The Flash (2014) s04e21 Episode Script

Harry and the Harrisons

1 - Previously on "The Flash" - Council of Wells.
Some of the brightest minds in all the multiverse.
There's still another cryogenic anomaly in my DNA.
Killer Frost is still a part of you.
The more I try to use my brain, the sooner I'm going to lose it.
- They know what DeVoe's doing.
- Separate satellites working together for a single purpose? DeVoe wants to remove the intelligence of everyone on Earth? Just like mine.
Iris? Sorry, babe! Go back to sleep.
Iris Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Just one second.
Let me just Let me just get this last sentence down, okay? Why why are you still awake? What is all this? This is every file, every report, every footnote that I could find on DeVoe.
I dug it all up when I woke up in the middle of the night.
I just I couldn't stop thinking about DeVoe and his machine.
And now that he has all of the satellites, I mean, he could turn on the machine at any point.
And not knowing is maddening, but at least I know what he's planned, right? But everyone else in the city, they are oblivious.
Which is why I decided that I need to write a piece about it.
- An article? - Exposing every single detail of his maniacal plan.
- Oh - I think that if people in this city knew what he was up to, then maybe they could protect themselves.
Barry, I really think this is exactly what we need to change the tide against DeVoe.
So I'm gonna go upstairs, I'm gonna take a shower, and when I come back, I need you to tell me everything you know about that flying chair and how he uses it to body hop and So last night, Harry, Cisco, and I were up all night writing all the different algorithms we could think of involving the satellite tech that DeVoe stole.
We think DeVoe plans to position each of his five satellites at specifically calculated - points around the globe.
- And when the quantum computers in each satellite link up He'll use that network to basically emit a series of dark matter bursts.
That will reboot the pre-frontal cortex of every man, woman, and child on this Earth.
Well, we need to nip this in the bud.
We can't let him launch those satellites.
Yeah, but I mean, how are we supposed to find him? I mean, we haven't been able to register DeVoe's pocket dimension energy for days.
And with Null's gravitational powers, he can launch these satellites from any place at any time.
Yeah, he can.
What are you thinking, Bar? I think we shoot 'em down.
- Whoa.
- There is one small problem.
DeVoe has Kilgore's powers.
Yeah, he can manipulate any tech-based weapon we fire at him.
So we don't use tech.
We use some kind of organic matter weapon.
Right, like a Like a You know what? Let's split up, see what we can find.
DeVoe's not acting.
Why is he not acting? I don't know, but it doesn't matter.
But it does matter, though.
And if I had my intelligence, I could figure that out.
But I don't.
- I got to get it back.
- No, no, no.
What you need to do is be patient.
We're consulting with, like, literally every scientist we know.
Why don't you consult with me? No.
Harry No, not dumb me, the other mes.
The council.
So I must admit, found your transmission intriguing, to say the least.
But first I have a question for you, Harry Wells.
Tell me, Harry, how does your "hypothetica" thinking cap account for the resonant inductive coupling of the dark matter transfer? - Well, the the inductive - Am I speaking to you? I cannot remember.
Oh, wait.
I'm not.
The little guy that must be Cisco, put you in the box.
Put the box in the pocket.
Talking to Harry, a simple question.
How does it account for the resonant coupling? It, uh Ah! Ha! I knew it! He doesn't know! He doesn't know! Ah! Simple Harry is truly Simple Harry now.
- No.
That's not what's hap - Ja, remember, I put you in the box.
Put the box in the pocket.
Crush the box! In the pocket.
This is very simple what has happened.
Your "hypothetical" thinking cap has malfunctioned, hmm, and left the world's once formidable intellect a dum-dum! - That's not what happened.
- Yeah, that's what happened.
That's what happened.
Poor Harry.
- Herr Wells - Ja.
Are you gonna help us or not? - Not.
- Why not? The Council of Wells is a council of superior intellects there to accept the challenge of others with superior intellects.
It's called the Council of Wells and not the Council of Dum-Dums! - Loot at this man.
- I see him.
