The Five Juanas (2021) s01e06 Episode Script


The taxi driver told me he couldn't wait,
and I paid for the fare.
No problem. Víctor will give you a ride.
[Víctor] Where should I take you, madam?
[suspenseful music playing]
[Víctor]Yes, boss, it's done.
I'll call you on my way back.
[dog barks]
[suspenseful music continues]
[door opens]
[blade rasping]
- [electrical buzzing]
- [Víctor screaming]
[tense music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
[music stops]
[dramatic music resumes]
[music stops]
[Catalina groans]
[pills rattling]
Is Simón back?
Víctor came earlier
to bring him some clothes to the office.
Oh, Grace, what kind of crazy things
did I say last night?
The last thing I remember
is that I got my wedding album
and spent some time in the garden?
No, my child.
You didn't say anything crazy.
And don't worry.
The pictures are back where they belong.
[wistful music playing]
[doorbell buzzing]
I came over to file the police report
like I promised.
As soon as they know anything about Manny,
they'll let me know.
Susana, is it possible that your daughter
got involved with dangerous people?
Uh, well
Manny owed some money
to some people in Spain.
- Okay, okay.
- Like, a lot.
But I really don't think those guys
are aware that she's here in Mexico.
Uh, but who knows.
They might have contacts here.
- [Simón] It's okay.
- [sighs]
- I don't even want to imagine.
- No, no, no. Don't worry about it.
I'm here.
You're right. It's better if I leave.
[Simón breathes deeply]
If Manny is in trouble,
she might try to deceive you in some way.
To deceive me?
Yes. She might call you
asking for more money, for instance.
I don't know. Come up
with some crazy things to scare you.
No. I don't think Manny would do that.
Unless she's being threatened.
All I ask is that
if you have any information,
if you hear anything,
please communicate with me first.
[door opens, closes]
[suspenseful music playing]
[suspenseful music continues]
We ID'd the guy from the photo
at the warehouse.
He's a mayor in Yucatán.
But before that,
he was arrested in the Jiutepec bust.
What about Ana?
She sacrificed herself for nothing?
Where are the rest of these assholes?
Are they representatives, senators?
Some powerful people, for sure.
We might even catch
the biggest fish in Mexico.
[phone chimes]
I'm sorry. I have to leave.
It's all yours.
Hey! I'm going to a birthday party tonight
at the bar where Matilde sings.
Wanna come?
- I'm sorry. I can't.
- A movie tomorrow, then?
Man, I'm sorry.
[nurse] Everything's fine.
As you can see in the report,
the patient slept for about eight hours.
- Why was my mom moved to another floor?
- I'll come and see you.
- I wanna see her.
- In a few days.
Dr. Zapata started a study with a new drug
for cases like Alice.
That's all.
And it's had already promising results
on other patients, which is good news.
For who? Please do tell.
No one asked me if it was okay.
You just decided to move my mom.
I'm sorry,
but it was the foundation's decision.
Okay, but why but why the foundation
if I'm her daughter?
It's seriously fucked up!
It's more than likely that
Don't tell him anything else.
What's your deal, huh?
She gives you the information you need,
and then what?
See you later! No?
And if Chango shows up to kill her,
oh, what a pity, no?
- Are you all right?
- No, no, no! I'm not all right! No!
Actually, I am fed up with people
who think they can treat women
like they want!
No, nothing!
Hear me out. You're gonna leave
and go get information for yourself.
Aren't you a "big shot" detective?
Prove it, then! Prove it!
Caridad, please stop.
I told him to come if there was progress.
I don't wanna run away anymore.
I want them to arrest all those bastards.
[man] So that will be $15,000
at today's exchange rate
from your investment account, right, Cati?
Yes. Exactly 15,000 in cash,
please, Pedrito.
[Catalina] I'm sure there's enough.
Yes. Of course there's enough.
It's just that someone withdrew 200,000
Ah! [chuckles]
Yeah, right. Just recently, right?
