The Flash (2014) s05e13 Episode Script


1 My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive.
To the outside world, I'm an ordinary forensic scientist.
But secretly, with the help of my friends at S.
Labs, I fight crime and find other meta-humans like me.
But when my daughter came back from the future to help, she changed the present.
And now our world is more dangerous than ever.
And I'm the only one fast enough to save it.
I am the Flash.
Previously on "The Flash" I want to believe that there is good inside of you somewhere, Thawne.
Let me prove there is.
The shards weren't dampening my powers.
They were removing them.
We could make a meta-human cure.
Earl Cox.
Ralph Dibny's gone straight.
So when you let your new friends down, give your old one a call.
So he thinks the kid is hiding out here, just lurking behind those doors.
It's the inside of Dwyer's house.
Didn't you have, like, seven marriages? I did have seven marriages.
Five wives, seven marriages.
So I'm gonna need you to tell me right now why you're investigating Nora.
I've made a career out of noticing things that other people miss.
Who is your accomplice, Nora West-Allen? There's always a Wells.
He knows I'm working with someone.
But he doesn't know with whom you're working.
- Not yet.
- How can you be sure? Because if he did, your father would be here right now in a flash, threatening to put his hand right through my heart.
Eobard, if my father finds out you've been helping me try to catch Cicada behind his back, he'll hate me, - and - Shh.
This can all be fixed.
I can fix this.
How? A man does not wear another man's face unless he understands his mind.
Not just through time but across infinite Earths.
This Sherloque, yes, he's brilliant, but to redirect his gaze, one only has to nudge him toward his weakness: love.
Tell me what to do.
Well, what do you think? Looks great.
I mean, I can move the couch against the wall, if that'll help.
Iris, it's just couch in the corner or against the wall is pretty much the extent of my interior design knowledge.
I'm sorry, babe.
It's it's just, it's been a week since I launched the Central City Citizen, and I am still struggling to gain readers, and I think I just figured out why.
"Iris West-Allen's first published articles as an aspiring online news maven bring one word to mind: 'boring.
' Her stories lack the edgy content made popular by sites such as Spencer Young's game-changing Spyn Zone.
In short, Iris West-Allen plays it safe.
" Iris, come on.
You can't listen to this.
You're a real journalist.
You don't want to write like Spencer Young.
She didn't care about facts.
Yeah, but at least she wrote about things that people cared about, like I did when I was writing about DeVoe.
You wanna write about Cicada.
Call me if you need me.
- I'll be at S.
- Yes, of course.
I've got a lot of digging to do, and I think I have a hunch where to start.
- Mwah.
- All right.
So you really think this might be it? Cisco sent me this sample to corroborate his findings, and it all checks out.
I'm sending it back to him for final processing, but I think we may have found a way - to suppress the meta genome.
- Great.
Then we can use it to de-power Cicada, - stop him for good.
- So what's the plan? Put this thing in a tranq gun and go all "American Sniper" on him? It's not that simple.
So Cisco's breakthrough came from analyzing identical twins who were hit by the particle accelerator dark matter, cases where one developed powers and the other didn't.
The key difference in both cases - The pituitary gland? - Exactly.
In some cases, the pituitary gland metabolizes dark matter, thus manifesting in meta powers.
So to turn a meta-human into a human-human We neutralize the dark matter in the pituitary gland.
Except there's one problem.
The cure isn't instant.
We would have to immobilize Cicada for long enough for the cure to take effect.
- How long will that take? - Best guess, a minute.
It's gonna be damn near impossible to hold him still for one second, much less 60.
Okay, but we're so close.
I mean, there's there's gotta be something we can do, even if we have to think outside the box.
I do have one more idea.
Van Horn Industries created a peaceful anti-riot device called a Neuro-Stasis Field Generator.
It's basically a bio-EMP that can immobilize any living organism within a confined radius.
Of course, the few devices they had built were stolen.
I wouldn't even know where to begin looking for them.
I do.
Can you at least try not to look so surprised? Look, if we need this, uh, Neo-Matrix whatever it is, if it's stolen tech, I think I know where to look.
Earl Cox, Ralph says you've got some information that could help us.
Well, turns out, that device you're looking for has been circulating in the underground black market.
Sounds like Amunet Black's territory.
Eh, Amunet's still MIA.
But believe it or not, her ex-boyfriend is filling the void.
