The Five Juanas (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Plan B

[Manuela] This is my favorite tequila too.
Is taste hereditary?
So that's why you came to Mexico.
To blackmail me.
Mm, no. My mom doesn't know I found out.
Of course. You really think I'm an idiot.
You know what she told me?
That my dad was some guy
she had sex with in a bar.
She's covered for you for 25 years.
[Manuela] Hm.
It's very dangerous
to write down confessions.
A letter does not prove
that I'm your father.
My mom wouldn't have gone to Monterrey
to lead a life of misery,
then wander around the world
and end up in the Canary Islands
if she hadn't had
her brother-in-law's daughter.
Plus, we have the same birthmark.
If you have doubts, we can do a DNA test.
Although we'd run the risk
of people finding out.
But you're in luck.
I'm "in luck"?
Yeah, because I only wanna get out of here
and never hear from you again.
[tense music playing]
If I were more of a bitch, though,
I don't know,
the story might be different.
Excuse me.
Why didn't you tell me you saw my sister?
Don't deny it.
She told me herself, you know.
- She isn't taking the breakup well.
- But it's been two months already.
Look, she has to understand
that you'll never be with her anymore.
- Simón, are you paying attention?
- What the hell is your problem?
My problem is
that I'm tired of hiding our relationship
and meeting on the sly.
Especially now!
[Catalina] Why didn't you tell me?
He never even found out.
I decided it would be best to just leave
and start from scratch.
But for the job in Monterrey,
I didn't lie.
But who is the father?
You don't even know his name?
Do it once and for all.
It isn't that easy, Susana.
Your sister's pregnant.
Oh, Susi, but you should've told me.
I'm your sister.
I would've understood and helped you.
Oh, Susi.
[Manuela] What did I miss?
Another drink?
- Yes, another drink.
- All right.
[pensive music playing]
You should've told us before, Matilde.
I really didn't want you to know
I was a criminal.
- It was clearly self-defense.
- [Valentina] Exactly.
If that asshole is dead,
he's the only one to blame.
We can't let them find you.
I'm gonna call Lorenzo.
- No.
- Maybe we can
I'm going to change my name
and get Mexican papers as well.
You see,
Pocho asked me to marry him.
[menacing music playing]
You don't know him.
What are you saying?
You don't know him.
Pocho is a really great guy, Bautista.
[tense music playing]
[man 1] Oh wow!
How did you get this palace, eh?
[man 2] Afternoon.
[man 2] You got a problem, huh?
[tuts] Ugh!
I can't pay for something better.
I spent all my savings on the store.
Shall we?
["Heart Beats For You" playing]
[knocking at door]
[song continues]
[Federico] Tell me something.
Do you like spaghetti bolognese?
Um, yes.
Good, 'cause I can't cook anything else.
[Valentina] What?
What, you thought I was gonna barge in,
take off your clothes,
and make love to you against the wall?
[Federico] Hm?
I must confess, that was my plan B
in case you were a vegetarian.
You want some wine?
- Great bottle.
- Mm-hmm.
You seriously need
to be on social networks.
Especially since your business is new.
You're in the capital,
it's such a huge city,
so if you're not on social media,
you might never get found.
Yeah, but other people could find me,
not just clients, Tomás.
Listen, you don't have to tell me
who that guy was in Cancún,
but I promise if he did something to you,
I'll beat his ass.
The guy is the number two
for a man I worked for a long time ago.
What kind of work?
I was doing astrology readings.
I would give him the ideal dates
to send merchandise to the United States.
[Bautista] I'm not proud of it,
but my grandma was sick, and I needed
to pay for her medicine and treatments.
It's Juana Mai.
You told me to come when I had the dates.
[Bautista] But it wasn't the merchandise
I thought it was.
[man] Come on.
Let's go, girls. Keep walking.
[man] Come on. Keep walking.
[Bautista] I made
an anonymous call to the police
and told them everything I knew.