Yes. Yes, it was last week,
according to the statement.
[Catalina chuckles] Exactly.
[clears throat]
[Valentina] We're just trying
to do our job like you.
Tell me, why are you blocking us?
There's no need to be pushing us.
[woman] Please let us through!
When are we gonna know the outcome?
This process has gone on for months.
I don't make the decisions.
We're still waiting for the Senate vote
on the new attorney general.
But can't you give us some information?
Some kind of update, please?
Look, miss, I can't say anything just now,
but to sum things up,
if they pick Simón Marroquín,
as many people think,
I wouldn't count on anything.
Why not?
I wish you a pleasant day, miss. Thanks.
Thank you.
I'm not taking advantage of Teresa.
I'd never put her in danger.
I know that.
You're not really the problem.
[Caridad] No.
It's other people.
If there's anything I can do to help
My whole life has been about praying,
visiting the sick, baking cakes, also,
and praying again.
I've always been sheltered
within these walls.
You know, the outside world
isn't necessarily better.
Believe me.
And how can I know that?
Am I supposed to look out
the convent window?
It's my friend's birthday.
You wanna join?
[singing in Spanish]
[singing in Spanish]
One table for three people.
Yeah, you got it.
See you soon.
[Daniel] Hi. What are you doing here?
I was invited to a birthday party.
You don't say. [chuckles]
And for who?
Uh Ah!
All right. So this is Daniel.
He's the bar owner, and this is Lorenzo.
Nice to meet you.
- Lorenzo, welcome. And nice to meet you.
- Thanks.
- Well, make yourself at home.
- [Lorenzo] Thank you.
[music continues]
[music continues]
- [crowd cheering, clapping]
- [Pocho] Well done.
That was great.
Good job. Great job.
- I loved how you danced there.
- Thank you.
You always move your ass like that, baby?
[man laughs]
[Matilde] Jerk!
[Suárez groans]
[Suárez] How's it goin', Benny?
What's up?
[Benny] Hi, sir. How are you? Welcome.
- Is Manny available?
- Sorry, Manny isn't here.
Ah, that sucks. But it's Thursday, man.
Yes, I know it's Thursday.
But she's sick. She stayed home.
But there's Nina.
- Should we leave, sir?
- No, no, no. It's no big deal. No, man.
Go ahead. Take him through.
[Benny] Good evening.
Mr. Suárez with Nina in room number two.
- No cameras as usual.
- [man] Okay. Got it.
- What's up, bro?
- What's new?
- How's it going?
- Good.
Fuckin' Manny isn't sick, pal.
She just stopped coming one day,
and since then, no sign of her.
Which one's Manny? The Dominican?
No, the Mexican girl.
The one puttin' on airs because she'd been
living in Spain for a while? Remember?
- Ah, that's Manny.
- Yes.
Wow! I saw her dance once in the club.
That woman is
- [Camilo] Who's that?
- Hey, hey, hey! She's my cousin, man.
[pop music playing in Spanish]
Hey there.
Why don't you want me?
Am I too ugly for you or what?
Not only are you ugly, you're horrendous.
Secondly, I could never be with
a man like you.
And third, you make me wanna puke.
- [Pocho] Hey!
- [Matilde screams]
[Matilde screams]
[Matilde] No! Please! Wait, guys!
- [Matilde] Pocho, stop it! Stop!
- Come on!
- Get up, bastard!
- [Lorenzo] I'm a cop! Stop!
Or I'll take you both in, okay?
[Matilde] Pocho! Pocho!
[Matilde] Pocho.
[Lorenzo] Are you okay?
You see the real world?
A toast.
[suspenseful music playing]
It has to be here.
It's gotta be here somewhere.
That's not it.
Oh. No.
What's this?
I think this is it.
What the hell, man?
20,000 pesos. I coulda had five girls.
[Simón] Those two bitches
played me for a fool.
