The Five Juanas (2021) s01e02 Episode Script


["Faded Memories" playing]
[footsteps approaching]
It's just me. Your dad will be here soon.
What the hell, Víctor?
Man, I thought you were with him.
Don't forget to take care of the package
when you get up.
[Víctor] Did you bring a suit?
- [man] No.
- [chuckles]
We'll go to the store. I'll be downstairs.
Wait, Víctor.
I need your help finding the name
of a girl I met yesterday.
If you find it,
I'll give you my firstborn, I swear. Hm?
[chuckles] You're crazy, man.
[Víctor] I'll be downstairs.
[pill bottle opening]
[pills rattle]
During the raid,
we found intel on 40 women,
and half of them are living in the US.
They are well-organized.
Chango is gonna
give us the names of the leaders.
As soon as you get them, send them my way.
Yeah, you'll be the first one to know,
as long as you don't publish anything
before we arrest them.
[Valentina] Mm-hmm.
What do you hope to find?
If my mom kept
my original birth certificate,
she may also have a picture
or a letter or something.
[Lorenzo] Hm.
Let me see this one though.
This fish birthmark on the butt thing
could just be a coincidence.
There may be nothing linking you
and those women.
That's what we're gonna find out.
["Owing to Wonder" playing]
Anyways, I don't know who my father is.
One more reason to look for answers.
[Matilde] I don't remember much
about my mom
because she was always on tour,
and she left for good
when I was nine years old.
She was a singer.
Probably still is, I think.
There wasn't much information
in the postcards she would send us
from time to time from all over the world.
Tell me, is it true your mother
hasn't said anything for 20 years?
With the brain damage she suffered,
she's like in another world.
So I visit her every week
in the psychiatric hospital,
even if sometimes
she won't even look at me.
[Matilde] That's weird.
Both Valentina
and Bautista's moms are dead,
while ours are basically absent.
What did Manny say about hers?
[both] Nothing.
[phone line ringing]
[woman] Hello. Who is this? Hello.
[phone ringing]
["No Fuse" playing]
Laura. I got a call today,
and the number was from Mexico.
They hung up on me,
but I'm sure 100% it was her.
If it was, now you know Manny's alive.
That's what you wanted.
What I need to know
is how and where to find her.
Well, if she wanted you to find her,
she would've shown up by now.
I don't think she wants to see
the person who put her in jail.
This is everything of value I have left.
I used the rest to pay for the lawyer
who got her out of prison.
Laura, please. You're the only one
who knows how to find her.
If Manny is in Mexico,
it's a matter of life and death
that I speak to her.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Bautista] Juana Caridad
told me you'd be here.
This is all I have of my mom.
If there's any connection
between the two of us,
we might find it in this album.
She was an actress?
My grandma said she could've easily been
the next Salma Hayek.
[ominous music playing]
[Valentina] Are you okay?
[breathing heavily]
I just had a flashback,
but this one I've never had before.
But I just wonder why now?
[man 1] Hi, Dad.
How are you?
You didn't bring a suit.
What's this, Dad?
It's the one I bring for special events.
[Simón scoffs]
[Simón] Do me a favor,
and have a cup of black coffee.
And put some drops in your eyes.
See if you can cover up that hangover.
Why do you want me to go
to that meeting with the president?
Because I haven't lost hope
that the only son I've got
will learn one day that life is more
than alcohol and women!
I'm only asking for you to stay awake.
To listen to me and learn for once.
Do you think you can do that?
Of course, Dad.
I'll give it my best. I swear.
Well, you'll give it your best.
You remember? That's exactly what you said
when you left law school.
[pensive music playing]
What happened?
We all thought you had taken off.
- What now?
- Last night you didn't say a word.
[Matilde] You have to call your mom
and ask her who your father is.
Well, I mean, if we're sisters,
it has to be the same guy, no?
You're hard of hearing for a singer.
I told you I'm not in contact with her.
You seriously should try
to patch things up with her.
Stop talking out of your ass, Sister.
Manny, your mom is the only one
who can give us a name.
Well, I don't have her number.
You're lying.
Why don't you kiss my ass, sweetheart?
