The Flash (2014) s03e03 Episode Script


1 Barry: My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive.
To the outside world, I'm an ordinary forensic scientist, but secretly, with the help of my friends at S.
Labs, I fight crime and find other meta-humans like me.
After defeating Zoom and saving the multiverse, I ran back in time and created the alternate timeline, Flashpoint.
I restored the timeline to how it was, only to find things weren't as I left them.
I brought new threats to our world, and I'm the only one fast enough to stop them.
I am The Flash.
Previously on “The Flash” I got hit with the dark matter.
It must have affected me somehow.
We're going home.
I went back in time and created an alternate timeline.
- Wally? - Aah.
Wally? Can you hear me? My name is Edward Clariss.
Rivals should know each other's names.
When I came back, things weren't the same.
I don't trust you, and I don't like things that I don't trust.
You'll always be Barry, and I'll always be Iris.
And we always find each other.
- Who are you? - I am Alchemy.
- Alchemy! - You failed, Clariss.
[clock ticking.]
Remember that feeling you got as a kid when you were so excited about something that you couldn't focus on anything else? That's me right now, thinking about well, what I always think about.
Allen! Enough with the knee.
[sprightly music.]
- Where are you going? - I'm going on a date.
Well, not yet, you're not.
You know, you're not actually my boss, Julian.
But I am the senior lab tech, and the last time I checked, the hours were 10:00 a.
to 7:00 p.
Not 6:58.
Not 6:59.
[voice slowing down.]
But se Remember that other feeling you got when that thing you were excited about seemed to take forever to arrive? Imagine being a speedster.
Days seem like weeks.
Hours seem like days.
And seconds seem like you get the point.
I'll see you tomorrow.
[driving rock music.]
Ah, ah, ah Ah, ah, ah It's too much? Yeah, it's too much.
It's the heart, right? It's too cheesy? Hold on.
Is that better? That's That's worse? We'll go back to the heart.
No, Bare.
Wait, wait, wait.
It is so beautiful, and you are so sweet, but tonight, I want to be with you.
Barry Allen.
Not the Flash.
So So no Flash talk.
No speed.
No problem.
All right.
Starting now, the Flash is officially off-limits.
So, wow Mm.
Where are we going? It's a surprise.
Electric love [Iris laughs.]
Baby, you're electric Are you planning on donating a kidney sometime in the near future or? A kidney? This place is Oh, don't look at the prices.
Just get whatever you want.
So Yeah, so How was work? Yeah, super busy.
How about you? Well, Julian had me write up a carbon dating report.
Then a DNA sequencing report.
A couple chemical compound reports.
So he pretty much just gives me all the work - he doesn't want me to do, so - [yawns.]
Yeah, I know, it's really boring.
No, no.
Oh, I'm so sorry, Barry.
I'm just It's been a really long day.
Yeah, I know.
Me too.
[siren wailing in distance.]
What's going on? Apparently, a robbery's in progress across the street.
Excuse me.
Go, go, go.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
Yeah, use your speed.
- Uh, where were we? - Um [phones ring and vibrate.]
We should go.
[tense music.]
- What's going on? - That.
Yeah, why'd you open a breach? - I didn't.
- What? That's why we called you.
- Well, can you close it? - Once again, wouldn't have called if I could.
- Somebody's coming through.
- Get back.
I need your help.
With what? - With that.
- Hey, guys.
You're a speedster? Yeah.
It's pretty cool, right? I mean, yeah, I would say so.
When did this happen? A few days ago.
So, when I got Allen his speed back, Wally and Jesse were hit with the dark matter.
Turns out she was affected.
She was totally affected.
But I didn't get speed, so could it have been from something else? No I mean, I doubt it.
Dark matter affects different people in different ways at different times Sometimes not at all, so be thankful, but she was affected, and I want to run some tests and find out just how much.
Well, then, you've come to the right place.
Let's go to the Speed Lab.
Both: Speed Lab? [dramatic music.]
This is insane.
Something tells me you've never been in this room before.
Wait, you You nev Allen.
I suppose that means you traveled back in time again.
Yeah, but How many times did I tell you not to do that? You figured that out pretty quickly, Harry.
Yes, Ms.
West, it was easy because we've never been here either.
- Nope.
- Right.
Other Earths, other timelines.
Yes, exactly.
