The Fix (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

The Wire

1 MAYA: Eight years ago, I was lead prosecutor on a murder trial that divided the country.
When the jury found movie star Sevvy Johnson not guilty of double homicide, I was devastated.
You did everything you could, Maya.
I walked out of the courtroom and left that life and everyone in it behind.
But then the unthinkable happened.
He killed again.
MATTHEW: - You have to come back, Maya.
This time, we're gonna get him.
A detective came by my place.
They always want to talk to the ex.
- How much? - $100,000.
I call, you jump, or my next call will be to the D.
, and you can kiss your job goodbye.
I'm gonna hold a press conference, get it out there that Sevvy was planning to flee.
I try my case in court, not the press.
I understand all of that, but - Maya's the lead on this.
- Great.
This case is about domestic violence.
Sevvy Johnson killed Jessica Meyer.
It's time to let Jessica speak.
He did it again.
He gave me this.
He gave me this.
Dad, are you seeing this?! Baby! Oh, my God, it's been so long.
[GASPS] Oh, my God.
Did you do it?! - Did you kill Jessica?! - [SCREAMS] Sevvy, what are you doing?! You're hurting me.
Answer the question.
This is insane.
I don't understand Did you kill her?! No! How could you think that about me? Because you were jealous, always asking me was she good enough for me, was she pretty enough.
You wanted her gone.
Of course I wanted her gone! Because every night you were here with me, you'd go home to her.
But that doesn't mean I killed her.
I-I-I can prove it.
Please, let me call Mandy.
Let me call her, okay? [WHIMPERING] Don't be funny.
[RINGING] - MANDY: Hey, girl.
What's up? - Hey.
I was just telling a friend about our Palm Springs trip, and I can't remember which weekend we went out there.
Seriously? We were just there last weekend.
My ass is still sunburned.
Right, but what day did we come back? Tuesday.
How wasted were you? [SCOFFS] What the hell, Sevvy?! I-I'm so sorry, babe.
I'm sorry.
You almost broke my arm! I'll make it up to you, I swear.
- I-I didn't mean to hurt - Do not.
What is wrong with you? Look, I-I'm just really messed up right now.
I'm just trying to figure all this out.
Please don't.
Don't make me feel bad for you.
[SIGHS] You're right.
There's no excuse.
Look, babe, all I know is being with you makes me feel better.
And you do realize that's why I fell for you, right? 'Cause you see me.
The real me.
Is there a chance that you can forgive me? Please.
Yes, baby.
[CELLPHONE VIBRATES] Hey, there, stranger.
You're up late.
I just finished feeding the horses.
Takes a little longer when you're by yourself.
I so wish I was there right now.
I'm tired of drinking alone.
I'm tired of going to bed alone.
Me too.
I'm definitely missing that right now.
Hey, I saw your press conference tonight.
You got that son of a bitch on the ropes, huh? Maybe you'll win this thing quicker than you thought.
I like the way you think.
[CLATTERING] [DOG BARKING] I have to get back to work.
I'm sorry.
But I-I love you.
Love you back.
Hello? [DOG BARKING] How do you defend Sevvy Johnson now that Maya Travis has exposed his domestic abuse? Alleged abuse.
Let's not jump the gun, Laura.
The video hasn't been verified yet.
Those bruises on Jessica are hard to deny.
Like I said, I haven't verified the video.
The only thing that was made clear in that press conference is Maya Travis' obsession with smearing my client, who hasn't even been charged with a crime.
But Maya Travis didn't only go after Sevvy last night.
She went after you.
Are you responsible for the death of Ben Mitchell? [SIGHS] Mr.
Wolf? Ben Mitchell was a troubled man.
His suicide is a tragedy.
And I think it a shame that Ms.
Travis is using it as a publicity stunt.
But the sad truth, Laura, is that some people will do anything to win.
BUCK: Think anybody will buy that crap? What I need to buy is time.
My reasonable doubt jumped out a window, and thanks to Maya Travis, Jessica's ghost just publicly eviscerated my client.
Well, when it rains, it pours.
Guess where Sevvy was last night.
You, my friend, have a client-control problem.
[SIGHS] Where were you? Uh, stuck on a night shoot.
