The Flash (2014) s04e08 Episode Script

Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3

1 Previously on "Crisis on Earth-X" - To Barry and Iris.
- ALL: To Barry and Iris.
Are you asking me to marry you? - I am.
- Just forget about it.
- Felicity.
- I don't want to marry you! I just called off my engagement.
To making things go away.
Does anyone have just cause why these two should not be married? Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
Nazis? Why would Nazis want to crash my wedding? There's a 53rd earth called Earth-X.
Basically our Earth with one difference.
The Nazis won the war.
I call it "Calm After the Firestorm.
" No powers for either of us? The other archer and flying woman are Oliver and Kara of Earth-X, and Thawne is working with them.
The general is dying.
All we need is a new heart.
And we found the perfect donor.
I don't think this is our Earth.
- Eyes front! So this crap-hole's Earth-X.
- Wells was right.
- He usually is.
It's hard to believe a place like this actually exists on any Earth.
I wish I shared your sentiment, but in all my travels to distant times, one thing which sadly remains constant is men's ability to feel hatred for other men.
Keep moving.
Move! All prisoners, stay away from the gate.
Stars and triangles Badges used to identify purported crimes these people have "committed" to land in here.
What's the pink triangle for? What did you do? I loved the wrong person.
We got to get out of these things.
- Transmute us out.
- With pleasure.
I can't vibrate through them either.
Power-dampening collars.
Well, why are we wearing them, then? Doesn't matter.
There's too many guards here anyways.
They're gonna kill my sister.
Look, we're not gonna let that happen, Alex, I promise you.
We're gonna get back to our Earth before then.
How? We don't even know how we got here.
No, we don't.
We're gonna figure it out.
Then we're gonna find a way to get out of this place, and we're gonna get back to the people we love.
I hope everyone else is okay.
Oh! Rip Van Ramon awakens.
This doesn't look like a wedding.
You missed quite a bit, Cisco.
All you need to know is that you are locked in one of your fabulous anti-meta-human cells with the rest of us.
- We can't escape.
- Of course we can't.
That's what I designed them for, genius.
Good command of the obvious.
- Boys.
- Is that a ball? Why? Is it bothering you? Yes.
Are they gonna do that the whole time we're in here? - Ow! - Probably.
- It hurts! Cut it out! - Cut what out? [SIGHS.]
It feels like old times, doesn't it? You know, I, uh I built this place with my own hands and called it home for 15 years, and do you know what? I hated every minute of it.
Where are my friends? Your friends, they're on Earth-X.
I wouldn't worry about your friends too much because they're not going to be alive much longer.
Oh, honey.
It's because of the red sunlight.
And trust me, it'll make you weaker than you can possibly imagine.
You did all this just just to get me? Do you know how many innocent people you killed? Their lives to save mine? Well, they should feel honored.
It's a strange sensation, isn't it feeling vulnerable? And it's just gonna get worse because this red sunlight, it's softening you up until pretty soon, I'm gonna crack you open like a walnut.
Then I'm gonna take your healthy heart.
I'm gonna put it in her.
Which means we should probably get you going.
That'll give me time to talk to myself.
Did you hear that? - Everyone else is on Earth-X.
- And Kara only has a few hours before they go full Mengele on her.
- We gotta stop them.
- Got any ideas? I don't know.
Give me some time to think.
Iris, I'm all for girl power and everything, but how are you and I gonna stop the meaner, Nazi version of my whatever he is right now and [WHISPERING.]
People with superpowers? We don't have to.
We just need to get to the pipeline and get Cisco.
He could turn off all the power to the building and breach us out of here.
Do you know w to get to the pipeline from here? [BREATHES DEEPLY.]
I think so.
Lead the way, McClane.
- Move! I don't like the looks of this.
- What's going on? - I don't know.
- Keep moving! - What are we doing? - It's roundup time.
- Roundup for what? Move! In line, now.
So these are the heroes.
Yes, Sturmbannfuehrer.
