The Flash (2014) s06e18 Episode Script

Pay the Piper

Think about Witness Protection.
[Iris West.]
Dad, we should do this way more often.
Wherever I go, part of me is with you.
I don't think I can do this.
I have to go.
It's the only way to keep our family safe.
Hands up.
Don't move.
You scared the bejesus outta me.
Oh, my God, what happened? Oh! [Barry.]
It's Iris.
Wally warned me that something was off with Iris.
And then Sunshine attacked Frost.
I noticed that she was being weird with you.
Cold, even.
I just didn't say anything.
- It's not your fault.
- Well, it feels like it.
- Where are the other duplicates now? - Iris' copy is gone.
She It shattered into a million pieces right in front of me.
I know it wasn't her.
But right before it happened, she seemed so alive.
Almost like she was really back.
I'm trying to have hope that it's all gonna work out, but I can't help feeling Joe, what if I can't save her this time? I believe that you can.
But, do you? They're just gone? What does that even mean, "Mirrorverse"? Can we even get them back? Oh, my God, we have to warn David's husband.
I've been living with some copy of Kamilla while the real one's trapped somewhere? Eva said they're safe for now.
And you're taking her word for it? - For all we know, they're dead already - They're not.
So just You don't even think about that.
We have to think about that.
What if creating Kamilla's duplicate actually killed the real Kamilla? Same thing with Singh, same thing with Iris.
- Hello? - What do you want me to say? Anything! That we have a plan, that we'll get them back.
I don't have a plan, Cisco! Eva can move anywhere, through any mirror in the universe in the blink of an eye.
She's faster than I am, and somehow I'm supposed to stop her? And still hope to God that Iris and everybody else is still alive in a world that we don't even understand! [banging table.]
Hey! Hey.
You're both right, okay? You're both right.
But we cannot fall apart.
We need to work the problem, not tear each other down.
So here's what I'm gonna do.
I am gonna call David's husband, and I'm gonna see if he has seen Singh's duplicate.
I'll check the Bentley Building.
Mirror-Iris and Kamilla were alone there a lot.
Maybe they left something behind.
You want company? Maybe you should find something else to do.
Look, you can come with me.
I'm gonna see if I can dig up any details on this Eva McCulloch.
If the Mirrorverse is just another dimension, there might be a way to enter vibrationally.
Caitlin's still on the mend, so I can't ask her for help.
I guess that means I'm doing this one on my own.
Barry, look, I understand how you're feeling.
Cecile, I know you're trying to help me.
I appreciate it, but right now, I'm gonna work on the Artificial Speed Force, I just There's no point in finding Eva if I'm useless against her.
[Iris West.]
I read Eva's secret files, and now I know that there's a mirror version of Kamilla, which means that the real Kamilla must be in here somewhere.
I have to find her.
I can't think straight.
Eva calls it "neural dissonance," the way that your mind changes here.
I'm leaving this here for you in case you find it.
But don't find me.
Barry [sobs.]
no matter what worlds try to keep us apart I will always be with you.
[taps keyboard.]
[electronic chirp.]
How dumb am I, huh? Yeah, that feeling's going around.
I've been working side-by-side with duplicates this whole time.
Some budding reporter I am.
Wait, does that mean I'm in charge of The Citizen? How the hell am I supposed to [whooshing.]
[Barry groans.]
You're the one who stopped the others.
I'm not impressed.
What do you want? [Nash.]
Thank you.
I was looking for a reason to test out this Pulse Cannon.
This isn't over.
Didn't you say all four Godspeeds were locked up at Iron Heights? Those are just cybernetic drones with modem-speak.
This one was talking.
And, by the way, do you not happen to have protective protocols for this place? Do not put this on me.
I'm trying to figure out a way into the Mirrorverse.
What were you doing? I was saving our speedster.
Oh, good for you.
You did something.
Thank you.
Could I have a parade? You don't seem to be doing anything else.
- What? What? - Stop.
Just give it a [Dibny sighs.]
What are you thinking? Uh Cisco, you're the schmiencey guy.
Must have some kind of a plan, right? Cisco, you still You still with us, bud? Ralph, please, I'm trying to get our friends back right now.
Allegra, you said Godspeed's lightning caused some sort of blast.
Yeah, he was like a friggin' lightning storm in the room.
But it was his thunder that did the damage.
Not thunder.
Makes sense.
You go fast enough, you create a sonic boom, velocity transmutes into vibrations in the air.