You ever heard of Goldface? Yeah, he's stolen more weaponized tech than any criminal in the city.
CCPD's been looking for his black market for years.
Oh, aye, and they'll keep on coming up empty.
You pay at the market, and then poof, your goods turn up a day later in an abandoned warehouse.
So by the time we get what we want Goldface will be long gone.
Well, listen, uh, thanks, Earl.
And, you know, try to eat some fruit or something.
Oh, will do.
Right, then, gents.
See you around.
Just tell them Big Raf sent you.
Thanks for the tip, Earl.
I know what you're thinking.
We're supposed to pay Goldface and then just let him get away? Come on, you said we needed to think outside the box.
This is making a deal with the devil.
No, this is stopping Cicada.
Look, I don't like this any more than you do, but in some cases, the ends justify the means.
And stopping a psychotic meta-killer who we are literally powerless against, that's one of those cases.
All right.
What we are doing here? So Jitters has imported a brand-new oolong tea, and it's super rare and I really want you to try it.
Okay, look, I'm busy right now.
I'm working, all right? I don't have time for this.
Well, what are you What are you working on? Well, I'm working on a mystery, if you must know, nosy Parker.
Well, what kind of mystery? One that maybe I will tell you before too long, Nora West-Allen.
Great, so, um, let's grab a tea, then.
All right, we'll have one cup of tea.
To go.
Tell me what to do.
It's amazing how malleable the timeline is.
Even the tiniest refinement can birth a whole new reality, an object above placed below.
One path blocked leads to a whole new one.
And if your timing is right, everything falls into place.
Keep the change.
Whoo! Oh! Oh! - Wow.
- Wow.
That would have been an embarrassing way to go.
My gosh.
Death by decaf.
Flattened by flat white.
This woman is special.
Help him win her love, and his attention moves from you right onto her.
- Renée Adler.
- Ah, Miss Adler.
- Sherloque Wells.
- Can I buy you a scone or something to repay you for saving my life? Scone? Yes, all night.
I mean yes.
- Great.
- Thank you very much.
Um, uh What we shall talk about while we eat our scones, - I wonder? - Oh.
Maybe about, given your grace and your posture, your years of ballet training? - Since I was four.
- Hmm.
Wow, you're really perceptive.
Well, it's a modest talent, I suppose.
Notice anything else about me? Challenge accepted.
Um, well, East Coast girl? Yes.
From a small village, maybe, um, by a bay? Work with books? A librarian? At a university? Live by a train station, small split-level pad? You, um, have a dog.
Older dog.
Anyway, about that scone - Okay, stay away from me.
- What? I don't know how long you've been watching me, - but it ends now.
- No, no, no.
Or I'm calling CCPD, stalker.
No, uh, Miss Adler.
I - Sherlock! - Sherloque.
Why did you say all that stuff to her? You know, skip the small talk, no? - No.
- I have work to do.
No, no, no, um, I just I'm not really a romance expert, but I just feel like you were really into her.
Well, yes, maybe a little into her.
Okay, so don't give up so fast, you know? Maybe you could, um, try to find a way to say I'm sorry and I could help you with that.
How could one say no to that? All right, we're approaching the position.
These are the coordinates of the black market.
Team Snow and Frost are standing by for backup.
What do we do now? I guess we say the magic words.
The streets are paved with gold.
Maybe you didn't say it loud enou Barry? Ralph? Uh Meta cuffs? That's right, power-dampening cuffs fitted with an explosive charge in case you're both metas.
- So tell me, who sent you? - That's really sweet.
Look how threatening they're trying to be.
Boys, uh We really appreciate all this, but you can relax.
Big Raf sent us.
Big Raf, huh? All right, then.
Gentlemen, welcome to the market.
So nobody, including us, knows where we are right now.
And we are totally powerless.
Dude, if we make the wrong move in here, these cuffs are gonna be the least of our worries.
New game plan.
The antihero of our dynamic duo will find the Field Generator.
And you're just gonna stay here and try not to look like a cop.
- Or a superhero.
- Okay.
Or really anything you actually are.
Just go.
I'm fine.
You look like a discerning consumer.
Might I interest you in a little firepower? - No, I'm good.
- Come to a weapons market and you don't want any weapons? I said I'm good.
I'm here for something special.
What's more special than a CCPD killer? What do you mean? That's what's great about these babies.
