The Flash (2014) s05e04 Episode Script

News Flash

1 My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive.
To the outside world, I'm an ordinary forensic scientist.
But secretly, with the help of my friends at S.
Labs, I fight crime and find other meta-humans like me.
But when my daughter came back from the future to help, she changed the present.
And now our world is more dangerous than ever, and I'm the only one fast enough to save it.
I am The Flash.
Previously on "The Flash" - Who's Cicada? - You'll never catch him.
This is Sherloque.
He's the greatest detective in all the multiverse.
I'm a detective as well.
I'm here to catch your killer.
So we're dealing with a meta-human Jack the Ripper.
In my history, he never killed Gridlock or Block.
They're completely different victims.
- He's early.
- Because the timeline changed.
Because of me.
Guys, this is mad crazy! There are, like, fireballs in the sky! Holy I'm gonna get a better look.
There he is! This is gonna be lit.
Wait, there's two of them? Oh, my God, guys.
What was that? This is cray! What is going on right now? Is the world, like, ending right now? Oh, my phone.
You just saved my life.
You are the second speedster who just, like, saved the world.
Can I just get a Can I just get a selfie.
I come home in the morning light My mother says, "When you gonna live your life right?" Oh, Mother dear, we're not the fortunate ones And girls, they wanna have fun Oh, girls just wanna have That's all they really want Oh.
When the working day is done Uh - Sorry.
- What are you doing? - Uh, nothing.
Go back to bed.
I'm just making some breakfast.
Like I could go to sleep after the smell of Jitters coffee.
So, uh, I see you still know your way around the kitchen.
What's happening? - Uh, hey, babe.
- Good morning.
Um, I, um, was thinking that we could have breakfast together.
Right? Like a family.
- I love it.
- Yeah.
Do you Hi.
- Do you need any help? - No, no.
You guys just sit.
What do we have here? Well, these are pancakes, as you can see, but I made them into little lightning bolts.
Well, the batter kind of got away from me, but you see the little zigzag No, no, no.
Yeah, yeah.
I totally see it, yeah.
- What are-what are you doing? Uh, I am just getting evidence that you make lumpy pancakes in every time period.
- Let's try it out.
Lumpy, but delicious.
- Yeah? Oh, thanks, babe.
- Oh.
I'm sorry, um, when did you When did you get a phone? Uh, Dad got it for me a couple days ago.
Nora suggested it.
I mean, I thought it was a great idea.
We're always in and out of S.
Labs, so I just You know, it'd be easier to text and call.
Yeah, that totally makes sense.
You guys excited to cheer me on at the charity softball game? Softball, schway.
I just hope I don't get stuck in right field this year.
You, uh, gave your number out already? Yeah, just to the team and Sherloque.
Actually, this text message, I think, is from him.
I don't think he's much of a texter.
He, uh, wants us to come to S.
I'm gonna go get ready.
You haven't had anything to eat yet.
I'm not really a breakfast person.
You know, I thought having her here, we would finally have a chance to connect, but it's like every time we take a half-step forward, we end up taking six steps back.
I-I mean, don't give up.
She'll come around.
- I have a feeling.
- Yeah.
Well, not if I keep making food like that.
Hey, no, this really is good.
It is.
I mean, it's a little, like - Wait, wait, stop.
Just stop.
- Dark, but No, it's I'm going to make you a banana.
It's fine.
You're going to make me a banana? I'm going to make you a banana.
Wait, no, I asked for everyone.
Where is the little, uh [CHUCKLES.]
Cisco is laying low at his parents' house while he heals up.
Well, that's not very brave on his part.
I will have a conversation with him next time I see him.
So, Team Flash.
How will this handsome, master detective of all the multiverse, Sherloque Wells, pay off his debt to us and catch this homicidal maniac together? Well, we'll begin by asking ourselves a few obvious questions.
How he became a meta-human? Well, power manifestation varies.
The particle accelerator I don't think we're interrupting Sherloque, right? - Right.
- Sure, but you bring up a good point, Dr.
