The Flash (2014) s07e07 Episode Script

Growing Pains

Who's hungry? [Iris West.]
I didn't think you'd be out of bed already.
There was a car fire on Route 220 and I thought I'd bring home some breakfast, but this looks a lot better.
Is that blueberry compote? [Speed Force as Nora Allen.]
Freshly mashed and paired with a savory bacon and baked egg Danish.
Speed Force.
Are you okay, Barry? You're not still feeling the effects of Psych's attack, are you? No, I'm good.
I just I had no idea that you could cook.
Bobby Flay has got nothing on Nora.
You know, it's funny.
Cooking is the process of combining ingredients with heat to create molecular change.
But this feels like so much more.
- Huh.
- Mimosa? Sure.
Actually, I think I'm good.
So Chester has all the satellites scanning for the new Forces.
There is the Sage Force, the Strength Force, and now the Still Force.
So far, no hits on any of their isotopic signatures.
Well, it's still good that you're here with us.
The last time the Forces attacked you, you almost died.
I don't want to burden anyone.
[Iris West.]
You're not.
You know, in a weird way, it's like you've been a part of this family all along.
Are you okay? Yeah.
I'm just a little worried about the fact that my powers are glitching again.
Especially since I just got 'em back.
Well, I can call Caitlin.
Have her run some more tests.
How do you feel now? I feel fine.
I just I don't know what happened.
Actually, I think I'm the reason.
Since I'm here now, I'm increasing your abilities as best I can.
It may take some getting used to, but you'll need it if the other Forces come back.
[phone vibrating.]
That's work.
I gotta go.
I should come with you.
- Oh.
- I'm like your battery now.
If Fuerza and Psych are back Yeah.
No, I don't Having you at a crime scene might not be a great idea.
You've already been hurt once.
I can help boost your speed.
I know.
I know.
It's just It might just be like a traffic accident or something.
So, just Let me find out.
Of course.
But don't worry.
If you need me, I'll sense it and I'll be there in a heartbeat.
So I'm gonna go.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I hope he's okay.
[clears throat.]
One count of aggravated assault one count of attempted murder two counts of kidnapping.
It's a good thing you never lived up to your original name.
I thought once you started helping people CCPD dropped their investigation.
Yeah, they did.
They did.
But the state never officially dropped its charges.
Which means Kristen Kramer has everything that she needs to put you in Iron Heights.
I'm gonna find Kramer and I'm gonna kick her ass.
No! No, you're not! Kramer is former Army Intelligence.
Wherever she goes, heads roll.
Just Look, I'm not some thug anymore, okay? I've grown.
I know that, honey.
I do.
Look, I'm one of the people that you kidnapped.
My advice to you as your attorney is to lay low.
So Frost can't do superhero stuff anymore? Nope.
Not out in the field.
Look, Frost, you're an artist, okay? Just take some time off.
Chase those canvases.
Just do it all here at S.
Labs where you're safe.
I just got a life and now you're telling me I can't live it.
For a little while, yeah.
Look, Kramer is appointed by the Governor, right? She doesn't get results, she's gonna get reassigned.
Frost, I know this isn't fair, but it's our best option right now.
- Fine! I'll quarantine here.
- [phone vibrating.]
Blazing Bessie Blount! I just got my first solo crime scene call.
Cisco and Kamilla are away and all.
I'm the only CCPD tech consultant around.
I wonder what it is.
Maybe a 10-90.
Maybe it's a 10-11.
Oh, snap! It's a 10-35! Frost, I am so sorry.
But I It's fine.
Go have your fun, Peralta! [Chester.]
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Holy baby Grogu! What happened here? This delivery van was full of tech and was hit by a perp in an ice attack.
Apparently, some experimental microchip was stolen.
Doesn't sound so bad.
What's all that? The driver.
Looks like Killer Frost has been busy.
I know how this looks, but there are other criminals that use ice to commit crimes, like Leonard Snart.
Snart was a man with a gun.