Some Japanese cola ad.
Bloody mess.
You know what the scariest thing about you is? You're a brilliant liar.
You make everybody want to believe you.
Hey, where's all this coming from? What's happened? Have you not seen the news? You know I don't watch the news.
It messes with my head.
It's time to let Jessica speak.
JESSICA: He gave me this when I said I wasn't ready to leave Ray's dinner party last night.
He gave me this when we got home.
I had laughed too hard when Gabe made fun of Sevvy's crappy golf swing.
I am not gonna wait around for him to change and end up like her.
I'm taking these videos to the police.
Oh, my God.
Now the whole world knows that you abused her.
So do I.
No, no, you know that's not the real me.
That looks pretty real! - Just calm down.
- I was trying to protect you! I was trying to show you that I was a good son.
You are a good son.
You always tell me that, but only when you need something! That's why you trusted me with that bag, right? 'Cause you knew that I would run the extra mile for you, that would earn Daddy's love.
- I'm out of here.
- No, don't go.
I can't lose you, too.
I loved Jessica.
No matter what anybody says about me, I didn't kill her.
You've got to believe me.
No, I don't.
No, I don't.
Hey, Gabe.
Congratulations, you're a meme.
What? Your press conference got 3 million views and #MayaOnFaya is trending on Twitter.
So I make a statement about domestic violence and suicide, and somehow it's all about me? Welcome back to the spotlight.
At least this time it's not about your love life.
I mean, what was the rumor before? That you and Matthew had a secret love child? Yeah, a ton of fun to be back.
Speaking of which, I got a present last night from my biggest fan.
Your stalker? He's back? Same M.
? Maya, I'm calling somebody.
I'm putting a detective on you.
There is nothing illegal about giving somebody jewelry.
I'm fine.
If you were fine, you wouldn't be telling me about it.
This guy never escalated, he never crossed a legal line.
I'm not really in danger.
Then why did I buy you a gun eight years ago? Because it was my birthday and you worry too much.
Maya, you were scared.
Please, let's just drop this.
I need to focus on the case.
[DOOR OPENS] Maya, you got five minutes? See? Duty calls.
Four days in and you're already hitting home runs.
How does it feel? Aside from being back in the spotlight, it feels pretty damn good.
I bet.
But, um why don't you walk me through your thought process last night when you set up this big show and decided not to get my approval? Well, you were the one who kept talking about controlling the narrative, so I controlled it.
I'm sorry, but eight years ago, we were a team.
But I'm chief deputy now.
You can't blindside me like that.
You have to get my permission before you make the big moves, especially when it comes to the media.
Message received.
We're not a team, you handle the media.
Got it.
So, where are we? The press conference was a solid jab, but it wasn't a knockout.
We still don't have enough to arrest Johnson, and the family's closed ranks.
But Jessica showed everyone who Sevvy really is, so we're gonna widen the net.
Maybe we can get somebody in his outer circle to talk.
Well, did you forget how this works? You tell me the punches are coming before they hit me in the nose.
Maya didn't loop me in on the press conference.
I can't warn you about something I don't know about.
No, I don't take excuses, sweetheart.
What am I supposed to do? Maya's a control freak.
She's shutting me out.
Pick a lock.
Crawl through the window.
Figure it out.
DALY: Okay, take a big deep breath, relax.
My Zen vitamin infusion is a great stress reliever.
I bloody well hope so, Doc.
Glad to see you're getting the best medical treatment money can buy.
Hello, Ezra.
Nice to see you again.
Could you give us a minute? I'll give you 10.
Oh, thank you.
Where the hell you been? I've been calling you all morning.
Oh, sorry, I can't answer the phone when I'm on national TV trying to explain away Jessica's black eye.
You think you pay me a lot? You don't pay me enough.
I don't need a guilt trip from my lawyer.
- I pay you to defend me.
- Mm-hmm.
And from what I saw in the Laura Wu interview, you're doing a piss-poor job at it.
Let me tell you, you're making it hard.
I just heard you had a booty call last night.
You're supposed to be the grieving boyfriend.
I am grieving.
It's not what you think.
I needed to talk to her.