Only this Godspeed figured out a way to reverse those vibrations, and use them to extract speed from a speedster.
Okay, so he's power hungry.
How do we stop him? Well, we'd need a really, really deep understanding of vibrational sonics.
Do we have that? Not really.
I know who could help us.
Hartley Rathaway.
Who's Hartley Rathaway? He is an expert in psychoacoustics and sonic vibrations.
He used to work for S.
Also, a jerk who hates us so much he tried to julienne your insides.
It turns out that he hates the Flash even more post-Crisis, only we don't really know why.
I know why.
My Crisis research dug up the answer to that.
[woman screaming.]
Henchmen? No, it was only me and Hartley.
Not in this timeline.
The Pied Piper's Band of Merry Men tried to flank you while you were distracted playing Musical Cars.
Yeah, you clocked them, but when one of them tried to shoot at you, you countered with a lightning bolt.
That lightning collided with the weapon's blast, and Turns out, that was Hartley's right-hand man, Roderick Smith.
[phone vibrating.]
It's Frost.
Sorry, guys, I gotta I gotta check on this.
Roderick Smith is being held in an energy-containment unit in Mercury Labs.
Apparently, it's the only thing that's keeping him from completely disintegrating.
I guess that's a no to Pied Piper's help.
Well, he did almost kill us, so Let's not bicker over who killed who.
We can fix this.
Just make his right-hand man right again, this Roderick fellow, and then maybe Hartley will agree to a little quid pro quo.
I have a theory.
I got your text.
Are you okay? Is the wound getting worse? Ralph, I'm fine.
As fine as anyone with a chronic light bullet avulsion can be in their chest.
This patch is keeping me stable for now.
Then, what's the emergency? Payback.
I just wanted to say thank you for everything you've done for me this year.
For taking me to an art show, and teaching me to how to get in touch with emotions I didn't even know I had.
That's what life coaches are for.
Well, I know I've still got a long way to go, but I'm leaving soon, so we might not be able to finish this.
You getting better is our number-one priority.
And your mom is the expert on all things ice, so she'll patch up that wound of yours, and then we can pick up where we left off.
- I could be gone for a long time.
- Okay.
But you are coming back, right? Look, Ralph, forget it.
I just I wanted to say goodbye to an old friend.
Look friends say, "So long," or, "Until we meet again.
" They They don't really say goodbye.
So, why don't you just tell me what's really bothering you? I'm fine.
Just stop trying to smell a mystery or whatever.
Too late.
The Tannhauser tech it's the only stuff that can fix you, but you don't really wanna go, do you? Just drop it.
It's not the tech, is it? It's the person behind it.
Frost, why don't you wanna see Carla? Because she's not my mom, okay? She's Caity's.
- You don't really mean that.
- Yeah.
I do.
Carla doesn't know me.
After all these years, it's just been her and Caity.
Hey you're her daughter, too.
I'm the cold, dark part of her daughter that she tolerates.
If that were even true why would I be sitting here, worried about you? 'Cause you're a good guy, Ralph.
And you're an equal member of Team Flash just like Caitlin.
And you are just as important.
And if you can't see that for yourself then maybe you're right.
Maybe you do have a long way to go.
Hello, Flash.
I heard you coming from a mile away.
Hartley I know what happened now, and I'm sorry.
[The Flash panting.]
Something wrong with your speed? Look I'm trying to make things right with you.
Now you're sorry? I think I can help Roderick.
What do you know about Roderick? I know his condition's my fault.
But I think I can fix it, if you'll give me the chance.
And? And, if you're willing, I could use your help.
- There's a new speedster - Hmm.
Here we go.
He's a threat to the whole city, Hartley.
He's using sound waves.
You're the only person we know that can stop him.
- Lives - I don't care.
I swear, - I wanna help Roderick.
- Well, you can't.
- Let me try.
- I said you can't help him.
Don't you get it? No one can.
I thought I could stabilize his molecules with my sonics, but [screaming.]
I wasn't strong enough.
So you sent him to Mercury Labs.
We think we can help him.
Let us show you.
Who is this "we," and "us"? Harrison Wells? Nash Wells, actually.
Harrison Wells was my doppelganger.
Your doppelganger? [Nash.]
How to explain Okay, so there was this big event.
We called it Crisis - He's his twin.
- He's my twin.
Twice blessed.
We think that there may actually be a way to help Roderick.
I've seen this kind of molecular disembodiment before.
All right, bear with me.