Is he not one of your own? Are you telling me you're gonna betray one of your own because he doesn't meet some arbitrary intellectual standard? Ah! So you do understand.
Ja, unlike your simple friend, here's what you now must consider.
Auf Wiedersehen! No, he's right.
I am a dum-dum.
Hey, you are not a dum-dum.
Ramon, come on.
Let's face facts.
I've lost most of my science, lost most of my math.
Language will be next, and there's nothing - we can do about it.
- On the contrary, "mon frery" we're the ones who created that council of ding-dongs in the first place, so if they're not gonna help us, that leaves us with one other option.
A new council, a smarter council.
A better council.
- Hey, Caitlin.
- Hmm? Do you have any ibuprofen? Reading up on all this organic matter has given me an organic migraine.
Oh, thanks.
You have a little Oh! Acupuncture.
Ever since I found out I still have a cryogenic anomaly in my DNA, I've been doing every medical avenue I can think of to get Killer Frost to emerge.
You really do miss her, don't you? Yeah.
Killer Frost was a part of me, and just as I was starting to accept her, she was taken away.
I'm running out of ideas.
Hmm, well, I know it's not exactly the same, but I've had my fair share of missing persons cases.
And what do you do when you've hit a wall? I try to attack it from a different direction.
If that helps.
Anyway, thanks.
We've been attacking this from the wrong direction.
We know we need a tech-free projectile to stop DeVoe's satellites, so we've been looking for an object when what we really need is a person.
- Amunet Black? - I know she's not the ideal choice, but Amunet's psychic-powered alnico shards are not only deadly powerful.
They're completely immune to DeVoe's Kilgore powers.
Not ideal? I mean, she kidnapped you.
She tried to sell me into meta slavery.
And she ruined my bachelorette party, I mean - That's not - I mean, you're right.
It's it's admittedly not as big of a deal, but you know - what I'm saying.
- Yeah, we can't partner up with Amunet.
She's a criminal.
Snart's a criminal.
So's Killer Frost.
We worked with them.
Look, even if we forgave Amunet for everything she's done Which is a lot.
What makes you say she'd be willing to help us? I've seen a different side of her.
She's helped me before, and I believe she'll do it again.
This isn't what I expected Amunet's hideout to look like.
I might have made a few changes.
Really, boys? You trying to get us killed? That's The Flash, you morons.
And Caitlin may look like a librarian, but she's a coldhearted beast.
Where's Amunet? Really? No, "Hello, Norvock.
How you been?" You're not even gonna introduce me to your new boss? Oh, I'm not her boss.
I'm just a friend.
Well, isn't that sweet? Norvock, where's Amunet? No one's heard a peep from her in months.
For all I know, the witch is dead.
So Amunet's gone? Well, apparently after her deal with Warden Wolfe took a nosedive, she's been out of the meta trafficking business.
Caitlin, do you know any personal details that can help us track her down? Oh, I don't know.
Amunet's always been a private person, sort of unpredictable and rash, kind of fly by the seat of your pants.
You know, when she kidnapped me at Christmas, she said she used to be a flight attendant.
I think she was on an airplane the night the particle accelerator exploded.
Okay, that we can work with.
Let's see.
Yeah, it looks like there were 35 flights in the air in Central City the night of the particle accelerator explosion.
Cisco, can you access the flight manifests? Yes, I can, and I can take the cruise credentials Cross-reference them in the facial recognition? Can you not read my mind? - Huh.
- Her real name is Leslie Jocoy? Maybe she's operating under her real name, - not her pseudonym.
- Well, she didn't have a criminal record until the particle accelerator, - so it's not a bad plan.
- Right.
CCPD's database has several prior work addresses for Leslie Jocoy.
All right, let's pay 'em all a visit.
Dad why don't you and Caitlin go check out - the most recent address? - I'll check out the rest.
- Sounds like a plan.
- And I should get back to the loft.
I need to pick up a DeVoe file - for my article - Hey, actually, can I just talk to you really quick? Um, yeah.
Just about your article.
