The Flash (2014) s06e12 Episode Script

A Girl Named Sue

Barry, please! That's not me! This can't be happening.
Are you real? No, of course you're not.
That's it.
That's it.
I've finally lost it.
It's okay.
I-I'm real.
Oh, my I Oh, I-I I can't believe I'm talking to another person.
It's been so long.
Wait, I know you you and your husband, Joseph Carver, you founded McCulloch Technologies.
You're Eva McCulloch.
But you're supposed to be dead.
Not dead.
Just trapped.
Now so are you.
You see, until now, this place was a whole world with one inhabitant - Me.
- This must be another Earth.
Same Earth.
Another dimension.
You see, a mirror-version of Central City.
Same city, same buildings, just empty.
Who are you anyway? I'm Iris West-Allen.
I'm a reporter for "The CC Citizen.
" Never heard of it.
Not that it matters.
God, it feels so good to have a conversation that's not one-sided.
Everything is backwards.
Eva, you said that this place was a mirror-version of our own.
How is that possible? Think of it like this: our reality is observed by three dimensions: width, depth, and length.
The superstring theory posits that there are other realities, fractal dimensions humans can't see.
So Two sides.
One, our world.
The other is just some empty reflection.
I'm a quantum engineer.
It's it's my wheelhouse.
Yeah, that is a side-effect of this dimension.
I I barely notice them anymore.
How did you end up here, Eva? Six years ago, I was developing the technology to open doors to other planes of existence.
I was in my office the night Harrison Wells' dream went up in smoke.
I've been here ever since.
Dark matter must have washed over that mirror and created a doorway.
I was in this office when I got pulled in too.
But that's not all.
There is someone else on the other side of that mirror, another me.
How is that possible, Eva? A fractal variable caused by the mirror.
A duplicate of you.
You mean the mirror left a fake clone of me in the real world? We're getting out of here.
I've tried.
For six years, I've been in my own personal hell.
Eva, I have to go home.
I'm sorry you're stuck here, but I thought I was gonna die here alone.
At least now there's two of us.
Investigation into the disappearance of socialite Sue Dearbon.
Day 274 since her parents first hired me to find her.
Status update.
Sue's trail went cold in Midway City after Remington Meister provided a dead end.
However, she was there.
Meister confirmed that much.
Hey, what are you still doing here oh, seriously? Ralph.
When I left last night, you were standing here staring at the exact same board, same as the night before.
Honey, don't you think maybe it's time you got a little help? - And a shower? - Cecile, this is my process.
I work things out with the only person that can keep up with my beautiful detective mind.
- Me.
- You could work with me.
We took down the FEMA guy together, that was so great.
You're not loving that, all right.
- Um - Cecile, you know me.
I-I like doing things my own way.
Ralph every Holmes needs a Watson.
- Hang on.
- Mm-mm.
What is it? So a couple months ago, I put up these alerts on Sue's bank accounts, trusts, and credit cards.
Apparently, she just made a small deposit on.
an apartment in Central City.
See? Told you.
- Only partner I need is - This guy.
- Mm-hmm.
- See you.
Oh, wow, something definitely just died in here.
Kara and Lex Luthor? Man, this post-Crisis world gets harder to understand every day.
Right? - Man.
- What's wrong? I'm still sore from our little double date with Amunet and Goldface.
So, so weird.
Maybe you should stay home today.
No, no.
Are you working on more Black Hole stuff? Yeah, I think I am getting really close to taking this son of a bitch down.
That's the mirror gun? Yeah, it contains bleeding-edge reflective micro-chip technology.
If I can examine the gun up close, then maybe I can find some kind of small clue that connects the gun to Black Hole since McCulloch created it.
It's still in the Starchives, right? Yeah, yeah, it is.
Could you, um, get it for me? Uh I-I mean, unlocking a weapon like that sounds like a bad idea.
Barry, it's me.
I-I know, but I mean, after what just happened with you and Carver w-what if the gun fell into the wrong hands? Just like the cold gun fell into Snart's.
It won't, trust me.
Iris, I look, you I trust, but, um, the guy who just tried to to have you assassinated, not so much.
I mean, and if Black Hole had a weapon as powerful as the mirror gun, I mean, there's no telling what could happen.
Yeah, you're right.
I will um, I'll try a different angle.
I'm just being cautious.
Yeah, I know, I get it.