Then you did a lot of talking, did you? This is not eight years ago, Sevvy.
I worked a miracle in that first trial because the whole world loved Sevvy Johnson.
They still love me.
Oh, yeah, you're huge in Japan and Bulgaria.
Not our jury pool.
And Maya 2.
0 just stuck a knife in what little reputation you have left.
[SIGHS] Man, I hate that slag.
Then maybe you should stop doing things that help her.
Hey, what you doing? It's time for a vow of celibacy.
Here is a new phone.
One number on it mine.
Now all I have to worry about is whatever the hell is in your arm.
The press are at your gate.
They'd love to get a load of Dr.
Carys Daly and her magic IV.
Just relax, all right? I've been hiding from the press for years.
I know what I'm doing.
The house has a private entrance down below.
Nobody saw her come in.
It's handled.
What? There's a a way in and out of here that nobody knows about? Yeah.
What about security cameras? It's in a blind spot.
We're screwed.
No, I mean, we're so far past screwed that the light from screwed will take a thousand years to reach us.
What're you talking about? The only thing we had going for us was that your security camera didn't show you leaving the house the morning of the murder.
You're the miracle worker.
Figure it out.
[DOOR OPENS] You know what? I'm almost glad that you replaced me.
Is that a compliment or an insult? Grudging admiration.
That press conference took balls.
So yesterday I was wrong for the job, and today you want to be friends? That sounds like an ask.
More like a white flag.
We got off on the wrong foot.
But you got a good team here, so use your team.
I'll think about it.
[DOOR OPENS] Good news.
Operation Widen The Net just paid off.
You found someone.
Sevvy's sidepiece.
Once a cheater, always a cheater, right? I went by some of his favorite hotels to see what girl he's been bringing around.
And they told you? Whatever happened to discretion? Yesterday, you reminded everyone who Sevvy Johnson really is and they became a lot less discreet.
The kitchen manager at the Hotel Bel-Air pulled some room-service receipts from the last time that Johnson stayed there.
His girl signed for a bottle of Dom.
So, you ready to meet the other woman? [DANCE MUSIC PLAYING, INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] You're Dia, right? I know who you are.
Then you know why I'm here.
And you got it all wrong.
Sevvy didn't kill Jessica.
He came to me last night.
He accused me of doing it.
He's a smart guy.
He knew we'd find you, and he knew you'd tell us that.
Nothing could make me help you.
Why? 'Cause Sevvy loves you? I found four girls just like you before the last trial.
Sevvy's a movie star.
He's got a lot of girls.
But you're the special one, right? Let me guess.
Your first date was at the Beverly Hilton, fifth-floor suite? First weekend away was the Biltmore Santa Barbara.
He gave you a rose gold bracelet, said he was falling for you because you see the real him.
Am I close? Screw you.
You're not special, Dia.
Don't go to jail for this guy.
Jail? What the hell are you talking about? Remember that DUI you failed to appear for? Dia Briseño, you are under arrest.
- What the hell? - [HANDCUFFS CLICK] Sevvy told me you were a bitch.
From him, I'll take that as a compliment.
Let's go.
"We condemn domestic violence in all its forms.
Our agency is ending its relationship with Sevvy Johnson, effective immediately.
" I mean, can you believe that? After all the bloody money I made them, they do me like this? On bloody Twitter? Well, they didn't have much choice, did they? I'm losing everything me career, me fans, everything I've worked so bloody hard to build.
I know how hard you worked.
I built it with you.
My own kids won't even bloody talk to me.
Look, I don't deserve this.
You created this.
If you're looking for sympathy from me, look elsewhere.
No, not you, too.
I need you, Jules.
It's Gabe.
He's packed his stuff and left.
I-I'm just worried h-he's gonna say something h-he might regret.
J-Just talk to him, okay? I'm not Gabe's mother.
Why would he listen to me? Just talk to him.
What is it you're not telling me? Nothing.
You want to keep all this and everything we worked so bloody hard to build? Then help me.
Sevvy didn't do it.
You saw what Sevvy did to Jessica.
Did he ever hit you, Dia? No.
Sevvy would never do that to me.
Not at the start, but everything is a pattern with him.
First it's a bracelet, then it's a black eye.