You're not the only one
who's not happy with the situation.
Unfortunately, you're the only one
who can help us sort things out.
It's just one goddamn phone call.
After, you can leave
and forget about us if you want.
I need to pee.
May I go?
All right, she's a tough one.
[man] I'm driving.
Report, Number One.
[Number One on radio] Nothing to report.
En route. ETA 15 minutes.
Don't you think all of this
is a little bit dramatic?
Your dad is a political target.
Many people resent his possible nomination
for attorney general.
Don't waste your time explaining, Víctor.
My son only knows about dance floors.
[Simón] Let's go.
[busy signal]
I'm sorry. Mr. Bravo isn't in,
but you can leave a message.
We had an appointment.
Can you tell me where the restaurant is?
Right next door.
Conaculta? What's that?
A government organization.
And this is a photo
of Bautista's mom at an event.
[Bautista] Which was taken around the time
Valentina's mom worked there
as an accounting assistant.
Mm-hmm. Which I didn't know
until I did some research and found this.
These are her pay stubs from back then.
[Matilde] I don't know.
I've never heard of that organization,
but I can ask my grandparents.
Well, I guess
I also could ask around at the convent.
[dramatic music sting]
["Body Bag" playing]
You really thought
you could get away with it, little bitch?
Now I'm gonna make you pay for hitting me
and then stealing 5K from me. Walk!
- Come on.
- [Manuela] Let go of me, asshole!
- [Godoy] Shut up!
- [Valentina] Is that Manny?
[Godoy] Shut up!
Slowly. Keep going. Everything's fine.
[Valentina] Manny!
- He's trying to kidnap me!
- [Valentina] Hey!
[Manuela] Help me! Help me!
- Hey! He's kidnapping her!
- [Matilde] Hey!
- Let me go!
- [woman] What do you think you're doing?
He's kidnapping her!
Get off me! Let go of me!
- Careful, man.
- What's wrong, Víctor?
- [Víctor] Report, Number One.
- One moment.
Something's going on.
Change route immediately.
[car horns honking]
[Manuela] Let me go! Leave me alone!
- Víctor! Víctor, stop the car!
- [Simón] What the hell? You crazy or what?
- [Godoy] Asshole!
- Let her go!
[Godoy] Let's leave!
- You are crazy!
- [man] Hey!
Coward! Piece of shit!
- Where are you going, asshole?
- Get out!
[Manuela] Where are you going?
That's right! Leave, you filthy bastard!
- Fucking asshole!
- Hey! That's enough!
[Valentina] Are you sure
you don't know him?
He seemed to know you.
Okay, forget it.
We have to call the police.
Damn it, I told you no.
You told us there was a reason
we all had met in this hotel.
Was that it? To save Manny?
Or maybe something even bigger,
and we'll never figure it out.
What is it, Víctor? Why did we stop now?
It looks like someone tried
to kill the president, sir.
- [Víctor] We're supposed to go back home.
- Goddamn it!
[man] Grandpa. [laughs]
Hey, were you at the shoot-out?
Please, have a seat.
[Simón] I'm glad you're all right.
We were on our way to meet you, but
Someone get me some tequila, please.
The president
is flying back to the capital.
They arrested all the suspects
but canceled all events.
The shots really came out of nowhere.
I thought it was a repeat
of Colosio's assassination.
Why didn't you make the meeting?
There was an incident on the road,
so we had to change our route.
It had nothing to do with Mr. Marroquín
or the shoot-out.
Well, that coincidence
may just have saved all of your lives.
Well, I don't know about you all,
but I need some fresh air. Excuse me.
[grandpa] You've been partying
for four days,
and you can't spend ten minutes
with your family?
You could've been planning my funeral.
And we would've done it
with all the respect you deserve, Grandpa.
- You can bet on it.
- Everything is a joke to you.
We can't have a normal conversation?
Don't take it the wrong way.
I was just trying
to lighten the mood, that's all.
Of course I'm happy
you're all right, Grandpa.
For real.
Matilde is coming with me to the convent.
Yeah, for a few days. My original plan
was to stay in Mexico City, you know?
That's where I'm headed.