They then arrested the whole gang,
but the number two, the guy in Cancún,
negotiated a reduced sentence.
Do you think he figured out
that you had called the cops on them?
I'm not sure,
but I can't risk him finding me.
[distant bang]
Are you staying for the wedding?
- What wedding?
- Pocho and Matilde.
I thought that's why you were in the city.
Your sister is marrying Pocho?
Not a good idea.
Yeah, I know, but it seems
that she won't change her mind.
Knowing when the pasta isal dente
is a real art form.
[Federico] Just a sec. Uh
It's coming along.
All right.
It needs another two minutes.
- Wanna try it?
- Okay.
["Rock a Bye Baby" playing]
[knocking at door]
[knocking at door]
- No, no, no.
- Come here.
- [knocking at door]
- Just a second!
[song continues]
You didn't answer my messages.
I had to come.
- I was busy. Tell me what's happening.
- It's Ana, Val. We found her.
- What? When? Where?
- I'll explain on the way to the station.
Let's go now 'cause I don't know
when she'll be transferred.
- Come on!
- Of course.
Give me two minutes.
It won't be long. Two minutes.
[Valentina sighs]
[Federico] Oh.
[Lorenzo] I'll wait in the car.
[Valentina] Okay, I'm coming.
I have to go. Sorry.
[door closes]
- [Susana] Thank you for everything, Cata.
- I love you!
I hope we can meet up again soon.
I'm so happy that we've been reunited.
Thank you so much, Uncle. Auntie.
- Let's go.
- Yes.
This is your home, okay?
Not even five minutes.
You couldn't sit with us for five minutes.
Just five minutes.
It's not like I ask a lot from you.
Just five minutes.
Just five.
I'll get it. Just sit down.
You know how I am
with the nomination, eh? I'm sorry.
Hey, do you know why Susana
left so suddenly 25 years ago?
She was pregnant. Can you imagine that?
Ah, the poor guy
never found out he had a child.
What is a guy supposed to do
when a woman
does something like that to him?
Do you think that can be forgiven, hm?
[door rattling]
[Lorenzo] Ana.
Look who's here.
[Lorenzo] Ana.
She isn't Ana.
[pensive music playing]
Where did you get this card?
Ana is my friend.
Now tell me,
where did you get her ID card?
[emotional music playing]
How are you?
I'm scared to death.
Any news from Chango?
I need you to talk to the detective
and give him information.
He wants us to call him
as soon as possible.
The police cannot protect me.
I need to escape.
Talk to him.
I will make sure
Chango never finds you again.
I give you my word.
If what that woman said is true,
and Ana is in the US,
we'll never find her.
She had her ID. We'll work from there.
I'll never forgive myself, Lorenzo.
Ana gave you information willingly,
knowing that you'd publish the names
and everything on those assholes.
Except that she was 19 years old,
and I was the adult.
I should've known how dangerous it was.
- If she's dead
- She's not dead.
You heard the girl.
Women like Ana are not killed.
The hell these women go through
is worse than death sometimes.
- Val.
- [phone chimes]
[Lorenzo] Val.
The pasta didn't end up al dente.
I didn't know you had a boyfriend.
No. We're just getting to know each other.
And I guess he took his shirt off
to fix a leak or what?
Just go to hell, you jerk.
Hey, Val.
Val, I'm sorry.
I'll give you a lift.
[voice mail notification ringing]
[pensive music playing]
Hello, Simón, it's your daughter.
I haven't heard from you.
How much do you think a newspaper
would give me to publish my story?
[Lorenzo] Good morning.
Good morning.
Teresa gave us key intel.
It's best if she stays here.
They could find out if she talked to us.
- [nun] She can stay as long as needed.
- Thank you, Mother.
And thank you for convincing her.
Without women like her willing to talk,
we really can't do much.
Detective, would you be so kind
to take Sister Caridad
to the hospital to see her mom?
[upbeat music playing]
Yes, with pleasure.