I think if we combine concentrated light energy with an inert gas with a high thermal conductivity, it may actually slow down Roderick's molecules, and give him his body back.
So basically combine light with helium.
I'm the smartest guy in the room, I get it.
You fix Roderick then maybe I'll help you.
Kamilla? Wait, what are you doing? - It's me, Iris.
- You're the one who sent me here.
No! Whoever she was, that was not me, I swear.
Then tell me something only the real Iris would know.
Cisco is the love of your life.
Uh And you knew it from the moment you met him, when you were bartending at the Liquid Kitty.
He is the most brilliant man that you know, and he always makes you laugh.
You are the only person allowed to wear his Chewbacca t-shirt.
The one that his parents gave him when he was 14 years old.
It's you.
Thank God.
After you or whoever looked like you shot me with that Mirror Gun, I just woke up here totally alone.
You never saw Eva? Eva McCulloch, Carver's wife.
She's alive? She's here? She's the meta behind all of this, and now she's escaped into our world.
Then we have to get back.
I gathered all the items that the Mirror Gun sent here.
I've been analyzing them for clues, but the data keeps getting all wonky when I try to see the screen.
- [breathing heavily.]
- Hey, you okay? No.
No, I'm not.
But you are.
The neural dissonance hasn't affected you yet.
It's this condition that affects our minds in this Mirrorverse.
That explains the screens.
When I look at them too long, I get a headache.
Yeah, that's how it started for me.
With Eva's computers, everything was broken and fractured, but now I can read them.
[Kamilla echoing.]
You can help us get out of here.
Uh, you know, I can't.
It hurts.
The truth hurts.
We shouldn't be here.
We should not be here.
I should not be here.
Not much has changed.
Labs, still keeping mediocre engineers around, I see.
Do we have to work with this douchebag? Look, I've heard that you two hate each other, but let's just focus.
A few months ago, I theorized there might be a mechanical way to open a breach to an alternate dimension.
Looks like an engine for focusing subatomic vibrations, or, as you would say, "vibes.
" Oh, please, I figured that out ages ago.
The hair? Dead giveaway, Ramon.
You too, Flash.
It was only three facilities in the state that could build a suit with that much bleeding-edge tech.
But only one of them had someone brilliant enough to build it.
- Thanks.
- Harrison Wells.
- There it is.
- [Hartley.]
What I don't get is why you need a machine, when you could just use your damn vibes.
Unless you can't vibe anymore.
Ooh, ouch.
You lost your meta mojo.
Well, you could try being a barista, maybe.
I gave up my powers by choice.
You know, I'm making this so that I can save the person I love the most.
But I wouldn't expect you to understand that, Hartley.
The person you love the most is yourself.
- Come find me when you're ready to work.
- [phone vibrating.]
Cecile just got Roderick back from Mercury Labs.
He's here.
Here's what I need from you.
I need you to direct a concentrated UV blast into the reception conduit.
Now, this containment unit, I am going to release helium into it, and when those two things collide, pop, it should lock Roderick's molecules back into human form.
You ready? We'll go on three.
One, two - three.
- [gas hisses.]
It's working.
No, no, wait.
Wells, enough.
- Stop! You're hurting him! - Nash.
[gas hisses.]
Hartley, I'm sorry.
But we can try I was stupid for trusting you.
Don't ask me for anything, ever.
My world is over.
I hope yours burns.
Give me your velocity, or your city pays.
You have one hour.
You're not fast enough to stop me.
None of you are.
Death will rain down on your city, Flash, unless you give me what I want.
Choose wisely.
I don't think these equations are gonna help fix Roderick that much, plus, we simply need a better bonding agent.
You do that.
I'm working on the artificial Speed Force right now.
Nash! Hey, Nash, what the hell? I've been working on these all day.
You're wasting time, why? You don't have to tell me, we don't know each other.
You'd talk to Joe and Iris but they're not here.
Whose fault is that? - Whose fault is that? - Mine! All right? Is that what you want me to say? I'm supposed to lead this team.
Now, I don't even know what to tell them.
When I lost Maya Every day since then, I wanted to say, "Hey, listen, I'm sorry.
It was my fault.
" But she's gone.
When I was Pariah, and I watched my mistake burn down the multi-verse, I wanted to tell those people I'm sorry, but they were gone, and it was over.
And this is not over for you! You can find your way out of this.
All you have to do is trust yourself.
How am I supposed to do that? I just lived with an impostor for five weeks.
Forgive yourself.
You showed me that.
Now it's time for you to do it for you.
