The Flash (2014) s03e15 Episode Script

The Wrath of Savitar

1 Barry: My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive.
To the outside world, I'm an ordinary forensic scientist, but secretly, with the help of my friends at S.
Labs, I fight crime and find other meta-humans like me.
In an attempt to stop the evil speedster Savitar, I was accidentally thrust into the future, and I saw him murder the woman that I love.
But I won't let that happen.
I'm gonna do everything in my power to change the future, and I'm the only one fast enough to keep her alive.
I am The Flash.
Previously on "The Flash" The Philosopher's Stone has been the key to everything.
So we destroy the Stone, and Savitar is gone for good.
There's only one thing we can do with it.
Throw it into the Speed Force.
I have to do what I can to help.
I'm the guy who avoided his dying mother for weeks.
I have a whole lot to make up for.
I like you, Julian, but I'm also afraid of my powers and what they could do to anyone who gets close to me.
I didn't ask for these powers, just like you didn't ask to be used by Savitar.
I think we should be terrified together.
Together it is.
It's crazy how fast I've gotten in such a short time.
And I'm gonna need you to get a lot faster.
I'm not gonna save Iris from Savitar; you are.
Iris West, will you marry me? [gasps.]
[exciting music.]
And Wally just beat his personal best.
Oh, Barry's putting him through the wringer today.
Excuse Barry? Excuse me? Uh, yeah, I suppose it could be Barry, or it could be his genius coach, whose sole purpose on this Earth is milking epic greatness from those around him.
Thank you very much.
- It could also be Jesse.
- What? Come on, Wally doesn't want to get beat by his girlfriend.
Also, please, just refrain from using "milk" as a verb from now on, please.
[exciting music.]
I'm getting kind of dizzy.
You're supposed to get dizzy, Wallace! You're supposed to get exhausted on this route.
It's supposed to simulate the stress that you're gonna feel when you finally confront Savitar, so my suggestion to you is, suck it up, buttercup! Milking epic greatness.
Yeah, no kidding.
Why don't you take it down a little, tiger mom? Barry and Jesse are at the final mark.
Get ready.
Wally's at the home stretch.
Come on [stopwatch beeps.]
[dramatic music.]
- Guys? - 0.
21 seconds.
Just fast enough to save Iris from Savitar.
You did it.
- You did it.
- We did it.
- You did it! - You did it.
[suspenseful music.]
You okay? [stammers.]
Uh, yeah, yeah.
I'm just happy.
We all are, Wally.
We all are.
- Ah, Caitlin, how are you? - How are you? It You've come straight from the airport? Uh yes, yes, uh Barry said he had something to tell me.
Is he here? He'll be here any minute, I'm sure.
- Shall we? Yeah? - Yes, we shall.
We shall.
[indistinct conversation.]
- Look who I found.
- Hey, guys.
Oh! - How are we doing? - Julian.
It's good to see you.
Good to see you all.
Jesse, I thought you were heading back to Earth-2.
I actually decided to stick around for a little while.
Hey, does anybody know what's going on? I mean, I got a mountain of paperwork back at the office.
No, not the foggiest.
I was gonna ask you.
Welcome home, James.
Can I brew you a proper cup of tea? And a robust pick-me-up for you, mate.
No need.
We hit Jitters on the way.
Got everybody something.
You guys are I thought you were on deadline.
I am.
You ready? - For you.
- Here.
What is going on with you two? - Uh, do you want to? - Mm-mm.
This is all you.
- Okay, here goes.
- Mm-hmm.
Um [clears throat.]
- [gasps.]
- No! Congratulations! That's so exciting! Thank you.
- Hey, thanks, man.
- Wow.
You did it.
This is this is fantastic.
Well done, Joe.
Dad, say something, please.
[soft music.]
My baby girl.
You have grown into a beautiful woman.
You're marrying the best man I know.
You two bring me nothing but joy.
- I'm so happy for you.
- Okay.
This cuteness right here, I cannot - Congrats.
- Thanks, man.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
And speaking of, um, best man I'll do it.
Of course.
When Barry and I first met - H.
- You mean him.
Okay, good.
I I'd be honored.
I mean, as long as I can get that plus-one.
'Cause, you know, me and Gypsy, we about to tear up the dance floor for you guys.
- [laughter.]
- Barry.