Have fun.
Not exactly the Ritz.
Get down! What the hell, lady? Hey, I just saved your life.
You're welcome, by the way.
Oh, my God.
It's you.
You're Sue Dearbon.
In the flesh.
And you are? No one followed us.
We're clear.
Sue, I I have been looking for you - for nine months.
- Ouch.
I hope you don't bill by the hour.
Where have you been? A-and why did your apartment explode in my face? Yeah, hate it when that happens.
Look, I'm serious.
Now who set that bomb? Why are they trying to kill you? And how long has this been going on for? Uh, my ex.
Because I know too much.
About nine months.
You done? No, I'm most certainly not done.
Why is your ex sending you explosive candy grams? Ooh, the cheap stuff.
Drinks later.
Spilling your guts to tell a tragic story? - That'd be now.
- Fine.
I fell in love with a murderer.
Happy? John Loring.
Turns out Mr.
Dreamy Muscles and charisma-for-miles was also a major arms dealer on the black market.
So why does Loring want you dead? Because I stumbled across his client lists, weapons inventory, and everything else that exposes him for the bag of crap that he is.
The first time he tried to kill me, I was asleep.
All right, well - Who are you calling, Slick? - Your parents.
To let 'em know you're safe.
What come on, I just switched plans.
John can track your phone.
You call my parents, they're dead.
All right, then, uh, we'll go to the police.
I know a Precinct Captain who can help us.
The last time I tried that, they tried to kill me too.
John's got cops on the payroll in every city he does business.
Then what's your plan to get out of this? Sue, you can't run forever.
Who says I'm running? You and Loring are hunting each other.
That's why you're in Central City.
John's in town for a massive sale.
If I can get damning evidence on what he's doing, he goes to jail.
And I go home.
I smell a mystery.
I smell Expired milk.
Look, everything is gonna be fine.
Your parents hired me to do whatever it takes to bring you home safely.
And that's what I'm gonna do.
- How? - Easy.
I'm gonna find Loring, I'm gonna get your evidence, then I'm gonna take it to CCPD.
And after I do that, I'm gonna take you home.
John's a killer.
You'd be risking your life.
For me.
If you get killed my parents are out good money.
I'm coming with you.
- 1,322.
- Okay.
Eva, there has got to be a way out of here that we haven't thought of yet.
There isn't.
There's only two options in this place: survival or madness.
1,322 Eva, my husband will be looking for me, please.
This is how it all starts! Don't you understand? You sit here and you think everything's gonna work out.
You can't possibly stay here forever, and then 1,322.
That's how many times I've tried to escape this place.
That's how many times I've failed.
1,322 reminders that I'm never leaving this place.
So please don't give me another one.
I'm having a really bad hair day.
I'm sorry.
I I've been alone for a very long time.
Well, you're not anymore.
We just need one way out of here, Eva.
That's it.
Sam Scudder.
Who? He was one of the bad guys.
He trapped someone in a mirror a few years ago.
And my friends got him out by bringing it to absolute zero.
We Eva, we just need to find some liquid nitrogen.
Well, I-I have a lab down the hall.
There should be some in there.
The nitrogen should slow down the mirror's molecules to the lowest enthalpy state possible.
Oh, my God.
This could work.
Hey, Barr.
- Hey.
- You got a sec? Yeah, what's up, Captain? - Eh.
- Yeah, that never gets old.
Yeah, it kinda does.
Um, listen.
There was a house fire on Batton Street last month.
- Okay.
- The occupant died of smoke inhalation.
I'm wondering if you could take a second look.
Joe, this case was already declared an accident.
I need, uh, fresh pair of eyes on it.
Okay, I mean, what am I looking for? Whatever you find.
Joe, I mean, I've got a mountain of cases I need to go through.
Ones that haven't been solved already.
Okay, all I can say is that you'd be doing me a favor.
And whatever you find, Barr, bring it directly to me.
Thank you.
John owns that warehouse.
That's where the deal will go down.
Where are you going? - I'm going with you.
- No, no, no, no, no.
Oh, look, I get it.
Chivalry's your brand.
You're an MIT grad, speak six languages, and you play polo.
You belong in a country club, not in the field.
You belong in the 19th Century with your Victorian, save-the-damsel-in-distress crap.
Loring doesn't know that I'm coming, so I have the element of surprise.