I'll reach out as soon as I arrive.
I'm bored with Cancún.
The five of us in the city.
Get ready for the manicures.
- I'll send the test money later.
- Not a problem.
What matters most
is that you talk to your mom.
I'll think about it.
That's all I can promise. Okay?
[Manuela] Thank you.
For [sighs]
Here's your taxi, ladies.
- [Valentina] What's up?
- Not much.
Girls, this is Lorenzo, a friend of mine.
Lorenzo, let me introduce you
to Matilde, Caridad, and Bautista.
- [Lorenzo] Hello.
- [Valentina] Let's go.
Let me.
I kinda like the darkness
I feel inside ♪
Yeah, that's right ♪
I kinda like the darkness
I feel inside ♪
Yeah, that's right ♪
I kinda like the darkness ♪
- [inaudible]
- [song continues]
I'm here to tell you
That I'll help you heal ♪
Let's make a deal, yeah ♪
Dark ♪
[song ends]
Valentina, just go home.
I'm not paying overtime.
- I'm leaving.
- [laughs]
Hey, Salvador, do you know someone
who can get me information at Conaculta?
What do you need?
Access to some employee records
from over 25 years ago.
I think so, yeah. I'll let you know.
Great. Thanks.
But leave already, Valentina!
- Yeah, yeah, I really am. I promise.
- Go party. Sing your heart out.
[both laugh]
Good night.
[Matilde singing in Spanish]
[singing continues]
That was great!
These little guys love you, Matilde.
Oh, and I love them too!
It's gonna be horrible
not to see them again.
Matilde, Sister Elena
told me something about my mom.
Alice took a long time before opening up
about her life prior to the convent.
But one day, she told us
she was an archaeology student in Texas
and that she had to come to Mexico
for a project.
And guess where.
At Conaculta.
[Valentina] Mm-hmm.
So there's no doubt now.
They must've met him there.
I'm gonna try
to get some more information.
Coffee's on me.
How's your business doing?
Mexico City isn't easy,
but I might rent a space downtown.
It's really affordable.
Caridad knows the owner.
She gave me her info.
That's great.
By the way, have you heard from Manny?
I was going to ask you the same thing.
["For Whatever" playing]
[crowd whistling]
[man 1] Yeah!
[man 2] Come on, yeah!
[cheering, whistling]
[man] Yeah!
- Later, guys.
- Later.
How did you find me?
What's important is that I found you.
Are you okay, honey?
After a year and a half in jail,
thanks to you, I'm doing great.
Just go to hell.
Manny. Manny, you and I need to talk.
["For Whatever" continues]
Pocho, are you sure about this?
I mean, we just met a couple days ago,
and I don't want you to feel obligated.
The way I see it,
it's a great professional relationship.
[Pocho] Oh! The bed!
["For Whatever" continues]
Should we take a look? Let's go.
["For Whatever" continues]
[bell ringing]
[song ends]
[electronic music playing muffled]
You don't have to say anything, Manny.
Just listen to me.
When I reported you to the police,
it was my way to save you
because you probably would've ended up
dead in a ditch.
- The guys you told me
- I know the story. Are you done?
No. No, Manny. No, I am not done.
I paid for ten minutes,
so you're gonna sit down.
I said sit down!
You know my opinion.
I always thought you were too smart
to dedicate your life to dancing naked.
No, no. I am not here to judge you, Manny.
And I swear to everything holy that
I really do accept your profession.
I accept your line of work.
You are my only daughter,
and I love you with all my heart.
Everything I've done in my life has been
to protect you, always.
And if I'm in this country,
which I swore I would never return to,
it's only because
it's only because, if I lose you, Manny
I won't have any more reason to live.
[Manny sobs]
I get off in an hour.
I'll be at the café around the corner
from here that's open 24 hours.
["Cornucopia" playing]
[song ends]
[Matilde] My grandparents
don't remember anything about Conaculta.
However, the period
in which my mom was in Mexico
corresponds exactly with the time frame
I was conceived, believe it or not.
So that makes four of us now.
Manny said
she was born in Mexico City, right?
[Caridad] Then that's five.
Still haven't heard anything from her?