Blonde hair blue eyes This is Nordic perfection.
Why would you align yourself with the unpure? Because I like men and I like women.
You know, I had a daughter who looked just like you, with similar compulsions.
And I expunged that filth from my family line forever.
Bring them all.
And him! Move! Now! - [GUNS COCKING.]
Not to be an alarmist, but if we don't have an escape plan, I suggest we get one immediately.
Up! Go.
Turn around.
I know you are not him, but I cannot stomach the sight regardless.
Ready! I'm sorry, Kara.
I hate "fire.
" ALL: Snart? ALL: Snart? About time! Kill them all! [GUNFIRE.]
Take cover! [TENSE MUSIC.]
Hey, you're cutting it close.
I thought that was great timing.
I really enjoyed the pun.
So you're Leonard Snart's doppelganger.
No, I'm Leonard Snart, but you can call me Leo.
That is a fantastic outfit.
Did you make that? - Leo.
- Right.
Time to make you shine, buddy.
Uh, you, uh You might want to close your eyes.
Well, I believe he just answered your question.
Come on, let's go.
Where are we going? - To our base.
- Your base? - And and who are you? - I was thinking exactly - the same thing about you all.
You might have to tell us on the way.
You're looking more human.
Scared, helpless, pathetic inferior.
We're not that different from them.
Oh, please.
We're everything they want to be: blonde, white.
Aryan perfection.
I'm not like you.
I don't think I'm better than everyone else.
You should.
You are.
You're a god to them.
You could have been living like one.
Like you? Yes, like me.
They want someone to bow to, to worship, to lead.
What you're doing is not leading.
It's ruling.
Yes, it is.
They're like ants, Kara.
They shouldn't fear us for what we can do.
They should rely on us when they need us.
Oh, spare me the Good Samaritan crap.
I'm not gonna take advantage of anyone, just because I can.
The world isn't made better by protecting the weak.
It's made better by getting rid of them.
You really are pathetic.
You know, I saw you at the wedding.
By yourself.
Poor, lonely little Kara.
Can't even find a date to a wedding.
You don't know what you're talking about.
It's written all over that pouty little face of yours.
You spend so much time on your planet taking care of everyone but yourself.
No wonder you seem so utterly miserable.
It's not going to work.
You're not gonna get what you want.
Really? Why do you care if I take your heart? You're not using it.
At least I have one.
We're almost ready.
I know bad guys have inopportune timing, but this is, like, the worst timing ever.
Yeah, tell me about it, sister.
Barry and I were just about to get married.
At least you guys left on good terms.
The last thing I said to Oliver was, "I don't want to marry you," and now he's stuck in Nazi world.
I mean, what if we never see them again? - [GUNFIRE.]
- Stop! Hands in the air! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
That was extremely badass.
Same to you.
- Cisco? - Hey! Guys, we're trapped in here! We're gonna get you of here! [POUNDING.]
Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
- What? - I can't open the blast door.
You mean they're trapped? I'll send an SOS to the Legends.
How long will it take for them to get it? Depends where they are in time.
We can't wait that long.
It's up to us to save Kara.
I guess we're in Earth-X's Star City.
I have to say, that's one hell of a story.
You're a speedster.
Okay, you two turn into the burning man.
And you're the good doppelganger of the Fuehrer.
"Good" might be an oversimplification.
You still haven't told us which Earth you're from.
Clearly, it's not this one.
We're from Earth-1.
Earth-1? Well golly.
Am I missing something here? I'm from Earth-1 too.
If you're from our Earth, then you know how we got here, don't you? Yeah, I have a pretty good idea.
I think you guys came through this.
- A temporal gateway? - Same physics as a breach, - just more stable and larger.
- Yeah, much larger.
So we have a way to get back.
So where is this thing? It's actually not too far from here.
3 kilometers, to be exact.
- Well, we'd drive there.
- Good.
So take us to it.
- Can't do that.
- Why? Because the gateway's in a facility guarded by a not-so-small army of Nazis.