Maya, take it easy on her.
She needs to know the truth.
If Sevvy hasn't hit you yet, it's only because you haven't been around long enough.
Maybe you're right.
But I'd rather rot in jail than to help a white bread bitch like you.
Have fun in lockup.
White bread bitch, huh? Perfect way to describe Maya Travis.
She's like a raptor in heels.
Is she going for it? Let's hope Loni can sell her part.
DIA: Glad I'm not the only one who thinks she's a psycho.
We're not all like Maya.
She doesn't see the human shrapnel she leaves in her wake.
Yeah, she's selling it.
I don't want you to be shrapnel, Dia.
Does he really do that with everyone? The Biltmore and everything? Every time.
God, I feel like an idiot.
You're not.
Believe me, I have had bad men in my life, too, men who catch you in a moment of weakness, then take you for all you're worth.
Once you give up your power, you become nothing to them.
They own you.
Don't you wish there was some way you could just take that power back? Thanks so much for coming on such short notice.
- Ezra will be right out.
- Don't worry about me.
I've spent plenty of time waiting for Ezra Wolf.
Thank you, Charlie.
I can escort the good doctor from here.
[SIGHS] I have to admit, I was surprised seeing you this morning.
I didn't realize you were still treating Sevvy Johnson.
I divorced you, not my patients.
Yes, you certainly did.
But not for lack of consortium.
What do you want, Ezra? I want to talk about Sevvy.
You must be as devastated as I am by what's happening to him.
I know he's under a lot of stress, and I'm treating him as best I can.
Oh, I'm sure.
But there's a way you can help beyond just the, um, "vitamin infusions.
" What are you getting at? Sevvy's house has a private entrance, a secret entrance that you know well.
Have you used it a lot? I use it when I visit.
Which must be quite often.
Maybe more often than you can even remember.
Get to the point.
Maybe you used it - the morning of Jessica's murder.
You must really be desperate.
I'm just trying to help my client, same as you.
Why are you representing Sevvy Johnson again? You won that last trial by the skin of your teeth.
But I won.
I always win.
You'll have to win this one without me.
It's been a long time.
Hi, Effy.
It's nice to see you.
Just need a signature from Matt.
Maya, hey.
What's up? Could we talk? [DOOR CLOSES] We just flipped Sevvy Johnson's mistress.
Seriously? He wants to meet her at a hotel tonight, and she's gonna wear a wire.
I just need your approval.
This is a man who probably killed three women, and you want to send his mistress in with a wire? We coordinated with the LAPD.
They'll be standing by.
I'm not sure it's worth the risk.
It's not like he's gonna confess to her.
I'm not expecting a confession, but maybe he'll say something damaging that can help us make an arrest.
Sometimes you have to take risks.
If this goes bad, a lot of that blowback is on me.
Is that what this is about, covering your ass? The old Matthew would have loved this idea.
I'm still the old Matthew, just a little older and a little wiser.
Really? You haven't stepped foot in a courtroom in eight years.
I know I ran, but so did you.
You just ran behind your nice, safe desk.
I need to move on this.
You either trust me or you don't.
I've always trusted you, Maya.
Keep her safe.
It's a shame that was his last album.
They say he had the voice of a drug-addled angel.
What is this? That is the rising young rock star you used to treat, remember? Whatever you think you're doing, Ezra, I already told you no.
What did he die of, again? Oh, right a prescription overdose.
But you were cleared of any wrongdoing because you were married to me.
I helped you.
It's a shame you can't return the favor.
Don't do this.
I already suffered enough for what happened.
Oh, don't play holier than thou.
You gave that kid all the candy he asked for in exchange for a down payment on your tasteless Newport Beach condo.
I made it disappear.
But I can make it reappear if I have to.
I know you, Ezra.
Do you? I know you're ruthless.
[SIGHS] But this is different.
Would you actually destroy me to get what you want? Yes.
Let's talk about how you can help me.
LONI: This is it, Dia.
Sevvy gets here in an hour, and in a perfect world, you get him to confess on the wire.
'Course, we don't expect that.
So what if I can't? Get him talking about anything to do with Jessica or the case.
If he talks enough, he'll slip up and give us something.