[Matilde] No.
[Caridad] Hi, Mommy.
How are you?
It's me, Juana Caridad.
I want you to meet someone.
[Caridad] She is
a friend of mine.
Her name is Matilde.
I'm so glad to finally meet you.
["Solos" playing]
- Can you
- You wanna dance?
Oh, you only recognize me
covered in sand, under a dock?
I don't believe in destiny,
but running into each other again
in a city of more than 20 million,
that's insane.
Yesterday I was cleaning up,
and I saw some finance books.
I had no idea
that you were doing distance learning.
I knew this was gonna happen.
That you'd stick your nose in my business.
What a mistake.
Sweetie, I just wish there wouldn't be
any secrets between us, that's all.
Okay, fine.
Who's my father?
You said no more secrets.
Uh, no one important.
- Mm-hmm.
- Some guy I met in a bar.
We had sex.
I never found out what his name was.
Not very original, no?
Manny, talk to me!
Why do you care about that now, huh?
Has something happened?
If something happened,
you have to tell me.
You didn't come here to look for me.
You came here so I wouldn't find out.
You're shaking, Mom.
It's just that you never asked
anything about that growing up. Why now?
[melancholy music playing]
When I come back,
I don't wanna see you here.
[door closes]
[melancholy music continues]
[Manuela] You said no more secrets.
[Caridad] One day, she didn't come back.
And after three days,
they ended up calling the head nun.
Honestly, it was a miracle
that she survived.
She had a very high level of drugs
in her blood.
Was she alone when they found her?
Yes. Apparently, she started spending time
with people who are into that stuff.
Imagine the poor thing, after having me,
she got so bored
with the life in the convent,
so she started going out until, you know
Well, you never know.
She could get better because
[nurse] That's all we wish for here.
Caridad, I can't believe you stayed
after visiting hours again.
It is very important
that patients follow the rules.
[both laughing]
- [man] What was I gonna think?
- [laughs]
It's hard to admit,
but it's not the first time
a woman has felt let down
after seeing me in my underwear.
[man] Huh?
I just lost my mother.
And her favorite song came on at the bar.
I drank way too much tequila,
and I was just feeling confused.
So so that means I don't look that bad.
[both laugh]
- Thanks. I'll get it.
- No. I'll get it.
No, no, no. After what you must've paid
in counseling, it's the least I can do.
Keep the change, thanks.
I think we should try again.
What I meant is [nervous laugh]
we should go out dancing
and have some drinks.
- And, you know, leave things to
- Destiny?
That's pushing it, no?
Destiny has done its best.
- I need to leave.
- Did you save my number?
- Yep.
- Great. You can call me whenever, eh?
Or message. I'll keep my phone handy.
See you.
[phone line ringing]
You're an absolute genius.
Yeah, yeah. That was the name.
It was her.
[sentimental music playing]
[mother] My dear daughter.
You know I adore you,
and that's why I can't accept the fact
that you don't want me in your life.
I'll be at the hotel
until I return to Tenerife. Love, Mom.
[Valentina] Nothing.
Manny changed her phone number
or doesn't want anything to do with us.
Or she's afraid.
Sometimes the truth
isn't easy to confront.
Well, we can't wait any longer.
You open it.
98% what? We're sisters?
Yes or no?
[man] We are reorganizing
the president's schedule,
but, meanwhile,
he wanted me to speak with you, Simón.
Yeah, sure. Of course.
[man] I don't wanna disturb you,
but we need to know if there's anything
in your past that could be problematic.
How long
have you known my family, Bernardo?
Rogelio, it's just protocol.
[Bernardo] Of the three
potential nominees,
Simón is the only one who isn't a judge.
The Senate will be thorough.
[mother] Manny,
your father is Simón Marroquín,
my sister's husband.
If there is anything recent or old
that had to be buried,
we would like to know about it.
- Say something!
- [Caridad] What does it say?
We are daughters of the same man.
My life is an open book.
I don't have anything to hide.
["Say my Name (Turn it Up)" playing]
Turn it up, turn it up
Turn it up, turn it up ♪
Say my name ♪
Turn it up, turn it up ♪
[song ends]
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