You, on the other hand, he might kinda know that you're coming.
Translation: stay in the car, please.
I hope Loring looks good in orange.
Uh, I don't suppose you're a fellow bird watcher? Huh.
Hey, Vin Diesel! You still want me to wait in the car? So you mind telling me how you know martial arts? My parents sent me to Kyoto for a summer.
Trained with a blind sensei.
- Taught me everything I know.
- Really? No.
I trained with a guy named Frank at a YMCA.
Will you relax? We're safe here.
John's not stupid.
Killing me in a public place? Uh-uh, it's not gonna happen.
I'm sorry, I believe he blew up an apartment - to get to you.
- That building was scheduled for demolition next month.
But he does know that someone's after him now.
It'll make him harder to get to.
Thanks to you.
Where are you going? Sorry, Slick.
I can't partner up with someone who doesn't think I can pull my own weight.
Hang on a second, Sue.
Hang on.
Will you just hang on one second, please? Look, when I take a case, I see it through to the end.
And this doesn't end until you're safe.
Do you trust me, Ralph? I just met you.
But you did save my keister.
And that means I owe you.
And I always pay my debts.
I'll take that as a yes.
So - without those pictures - We are back to square one.
Fortunately, we still have John's ledger.
He keeps a detailed record of every deal he's ever made in it.
Years of evidence against him.
But his office is still on the seventh floor of that warehouse.
Which has probably doubled its security by now.
But the sewer system, that's a good way in.
Those tunnels, they lead directly to the center - of the building.
- And then we time our entry - for when the guards - Change shifts.
And then we mosey up the stairs into Loring's office, we get the prize.
Well, you are slick.
Oh, my God, Ralph, you found her! Oh, technically, I found him.
Sue Dearbon.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Cecile Horton.
Meta-human attorney.
But I also have 20 years of experience defending non-meta-humans.
The law is my game, Cecile is my name.
I can cover you no matter what you've had going on - all this time.
- Just need a quick word.
Oh, gotcha.
Just one sec.
Listen, we're we're we're kind of in the middle of something.
Uh, Sue's been on the run for the last year.
It turns out that someone's after her.
And you're her knight in shining armor? Ralph, I love it! By the way, you two? Hmm.
When I read the both of you with my powers, I could barely tell you apart.
Like, emotionally speaking, you and Sue are definitely surfing the same wave.
Just trying to keep her safe.
I mean, it's not like we're dating.
I can't believe I didn't think of this before.
You would have, eventually.
What's happening? No.
It should've worked.
I really thought I was going back to my old life.
Eva, you will.
It doesn't even matter anymore.
My sweet Joseph.
We were so in love.
I saw him in the mirror.
I watched him for five years as he mourned, grieved, and moved on.
And I can't I I can't move on.
- Gah! - Oh, my gosh.
I didn't think anyone else would be down here.
I-I lost something down here, so.
Oh, right.
Well, that makes sense.
These Starchives are so massive.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I'm sorry, what were you doing down here? Cisco asked me to hold down the fort while he, uh He wanted me to take the inventory, so I gotta do that.
It sucks.
That's a lie.
Uh, what are you doing here? I lost Nora's journal.
I haven't seen it for a couple weeks.
And, um you know, it's the only thing I have left of my daughter, so.
- Ah, must be hard.
- You would know, wouldn't you? Now that I think about it, that's probably I am digging up the past, and, you know, maybe I should start living in the present.
- So should we all.
- Mm-hmm.
But it's difficult for you.
Isn't it, Nash? There's so much unfinished business.
- Look, Nash.
- Right.
Barry doesn't know about this.
He'll be crushed if he knew that I lost anything of Nora's, so.
Could you maybe not mention me being down here? Maybe you should mention why you're down here.
It'll be our little secret.
I always knew I liked you.
Loring's office is right up those stairs.
Last one there buys the Gingold.
Hey! Freeze! Stop or we'll shoot! - At least he's not a pack rat.
- Focus.
Um - Not finding it.
- Search faster.
- Think I've got something.
- That's not a ledger.
No, it's a key for a safety deposit box at the CC Mercantile Bank.
Where I'm guessing your ex hid the ledger for safe keeping.
Good point.
Time to go.
Whoa! Uh, we have a problem.
- Do you trust me? - Define trust.
Hang on.
Are you crazy? Sometimes? Don't let go.