Burn through police-issued body armor.
I call them toastmasters.
Try it for yourself.
Can't wait to see cops' faces when these hit the streets.
Or what's left of their faces.
- How much for all of them? - Uh, all of them? There's a limit per customer.
I guess I could ask Goldface for approval.
No, why don't we just work this out between us? How much will it cost to take all these off your hands? Thank you for meeting with me, Mr.
Oh, call me Brent.
And it's no problem.
Any interview about union reform is time well spent.
What about workers' opinions? I imagine, as a manager, you must get them all the time.
Yeah, I know most of my guys better than their wives.
So I guess it must be difficult when one of them surprises you.
Like that, um that killer that everyone's talking about, Orlin Dwyer.
Did he ever say anything that indicated how he was feeling or what he was up to? No comment.
Okay, well, did he give you any kind of clue about - where he might be now? - I said no comment.
Did he threaten you? Look, I know you're scared.
A lot of people were scared when DeVoe attacked last year.
But the Flash defeated him, partially because I wrote these articles that encouraged people to come forward with information.
We can stop Dwyer.
Okay, his paychecks went to a P.
But there was a problem once, and I had to forward to his cousin's house.
Uh, his name was, uh, Robbie something.
Robbie Robbie Byrne.
That's great.
I'm telling you, man, I don't have the authority - to okay a purchase that large.
- Uh, listen Excuse me, um, Bartholomew, a word? Just a word, yeah.
What the hell are you doing? Okay, this guy has got crates of cop-killing guns.
Would you prefer he sells them to criminals? I would prefer that you not blow our cover, and you're going to blow our cover.
Come on, man, I asked you to turn off hero mode for, like, ten minutes.
Okay, all right, whatever.
Let's not argue about this here, all right? Did you find the Field Generator? Of course I did.
But you're not gonna like who has it.
What up? What up? And welcome.
I hear something special in my collection's - caught your attention.
- You heard right.
- The Neuro-Stasis - NeuroStasis Field Generator? It's a nasty bit of business, if used properly.
There's nothing proper about the way we're gonna use it.
My kind of people.
Let's chop it up.
Let's make a deal.
Look, we gonna do a deal or what? Shut your mouth.
Unless you wanna be one-handed.
Thought not.
See, here's the thing.
Scum recognizes scum.
I'm scum.
And I've survived this long by recognizing the same.
Like you.
You're scum.
I sniffed you coming a mile away.
Thanks? But your partner, I don't sniff nothing on him.
And that worries me.
So the question is Who are you? Well, I can vouch for him.
He's just I said shut your mouth! I wanna hear it from him.
I'm only gonna ask once more.
Who are you? I'm nobody.
No arrests.
No convictions.
Not for the Star City Museum heist where atomized lorazepam knocked the guards out or the acid bomb that blew open the Federal Reserve vault last month.
That was you? Not according to police reports.
Because the only evidence I leave behind are red herrings for idiot cops to chase down.
You wanna know who I am? You can call me the Chemist.
But I really don't care what you call me.
Just stop wasting my time.
You should let him do the talking.
Yeah, I get that a lot.
Uh, so we back in business? With a twist.
Got a big job tonight.
Could use a guy like the Chemist to cover our tracks.
You help me get what I want, I'll give you what you want.
And what exactly do you want? Ivo Labs has this cutting-edge 3-D printer.
Sold it to some hospital.
What's so special about a 3-D printer? This one prints artificial organs.
If I've got it, I can sell life to the highest bidder.
You want us to rob a hospital? Of course not.
I'm not a monster.
I want you to rob the lab before it ever gets to the hospital.
Smile, boys.
Tonight you're working for Goldface.
Best birthday present ever, Ralph.
- Allô! - Oh, good, you're here.
So since you let me agree to help you with your love life Right.
I came up with an unusual idea.
- Spectacular.
- Mm-hmm.
I have asked your ex-wives for help.
What? Five women married you for a reason.
So who better to ask why they fell in love with you - than them? - Okay, except I didn't think any of them would agree, but four of them actually jumped at the chance.
- Of course they did.
- Mm-hmm.
Because I owe them money.
I'm behind on all the alimony payments, and they don't know what Earth I'm on, until now.
- What? - That's right.
Hello, Detective.
Hello, chérie.
You married the same woman seven times? Well, she's the one for me.