So when did you do it? After we returned to Earth-2? Look, Harry, only a couple things are different.
Oh, I'm sure.
Really? You guys are doing “not” on Earth-2 now? Uh, no.
That's all him.
Okay, let's just get Jesse on the track and see what she can do.
Yeah, let's do it.
All right.
Check this out.
She really can move.
Yeah, she can.
Um I got to go.
Oh, man.
I'll talk to him.
Hey, Joe.
Um Look, it's just it is better if he doesn't have speed.
Oh, you don't have to convince me of that.
The last thing I want is two of my kids zipping around the city, running into danger.
'Cause he looked pretty disappointed.
This is about that other timeline, isn't it? No, I just I think you should keep an eye out.
[TV laughter.]
- Where's dinner? - It's almost ready, John.
I work hard every day to provide for this family, and this is what greets me? An empty table? - Just five more minutes.
- I'm hungry now! And you speak when you're spoken to, girl.
You understand me? I saved you from the orphanage and I provide for you every day, so keep your mouth shut, Frankie, you got it? [whimpers.]
[ominous music.]
Sorry, John.
Frankie's gone.
Hey! - Hey.
- What are you doing here? I was trying to get some information about the man who was attacked by a lamppost last night.
Hey Just come here for a second.
So, last night.
I know our first date didn't shatter any records.
I mean, it wasn't that bad.
- It was - Okay, yeah.
It wasn't that great, either.
- It was just kind of - Boring? Boring, yeah.
Which feels like my fault.
Maybe I'm boring without my powers.
No, Barry, you are perfect without your powers.
That's nice, but I mean, what do you think it is, then? You don't think it's a sign that we shouldn't No! [clears throat.]
Good, I mean, 'cause I do I want to try this again, as soon as possible, but just with everything that's going on This new case, and Wells and Jesse showing up Yeah.
No, Barry.
I totally get it.
I get it.
I should probably concentrate on making my deadlines anyway, so.
- Okay.
- All right.
All right, well, I'm gonna Okay.
- Yeah.
- Work.
All right.
I'll see you later.
- Oh.
- No, I was - Yeah, of course.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
All right.
So this says you were in the room when your father Foster father.
Foster father.
You were in the room when he was struck by the street lamppost that flew into the apartment? Yeah.
But I don't remember any of that.
He came home and yelled at Karen, my foster mom, to get him dinner.
Is that when you blacked out? Yeah, I think so.
Has that happened before? You blacking out? [solemn music.]
Is John gonna be okay? He's in Central City Hospital.
I He's pretty banged up.
Frankie, can you excuse me for a second? - Yeah, of course.
- Thank you.
- Bare.
- Yeah? - What'd you find out? - Okay, get this.
So, the outer layer of the lamppost is a half an inch thick, but to bend even a quarter-inch of steel requires 177 tons of tensile strength, so So we're looking for a meta with superstrength? Well, I'm not sure yet, but that's as much as I could find.
What? Why? - Because I showed up.
- Yeah.
Yes, the only problem with Barry's little theory is there were no fingerprints found on the post.
Again, Julian, not my theory, and the meta could've been wearing gloves.
Yes, perhaps.
But the curvature on the post suggests that equal amounts of pressure were applied to the whole thing at the same time.
So, unless our strong man has a wingspan of over 20 feet Something else caused it.
Who's that, sir? That's Frankie Kane, the victim's foster kid.
That poor girl's been in and out of homes for years.
Listen, she said that she blacked out during the incident.
- Blacked out? - Yeah.
Repressing memories is a coping mechanism for lots of foster kids.
Is it? It is.
It could be something else.
- What are you - What Hello there.
You okay? Yeah.
Can I get you some more water? Yes, thank you.
Gonna need another glass, Detective.
- Follow him.
- Mm-hmm.
- See what you can get.
- What are you gonna do? I'm gonna finish this up and convince my son that he's not meant to be a superhero.
Good idea.
So, how'd I do? Blood pressure, heart rate, metabolic rate all excellent.
And you've got some serious speed, girl.
- Mm-hmm.
- I think you're good to go.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
I still want to run a few more tests.
- Like what? - Like more tests.
Hey, so, is Wally here? No, not yet.
Um Okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna go grab some food.
I'm starving.
Yeah, there's some PowerBars in the workshop.
Help yourself.
- Harry? - Mm-hmm? - What're you doing? - Being thorough.
