The Five (UK) (2016) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

What are you thinking, is Jesse dead and Marosi was telling the truth? - He didn't get him.
- Then how do we explain his DNA turning up? When I went to lure him in, someone arrived.
- Who was that? - His father.
Alan Wells, I'm arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Jesse Wells.
The lab spotted an anomaly.
Alan Wells is not Jesse's father.
- Who was he? - His name was Frank Lipton.
- Where is Frank now? - He moved away.
He moves to a remote house and he tries to make himself invisible.
I love you.
Is Jesse's DNA from that plaster? What about blood donation? Do you happen to know the names of the people that used to own this place? You have to see this.
Hello, Mark.
I suppose you being here means you want answers.
Beans, beans, good for your heart.
The more you eat, the more you fart.
The more you fart, the better you feel.
Girls, that's enough.
- It's not swearing.
- Yes it is.
And even if it isn't, it's still very irritating.
His name's Robert.
His name's Karl.
No, he's mine.
No! Girls! I'm so so sorry.
I tried calling but you must have left.
It's Mark, he's been up all night.
Temperature and vomiting.
- I'm going to keep him home today.
- Oh boy, I'm sorry.
I can still pick up your girls after school, though.
Alan should be home by then.
It's not a problem.
You're sure that's OK? Yes, of course.
Thanks, Julie.
I hope Mark's feeling better.
- Have a good day, Frank.
- You too.
Girls! Pack it in! Would you stop? Hannah, will you stop irritating your sister? In a split second, everything changed.
My wife and I were never the same again.
She blamed me for what happened.
Your mother was kind.
She was there for me.
Our lives were destroyed by a moment.
One decision, taken in the blink of an eye, the consequences last forever.
I don't need hope.
I need reality.
That's what I'm dealing with now.
Simple, basic reality.
I think she did it out of pity.
But afterwards she regretted it.
She loved your father.
- Doesn't make any sense.
- Frank, you're married.
I'm married.
She's left me.
You're a beautiful, beautiful man, but this was never supposed to get serious.
I asked her once if he was mine.
She said: "No, I'm certain.
" As Jesse got older, I'd look at him.
I could see it.
I knew, he was mine.
Then, that day in the park happened Ah, just go! Slade! What are we gonna do? - Suppose Jesse tells.
- He won't.
I'll make sure of it.
And neither will we.
We tell no one, OK? Daniel! Come back here! Get back here, now! In! Hi there.
You haven't seen a little golden labrador around here, have you? His name is Blacky.
I let him off his lead and now I can't find him anywhere.
Should I tell you why I call him Blacky? He was from a litter of pups.
That means babies that mommy dog has.
And they were black.
Except Blacky.
He was golden.
So when I took him home I thought it would be nice to pretend that he was like his brothers and sisters.
I have a picture if you'd like to see it.
- Where are you going? - I have to go home.
- No, no wait.
- I can't.
Don't they teach you manners at school? Don't they teach you to respect your elders? Leave him alone! get your hands off him! I know him.
Who the hell are you? His father.
You wanna bring him up properly.
He's got foul mouth.
Come on, Jesse.
Let's go.
That man lost his black dog.
- Did he? - That's what he said.
Will you take me home after? Your mom phoned and said it would be OK if you stayed the night.
Told her it might be funny to spend some time with me.
Boys together.
And wait for me.
Good boy.
Wait a minute.
This way.
Where are we going? To the seaside.
Donkey rides and ice-cream.
I want my mommy! There's some things I need to tell you, Jesse.
Big things.
About who you are and who I am.
Are you a big enough boy to listen carefully? You're sure? I've been left a house in the country.
I moved Jesse there.
Where no one knew us.
This used to be my mother's house, your grandma.
- When did she die? - A long time ago.
Before you were born.
She was a lovely woman.
She would have loved you.
Jesse, when you move to a new place, you get a chance to start everything all over again.
I've been thinking, I don't want to be Frank anymore.
I want to be Ronald.
Who do you want to be? If you weren't Jesse, if you had the choice of any name in the whole wide world? I'd come back to Westbridge, now and again.
Show my face, mow the lawn.
After a couple of years I sold it.
Left the area for good.
Good luck today.
It's all in there.
What can they ask me about chemistry that I can't answer? Call me afterwards.
I love you.
Everything was fine for years.
Until one night - What do you do? - Police forensics.
It's really cool.
It's like what you see on TV.
Same again? Yeah and shots.
Black Sambucas.
I'm on call.
- So have you ever seen a dead body? - Hundreds.
Where the fuck is this murder, anyway? Violet Hotel, I should've written it down.
- Give me a suit! - No way, man.
Come on, let me see the scene.
Splatter, isn't it? It's Jackson Pollock in here.
Forensics report, from Ken.