Yeah, well, we've faced worse, so Look, it's our only way home.
We're going through it.
Nobody's going through anything.
Because we're blowing it the hell up.
- Winn? - Please, - Freedom Fighter General Schott.
- General Schott? Yeah, and who are you? New friends from Earth-1.
They're on our side.
Except for the part where you guys want to blow up our only way home.
We don't exactly want to.
Everyone we care about is on the other side of that gateway, imprisoned by Nazis.
The Nazis that want to cut open my sister.
- We have to get back.
- Eliminate that facility, and you eliminate our only chance of saving our friends from your enemies.
I'm sorry, but we've been waiting for an opportunity like this for years.
We cannot wait any longer.
This is our only chance to separate the Fuehrer from his army.
We are trying to turn this war around.
You are gonna leave our Earth at the mercy of the three psychopaths who have ravaged yours.
Wait, why does this man look exactly like the Fuehrer I am trying to kill? Look, fingerless gloves, all we are asking is for a little bit of time.
Let us get into the facility and through that gateway.
The gateway is guarded by 30 Panzer Xils, 50 Sturmtigers, and 100 Schutzstaffel officers.
- Not the best odds, maybe.
- I'll take them.
No, you will not.
We are blowing up that gateway right now.
Final order.
Sorry he's a little rough around the edges.
But he is the general, and he's issued his commands.
Hey, hey, hey.
You won't change his mind.
No one does.
Look, on my Earth, he and I are like family.
And he would do anything to help my sister.
Ray, let her try.
You don't seem tooknow how to take an order.
That's because I'm used to giving them.
You can't do this, Winn.
General Schott.
Look, I don't know where the hell you think you are, but this planet has been at war for generations.
We are tired.
There are men dying for the same causes their grandfathers did.
We're not asking you to surrender.
Hey, just just let us get back home before you destroy that thing.
I-I'm just asking for a little time.
Time is what I can't give you.
They have a weapon a doomsday weapon powerful enough to affect other worlds.
It has to be eliminated.
- Please.
- [SIGHS.]
The Fuehrer on your Earth, the people that you hate, they're going to kill my sister if you don't let me get back to save her.
On my Earth, my sister is your closest friend.
She's saved you countless times.
You would do anything to help her.
You would do anythiig to help each other, no matter the risk, without question.
So all I'm asking for is a chance.
I am sorry about your sister and about your Earth.
I truly am.
But today I have the chance to protect my people, my Earth.
My decision stands.
Jefferson? Uh, Grey, I'm busy, man.
Yes, I can see that, but I was hoping you might take a moment away from your ruminations on dystopian lternative history to accept my apology.
I may be a learned man, but I am not always an astute one.
I think I was just so thrilled with the reality of my imminent departure that l neglected to consider your feelings.
Look, man, I'm not trying to take you away from your family - or nothing - You are my family.
Long before I unexpectedly found myself with a daughter, I found myself unexpectedly with a son.
- Yeah, I know.
I ju - You know.
You know, do you? Look around you.
We're standing in one of the darkest places imaginable.
Yet somehow I'm optimistic.
Do you know why? 'Cause you're a crazy old man.
- Yes.
No! - [LAUGHS.]
Because I'm standing here with you.
You are a better son than I could have ever hoped for.
And no length of time or distance will ever change that.
Apology accepted.
Come here.
What are you doing? Looking for a gun or knife anything.
Okay, I don't care how many Sturmtigers they have out there.
I'm gonna go save Kara, with or without the help of these people.
No, you're not.
I'm a government agent certified in over 30 military weapons.
And you're impressive, I'll give you that.
But you still can't fight your way through an army of Nazis alone and scared.
I'm not scared.
No, not for you.
For yoor sister.
I should've done more.
I mean, if I hadn't gotten so distracted.
Well, sorry to be a distraction.
You don't understand.
I can't lose her.
I understand more than you think.
I lost my sister.