Yeah? 'Cause it seems like you're stalling.
Okay, fine.
I'm stalling.
I'm stalling.
So what? So what? So why? So why? Why? Why? I got to explain myself to you two? Oh, I guess I do, 'cause you're not parents.
That's my daughter, okay? And she spent months on this very Earth watching Barry Allen defeat meta after meta after meta And Zoom And all of a sudden, bam! She's got speed, and now she wants to be a hero just like him.
And I think that's a great idea.
Not! Harry, we can help her.
We can train her just like we did with Barry.
I don't want you to train her, okay? I brought her here for you to talk her out of it, not talk her into it, all right, Ramon? You you should talk to her.
You're a meta.
Yeah, which makes me the last person she should talk to about not using her powers.
Okay, Snow Caitlin You and her, you've always had such a special relationship.
You talk to her.
- No, we don't.
- Yeah.
And I don't know anything about having powers, so I'm the last person you should talk to, so don't ask me.
Wait, I [sighs.]
It can't Dad.
What's going on? Why'd you want to see me? Oh, hey.
Uh Have a seat.
Look I know it's been really hard for you, seeing Jesse with speed.
I just keep thinking of what Harry said.
How sometimes it takes a while for powers to manifest.
Yeah, Harry also said that they may never manifest.
Yes, but I got hit by that dark matter too, just like Jesse.
Could still happen for me somehow.
Look, you weren't here when the first particle accelerator exploded.
That dark matter went throughout the whole city.
Everybody got hit.
Me, your sister, this whole precinct.
Do you know how many metas there have been so far? I know you want this more than anything, but you have to face the fact that it might not happen.
So you think, just let it go? Give up on wanting to help people? You don't need powers to do that.
Look, Barry was coming to the rescue as a CSI long before he was the Flash.
He wanted to help people then just like you want to help people now.
So he studied.
He honed that brilliant mind of his.
And you have the same brilliant mind, Wall.
- Dad - No, I mean it, son.
Look, a lot of people dream about making the world a better place.
With that mind of yours and that engineering talent, you literally could build a better world.
[poignant music.]
So what? I got to stay in school? Yeah, you got to stay in school.
Just a couple more years.
What are you doing? I assumed you'd taken a DNA sample before.
Okay, yes.
I know what you're doing.
I mean, why are you doing it? Are you looking to steal another sample? I've isolated an element consistent in all five of the husks that we've found, including Edward Clariss's.
- You mean the Rival? - Mm.
That's what the papers are calling him, yes.
What's the element? I don't know.
But it's not one that I've found in any other meta-human samples that I've studied.
So you think that Frankie, the girl downstairs, has the same element in her DNA? Well, I wouldn't be comparing samples if it wasn't a possibility, would I, Allen? [tense music.]
It's a good thing for both of us I did.
- Come on.
- What? - Where is she? - Calm down, okay? Julian? You! You, girl! Stop! - Hey, ease up, Julian.
- Stop! - Me? - You did it, didn't you? What? The lamppost.
You did it, didn't you? What? No, no, no, stop.
- You're a liar! - Julian! - You're a meta-human.
- Stop, no, stop! You put your foster father in the hospital, didn't you? - No, no! - Didn't you? Didn't you? [dramatic music.]
Oh, I wanted to do more than hurt him.
Now I'm gonna do the same to you.
Frankie! Frankie, stop! [dramatic music.]
Are you okay? Frankie! No.
Frankie's gone.
My name is Magenta.
You're like this because of Alchemy.
He changed you, didn't he? This isn't you.
Just come with me.
Tell me what happened.
I can help you.
I don't need any more help, Flash.
I just don't want anyone to get hurt.
It's too late for that.
Frankie, don't! It's me or him.
Come on.
Aah! Her name's Frankie Kane, but she's calling herself Magenta.
That Magenta is a whole different person than the scared, kind girl I was interviewing.
She's dissociative.
You mean split-personality.
According to her medical records, it's a condition she's been dealing with her entire life.
I'm sure all the yelling at CCPD is what triggered it.
So Frankie is Jekyll.
Magenta is Hyde.
Classic good versus evil.
Or she's pulling a “Primal Fear.
” - She's faking it.
- No, she's not faking it.
I saw the struggle going on inside of her.
Magenta's trying to take over completely.
You said she was raised in the foster care system.