I just think maybe telling everybody about a meta-human uber-genius who plans on rebooting people's brains Yeah, but if we don't tell them, they might find out when it's too late.
Sure, but I don't I mean, the team's always liked to keep what we're working on low-key.
Okay, well, I'll run the idea by them.
I-I don't mean no.
I just mean maybe hold off until you finish writing it.
Yeah, I'll hold off.
- You will? - Yeah.
No, I mean, I get it.
We've never openly shared this kind of information with the city before, and the team will be more likely to agree with me if I have a full article ready for them to read.
So I am gonna hurry up and finish it.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
Harry, I give to you the emotionally astute Council of Harrisons.
- Hey.
- There ya are.
Wells, what what are you doing here? Those other stiffs, well, they got tired of my connections making me tardy to their party, so They gave me the boot.
Gave you the wait, so I'm not the only one? Nuh-uh, all of us been kicked out.
All of you have been kick You got me a council of rejects.
Well, they're brilliant rejects.
'Ey! Oh, whoa, whoa! Who you calling rejects? 'Ey, look at this guy.
What are you, sta-nuts? Allow myself to introduce myself.
Sonny Wells.
At your service.
They call me Sonny on account of my sunny disposition.
You know, I think that name kind of works for him.
'Ey, oh, the guy who must be Cisco.
My motto, personally, for me, my motto? Be kind.
- Be kind.
Rewind? - They're still on VHS.
What? Hello! Yes, bonjour.
So I am Harrison H.
Wells, the Earth-25.
So I must say that it warms me to see us all bonded by our faces and our hearts.
You see his scarf? I like that scarf.
Gonna get myself one of them classy scarves like this guy.
That's a $10 scarf right there.
So anyway, without further ado, it's time for me to commence this meeting with one of my poems, so allez.
I never knew you.
- I never taste you.
- Mm, taste.
Never smelled you.
Until I do.
And now I am hooked-ed.
Mm, saucy.
And, uh, what is this poem about? - Bread.
- Oh, deep connection.
Food can feed the soul.
You know, I once had this experience with a hot apple pie Okay, you know what? That's enough sharing from this side of the table.
How about we let somebody else share? Harry, you have the floor.
- No chance.
- Harry.
- No way.
- Come on.
Do the intro.
Why? No.
- I'm not gonna.
- Harry.
- What? - You have to do the sharing if you want the helping, okay? - Allez, Harry.
- 'Ey.
- I'm Harry.
- How you doin', Harry? - Bonjour, Harry.
- Howdy, Harry.
We know his name.
So, uh here's the thing.
I'm losing my intelligence.
- Whoa! - Oh, no.
And as Wellses, you know how very important our intelligence is, and so I'm asking for your help to get my intelligence back so I can kick some So I can help my team.
Will you help me do that? Non.
Non, mais of course, Harry.
Of course we will help him.
We will help you.
Open your heart.
We'll open your mind.
Come on, let's do this.
- Okay.
- Lovely.
Hey, Bar, we're at the market.
We'll let you know if we find her.
- Copy that.
- Amunet used to work here? What did she do, bag groceries? At least it's not human trafficking.
Let's look around.
Hey, look, when I told you to look in a different direction to find your alter ego, I didn't mean team up with a criminal.
I know how that probably looks.
Yeah, it looks like you want us to work with Amunet Black so she can help you with your Killer Frost problem.
I mean, why weren't you up front with the team - about that? - Because I thought they'd say no if I had my own reasons.
Besides, I actually really do think Amunet can help us and help me with my Killer Frost problem.
Well, how exactly can she help you? Last year, when I was having trouble getting a handle on Killer Frost, I went to her.
She used a black market piece of tech on me, a splicer, helped me split Killer Frost.
And you're hoping she still has this tech.
It worked before.
It could work again.
Well, Caitlin you got to tell the team.
Somebody saw "Molly's Game.
" Mm-hmm.
Hang on a second.
This is an illegal operation.
Everybody out of the room.
Leave it to your crafty little brain to figure out my dark secret.