MAYA: Ask him about the tapes.
Tell him Jessica had no right to expose their dirty secrets.
If you get stuck, just remember, Sevvy's a narcissist.
His ego is his Achilles' heel.
Tell him he's like the sun.
Anyone who flies too close might get burnt.
That's pretty good.
That's just me talking.
You're gonna sell it.
You ready? Yeah.
[VAN DOOR OPENS] Is this too dangerous? Dia was in danger every time she opened the door to Sevvy Johnson.
We've taken every precaution, and she's protected.
How's it going out there? It's good.
Dia's in the room.
Sevvy should be there in half an hour.
You have enough LAPD standing by? We're good.
You know, this is below your pay grade now.
[CHUCKLES] Just being thorough.
Look, Maya, I don't want you going into this thinking I don't support you.
I do support you.
I just [SIGHS] I wish I know.
You miss this.
Anyway good luck.
I know it's tempting.
What's that? Getting sucked back in, falling into old habits.
I was just checking in on the case.
Look, I know this is complicated with you and Maya and your history.
[SIGHS] That was a long time ago.
Effy, I'm not tempted by anything.
Because we make our announcement soon, and if you're gonna be the next district attorney, we can't afford missteps.
I did not give up my journalism career so we could play runner-up to Wiest.
It's all gonna happen for us.
I promise.
You just have to trust me right now.
I do trust you.
I do.
How do you defend Sevvy Johnson now that Maya Travis has exposed his domestic abuse? Let's not jump the gun, Laura.
That video hasn't been verified yet.
GABE: Hey, can we change the channel? Yo, can we change the channel?! Hey.
That TV's for everyone, chief.
You don't like it, go drink in your living room.
Why don't you mind your business? Hang on a second.
Hey, I know you.
Yeah, you're Sevvy Johnson's kid.
The white one.
You got the wrong guy.
Ah, no, no, no, no.
You're all over CNN.
You can't hide that face from me.
Piss off, man.
Hey, let me ask you something.
Hm? How do you live with yourself, man, huh? Taking your daddy's money all these years, when everybody knows he killed your mom.
- [GRUNTS] - Whoa! Hey, hey! Stop it! That's enough! Gabe.
Oh, my God.
I'm here.
I was gonna have Charlie get you a drink, but I see you've made yourself at home.
I'm not staying long, and I didn't drag my ass all the way downtown to party with you.
Now, why am I here? I have a signed affidavit from Carys Daly saying that she made a house call the morning of Jessica's murder.
This is crap.
It never happened.
Well, she says it did.
In fact, she says she gave you a cocktail of Oxy and benzos and you were out cold at the time of the murder.
That, my friend, is what we call an airtight alibi.
Hold on.
You got an affidavit from your ex-wife [CHUCKLES] and you think that's gonna hold up in court? Well, she was barely a wife.
We were married six months.
I haven't talked to her in half a decade.
But her reputation is sterling.
I can make this stick.
I don't like it.
I don't need it.
I'm innocent.
[BREATHING SHAKILY] Being innocent and proving innocence are two very different things.
Sevvy, we are being killed in the press.
If we don't stop the bleeding, we are just chumming the water for Maya.
Her next move could land you in jail.
This alibi is our only way out.
[SIGHS] What do you want me to do? I want you to take it.
I want you to memorize it.
From now on, this is your bible.
First thing tomorrow, we take back the pulpit, and we preach.
[PEN CLICKS] [DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] Who the hell are you? I'm Buck Neal.
Who the hell is Buck Neal? Ezra's fixer.
Maya I know, we may be blown.
But l-let's just hear what he has to say.
BUCK: Sevvy sends his regards, but he won't be joining you tonight.
Or any night.
Okay, I don't understand.
So, Sevvy sent you to break up with me? I know it's a tough pill to swallow, honey, but, uh maybe this will help 50 grand for your trouble.
I want to talk to him.
This is the last you'll be hearing from him.
Now, you trust me.
This is the best version of this.
Now, be a good girl.
Take the money.
You know what? Screw you.
And screw Sevvy! I'll show you the best version of this.
I don't think our cover's blown, because that had nothing to do with us.