Yep, all her life.
She went from home to home.
Yeah, and maybe not good ones.
Her current foster father, John The one who was hurt in the attack Yeah, he's got a few disorderly conducts.
He might have some information we can use.
I can follow up with him.
There is something else.
She got her powers from Alchemy.
When I said his name, she knew who he was, so Magenta must have existed in the other timeline too.
Who's Alchemy? Well, Doctor Alchemy is a magic man in a cloak who can somehow restore the powers that people had in Flashpoint.
Okay, and what's Flashpoint? That's what we're calling the alternate timeline that Barry created when he went back in time and saved his mom.
So Magenta is another side-effect from your time trip.
I don't need to be reminded.
Thank you.
Look, anybody with those powers and as angry as her needs to be tracked down.
Well, great.
I mean, fast I can do.
Let me just go carb-load.
He didn't That's you don't Snow.
Okay, Harry, I'll talk to her, but I don't know what I'm gonna say.
Hey, Joe? Did you talk to Wally? He still seems a little bummed.
It's not gonna fix itself overnight, - but it's all good.
He gets it.
- Okay.
And I got to be honest, it was one of my better dad cop speeches.
What's “dad cop”? There's good cop and bad cop and dad cop.
Firm but reassuring.
Cuts to the point.
I don't think I know that one.
Yeah, I didn't use it on you.
Wally's different than you, Barry.
You're like a second daughter.
You over-share your feelings.
Him, I got to be a little more nuanced.
I'm messing with you.
I'll talk at you if I get any leads on Frankie, all right? All right.
Second daughter? What is he talking about? Hey! Hey.
Hey, sorry.
You guys were not kidding when you said speedsters were hungry all the time.
Listen, Jesse, before you speed off to find Frankie, I just want to make sure that you feel like you're ready.
Why? Is something wrong? I mean, did the test results say something? No, not at all.
All the test results have come back fine so far.
It's just maybe you should take it slow.
This is because I'm a girl.
What? No, not at all.
Why? Well, I mean, Barry didn't have to take things slow.
You know, he was stopping the criminals the second he got his powers.
Why can't I do the same thing? Well, I mean, I'm sure you think that it's a great thing to have powers, but sometimes, it's not so great.
Trust me.
I'm just saying that if I had powers, I would probably take it slow.
My dad put you up to this, didn't he? Yeah.
I mean, of course he did.
Jesse Hey.
You don't want me to have this speed, do you? I mean, that's why we're here, right? Not so you could test me, but so you could get everyone to talk me out of using my powers.
I just want you to be To be safe, yeah.
Yeah, I know.
I've heard it my entire life.
This is different.
This is way different.
Yeah, no, it is.
- 'Cause I'm not Barry, right? - Right.
You're not Barry.
[tense music.]
Let me talk to her this time.
She's still here.
I can feel Frankie trying to stay in control.
You said I could beat her.
What I said was I'd return to you the power you had to inflict your pain upon others.
But I need Frankie gone to do that.
Do you remember why you came to me? I came to you because you showed me a way to stop him from hurting me.
Show him Magenta is in control.
And once you've done that, Frankie will know it as well.
Here you are.
Hey, so, where Where did you go yesterday? Wha I I didn't want to interrupt your training.
Yeah, well, looks like there won't be much of that anymore, now that my dad is getting everyone to talk me out of using my powers.
Wait, that that's not why you're here, right? No, no.
This is all me.
You all right? You know, when this whole thing happened to me, you were you were actually the first person I wanted to call.
Yeah, I was sort of hoping it happened to you too.
I dreamt about it, believe me.
How did this all happen? I mean, it was crazy.
So, like, one day, I was walking home from a friend's house, and this car ran a red light, and it was speeding right at me, and I just stood there, frozen, basically waiting to be hit.
And then I looked around, and everything around me was frozen too.
It was peaceful and quiet, but I felt this, like, electricity running in me.
And so I ran out of the way.
I kept running and running, and I I mean, now I don't ever want to stop.
So you basically just jump-started your powers.
I mean, I guess so, yeah.
Why? [dramatic music.]
It's good to know.
- [horn honking.]
- Wally! [tires screeching.]
[tires screeching.]
[dramatic music.]
What are you doing? Getting my speed.
Why would you do that? To save your life! - It could've worked, Jesse! - No, okay? Look I don't think so.
