The Flash (2014) s01e05 Episode Script


My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive.
When I was a child, I saw my mother killed by something impossible.
Run, Barry.
My father went to prison for her murder.
Then an accident made me the impossible.
To the outside world, I'm an ordinary forensics scientist, but secretly, I use my speed to fight crime and find others like me.
And one day, I'll find who killed my mother.
- Mom.
- And get justice for my father.
I am The Flash.
Previously, on The Flash Who do you think you are? This is what we talked about, using my speed to do good.
We talked about you helping us contain other meta-humans.
After all of these journalism classes, I started a blog.
I thought you were taking journalism, not science fiction writing.
Ever since I have known you, you have believed in the impossible.
What if you were right about the night that your mom died? Something out there is saving people.
See you soon, Barry.
How often do you think about why your friends came into your life? Was it random, by design, or maybe a little of both? Nice.
Regardless of the reason, some friends you just know are gonna be by your side for a while.
Others, you're not so sure.
And then there's that one friend who, well, you hope, someday becomes something more.
But "friend" will have to do for now.
And that's okay.
I guess.
I'm glad you invited Caitlin and Cisco.
They're cool, right? They saved your life, Barry.
That makes them the coolest people I've ever met.
It's nice that you guys became friends.
To friends, old and new.
I'm up.
Wish me luck.
I'm going to destroy you.
Don't get cocky, West.
Guys? I have a problem.
We all do when guys like him exist.
Yeah, he's so hot.
Uh, I mean, genetically speaking.
Because I'm a geneticist, of course.
Oh, my God, do I sound like Felicity? I'm not talking about Eddie.
I'm talking about this.
I can't feel anything.
Yeah, that's usually what happens when you drink too much.
No, the alcohol is not affecting me.
I mean I literally feel nothing.
It's your hyper-metabolism.
I need a sample.
I'll get more shots.
I swear, I had a Vacutainer here.
Wait, you carry a blood collection kit in your purse? You have your hobbies.
- 14th floor is secure.
- Roger that.
Hold off on that check.
Lock down the building! Hold it! Don't come near me.
You need to come with me.
Come on.
Get down! - Still nothing? - I can't get drunk.
I mean, I'm only 25, and my drinking days are already over.
Come on, Allen.
You're up.
There was a bombing on 8th and Pass.
- I got to go, babe.
- Okay.
Sorry, guys.
I've got an early shift at Jitters.
Barry, we'll catch up tomorrow.
It's getting late, anyway, so I'm just gonna Help! Help! Somebody! Guys, there's a window washer, and he's gonna fall.
Don't try and catch him.
You don't have super strength.
Well, is there, like, a bed store near here? What if I get a bunch of mattresses and stack them? Barry, this isn't a roadrunner cartoon.
Help! Help! How fast would I need to go to run up the side of a building? How far up do you need to go? Hurry, somebody! I don't know.
50 meters, give or take.
- Guys, hurry! - Help! Just run really fast and you'll be fine.
But you need to maintain your velocity on the way down, or Or what? Splat.
- Great.
- Help! All right.
All right, all right, all right.
Here goes.
Barry? What do you got? Bombers typically have their own unique signatures.
Crimped wires, fragmentation.
The level of sophistication is telling once I've analyzed it.
You show me a bomb, I can usually find a clue in it.
It sounds like there's a "but" coming.
Yeah, I haven't found any sign of an oxidizing agent.
It's as if the floor just blew itself up.
Things don't just blow up.
Security guard said our bomber was a woman, red hair.
Must've cut the security camera's feed.
There's no footage, but there might be something else.
Some kind of small charge blasted the doorknob off.
Any idea what's missing? My guess is one of these files.
It's gonna take days to figure out which one.
Let's let Barry do his thing.
- What's going on? - I have no idea.
But they came in here like they own the place.
Been talking to Singh for the last half hour.
This can't be good.
General Eiling, this is Detective West.
What's this all about? The army's taking over the bombing investigation.
I'll need everything you have.
Physical evidence, photographs, witness interviews, and all your personal notes.
I've been on the job nearly 20 years and never heard of the army investigating anything civilian.
Well, it's not civilian.