What do we know so far about this Cicada? Well, we know that he's killed two people and almost a third.
Exactly right.
If I could gently be a little more specific, not just people, right? Meta-humans.
Also, Joe said he got the feeling that Cicada's a dad.
Cicada parent.
His dagger dampens powers.
Not just dampens the powers, right? He commands this dagger, right? It is like an extension of himself.
So we know Maybe they acquired their powers at the same time.
Yes, very good, Dr.
So, acquired powers together.
So there we are, Team Flash.
Very simple.
We unravel this puzzle, and we have a pathway to tracking Cicada.
Cool, or we just answer a much more basic question, like what's up with his weird mask? Well, the mask conceals his identity.
- That's what it's for.
- Right.
What I'm suggesting is, if we find out what the mask is for, we'll find out the man underneath much faster.
37 times I have caught Cicada, right? And not once was this mask angle very useful, right? [SPEAKING FRENCH.]
But you know what? The more hours I bill you, the less money I owe you.
So, if you want to spend your hours pursuing the mask angle, well, then be my guest.
Okay, great.
Sounds like a plan.
- We got to get going.
- Yeah, yes.
Good stuff.
I hope you score a touchdown.
It's softball.
- Ah, score a basket.
So, baby giraffe lead on, my friend.
- Wow.
Look at these guys.
They think they're so much better than us.
Because they are, Bar.
I mean, without Captain Singh or my dad, it's Huh.
- Huh, what? - Jonesy isn't here yet.
Hey, Detective Rowell, what do you think? - Maybe third base for me? - Right field, Allen.
Babe, I love you, but leave the hot corner to someone who can actually field a ball, okay? - Play ball! - Come on.
- I mean Good luck! - Yeah.
- You're going to nail it.
- Right field.
- Oh, God.
- In right field.
Not the hot corner, but Guys, come on! I'm back, back, back in the game Hey, oh, hey, oh I said I'm back, back, back in the game Hey, oh, hey, oh Now it's go time, go time, got me on a roll The only way is up, I feel it in my bones One step at a time, see you at the finish line Safe! Hey, oh, hey, oh Whoo! Back in the game Wow, he really is slow.
Yeah, Papa Joe told me all the stories about what an awful athlete Dad was growing up.
Well, believe me, they're true.
Let's just be grateful that he has coordination - when it counts.
- Yeah.
Hey, what is that, Nora? There is this really great app called Spyn Zone.
The push notifications let you know the second anything happens in the city.
Like Iris' Website? Uh, yeah, kind of.
It's just a lot more up to date than that, and it's, like It's really cool.
This girl's, like, really in the know.
Yeah, Spencer Young.
I know her.
Yeah, I see her all the time working on her laptop at Jitters.
She she actually was a junior reporter at CCPN when I worked there, but she didn't last very long.
- Why not? - Well, she wanted to be famous and make a name for herself, but she didn't care how it happened.
Well, I think she's cute.
Yeah, I mean, she may be cute, but she's never fact-checked a thing a day in her life.
She's doing something right She has three times as many followers on her app as you do on your blogs, so I'm going to get something to eat.
- Ooh, wow.
- Ah, come on, Allen! - Oh, honey.
- Cecile? What's wrong? - Something's not right.
Something's not right.
- Is that Jonesy? - [GASPS.]
Hey, somebody stop him! Everybody move! [PEOPLE SCREAMING.]
- Hey, hey! - Nora, hey.
- Huh? What? What happened? You just saved everybody.
Bomb squad finished their sweep.
- They said it's all clear.
- Okay.
Nora, how did you know what was happening? I don't know.
One minute I was going to get food, and the next I was in the outfield with Dad.
And you don't remember anything else? [PHONE CHIMES, VIBRATES.]
What's that? A notification from Spyn Zone.
Already? That was fast.
Allen, CSI time.
Uh, we're up.
We'll meet you back at S.
Labs - as soon as we can.
- Yeah.
Iris, if Cicada sees that post Yeah, he may pick Nora as his next target.
Well, you have brought us to the location you first encountered Cicada.