I'm sorry.
Seriously, what the hell were you thinking? You can't just go stepping into the street like that.
I mean, you got to use your head.
Nothing happened, Barry.
Chill out.
Didn't you talk to Joe about this? - Yeah, so? - So it clearly didn't help.
What would you have done if Jesse wasn't there, huh? I don't know, man.
Because there's nothing you could've done.
Because you don't have powers.
Only room in our family for one speedster, Barry? Please just stop trying before you get yourself killed.
- You done? - Do you have anything to say? No, you pretty much covered it.
- This has got to stop.
- Stop yelling at me, okay? I saved his life.
What did you want me to do? That's not the point.
That is not the No, I know the point! You don't want me to use my powers.
- Right.
- Fine.
Fine, but I don't need to stay here and listen to this anymore.
No Jess.
Jesse! Don't [laughs softly.]
What did you say to her? Me? Yeah.
Don't blame me for this.
I tried to help.
Help her or help me? Listen, Harry.
Maybe the reason she's shutting you out is because you're not trying to understand - what she's going through.
- I don't need to unders Maybe if you helped her navigate her powers rather than just assuming they'll destroy her, she'd turn to you rather than push you away.
[solemn music.]
Can't even bring myself to take a lap around this thing.
Why is that? I mean, you said it.
Everything's different here.
There's a guy creating meta-humans Innocent people 'cause I changed the timeline.
It's on me.
Yeah, I think I know a thing or two about what that feels like.
You know, I keep making mistakes.
I make mistakes, and then I want to make up for my mistakes.
Then I just make more mistakes.
Next thing I know, I have a daughter that won't even speak to me.
How do we keep from messing things up when all we want to do is help? I don't know.
But you did once tell me that you have to trust it in the long run the decisions you make are the right ones.
- [laughs softly.]
- [sighs.]
I was always too good at forgiving myself, Allen.
You were never good enough.
[siren wailing in distance.]
John James? Who's asking? Hi, I'm Iris West.
I'm a reporter for Central City Picture News.
I wanted to ask you a couple questions about Frankie Kane.
They find her yet? I don't believe so, no.
Well, what the hell's taking so long? That damn meta-human freak nearly killed me.
I know.
I'm sorry.
That's what I get for taking Frankie in, huh? This? God help me if I ever see her again.
What does that mean? It means that she's gonna be the one in the hospital.
Tough love, John? Yeah, you're damn right.
She was getting back at you for hurting her.
And she's gonna try it again.
Nurse! We need to get this man to a safe location.
Why? [metallic scraping.]
What the hell's that? [dramatic music.]
Oh, my God.
[dramatic music.]
Where are you taking me? Frankie is coming for you.
And as much as it pains me to help an abusive dick like you, I can't let you die.
[alarm beeping.]
What kind of alarm is that? That's Iris's panic button.
- Her what? - Her panic button.
We installed them on everyone's phones.
'Cause we kept getting kidnapped.
At least something's an improvement in this timeline.
That's the hospital.
Frankie's foster father's there.
Yeah, and Iris went to see him.
Looks like she's not the only one.
- Is that a tanker? - Th-th-that's a tanker, yeah.
She's gonna kill him and everyone else in there.
- I got to go.
- What are you gonna do? You don't have superstrength.
Start thinking.
Guys There's not enough time to get everybody out of the hospital.
This thing's coming down.
Barry, Iris is still in there.
What if What if I create a wind funnel? You won't be creating enough updraft to keep that tanker up.
No, no.
Not with my arms.
If I run.
- That could - Propeller.
That could work.
Barry! Run in a figure eight fashion.
You'll act like a propeller.
The wind will build upon itself.
It'll create the supersonic resistance we need.
Could work.
All right.
Bye-bye, Daddy.
Flash! Okay, well, that worked, but now what? He can't stop her if he's up there.
Cisco's right.
Go help him.
You need to get out there, now.
- Are you sure? - Yes, I'm sure.
I know you can do it.
You're more than fast enough.
Now, run, Jesse.
Run! Hey, thought you could use a little help.
I got this.
You go take care of her.
Magenta! I got a little help.
So I could help you.
Okay, killing your foster father and everyone else inside that hospital isn't gonna give you what you need.
You have no idea what I need! It's not just John that I want to get rid of.
I want them both gone.
Barry, you got to stop her now.