Runk you're our new technical consultant on meta-human affairs, what's your take on all this? [clears throat.]
Well ma'am [sputtering.]
Shoot! Dark matter levels are [device beeping.]
Dark matter levels here are Well Well, they're off the charts.
That doesn't mean it's Frost.
Look, you see the pattern in these ice crystals here.
They're dendritic, like tree branches.
Frost's ice crystals are usually hexagonal.
It's Killer Frost, Officer Allen.
And you seem to know a lot about her powers.
Yeah, I've worked her crime scenes, and she's never killed anyone.
Until now, apparently.
Officer Allen is our department's top forensics examiner, ma'am.
If there's any evidence here that we can use, he will find it.
And Killer Frost is still out there.
Captain, I hate to pull rank, but Governor Williamson gave me special authority in order to address the city's long-standing meta-human problems.
We need to keep public safety in mind.
- Agreed.
- Good.
Because I'm going to ask the DA's office to issue a warrant for Killer Frost's arrest.
I'm gonna need you and your officers for backup.
I'll alert the Meta-human Task Force.
Thank you.
I need to update the Governor's office.
Excuse me.
Joe, you can't be serious.
We all know Frost didn't do this.
What am I supposed to say, Barry? Yes, Frost did spend the evening with Caitlin? You can't give Kramer her alibi without admitting that you've talked to a fugitive.
That's a real catch-22, two, two I'm sorry.
My timing on that was terrible.
I'm just gonna go tell Frost what's going on.
We can't let Kramer arrest Frost.
You don't think I know that? But we gotta follow orders.
So what are we supposed to do? Frost can't lay low forever.
The only thing we can do, Barr.
Find the real meta-human that did this.
All right.
That looks painful.
You said you had something important to tell Frost.
Okay, well there's a new ice-meta in town who killed an IVO Labs employee.
But Kristen Kramer thinks that it was you, so she kind of ordered Joe to put the Meta Task Force on alert while she gets a warrant for your arrest.
What? Why didn't Joe and Barry stop her? Because, technically, she's their boss.
She's also a very intimidating person.
But don't worry.
We're doing everything we can to get this cleared up.
Me and Caitlin are even trying to fix one of HR's transmogifiers to work for you.
Thanks, Runk.
Look is there anything else I can do? I mean, you know, if you need to talk or vent or get the weight off your shoulders, Chester P.
is all ears.
All right? Go tech-out, Chuck.
We'll be fine.
She's starting cardio anyway.
Okay, he's gone.
What's the plan? I'm gonna do 12 miles.
Five years in Iron Heights over here.
You think I can't tell when someone's lying? Plus, there's no way you'd stay put here.
You're going after Kramer.
No, not that.
You're going after this new ice-meta yourself.
I'm coming with you.
No, you're not.
So you're gonna do this alone? What about the rest of Team Flash? I need to handle this myself.
There are places that Team Flash can't go.
Hell, I used to work at some of them.
And you aren't gonna say a thing.
I used to be a freakin' car thief, Frost.
I know how to talk to criminals.
I'm not looking for a criminal.
I am looking for a killer.
You wanna help me? Cover my ass.
If I need backup, I'll call.
You must see a lot of strange crime scenes working in this city.
Yeah, this case is another one.
Usually, I'd find dark matter dispersed evenly throughout meta-produced ice.
But from what I can tell, this ice has dark matter, just only on the surface.
What would cause that? I don't know, but I'm gonna find out.
I'll let you work.
Have you been here the whole time? She admires you.
Who What, Kramer? Okay, well, look, she could be back any second.
Not to mention, a dozen other officers.
So I thought you were gonna spend the day with Iris.
Well, I told her I needed to stretch my legs.
You know, it's just like you said.
The ice is different.
The particles inside all this, I can feel them.
They're compacted, constrained.
Like on a molecular level.
You know what? I Um I need to get this back to my lab.
If I can No! Hey! Hey! If I can figure out why this ice is different, it might lead to the real Right.
On my way.
[car thuds.]