That's right.
How did you know that? I know everything.
I'm a master detective.
Look, I looked at the CSI file of Barry Allen.
There is no evidence of Cicada DNA, right? And moreover, look at this location, right? All the traffic through here You can never pull DNA from here.
It's a good thing we're not here for DNA.
What we are here for, then? We're here to find out why Cicada wears that mask.
Oh, encore with the mask! Do you think he's allergic to fresh air? - No.
- No, he wears that mask for a reason.
All right, look, 37 times I've caught Cicada.
Not once, not one time was the mask - a key part of the evidence.
- Yeah, that's true.
But you said this Cicada is different than all the others, so why wouldn't his mask be different, too? Maybe it's just a mask to You know what? You want to pursuit mask angle, be my guest.
What do you expect to find here? When I was getting my ass kicked, I noticed that the more he exerted himself, the heavier his breathing got.
- That's what happens.
- So, I thought if one of those breaths was strong enough [CHUCKLES.]
We might just get lucky.
How we are going to get lucky? Barry found traces of fluoropolymers here.
- So? - So the Internet told me they're prone to flaking.
I'm here to get some of them.
The Internet also tell you to contaminate your crime scene? Very good, master detective.
Turns out industrial respirators use a protective coating around the nostrils that are made from this.
And when this exposed to another compound, dimethyl sulfate, fluoropolymers tend to emit a very distinct odor Burnt onions.
We find out where this is used, we're going to find our man.
- Elementary.
- Elementary.
No shrap, Sherlock.
It's Sherloque.
Spencer? Iris West, wow.
Long time.
How are you? Uh, yeah, yeah, I'm good.
And you? Good.
Married that CSI guy you were dating, huh? Uh, yeah.
- Any kids yet? - Um, no.
- Uh No.
You know, I followed your lead.
Started my own blog, left CCPN.
- Now we are both Charleine Foster Kanes.
- Right.
BTdubs, those Professor DeVoe stories respect.
Metas are clickbait right now, right? Yes, which is why I wanted to talk to you, actually, off the record, of course.
Yeah, for sure.
What's up? So, uh, I recently found a source who thinks that metas are being targeted.
Ooh, juicy.
Who? Well, no one knows, not even CCPD.
But these metas, including speedsters like The Flash and XS, they are all in danger.
That new lady speedster has a code name.
Oh, like her size! Right, extra small.
- Did you coin that? - No, no.
Look, the point is, writing articles about XS could make her a target.
Or it could make her famous.
I mean, people are already obsessed with her and my app even more.
Besides, a little threat never stopped you from writing about The Flash back in the day.
That was different.
Because it was your blog? What do as I say, not as I do? Look, please stop, okay? Before someone gets hurt.
The only one who's going to get hurt is you when I make your blog irrelevant.
- What is this for, Allen? Just trying to get some answers, Jonesy.
Would you send that to Caitlin? I told everyone everything I know, which is nothing.
- You don't remember a thing? - No.
Okay, God's own truth, Allen All I remember is waking up, getting ready for the game, leaving my house, and the next thing I know, I wake up in the field after that bomb went off.
I mean, where would I even get a bomb? The evidence lockup.
It was part of the inventory we seized from the Jansen-Moretti case.
The cameras in the lockup show you stuffing that bomb in your backpack this morning.
- Joe, no one got hurt.
- They could've.
The woman I love, my baby You could've killed them.
I watched you come up, man.
I'm sorry, Joe but I swear, I don't know how this happened.
Move, move! - How many we got? - Hey, what is it? Fire at CCPN.
First responders are across town.
We got to go.
Okay, the building's already been evacuated.
Fire trucks are on their way.
Okay, let's just get inside and put the fire out.
I've never done this before.
Come on.
Seriously, move! That's okay.
We're just going to create a vacuum.
I will make you move.
Enjoy this news, Flash.
All right, I'll walk you through it.
Once we're inside [WHIRRING.]
What? Where Where are you going? - Nora, what's wrong? - He just ran away and left.
His suit's GPS has him west, way west.