What are you doing here? Calling your bluff.
I knew you were still alive.
No one could kill me.
What's with the accent? It's part of my disguise.
Had to blend in.
Now I'm just your average American blonde making an honest living.
Well, a more honest living, yeah? Besides, you know what they say.
A zebra never changes its stripes.
Oh! Flash.
You really do stop all the crime in the city, don't you? But not today.
We're not here to fight.
We need your help.
Oh, look! A little hidey-hole for your outfit.
Hi, excuse me.
You don't seem too concerned that DeVoe is about to launch a bunch of satellites into space that are gonna reset all of our brains.
Oh, no, my dear.
I find it very troubling.
The professor turning everyone in the world into a dimwit is tragic.
It's brilliant.
But tragic.
So will you work with us? Help us stop DeVoe? Just that thing Why do you still have it on? My It helps me protect my identity.
It's doing a terrible job.
- What? - Yes, you see, that stoic jawline, patrician profile.
You're so obviously the speedster I tried to procure from the warden.
May he RIP.
- Come on.
- I'm doing it.
- Hello, handsome.
- Hello.
To think I had The Flash in my grasp.
What a pretty penny I could have gotten for that sale.
- Amunet.
- Yes.
- Focus.
- Ah! Okay.
So On the one hand, I am more dictator than team player.
But on the other Professor DeVoe stupefying the planet would be bad for business.
So I'll do it.
Unfortunately, there is a but.
There usually is one.
You see, in life, I have found that bigger isn't always better.
But in this case You need more shards to take out something the size of a satellite.
So where'd you get those? From the plane I was on the night the particle accelerator exploded.
They were in the cargo bay en route to a military facility.
Which conveniently never made it to its final destination.
You see, normally I would just pop down to my storage locker to grab my big job stash, but last week, a naughty boy or girl or non-binary gendered individual Snuck in and robbed the place.
Yeah, well, we should check out your storage unit.
There might still be some clues.
I think I have an old CSI kit back at the apartment.
You guys are so good.
Sorry, excuse me.
Where are you going? To the kitchen for a spot of tea? Why don't I take you? Boy.
Oh, you prepare food in here? It's not very sanitary.
I wanted to talk to you alone.
I didn't just bring you here to help us stop DeVoe.
An ulterior motive.
How furtive and apropos.
After all, why go through all the hassle of procuring me when Killer Frost could quite easily just ice blast those satellites down? Killer Frost is gone.
I haven't been able to get her to appear ever since DeVoe used one of his powers on her.
Remember last year when I came to you because Killer Frost was taking over? You fixed me.
My transmodular genetic splicer.
I need to use that splicer again.
One of the reasons why I was so willing to help you and your friends with your professor situation is because, well, quite literally it also benefits me.
But giving you my splicer, not as beneficial.
What if I make you a deal? You give me the splicer.
Killer Frost and I will do you one favor.
Oh, that is a tempting offer.
But unfortunately my splicer was stashed right alongside my additional shards.
In your ransacked storage unit.
Okay, wherever we find your shards, we should also find the splicer.
- Ding, ding, ding.
- So do we have a deal? You'll give me the splicer as soon as we recover it? I'll even tie a little bow on it.
Ladies and gentlemen, hang on to your wigs and keys.
Here we go.
Harry, turn to him, the guy who must be Cisco.
- Express yourself.
- Yes, it is best you commence - with the "I feel" statements.
- Mm.
Wow, like "I feel a yearnin" or "I feel aroused.
" Okay, how How is this gonna make me smarter than DeVoe? 'Ey! Again with DeVoe.
Why you so hung up on this mamalooch? I think that DeVoe, for you, this is a guy that has well, he's like a leech upon you, sucking and sucking and sucking and sucking and sucking.
And all you are left with is doubt.
I like that.
Nature, red in tooth and claw.
You know, they say to understand a man's actions, you got to understand his heart.
Oh, okay, question.
How do you understand the heart of a deranged maniac? That guy who must be Cisco makes a good point here.