- Allen? - Hey! What are you doing? [sputtering.]
I'm tracking footprints from our suspect.
They led me out here.
So - Where? - What? The No, they're hard to detect without one of these [clicks tongue.]
infrared Cutting-edge tech.
- Yeah.
- Impressive.
Keep up the good work.
[engine starts.]
I like her.
Yeah Look, I really appreciate your help, but I got it from here.
So I'll see you back at the loft, okay? Of course.
I understand.
[up-tempo music playing.]
The place was a lot more lively when I worked here.
Here for the ambiance? Looking for a meta who likes ice.
A missing relative? Ha-ha, funny guy.
Look, I used to do your job.
I know a good bar slinger keeps his ears open more than any of these losers.
I might know a few things.
Because you're a bartender who tends bar.
I'm looking for intel.
Something was taken from IVO Labs this morning.
- Do you know anything about that? - No.
But I do know a bit about science.
If you take a hydrometer to a bottle of Plymouth Gin, you'll find that it has a specific gravity of.
Which means, a liqueur like, say creme de noyaux here, will sink right to the bottom.
Ergo the secret to the smoothest cocktail is density.
That is not bad.
Famous Killer Frost likes my work.
I'll call the Citizen.
It's just Frost now.
Turn that up.
So in light of the violence at IVO Labs this morning, the Central City Police Department is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the meta-criminal known as Killer Frost.
If you have any knowledge on the whereabouts of Killer Frost immediately call the Meta-human Task Force.
[intense music playing.]
I had him.
Guess I wasted an IPA then.
["Hot in Herre" by Nelly playing.]
It's hot in So hot in here Oh It's gettin' hot in here Take a picture, why don't you? [scoffs.]
See you around sometime.
Hey, Frost.
There's a new meta in town.
It's got a thing for experimental tech.
Keeps it all at the old Wieringo complex off Route 119.
If he's the guy, you're gonna find him there.
What's that gonna cost me? How 'bout a second visit? Just ask for Mark.
- And a sprinkle of that - Ah, ah Let itjust fall out - I like it when ya - Ah, ah - Girl, baby make it - Ah, ah [Chester.]
Dude! The 24-hour news cycle picked up on Kramer's John Wick: Parabellum move.
It's a great movie.
"Yeah, I'm thinking I'm back.
" And I'm thinking we need to focus.
Frost is safe at S.
Labs for now but Kramer's not gonna back down, not until we find proof.
Check this out.
Look at these cryo-membranes.
Speed Force is right.
It's way past compacted.
Now if we can just figure out why.
Barry, these computers are way slower than you are.
I mean, this much data, it's gonna take all night.
Cool, but scary.
I can feel how frustrated you are.
How can I help? Look, it's okay.
We've got this.
Totally! I mean, we are like the Power Rangers of forensic science, basically.
Speed Nora here is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.
She's like our Zordon.
Say, can white hole singularities actually exist without mass? Yes.
I knew it! I knew it! Barry, we don't have to crunch data all night.
Nora can do it right now.
It's our job to find answers.
Of course.
But You know, Nora is a literal Force of Nature.
- He's right.
Just let me - No.
[clears throat.]
We need to do this ourselves.
Maybe just this once? [panting.]
Anybody else taste pennies? It takes like there's 78 cents in my mouth.
Barry, what did you do? You've lost everything.
What did I do? I didn't lose the data that was supposed to clear Frost.
You did.
By being here.
I was only trying to help.
I didn't ask for any! Guys, maybe we should take five.
Barry, you helped me be reborn.
And now you're keeping me safe.
Of course I wanna help you.
I keep telling you I didn't ask for help.
Look, you chose me to be the hero, so let me be the hero.
I'm sorry about that.
You know what I meant, right? [clattering in distance.]
[indistinct radio chatter.]
What's going on? Kramer's got a location on Killer Frost.
They're gonna bring her in.
[line ringing.]
I'm calling Frost.
She's not picking up.
Hey, Allegra.
Yeah, is Frost with you? This is an emergency.