- Can I talk to you for a second? - Yeah, yeah.
Now, I wanted to be sure that you heard what I said in there.
I couldn't be happier.
Okay, right.
So why didn't you ask my permission? I mean, I told you the story of me asking Francine's dad's permission, like, a hundred times.
At least, yeah.
And that's a great story.
Eh, but you missed the point? I yeah, I I don't it was spontaneous.
I knew you'd say yes, and I wanted to surprise you.
There's a three-alarm fire in the Raab building.
Fire department is evacuating it now.
Jesse is a little preoccupied with the ring, - so it's just you and me.
- Okay.
- What you two waiting for? Go.
- Yeah.
[sirens wailing.]
Wallace Wallace West.
[dramatic music.]
Wally What the hell? [growling.]
What's happening? What's wrong? Where'd he go? - [gasps.]
- Who? Where is he? Who? Where is who? Savitar.
I feel fine.
So now Savitar's mind-punking you [chuckles.]
Oh, boy.
This never stops never stopping.
How long has this been going on, Wally? - Like a week.
- [scoffs.]
A week.
Wally, why didn't you say anything before? Because I didn't know what this was.
I thought that this was just maybe in my head.
You know, I wasn't looking at it like I was keeping it to myself.
That's exactly what you did, though, Wally.
You did keep it to yourself, and with Savitar, that's not something we can do.
This is Iris' life we're talking about.
- Yes, I know that.
- Do you, though, Wally? - Yes.
- Uh, okay.
[clears throat.]
Until now, you only saw him, right? Yeah, this was the first time it was physical.
What he wasn't there! Okay? You weren't fighting him.
He was messing with your head.
- It was all in your mind.
- I've been there.
Done that.
It's miserable.
Okay, why don't I run a brain scan on Wally, see if he was similarly affected to when Julian was possessed? Yeah, that's fine.
Why don't we do that? Wally shouldn't be in here anyway.
- What? - Barry, he knows he messed up.
That's not what this is about, okay? Look, it's if Savitar's using Wally the same way he used Julian, how do we know he's not spying on us through Wally right now? Wally, we don't know how this works.
How do we know he can't see and hear everything we're doing? Look, you're out.
- I'm out? - I'm sorry, Wally.
Yeah, you don't sound real sorry.
All right, fellows, let's take a quick ten.
We're all still the "Four Amigos" here, right? What? You don't have that movie on this Earth? - I'll go talk to him.
- Yeah, talk some sense into him.
- All right.
- So what now? Well, we know from the future that Savitar gets out of wherever he is, but for now, he's still trapped, so [sighs.]
- I need to talk to him again.
- No, I knew you were thinking this.
All right? And I won't do it.
I'm not gonna be your personal walkie-talkie to him.
Guys, we can't.
We don't have the Stone.
Actually, we can.
We still have Savitar's spatial frequency from when we plugged in Linda Blair here, so I think we could work without the Stone.
Julian, I'm sorry, man.
We don't really have a choice.
Oh, we do have a choice.
I have a choice.
And I choose to decline.
I'm sorry.
- We're starting to fray.
- Well, we can't.
All right? Everybody just needs to trust me.
I know what I'm doing.
[door opens and closes.]
Come to talk me into it, then? No.
Barry's lost his bloody mind if he thinks I'm gonna volunteer to be abused again.
He's just trying to protect Iris.
We all are.
But not like that.
Is the reason you don't want to do this because you don't want me to see it? [sighs.]
I just think hearing his voice coming out of me, I it just makes it impossible for you to see me as a normal Hey.
I've had somebody else's voice coming out of my mouth, and you were still able to see the real me.
How about trusting that I can do the same thing? Sorry.
I just wanted to do that, in case you changed your mind later.
Quite all right.
Julian, you're gonna be okay.
You know the drill.
Just let your mind go blank.
We'll take care of the rest.
Okay? Just let Savitar back in the driver's seat once more.
- Brilliant.
- Thank you.
Let's just get this over with, yeah? [electricity whirring.]
[breathing deeply.]
Bow before my greatness.
Be in awe, as you are in the presence of the Almighty.
Enough with the religious nonsense.
You were just a man.
Like me.
I'm nothing like you, Barry.
You're cruel, you're selfish.
From my perspective, you're the big bad.
Still here, pretender? Still trying to find your place? I found my place.