Darling, you can't run forever.
We'll always find you.
You're in violation - of alimony order 1152.
- Time to pay up! - Ladies.
- We know you had Superman deliver your alimony to your ex on Earth-38.
- What? - You think we don't all talk? I was hoping they don't all talk.
- Oh, no, we talk.
- We get together all the time.
- We have to talk.
- Oh, we do.
Except I can never get you on the phone.
- I text.
- Mm.
Look, I understand.
You want your money, right? So maybe we can maybe we can come to an agreement, hmm? We had an agreement, one that you're currently - in breach of.
- Uh Uh, ladies.
Ladies, just a big misunderstanding here.
Big misunderstanding.
I thought you were all coming here - to help Sherloque.
- Sherloque.
Help him? You can't help a man who thinks he knows everything.
Yeah, like the time clues led him to believe it'd be romantic to release fruit bats at our wedding.
It's because she support the endangered species, so I say fruit bat.
I do.
I was being thoughtful.
Oh, for our anniversary, he bought me a puppy dog.
That's that's not really That's kind of nice.
Thank you.
I am deathly allergic to puppy dogs.
The dander makes my throat just It's true, but studies show that more exposure to the allergens, it builds up your immune system, so I'm trying to give you a healthy life.
Again, thoughtful on my part.
Well, at least he didn't deduce that the nicest way to break up with you was to fake his own death.
- Ooh.
- Not so thoughtful.
Twice! Oh, that last one really was on you, dear.
Yeah, seriously.
Look, there's gonna be a real death here if you don't pay us our money back next month with interest.
We know where you are now.
Plus, we got a great alimony recovery agent by the name of Breacher.
Breacher? Ticktock, Sherlock.
Where you're going? - Sherloque.
- Oh, I like how you say it.
I don't mean to sound heartless, but, darling, not everyone is meant for a relationship.
Some people are just destined to be alone.
Sherloque, I We roll out in five.
Look, uh, I don't have to ask you how you feel about this.
Stealing from a hospital, that's That's way more than we bargained for.
So if you don't want to do this, I'm I'll do it.
You will? Yeah, what choice do I have? You warned me to get my head on straight for this job, and I didn't.
You had Goldface ready to give us what we needed, and I blew it trying to get those guns off the street, and here we are.
Barry, this is not your fault.
Yeah, it is.
And you were right.
If I wanna stop Cicada, I can't be so precious about getting the Flash's hands dirty.
Sometimes the ends justify the means.
I get that now.
Let's just get this over with.
Who the hell are you? Sorry, um, the door was unlocked.
I'm a reporter.
I'm Uh, I'm looking for the owner, Robbie Byrne.
I'm Robbie.
So what kind of story you writing? It's an investigative report about lead leaking into the water pipes in this neighborhood.
Is that so? Yeah.
Um, yeah.
And it would be, um, very helpful if you could answer a few questions for me.
All right.
But I haven't noticed anything strange in the water.
That's the scary thing about lead.
I mean, the first sign would probably be a trip to the hospital.
Young children are especially susceptible.
Do you have a daughter? I used to.
I'm sorry to hear that.
And what about you? Me? I'm feeling better than ever.
Well, lead poisoning can present itself - in a variety of ways.
- Look, it's late.
And I've got to get to bed soon, so Of course, Mr.
I understand.
Um, I still have a few more questions.
I mean, I could always come to your office tomorrow, if you like.
Would you prefer I see you tomorrow, then? No.
Let's finish this now.
Making tea? No, making an espresso because the mind needs more caffeine.
Um, that's just hot water.
No, no, it Nom de Dieu.
Sherloque, you know that stuff your ex-wife said isn't true, right? No, I'm destined to be alone.
- No, you're not.
- Yes, I am.
You treat love like it's a mystery that can be solved.
But you can't deduce your way to a happy ending.
You just have to let it come one step at a time and enjoy whatever step you're in.
Okay, listen up.
Get in, get out.
Our guy on the inside said the place is empty, and you all have the code and the pass cards.
Switch your weapons from stun to meet your maker.
Let's go.
Barry, let me check your rifle.
- I think it needs a new clip.
- What? Left my phone in there.
Can you check for me? We gotta - Clear.
- Move, move, move.
Ralph, there's no phone, man.
There's What are you doing? Hey, hey! What are you Ralph! You're right, Barry.