The one girl who had marks on her neck
knows exactly who you are.
It would be wiser to pay them.
Remember, you can't take any risks
for the next 30 days, hm?
Yeah, true. But you pay them.
[Catalina] Oh!
I ran out of tequila. [laughs]
Hey, but can I borrow some?
For today, tomorrow.
[Catalina laughs]
[Catalina] Hey.
There are better ways
to give a lesson to an asshole.
You can't solve everything with violence.
Is he violent with you as well?
No. No, no, no, no.
Pocho? Pocho truly adores me.
He tells me every day.
Okay, I won't cancel the contract.
But you won't be playing today.
Pocho has to understand the consequences.
It won't happen again.
If one day Pocho
doesn't behave properly with you,
or if you don't feel good
for whatever reason,
you're welcome in my house.
I have a spare bedroom.
I swear we have an amazing product, Uncle.
The only thing we're missing now
is the money to promote it.
If you're coming this month like you said,
I can explain in more detail.
I imagine Simón doesn't know
you're talking to me?
No, he doesn't even know
I'm creating an artisanal beer.
Yeah, how have you financed it
up to this point?
[sighs] Thanks to my mom, who kicks ass.
- But I'm gonna pay her back everything.
- [scoffs]
How is Catalina?
I'll be in Mexico City
on Saturday morning.
I was planning on leaving the same day,
but I can stay until Monday
so I can try your beer.
Yeah, yeah. Of course.
Just tell me when and where.
Woman of Courage. Yeah, I like that name.
How'd you come up with it?
Actually, I was inspired
by a girl I met recently.
Maybe I can introduce you to her too.
["Vamos" playing]
[song changes]
Are we in a dream? ♪
Am I gonna wake up
Just to see that you're gone? ♪
- Let's go now.
- No. Just a moment.
- I didn't ask you. I said let's go now!
- Just a minute. Ow!
Are we in a dream? ♪
Are we in a dream? ♪
Are we in a dream? ♪
Are we in a dream? ♪
Are we in a dream? ♪
Are we in a dream? ♪
I'm sorry.
Am I gonna wake up
Just to see that you're gone? ♪
Gone ♪
["Vamos" resumes playing]
[knocking at door]
Is Val here?
She said she'll be back late.
What is it?
I need a place to stay for the night.
I don't wanna sleep
with the Holy Heart judging me.
I don't know why I kissed him.
Because you're a normal girl.
Sometimes you like to go out and have fun.
Just like my mama.
And look how things went for her.
Not exactly the best outcome.
You just kissed a man and nothing more.
Was it your first kiss?
My first kiss was when I was 12 years old,
and I still remember the feeling.
It was almost electric.
How does it feel at this age?
When I was younger,
the pope came to Mexico.
And I saw him. I even met him in person.
I felt like my heart was gonna
jump out of my chest. No joke.
[chuckles] And my knees were trembling.
And Mother Elena said to me,
"That's what it feels like
to go to heaven."
[Caridad laughing]
Well, obviously, the poor woman
had never been kissed before.
Come here.
What happened is part of
what you have to deal with
when you're singing in a bar.
You know it, Pochi.
If that cop wasn't there,
I would've beat the shit out of him.
You really didn't have to defend me.
I shot him down.
I wasn't defending you.
That asshole thought
he could disrespect me in my face.
And so did you.
No, I was
You're my wife now, Matilde.
This won't happen again. Got it?
Got it?
[tense music playing]
[Valentina] Lorenzo is just a friend.
He can kiss whoever he wants.
- Yeah, but he's in love with you, Val.
- You're the only one who hasn't noticed.
Yeah, that would explain a lot of things.
Oh no! I have to go now,
or else they'll realize
I didn't sleep in the convent.
[Caridad] Have you seen my purse?
Caridad, if you wanna come
and live here for a while,
two or three Juanas won't make
a difference, so you're most welcome.
- So your guy's name is Federico?
- Mm-hmm.