It's standing here with these people, against you.
You know, the sad thing is that you live.
You survived my wrath.
The coward.
- Irony.
- Where are you? You said that I trapped you in the future, where? The only place that you could think of.
The only place that could hold me.
How long have you been imprisoned? Long enough to lose my mind several times over.
It's only my will that keeps me on this side of sanity.
You know, it's funny, when I think of sanity, I don't necessarily think of Savitar.
Well, that's because you're small, Cisco.
You've always been small.
Reverb told you that you could have been a god.
But instead, you'd rather work as tech support.
You want to tell me why we're enemies? Because we had to be.
Only one of us could live.
You thought that Thawne and Zoom were your biggest foes, but but it's me.
It's always been me, Barry.
Man, what did we ever do to you? You took everything from me! I never asked for any of this, Joe.
I am only this way because of you.
All of you! When do we meet? Not long now.
You're there when I become who I am.
You're saying I caused you to get your speed? - I created you? - Oh, no.
I created myself, Barry.
Only I can bring out my greatness.
Your greatness? Well, you're still trapped, wherever you are, and I don't know how you're gonna escape.
I mean, we got rid of the Philosopher's Stone.
Did we? I am closer to my freedom than I have ever been.
Every step, every move that you make, it only brings me nearer to it.
I only need one more thing.
Man, do you love to hear yourself talk.
Iris, trying to show that you're not afraid? But I know you are.
I'm sorry that you have to die.
But it's you or me.
And despite your feeble efforts to change the future, you can't, because I am the future, Flash.
Barry, you've had to suffer worse than anyone.
You've endured pain your whole life.
Your mother, your father Trust me, you'll never get over this.
Well Well? Good chat, was it? I-I don't know if I can take another one of those séances.
Anyone else with me? I almost filled my drawers.
Okay, so other than Savitar taking scaring-the-bejeezus-out-of-us to a whole new level, did we actually learn anything? - Please say yes.
- Maybe.
When I mentioned the Stone, he questioned whether or not we'd really gotten rid of it.
We did.
We threw it into the Speed Force.
That's like throwing it into outer space.
Uh, maybe we didn't.
I mean, maybe there's more to it.
- A second Stone? - Or maybe the Stone that we had was part of a larger piece.
How about the Acolytes? Maybe they know something we don't.
- Hey, what about that one guy? - Craig? Yes, the Acolyte that you dropped in on when you went all cold? His car's GPS has him located somewhere near Mount Buccelato.
Buccelato, that's miles away.
What what would he be doing over there? There's one way to find out.
[exciting music.]
Talk to us.
What do you see? Some serious "Temple of Doom" stuff.
They have a box.
God of Speed, soon your enemies will fall and you will rise once more on Earth.
It looks just like the last one that held the Stone.
- You were right, Barr.
- What are you gonna do? I'm gonna go see what's in it.
What exactly were you guys doing up here? Worshipping His Greatness.
Let's see how far he gets without this.
He's ten steps ahead of you.
There's no stopping Savitar.
If I were you [breathing heavily.]
I'd move up the wedding.
[dramatic music.]
So far not so good.
Can't get any readings off of it.
It's the same as the last time.
Are we sure this isn't the same box? Well, it can't be.
I mean, I threw the other one into the Speed Force.
Yeah, but you said the explosion sent you to the future.
What if it did something to the box too, you know? [sighs.]
I hate to say it, Barry, but, after all my years of research, I've never heard or come across another box or Stone; I think this is it.
If that's true, we need to consider the possibility that Savitar has that Stone.
I'm gonna check for radioactive isotopes or gravimetric force residue, 'cause if it's the same as the last time We're in big trouble.
You can go faster than that, Wally.
Run! And time! Yeah.
That was, uh good.
We need to go again.
But I don't understand.
I was fast enough this morning.
Now all of a sudden, I'm too slow? You're in your head.
You gotta get out of your head, man.
You gotta just run, you gotta push everything else to the side.
Yeah, I'm trying, H.
I can't do it! - Okay.
- All right? All right.
Why not? I don't know.
I do.
You're afraid.
Which is I totally understand.
I mean, if I were in your shoes, I'd be terrified.
But you can't run from a place of fear, all right? Nobody can do anything effectively coming from a place of fear.
Trust me, I know.
Savitar can get inside my head.