Matilde, I have decided to hire your band
to play three times a week for us.
Are you serious?
But I have one condition.
[Matilde] Of course. Anything, don Daniel.
I wanna do the contract directly with you.
I trust you more, Matilde.
Is there a problem with that?
I don't wanna lie, so here goes nothing.
First of all, I don't have papers.
And second,
my boyfriend is jealous of you.
I really hope the second one is a joke.
Claudio. Come here.
Let me introduce you to Matilde Heredia.
Pleased to meet you, Matilde.
Daniel says you have a kick-ass voice.
Can't wait to hear it.
I'm off. Bruno must be barking for food
and driving the neighbors insane.
- See ya.
- Okay.
Hey! Look at you, don Daniel!
- Yeah, he's a cutie.
- [Daniel laughs]
[phone ringing]
- Hello.
- Come to my house at 12:00 tomorrow.
Graciela's going out,
and Catalina's meeting some friends.
No, it has to be somewhere else.
Look, I'm a public figure.
You want the money? Come get it, then.
[tense music playing]
[Caridad] I hope this wasn't
too far out of your way.
[Lorenzo] Not at all.
I wanted to talk to you.
Do you know the guy
who's dating Valentina?
Valentina's going out with someone?
I had no idea.
If you don't know him,
it can't be serious.
I saw him in her apartment.
I was so angry.
I know it's wrong.
She's never led me on, but I
Sorry, they are very strict
with visiting hours.
Thank you for the ride.
I wish you an excellent day, Detective.
[Caridad] Lately,
I have had so many doubts.
And I'm thinking
about leaving the convent.
Not because of Lorenzo.
Although, it is after meeting him
that I started having doubts.
[sighs] I don't know.
Maybe it is because of him.
Ah, Mom, I'm lost.
Mom, talk to me, please.
I really need you to react.
I can feel you are somewhere in there.
In fact, I know it.
I just learned that my dad
didn't only have relations
with you at that time.
There were more women.
At least four.
I know this
because he had daughters with all of them.
And if I'm positive
it's because I met each one of them.
And the birthmark I have
that looks like a fish
comes from him.
There are five of us sisters.
And we're all named Juana.
- Mom?
- [panting]
- [splutters]
- Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!
- Mom.
- [man] Alice.
Alice, calm down. Calm down.
[groaning] No!
Alice, breathe. Take your time, breathe.
That's it. Calm down, Alice. Alice.
[Matilde] I don't have
a lot of memories of my mom,
and there weren't many photos of her
at home.
Sometimes I worry
that if I were to see her,
I would not even recognize her.
What do you feel toward her?
["Tu Jardín" playing]
I'm not sure.
I just don't understand
why she never wanted to see me.
Maybe she's afraid you would hate her.
I have a daughter. She's about your age.
I haven't talked to her in years.
That's how I know.
I imagine that's what she feels.
Okay, but why don't you try
to fix things with her, don Daniel?
I think you would make a great dad.
Why don't you come
to my wedding tomorrow, don Daniel?
But didn't you say
you just met Pocho a couple of days ago?
Yes, we're getting married for the papers.
I find him to be a really great person.
He's been treating me like a queen.
Matilde, it's very typical for a man
to treat a woman like a queen
at the beginning,
but it doesn't mean anything.
[Daniel sighs]
Forgive me.
It's none of my business.
But be careful, okay?
Appearances are often misleading.
Did you say anything
that could have triggered that reaction?
We're gonna give her a sedative to relax
so she'll be able to sleep.
We'll call you if something happens.
[tense music playing]
[female nurse] Alice.
Work with us.
[groaning, grunting]
See? It wasn't that hard.
Now you'll be able to sleep well.
[doorbell buzzing]
Sorry, I should've called you first.
But I'm not staying.
There's a taxi waiting for me outside.
It's a tarta de Santiago.
There's a Spanish bakery
next to the hotel, so I got you that.