With the DNA results from the plaster found at the scene.
I need you to double-check these forensic results.
Why, what's the problem? We've had a DNA hit from the MISPE database from a kid that went missing in 1995.
So how about you stop pressing with your boyfriend and check it again? Thanks.
Go! I'm his father.
Thanks nurse, that's great.
Dad There's something I need to ask you.
Who the hell am I? It's Karl.
My boy.
I'm dying, Mark.
I mean look at me, all these tubes.
If you want me to pay for it, if you want me to suffer The pain that you've caused You've ruined their lives.
You lost your daughters, you know how it feels to have something snatched away.
That made it easier.
Life had shat all over me.
I had nothing to lose.
And Julie still had their child.
Their real child.
But Karl or Jesse, he was as much mine as theirs.
And look how they neglected him.
Letting him nearly get killed by that man.
He saved my life.
That boy saved my life.
It's Karl.
depending on how fit you are, please leave a message.
Hi Karl, it's Ally.
Listen, can you just give me a call as soon as you get this? Mark.
It's voicemail.
Why is no one answering? Hi Mark, it's Pru.
Can you call me when you get this? It's urgent.
This is crazy.
Karl? Does he remember anything from his past? Well, sometimes he'd cry out in his sleep: "Mom!" "Mark!" I tried to remove all that.
And I was clever, I knew just how to play.
Your mother would come round the house.
I'd let her in.
We'd have tea.
I'd help out with the search parties.
How could you? Hate me if you want to.
I deserve that.
But when I saw Jesse in the park that day, maybe I was blinded by my own grief, I felt like his father.
I felt fiercely protective.
It was like some higher power put me there, that moment.
To protect my son.
You know, I'm not asking for forgiveness.
But I'll be gone soon.
Karl hasn't come today.
He always comes.
Wait with me.
We can see him together.
I'll get him looked after by someone who specializes in Alzheimer's.
They always have to look after him properly.
And then we go on a holiday.
For a proper length of time, you, me and the kids, just Take a month off of work.
Throw my phone in the river.
I'm sorry.
Let's never forget this moment.
Life will get busy again.
Normality will kick in.
Let's never forget how this feels.
What are you doing? It's a Nigerian symbol.
It means: "learn from your mistakes".
No, he's not answering.
We need him here.
It's not like Danny to not answer.
Something must be really bad, so I'm gonna go see if he's OK.
You stay here.
Wait for Karl.
Look, Mark I'm not a big believer in fate or destiny or any of that bullshit, but But what? But like it or not, Frank saved Jesse's life that day.
Jesse's alive because of Frank.
'Coz we let him go that day, and If it wasn't for Frank, then who knows? You know what I mean? - He should've brought him home.
I know, of course, mate.
Of course, but just I'll be back.
- Ken, where's Karl? - No idea, why? I need to speak to him.
- Concerning? - It's private.
Where is he? You two are like conjoined twins.
- Did he leave the office? - I really don't know.
Well if he comes back, tell him I'm looking for him.
I think Ally might be on to something.
Ally, don't! Tell me the truth, or I'll squeeze these so hard, that you are gonna need a surgery to separate them.
Leave! - What do you know? - Nothing.
What do you know? He's not dangerous.
He's just he's just confused.
Keep talking.
- Get off - Keep talking! He found something out about who he really was.
It sent him spinning.
Look, I only helped him because he's my friend.
And because I screwed up.
What did you do? It was me that brought him to the murder scene.
I was drunk.
He drove me.
If that came out, that's it.
I'd be done.
It was my fault, Ally.
All this shit is my fault.
The DNA came back, blood on the plaster.
Karl realized it was his.
He though the analysis would show his DNA wasn't in the system.
The system said it belonged to a missing kid, called Jesse Wells.
And he realized there was only one explanation.
He was Jesse Wells.
His dad admitted it.
He was angry.
His whole life was unraveling.
He was scared.
He was punching walls and screaming.
That's how I found him, in bits.
That's why I agreed to help him.
- How? - He wanted to hide his identity.
To protect his real father, so he didn't die in a prison cell.
Say what you want about what the guy did, but Karl loved him.
He was his dad.
What did you do? I screwed with the murder scene, at the Newman house.
I planted more of his blood to throw people off.
Jesus Christ, you idiot! I didn't want to, I told him.
But if I came forward, said what was going on, Ally, I would've lost everything.
Ally, please, I I am begging you.
Please ,do not let his come out.
It has to, Ken.
Planting evidence, Jesus! I cannot lose my job.
Is he still angry? - I don't know.
- Ken, what's his state of mind? He buried it down, pretended it wasn't happening.
he was pretty torn up.
Look, Ally he really likes you.
Maybe you can talk to him.
Where is he? I don't know.