What am I supposed to do if he does that at the wrong time? [sighs.]
It sure would be a lot easier if I just knew exactly how that night went.
Would it ever.
Are you picking up what I'm putting down? Uh-huh.
Let's go.
No way.
I'm not gonna vibe you there for you to watch your sister die.
Cesco, Cesco, Cesco th-this is to help Wallace to help him see what happens so he knows what to do in the moment.
Come on, Cisco, please.
If Savitar's coming back and I'm the only one that can save Iris, I have to do everything I can to make sure that happens.
And you're sure you want to do that? Because this is not something you can unsee, Wally.
If this is gonna help me save my sister, yeah.
I have to see it.
Okay, if you have to see it come on down, be my guest.
, you know how to work this, right? I know how to work this, yeah.
Anything goes wrong, you get Caitlin down here stat.
I know what I'm doing.
I was here the last time.
I saw what you did.
All I got to do is do this.
- The other one.
- It's the other button.
[electricity whirs.]
Bit of a lighter touch next time, please, H.
! - Copy.
Lighter touch.
- This way.
Don't! This is it.
So that's the distance I need to cover.
Don't do this! Now, finally, I am free of you! [sobbing.]
Barry, I love you.
No, don't say that, all right? You're gonna be all right.
Hey, I'm begging you, I'm begging you! - I'm beg [sobs.]
- Barry? You lose, Barry.
No! [grunts.]
No! Iris? Iris, Iris.
Come on.
What what'd you see? [stammering.]
Was it good? Did that did that help? - Yeah.
- Yeah? It helped a lot.
Wally Why does nobody ever listen to me? You're so full of it.
- What? - Railing at me for not telling everyone about Savitar? What about what you're not telling everyone, Barry? - What are you - Cisco vibed me into the future.
I saw what happened.
Tell my sister why you asked her to marry you.
Go on, tell her the real reason, Barry.
What is he talking about? - Barry.
- [sighs.]
The night that Savitar kills you, you didn't have a ring on your finger.
We weren't engaged yet.
So you thought that if we were That it might change the future.
Iris Iris, wait.
Iris, hey.
Come on.
Hey, hey, I love you, okay? I love you more than anything.
That part has never changed.
It never will.
Barry, we moved in together after some rash decision that you made at Christmas, and then a couple weeks later, you proposed.
You didn't even ask for my dad's permission.
I know.
I don't know I guess I got caught I got caught up in the moment.
I That is exactly what I am afraid of.
- Iris, please - Barry, I just I need time to think.
You okay? I'm worried.
Yeah, I understand.
I keep coming back to the thought that [sighs.]
I could be the cause of all this.
What do you mean? Savitar's prophecy.
"One will betray you" You may well have invited Judas into the group, Caitlin.
It's not you.
It's impossible to tell.
Savitar could be controlling me, and none of us would know about it.
None of us, not even me.
But this time, we know who it is.
How? [dramatic music.]
Because I'm the one who betrayed everyone.
How long have you had this? Ever since you threw the box into the Speed Force.
It's such a small piece.
I didn't think it would really matter.
Why would you even risk it? Because I thought I could use it to get rid of my powers.
And can you? I don't know.
I haven't been able to figure out how to use it yet.
Okay, well, look, gang, I think we can all agree that this is a simple case of the other side Killer Frost side of Caitlin clouding her better judgment, so No, H.
This wasn't her.
It was me.
I'm really sorry, guys.
Right now, we just need to figure out where Savitar is.
Yes, I think that's a fantastic plan.
How are we gonna do that? Uh - No.
- One more time.
- No.
- No, no.
You want to summon Savitar again? I am not a human Ouija board, Barry.
- You can't just keep - It's the last time, all right? And only long enough to see if maybe we can track his location.
- Is that possible? - No.
Julian, we gotta end this, for everybody's sake.
- I'll see you downstairs.
- Oh Okay, well, you guys can count me out, all right? 'Cause I didn't bring an endless supply of boxers to this planet.
Julian, please.
I should have told you.
I can't believe that you would keep part of that Stone.
Do you not remember what Savitar had me do with that? Yes, I do.
But you're not concerned, are you? You just want your own personal meta-human specialist to try and find you a cure.
Julian, I don't want these powers.
I can't spend the rest of my life wondering if or when I'm gonna lose this battle and become Killer Frost.