Let's all close our eyes and take a moment and imagine that we are all sociopaths - trying to conquer the world.
- Ah, yes.
What is Oh, mais, Harry.
Go on, allez.
Put yourself in DeVoe's shoes.
Close your eyes, Harry.
Now what do you see? What do you smell? How do you feel? Dumb.
This is not making me any smarter.
But aren't you smarter, Harry? You must channel your aggression into love.
I feel like you're mocking me.
Oh! An "I Feel" statement! Winner, winner.
All right, all right, all right, progress! - On that note - Wait, wait.
We're not done here, are we? - Yeah, we're done, - Yeah, we're done.
- Oui, oui, c'est fini.
- No, no, no.
- Nothing's fini.
- Now, Harry You know what they say about all work and no play.
Leaves no time for making whoopee.
And there he goes.
Look, H.
, come on, we're not done.
- We haven't done anything.
- Non, non, mon frère, désolé.
Parting, such sweet sorrow, but I must bid you adieu.
Harry from Earth-2, adieu.
'Ey, Harry, everything you need you got it right in there.
Remember, you're unbelievable.
Ramon, remind me again what's what's another word for "huge"? "Colossal.
" Colossal.
Great, thank you.
This was a colossal waste of time! Here we are.
This is where you kept your stash? Well, I got something.
Some kind of substance on the lock pin.
Looks like they applied it to break the door open.
Young man, David Caruso's got nothing on you.
What is it? Acid? Cyanide? Oh, oh! Is it anthrax? Hematoxic venom.
Oh, that grotty, manky, plug-ugly prat dare betray me? I take it she knows who did this.
Yep, and so do you.
- Norvock.
- And I guarantee that snake for brains will suffer.
If Norvock thinks he can steal from me and get away with it, he has got another thing coming.
I can't believe this is happening.
Satellite's not picking up any of your alnico metal anywhere in the city.
Norvock may be a moron, but he's not stupid enough to keep the stash out in the open.
- Hey, did you find anything? - Nope.
Norvock and the boxers weren't at the ring anymore.
Of course not! Because you and your gang of heroes tipped him off that something was up.
Have you expanded the satellite beyond Central City? - Yeah.
- What about trying - facial recognition? - Yes, of course.
And what about a geological scan of the metal signature like last time or having Cisco run another algorithm to check the electromagnetic fields in the city? Yes, Caitlin.
I've done all that.
I've run all the tests.
Bit testy with that, Frost.
Just We're doing everything we can, all right? We're gonna find Norvock and the shards.
Is this about her stolen shards or her tech? What? What tech? Amunet has splicer technology that she used to split Killer Frost last year.
I was hoping to use it again to get Killer Frost to come out, but it was hidden with her metal shards in the storage container.
Why wouldn't you tell us that? Because I made Amunet a deal.
If she helped me, Killer Frost would do another job for her.
Well, that splicer tech isn't your only hope.
Yes, it is, Joe.
I have tried everything that I can think of to get Killer Frost to appear, and that was my last shot.
So now she's gone for good.
Those weirdos with their feelings.
I'm done talking about my feelings.
What's your problem? No, it just looked like you were gonna What is this? What are you doing? I am cleaning up my work station because I'm not gonna need it anymore since I'm not getting my intelligence back.
You don't know that.
I don't know that? Oh, I don't know that? Ramon, what's done is done.
You spent all this time bringing this council together when your time should have been used helping the team.
I wasted your valuable time, and for that I apologize.
What are you What? - Spill some soup on me? - No, no, no.
It's just, that was that was very real.
That was, like, a very Very genuine apology.
Well, I meant it.
Well, I can tell.
There's no snark.
You're not throwing anything.
You're right.
I'm not.
The council might not have helped your intelligence, but I think they might have shown you a little empathy? You know, DA Cecile Horton said there's other ways to be intelligent.
Open your heart Open your mind.
But it's been so long since I've been concerned for other people's feelings, though, you know? You know what? Maybe it is time I consider someone else's feelings.
Well, I feel - DeVoe.
- DeVoe.