- Flash doesn't have to do this.
- What? But I can.
Hey, hey! Ralph, let me out! I can back you up, man! Don't go alone! Ralph! Ralph.
I can have your back, man! Don't go alone! Where's the Chemist? He said something about us leaving an orgy of evidence in the truck.
He's handling it.
All right, fan out and search.
Signal back when you find it.
Hey, anonymous criminal colleague, this is it.
Kind of overkill with the packaging.
Yo, this ain't a library, man.
You wanna give me a hand? Yeah, how about two? Sorry, not sorry, pal.
This baby's going to a hospital.
Honestly, I never liked you.
Take this trash out to the truck for disposal.
And his friend too.
Come on, come on.
All right, let's pack it up.
Brick! Ralph! Oh! Well, thank you, but for the record, I meant throw the brick to me.
I was trying to throw it to you.
I see you couldn't go through with it either.
Not after I saw those little kids.
Carver's in there with the printer.
There's a lot of guns.
We don't have any powers.
But these do have a stun setting.
Come on.
All in a day's work, people.
- Cover me! - Break, break, break! - Go! Watch it! - Go, go, go, go! - Where'd that come from? - I tripped.
Let's get that printer.
Barry! Don't move! I knew all that "Red Dead" would pay off.
Good help's so hard to find.
Both of you, loading dock.
Good boys.
I was hoping you wouldn't make Daddy use his belt.
Since you obeyed me, I'm not gonna blow your arms off.
I'm gonna kill you in a more traditional way.
And I prom He really should have frisked us first.
See, that's the thing My gold It don't just make me look pretty.
All right, Goldie Hawn.
Let's do this.
Since I'm going into the organ donor business, you'll be happy to know that your corpse is going to a good cause: making me rich.
Hey! Why you so mad at him? He's not the one that made you fall for a fake backstory.
Goldface, huh? More like Fool's Gold.
Good thing he didn't know this wasn't loaded.
He's alive.
Yeah, and so are we.
Thanks to you.
The Chemist? Well, I, um I should get going.
Thank you so much.
I really appreciate it.
You didn't have that bag when you came in here.
We're gonna beat you.
Well, you got pretty banged up, but your powers are already working their magic.
No signs of permanent damage.
Guess the only real loss today was our mission.
No, we'll find another way to get the Field Generator.
And besides, we did have another win today.
We took down a powerful meta-human without our powers.
That's a good reminder that even when Cicada dampens us, we have other ways to fight.
Hello? Iris? Dwyer's gone.
I'll get Iris.
- I got nothing in here.
- Ditto upstairs.
Yeah, there's no evidence here that points to where he went.
Did you find that device you needed? Maybe we don't need it.
I know how to give the cure to Cicada.
I know his weakness.
Uh, pardon.
- May I offer you a refill? - Oh, God.
No, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait.
I need to tell you something.
Don't be alarmed.
I am not a stalker.
I'm a detective.
This is how I knew all these facts about you.
I deduced them.
It's immodest to say, but I happen to be quite good at it.
- Prove it.
- Pardon? Show me.
Do, um Do that guy.
- Challenge accepted.
- Great.
So if you look at the size of his drink, small relative to his body mass.
And the hesitation but also the enjoyment with which he consumes his beverage, it's elementary.
This is a man who has a dairy allergy but still prefers to drink milk lattes, but not without consequence.
Oh, wait for it.
And - Oh.
- Et voilà.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Mm.
- You are really good at this.
- What can I say? It is a modest talent.
But I must apologize for How do they say Creeping you out.
But if perhaps you would allow yourself to forgive me, then I could buy you a tea to make it up to you.
Well, I have to go to work now.
- Ah, all right, no.
- But but I - Yes, of course.
- You can call me sometime.
Really? Well - Ah, merci.
- Mm.
I look forward to, um, sometime.
Me too.
- Mm.
So - Thanks.
Whoa, oh! - Oh, you all right? - Oh, gosh.
I guess I should have started ballet when I was three, right? - Of course, yes.
- Whoo! - Okay, bye.
- Au revoir, Miss Adler.
Ah, you're amazing.
You're a meta.
Computer on.
Close Nora West-Allen file.
Open Cicada casework.
All right.
He will not harm you.
If your mission is successful, your secret is safe.
And you and I are free to continue what we started.