Federico, no last name.
Because our sister right there
was apparently busy doing other things
than asking what his last name was.
What can I tell you?
You're not going to your store?
- No clients today.
- Okay, I'll see you later.
Valentina, I forgot to mention
you got an email today from Gregorio.
It looked important.
Okay. I'll check it
when I come home to change. Bye.
I'm so glad you came today.
You needed to get out of that apartment,
even if just for a couple of hours.
That's for sure.
It helps to talk about something
besides Manny for a while.
What about you?
Well, I think Simón is cheating on me,
my dear sister.
Why do you say that?
Besides the fact that I can't remember
when was the last time he touched me,
well, it wouldn't be the first time.
But you know what? This time is different.
What do you mean, "different"?
Cata, you can tell me anything.
He withdrew $200,000 from our account,
but I didn't know.
That's never happened.
Couldn't there be another reason?
He could be doing shady business deals,
but with the nomination coming up,
I doubt it.
No. It's another woman,
but this time he messed up.
Maybe he gave her the down payment
for an apartment, jewelry, I don't know.
- I'm really sorry to hear this.
- I'm not.
This gives me the strength to leave him
when the nomination is over.
It's been 26 years, Susi.
Twenty-six years
putting up with everything,
and I think I deserve to be happy.
Don't you think?
It's my turn.
You're such an idiot! And you!
Are you a rookie or what?
I had everything under control,
but that little bitch
messed up everything.
That "little bitch," as you say,
is actually smarter than the two of you.
How many houses are there
around Simón's estate in Valle de Bravo?
How many? Half a dozen? Maybe more?
No one saw anything, boss.
Everyone knows me there.
They would've asked around.
If she wanted to screw me over,
she already would have.
It's been five days since she disappeared.
[Víctor] Maybe she just left
and won't come back.
Ah, with $5,000?
After requesting 200,000?
She'll have to admit that she was
blackmailing me if she wants to talk.
[Simón] And then it will be the word
of some dumb girl
against that of the next attorney general.
Is she really your daughter?
Not without a DNA test.
Mm. Is she your daughter
or not, goddamnit?
There are too many things in play
with your nomination.
I really hope Víctor is right
and that dumb girl doesn't come back.
Now get out!
I got a meeting
that's more important than this one.
[suspenseful music playing]
I'm glad you'll be
with your sisters from now on.
But don't forget about us, Caridad.
How could I?
All of you are my family.
I'll still be coming to the shelter
to help with whatever I can.
And Alice?
I don't know how I'll do it,
but I'll get her out of there.
I'm sure she'll be able to recover.
She's also welcome here,
you know, anytime.
Thank you for raising me
and for all the things you've done
for my mama.
When I took my vows
the hardest part was
renouncing the possibility
of having a child of my own.
But God brought you to our convent.
And seeing you grow up has been
one of the deepest joys of my life.
You will always be my daughter.
That won't ever change ♪
That won't ever change ♪
[Bautista] You look amazing in anything.
Besides, it's not like you're gonna have
your clothes on for too long, am I right?
I don't know why I'm so nervous.
I've never been like that
with anyone else.
Federico must be special.
It feels like
like we understand each other
without talking.
It's weird. I don't know.
It's like like we know each other
from way back.
When we are reincarnated,
we often find the same people
with whom we've made important connections
in other lives.
For instance,
he could've been your your brother,
your grandfather, or even your son.
It's all possible.
- Ew.
- [both laugh]
Hey, I haven't checked the email
from Gregorio. Could you look at it later?
Maybe it's important. Who knows?
We might find something
to help Caridad with Alice.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay?
[distorted music playing]
Hey. What's wrong?
Just promise me
not to drink too much tonight, okay?
Okay, Mama. [chuckles]
[Federico] Camilo,
my uncle's really interested, man.
This weekend
could actually change our lives.
- [car horn honks]
- Move it, asshole!