That tanker's coming down! I know you're still in there, Frankie.
Don't let John destroy the good that's still inside you.
He said I was weak.
That I was pathetic! He said I was a horrible person.
He's just blaming you for all the bad things he's caused in his life.
It's not your fault.
This isn't because of you.
I just want him to stop hurting me.
This isn't the way.
Your foster father never forgave himself for his mistakes.
That's why he took them out on you.
He couldn't move forward.
But you can.
They did it.
[laughs softly.]
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
I'm so sorry.
It's gonna be okay.
It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
So no one else got hurt? Luckily, no.
You don't have to worry about that.
What about John? The DA's prosecuting him for what he did to you.
So I think he's gonna be serving time, and he's not gonna ever be anybody's foster father again.
It's just so strange being responsible for all of this and not remembering any of it.
What do you remember about how you got your powers? How this all began? Um I started having dreams, at night, of Magenta.
- Dreams? - They were more than dreams.
It was like I was living another life or something.
And then I started getting them all the time.
During the day.
And the more it happened, the more painful they became.
Then I started hearing a voice.
What voice? It was a man.
Named Alchemy.
He said he could give me what I wanted and make me powerful again.
I didn't understand.
I thought I was going crazy.
Trust me.
Magenta is not here because of anything that you did.
There may be a darkness inside of you, but if you face it, it'll make it easier for the good side of you to win.
You're letting me go? None of this is your fault, Frankie.
Caitlin found you a good home in Keystone.
People that will never hurt you.
But what if Magenta tries to come back? Fight her.
And if you need help, we'll be there.
We have faith in you, Frankie.
Thank you.
[laughs softly.]
Thank you all.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I I just feel bad for her, you know? - You sure? - Yeah.
- No dad cop required.
- Oh! You heard about that, huh? - Yeah, I heard about that.
- [laughs.]
There she is.
You were tremendous out there.
You really were.
I guess that's your first victory as a superhero.
My daughter.
Jesse Quick.
Yeah, well, I mean, I was only able to do it 'cause you believed in me, so No, I should've been that way a long, long time ago, but You know, one day, you'll understand.
I don't expect you to now, but but I'm always gonna worry.
[poignant music.]
I'm always going to be cautious.
I'm always going to love you.
Dad, I know.
I mean, of course I know.
And I will always love you.
Even when you drive me absolutely insane.
[both laugh.]
So So.
Are we going home or I think we'll stay for a few days, run a few more tests, and also to see if this fits you.
Cisco did the insignia.
Snow thought this would help you, and I agree.
- You do? - I do.
My My fear my guilt has kept both of us back for far too long.
You know you've always been my hero.
But now it's time for me to let you be one for everyone else.
Thank you.
[rousing music.]
[romantic piano music.]
- Hey.
- Hey, you just made it.
Yeah, I had to make sure Frankie was okay.
So, are you ready to try this again? Um actually, I had a thought about why our last date was so boring.
Oh, yeah? Yeah Here you go.
- [laughs softly.]
- Um So, I know that you think that I shouldn't use my powers, and it's not that I'm nothing without them, but they are a part of me now, you know? They're part of you.
This is our life, and I think, last date, we were ignoring that part of us.
We were trying to be the people that we were before I was the Flash, and that's why it wasn't working.
Okay, so what are you saying? [whoosh.]
I'm saying we have to stop denying who we really are.
Well, yeah, I mean, when you put it that way I agree.
We can't pretend like none of this has happened.
I thought you'd see it that way.
[phone vibrating.]
- [laughs softly.]
- Sorry.
It's Joe.
He needs me at the station.
It's fine.
- Really? - Yeah.
This has already been a really amazing date Flash.
[rousing music.]
- Hey, what's going on? - There you are.
Listen, Singh wanted me to show you guys this.
This happened a few days ago at Iron Heights.
They tried to keep it under wraps 'cause they didn't want anybody to think there was a security issue, but check it out.
- That's Clariss.
- Alchemy! It was Clariss.
No! Aah! No! Stop! [screaming.]
Dead before he hit the ground.
You ever heard that name before? Alchemy? No, I haven't.
Maybe there's an invisible meta.
Maybe it's a ghost.
Do you believe in ghosts, Allen? [tense music.]
No? Hey, do you think this thing is part of the Flashpoint timeline too? I have a feeling a lot of things are these days.