Sorry, Chuck.
She's here.
But she's going full Amazon with her workout.
What's the message? [Chester.]
Tell her Kramer's making a move, so Frost needs to stay put.
Got it.
Come on.
Pick up! Pick up! Pick up! Seriously? - [knocking on door.]
- [Kramer.]
You're surrounded.
Caitlin Snow, I have a warrant for your arrest.
What's the charge? Kramer to Task Force Command, hold your positions around the perimeter and prepare for prisoner transfer.
Are you alone, Dr.
Snow? Yes, but I think there's been a mistake.
Joe, what is this? Who are you? I'm Rene Carpenter, I'm a clinician with the MHE team.
A mental health evaluation? Yes, ma'am, it's standard procedure.
I'm just here to help.
Joe, what is going on? Would you turn around, please? Killer Frost, you're under arrest for aggravated assault, attempted murder, and two counts of kidnapping.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
[knocking on door.]
Okay, so I just talked to the DA's office.
Kramer didn't find anything incriminating in your apartment.
So, once your blood tests come back negative for the meta-gene, they're gonna be forced to release you from custody.
This is the first time I'm relieved that Frost and I are in different bodies.
- How did she know to come after me? - Uh It was an anonymous tip.
Which means either somebody got very lucky or Or somebody out there knows that Frost used to be you.
I'm sorry, Caitlin, but Kramer wouldn't tell me where the task force was headed.
And by the time I knew it was too late.
It's okay, Joe.
This is not on you.
This ain't how law enforcement is supposed to work.
I'm gonna go talk to Kramer.
- Look, I think the next step is - [phone vibrating.]
Uh Frost? Where are you? Across the street.
You and Caity get away from the north wall.
North wall, okay.
Uh I think that Frost is about to try and bust you out.
- What? - Yeah.
Put her on speakerphone.
Frost, what the hell are you doing? Getting you out of there.
You promised me you would stay put.
Yeah, well, I lied.
Now take cover.
- Oh.
- Don't you dare.
You're in there because of me.
I'm here because Kramer has some sort of grudge against you, okay.
But you're innocent, and so am I.
So we just need to let this play out, okay? I'll be fine.
Yes, yes.
Frost, she's right.
Look, I know this system.
Just let me handle this.
They have no case against Caitlin.
Honey, please stand down.
This isn't fair.
You shouldn't have to go through this.
Neither should you, okay? When Kramer looks at you, all she sees are the mistakes you've made.
She doesn't see how much pain you've gone through or how much you've grown because of it.
You're a good person, Frost, and human or meta-human, you deserve the chance to prove it.
Human? That's it.
Thanks, Caity.
Thanks for what? I figured out who framed us.
Now I'm gonna go find out why.
Frost! Hey? [sighs.]
Sergeant Kramer! We need to talk.
I'm in a bit of a hurry, Captain.
Is there a problem? Yes, there is.
You mobilized my task force to harass someone who, from all accounts, is innocent, off of a phone call.
There's no way in hell I would have authorized that.
- Captain - Sergeant, we're not supposed to work that way.
That's your point of view, and I respect that.
But I also respect the evidence.
Snow matches Killer Frost in 80 nodal points of facial recognition.
Their known whereabouts over the last few months line up perfectly.
And her prints were all over that delivery van.
What's your conclusion? I promise you, Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost are not the same person.
And even if they were, I doubt that they wouldn't wear gloves if they went on a killing spree.
This evidence, this anonymous phone call, it's like someone is trying to frame Frost.
Okay, then who? I don't know.
But Frost helps keep this city safe.
Hell, she saved my life more than once.
She's still a criminal.
Captain, you seem like a good cop.
And I know that Dr.
Snow is a friend of your family.
If you really want to honor your badge, you need to think about what is truly best for the public good.
If you'll excuse me.
[Iris West.]
Nora's still holed up in the guest room.
I know she's a Force of Nature.
But as crazy as it sounds, there is a person forming inside of her too.