She's one of ours.
We'll send over everything we got.
Very kind of you.
I think we'll take it now, though.
Give them what they want, Joe.
You heard him, Joe.
Give me what I want.
Hey, what's going on? General Eiling is relieving us from the bombing case.
Give these men everything that's relevant.
Sure thing, yeah.
You and a few civilians from S.
Labs might want to check into that.
I think we might.
Can I talk to you for a minute, Joe? It's about Iris.
Hey, dad.
You're home early.
What were you doing at the bomb site last night? Don't deny you were there.
Officer Vukuvich saw you.
It's Complicated.
You can't be coming to every crime scene because you're worried about Eddie.
He's a big boy, Iris.
I didn't go there to see Eddie.
I went there to see The Streak.
The Streak.
Hmm, why is that? My blog.
I've been collecting Internet posts about The Streak sightings, and writing about them.
Baby, there's no Streak.
Yes, there is.
I saw him last night, dad.
I looked right at him.
Something incredible is happening in Central City.
And I am gonna write about it.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get to work.
Blogging about supernatural events doesn't really pay well.
A VA file number is all the info you have on the bomber? C.
D's been ordered off the case.
Well, who has the power to do that? The army.
Some general.
His name was Eiling, I think.
General Wade Eiling.
- You know him? - Yeah, I know him.
About ten years ago, General Wade Eiling contracted S.
Labs to develop enhanced gene therapies for soldiers.
I was interested in the potential medical benefits for civilians.
General Eiling really wanted to develop mind reading capabilities for interrogation purposes.
I stopped the study when I saw his techniques up close, but our split was less than amicable.
He took all the evidence I collected on the bombing.
Everything but the folder.
Well Lucky for us, the VA finally joined the new millennium and digitized their records.
A lot of redacted info.
But our girl's name is Bette Sans Souci, an EOD specialist for the army.
- EOD? - Bombs.
Is there an address? Hold on.
Here, we go.
One person in case of emergency.
Cameron Scott.
Bette Sans Souci? I need you to come with me.
Don't touch me.
Get whatever you're wearing off of you.
Barry? Can you hear me? Barry? There must be a perfectly reasonable explanation for why he's not answering.
Barry? Uh Don't ask.
I'm gonna ask.
Where's my suit? It's Gone.
What do you mean, it's gone? What did you do with my suit? It blew up, dude.
I managed to get out of it before it went, "kaboom.
" My suit went "kaboom"? Fun fact about Bette Sans Souci.
She's not carrying bombs.
She touched the emblem on the suit and turned it into a bomb.
She's a meta-human.
With the ability to cause spontaneous combustion upon tactile contact.
- She blew up my suit.
- You have, like, three more.
Okay, I have two.
And I loved that one.
All right, what else do we know about her? Oh, I don't know.
She's pure evil.
We're gonna find this girl and send her butt into the pipeline.
No one blows my tech to smithereens and gets away with it Unless she looks like that.
I don't think she meant to hurt me.
Well, her being a meta-human explains General Eiling's interest in her.
And why he stole the case from us.
He didn't want anyone to know what she could do.
- Detective.
- Doctor.
So Human bomb.
Must be Tuesday in Central City.
Yes, and General Eiling's not one to give up a potential asset without a fight.
We have to find her before he does.
Barry? Can I see you for a second? When were you planning on telling me that Iris saw The Streak? That was not planned.
She caught me off guard.
We had a deal.
You keep her in the dark about the meta-humans, and I don't go Floyd Mayweather on you.
Okay, Joe, I know.
And she's writing a blog now.
I already talked to her about that.
Talk to her again.
And be more convincing.
- You mean, right now? - Yes, I do.
All right.
You've got to stop writing about this guy.
- He doesn't even exist.
- I saw him, Barry.
He wears a red suit, like, a uniform or something, with a lighting bolt on his chest.
I mean, Iris, come on.
You were drinking last night at the bar.
I was not drunk, and I know what I saw.
He wears a mask.
I think he smiled at me.
Okay, first of all, if he is wearing a mask, that probably means he doesn't want people to know who he is.
It doesn't matter who he is.
What matters is that people know that he's out there.