Hey Pru, what's up? Slade, thank God.
Where's Mark? It's a bit of a long answer right now.
- I need to see him.
- Pru, if this is about you and him It's not that.
It's about Jesse.
What about him? He's here, I think he's here.
- Where are you? - At the police station.
Hey, gorgeous.
You are all alone? It's cold out here.
Have you got time for a drink? Can we get a coffee or something? I've already got one.
Or a proper drink, just Just to have a chat.
Is everything OK? Yeah, everything's fine.
It's just, you seem a bit No, I'm fine.
Should we get that drink? Just go.
Another time.
Karl, wait.
Jesse! Please, wait! Slade, it's Jesse! He knows I'm aware of this.
Pru, where are you? Colbon Street.
OK, I'm on my way.
Come on, come on! - Where is he? - In the silver car.
Oh, shit! Wait! Hey, I got your message.
He took him.
He knew he was his and he took him.
You know, mom never knew anything, did she? She never suspected anything.
And he was alive.
He's been alive the whole time, 50 fucking miles away.
50 fucking miles away, Danny! And he's been alive the whole fucking time! He's been alive the whole fucking time! He always comes, every day.
Wait for him.
Little Danny a police officer now.
I know what I did was wrong.
And I'm ready to take the consequences.
Such as Hell.
But I want you to know this: he didn't suffer.
There was some confusion.
At the start, some sadness.
He missed his family, of course he did.
But after a while, things changed.
He accepted me as his father.
He was happy, Mark.
He wasn't mistreated.
He was happy.
he had a good life.
It's a shame the rest of us didn't.
So what are you gonna do? How long they've given you? Weeks.
I lost him, Danny.
But I'm at his car.
So I'll call you back.
I thought I told you to smash the window? Yeah, Slade, I really don't feel comfortable smashing a car window with a brick in the middle of the street.
But obviously, you do.
Bit of a weird one.
We trolled Karl's car.
And we found something in the glove box.
What is it? It's a library card.
A library card? It's the library where Mark's mom works.
I also found something else.
Something else like what? Bullets.
Lots of them.
I don't understand what you're telling me.
We need more information.
Look, the person we've identified is almost certainly the person whose DNA we've found at the crime scenes.
He's got a different name now, but yeah, there's a strong chance that it's him.
Where is he? That's what we're trying to find out.
He ran away.
You've lost him? We're scared, that he that he might do something stupid to himself or to somedody else.
He's angry.
What's that He wouldn't hurt me.
He wouldn't.
We think he might have been here at the library whilst you were here.
We found this in his car.
I'd know him.
If I'd seen him, if he'd been here, if my child was here, I'd know him.
OK, look Can you have a look and see what he might have taken out, what dates he may have been here? He was here yesterday.
Borrowed one book.
Gulliver's Travels.
It's Jesse! I think I know where he might be.
Could you run those through by any chance? Don't worry.
There's only one exit here.
Alright guys, spread out.
Keep in contact.
Hi, I'm Pru.
A friend of Danny's.
And admirer? It's just Karl.
If we see him, be careful.
He's my brother, Slade.
I could never tie my shoelaces.
You'd help me.
You'd tie them for me.
I remember that.
You used to go on my nerves with songs.
Always singing The Grand Old Duke of York.
Miss Polly had a dolly.
You used to come into my bed every morning.
It didn't matter if it was a weekday or a weekend.
You used to climb into my bed and then the first thing that you'd do is you'd ask a question.
"Why do elephants have big ears?" "Why do the volcanoes have lava?" They're good questions.
You had an inquisitive mind.
This is where we used to play.
Yeah, this is our spot.
Except we didn't know about the lies we've been told.
Didn't know the truth, did we? She lied to us.
Mom made a mistake, Karl.
And she's trying her best to make it good again.
Mom loved you.
It's blown my world apart.
I know.
Nothing's what I thought it was.
Jess Karl Let's deal with it.
Let's deal with it and let's make it right again.
Can we? You're my brother.
And mom is still your mom.
And dad You've got no idea how much he loves you.
His or not.
We just want you home, you know? And all of us that were there that day, Danny, Pru, Slade.
Our lives, they changed.
You know, we weren't the same people.
But finding you knowing you're still alive I remember school, I used to tell people I had a big brother.
Then they'd say: "No, you haven't.
" But I'd say: "I have.
" "He's tough," "he's big.
If you don't watch out, he'll come and get you.
" We just want you back.
I've been waiting to take my brother home for 20 years.
It's time to go home.
Hello, son.
- I'm sorry.
- It's OK, it's OK.
I love you, too.
There's a mess there, isn't it? We're in a mess.
We'll find a way.
We'll find a way.
Doesn't matter.
English text by Myca87 Sync based on Sonia Eschbach's sub.