Right? Maybe the council had a point.
The best way for me to understand DeVoe put myself in his shoes.
Is that what you were gonna say? No, I was gonna say DeVoe.
- Okay.
- That makes sense.
- It does.
- Yeah.
Hey, anything on Norvock? No, but I do have an update on DeVoe.
It's my finished article.
Barry, look, I'm just as anxious as you are about DeVoe, but I really think that we need to arm the citizens with information, - not shield them from it.
- Iris, I'm just I'm trying to do what's best for the city - and the team.
- And look I think that telling the truth is what's best.
I mean, if we give them all of the facts to consider, they will do the right thing.
But how can you be sure about that? Look, Barry I can't deny that you've had a tough year with DeVoe, but his entire goal is to take information away from people.
If we don't publish this article, we are no better than he is.
I just this is I think it's too risky.
I know that's how you feel and I really want us to be on the same page.
So it's your decision.
- Iris - I just want you to remember that The Flash is a beacon of hope that the people have always put their faith in.
And now it's time for The Flash to put his faith in the people.
Ah, there you are.
I couldn't help but notice your anger and hostility.
Thought your color was blue, not red.
Yes, I'm angry.
I've been angry for weeks and still no Killer Frost.
And now Norvock's ruined everything.
Oh, Caitie.
I hate to see you so torn up like this.
So I'm going to tell you something that will cheer you up.
That splicer did not cure you.
- What? - Well, you You had come to me so broken so needy.
And so I put that piece of tech on your head, and, poof, nothing! It did not work on you.
So you decided to lie to me rather than tell me that? Mm! But just because the splicer didn't technically work doesn't mean that the results were not the same.
How? That doesn't make any sense.
You're the doctor.
You tell me.
It's a placebo.
You see? It's been inside you the entire time.
Caitie, your power is unlike anything I have ever seen before, and no science kit or placebo is going to explain why you Hmm.
A placebo A fake.
What are you talking about? I know exactly where Norvock is.
We were surprised to get the call.
Shouldn't be.
I'm running things now.
Amunet's gone.
But she did leave behind something very valuable.
30 times stronger than steel.
You can assemble them in any shape you like.
And best of all they're loaded with enough potential energy to flatten a city.
- We know where Norvock is.
- Just when I thought I'd considered every option for where Norvock might be skulking, I remembered whenever the fuzz used to be onto one of our deals, I would plant a rumor that it was going down at a false location.
Ah, a fake-out to keep "the fuzz" off your tracks.
- Mm! - So that's where we think Norvock is, in the abandoned Reynolds substation.
That's why the shards weren't - registering on the satellite.
- All right, why don't the three of us go get your shards? Then we'll be armed and ready to take out DeVoe's satellites.
I'm coming too.
I'll get the cold gun.
Oh, goody, a group foray.
Dibs on cashing in Norvock's chips.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- No killing.
- That was not a stipulation when I agreed to join this crew.
Okay, Amunet, look, I know how you usually work, but I can handle this fast and without an casualties.
'Tis a bit time-consuming to remove blood from metal.
This deal's off.
Those shards belong to Amunet.
Well, if that decrepit hag didn't want them stolen, she shouldn't have told me - where she hid them.
- Decrepit? That's a big word for such a small man.
Amunet, I've got this.
There are some things that a woman just cannot delegate.
We agreed, no killing.
That'll make this next part easy.
Joe, the shards are in there.
We can't let them get away.
Barry, what's going on? Your vitals are going through the roof.
- Venom! - Like the venom on Amunet's locker.
I'm on it.
You are just as vile as that thing in your head.
Took a while to get this made.
Now you can't use those things against me anymore.
You always underestimated me.
Caitlin, get back! Over here! - Iris - Barry, there is no antidote for meta-human venom that potent.
You're gonna have to phase through it now before it gets to your heart.
I'm running out of ammo.
They'll hit me before I hit them with this.
We've been looking at this from the wrong direction.
What what are you doing? Nice! Hmph! I've never understood your superpower.
