearing, just assumed it was him, like all the others.
So what now? You heard him.
Calvin said we'd be sorry.
It's only a matter of time before he does it again.
It could be a young girl like Claire.
It's time, bro.
They want to disbar you, let 'em.
They can't.
Lawyers are allowed to disclose to save a life.
That's the rule, isn't it? Do it.
Yes, 9-1-1, I'd like to report a multiple homicide.
Dc police are reporting the discovery of 6 bodies, all of them women in an abandoned school, here in the city.
Police are confirming they received an anonymous tip.
The bodies are believed to be connected to Calvin Parker, the man recently released by a court due to insufficient evidence.
Uh, Heather, could you stay behind for just a minute? Heather, you did so well on the test.
I'm so proud of you.
Thank you.
I mean, I always knew that you had great potential, but this I was really impressed.
How did you do it? Studying, I guess.
Well, I teach some of the other students who need help, every Tuesday and Thursday after school and since you did so well, I decided to make you my very own assistant.
I think you could really help them.
Um, I'm not sure I can stay after school.
It's okay.
I called your mom and she said it's fine.
She's also really proud of you.
So today's Tuesday, so I guess I'll see you later.
Where'd you find Brian? He was hiding at a youth hostel downtown.
So what's the plan, Brian, you gonna run forever? 'Cause let me tell ya, that is harder than you think.
I don't want to run.
I know.
Because if you did, you'd be long-gone by now.
Look at me.
Was this an accident? Okay.
Then I will be with you every step of the way.
This will not be okay until you face it, until Amy's home.
You know that.
I love you.
Andrew Palmer.
Andrew, listen to me.
I found something.
I'm not sure what, but someone just tried to kill me.
Mitchell, what are you talking about? I don't know who they were, but I can't talk on this phone.
Hold on a sec.
It's McDeere.
He said someone tried to kill him.
Keep him talking.
We agreed he wouldn't get hurt! Find out where he is.
Now! Mitch, buddy, where are you?