[car horns honking]
Wow, this is some really incredible news.
By the way, your cousin,
the one in the picture
you showed me the other day,
I think I recognize her.
You mean Manny?
It's been a few days
since we've heard from her.
You've seen her?
She's like a Mexican/Spanish mix.
She's a bartender.
No, I must be confusing her
with someone else.
- Okay, man. Talk to you later.
- Yeah. Bye.
[Suárez] That's awesome. Awesome.
[Suárez sniffs]
Hey. Hey! You fuckin' around?
- Open up! What the hell?
- Sorry, sir. How was the meeting?
What did you say?
I said, how was the meeting?
Ah, great.
They gave me the aquarium, cabrón.
Let's go.
Hello. Could I get a glass
of your house red? Thank you.
[phone ringing]
[Federico] Forgive me.
Had I known the whole country
was driving down to Mexico City,
I would've left Puebla at 8:00 for sure.
Are you at the hotel?
I just got here.
I'm just having a glass of wine
at the bar.
The suite I booked has an incredible view.
If you want, you can go up.
There's a reservation in my name.
I'll be there in half an hour.
Fine. You leave me no choice
but to go to the room and take a bath.
All alone.
Forget about the half hour.
I'll be there in 15 minutes,
even if I have to leave the car behind
and run. Move it!
["Desire" playing]
[knocking at door]
Caridad, a woman
is asking for you downstairs.
She doesn't wanna talk to anyone but you.
- How are you?
- Good evening.
Good evening.
- I'm Valentina de la Paz.
- [receptionist] Just a moment, please.
Mr. Federico Marroquín
registered his name already, miss.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Caridad] Hello.
It's me, Caridad.
[Caridad] You're safe here now.
["Desire" continues]
Baby, there's a love we shared ♪
Remember when we cared for each other ♪
What's your name?
[woman] Juana.
So don't act like a fool ♪
'Cause our love
Can never break, never break ♪
[Manuela] Caridad,
I'm not going to repeat myself.
Do what I told you.
You can't give me orders, Manny.
You tell me what's going on
and why you're here,
or I'm not calling anyone.
I escaped because they tried to kill me.
You had talked about the women's shelter,
the convent, and I didn't have a phone.
Our father.
[phone ringing]
Bautista, it's me, Caridad.
The four of us need to meet here
in the convent at once.
Manny is back.
Manny? And how?
She doesn't wanna say anything
until we're all together.
But she says
she found out who our father is.
His name is Simón Marroquín.
[woman] I doubt you knew
memories come back over time.
I remember everything, Simón.
[Caridad] Bautista, are you there?
Let Valentina know.
I'll take care of Matilde.
Be very careful, I beg you.
She says we're in danger.
We're being watched.
[phone ringing]
Are you calling me to see
if I already had too much to drink, Mama?
Val, Manny just showed up.
She's at the convent.
She says she has information
about our father.
Yeah. She even said
that he tried to kill her.
Does she know who it is?
The same guy
from the report Gregorio sent you.
I'm looking at him.
He's very important.
He was just nominated for something.
And I had another vision of the accident.
He's the one who fled
and left my mom to die.
Do you know his name?
Simón Marroquín.
If they pick Simón Marroquín,
as many people think,
I wouldn't count on anything.
I'm reading up on him right now.
He's an attorney and partner
with his dad at a law firm.
And he also worked at Conaculta
when he was young.
Simón Marroquín
is the next attorney general.
Manny is sure of that?
Caridad says she is.
He's married and has a son around our age.
What's his son's name?
[receptionist] Mr. Federico Marroquín
registered his name already, miss.
Do you have a picture of him?
Sending it right now.
[phone chimes]
Don't act like a fool ♪
'Cause our love
Can never break, never break ♪
It's like a walk in the ocean ♪
Don't act like a fool ♪
'Cause our love
Can never break, never break ♪
[Federico] Valentina?
[song fades]
[song resumes]
[song fades]
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