Since it's your guilty pleasure,
I'll leave it there.
How do I look?
You look amazing.
All your girlfriends from school
are gonna be jealous.
You're too nice.
I forgive you for what you did.
I know you turned me in to protect me.
I want you to know that.
Go on,
or the taxi will charge you a fortune.
I love you.
I'll call you tonight.
[door opens, closes]
There's got to be another way
to hide her identity.
Legally, no.
[sighs] It's such a shame.
She's there.
So much confidence ♪
Let me show you my present tense ♪
Baby, there is no consequence ♪
Feel me in every sense ♪
Come taste my licorice ♪
Bring me back to that state of bliss ♪
I know what's right for this ♪
Let's get you high for this ♪
Who this new girl? ♪
Who this new skin? ♪
What's this new life ♪
She been fighting? ♪
I'm glad you're here for this ♪
Every moment is right for this ♪
Come drill another hole in this ♪
Make sure you numb it quick ♪
So much confidence ♪
Baby, there is no cause for this ♪
Feel me in every sense ♪
[man] We are gathered today
to join this man
and this woman in matrimony.
First, I would like to start
What's this new life ♪
She been fighting? ♪
Can you wait a few minutes? Thanks.
I've been hiding so much of myself ♪
I don't know where to start ♪
[song stops]
Look, Manny.
I would appreciate
if you gave me the opportunity to explain
I'm not interested in your explanations.
- Five minutes.
- The money.
Just five minutes.
Susana and I, back then,
had an intense relationship.
This was before marrying Catalina.
Manny, I swear on my life,
if I had known that she was pregnant
You'd have behaved like a gentleman.
Paying for the abortion, of course.
[song resumes playing]
Manny, I'm really sorry you had to live
such a difficult childhood.
No, no, no. Simón, no.
No. Please save the remorse
for confession or a psychiatrist.
The money.
So how do I know
you'll keep your word, eh?
I guess you'll just have to trust me, Dad.
What the fuck?
The taxi driver told me he couldn't wait.
I paid for the fare.
Not a problem.
Víctor will give you a ride.
No. No, I prefer taking another taxi.
Don't be silly, Manny.
It's dangerous out there,
especially with this.
- [Simón] Take her to wherever she wants.
- Okay.
[song continues]
Where should I take you, madam?
The bus terminal, please.
But I also need to stop by the post office
if possible.
[car engine starting]
[song ends]
I've heard from Matilde that you're a nun.
["Juan" playing]
No, I'm not.
I'm a novitiate.
I have yet to take my vows.
[song continues]
It is very nice
that you took her to the altar.
For sure.
It was an honor for me just to be asked.
It seems like you girls
have become really close friends
despite the fact that Matilde
hasn't been in Mexico for long.
Friends, no.
- Hm?
- We are sisters.
Oh! Matilde didn't tell you anything.
Well, it turns out that
that we have the same father. [chuckles]
Ah, thanks.
- [sighs]
- [Claudio] What's going on?
Matilde and the other girls
are sisters.
- Are you serious?
- Huh.
I don't want you to leave just yet.
I know, but I gotta go.
I'll barely make it to the airport.
I've got a surprise.
What's that?
[Tomás] It's completely anonymous.
- My website?
- Yes.
But you have to promise me one thing.
I want you to move as soon as possible.
I got a bad feeling about your place.
I beg you. Do you promise?
Thank you.
[chuckles] Look.
Why would he question you?
That's just wrong.
Lorenzo was worried about you.
He needs to relax.
Plus, it's none of his business.
Also, he showed up at the worst time.
Or the best time, actually.
[Valentina laughing]
Oh no, what a scene.
Federico who?
No. No, no, no, no, no.
Don't look at me like that.
Obviously, we've been busy doing things
that are a lot more important
and interesting than knowing a last name.
So I'm telling you
that Lorenzo and the damn destiny
better not cross paths again
because this time, I won't answer.
[man] Nah.