The anger and guilt that I felt for not being able to save her took me down a dark path.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
How could you? I mean, the only thing we know about each other is what we look like with clothes off.
Beautiful, by the way.
You also don't know that I protect my team, and you, Danvers, you're on my team.
And I promise you, we're not gonna let what happened to my sister happen to yours.
I'm sorry.
I just want to I want to save Kara, and I want to get back to Maggie.
- Maggie is? - Complicated.
I had a Maggie too.
And I think about going back to her all the time.
Look, Alex.
You seem like a pretty thoughtful person.
And if you thought it wasn't gonna work out and had to end it, I'm sure that reason was valid.
Trust your instincts.
Ray, please, let's talk to him.
Look, you said to let Alex try.
I let her try.
- She didn't succeed.
- So that's that? We just let these poor strangely dressed individuals lose their one way home? Look, it's what Winn ordered, and I am not in the habit of defying generals on any Earth.
And what abouttyour family back on Earth-1? What about them? You'd be giving up any chance of ever seeing them again.
Leo why are you pushing this? - Pardon? - We have fought and bled and sacrificed for this war.
And then these strangers show up and you're willing to throw everything away for them? The fate of the world is at stake.
So are the lives of their loved ones.
Come on.
Tease me all you want for being sentimental.
These heroes would risk everything for the people they love, just like I would for you.
You know I can't say no when you look at me like that.
That is why I look at you like that.
We talked to the general, and after a lot of arguing, - he agreed, so - We're gonna help you out.
Now, you referenced 100 guards.
I assume most of them are around the perimeter? - Correct.
- All right.
We fight through them outside.
We access the main corridor.
What is security like inside the hangar? I'll do some recon.
So the entire facility has meta-human dampeners.
Okay, we can't take that hangar with no powers, man.
These satellites indicate a control room off the hangar.
That must be where the dampener is.
Okay, well, we definitely can't take the main control room with no powers.
It's not like we blend in here.
I think I know how to get in.
I'm allowiig this mission against my better judgment.
You have one hour.
I appreciate it.
We all do.
Yeah, I know.
I know what you're thinking.
If you don't make it through the gateway, I am not giving you more time.
I will blow that place to kingdom comm.
Red light saturation is complete.
- She's cooked.
And you will wake up stronger than you've ever been.
I love you.
I love you.
Unfortunately, Miss Danvers, we need you awake for this procedure.
My my cousin he'll find you.
Your cousin.
Really? Fun tidbit.
I fought your cousin once.
In the future.
He is fast.
I'm faster.
They're starting the surgery.
I'm working on it, and [SAW CONTINUES WHIRRING.]
Just have backup power, and it's not enough.
Well, everyone in the building has been accounted for.
Where might people be hiding? [TENSE MUSIC.]
- Take that you, Nazi mother Whho! Hey, hey, hey.
Comm with me if you want to live.
Get me to the sun.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- I got her, I got her.
- Okay.
We gotta go.
I don't believe Mr.
Thawne is done with you yet.
Your papers, Sturmmann.
We don't have papers.
This is a special visit.
Your papers.
Suit yourself, but, uh, I think you better talk to our boss.
As you were.
Mein gott.
My apooogies, sir.
Let them through! - [GATE BUZZES.]
- Let them through! Thank you, mein Fuehrer.
ALL: Hail, Fuehrer.
Mein Fuehrer, we were We were not expecting you.
Nor was I anticipating being back so soon.
Thanks to your incompetence, the Earth-1 doppelgangers [RAISSNG VOICE.]
My doppelganger [SOFTLY.]
Escaped his execution.
Yes, he did.
And? We are exhhusting every possible means to locate them.
Would you like us to delay deployment until we do so? Deployment? She is inbound and ready.
The doomsday device.
The Wellenreiter is fully operational and at the ready, mein Fuehrer.
Shall we send her through? As scheduled.
The Wellenreiter is on its way.
Hail, victory! ALL: Hail, victory! Hail, victory.
- Report.
- Good news.