We just You just You're the Elongated Man? Yeah, I'm just full of surprises.
How how did you become the Elongated Man, anyway? I was brutally experimented on by a covert organization for years.
They forced me to consume rubber-based polymer compounds.
- Seriously? - No.
I rode a bus.
So you're, like, an honest-to-God superhero.
What's that like? It's like any other job you love.
It's rewarding as hell.
But boy, the hours? Let me tell you.
You're like a good person.
I helped you get a key.
It's no ledger.
Well, Loring's ledger will definitely be in the box that goes with this.
Now we know where the box is located.
All we have to do is open it.
And then you can get back to your life.
Listen I want you to know how much I appreciate you trusting me with your secret.
It means a lot.
Uh I can call my friends at CCPD and get a warrant for Loring's deposit box.
Shouldn't take more than a day.
We don't have a day.
Loring's already spooked.
He could move that box at any minute.
I feel like our only chance at - nah, it's too crazy.
- Come on.
Share your thoughts with the class.
What if We break into CC Mercantile Bank now? Just us.
And take the ledger for ourselves.
Believe that's called stealing.
Oh, come on, Slick.
You're also a P.
You can't tell me you've always operated by the book.
No, but I can't commit a crime.
I get it.
And I respect that.
But Ralph, I'm not a hero.
So if this is the only chance I have to see my parents again, I have to take it.
Sue being a hero, it's about helping innocent people.
I'm not gonna let you do this alone.
- You're not? - No.
But we do this my way.
We get inside, get the ledger, and immediately bring it to my friends at CCPD.
Deal or no deal? Deal.
So? What did you find out? - These scorch marks.
- Mm-hmm.
They're giant burns like sunlight through a magnifying glass.
So in your expert CSI opinion The fire was started by UV light rays.
Same way Dr.
Light torched "The Citizen.
" All right, Joe.
What's going on? Look, this isn't the only file I found where it looks like something had fallen through the cracks.
All of these cases involve accidental deaths.
All the victims are associated with this guy Joseph Carver.
I'm start to think that somebody here in CCPD is helping him cover this up.
You think there's a mole here? Carver's influence runs deep, man.
Governors, mayor, CEOs.
Okay, all right, um, look, this is what Iris is already investigating.
Her lead had to do with the mirror gun that we stole from McCulloch Technologies last year.
It fell through because I wouldn't give it to her.
Why didn't you give it to her? - I mean, was it dangerous? - Yeah, yeah.
I mean, it could put her in danger.
Yeah, I don't trust what the world might do if that gun got out there.
Yeah, well, the world is crazy, but it's clear that Carver is really dangerous.
Iris is your partner and family, and I don't think we can trust this right now with anybody other than family.
I'm sorry you're not gonna see your husband again, but it's easier if you just accept it.
Eva, you said that you wanna go back to your old life.
Look, maybe it's gone, but you can start a new one.
I'm glad it's broken.
I'm glad it's broken.
I'm tired of looking at a world that doesn't want me anyway.
I'm tired of waiting for someone to come and rescue me.
And I'm sick and tired of people telling me that everything is gonna be all right.
Because it isn't.
It's never gonna be all right! Never! What just happened? I think we just found our way out of here.
And you're sure this is necessary? A credible tip came in to CCPD saying this branch was a target for robbery, so yes.
Well, this is the only way in or out of the vault.
The inner gate is fitted with an anti-theft electrical system.
Opening or closing it without the manager's key automatically activates a 50,000 volt fail-safe.
An electric fence to keep the cattle in.
- Yeah.
- Smart.
Thanks, pal.
Sweet Fancy Moses.
Huh, I understand why people are grossed out when I do that.
Your turn, Slick.
Oh, right.
You know, besides a passion for fisticuffs you've got a real knack for detective work.
You ever think about getting behind a desk? Ugh, that sounds worse than my boarding school.
Or the times my parents made me take horseback riding lessons.
Or learning French every Saturday at the US Embassy in Paris.
Gee, your childhood sounds just awful.
I didn't say it was awful.
It just wasn't me.
The truth is, I always hated the whole socialite scene.
Which is why, one day, I woke up and realized I had no idea who I was.
Guess I still haven't figured out exactly where I belong.
Poor little rich girl.
How could she be so lost? No, I I get it.
I used to wear that uniform you've got on.
I was a cop.