It has nothing to do with destiny.
It's nonsense. Just bad luck.
[Federico] Whatever it is, pal,
I need it to change.
I swear that girl drives me wild.
All right, but what about the dough?
No, no, no, Fede.
If we don't change the fermenter
and the pump, the garage is gonna blow up.
I know, pal. You told me already.
I'm on it. I promise.
- By the end of the month, okay?
- Okay.
[Federico] Hey, check it out.
A design I made.
[man] Let me see.
"Woman of Courage"?
[man] You're inspired, man.
And who's that?
Hey, hey, hey! She's my cousin!
Relax, man, okay?
Get a girlfriend already.
Mm. It's just that you have a new cousin
every week.
Hey, so I'll pick you up
Wednesday at 11:00.
I can't, man.
Attorney Suárez gets in on Wednesday.
You're kidding me, Camilo.
They can't give him a different driver
just this one time, man?
All the microbrewers in the state
will be there. Our direct competition.
What can I say?
The guy only wants me as a chauffeur.
Hey, don't give me that look.
The poor have to work
to become millionaires.
[chuckles] Oh, please,
you're gonna make me cry.
Fuckin' oligarch.
Fuck you, man.
Ah, Susi, I'm so glad you came with me
'cause, in these events,
they always tell the same stories
over and over.
Every single year the same old tune.
What would you say
if I stayed here in Mexico, hm?
To be honest,
seeing you again is the best thing
that's happened to me in quite some time,
and I've got a feeling
that my dear Manny would like it as well.
I'd really love that
because Federico is doing his things,
and for Simón,
I've always just been a distraction.
- Oh, no, don't say that.
- I'm serious.
He only married me
because I was pregnant, but
but there was never love.
[chuckles] This isn't
No, this isn't the tequila that's talking.
I've known that
since the beginning of our relationship.
Oh, Susi, listen. I got
Yeah, I got married to the wrong guy.
No. No, sweetheart.
[Cata moans]
[phone line rings]
This is Manny. Leave a message.
[pensive music playing]
- Hello.
- Hello.
Catalina had too much to drink,
and you weren't home, so Anyhow
Your chauffeur said he could take me home.
He's waiting outside.
Do you want a cup of coffee?
Simón, please don't.
It's been way too long.
Plus, everything is forgotten now.
If the situation had been different,
you and I would have been together.
I know it.
But I couldn't do that to Catalina.
- No, for sure.
- You understand?
I would have never asked you that.
I know. I know it, and I appreciate it.
Thank you for keeping the secret.
I mean it. It would have broken her heart.
I never told anyone. I'm a closed book.
Not even Manny?
No! She can never know, you hear? Never!
I really don't feel proud of myself.
It's better like this.
[dramatic music swells to crescendo]
[distorted voice] Yes, boss, it's done.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Manuela breathing heavily]
["An Axe in Your Head" playing]
[phone line rings]
This is Manny. Leave a message.
Look me in the eyes ♪
When you patronize ♪
Look me in the eyes ♪
When you patronize ♪
Yes, boss, it's done.
I didn't leave any traces behind.
When you patronize ♪
[fire crackling]
It's tearing me apart ♪
I've been losing so much of myself ♪
I don't know where to start ♪
It's tearing me apart ♪
I've been hiding so much of myself ♪
I don't know where to start ♪
Who this new girl? ♪
What this new skin? ♪
What's this new life ♪
She been fighting? ♪
Walk with the head
And the hands of a lover ♪
Walk with the head
And the hands of a lover ♪
Walk with the head
And the hands of a lover ♪
Walk with the head
And the hands of a lover ♪
Walk with the head
And the hands of a lover ♪
Walk with the head and the hands ♪
Who this new girl? ♪
What's this new life? ♪
Who this new girl ♪
Watching firelight? ♪
Who this new girl? ♪
What's the new plan? ♪
Why she hold back ♪
Words she biting? ♪
[music fades]
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