And you know what, if you can't, do it for Iris.
I just miss her so much.
Without her here, it feels like I know why Hartley's world is over.
Thank you, Nash.
Whoa, hey.
Look, I know you're hurting.
I do.
But I was with Kamilla when Bloodwork's monsters attacked.
And you gotta trust me that no matter where she is, your girl knows how to take care of herself.
Yeah, I know, I know.
It's just [sighs.]
When Kamilla's around, I want to show her I'm strong.
I want to believe I'm making the right decisions.
She gives me the confidence I need, but she's [sighs.]
She's not here.
And all I can think about is the hero I used to be.
He was just full of life, and he wasn't afraid to do the impossible.
He was He was Vibe, you know? He had all the answers.
Sometimes, he was the answer.
If Kamilla is not here, and Vibe is gone What if What if you don't have all the answers, and you're making the wrong decisions? Cisco, Kamilla did not fall in love with your powers.
She fell in love with you.
You and that big, beautiful brain of yours.
Boo-hoo, Cisco Ramon isn't Vibe anymore.
You know what he is? He is a damn brilliant engineer who has never backed down from doing the impossible before.
You gonna start now? No, ma'am.
You okay? [Iris West.]
I let Eva manipulate me all this time and now the neural dissonance is getting worse.
How did I let that happen? My skill as a reporter is being able to see the truth, but Eva proved to me that I can't trust my instincts or myself.
You weren't the only one she tricked.
Your duplicate tricked me, everyone, even Barry.
Don't beat yourself up for not being perfect.
Of course, Eva would want you to see your strength as a weakness.
That's how she's kept you trapped.
But if you want to escape, you have to trust yourself again.
I do.
So, where do we start? There is one other duplicate that Eva created, Chief Singh.
We should find him.
If we're gonna go home, we're all going home, together.
Get out! - I know why you're so upset.
- You don't know anything about me.
I know what it's like to be responsible for losing the person I love.
Roderick, he's not just another hired gun, is he? He's my boyfriend.
The love of my life.
I put him in the line of fire when I fought you, meaning that what happened to him is my fault.
You're not the only one to blame.
I threw the lightning, remember? I gave him the weapon that made you defend yourself.
And then, when I couldn't help him You got him the help he needed.
He was better off at Mercury Labs than with me.
I was useless.
Someone just reminded me that we're no good to the people that we love if we can't find the strength to move forward, and forgive ourselves.
Thanks, Oprah.
[Cisco on PA.]
Hey, we got a big problem at Iron Heights.
You can stay here, or you can be the person that Roderick fell in love with.
It's your call.
- Hey.
- [rapid beeping.]
Satellites just picked up a massive energy surge in the Meta-Wing.
- [alarm blaring.]
- [electricity crackling.]
It's gone.
Get a video feed.
What happened in there? I'm trying.
Oh, crap.
Every Godspeed we caught till now, he took all their speed.
Record this.
You have one minute, Flash.
After that, someone dies every 60 seconds until you surrender what's mine.
I have to stop him.
- Wait, wait.
- What? Look, I know you want to do this, but you don't have a lot of speed, okay? We need to call C.
or A.
, anyone who Godspeed is my responsibility.
I have to face him.
- Barry - I have enough speed left to do this.
Even if I don't, I have to try.
I have to try.
Someone dies every 60 seconds - until you surrender what's mine.
- [Cisco.]
a lot of speed.
speed is my responsibility.
I have to face him.
I have to try.
I have enough speed left to do this.
- [Godspeed.]
Someone dies - [Barry.]
I have to try.
- [Godspeed.]
Someone dies - [Barry.]
Even if I don't, I have to try.
I have to try.
I have to try.
Time's up, Flash.
Have you come to give me what's mine? You have to catch me first.
He's running at Mach Five.
He's moving faster than you.
But I know this city better than him.
Barry! [grunting.]
You're pathetic.
You don't deserve the speed you were given.
We do.
I didn't think you were coming.
I didn't save you so we could chat.
That's your backup? It won't help.
Hartley, I can't stop Godspeed, he's too powerful.
God, how thick are you? Roderick got hurt when the lightning you threw collided with the vibrational force of his weapon.
The result was a thermogenic blast capable of rendering him unstable at a molecular level.
- Just duplicate that force - And Godspeed's toast.
Flash! Now you'll feel the real power of speed.
[thunder rumbling.]
You ready? Let's do it.
[gauntlet clicking, beeping.]
[computer beeping.]