Iris, whatever she is, she's not human.
She's the Speed Force.
She powers my abilities.
You don't know what it's like, seeing someone like that eating breakfast at our table.
That's why you don't want to call her Nora.
Maybe I shouldn't have invited her to stay here.
No, it was It was the right thing to do.
She needs us to keep her safe and protecting her now is the least I can do.
So what's wrong with me? Nothing.
Nothing, Barry, it's just I think for you, she's this all powerful cosmic entity, but she's changed.
I don't know how or why, but whatever she was before, she's even more now.
Do you remember when I first came back from college after freshman year? Yeah, I was living in my own apartment, and you moved back in with Joe.
Yeah, it was great for a while.
I was waitressing and making tips, trying to write my dissertation.
But after about a week, me and Dad started butting heads over the stupidest things.
Me coming in late at night, him watching sports all day Saturday when I was trying to study.
I mean, all we did was argue.
I remember.
Joe told me how bad he felt through all that.
And do you want to know why? Because when I left that fall, I really was his baby girl.
But when I got back, we were both adults.
Different habits, different schedules.
We weren't just father and daughter anymore.
Finding a new normal between the two of you is gonna take some time and it may get pretty painful along the way.
But that's how relationships grow.
[phone vibrating.]
It's Chester.
He's got a lead on the new ice meta.
- I gotta - Yeah.
What'd you find? Okay, so I somehow managed to salvage some of the ice data that we lost.
Remember how the dark matter at the crime scene had compacted membranes? Yeah.
It's because it wasn't dark matter at all.
- It's a half-life variant.
- Artificial dark matter? That means the killer that we're after isn't a meta.
They're human.
Somebody's been fooling us this whole time.
Somebody who's an expert in science and knows that Frost and Caitlin used to be one person.
We should ask Frost Wait, where is Frost, anyway? Fine.
I lied, okay? She went looking for our baddie by herself.
Frost went full Fugitive? If this new killer is trying to frame Frost, they might come after her next.
I know.
It's my fault.
She made me promise not to tell anyone, but I should have said something.
It's okay.
Let's just Let's focus on finding her before it's too late.
That was fast.
So, Mark, give me one good reason why I shouldn't live up to my name.
Because Caitlin wouldn't like it.
Thirsty? All right.
I know that you're angry because I know all about you and you know nothing about me.
So go ahead.
Ask away.
- How did you know - That you and Caitlin were related? I'm an observant guy.
Sue me.
In studying you, I also traced your movements.
Every fight, every battle.
Stalk much? Honestly, finding out that you and Caitlin seem to come and go interchangeably was, well, let's call it more of a happy accident.
- Did come in handy, though.
- So you could frame us.
That's why you sent me to that empty warehouse, which wasn't really empty, was it? Very good.
See, I already had the chip.
I just needed one final thing.
A neurogenic scan of you to perfectly replicate your powers.
Neurogenic? It's quite a fancy word for a thief.
Yeah, maybe because I'm not a thief.
I simply took back what was mine.
The microchip? You built it.
So you worked at IVO Labs.
I'm a cryo-geneticist.
The best.
Let me guess.
Your former employers didn't agree.
They said that the experiments I was conducting were inhuman.
So they got a warrant to put me in a cozy Iron Heights cell for the rest of my life.
Unlike you, I've been smart enough to avoid capture.
I'd rather die than end up in some warm prison.
Have you even heard of hypothermia? [snickers.]
It doesn't matter.
When I was nine, I went ice skating up on Central Lake.
It was Christmas, so the ice should've been thick enough.
But I fell through.
I was submerged body and soul for over 15 minutes.
Yeah, at first, the cold was terrifying.
But then after 20 seconds or so, it got warm.
Hot, even.
And then I died.
And the paramedics saved you and now you're obsessed with refrigerators.
- I get it.
- No, you don't.
The ice, it holds the power of life and death.
A power so clearly wasted on you, Killer Frost.
I've watched you for years, admiring your abilities, wondering what I could do with them.