I thought you more than anyone would understand that.
You know you know what I understand? I understand the real reason that you invited me on this team.
That's not the only reason.
Yeah, I wish I could believe that.
[banging on door.]
I heard what happened.
Thought you might need a pick-me-up.
Worked like a charm when you were a kid.
Smaller problems.
So - you wanna talk about it? - I don't know what I want, Dad.
Iris whatever you may be feeling right now about Barry, that man does love you.
That that kind of love is rare.
Dad, I wish it were that simple.
Look, only you know what's good for you.
But with the kind of lives that you two have, that love between the two of you, that is the one thing that should stay simple.
[soft music.]
Baby girl.
We'll be here if you need anything.
- [electronic beeps.]
- [breathing heavily.]
Back to worship me once again? We just wanted to let you know that we're gonna defeat you.
You told us that you're trapped, imprisoned for all eternity.
You're never getting out of wherever my future self locked you up.
You'll never know freedom again.
All will be revealed soon, Flash.
You will face my wrath.
You will beg for mercy, and you will get none.
[electricity whirs.]
- Did it work? - Did it work? Yeah.
We got a hit.
It's just that that hit is all of Central City.
That's not a hit.
The whole city? - Yeah.
- God.
Well can we get a little more specific? Pinpoint a location at least uh, something? I think maybe we can get a little bit more precise, but I'm gonna have to give it the old meta-human try.
It's Iris.
All right.
I'll be right back, but just let me know if you get anything, all right? All right.
You going somewhere? Yeah, I just wanna get back to S.
Labs and train.
Seeing as how you exploded on Barry in front of everyone, might want to wait on it.
Well, the truth had to come out, so Yeah, it did.
Just maybe not that way.
I mean, we all have to help each other, not point fingers.
You're right.
I I'll make it up to them.
It's just, this whole thing is messing with my head.
- Don't let it.
- You don't get it, Jesse.
When you got your powers, you were walking down the street.
Me? I touched the Philosopher's Stone, I got trapped in some cocoon, and [sighs.]
I just feel, because of all of that, I there's something wrong with me.
I feel like Savitar has some kind of hold on me.
Look, I know.
Okay? But you're strong, Wally.
You can fight this.
You know, all I ever wanted was to have powers.
To do some good.
But now, now I'm I'm the one responsible for saving Iris' life.
I don't know if I'm gonna be fast enough to save her, so Okay, Wally.
You're not alone.
She's right, Wally.
You're not alone.
[dramatic music.]
You're never alone, Wally.
- I've missed you so much.
- I missed you too.
Wally? [sobbing.]
I'm so proud of you.
Of what you're trying to become.
That's all I want.
I just want you to be proud of me.
Wally, you're really freaking me out.
I am, son.
I'm so very, very proud.
But you have to stop.
What? Why? You're working so hard.
You don't see how dangerous it is.
Son, you're not fast enough.
You never will be.
But I can't I can't stop.
I have to save Iris.
- I have to.
- Wally.
You're in my head again.
You were always so smart.
Weren't you, Wallace? But not smart enough.
I have what I need to escape my hell, Wallace.
No, not everything.
We still have a piece of that Stone.
Not for long.
And once I have it, you and everyone you love will perish.
- Wally? - I have to go.
I can't let him get out.
- What are you talking about? - Savitar.
- You need to tell Barry, okay? - No.
I can do this by myself.
Jesse, please, just wait here.
[soft music.]
[doors opens, shuts.]
- Hey.
- Hey.
I got your message.
Come, sit down.
Iris, uh - I know you're mad, but - No, Barry, that's not it.
I just want you to listen.
Okay? I need you to let me say what I need to say.
I'm not angry at you.
I understand that you you want to keep me safe, and us getting engaged could change the future.
I I get all of that.
Barry, when you proposed to me I said yes because I love you more than anything.
And I want to be your wife.
But I thought that you were asking me purely out of love, not fear.
And, Barry, whether you realize it or not, now there's always gonna be a part of us that's tainted.
Iris, I'm trying to save your life.
I know, and that's the problem.
I want to be your wife, Barry.
I don't want to be someone that you're trying to save for the rest of eternity.
[dramatic music.]
- Can't see anything.
- Give me those.
- Are those things even working? - Yep.
Stop it! - I just wanna see if they're working.