Yeah, but without Sevvy, we're still screwed.
Maybe we can still salvage this.
We'll talk to Dia when she gets back.
[KEYS RATTLE] [KEYS JINGLE] [CAR ALARM BEEPS] VALET: Hey! Hey! What the hell are you doing?! Lady, that's not your car! [ENGINE REVS, TIRES SQUEAL] Holy crap, she just stole a car! Where's she going? She's pissed.
She just got dumped.
She's going to Sevvy's.
Follow that car.
[ENGINE REVS, TIRES SQUEAL] [SOBS] I was gonna save your ass.
You son of a bitch.
What did she say? She was gonna save him? She was gonna tip him off.
Oh, girl, no.
[STATIC] - [RADIO CUTS OFF] - What the hell? She's out of range.
We've lost audio.
She's gone.
Got it? - WOMAN: One question! - [REPORTERS CLAMORING] Open the gate, you son of a bitch! [CLAMORING CONTINUES] Sevvy Johnson! Open this gate! Just calm down, damn you.
What the bloody hell were you thinking?! - There's paparazzi out there! - How could you do that to me?! Send that creep to the hotel? What are you talking about?! Then you try to pay me off like some whore? - What are you - Screw you! We've got something.
What hotel? What are you even talking about? - She's in the house.
Sevvy's got her.
- Don't play dumb.
You texted me to meet you there.
No, I didn't text you, baby.
Look Wolf took my phone.
See? That's the car.
Pull over.
Does that mean you you don't want to break up with me? Well, Wolf did a bad thing, okay? But maybe he had the right intentions.
Look, there's so much heat on me right now.
Maybe we should just lay low.
Lay low.
Just until things cool off.
Yeah, I-I I understand.
You're dealing with a lot - Yeah.
- and I saw those tapes Jessica made.
You did? They're hard to miss.
It's just so unfair, what people are saying.
You know, those tapes only show one side of you, and I wish the world could see what I see.
What do you see? Baby, I see the sun.
And anyone who flies too close might get burnt.
She's back on script.
That's my girl.
When I see those bruises on Jessica, it's like someone else put them there.
That's not me.
I know, baby, and I'm still here.
At least for one more night.
Listen, when all this is done, when I clear my name, I want us to be together.
For real.
When you clear your name? Those tapes of Jessica look pretty bad.
All that's about to change.
I'll be out of this mess soon.
How? There's something that hasn't come out yet.
Look, on the morning of the murder, I was at home, baby, and now there's a way to prove it.
You mean like an alibi? I thought you you didn't have one.
No, no.
This is something new.
Wolf's got it all figured out.
He's gonna get my doctor to say she was here.
Oh, my God.
She did it.
She pulled it off.
- Wolf created a fake alibi? - [LAUGHS] I mean, just when I think he's hit rock bottom, he goes lower.
Our girl took her power back.
- Mm-hmm.
- Good for her.
You've already given me so much.
Thank you.
Now, let's get you the hell out of here.
I've got a private way out, no paparazzi.
There are fresh towels in the bathroom.
You can stay as long as you like.
You didn't tell me how you found me.
Your dad was worried about you.
He told me where you like to go.
I'm just glad I got there when I did.
What on Earth possessed you to get into that fight, Gabe? It's not a big deal.
- It is a big deal.
- Mm.
Your dad's not the only one that's worried about you.
Are you okay? Nothing is okay.
I don't know what to do.
I just feel really alone and You're not alone.
I'm gonna help you through this.
MAYA: Keep the change.
Oh, thank you.
47! Your order's up! 48! Spicy pork? EZRA: Ooh.
I prefer my tacos poolside in Cabo.
Why am I here? - [CELLPHONE CHIMES] - SEVVY: There's something that hasn't come out yet.
Look, on the morning of the murder, I was at home, baby, and now there's a way to prove it.
DIA: You mean like an alibi? I thought you you didn't have one.
No, no.
This is something new.
Wolf's got it all figured out.
He's gonna get my doctor to say she was here.
How the hell did you get this? Doesn't matter how I got it.
That's your client on tape telling his mistress about the fake alibi you cooked up for him.
You ran a wire on Dia Briseño.