The Wellenreiter's made the transition to this Earth.
Kara is all that matters.
That red sunlight we're flooding her with, that's burning off.
So pretty soon, her cells will be so desaturated, we cannot perform the surgery.
- Fix it.
- I can't.
This is your city.
This is your facility.
So turn the power back on.
I can't because the system has been encrypted.
By who? By Miss Smoak.
Is there anything else I can help you with? No, that'll be all.
Very well.
Before I go, I have something for you, mein Fuehrer.
A gift to celebrate your return.
Guard! Well, I know how much you enjoy executing rule breakers, and this one has broken many of them.
We discovered this Jewess handing her rations to the work camp children.
Strictly against camp rules, of course.
Those children were starving.
Well, this must be hard.
I hear your doppelganger on Earth-1 loved a woman who looks just like this.
Did you really think I would hand you a loaded weapon [RAISING VOICE.]
Before verifying who you are? [GRUNTING.]
Hey, hey, hey, you're okay.
No, no, no, you're fine.
You're fine.
Just take this and go.
Why are you doing this? It's the strong's duty to protect the weak.
Take it and go.
How did it Oh.
Barry, we have a problem.
The gateway control's been damaged.
We can't turn it on? We can't turn it on here, but there should be a manual override at the platform.
All right, we're gonna have to fight our way through.
What do you mean? Call it back! Too late.
It's been programmed.
There's no changing course now.
You said we'd have an hour.
Yeah, well, I changed my mind.
The team hasn't gone through the breach yet.
That team has nothing to do with us or saving our planet.
And everyone who can threaten it is on he other side of that breach.
They are not coming back through.
- General! - Leo, enough! I'm not risking any more time.
We are blowing it up.
Guys, we have a problem.
What kind of problem? A weapon is heading to blow up the facility.
A weapon? You mean a missile? Not exactly.
Felicity Smoak.
Turn the power back on.
- Felicity! - [COUGHS.]
"Turn the power back on.
" Sorry, Eobard.
Eobard? - Eobard.
- Eobard.
My Goo, the future sounds weird.
That's funny.
Sometimes we think we're more clever than we are.
Because where I come from, the history books are filled with stories of this Age of Heroes: Green Arrow, Black Canary, The Flash.
And yet no one no one has ever heard of Felicity Smoak.
Stop! Stop.
You came here for me, so just ake me, please.
Please don't hurt anyone else.
Give them the code.
- If I do, they'll kill you.
- It's fine.
Nobody's gonna die because of me.
Latte, Ada, Jonas, 1-1-9-0-0.
Latte? Cute.
Let's go.
In ten minutes, Red Tornado's gonna bring down this entire acility, and there's nothing we can do to stop that robot.
Then we need to reopen the gateway before that happens.
- Barry, Ray - We know.
Stop a flying robot somehow.
The rest of us will open the breach.
That's the whole plan? Well, as a Snart we know used to say, "Make a plan.
Execute the plan.
Expect the plan to go off the rails.
Throw away the plan.
" Wow.
That is that is terrible advice.
I always have a plan, down to the second, so nothing ever goes wrong.
No, no, no, the only plan now is not to leave this Earth without me.
Ready for Tornado watch.
Let's do it.
I thought it'd be fun if we put on our costumes.
Where'd you get the bow and quiver? The general collects weapons.
Let's go to war.
No one gets to the gateway! No one! [GUNS COCKING.]
Move! Move! [BOTH GRUNTING.]
Here we go.
Okay, we're Nazi-free.
Let's go.
Hold on.
That's an automated power cell.
We need to activate it before using the control console.
I can hot-wire it, no problem.
Then I'll turn on the console.
You want to split up? You sure? It's our most favorable odds.
Let's kick some ass, Jefferson.
Grey, we got power.
Whoa! Hey! Ray! A little help here! [YELLING.]
BOTH: Oh, crap.
Well, that's not very fair.
I'm pinned down! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
- [GASPS.]
Grey! No!