What is wrong with you? This is important to me.
Why can't you be more supportive? I'm just you haven't even put your name on it.
How serious can you be about an anonymous blog? Okay, you know what? Our entire lives, you couldn't scream loud enough that the impossible existed.
And now it's actually happening in Central City.
I have proof of it, and you don't want to know about it? That doesn't make sense, Barry.
So when you're ready to tell me what this whole routine is really about, then we can talk.
We've piggybacked onto General Eiling's own surveillance.
According to what they're saying, the lovely Ms.
Sans Souci was just spotted in Inglewood.
The same neighborhood as Dr.
Harold Hadley's office, the military surgeon who performed several procedures on her.
That's why she was looking for the folder.
You got to get to her before Eiling does.
- Sgt.
Sans Souci.
- You remember me.
Because I remember you, Doctor.
I remember waking up from a coma.
You started cutting me open.
I was only trying to help ease your condition.
You couldn't control it.
You did this to me.
You and Eiling.
Go bring me my asset.
You okay? Look, I can get you out of here.
I can help you understand what happened to you.
- How? - Because it happened to me too.
Target is gone.
As the detonation dispersed throughout Central City.
A number of people were exposed to a wave of unquantifiable energy.
One of those people Was you.
You were in Central City ten months ago.
I had just returned from Afghanistan.
I was there defusing roadside bombs and Shrapnel ripped through me.
I was flown back state side.
Spent months at the base recuperating and next thing I know, I became the thing that almost killed me.
And Eiling's favorite, new lab rat.
The dark matter must have combined with the bomb particulate inside your body.
I thought Eiling did this to me.
Eiling is not smart enough to create someone like you.
Clever enough to see your value.
Do you know of any others who were changed? There've been a few.
But no one that looks like you.
I'm sorry.
That was inappropriate.
Please don't leave.
I know how to perform a lobotomy.
Her cellular structure's unlike anything I've ever seen.
Her nitrogen levels are off the charts.
Do you think we can help her? To answer that question, we have to understand how she works, and to understand that, first we have to study her in action.
You want her to blow stuff up.
- Yes, now we're talking.
- Not in here.
- She's too unstable.
- I know.
I know you know.
So this is your life now, huh? Testing people like me? Stopping people like you.
It's not what I thought I'd be doing.
Actually, aside from Barry, you're the first meta-human that we've tested.
- "Meta-human"? - It's just a term.
Oh, my God, what happened? Why didn't you say that you were shot? It just grazed me.
There's something in there.
A tracker.
Lock down the pipeline.
Get Bette out of here.
I'll take care of Eiling.
Harrison Wells.
How the mighty have fallen.
This place used to be so important.
Tell me, what does one do after such a spectacular, public failure? One adapts.
One evolves.
One becomes intent on reversing one's fortune.
Always the idealist.
- What do you want, Wade? - Where's my asset? I have no idea what you're talking about.
We tracked her here, Harrison.
Turn her over to me before you see the rest of your precious palace crumble.
Oh, Wade, Wade, Wade.
We could've changed the world, you and I.
Her Trauzl rating is around 45.
That's the same as any plastique.
Ha first try! Didn't really think this one through, did you? Downrange, insurgents started booby trapping cars.
The rest of my tour, I was terrified to touch another vehicle.
Now, I'm gonna spend the rest of my life terrified to touch another human being.
Have they tried to help you? Yeah, they've helped me learn how to use my powers.
Not reverse them.
If they could reverse it so you weren't a meta-human, would you? A friend told me I was given my speed for a reason.
That I was chosen.
I don't know if I believe that, but I always wanted to help people.
Now I can.
Hey, Joe.
I see your little conversation with Iris was a rousing success.
She just posted another story about The Streak.
Joe, I tried.
I really tried.
She's got her name on it now, Barry.
What? Joe It's my fault, I shouldn't have asked you to say anything.
I just wanted you to know.
Okay? Bye.
What was that about? Iris posted about The Streak again.
She signed her name to it.
- Oh, that's not good.
- No.
If one of these bad meta-humans we're dealing with figures she knows something Then they may target her, I know.
Sorry, we're closed.
Oh, my God, it's you.