Barry? Barry.
He's not listening.
Uh, guys, what do I do here? Okay, Nora, you're going to have to do this by yourself.
Okay? But I'm going to help you.
Okay, you need to get to the heart of the fire and extinguish it from there.
- I got it.
- Rotate your arms in tight circles.
You need to move them in opposite directions, creating twin vacuums.
Come on, Nora.
Dad's done this a thousand times.
You can do this.
I'm doing it! Keep going.
- Whoa.
Great job, Nora.
Thanks, Mom.
Hey hey, did you find Dad? [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
What the hell? I'm glad you were there to put that out.
- It could've been a lot worse.
- Thanks, Dad.
Don't thank me.
Your mom walked you through it.
You were really great out there.
So there was some weird activity with your scan, but everything looks fine.
What's the last thing you remember? Standing outside CCPN with Nora.
Next thing I know, I'm in Vegas.
That's exactly what happened to me and Officer Jones.
So maybe the abnormal activity was some sort of hypnotic induction? I don't know.
I mean, I feel like one of us would've noticed somebody trying to hypnotize me.
Yeah, and why would someone hypnotize us to save people? Publicity.
Spencer Young wants to get famous by making you famous.
You don't know that.
She admitted it when we talked.
Why would you go talk to her? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Hold on, look at the timestamp on the post.
7:52 p.
? Nora and I were still with Jonesy, and the fire at CCPN hadn't even been reported yet.
I guess you'll always be the first one to the scoop if you're the one making it.
So she's some sort of early edition meta who creates stories? Fake news taken to a whole new level.
Maybe she's some kind of meta psychic - who predicts the news.
- [SIGHS.]
That still doesn't mean she hypnotized us.
Caitlin, can you download the cortical biometrics from Nora's suit and run it against my scans? - On it.
- Thanks.
- What are you thinking? - [SIGHS.]
We need to figure out if Spencer's responsible for this.
Google for the win on finding out - where Cicada's mask is from.
- Google for the win.
So you think Cicada's hiding out here, just lurking behind those doors.
Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do, because my search also told me that Szrek Chemicals uses dimethyl sulfates in most of their products.
So guess what.
I'm gonna take down Cicada.
Oh, well, we shall see, giraffe.
May I help you? - Hi, how are you? I'm - Elongated Man.
I know.
Sherloque Wells, yes, master detective.
You know, we'll sign autographs later we have some business.
Uh, we just want to know if we can ask you some questions, please.
About? What about our masks? Do any of your employees wear them? [CHUCKLES.]
Follow me.
Every worker, every plant wears one.
How many plants? Three in Central City and Keystone.
- Mm.
- 14 in the Midwest alone.
So probably thousands? Yeah, and we're not the only facility that uses them.
Thank you for your time.
Hey, I, uh [CHUCKLES.]
Love that pear meme going around the last few weeks.
Mm, classic.
I have a suggestion for you.
Maybe the next time you do a Google search, advance to page two.
Hmm? So here's the meta-watch, Press that button.
If Spencer's a meta, it'll beep.
And if she's meta It means she could be dangerous, so come right back.
One of us would go with you, but she knows both me and your dad, so I got it.
Okay, We're here if you need us, all ri - [CAN DOOR OPENS, CLOSES.]
- Um I see her.
All you need to do is get within five feet of her, hit the button, in and out.
I know! You see what I mean? Half-step forward, six steps back? I mean, you guys did great with the fire, though.
Thank you.
You should totally name one of your drinks after that new female speedster, XS.
- Hey.
- Whoa.
Sorry, Spencer.
That's okay.
Do I know you? - Uh-oh.
- Uh, Nora you have to press the button.
Um, no.
No, you don't know me.
- But you know me.
- Yes, I do.
Uh, sorry.
You're Spencer Young.
I read all your stuff on Spyn Zone.
It's a really good app.
It's fantastic stories and really good writing.
I'm a I'm a really big fan.
- Nora.
- I always enjoy meeting a fan.
Especially when they're as adorable as you.