Are you a man with a snake or a snake with a man? Amunet! Don't kill him.
He's more than earned it.
It's not about him.
It's about you.
Amunet, there is a good part of you.
I truly believe that.
But the snake has got to go.
Like Norvock, I must be on my way.
Amunet, no! Hey! You leave, there's no way we can stop DeVoe's satellites.
She was never gonna help us.
She just wanted her metal.
Oh truthfully, I did consider it.
I did.
But a good player knows when to fold.
And the professor certainly has a better hand, so don't try to stop me.
After all, I am packing.
There is no where you can go that DeVoe's satellites won't reach you.
If you leave now, you'll be mind melted just like the rest of us.
Good point.
Just for the record, this is not me helping.
It is entirely self-preservation.
Filled with shrapnel and bound with my meta-human je ne sais quoi.
Pull a shard, throw it, it will deliver one savage concussive blow.
But you only get one shot.
I know you won't waste it.
Go save the world, my darling.
And she's gone.
At least she didn't leave us empty-handed.
Eye snakes.
Why did it have to be eye snakes? Trust me, man, it wasn't as cool as it sounds.
Guy's, I'm sorry I got so worked up with Amunet around.
- It's okay.
- Yeah, and Amunet did give us the alnico metal projectile bomb.
I still think it's our best bet at stopping DeVoe.
- We just need to figure out how to fire it.
- Yeah.
Cisco, can you breach that thing? Me? No way.
My energy field can't even reach outer space.
'Kay, well, we need to find another solution, and we need to find it before DeVoe launches those satellites.
Well, actually, thanks to Ramon and the Council of Harrisons, we may have an idea about why DeVoe has not yet launched his satellites.
He put himself in DeVoe's shoes.
And I thought, well, if I was this ultra-genius moving around in a floating chair, how would I feel? You'd feel nothing.
You'd be sociopathic.
- Mm.
- Right, but to me, I wouldn't consider myself sociopathic, right? No, all my actions would be driven by the one thing that I care most about, right? - And - So if you're not acting If I'm not acting, then I don't have the one thing that I care most about my wife.
You guys need me to walk you through this? So this No, we we get it, Harry.
It's kind of complicated, but okay, I'll take you at your word.
Actually, that took a lot out of me.
I'm gonna go have a nap.
Well, we can work with that idea.
Yeah, I will fire up the satellite and see if I can find Marlize.
And I'll start figuring out how to launch this psychic dark matter-infused metal shrapnel bomb.
No big deal.
Joe, do you want to get a cup of coffee with me before you go back to CCPD? I could use some caffeine after today.
I know you don't get tired of hearing it, but - you were right.
- Well, not about Amunet.
She still betrayed us.
But she knew the truth about DeVoe, and she ultimately made a selfless decision to help us by giving us the projectile.
And I do have faith in Central City, Iris.
Because I know that at the core of every citizen of this city is something good.
And I know they'll feel the same way when they read your article.
Let's tell the team.
Are you sure you want to do this? You want me to publish my article? Without a doubt.
We're always stronger, better together.
Kiss me.
Thank you.
Ah-ah, this one's on me.
I insist.
What'd I do to deserve that? That's for giving me the advice I needed even when I didn't want to hear it.
Well, when you raise kids, you get used to giving advice.
So I was convinced that that splicer technology was the key to getting Killer Frost back.
But I was wrong.
The splicer was just a placebo, and it tricked me into manifesting those somatic results that I wanted.
- You learned that from Amunet? - Mm-hmm.
I thought the answer was in science, but it was never gonna be there.
- So what now? - I'm gonna take your advice.
I'm gonna look in a completely different direction.
The key to finding Killer Frost is not out there.
It's in here.
- Iris, what's happening? - Barry? - What? - It's the city.
- What? - I posted my article, and they're responding.
What do you mean? They believed you? More than that.
They want to help.
This guy says he saw DeVoe on 5th and Knoll two days ago.
Yeah, and another guy on Crescent and 10th.
This is great.
Iris, this means DeVoe can't hide from us anymore.