Where is he going? Barry, you're going the wrong way.
Wait for it.
Now, Flash! - They crossed streams! - They crossed streams! - Hartley, thanks for coming after me.
- Yeah, don't mention it.
You won another battle against some speed-freak, and I lost everything.
I promise we'll figure something out.
Okay, haven't seen that one before.
[The Flash.]
Is that Godspeed's blood? [Cisco.]
Satellite readings indicate it could be some kind of biogenic electrolyte secretion.
- It's charged sound.
- It's charged sound.
Oh, boys I do believe we found the solution we're looking for.
How does it work? Normal sound waves need to have a transmission medium to move through, but charged sound builds its own.
Normal sound can temporarily reattach molecular bonds.
A charged sound can permanently attach them.
It's like a permanent bonding agent.
Hartley, this will stabilize Roderick.
If you hurt him, I'll hurt you.
- Ready? - Ready.
- Hartley.
- I'm here.
I thought I'd lost you.
Come on.
You know I'm a little harder to get rid of than that.
So what happened? Last thing I remember, we were at the dam, and the Flash, he He helped bring you back.
We'll give you guys some space.
I'm glad we reunited the happy couple, but I have to say, I am super relieved to finally get rid of Godspeed.
And this one talks, so now we know we got the real August Heart behind bars.
That's not the real Godspeed.
Once he was placed in a meta-dampening cell, I questioned him as the Flash, and all he could say was, "The one who sent me wants infinite velocity.
" When you were fighting Godspeed, he said, "We deserve your speed.
" - Who's "we"? - Does "we" include the one who sent him? - He couldn't tell me.
- Because he stopped talking.
And started chirping like a broken modem just like the rest of them.
So, I came to apologize.
So you broke in? My front door is locked.
I may have slipped under the doorframe.
So I guess I actually have two things to apologize for.
Um Listen, I shouldn't have been so harsh.
It's okay.
You were right.
I have a long way to go.
No, you don't.
A "dib-ploma"? Congratulations on graduating Life Coach school.
- Ralph, this is ridiculous.
- You know what's ridiculous? You thinking that you're not as important as Caitlin.
And being intimidated by a parent? That's normal.
Frost, I was ten when my dad walked out on Mom and me.
You don't think a day goes by where I'm not absolutely terrified that he's going to show up at my front door? - He walked out on you guys.
He's a jerk.
- Yeah and a part of me still wants to see him.
I guess I'm afraid Carla might actually want to get to know me, and then - she'll see me for who I really am.
- And that is the ironic part to me.
'Cause, Frosty, you are one awesome human being.
You were just afraid that Carla was gonna reject you, so you rejected her first.
Not anymore.
And that is why you're ready to graduate.
Damn, I really am one hell of a life coach.
Yeah, you are.
I don't know how to thank you.
I We lost everything when we lost each other.
Even hope.
Thank you for not giving up.
You gave us back us.
I owe you.
We both do.
Good luck.
Just, maybe stay out of diamond stores for a while? No promises.
- Will you give us a sec? - Yeah.
Okay, look, you know I'm not exactly the "let's hug it out" type, so I'll just say this.
You gave me my world back.
You'll get your world back, too.
But you have to do more than just forgive yourself.
You have to believe that your world can change.
That's the part I had forgotten.
Thanks for reminding me.
We've all lost so much this year.
Our power.
Our love.
Our family.
At times, it's even felt like there's nothing left to lose.
Like everything that matters has already been taken and our lives are empty, hollow inside.
Some things can't be taken.
Look around this room.
We still have our faith in each other, and our will to fight for those we love.
This is what we'll never lose.
Eva McCulloch has never faced us head-on.
That's about to change.
We're gonna find her.
Beat her and get back everyone.
Amen to that.
You just tell me where to stretch.
And blast.
Sounds violent.
I'm in.
I have an idea.
A way to get our people out of the Mirrorverse.
We need a lossless, self-sustaining source of perpetual energy.
Sounds like you're talking about the holy grail of science.
- A perpetual motion machine.
- [Cisco.]
That's right.
Hartley had some ideas.
I actually think we can build one.
We're just missing one component, and thanks to my travels, I know exactly where to find it.
Finally, Crisis pays off in a good way for once.
I know time is crucial, but don't worry.
I'll hurry back.
Can I come? [Barry.]
Actually, if you don't mind, I'd like for you to stay.
Team Flash needs as many hands on deck as possible.
Now let's get to work.
I'm coming for you, Joseph.

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