- What are you doing? - What do you see? - I'm seeing these white - flashes, it's like - Flashes? Yeah, it's like Savitar speeding through, like, a storm.
No, it's not a storm.
It's the Speed Force.
[dramatic music.]
He's in the Speed Force.
That's why only speedsters were able to see him.
Why is Savitar hiding in the Speed Force? He's not hiding.
That's where the future you trapped him.
That's right.
And that's why Savitar only appears for a few moments at a time, because the Speed Force just sucks him back in.
That makes sense.
But we threw the Philosopher's Stone into the Speed Force.
And we gave him the very thing he needed to escape.
Except, he said he still needed one thing.
I don't think he can come out because he doesn't have the whole Stone.
Guys Wally went after Savitar.
- What? - What? He started hallucinating.
He thought he was talking to his mom.
No, that's that's not her.
That's Savitar.
- Where'd he go? - I don't know.
He was freaking out.
He said that he needed to stop Savitar from getting out, and he sped off.
The Stone.
- It's gone? - It's gone.
- Barry, we gotta find Wally.
- Yeah.
If Savitar gets ahold of the Stone, then He'll escape for sure.
I can't find him.
He turned off the suit's telemetry.
Oh, come on! Poor Wallace.
Can't even open a portal.
You can't get rid of that Stone, Wallace.
Like you can't get rid of me.
Oh, shut up, shut up.
You know it's true.
You're not fast enough to throw it into the Speed Force by yourself.
Shut up! I'm going to get out of here, Wallace.
And then I'm gonna come for you and Barry and your sister, and I'll kill everyone you love.
No, you're not real! You're just in my head, just Oh, I'm real, and I know the limits of your speed.
After all, I'm the one who gave it to you.
And that giving me speed that was your biggest mistake.
- There's a massive power surge.
- Where? The old Kob Factory.
Pulling up security footage.
Oh, my God.
Aah! No! No! Help me, Barry! Aah! [dramatic music.]
[dramatic music.]
[portal zapping and whooshing.]
I am free! Ground.
Air I can feel again.
I can breathe again.
I've beaten you, finally.
Where's Wally? What just happened to him? Like the Greek myth of Atlas, who could not put down the sky until someone took his place, Wally has taken my place in the Speed Force.
You know me.
I love a good myth.
He took your place.
What When you created Flashpoint, you unwittingly provided me with the means for my return.
Wally You gave me the idea to turn Wally into Kid Flash, to make him fast enough to replace me in your prison.
His youth and ego were my allies.
So taken with his fame and speed, he never saw he was running right into my trap.
How do I get him out? - Wally's gone.
- How do I get him out? Suffering in an endless void for all eternity.
Another victim Barry Allen failed to save.
No! I'm gonna kill you! If you had the strength to end my life, you would have done it in the future.
But Barry Allen doesn't kill.
He's the good guy.
The boy Joe raised.
The man Iris loves.
You have everything.
And deserve none of it.
I'm going to destroy this city like I did in the future, so you can see the truth, Barry.
And then, you'll treat me like a god.
You're not a god! [exciting music.]
[winces and coughs.]
Who are you? I am the future, Flash.
Show your face.
I want so badly to kill you, and I will.
But you have to live a little while longer.
Long enough to see Iris die.
The blade didn't hit your organs, but it did shatter your clavicle.
Hang in there, man, hang in there.
- We have to take it out.
- Do it! Any medicine I give you your metabolism will burn through.
All right.
Just do it, okay? - Just do it.
- Hold him down.
Gonna be okay, mate.
You're gonna be okay.
Bite down on this.
I'm so sorry.
Three, two, one.
- How long was I out? - Not long.
Are you in much pain? I might be able to do something with this.
[dramatic music.]
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Not your fault.
Where is he? I mean, is he in pain? Is he "One will suffer a fate worse than death.
" [sobbing.]
Jesse, I I'm not like your dad.
I don't really know what the right words are [melancholic music.]
What are we gonna do? We have to bring him back.
We have to save him I can't lose Wally, Barry.
I'm sorry.
I'm gonna work on this.
I'll see you soon.
I'm sorry.
I should have never - I was afraid.
- I know.
Believe me, I know.
Fear makes us do a lot of things that we shouldn't.
My fear's the reason for all of this.
[exciting music.]