Iris West, I hear you've been writing about me.
You are real.
I should, um let me just clean up Meet me on the roof.
I'll give you a head start.
I need you to stop writing about me.
There are a lot of people who need someone like you right now.
To know that you're out there.
I have so many questions.
Where are you from? I can't say.
Who are you? I can't tell you that, either.
How can you do what you do? You're a terrible interview.
There's more to this than you can understand.
Just trust me, please.
I need you to stop.
Can you stop? Running into buildings and rescuing people without them even knowing that you're there? I don't do this for the glory.
So why do you? Look, I have this friend, an he had something terrible happen to him when he was a kid.
His whole life, he's been telling stories about this impossible thing.
And people laughed at him.
And shrinks analyzed him.
And he's been searching for an explanation ever since.
But now, suddenly, it's like he's lost his faith.
But you you are proof that he wasn't crazy.
Help me save my friend.
He's a lucky guy.
Hey, what's wrong? Did Eiling find out you're here? No.
Caitlin was about to give me the not-so-good news.
The shrapnel in your body has merged with you on a cellular level.
And the technology required to unsplice your DNA it hasn't been invented yet.
It's okay.
Roger that.
I just need a minute.
Don't worry.
Pretty sure I can cry without blowing stuff up.
- What now? - She joins us.
- Becomes a part of the team.
- Barry You have an amazing ability to help people.
She makes things explode.
She's the first meta-human not hell-bent on destroying this city.
It's too dangerous.
Well, she's not going in the pipeline.
I'm not suggesting she go in the pipeline, but were she to remain at S.
Labs, it would put all of us at risk.
From who? Eiling? Eiling is a dangerous man, Barry.
We do not want him as an enemy.
After the lighting bolt, what if you hadn't found me? It could've been me.
Hunted, on the run, cut off from everyone I know and care about.
You guys saved me.
And I want to save her just as bad as you do, Barry.
We all do.
What are you doing here? Going over the materials in your mom's case.
How's it going with you? Stellar I made friends with a human bomb who I promised I could help, and then, I couldn't.
And I finally diagnosed why Iris is writing about The Streak.
She's doing it for me.
To prove the impossible is possible.
How do you know that? The Streak may have talked to her.
Barry, don't you think Iris would recognize your voice? No, I can do this cool thing with my vocal cords, where I vibrate them so I sound like this.
I know.
It's cool, it's cool.
Well, you put that out there now, so.
I want to keep her safe.
You know the only real way to get her to stop is to tell her the truth.
Man, you really want to tell her.
- I tell her everything.
- Mm Not everything.
Is it that obvious? Not to her.
But how long have you known for? I have watched you be in love with Iris since you were old enough to know what love is.
And I've been waiting years for you to tell her.
But you haven't.
Guess I was too slow.
Now, she's happy and with someone else, so When the universe wants to make something happen, whether it be giving a young man lighting speed or putting two people together, it has a way of figuring those things out.
And I got to get home.
Cisco? He went home.
I think our Cisco's developing a little bit of a crush on you.
Not sure I'm prize winning date material anymore.
Change is hard.
The same accident that changed you put me in this chair.
I didn't know.
I don't share that story with you to garner sympathy.
I tell it to you to illustrate a larger point.
And what point is that? That I would do anything to get back what I lost.
- As would you.
- I would.
I just don't know how.
You soldiers, you call yourselves Sheep Dogs.
Am I right? Happy and normal until someone attacks our flock.
Every good person who was changed that night, people like you, people like Barry Allen, those people are your flock now, Bette.
And General Eiling will never stop attacking that flock, and he always gets his target.
Unless you stop him.
You know your duty, Sergeant.
Kill Eiling.
One last mission.
And then you go home.
Where's Bette? - She left.
- What do you mean? - Where did she go? - She didn't say.
Well, where the hell could she be? - Go, go! - Go, go! On me.
I'm ready to give myself up.
Oh, I highly doubt that.
You think you can pull one over on me? You can't.
Stand down, soldier.
I got back on the military feed.
Looks like they've gone to the waterfront to rendezvous with Bette.
She's turning herself in.
She's not turning herself in.