What's happening? She's flirting with our daughter.
I'll be back.
- What? - Hold down the fort.
- Iris, wait.
- Do you have a name? - Nora, hey.
- Wait, y-you know her? - Uh, I do.
Well, she's actually This is, actually Did you want to check your watch? I think we're running a little bit late.
- Right, yes.
- Yeah.
All right, well, I'm going to peace out.
But I hope to meet cute you again sometime.
Well, I guess she's not meta.
I guess not.
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
Nora look, I don't care that you think she's cute.
She's dangerous, okay? You need to stay away from her.
She could be dangerous.
Nora, I am trying to protect you here.
Has that been your thing my whole life? What does that even mean, honestly? I mean, is that why you've been so cold to me, why you don't want to spend any time with me? I'm I'm just trying to get to know you.
- Just drop it.
- Nora, I don't under Look, you lied to me! I would never lie to you.
Yeah? What do you call that? You put a power-dampening chip inside me to take away my speed.
And until six months ago, I didn't even know I had powers.
My whole life has been a lie because you have been trying to protect me.
Well, guess what.
I don't need you to do that.
- [SIGHS.]
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What you doing? - Well, Nora blocked me.
So I'm trying to use the quantum computer to access her phone and force her to accept my calls.
But I am no hacker.
Don't you think that's a little extreme? Yes, Barry, it's very extreme and crazy and desperate, but I am feeling extremely crazy and desperate, okay? [SIGHS.]
I thought giving her space would, you know, have her eventually come around, but it turns out she's not the problem.
I am.
I mean, I don't know how I could do something like that to her, Barry.
Iris, you didn't do anything to her.
You can't blame yourself for something future-you might do.
Yes, I can, Barry, and it's not a might.
I suppressed our daughter's powers.
I kept a huge part of who she was a secret for her entire life.
I did that.
Look, she'll forgive you.
What if my dad did something like that to you after the particle accelerator exploded? See? I don't understand how I could do something like that to her.
Look, I don't know why you do it, but I don't need to.
I know that anything you do for our family, it's out of love.
So, whatever reason future-you has for doing this, I have faith that it's the right thing to do, and so should you.
Yeah, well, I'm having a realy hard time believing that.
Well, then it's a good thing I have enough faith in you for the both of us.
All right? That's unusual.
Aah! Oh, Dr.
I have frightened you, Dr.
I assume you came here for some other reason than murdering me? Oof [SPEAKING FRENCH.]
If I was to murder you, Dr.
Snow, I would not do it in such an obvious fashion.
Look, I have a theory on the identity of Cicada.
I request your assistance.
Uh, okay.
I was just finishing up.
Not your expertise, your assistance.
I need you to punch me in the chest.
What? Right here, above the um, dee-aphragm.
How do you say? Diaphragm? Diaphragm, right.
In the solar plexus as hard as you can.
Listen, Sherlock - Ugh.
- Loque.
So this is one of those things where you are just the brains and not the brawn? You don't have the guts.
You lack the courage.
You're soft.
Probably you couldn't even hit me in the spot.
For the record, I know what you just did.
- And? - And it worked.
Très bien.
Then allé.
Oh, uh, are you okay? [WHEEZING.]
You sound just like Cicada.
What do we got? CCPD is getting bombarded with calls from people at the soccer game at Central City Stadium.
It's all over the news, too.
Okay, I'm going to get over there.
CCPD already cleared out the stadium.
Find the bomb, and we'll help you disarm it.
- What's going on? - I'll tell you on the way.
Come on.
- Nothing, you? - No.
Iris, there's no bomb.
Guys, look at the timestamp on Spencer's post.
11:05 a.
Yeah, and now look at the time that CCPD got the first call about the bomb sighting.
It was five minutes later.
Hey, can you bring up Officer Jones' brain scan? I'm going to run the code of Spencer's post through the decompiler.
Let's see what's underneath.
Got it.
- Done.
- The brain scan.
The code is an exact match.
- Barry, it's the headlines.
- What? That's how Spencer's hypnotizing people.