All I needed was for IVO to move my microchip out of deep freeze so that I could steal it back again and then combine it with that pesky scan of you.
And now, I'm as powerful as you are.
Bring it on, Mark.
If that even is your real name.
Oh, Mark Blaine.
That was my name.
But you can call me Chillblaine.
[Frost grunting.]
Kind of like this.
You fight like a boy.
What the hell did you do? Looks like somebody's snow blind.
[rapid beeping.]
Guys, satellites just picked up one hell of a cryokinetic spike on the Southside of Keystone.
Frost said she might be going somewhere she used to work.
Let's go.
You still want me to come? After I lied to you? Someone's got to convince Frost to come home.
To think you have so much strength, so much power, but so little imagination I guess that just means I'm a better meta than you.
Actually, Chillblaine [winces.]
You're not a meta at all.
One thing your bracelets can't copy, - Ice healing.
- [groaning.]
Frost, are you okay? Yeah, I'm okay.
It's just a scratch.
I could use a little help with this, though.
I got it.
- They broke you down? - I tried.
- Honest.
- It's okay.
The only other person I trusted today just tried to kill me.
So arriving with backup, I'll let it slide.
So, who is he? He calls himself "Chillblaine.
" Wow, I'm glad Cisco is not around to hear that one.
Chillblaine didn't just commit a crime against good taste, he also killed the IVO Labs driver.
And I've got his confession on tape.
That means you're in the clear.
[sirens blaring.]
Killer Frost.
Come out with your hands raised.
You have two minutes to comply.
Flash, there's a whole squad of CCPD cars outside of your location.
Yeah, we're trying to handle it, Chester.
Killer Frost, there is nowhere to go.
We have you surrounded.
You have one minute.
So what? Let 'em try Or we could try calming down.
Chillblaine here is the real killer.
So I'll go out, I'll hand him over, I'll let 'em know you're innocent.
Guys I may not have killed that person today, but I'm not innocent.
I have to go out there myself.
- What? - Frost Kramer has a warrant for all the crimes you committed before joining Team Flash.
You get arrested? You're facing hard time if there's a conviction.
That ain't happening.
We can hide you somewhere while we figure this out.
Right, and then you're harboring a fugitive.
I can't let you do that.
Guys, before today, I never paid for any of the bad things I did.
Because you were out saving the world.
And I thought that was enough too.
But if I'm going to prove that I've really changed, then I have to own up to it as painful as that might be.
Frost, I've been to Iron Heights.
Jails do not make better people.
They're hell.
You cannot do this.
I think I have to.
You're not going to try and stop me, are you? Not unless you want me to.
- I don't.
- Frost Please.
What if you don't come back? Don't worry, I will.
Time's up.
Go! [Frost.]
I'm coming out.
Is Frost really doing this? It's her choice, Chester.
Something tells me it's the right one.
Yeah, thanks.
That was Cecile.
Caitlin is back home.
Now she's trying to get Frost out on bail before the sentencing hearing.
What about a trial? Frost is pleading guilty to all her old crimes.
So whatever happens to her next is up to the judge.
Well, at least Chillblaine will be in Iron Heights for a very long time.
How does Caitlin feel about it all? I'm not sure.
I think she was just getting used to Frost having her own body.
And I know how hard it can be when a relationship like that changes in a snap.
[loud whoosh.]
Speaking of which, I should get ready for work.
Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.
No, it's fine.
It's okay.
I could feel you listening.
And I'm glad.
I wanted to say I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have gotten so upset with you earlier.
No, it's okay.
I tried to fit in somewhere I didn't belong.
Being here in your home with you and Iris, it's not my place.
Yes, it is.
Look, I know how much things have changed between us.
You're not the same as the Speed Force I'm used to interacting with.
I can't expect you to be the way you were.
It's not fair to you.
To either of us.
You're something else now.
Something new.
And it's something I'd like to get to know better, Nora.
And look, no more glitching.
I'm almost fully-healed.
So now we can take on all three Forces.

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