A damn good one.
And then that ended abruptly, and I got lost too.
And I rode that bus, and found where I belong.
So you're saying there's hope for me? There is from where I'm standing.
So, partner.
It's a big moment.
You mind if I do the honors? Of course.
You earned it.
- Found it.
- Must be a tiny ledger.
Now what do you say we get out of here and play "Mario Kart" What the hell? I guess you're not the only one that's full of surprises.
We are this close to taking down Loring.
Sue, why are you doing this? Who cares about Loring? I don't even know the guy.
I do, however, know where he keeps his valuables.
There never was a ledger.
- Keep going.
- That's why you rented an apartment in Central City.
You knew I was keeping tabs on you, so so you lured me in.
You rigged your own apartment to explode for for what? Just to sell the story of of sympathetic socialite running for her life? You bought it.
But don't feel bad.
You're a good guy.
And a hero.
You probably see the best in everyone.
Me, I see what I want and I take it.
You used my detective mind to track down Loring's deposit box.
You you played everyone.
Your parents are desperate to find you.
Do they even know what you really are? No.
That's our little secret.
If they found out their only daughter was a thief, they'd be devastated.
So you keep your mouth shut about who I am, I keep mine shut about who you are.
Deal, Elongated Man? Sue, was anything you told me real? Yes.
And no.
See you around, Slick.
You're all under arrest.
Nice try, officer.
But I have a silent alarm on my deposit box.
So I know you stole that from me.
No phone.
Can't stretch through these bars without getting seriously toasty.
Always come prepared.
- You don't wanna do this.
- Yeah, I do.
I'm that guy.
You're not getting rid of me that easily.
- Give us a minute.
- Kill 'em both.
I'm inside you? Do you have any idea how disgusting this is? - I'm saving your life.
- No, you're not.
We are not partners.
I have handled being shot at before.
Why does that not surprise me? - Let me out.
- Sure, I'll let you out.
And then I'll take you to Iron Heights as soon as these idiots run out of ammo.
Ugh, do you ever shut up? Do something.
I am doing something.
What's your contribution to this quaint little scenario? Oh, wait, nothing.
This is all your fault.
Always come prepared.
Is there anyone that doesn't want to kill you? Not really.
I have really gotta learn Spanish.
You want the diamond? Come and get it.
Looks like we've both been had.
She softened him up.
Let's finish the job.
It's all yours, Captain West.
Thanks, Flash.
Clear this out, guys.
- Hey, bud.
- Flash.
- Yeah.
- It's him.
He's the one who robbed us.
Excuse me? That's a case of mistaken identity, sir.
I'm sure Captain West can explain.
It's all right.
Hey man, I'm sorry I got word late, but I searched the whole area.
Ultraviolet's gone.
- Couldn't stop her.
- But don't worry, we'll get her.
I promise.
I wasn't talking about Ultraviolet.
Loring's in custody, but facial recognition isn't picking her up anywhere in Central City.
Looks like Sue Dearbon has vanished.
That's on me.
She played me, Iris.
Like Coltrane's soprano sax.
Ralph, you can't beat yourself up.
I mean, it's not like you knew who you were dealing with.
I'm supposed to be a master detective! Ralph, we've all put our trust in people who have betrayed us.
God knows I have.
I'm gonna go tear down my crime board.
It's gonna take him a while to get over this one.
Hey, Joe told me that you came by CCPD today.
I think I know why you didn't come say hi.
What happened to it falling into the wrong hands? These are the right hands.
Joe and I found evidence linking Carver's assassins to more killings.
Crimes that CCPD thought were accidents.
Black Hole is a lot more dangerous than I even realized.
But if you can use this in your investigation in any way to bring down Carver and his people faster, then that's a good thing.
And while I don't trust the world I do trust you.
With everything.
Thank you.
You have a connection to the mirror, even when it's broken.
Now who sounds crazy? I've seen a lot of strange things in the last six years.
You being able to control that mirror is the least of it.
Sam Scudder could even travel through them.
Well, I'm not a meta-criminal who jumps through mirrors to rob banks.
I know.
You're much more than that.
We're the only people in this world, Eva, so trust me when I say that you're stronger than you think.
You're a survivor.
Now prove it.
You did it.
Now keep going.
1,323 I'm still with you.
How did I do that? I don't know.
But I promise you, we will figure it out.
Game on.

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