Please, let him get to her in time.
All over the world, people are plotting to destroy our country.
To end our lives.
Brave American soldiers are gonna die in that fight, but they don't have to.
Because of you, we could have victory.
All I've ever wanted was to make the world a safer place.
And it will be when you're not in it.
Take cover! What are you doing here? Being a soldier doesn't mean you're a murderer.
Don't become one now.
I'm sorry.
I didn't see him.
Don't be.
It's not your fault.
I'm glad you stopped me.
I'm gonna get you back to S.
Barry, Dr.
He he Guys, we have a problem.
Is Bette okay? No.
Eiling killed her.
She's glowing.
She's gonna detonate.
Oh, my God, a mass that size, the explosion, it would be Devastating.
Barry, you have to get her away from the city.
But there's no time.
Can I run on water? I built up enough speed to run up a building.
How fast do I need to go to run on water? Assuming your weight step for vertical suspension.
Accounting for fluid drag.
Approximately 650 miles an hour.
You have to outrun the blast or you'll die too.
Nothing out of the ordinary occurred.
The military was simply conducting an underwater weapons test.
There is no need for panic or alarm.
Central City is safe.
I guarantee you.
He murdered Bette right in front of me.
And there's nothing we can do to him.
Powerful men have a way of avoiding consequences.
- You gonna be okay? - Yeah.
You can walk on water.
Puts you in pretty interesting company.
If you came to do laundry, I already have a load in.
Uh, no.
I-I came to talk.
I was working a case.
Someone I really thought I could help befriend.
But they died.
Barry, I'm really sorry.
I didn't know her that well.
But it still hurts.
And as bad as I feel right now, I know how much worse it is to lose someone who's family.
Iris Writing about this stuff, putting your name out there, it's dangerous.
So I'm asking you one last time, please, stop.
And I am asking you one last time to tell me what is really going on with you.
Why am I the only one of us who's interested in this? I guess, just, all this stuff with my family, I finally just put it behind me.
I'm asking you to also.
That may have been how this started, but it's about something more than that for me now.
Whoever this Streak is, wherever he comes from, I am not stopping until the rest of the world believes in him.
Maybe we shouldn't see each other for a while.
Can I get another club soda, please? Hey.
Hey, what are you guys doing here? We thought we should have a toast.
Doesn't work on me, remember? Barry Allen, you of all people should know that nothing is impossible.
I distilled a highly fermented, potent suspension.
It's basically 500 proof.
I figured if anybody could use a drink tonight, it was you.
So here's to Bette.
Whoa, oh.
That hit too quick.
Are you buzzed? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm buzzed for sure.
Whoa, that is good stuff.
And it's gone.
Work in progress.
For a guy who has experienced his fair share of mysteries, one mystery I still can't figure out is why some people come into our lives.
Why some people go, and others become a part of you.
Some friendships feel like they'll last forever.
- Hey, sweetheart.
- Hey.
There's dinner in the fridge.
Okay, thanks.
Iris, about your blog I don't want to talk about it, okay? And others end far too soon.
Not every friendship is meant to last a lifetime.
What does last forever is the pain when that person is gone.
I was wrong about you, Harrison.
You're still one step ahead.
Impressive for a man without the use of his legs.
I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about, Wade.
A girl who can transform ordinary objects into explosives with the touch of her hand.
Today I saw a man who can move faster than the blink of an eye.
The night your particle accelerator died was the night the impossible was born.
I think we should start working together again, Harrison.
I think you should leave.
You know, I can have a squadron of soldiers here in minutes.
You know, I can have an army of press here like that.
Believe me, General, I'd be more than happy to testify to your involvement in activities that were less than humane.
Threaten me again and I will end you, General.
And I am not talking about your career.
You know, I figured out your little secret, Wells.
Won't be long before the public catches on as well.
This is everything we've been working to achieve.
We may have the same goals, General, but not the same means.
I will not have this project end before it even begins.
And as long as he's on my premises, I will not have him subjected to that kind of cruelty anymore.
We're done.
We're done.
Get out.
It's okay.
It's okay, boy.
It's okay.
He's gone.
Don't you worry.
I have a whole different future in mind for you.