They're reading her headlines! Don't look at them.
Aah! Too late! Nora's been hypnotized.
She's trying to kill me.
Nora, you got to snap out of this.
What I have to do is kill you.
Caitlin, take over.
- Where are you going? - To get my family back.
Hurry up and kill him already.
Time to bounce.
Hey, you're going to be okay.
All right? Nice shot! Guys, do we know where Spencer is? I can't ping her phone.
CCPD disabled all the cell towers in the area to prevent a remote bomb detonation.
She must be local in order to put those headlines up on that big screen, right? - She's at the stadium.
- She's here.
Looks like you'll be trading this cell in for another.
All right, Spencer's all locked up in Iron Heights.
- The Mayor's resigning.
- What? I'm surprised she lasted this long.
Luckily, I was able to get a quote from her exonerating Officer Jones for my article.
Post will go up tomorrow.
Papa Joe will be relieved his friend's in the clear.
Well, at least now, with Spencer behind us, we can concentrate on bigger fish.
Yes, we can.
- So - Uh, Sherlock - Sherloque.
- He thinks he's found a key to Cicada's identity.
A crucial clue to help us solve our little mystery.
So we all know the distinctive sound of Cicada's breathing due to the respirator in the mask.
But not just that, because also his lungs are injured.
But injured from what? Historically, there is an event that causes David Hersch to always become Cicada, but not this time.
There's a different Cicada because Because Nora helped me destroy the satellite.
Monsieur Allen, Nora's strike through the satellite changed the trajectory of the debris, and now the debris has hit a new person and injured our new Cicada.
Okay, but how did that give him his powers? DeVoe flooded the satellite with dark matter.
It makes sense that the pieces would be saturated.
So Cicada and the dagger were created the night of the Enlightenment.
Acquired powers together.
Well, listen, Sherloke - Sherloque.
- I got to hand it to you.
That's very impressive.
It's quite a breakthrough, right, Monsieur Dibny? One that I cannot take any credit for.
No, all the credit, all the praise goes to you, Monsieur Dibny.
It was your instincts to follow the mask, right? Well, you were right, and I was less right.
I apologize.
Okay, guys, I'm sorry.
The dagger part still doesn't make sense.
I mean, things cannot become metas, right? I don't know about that.
Our satellite didn't just create new metas.
It created meta-tech.
Which puts meta-human abilities in the hands of anyone.
Caitlin says you're going to be fine.
I'm sorry for suppressing your powers, but I think it was the right thing to do.
No, I-I I get it.
I mean, I was trying to kill Dad.
I would've done the same thing, too.
No, that's [SIGHS.]
That's not what I mean.
I'm talking about in the future.
What? I know that you're upset and angry.
And honestly, I Before today, I couldn't even imagine a situation where I would do something like that to you.
But after seeing the choice that I just made I know that whatever reason I would have for keeping your powers a secret, it it must have been a good one, Nora.
It must have been to protect you.
What happened today has nothing to do with what happens in the future.
You didn't suppress my abilities my whole life because I was brainwashed or attacking people.
You did it to control me.
My whole life I felt like I was different than everybody else, but I didn't know why.
You took a choice away from me that I didn't even know that I had A choice to be a hero, like my dad.
What's going on? - Nothing, we're just talking.
- No.
Mom thinks that she had good reason to suppress my powers in the future, but she doesn't know what that reason is.
I'm sure it's a good one.
Look, Nora, I don't have to visit the future to know what kind of mother Iris is going to be.
She cares about family more than anyone I've ever met.
Okay? And I support her decisions past, present, and future.
Then I guess I need to rethink what the meaning of family is.
Nora, wait.
Do you know what hurt the most about learning I had powers? Not hearing it from my mom.
- It's all right.
- [SOBS.]
- Hi.
- Nora, hi.
Um, it's kind of a long story, but can I stay here? Get in here, kid.
Are you sure it's not too much trouble? It's fine.
Maybe talk about the reason later? But for now, there's some fresh pillows and blankets upstairs.
Thanks, Papa Joe.