Well, that won't go as far as you think, 'cause I didn't hear "fake alibi" anywhere on that tape.
Wolf, first you drive Ben Mitchell to suicide - That was not my fault.
- Of course it was.
He took a swan dive off a 20-story building because of what you did to him.
Not everyone can take the high road, Maya.
Personally, I think the air up there's a little thin.
This isn't about the high road or the low road.
This is about the end of the road for you, because I'm not just building a case against Sevvy now.
I'm building a case to get you disbarred.
And this is Exhibit "A.
" You sure you want to play that game? Yes, I am sure.
And one more thing.
I know about Sevvy's secret entrance.
He used it to sneak Dia off his property.
It is a massive hole in your case, and I'm gonna drive a freight train through it.
You're finished, Wolf.
Sevvy's going down for murder, and you're going with him.
[DOOR OPENS] How much paperwork can there be for one stinking wire? Your reward for pulling an all-nighter.
You remembered.
How could I forget? You and me, our first wire in Burbank.
100 degrees.
We sat there all night, came up with nothing.
[CHUCKLES] We got a box of these, and we watched the sunrise.
- How's our witness? - She's good.
A little shaken.
CJ's taking her to the safe house in Oxnard.
Sounds like quite a night.
Should've been there.
[CHUCKLES] No, really.
I've never seen you happier than when you're in the trenches, doing the work.
You should have been there.
Can I ask you something? Sure.
I know being chief deputy is important to you, and I have no right to judge the choices you made while I was away.
But I wonder is this really you? [CHUCKLES] [SIGHS] I didn't realize - how hard this was gonna be.
Working the case? No.
Having you back.
[DOOR OPENS] [KEYS RATTLING] EZRA: Oh, is this your car? I thought it was D.
[CLICKS TONGUE] My mistake.
What the hell are you doing here? You look like you had a rough night.
Maybe it was because you were running a wire on Dia Briseño.
You think I wouldn't find out? Get your hands off me.
Maya's still freezing me out.
I wasn't a part of the wire.
You know, in all my days on this Earth, no one's ever gotten away with lying to me.
I'm not lying.
[STOOL SCRAPES] It's a pleasure doing business.
You ever need anything else a cousin you need roughed up I said it was a one-time thing.
I meant it.
Put 2OK under the line.
[TV TURNS OFF] Where the hell do you get off?! You think you can get rid of Dia without asking me? Dia Briseño was a liability.
She needed to be dealt with.
- Dealt with? - Yeah.
Yeah? Well, thanks to you, this is now trending.
They're calling her the "Fast and Furious Mistress.
" - Mm.
- Yeah.
I want to go public with the alibi now.
Well, funny you should mention that.
We no longer have an alibi.
Apparently, your pants are not the only thing you can't keep zipped.
What are you talking about? Last night, during your rendezvous with Dia, she was wearing a wire! Maya Travis has you blabbing on tape.
What? You blew it, my friend.
Your alibi is dead.
[SCOFFS] You're blaming this on me? If you'd have stayed the hell out of my life, none of this would've happened.
You know what? I'm better off without you.
You're fired.
Do it.
Fire me.
I'll just go straight to the press and tell them I fired you, and that will crush you.
But it'll crush you, too.
Don't act like you don't bloody need me, Wolf.
My money, my fame built all of this, and you bloody know it.
Good point.
Every time you make a stupid mistake, it's very good for business.
Lucky for me, you're on a damn roll.
Oh, which reminds me, I need another million to get us out of this mess.
Oh, I got your bloody million.
Sevvy! Sevvy! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] There's your million.
You think this is a game? - [GRUNTS] No - This is my life! There's still a way we can win.
We've been playing the short game.
Now we need to play the long game.
Sevvy, think.
Who's the real enemy here? Who released the tape? Who turned Dia against you? Who would stop at nothing to see you rot in prison? [BREATHING SHAKILY] [SIGHS] Maya Travis.
Maya Travis.
What are you gonna do? I'm going to destroy her.
[HORSE SNORTS] Thank you.
Riv Allgood.
You must be Michael.
Michael Chapman.
It's a beautiful place you got here.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
So, you're in the market for a horse? I am.
Let me give you a tour.